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1st Week of September 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


September 3, 2007
No Show


September 4, 2007
At the hospital, Sami is drinking plenty of fluids as Lucas says good girl. Sami can't believe they lost that folio. As Lucas rants about all this and these stupid letters, EJ shows up to hear him saying he's sick of all these DiMeras. EJ thinks he came at a bad time. EJ says he only came by to thank Lucas for saving his life. Lucas says he regrets it already. Lucas gets a call from Kate and leaves to answer the phone. EJ tells Sami he didn't mean to set Lucas off. She says of course not, Lucas never objects to him showing up. He asks how the babies are, she says fine. Lucas returns, Kate is convinced Andre is after her. Lucas says he'll have to go see her. Sami says hurry back, she and Lucas kiss. Lucas tells EJ he'll help him back to his room. EJ says he can make it on his own, but Lucas says this isn't a request. In the hall, Lucas tells EJ to stay away from Sami, she doesn't need his visits or his concern. EJ says it's time for his sponge bath anyway and leaves. 

After Lucas leaves, EJ returns to Sami's room. He brings up the kiss they shared in the steam room while she was giving him CPR, he knows she felt the passion between them, he didn't imagine it. Sami asks EJ why he's doing this? She says she loves her husband, she doesn't want him. Not in her dreams, not in the past, not in the present. What does she have to stay to make him believe it? He says she doesn't believe it herself, so why should he believe her. She asks what it will take to make him get this? She says she loves her husband and her family. She is married. EJ doesn't believe she's going to morph into a modern version of a stepford wife. EJ continues making various comments to her, which causes her to call him a pig. He says there is the Sami he knows and loves. She later asks why he is still here? He says he just saw that wicked girl he loves, why would he leave. She says because she wants him to. HE tells her life is a risk, one you jump into. She asks what he's talking about? He says he's talking about life, she knows who they both are and what it takes to make them happy, no matter how much she tries to deny it. He then snatches the new letters from Sami, which she was going to read. EJ says these letters belong to both their families. She says he's as much of a pig as his grandfather. He says Colleen loved Santo. She thinks Colleen was under his spell. EJ says they were in love. Sami says love shouldn't cause such pain. She says Colleen begged Santo to stay out of her life but he wouldn't, he was always in her face. She wants the letters back as she's reading them with Lucas. EJ says they are a lot like the two of them, Santo and Colleen. Sami says yea, she gets confused for a nun all the time. EJ says they were two people from two worlds, they were drawn together and not fate, not their family, not the church could separate them. Sami's phone rings, it's Lucas calling to ask if she got any rest or if EJ popped in? She says of course he didn't. Lucas says he has to help his mom move her stuff, he'll explain when he sees her. She tells him to hurry back. EJ tells Sami if Lucas is on his way back then they better hurry up and read these letters. She says she's not reading them with him. He says she is, he learned a few things from his grandfather. She asks like what? He says how to persuade the woman you love that she loves him. 

At the pub, Kate tells Lucas that Andre is trying to kill her, she almost got into an empty elevator shaft today! Kate is sure Andre is after her. Lucas asks if maybe she could stay with Roman, since Phillip is out of town. Kate says Roman isn't happy with her lately, she told him about what happened with Stefano. Lucas asks why? She says she thought it would make her feel better. She says there was a time that seeing herself through his eyes made her feel good. She talks about how she knew he wouldn't judge her if she told him. Lucas says he's not judging her, he knows what she did to raise him, what she had to give up. Kate says she would do it again in a heartbeat. Lucas wants to help her, but she says it's not his problem. He says it is. She asks why, because he called the SEC? He says because she is his mom and he loves her. She says mention that at the eulogy. He says nobody will kill her. Kate says the night is young. Roman then shows up and says she can always go back to sleeping with the enemy. Kate asks why he's here? Lucas says he called him. Kate thinks she can handle herself. Roman says they're looking into the elevator thing, it looks like a simple mechanical failure. Kate thinks it was engineered by Andre. Roman says if not she can sue the building, he's sure the money will come in very handy when the IRS comes knocking. She says she's happy that her life is a source of amusement to him. He says there is nothing funny about losing her, some people make the world a more interesting place. Roman agrees that Andre is up in arms, he won't be happy with her, Lucas or Sami for what happened. Roman asks Kate to stay at his place. She says he's not serious. He gives her his keys and hopes she takes his offer. She takes them and thanks him. Lucas says he'll help his mom get her stuff together. Lucas excuses himself to call Sami and tell her. Roman tells Kate that Lucas is a good man. She says yes, so is he. Roman says he'll see her at home. Kate asks Roman why? Roman asks why does she think? Roman then leaves.

Back at the hospital, Bo visits Stefano's room where Tony is. Tony says he's stable. Bo needs to talk to Tony, they leave the room. Bo says Rolf wants Stefano released, he needs him here. He needs Tony's help with that. Tony asks why ? Bo needs him somewhere he can easily get to him . . . as he's going to kill him! Tony asks if he's out of his mind? Bo says it's a con, to bring Andre out of hiding at Stefano's funeral. Tony says for this to work it must be believable, someone Andre would believe would kill Stefano. Tony says it can't be a Brady, but knows who should do it . . .  Steve Johnson! Abe then shows up, he has been brought in on the plan from Roman. Bo says Tony wants Steve to do it. Abe asks what if Steve flips out? Bo thinks Steve can do this. Abe says he better be sure before Steve is put into play again. Tony is called in to Stefano's room by a nurse, she needs to talk about Stefano's condition. Abe continues talking to Bo about using Steve. He agrees, but warns Bo that he still has to convince Kayla! 

Tony goes in to see Stefano. Stefano seems out of it still. He asks Tony about the surgery? Tony says it was a success, he'll be fine. Stefano says he hides his disappointment. Rolf says Stefano is being released in his care, but Tony says he must stay here in case anything happens. Tony says nothing will happen to him. Stefano says he'd be a fool to trust him. Tony promises him he will be safe. Stefano says why the change of heart? Tony says he is still his son, they have both disappointed one another over the years. Stefano asks Rolf to excuse them, he does. Stefano asks Tony if he believes in dreams? Tony does, he dreamed for years of being rescued from the island. Stefano doesn't mean the waking kind. He says he dreamed he was helpless in this bed and that the Brady's murdered him in cold blood. Stefano tells Tony to please get him out of here. Tony says he'll see what he can do. Tony says despite of all the times he's denied it in his heart, he'll always be a DiMera. Stefano asks what that means? Tony says it means that in the end, his loyalty will always be to him. Stefano says they both have regrets. Stefano says a man has to belong to something bigger than himself. Tony realizes that now. Stefano says to his family, to his destiny. Tony says he is his family, biology be damned. Stefano says he is ready to be a true son then. He says Tony is his eldest, which means he is the one closest to his heart. He says if Tony protects him, he will reward him with everything he has! Tony says they'll talk about that later. Stefano says despite all the suffering, look who is sitting by him now? He says he wants Tony to carry on the DiMera Legacy. Tony says it would be an honor. HE then kisses his father on the cheeks. 

Stephanie shows up at her parents. She's in tears, she could use a hug and didn't know where to go. Steve hugs her. She didn't want to come see him about this, but he's the only person she can turn to. Stephanie says Jeremy got into trouble, he's been smuggling girls into the country. Steve can't believe this. Stephanie says he thought he was only helping them share in the American Dream, but he is trying to fix it. Steve asks her if she knew of any of this? She says no, and it's okay to say I told you so. Steve says he won't do that, he loves her more than he loves being right. Steve says until they know what is going on, she needs to stay away from Jeremy. She won't, she loves him and he loves her. She says he's trying to fix things, she knows he loves her and means it. Steve says of course Jeremy loves her, he'd have to be a fool not to. Steve says so she wants to give him another chance. Stephanie says yes, and she won't be too trusting this time. Steve says good, steer clear of his trouble. Stephanie asks if Steve will help him if he needs it? Steve says he will help her, if that helps Jeremy then so be it. However he says it's not her job to fix his life. She says isn't that what you do when you love someone? Stephanie later heads out. Steve tells her that he has her back, nobody messes with his little girl. 

Kayla comes out of the bedroom, she was dealing with Pocket. She thought she heard Stephanie? Steve says she was here. Steve tells her that it seems Jeremy got himself into some trouble, not to worry though as he's on top of it. Bo then shows up, he's here to talk about DiMera. Kayla says what about him? The baby cries, Kayla says wait on this until she's back. Kayla leaves to take care of Pocket. Steve asks Bo if the buzzard is still living? Bo says unfortunately. Steve says son of a bitch. Bo says he filled Tony in on their plan, he's for it and wants Steve to be the assassin. Steve laughs. He's excited, Bo trusts him to do this? Bo says if a Brady does it then Andre will know something is up. Steve says that is what they get for having such squeaky clean reputations. Bo asks Steve if he can do this. Steve says there is nothing to worry about. Steve says he'll talk to Kayla and let him know. Kayla returns and Bo quickly runs off. Kayla asks Steve what they are up to? Steve says he and Bo were kicking around life. She says what about it? He says things like knowing Pocket is here safe and sound, and that his daughter thinks what he says matters again. Kayla asks if he feels okay? Steve feels better than okay, he thinks he's happy. Kayla says well they are all happy, but she still wants to know what is going on. Steve says he and Bo were talking about the stunt he pulled at the hospital. Kayla says he was angry. Steve says he was, but his head was clear and he was in control. He doesn't want Kayla to be afraid of what happened. Kayla says she's not. Steve reminds her of Bo's plan to trap Andre. HE says Bo needs him to help out. Kayla asks what he'll be doing? Steve thinks she's going to hate this. When she hears the plan, she is not happy. Steve says he's the only one that Andre would believe would kill Stefano. He knows the Brady's have cause, but there isn't a killer in her family. Kayla says she could do it for what he did to him. Steve says she couldn't, but he could as he has a history of violence. He says nobody knows what crazy Steve will do thanks to the DiMeras. She says this is too risky. Steve says it's the only way to save the people he loves and keep them safe. He says if she says no then he won't do it. Kayla asks if it is okay for her to be scared? He says he's scared too. They hug. He says how about they scare them for a change. Kayla is worried she'll lose him again.

Bo returns to the hospital. Tony tells Bo that Stefano is paranoid, he's dreaming the Bradys will kill him. Tony says Stefano has no control here, he wants out. Tony says Stefano won't be kept here past tomorrow. Bo hopes Tony isn't having second thoughts. He says he's not. Bo says good, because Stefano will have to die tonight.


September 5, 2007
At the pub, Nick is having lunch with the boys. He's quizzing them in chemistry, they seem to know all the abbreviations from the periodic table of elements. Billie soon joins them. Nick says he needs to talk to this lady, he'll be right over at the other table. Billie tells Nick he seems comfortable with this step-father thing. Nick tells Billie he has a problem, a big one. She says fatherhood not as easy as he thought it would be? He says it is work, but he feels guilty they are stuck with him given he hasn't even babysat before. Billie says it gets easier. Nick just hopes if he takes care of them, that maybe he'll get another chance with Chelsea when China Lee gets out. One of the boys comes over and please asks for the ketchup. Billie didn't think kids said please. Nick says something is off with these kids, he's been thinking about it. He says these kids are geniuses, they speak French and other languages he's never heard of. Billie wonders if this is just a case of proud parents syndrome, but Nick says it isn't. He says these kids have had an amazing education, something China Lee probably couldn't have given them. He says that means these kids aren't China Lee's. Billie says if the Las Vegas authorities gave the kids to him, then things must check out. Nick says he's the step-father, that's all they looked into. Plus they wanted to get the kids off their hands. Nick worries, what if these kids were kidnapped? What if they've been threatened not to tell him this? Billie offers to do some digging for him. He says she's awesome. Billie says she knows, she just hopes she can get him some answers. Nick says if China Lee is their mom, he'll personally put her up for mother of the year. If not, he has to reunite them with their parents. Nick gives her as much information as he has on the boys. She says she'll do what she can. Later Nick and the boys leave the pub and are followed by a man in a grey suit and white hat.

On the flight to Vegas, Chelsea asks Max if he wants a drink? He says no thanks. She says turning down free alcohol, is he okay. Max says yeah. Chelsea says Stephanie told her everything. Max says why don't they put up a billboard! Max is furious, he's losing his money, the garage and who knows what happens to the girls if they fail. Max says right now the most important thing is getting those girls away from Rawlings. 

In the service area, Stephanie talks to Jeremy. She says she kinda sorta told her dad he was in trouble. Jeremy asks if she's out of her mind? Stephanie says he'll help them, but Jeremy says help him to jail is more like it. He says when they land that he's running for it, he's going to Canada or Mexico, anywhere but jail. She asks how could he! What about them? He says come with him! She says but her friends, her family. He says they'll have each other, it will be an adventure. She says this isn't white water rafting. Where will they sleep? What will they eat? She says Shawn and Belle did this, it was a disaster. Jeremy asks if she has better idea? She says her dad will help them. Jeremy doesn't trust him or anyone but her. HE says he'll need an answer from her, they will be landing soon.

After Jeremy leaves, Chelsea shows up and Steph cries on her shoulder. Stephanie tells Chelsea that she told her dad about Jeremy, hoping he'd help her. She says Jeremy is furious she told her dad. Chelsea says when this is over he may cool down and realize she only wanted to help. She says it will be too late, Jeremy is planning to run when they land. Chelsea says this is messed up. Stephanie says there is more, Jeremy wants her to come and she hasn't given him an answer. She says if she lets him go then she'll lose him, but she doesn't want to lose him. Chelsea tells her to relax and take a break, she'll tend to the clients.

Jett finds Chelsea and says as soon as they get to Vegas, go to the hotel and lock her door, don't answer it for anyone. She says he is scaring her. He says things are going to get ugly. She says so he's going to bust Jeremy? Jett says he has a job to do, he can't give him a pass. Jett soon realizes Chelsea knows something and isn't telling him. He says if someone gets hurt, can she live with it? Chelsea tells Jett that Stephanie says Jeremy is going to bail out when they land, he wants Stephanie to go with them. 

Max tries to talk to Chelsea in the service area. She can't talk to him, every time she sees him all she thinks about is . . . Max says the kiss? Yeah he wants to rip her clothes off too! She asks him not to do this. Max says there is something going on between them, they can't ignore it. She can't deal with this now. Max says fine he won't push until they get back to Salem. She says she might not be, she might be running away with Jeremy once they hit Vegas.

In the hospital, Sami wants EJ to give her the letters back, but he won't. He insists they read them together. He thinks they are more like Santo and Colleen than they realize. Sami says they look like them, that is where the similarities end. She says Colleen was headed for the convent, she's a married woman. Sami says Colleen didn't have any sense to stay away from anyone named DiMera, she does! EJ says they should begin, he begins to read Santo's letter, using the Santo accent. Santo wrote the letter after Sister Mary Anne had appeared and frightened her away. He had finally realized he placed unreasonable demands on her, to choose him over her family and the world. He apologized and swore to make things right, even if it meant ruining his own good name. Santo says he knew what had to be done. Sami says poor Colleen, she wonders what Santo had planned for her. EJ says Colleen wasn't as innocent as she appeared. He says her father sent her to the church to keep her out of trouble. Sami says back then in Ireland there weren't many options for a woman. EJ says she was trapped in the church like Sami is trapped in her marriage. Sami says she is not trapped, she chose to marry Lucas, she loves Lucas. EJ suggests they keep reading. Sami reads Colleen's letter.

In the past, Father Mallory asks Colleen if there is something she should be telling him? Sister Mary Anne has said that she saw ten toes poking out from behind the drapes at Santo DiMera's place and her scarf on the bed. Sister Mary knows Colleen was with that man. Father Mallory asks if that is true? Colleen is speechless, Sister Mary Anne knows she was there and her silence is her confession. Sister Mary Anne says she doesn't belong in God's services, she will lead the others into sin. Father Mallory says he is here not to judge, but to listen. He says if she says she wasn't there then she'll believe her, but God will know the truth. Colleen said she wasn't with Mr. DiMera. Sister Mary Anne asks how her scarf ended up in his room? Colleen says she isn't the only one to own a scarf in town. The Sister knows it was her scarf as people complement her on it all the time. Suddenly Santo shows up. He says he has come to apologize to the sister for his rudeness earlier and a donation to the parish.

Back in the hospital, Sami says he was inventive. EJ says and caring, he was saving her reputation. Sami says it was his fault her reputation was on the block. EJ says this wasn't about a quick roll in the hay, he loved Colleen and would do anything for her. Sami says he'd do anything to get what he wanted, something he passed down to the other DIMeras. EJ makes a comment (missed it) and Sami calls him arrogant and says she hates him. She yells at EJ to get out! Sami calms down, EJ says they need to put everything in prospective here. He says this whole vendetta isn't about their families, it's about one man and one woman. 

Back in the past, Santo had brought a woman to the church with him. She runs the inn and has been helping Mr. DiMera take care of his son. Santo says both he and Mrs. Fitzpatrick lost spouses recently. He talks about how they have formed a bond, and when the sister came knocking, well they were consoling each other. He asked Mrs. Fitzpatrick to hide behind the drapes, he didn't want her to get the wrong idea. He says he's sorry for deceiving her. Father Mallory thinks Sister Mary Anne should be apologizing here. Mrs. Fitzpatrick is wearing Colleen's scarf, which she's passing off as her own. Father Mallory thinks this was a huge misunderstanding, he makes Sister Mary Anne apologize to them all. She does and then walks off. Mrs. Fitzpatrick then asks to speak with the Father in private. Santo tells Colleen he hopes he has kept her out of trouble. Colleen says Sister Mary Anne is right, she's not fit to serve the church. She says she has lied, she never lied before in her life, before meeting him. She begs Santo to go away and stay away from her. Santo says every time she denies how she feels, it too is a lie. He says the lord knows this too.

In the hospital, Sami thinks if Santo loved Colleen then he should have let her go. EJ says Colleen was in denial, just like Sami. Sami says she's in denial? EJ says in spite of everything Colleen was taught, she didn't want to be a nun. She wanted to see the world, watch the opera, his grandfather could have given that to her. Sami says Colleen was young and Santo took advantage of her youth and her innocence. She thinks Santo shouldn't have used her and her innocence to get what he wanted. She says the proof is in the letters. She reads Colleen wrote how she was weak and she knew it, she begged God to protect her and keep her in the arms of the church, but he was far away that night yet Santo's accomplice Mrs. Fitzpatrick was right there.

In the past, Colleen was praying at the church altar. Father Mallory said he wanted to thank MR. DiMera for his generosity, but he had left. He asked Colleen to do something for him. She said she would do anything to make up for upsetting Sister Mary Anne. Father Mallory says Mrs. Fitzpatrick is watching the neighborhood children, but it's more than she can handle. He volunteered her to help, she'd be working at the inn a few days a week!

Back in the hospital, Sami calls Santo a manipulative Italian gigolo. EJ thinks he rescued Colleen from a life she hadn't chosen. Sami can't believe EJ is defending him. She says Santo seduced her. EJ says Santo knew this was destiny, he can feel it and he knows Sami feels it too. Sami continues reading the letter, Colleen said that she had sought sanctuary in the church, but Santo was tearing down those walls with Father Mallory's help. She says her sinful desires were too strong, not even her faith could save her. EJ and Sami keep arguing over Santo and Colleen. EJ says they both know that Colleen and Santo were meant to be together. Sami says for him to stop with that, it wasn't destiny. She says Santo wouldn't give her a choice, he wouldn't take no for an answer. She says reading these letters is like reading Colleen's destruction, it's hardly romantic. EJ keeps saying it was fate, their first meeting was fate. Sami says they had a choice. EJ says exactly, to choose their fate or reject it. 


September 6, 2007
On the plane, Jeremy is packing to run. Stephanie says he can't do this, he promised to help Max with the girls. Jeremy says Max will figure something out. She says he can't fly this plane! She says he came here to make things right. Jeremy goes off, how he has to look out for himself, how can't trust anyone but her. He asks again if she is coming with him? She says fly the girls out, then she'll go with him. He says no way, the plane will be tracked and he'll be arrested the minute they land. She thinks they'd know he was making things right. He says yeah and he'd only get 5 years instead of 10. Stephanie warns him that he could end up on the DiMeras hit list after this. Jeremy says they won't find him either, no one will. Jeremy then takes off! 

In a bar/casino in Vegas, Chelsea tells the girls not to worry, Max and Jeremy will get them out of this mess, they can trust them. Chelsea talks to Max, the girls are scared and not sure they can trust them. Max doesn't blame them, the last person they got on a plane after trusting was Andre, and he sold them into prostitution. They discuss how the plan won't work if Jeremy doesn't fly them out. Chelsea says Stephanie said she wouldn't leave with him unless he flew these girls out first. Max refuses to let Steph run away with him, even if he has to carry her off. Chelsea says she'll help him. Max tells Ilsa that the car is here, they are going to go to the plane now. He says no more Vegas and no more Rawlings. Ilsa kisses Max on the cheek and says he's a hero, just like in the movies, only for real. 

Jett talks with two agents about the plan to bust Rawlings and Jeremy. Jett says he will go to Rawlings and tell him that Jeremy needs to see him, there is a problem with the cargo. The two agents wish they had Jeremy in custody, but Jett says they can't take the chance something could go wrong or get blown. Jett says his first and only priority is Rawlings, he'll handle Horton on his own. They wonder if he can bust Jeremy, given they go so far back.

Jett meets with Max and Chelsea. He tells them that it is Andre and Rawlings they want, if Jeremy comes clean, he can avoid jail. Chelsea says not to worry, Stephanie will work her magic, Jeremy will be onboard. Stephanie shows up in tears and says think again, Jeremy took off. Jett says his is not good. He says he could fly them out, but he needs Rawlings in custody first. Chelsea says that is dangerous for him, but he says he's in enough trouble as is. Max heads to the plane, Jett wants Chelsea to go to her room and lock herself in. She refuses, she says she's staying. She won't let him face Rawlings alone. He says he has two agents and is ISA. She says she's staying. Jett says she's such a pain, something could go wrong, he can risk the chance of something happening . . . especially not to her. He says he'd die before he let anything happen to her. Meanwhile in the plants, a gun is aimed at Jett! Suddenly the gun shoots, Jett is hit in the back and goes down! During the commotion, Rawlings slips out with a gun. Chelsea stays with Jett and tells him to stay with her. She's in tears. 

On the plane, Stephanie and Max are there, Isla asks what is going on? Stephanie explains Jeremy had a change of heart, he saved himself. Ilsa said Jeremy wasn't a bad guy, he just got mixed up with the wrong person. Later Stephanie and Max talk, they talk about the two of them. Stephanie admits that after Max, she swore not to be hurt again, and Jeremy was perfect. She just seems to be going from one jerk to bigger ones, not that she means he's a jerk . . . even though he did go from Chelsea to her to Mimi to Abby. Max says so he's a jerk. Ilsa interrupts, she asks if Jett shouldn't be here by now? Suddenly the news cuts in over the speakers on the plane about a shooting on the strip. Max decides to find out what is going on, JEtt should be here. Rawlings shows up and says their buddy can't make it, he knows they don't have a pilot now, so he's happy to give it a shot.

At the hospital, Sami and EJ are still bickering over Colleen and Santo. Sami says Santo left Colleen with no choice but to go back to that inn and temptation. EJ does agree there, but knows there is more. Colleen goes back to the inn, when Santo opened the door and smiled at her, she wrote that she knew this was right. EJ says see, Colleen knew this was the right thing to do and didn't feel any shame. Sami doubts that. She reads the letter, how even though she knew this was right, she was eaten alive by guilt and was sure she'd burn in hell.

In the past, Colleen arrives at the inn on a stormy night. She takes the storm as a sign from God that she should be serving God and this is wrong. Santo tells her that for a long time he thought his cause was to his family, to a life chosen for him. She asks if that is wrong? He says it is wrong to live for others expectations. She says that doing your duty is more important than doing what you feel in your heart. She asks how they can do that? How can they live for their own selfish desires.

Sami tells EJ she knows just how she feels. EJ says he's sure. Sami asks what that means? He says Colleen is duty bound to the church like she is to Lucas. Sami doesn't see her marriage to Lucas as a duty, she loves him. What she's talking about is this DiMera vendetta, she can't help but feel it's her duty to do whatever she has to in order to end it. She understands how she's torn between her duty and her heart. EJ says he understands too, it's almost as if the two of them live inside their souls. She says he is unbelievable, he doesn't give up. EJ says Santo felt duty bound to his family, he felt the same way his whole life until a few months ago. EJ continues reading the letters.

Santo tells Colleen that he felt not long ago that his power was limitless and love was for fools. He says then one day he saw the most beautiful woman he had seen, and in that moment everything changed. He says the more he came to know this woman, the more he realized, that his life was without meaning without this woman. He tells her that she's shivering, she will catch a cold from these wet clothes. Colleen says it's not the cold making her shiver. He says he will get her some towels to at least dry her hair. He had her sit by the fire where it was warm. He tells her that she can stop when she wants, whatever happens or does not, is her decision.

EJ is reading the letters, Santo wrote he really wanted it to be Colleen's decision. Sami tells EJ if he wants to stay here and keep reading, no more comparisons. She says they aren't the reincarnations of Santo and Colleen. EJ says fine, no more comparisons. The reading continues. Colleen put her hand on Santo's chest and the two kissed. She hopes that God would forgive her.  Sami reads Colleen's letter, in which she talks about Santo showing her love like she never could have imagined, and she wondered how it could possible be a sin. Back in the past, the two continued to kiss. They undressed and finally made love. Sami seems stunned by the letters and turns from EJ. They continued reading the letters. Santo wanted Colleen to stay with him, but she says the church is her home. She tells Santo she doesn't know what she wants right now. She says she does feel free, free as a bird. He says because she is free. He wanted her to come away with him.

Sami rants that Santo has no right, he's destroying her life, why can't she leave him alone. EJ asks are they reading the same letters? She is a willing participant. A nurse interrupts, she needs to give Sami another injection and tells her to just get some rest. The nurse leaves, Sami keeps arguing with EJ about Santo and Colleen. EJ felt they were just like them. They continue arguing, EJ feels about her as Santo feels for Colleen. He says he loves her and he won't give up on her no matter what. He also says she must feel the same way. Suddenly Sami's drug begins kicking in. EJ is telling Sami he is perfect for her, they understand one another. As he's talking Sami is getting woozy. EJ says maybe now she'll let her guard down and tell him the truth about how she feels. She says she always tells the truth. He says sure she does. He says be honest, tell him that this connection is in his head, tell him she doesn't want to do this whenever they are together . . . EJ kisses her!  In the past, Santo and Colleen are kissing each other. Colleen has to go, Santo asks if he'll see her again. She says yes. She then leaves his room. At the hospital, Sami pushes EJ away and screams at him to get out, which he does.


September 7, 2007
On the plane, Rawlings has a gun and tells Max it looks like he's planning to take his girls on a field trip without him. Rawlings says he'll be taking the plane up, but Max says no way. Rawlings knocks Max to the floor with his gun as Stephanie runs to him. Rawlings says he has a plane to fly, any other objections? Max says the police are onto him, he won't escape. Max says look around him, he asks how he's going to beat the odds here? Max tries to smack Rawlings with a fire extinguisher, but fails to hit him. Max tells Rawlings that he sold these girls into an escort service, no more. Rawlings tells the ladies to show Max how upset the really are. They all pull guns on Max and Stephanie! Rawlings calls them his little angels, his arch angels! Rawlings says Max is looking a little shell shocked. Max asks what is going on? Max says Ilsa here, she's the cream of the crop, lightest fingers in town and one heck of an actress. Ilsa says she's the Meryll Streep of Bucharest. Rawlings says nobody can fleece a high roller like she can. She shows him wads of cash she's stolen today alone. Rawlings  says flights have been transporting cash all summer long, loads of it. Max says Jett is onto him, he works for the ISA. Rawlings says he knows, he's not worried though. Stephanie's cell rings, a text is coming in. Rawlings says be his guest. She reads it, Chelsea says Jett has been shot. Rawlings says like he said, he's not worried about Jett. Max attacks Rawlings, but Stephanie says let him go as the ladies all have guns on them. Ilsa grabs Max and Stephanie's cell phones. He tells his angels if they so much as twitch, ventilate them! He says it's time for them to take a ride. Ilsa holds a gun on Max. Max wonders how dumb he could have been, he should have minded his own business. Rawlings comes on over the intercom and tells everyone to fasten their seat belts. Stephanie asks Max what plan B is? He says pray. Max tells Chelsea he's sorry for getting her into this, but she says she was the one who introduced him to Jeremy and got him into this. She doesn't know what she was thinking, she actually believed Jeremy loved her. She says honestly she still wants to believe it, but the minute he had to chose, he ran. Stephanie asks what Rawlings will do to them. Max doesn't know. Max promises to protect her, but she says she doesn't want protection, she wants to kick some butts. Rawlings comes out of the cockpit, they are in the air now. He says he has good news and bad news. Rawlings says the good news is the autopilot is set for the paradise they've been dreaming about. The girls cheer. The bad news is the flight is over booked. He drops a bag in Max's lap. The girls once again aim gun at them, Rawlings orders them to deplane. Max says if they don't show up in Salem as the flight plan filed shows . . . Rawlings says he already has a revised plan filed. He says by time people start asking questions, he and his angels will be long gone. The girls laugh, Max warns them they'll all end up in jail while Rawlings goes free. Ilsa tells him to stop making this foolish noise. Rawlings then demands Max and Stephanie to go touch the sky. In the bags are parachutes. Stephanie says she's not putting that on. Rawlings says they'll hit a lot harder if they don't. Max says it's pitch black, they don't know where they are or will land. Rawlings says it is more about how they land, so put the chutes on. 

At the casino, Chelsea stays with Jett. A guard says EMS is on the way. Chelsea tells Jett to stay with her. The other agent stays with them too, people keep saying EMS is on the way. Chelsea feels his hands are getting cold, she cries he's going into shock. The EMTs arrive, Chelsea calls Stephanie and leaves a message begging her to call her when she gets this. Later Jett is in an ambulance, Chelsea is with him. Chelsea tells him to rest, save his strength. He says there is something he wants to tell her before he dies. She says he won't die. He tells her to just let him say this. Chelsea doesn't want him to say anything, she says they'll be back in Salem before they know it. Jett tells Chelsea that he loves her! She thinks he doesn't know what he's saying, it's the blood loss. Jett says no, he said it and he meant it. 

Back in Salem, Lucas shows up in Sami's hospital room, he sees a flower pot has been smashed, it was what she threw at EJ as he was running out of the room. Lucas wonders what happened, Sami says she was frustrated. Sami asks Lucas about Kate, Lucas explains Kate thinks Andre is out for revenge so she's staying with her dad for protection. Lucas sees Sami isn't listening. She claims she was thinking, but doesn't say about what. He knows that look, she says she was thinking about Colleen. Lucas looks at the letters, Sami says she has to confess, she read them while he was gone. He thinks that's not fair, she couldn't enjoy them without his commentary. Sami admits to Lucas she didn't read them alone, EJ was here reading them. Lucas says so he came back. Lucas isn't happy. Sami says EJ was insistent on reading them. She did it to get him out of here all the sooner. She says nothing happened, they just read letters. Lucas says okay, fine. Anything steamy happen between Santo and Colleen? She says he might say that. She says Santo got want he wanted. Lucas says they both knew it was coming, why is she sad? Sami says she is sad for Colleen, she had given her life to the church and was happy, until this guy came and turned her whole world upside down. Sami says Santo wouldn't stop pursuing her, and the temptation . . . Sami asks Lucas why he's looking at her like that. He asks if she is talking about Santo and Colleen, or her and EJ? She says that is a horrible thing to say! She says she was honest with him, these letters have nothing to do with her or EJ. He says nothing? He says he comes in here, the place is a mess, Sami is distant and he finds out she's been reading love letters alone with the man who raped her, he feels he has the right to ask some questions here. Sami says okay. Lucas says hew drew a line for his mom, it's time to draw one for EJ. Sami says she needs EJ to end the vendetta. Lucas says that vendetta again, he's sick of it, he thinks it is an excuse. She asks how he could call this vendetta an excuse after all her family has been through. Lucas says because it is an excuse. He says EJ uses the feud as a reason to see her, and he's sick of it. Sami says too bad, she needs him. Lucas is furious. Sami says she needs EJ to end this vendetta. Lucas says nobody can stop Stefano, but Sami says she and EJ can. He says so they are a team now? He wants her to admit that she wants EJ around for reasons that don't pertain to the vendetta. Lucas says do you know what he wants? Take a guess. Sami is furious, how could he think she'd use this vendetta to spend time with EJ. She says the misery that the DiMeras have caused her family for so many years . . . . Lucas doesn't want to fight, but Sami says they have to have this out. A nurse shows up and says there has been an emergency, they need to stay in here. Lucas of curse insists he go check this out.

In Stefano's room, Rolf tells Stefano that they should be heading home shortly. Tony and EJ are with him, EJ says he's looking very strong. Stefano takes EJ and Tony's hands, he says they must forgive one another. He says otherwise they will all die alone. HE says it is a great comfort to have them both here by his side. He says they have been through a lot, but family conquers all. EJ says he believes it is love that conquers all. Rolf leaves to take care of things, he tells the boys to keep him quiet, no stress. Two orderlies show up to take Stefano out.

Steve is at the hospital waiting to kill Stefano. A nurse sees him hanging around and trying to look into Stefano's room. She stops him. He says he's here checking on his friend Stefano, but she can't discuss patients with anyone but family. Steve walks off and hides around the corner. 

Roman and Bo arrive at the hospital. Roman says he's been waiting for 20 years for this. Stefano is brought out into the hall on a gurney, Roman insists they talk to Stefano alone. EJ won't leave. Bo says it won't take long for them to prove Andre sliced up Benjy's liver to save him. However they are here to make sure Stefano makes it home in one piece. Stefano says if his survival depends on the Salem PD then he might as well slit his wrists now. Bo says it's their duty to protect the public, even him. Steve shows up, EJ demands he be kept from his father. Roman tells Steve to back off. Steve begins ranting about how Stefano is one tough SOB, he's the phoenix, he's the man. Tony thanks Steve for his assessment, can they now get on with this? Steve says Tony and EJ aren't as tough as Stefano. Stefano says Stephen . . . Steve says he's here boss, whatever he needs. Stefano wants to hear what Steve has to say. Steve says they have a long history, some good and some bad. Stefano says he was a good soldier, though he did get confused for time to time. He says he's not confused now, he has to apologize for what happened before the surgery. He says he and Benjy are close, he didn't like what happened, he lost it. Stefano understands. He says Benjy is his son, and he had no idea Benjy would be hurt. Steve says he realized that, he knew he couldn't hurt his son, family is everything to him. Stefano says nothing is more important than family. Steve says this was Andre's doing, he has gone solo. Steve again says no hard feelings, let's shake. Steve holds out his hand. Roman says Steve and Stefano can shoot the breeze at Stefano's place, they have to go. Stefano thinks this isn't necessary, he doesn't need this. Steve tells Roman and Bo to take a hike, but Tony says Steve is the one who should leave. Steve says fine he's out of here. Stefano stops him and says come back. He tells Steve to come to him, they shake hands. Stefano says he has been a good soldier, they will talk. Steve says they will. He says this is for Benjy and then stabs Stefano! There is blood everywhere, Roman and Bo grabs Steve and pull him away. Stefano is in shock and looks at Tony, who injects him in the arm with a syringe. Steve is cuffed, Tony screams for help. EJ runs over, Stefano has stopped breathing. EJ screams for a doctor. A doctor runs over and EJ yells do something. The doctor says he's sorry, this man is dead. Steve is laughing, EJ tries to attack him. EJ screams he'll kill him! Tony says he can't be dead, but a doctor says there are too many wounds. Tony demands to have Steve locked up, Bo says that he will be. Tony doesn't believe them, Steve is part of their family. Bo says Steve is the way he is because of Tony's family. As EJ is morning and crying over Stefano, Lucas shows up and sees what is going on. He can't believe it finally happened, that Stefano is finally dead. Tony asks Lucas if he's enjoying the show? Lucas says the nurse said there was an emergency. Tony says Steve stabbed his father, so nice of the Brady's to pass on their dirty work to a member of the family related by marriage. It's impressive really, using a psychopath to do their work. Tony walks off, Lucas tells EJ he is sorry. EJ says like hell you are sorry, you are not sorry at all. Lucas says no he's not, he's glad Stefano is gone, he's been shoving this vendetta down their throats for 20 years. He says now EJ can't come near Sami anymore, he has no more excuses to. Lucas says never come near Sami again. 

Later EJ and Tony are forced to stay in a room and watch what is going on in thr hall. The whole scene is a crime scene, photos are being taken. Tony can't believe he's gone, EJ doesn't. EJ says father has died many many times, why should this time be different. He says he's the phoenix, he'll rise again. Tony says in their dreams perhaps. EJ says no, he will rise and walk again and will be blood hungry. Tony says not this time, he's sorry. Back at the crime scene, Bo covers Stefano with a sheet and smirks. 

Lucas returns to Sami's room. He says he has some good news. He says ding dong the witch is dead! Sami asks what is going on? Lucas says Stefano is dead. Lucas says the vendetta is over, she is safe and she doesn't have to see EJ ever again. He hugs Sami, who doesn't seem as thrilled as he is. 


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