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2nd Week of September 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


September 10, 2007

Belle and Philip arrive at the women's shelter in Tulsa to try and find Lauren. Belle claims she knows her part, she's worried about her sister and Phillip is her friend. They head inside and meet a woman guard. Belle says she's looking for her sister Lauren Chaffe, though she may be using a different name. She says her sister is on the run from the father of her child, they are worried about her. Phillip asks if they can talk to some of the residents? The woman says not on her watch! Belle tells Phillip she'll have a better chance without him, but Phillip won't go. The director of the shelter comes over and talks to Belle, who introduces Phillip as her husband. The director April wants to help, but can't and has to ask them to leave. Belle says she knows she's only trying to do her job, but she really wants her sister and nephew to come home. April says if Lauren didn't contact her, maybe she doesn't want her help. Belle cries she's afraid of what Lauren might do, she needs help, she needs counseling to be a good mother. Belle asks her to at least ID a photo, but April says she cannot help them. She threatens to call the police, which sets Phillip off. He says do it, Lauren kidnapped his son! They finally come clean with April, telling her how Lauren is a surrogate who tried to extorted him from money, then ran with the child. They want to find him. The director April says she's lied to them once, she wonders if they are even married, Belle says they were married and Phillip is a good man. Phillip sees Lauren holding a baby, he says that is her and she has his son! Belle holds him back saying don't! Philip gets to Lauren and demands she give him his son. As it turns out it's an African American baby, Lauren is smiling. Phillip demands to know what she's done with his son. Lauren says wouldn't he love to know? Suddenly the security guard clubs him from behind! Phillip is then knocked out. April tells Belle if he comes close to this place again she'll have him arrested and charged with assault. Belle says who knocked who out? She should press charges against them. Phillip is dragged out, Belle goes out to check on him. He's come too, but has a huge bump on his head. She says they should go. Phillip thinks he sure handled that one well. She says she got fired up too. He says they make a great team. Belle thinks they should check him out at the hospital as soon as they get home. Phillip isn't going home, he's not leaving until he has his son. He says he'll call the cops, maybe it will scare Lauren into talking. Belle feels she let him down, but he says she was great. He says if it wasn't for her he'd probably have torn the place apart and be in jail. He says he'll have the pilot take her back tonight, but she won't leave him in the shape he's in.

At the hospital, Bo is on the phone saying he's going to be here a little while longer. The whole place is a crime scene. We see flashbacks of Steve killing Stefano. Bo congratulates all the doctors and nurses, who are actually police officers. He says Steve has been arrested, Stefano taken to the morgue, too bad the news of his death has been exaggerated. 

Shawn shows up to talk to Bo, he needs his help. Shawn asks Bo to put in for a good word for him at the academy. Bo makes a face, Shawn thinks his dad doesn't think he has what it takes. Bo has been dreading this day. Shawn says he grew up with him, he knows the risks. Bo says he also knows the daily grind, the long hours, the paper work, the leads that go no where. Shawn says he needs a job to provide for his family, a steady paycheck to provide for Belle and Claire. He wants to give them security. Bo asks what happens to that security when he's gunned down in the line of duty? Bo asks what Belle has to say? Shawn says she doesn't know, he doesn't want her to worry about him being out of a job until he has another. Bo says Belle will worry. Bo says Hope has worried about him every day of her life, worried whether he'll come home every night. Shawn knows he can be a good cop, he's tired of competing with a decorated war veteran, he wants something he and Belle can be proud of. He says he lost Belle to Phillip once, he won't do that again. Bo says it sounds like he's thought this through. He asks if he can't convince him to work at his local pub? Shawn says he loves the pub, but it's not his career. Bo offers to see what he can do. Bo then gets a call, it's Chelsea calling about Jett being shot. Bo says he'll be there as soon as he can. Bo tells Shawn that Jett was shot tonight, shot in the line of duty. He says this is Shawn's life, get used to it. Bo tells Shawn he'll give him a call about Jett when he knows more. Bo leaves. Shawn then gets a call from Belle, who tells Shawn they found Lauren in Tulsa. She says she's going to stay here and help Phillip. He says they had dinner plans. She knows, but she can't leave him now. Shawn says yeah he guesses. She says it's just one more day, give Claire kisses. 

Kayla is in a room with Steve at the station. He says it looked really real huh, amazing what he can do with a fake knife and blood packets from a joke shop. Kayla doesn't like this. She doesn't know how she'll deal without him, the baby misses him too. Steve says it is just till after the funeral. He knows this is hard on her, but he appreciates her going along with it. Steve jokes about how he wants a copy of his performance from the hospital security camera. Kayla says he can put the DVD in her Christmas stocking. Steve says he is hungry, Kayla has some junk from the vending machine. He can't eat with the cuffs on, and they can't take them off as he's a dangerous man. He says Kayla will have to feed him. She feeds him an apple, he says he needs kisses too. She gives him a little peck and says be satisfied with that. She says someone could show up at any moment to take him to his cell. Steve says she has to put on a show for everyone, make them all think he really killed Stefano. She says she won't lie to their daughter. Kayla says she's been through enough. Steve agrees, she can be told. 

Roman holds a press conference about Stefano's murder and Steve's arrest and pending arraignment. EJ is there, Roman asks what he can do for him. EJ wants to see his father's body, but Roman says no. He says Stefano is in the county morgue awaiting an autopsy, afterwards EJ can see him. EJ asks how they'll do an autopsy on someone who isn't dead? Roman says he thinks Stefano is still alive? EJ says he knows the whole thing was an act, he's seen better theater elsewhere. Roman says yeah, they were all in on it, in fact the whole hospital is a painted set. EJ says he doesn't know how he did it, but he and the Salem PD faked his father's death. Roman asks why? EJ doesn't know yet, but he'll find out. He says he'll challenge the coroner's report unless he sees his father's body now. EJ soon confronts Steve when he's brought out. He demands to know who put him up to this and why. Steve tells Kayla to unzip his jacket, she does. There is blood on him. He says bring me the head of Stefano DiMera, I guess his blood splatter will have to do. Roman tells them to take Steve out of here. He tells EJ he's sorry about that, but Stefano is dead.

On the plane, Rawlings threatens to shoot Max and make Stephanie watch if he and Stephanie don't jump. Max and Stephanie put on the parachutes. Max tells Stephanie he'll keep them safe, he'll guide them down. Max asks for at least some rope or flashlights, but Rawlings says this is not survivor. Max says he might as well shoot them then, it's better than what might be ahead for them out there. However he won't be able to explain two dead bodies when he lands on the tarmac. Rawlings actually is okay with that. Max says his brothers won't stop until they track Rawlings down. He is going to take that risk over a flashlight and rope. Rawlings says fine, he has his girls get them. Max tells Steph not to worry, think of this as a rush. She doesn't want a rush, she wants her mom. She can't believe she said that. He says he gets it, he does too. Rawlings says it's time to jump, but Max says they are too high, there won't be oxygen. Rawlings says hold their breath? Max begs Rawlings to just let Stephanie go, drop her off somewhere, she had nothing to do with this. Rawlings pushes them to the door, they both end up jumping. 

Max and Stephanie land somewhere, it's pitch black. Max says when day breaks they'll figure out where they are, until then they have to settle in for the night. They have found a cave. She thinks what else has been here, bugs, bats, creepy crawlies. Max finds various camp fire remains, he says others have stayed here. Steph wonders what happened to them. She hurt her ankle in the fall, but Max says  it's not broken. Stephanie jokes if her mom knew he was practicing medicine without a license. Max realizes they need a fire, the only thing he has to burn is money. More money he's giving away. She says this isn't his fault. He talks about how he's lost everything, his job, the business, his money, he's never felt so alone, but she says he's not alone anymore. Max gets a fire going and soon he and Stephanie end up kissing. Later Stephanie suggests tomorrow they climb to a higher elevation so they can get a signal, she stole their phones back! He says she's amazing. She says it is about time he noticed. Max suggests they get some shut eye. They use the parachutes as sleeping bags. He wraps Stefanie in it and  he sleeps by the fire. Stephanie's chute got caught in the tree, so they only have one. She knows he can't be comfortable, he says come under the covers with her. He eventually agrees to join her. She says goodnight. He says good night.  


September 11, 2007
In Tulsa, Phillip and Belle meet with Detective Morray outside the woman's shelter. The detective tells Phillip his name pulls a lot of weight, they don't normally do favors like this. Phillip says he normally doesn't use his dad for things like this. Phillip and Belle explain the whole story going on with Lauren. The detective can't make promises, knocks on the door and is let in by April. Belle and Phillip stay outside, Phillip talks to her about how he can see him and Tyler doing father-son things like camping out. He says they'll have talks, he'll tell him about her and how they were married and later became great friends. He says this won't change what he feels for Claire, he'll still love her and wants to be a part of her life. Belle wants that too. He says Shawn doesn't, but Belle says he will in time. Phillip talks about how this will make his dad so happy, an heir to carry on the family name. She wonders what it is with men and carrying on the family name. Phillip thinks they've waited long enough for Lauren, but she tells him not to push it. Phillip just can't believe Lauren has his son, what kind of parent can she be. Belle says she carried him for 9 months, she won't hurt him. The detective comes out, he tells them he talked to Lauren and others, there seems to be no baby! Phillip wants her thrown in jail, she's lying. Belle agrees, she is lying and they are covering for her. The detective can't search the place without a warrant. Belle asks if she will at least come out and talk to them. The detective doubt she will if she's guilty, but he agrees to try. The detective later returns with Lauren, Lauren has the paper that Phillip signed giving up his legal right. He says he was in a bad place when he signed that, his marriage was breaking up and he thought she was going to terminate the pregnancy, if he knew she wasn't then he wouldn't have signed it. Lauren says but he did! The detective suggests Phillip haul his butt out of here or he'll do it for him. Phillip asks Lauren how much money it will take? Just give him the information where he can find him. Phillip offers to write her a check. The detective tells Lauren if she takes that money he'll have to arrest her for extortion. Lauren says she wouldn't tell him where her son is if he put a gun to her head. She then goes back into the shelter. Phillip becomes upset, the Detective thinks Phillip is a rich brat just like the others he's know. Belle says this rich bratty put his life on the line in Iraq for this country. The cop was in Desert Storm himself, but he can't help him, Phillip has no rights. He says he needs to go home and pack it in. The detective leaves. Belle suggests they just go back to the hotel and start fresh in the morning. If Lauren wants the money, she will call him. 

At the pub, Nick is hanging out with the kids. Jeremy is hiding in the back. He calls Stephanie and leaves her a message. He says he thought about what she said, she's right he has to work things out and will try and get help from her dad. Jeremy approaches Nick and says hello to his cuz. Nick asks what he wants? Jeremy asks Nick to do him a favor. Jeremy sees the kids, he can't believe Nick is stuck with them while their mom . . . Nick says is on vacation! Jeremy asks to talk to Nick in private, so he sends the boys off to play some board games. They want to play chess, of course. Nick asks Jeremy what he needs. Jeremy needs Steve's cell phone number, he might be able to help him. Nick says he won't bail him out of this. Jeremy begs him, so Nick agrees to help him out.

In Vegas, Bo shows up with Kayla. They meet Chelsea in the casino. She couldn't stay at the hospital any longer, she kept assuming the worse every time a doctor came up to her. Bo and Kayla say Jett is fine, he made it through the operation and is breathing on his own. Bo asks what happened, Chelsea tells him the story, how Rawlings shot Jett, how Jeremy left, how she doesn't know where Stephanie and Max are. Kayla worries, Bo tells her to just stay calm. Bo goes to ask some questions, Kayla stays with Chelsea. Chelsea explains how Jeremy wanted Stephanie to run away with him, but she didn't. Still Kayla says she'll hold Jeremy responsible if there is even a scratch on Stephanie. Kayla sees blood on Chelsea, asking if she was hurt. She says no, it's Jett's. Kayla thinks she needs rest, but she can't sleep as she keeps seeing the scene play over and over when she closes her eyes. Chelsea says Jett thought he was going to die. She asks Kayla if people in that state mean what they say? Kayla asks if Jett said something? Chelsea says he told her that he loved her. They talk about Jett, Chelsea thinks talking about this given what is going on with Max and Stephanie is insensitive. Kayla welcomes the distraction. She asks how she feels about Jett? Chelsea doesn't know, he's nice and mature and all, and when she thought they were going to lose him, she would have felt like a part of her died with him. She asks Kayla not to let Nick know about any of this. She's a bit embarrassed about what happened, and she doesn't want to lose Jett . . . . well as a friend. Kayla feels she's fighting this thing with Jett, why? Is it Nick? Kayla's phone rings, it's Nick calling! Nick says he's sorry to bother her. Kayla asks what she can do for him? Nick needs Steve's cell phone number for Jeremy. Kayla asks if he just said Jeremy? Is he there? Nick says kinda. She demands Nick put Jeremy on the line! Jeremy talks to Kayla, she demands to know where Stephanie is. Jeremy says she's in Vegas with Max and Chelsea. She says Stephanie and Max are not in Vegas, she is here. Jeremy hasn't heard from Stephanie since he left. Kayla asks to speak to Nick again, Nick talks to Kayla. Kayla asks Nick to call Roman and tell him there is a warrant out for Jeremy in Vegas, he must be arrested! Nick says okay. She hangs up.

Bo returns to the casino, he's found out the plane took off, it was headed to Mexico, Max and Stephanie were on board. Bo promises they'll find Stephanie and Max alive. Chelsea can't believe this is all happening. Kayla says they can't tell Steve any of this until they know what is going on. Bo gets a call from the feds, they have found the women and they had thousands of dollars of stolen goods. The women are cooperating, there is no sign of Rawlings. The women say that Rawlings made Max and Stephanie jump from the plane, but they had parachutes. Kayla freaks over this. Bo thinks they are in New Mexico somewhere, a search and rescue team is being sent out. Kayla demands she goes with them. 

At the pub, Jeremy plans to run, he knows Kayla told Nick to call the cops. He takes Nick's phone from him so he's not tempted to call them. He also demands money from Nick, Nick has almost nothing to give him. Nick tells Jeremy not to do this, call Mickey. Jeremy says he's out of here. He says give this to Steph, handing him a letter. Jeremy asks Nick to just give him five minutes to get a start. Later Chelsea alls Nick and tells him what has happened, she needed to hear a friendly voice. He asks if there is anything he can do? She says she'll be fine. He's glad she called him. She says she doesn't have good reception, tell the boys she said hi and she'll talk to him later. She then hangs up. The boys come back to Nick and tell Dad not to be sad, that it will be okay.

In the caves, Max is sleeping and Stephanie is watching him, thinking about him and the two of them. Suddenly she screams, she's certain she just saw a bear! He looks around and sees nothing, so get some sleep girl scout. She says actually her ankle is hurting. She thinks it is swelling, so he takes his shirt off and wraps it around her ankle. He asks if that is better? She says uh-huh. As Max talks, she's mesmerized by his shirtlessness and isn't really listening, which he catches on to. He keeps wrapping her ankle, she thanks him and says he's much better than Jeremy at these things. Max says he's probably on some beach in Mexico by now. Max asks why she got mixed up with him? He's got a record and treats her like crap. She says he can be sweet, Max says yeah when he wants sex. She says maybe she doesn't give up on people as easily as he does. She gets angry, thinking he's blaming her for all this, how if she had dumped Jeremy early on when he treated her like crap that they could have avoided this and he'd still have his precious garage. They continue to argue, Max realizes she is still upset the way things ended between them. She says they didn't end things, he end it. She says he also did it while she was in the hospital. Max says so what, they should have stayed together because he felt sorry for her? She says no because she was the best thing to happen to him! She says Jeremy hasn't treated her like he did. Max says he never treated her like a servant! Stephanie says she was really into him. Max says maybe a little too into it. She says so that was it, he let her loose when they got too serious. She asks when the last time he had feelings for a girl, above the belt. He won't talk about this, she knows he's afraid. She wonders why guys aren't interested in girls who are available? They act like something is wrong with them. The girls who are available, they somehow seem more desirable. She wonders why Max was only interested in her when she was with Jeremy. Was it that he finally realized she was good enough. She knows what it is, a girl in a relationship is not a threat, there aren't strings attached. She thinks that is it! He asks what she wants him to say, he was out for sex? She thinks the whole time they were together that she was just his babe of the moment. Max says they were both different back then. He says back then he didn't think they connected, she was young and a kid. However when she came back from Dayton, she came back with confidence and strength, she was a woman he could see himself with her. Not that he could be with her . . . .She says what if he could, what if she said he could be with her. He tells her that before they can do anything, she has to be honest with herself about what and who she wants, him or Jeremy..


September 5, 2007

n Tulsa, Phillip and Belle are back at the hotel. They have to share a room, a taxidermist convention is in town and of course the only room left was the bridal suite. He's ordered them dinner, her favorite Chicken Picata, as well as some wine. HE also says that can watch that movie she wants to see, The Notebook. She thinks a comedy might be more appropriate, in case he hasn't noticed there is only one bed here. He knows, he will take the couch.

Shawn shows up with Claire to surprise Belle. They pick up some flowers for her and knock on the door. Belle and Phillip were making the couch up when they feel onto the couch into each other's arms, laughing and giggling about falling. Shawn knocks at the door and Phillip answers assuming it is just the dessert he ordered. Shawn is surprised to see Phillip in the room, Belle is shocked to see Shawn and Claire. He says they wanted to come surprise them. Belle takes Claire to say hello, while Phillip explains how they found Lauren, but there was no baby. She claims he's with someone she trusts. Phillip asks about the room, when does Phillip need to economize and share? Phillip explains it was the last room, he was bunking on the couch. Shawn asks Phillip to take Claire downstairs to see the aquariums, which he does.

Belle and Shawn have a chat. Belle wonders why Shawn is here, why is he really here? She thinks it is because he doesn't trust her, in their relationship. She explains what happened with Lauren, how Phillip was hurt and she just couldn't leave him. She tells him how Phillip just wants a family, a sense of belonging. Shawn doesn't see why she has to be the one to help, that is what the police are for. She says Phillip gave up his parental rights when he and Mimi signed that document, so the police can't help. She says she's all Phillip has. She also wants to do this, she still feels bad for walking out on Phillip and taking Claire, for him going back to war and being injured. Shawn can't believe she's off here doing this while he's back home joining the force to provide for them. She says what? Shawn explains to her that Max is going to lose the garage, so he joined the force. He says it's a real career, with benefits. She can't believe this, why didn't he talk to her first? She doesn't like the idea of him going off and possibly getting shot. Shawn says Salem isn't the crime capital of the world, but she says it feels like it these days. She is further angered to learn he talked with Bo and Hope about this before her. She says she's tired of him making all these decisions, it's not the fifties, women hung up their aprons and little white gloves long ago. He doesn't think it's fair of her. He says so him trying to provide for their family is wrong, yet her running off with Phillip isn't a problem? She says not if he doesn't make it one! Shawn tells Belle that he loves her and wants to be with her, but she has to decide if she wants him or Phillip. Phillip soon returns with Claire. Shawn says he and Claire are just going to go back to Salem, they were going to stay here . . . . Phillip thinks they still can, but Shawn says no. Belle tells Shawn at least leave Claire with her, there is no sense putting her back on another plane this late, don't punish Claire because he's mad at her. Shawn leaves Claire with them and hopes they both find what they are looking for. He then leaves.

In the cave in New Mexico, Stephanie once again thinks she sees a bear. Max goes looking, this time he finds a rabbit, which is what she saw. She names him Oscar. Max thinks she shouldn't get attached, it may be food soon. She says he doesn't have the heart to kill a rabbit. He asks how she would know what he has the heart for? They soon end up kissing, but Max stops them. They try and talk about their feelings. Max admits he's scared to have this talk. She admits she's scared too, she thought she was in love with Jeremy, yet all she can think about is kissing him. They make out some more, Max again stops. He can't believe he's going to say this, but she needs to work things out with Jeremy, find out if he's in the picture or not. She says and if he's not, will they have more talks like this? He says they'll do a lot more than talk! Once again they go at it, coming oh so close to making love when Bo and Kayla arrive looking for them! They are embarrassed, Bo and Kayla wait outside so they can get dressed. Max offers to explain what happened to Kayla if Stephanie wants, he'll say they were afraid and cold and sought comfort in each other's arms. Stephanie says no she'll explain, she'll tell the truth, that something has been going on between them for a long long time. Later Kayla doesn't think Stephanie will make it out of here on her ankle, so Bo and Max head to a nearby helicopter to get a stretcher for her. Kayla stays with Stephanie. Stephanie begins to explain, but Kayla says they have bigger things to deal with than her love life. She tells Stephanie about Stefano's fake death and how Steve is in jail, how they must let everyone believe they think he did it. She understands. Kayla then asks about Max and Jeremy. Stephanie says her mom was right about Jeremy, and he's gone now anyways. Kayla says Jeremy is back in Salem, he wanted Steve's help. Stephanie thinks Jeremy will find some other poor girl to use and help bail him out. Kayla says what if he came back to Salem not only for help, but for her? Bo and Max then return with the stretcher to help get Stephanie to the helicopter that is waiting.

At the Hospital, Lucas comes to visit Sami. He's still on a high about the news of Stefano's death, though Sami isn't in the mood to celebrate. Lucas has a surprise for her and leaves to get it. In walks a clown, Sami assumes he is the surprise. She tells the clown she has to be honest, she doesn't like clowns, they creep her out. She suggests they clown go perform for the kids here, she'll be sure to tell Lucas he did a good job. The clown won't leave, which freaks Sami out. SHe goes to use her call button, but the clown grabs it. He then reveals himself to be Andre! He wants answers about Stefano's death. Sami doesn't know much, she couldn't leave her room. All she knows is that the police came to guard him and Steve stabbed him, he's dead. She says Lucas saw his body. Andre thinks he should talk to Lucas then, but Sami says no. Andre soon pulls a straight razor out and threatens her. He is sure that the Salem PD must have come up with this plan, it's a hoax, though it would have taken all their combined mental power and probably outside help to come up with it. Sami swears she doesn't know anything. He says if this is a trap then the next bodies in the morgue will be the Bradys, namely her and her father! Lucas returns, Andre motions to her not to say anything. Lucas wonders who sent in the clowns? Andre quickly leaves.

The minute Andre is gone, Sami tells Lucas that was Andre! He runs after Andre, while Sami calls her dad. Roman has a guard who was at the hospital stationed outside Sami's room. Lucas returns, he didn't see Andre, but security has been alerted. Sami is upset, she thinks only she can end this vendetta. Lucas won't let her do that, neither will her family. Roman soon shows up. Sami tells him Andre thinks this whole thing was a trap, but Lucas says no he saw Stefano, he was dead. Roman insists that Stefano is at the morgue. Sami tells him that Andre doesn't think so, he said the next people in the morgue would be them. She tells her dad every time something goes wrong, she ends up a target, she deserves the truth. Lucas can see by the look on Roman's face that Andre is right, it was a hoax. Roman explains yes it was, but they can't tell anyone. He makes Sami promise to stay in here and be a good girl. He leaves, Sami fumes at the way her dad talked to her. Roman meanwhile tells a guard to be on the lookout for Andre, he's still in this hospital somewhere. Neither realize Andre is standing next to them dressed as a nurse! He later escapes.


September 16, 2007

In Tulsa, it is the next day. April had called, she has set up a meeting between Lauren, Belle and Phillip. Phillip is hopeful that he'll get his son back, he'll even agree to joint custody if that is what Lauren wants. Belle is just so happy for him. Phillip tells Belle that she really shouldn't be here, she should be home with Shawn. He says they are making a life together, if he did anything to come between them then he'd never forgive himself. Belle says so he's telling her what, to just leave? Belle goes off, how she's so tired of people telling her what to do, where to go, what bar to live above. She screams she resents Shawn for what he's done to their life, how he's made it come to this. Phillip had no idea she felt like this, she apologizes for venting like that. As Belle calms down and talks to Phillip, there is a knock at the door. They don't know who it could be, it's April! April says they have a big problem. April says Lauren is gone, she took all her things and left. She did leave a note behind. Phillip reads it. Lauren says not to look for her, because he'll never find her . . . or her son.

At the pub, Shawn is working and helping out. He vents to his mom about what happened in Tulsa, it was Phillip as usual. Hope tells Shawn he is so angry. If he doesn't cool it and get his emotions in check, he'll destroy his relationship with Belle all on his own. She tells him to forget about Phillip and what he can buy and give Belle, those are just things. She says Belle is starting nursing school, he's starting the academy. She says this is a whole new chapter in their lives, they should be having the best times of their life right now.

Roman and Bo discussing funeral for Stefano, which will be held today. Stefano is in the coffin at the funeral home, Bo wishes they could actually bury him alive, just for 30 to 40 years. Meanwhile Kate arrives outside the pub. She's been escorted by none other than Bob Harper from "The Biggest Loser." She thanks him for walking her over, saying with Andre on the lose she feels her life is in danger. Andre happens to be there spying on them! Bob tells Kate she needs to take one of his self defense classes, as well as some yoga classes to relax. Bob has to go film "The Biggest Loser" and says goodbye to Kate, who is escorted in by Roman.

Roman and Kate sit down at the pub. They are talking, once again Kate brings up why he's doing all this for her. As he's about to tell her, Anna and Tony walk in. Anna is complaining, she hates wearing dark colors for a happy occasion. They see Roman and Kate and head over to them. Bo asks to talk with Tony, pulling him away for a bit. They discuss this funeral, Tony warns him he doesn't think Andre will buy this, and he will be out for revenge. He says Andre is a predator, he likes to play with his food before he kills it.

Meanwhile Roman explains to Anna that Kate is staying with him, for protection. Kate recognizes Anna's photo from Roman's guest room, she didn't realize that photo was taken so long ago! Roman excuses himself, Anna gets a dig in at Kate says Roman is so good and takes pity on people, which must be why Kate's staying with him. Tony returns, so Anna excuses herself. Tony then flirts with Kate, saying it's been so long since they've seen one another, he believes the last time was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They both look out as see Anna outside with Roman. She's seen them flirting, so she kisses Roman on the cheek to tell him how brave he is to guard all of them. Later Anna returns, as Tony again makes himself scarce. She and Kate continue to insult one another. Anna says she did hear Kate and Roman were having some kind of fling last summer. Kate says they were married. Kate reminds Anna how she was married to Roman, but ran off on him to be with Tony. Anna recalls that Kate is now back to her old ways with Stefano, so she hears. Kate says she's had enough and goes to leave. Bo stops her, saying she needs to stay here where it's safe. He directs her to the bar.

Kate sits at the bar to drink, Shawn servers her. She and Shawn then end up trading insults! She makes insults to him about being a bartender, something his family seems to be good at. He snaps back at her about Phillip, but she says Phillip always gets what he wants. Shawn says just like Kate, though Kate never seems to figure out what she wants isn't always what is best for her kids.

At the funeral parlor, Roman arrives and looks at Stefano, who is in the coffin. He pulls out a gun thinking he could end this, but they'll end it properly and squarely, very soon. He talks about how for over 20 years he thought the vendetta was about him bringing down Stefano's drug ring, that everything that Stefano did to his family was a response to that. A hearse driver arrives with flowers. He's actually a cop, he'll be taking the coffin to the burial site. In reality the coffin will be empty, Stefano will be secretly taken to a safe house. Roman tells him if anymore flowers come, take them to the burial site. The man says these are actually for Roman. Later Tony, Anna, Bo and Hope show up. They learn about the flowers delivered to Roman. There is no card, but Hope says there always is one. She finds it buried in the arrangement. Roman reads it, then hands it to Bo. It says "Sorry to hear of your untimely death - Andre."

Back at the pub, everyone is gone but Kate. She's drunk and at the bar, screaming for Shawn to come give her a refill. Someone bangs at the door, she yells to Shawn someone's at the door. Shawn is no where to be found. Kate tells them the pub is closed. The person doesn't give up, trying to force the door open. Kate screams.

At the hospital, EJ shows up to see Sami, she tells the guard it's okay for him to come in. EJ demands to know what the police and her father have done with his father. Sami doesn't know, he's dead, that's all she knows. EJ says his sources at the station say otherwise. Sami freaks, is there a bad cop, is that how Andre found out, she has to call her dad. EJ says so it's true? She makes him swear not to tell anyone, she explains the plan to him. HE says clever, but he honestly doesn't think it will work to trap Andre. Sami says honestly, she doesn't either. EJ decides rather than go to the funeral, he'll stay with her and they'll read more of the letters. Sami insists he stay on one side of the room and keep his distance, no more taking advantage of drugs and kissing her. He thinks she didn't seem to mind it, but he sits across the room as they read.

In the past, Colleen again returns to Santo. They kiss one another, but she's still torn. Sami feels for her, she knows exactly how Colleen feels. She knows what it's like to be torn between what is right and what your family wants, yet at the same time knowing what you want passionately and going for it no matter who gets hurt. She says she's been there too many times. Sami says it's almost like she is in Colleen's shoes.

Sami and EJ end up arguing about Colleen and Santo. EJ thinks it's fate what happened between them, but Sami thinks he knows nothing about fate. She says fate is meeting your best friend as a kid, and only years later realizing they are the person who makes you happiest. EJ says oh and so you live happily ever after. Sami becomes upset, the babies kick her. EJ thinks something is wrong, she says it's just Roman Thomas kicking her. He says Roman? He thought she wasn't going to . . . she says well when her dad heard about the idea, the look on his face sealed it. EJ says she needs to stop living her life for her father. EJ admits he knows something about that too, it's one of the many ways they are alike.

The letter reading continues, SAmi and EJ project themselves into the letters and the past. They watch Santo and Colleen with one another. Sami feels he's pressuring Colleen too much, EJ thinks he's trying to avoid the tragedy he knew was coming since they met. Santo asks Colleen to marry him, but she can't give him an answer. Later Santo becomes angry at Colleen for wanting more time. He told her she must decide tonight, a life with him or a life with the church.


September 16, 2007
At the funeral parlor, Andre sends flowers and a card threatening Roman's life. Anna is worried, is he wearing a bullet proof vest? Roman says he isn't concerned. Tony feels Anna is right, he should watch out. Roman tells something is worrying him, something isn't right. Anna begs him not to take risks with Andre. Lucas, Marlena and John show up to the funeral, they learn about Roman's flowers. Marlena asks to speak to Roman, she tell him macho stuff aside, is he okay being a target? Roman says yes, if it means their daughter isn't. Meanwhile John and Bo discuss how they've made Stefano look dead. He's hooked up to IV's in the bottom of the casket making him sleep. Abe and Lexie soon show up, Hope greats them. Benjy follows in a wheel chair pushed by a nurse. Benjy is pushed up to his father's casket and looks in it. He signs, Lexie tells Benjy that he's really dead. Benjy cries over his father. Lucas wonders why EJ isn't here as the chief mourner. Tony tells him EJ has something else on his mind. Lucas says something or someone? Tony asks what he thinks. Meanwhile Lexie talks to Benjy about their father, but he says he didn't come to grieve, he came for revenge! He hates the old man. Elsewhere Anna talks to Hope about Roman, she is worried about him, she wants to do something nice for him like cook him a nice dinner. Hope says or maybe not. Back to Lucas and Tony, Lucas asks if he's saying EJ is with Sami? Tony won't say. Lucas tells Marlena he has to go, she asks if something is wrong? He says he's going to find out. Meanwhile Lexie tells Benjy to fight the rage in him, otherwise he'll become like Stefano and she can't lose him. The caretaker asks Hope if they are expecting anymore people? Hope says she doesn't think so as he wasn't popular, so she says no. Marlena tells Hope to look behind her. She does, Grandpa Shawn is there! 

At the pub, Andre breaks in as Kate is screaming for help. She says she's not here alone, Shawn is here. Andre knows and Roman is at the funeral, and she will bring him here. She says Roman hates her, he won't help her after he found out she went to Stefano. Andre says he hates when people underestimate his intelligence. She says she'd help him if she could. He says like she did at the health club? He knows she tried to trap him, now he wants Roman. Kate says she won't help him. He tells her that she's made  a lot of mistakes, she just made her last one. He grabs her by the throat. Shawn rushes in to save her, but Andre beats him down! Kate quickly grabs her phone and makes a call. However Andre gets to her, holds a knife to her and tells her to hang up. He then tells her to help him dispose of Shawn. Meanwhile Belle shows up trying to get in, wondering why the pub is locked. Back inside, Andre is laughing at the thought of Grandpa Shawn opening the freezer and finding Shawn frozen hard inside. Belle finally gets in, only to find Andre there with Kate. Kate says Belle isn't part of this family, but Andre says she's engaged to a Brady and given birth to one. Belle asks where Shawn is. Kate says locked in the freezer. Andre is knocked out by Kate, so Belle calls Bo for help. However Andre isn't as out as he appears, he grabs Kate and grabs the phone from Belle, telling Bo that he has Kate, Shawn and Belle . . . . he wants Bo to do exactly what he says! He wants Bo to leave the funeral home, tell nobody what he's up to, find Elvis and he'll give him the clue he needs. Bo asks where EJ is? Andre says building an alibi, check the hospital. Andre then hangs up on Bo. Andre then locks Belle in the freezer with Shawn.

Belle finds Shawn out cold in the freezer. She helps him up. Shawn is in pain after being beaten. They find they are stuck in, Andre has jammed the lock. Shawn asks about Claire, she says she's with Phillip. For once Shawn is glad. She explains that Phillip did sleep on the couch, nothing happened. He asks why she's telling him this? She says because she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. Shawn says he is the one who is sorry, he did show up because he couldn't stand the idea of Phillip putting the moves on her. She swears she's only helping Phillip because it is the right thing to do, she loves Shawn. Shawn is fading, it's his injuries and the cold. She says he has to stay awake here. He says they'll have to get the door open.

Andre meanwhile tells Kate he's a member of mensa, it's not every day one is in the company of a genius. She says certifiable . . . . He demands her help with Roman, he has something very special planned for him. He makes her call Roman and tell him someone is trying to get in, if she says anything else, Roman will be investigating her murder. She won't hurt Roman. HE says look on the bright side, Roman didn't remarry, she could get all his life insurance money. She doesn't want it. He says stop lying and start dialing . . . now!

Back at the funeral parlor, Hope finds Bo trying to leave. He claims he's just going to check on the men outside. She doesn't believe him. Bo tells her to keep her game face on and not to react. He says Andre called, he needs to check on a few things to be safe. He then leaves.  The funeral is about to begin, Lexie tells Benjy it's time to take their seats. Lexie begs Benjy for her sake, don't do this. Benjy agrees to go sit down. Abe asks Lexie if everything is okay? She says no, she can't wait for this to be over. She says Benjy is so angry, she doesn't know what he'll do when he finds out Stefano isn't dead. We see Benjy has a gun! Meanwhile Marlena thinks Belle should be home by now. John checks, her flight landed and she probably went to straighten things out with Shawn. Later Marlena tells Hope that she and John can't reach Shawn and Belle, they are concerned. Hope now realizes why Bo lied to her. She rushes off, saying she's going to find the truth. Later Shawn goes to look at Stefano. He begins to remember the past, in which Shawn was left with Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Little Stefano. Colleen went off with Santo. Stefano had the red truck and said hello to Shawn. In the present, Roman tells Shawn the funeral has to start. As the funeral begins, Benjy holds his gun under a blanket. Meanwhile Roman gets a call from Kate, telling Roman she's in the pub and Andre is outside and she's scared. 

In the past, Santo asked Colleen to choose tonight, between him and the church. She says this is her mortal soul they are talking about. Santo tells Colleen her going back and forth, it is going to destroy him. He will not recover if he loses her love. He asks if she trusts him, she says yes. He says then trust him to be his wife, he will take care of her. She says she won't be rushed into a decision, even by him.

At the hospital, Sami thinks she walked away and he  killed her. EJ says no, Santo loves Colleen, the kind of love that will change your life forever. Sami continues arguing with EJ, saying Santo is as much of a pig and egomaniac as EJ is.

In the past, Santo was furious that she was going to walk out and choose a life with the church. She couldn't make this decision with him standing here. He said if she left, he would never see her again. Colleen says he's asking her to give up everything for a man who doesn't know her. Sami and EJ somehow stand in the hotel room watching the scene play out. EJ tells Sami that he feels like they are exactly like Santo and Colleen. She thinks not, but he says both she and Colleen refuses to give into what is in their hearts. Colleen tells Santo goodbye, but he won't let her leave without a choice. Colleen says she gave him her virtue, what else does he want? HE wants her in his life every minute of every day. She says she's only asking for one day then she will give him his answer. He says many men wouldn't give her that. She says he's not many men. She says if he says no then she'll be heartbroken, but she'll survive. She loves her life. He feels she confuses love with duty. She says so he thinks she needs rescuing? That she is a poor simple girl. She says he's wrong, she already has a savior. He doesn't understand why this decision is so difficult. She says she loves her family and her life, she will love being a nun. She has to know if her choice is the right one. He gives her her day. She says she'll give him his answer tomorrow. He says he will pray, they say God hears the prayers of the condemned man. 

At the hospital, EJ thinks Colleen has to chose him, he'll go out of his mind. Sami says maybe that is why he killed her. He says Santo didn't, but Sami says give her one good reason why he didn't. EJ says because he couldn't kill her if his life depended on it. She says please! EJ thinks it scares her that they are in the grip of something out of their control. She says he scares her, he twists these letters around. She says he's obsessed with her. EJ says he's obsessed with what must be. She says what must be is her and Lucas. She tells EJ that he is a DIMera, Santo is in him filling him with hate just like he has Andre and Stefano. Lucas then walks in with a message for EJ from his dead father. EJ says he doubts that, since he's not dead. Lucas says Stefano wants him at the funeral, so get out of here. EJ leaves, Lucas asks if she told EJ? Sami says he guessed. Lucas also thought she wouldn't be meeting EJ anymore. She says that was before they thought the vendetta was over. She tells Lucas she knew he wouldn't understand, she has to find a way to end this vendetta. Lucas says she's spending a lot of time with the man who raped her. Sami says she hasn't forgiven him, but Lucas thinks she's keeping a lot of secrets lately. Is she sure she has nothing to hide? Sami says this isn't about him or them, it's about the right thing, protecting their family. Lucas thinks that is his job. She asks how? Send the twins to Switzerland like Will? She says they have to find a way to end this vendetta.

Bo arrives and demands EJ, who is in the hall, tell him where Andre is holding Shawn and Belle! Lucas and Sami show up at the door to Sami's room, they find out Andre has Shawn and Belle. EJ swears he has no idea what is going on here. Bo says he better be telling the truth. Sami tells EJ to go, she can't think when he's around. He says he'll pray, God hears the last words of a condemned man. Hope shows p and demands Bo tell her the truth this time, he says Andre has Shawn and Belle and he doesn't know where they are. 


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