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3rd Week of September 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


September 17, 2007
At the hospital, Sami is upset over Andre grabbing Belle and Shawn, Lucas tries to calm her down. EJ shows up, he offers to help them find Andre. Lucas wants him gone, but Sami wants him to stay if there is a chance he can help. Lucas won't let EJ use her obsession with this vendetta to get closer to her. They continue their same old argument, Lucas thinks these letters and the past won't solve anything and EJ is using the vendetta to get close to her. Lucas goes to attack EJ, a cop shows in and stops him. Sami yells at them both to just stop it! Sami tells Lucas not to do this, he doesn't want to go to jail. Lucas says he wants to even the score. She asks EJ to go, but he refuses, commenting it's not his fault Lucas is throwing a tantrum. She says he's stressing her out. He doesn't want to add to her stress, but he's getting weary of her husbands threats. He says he's saved them both many times. He considers Sami his friend and would like to visit her as when it suits, with her permission. Lucas says a friend? Bull! He tells EJ to admit he is in love with Sami. EJ says very well, the truth is that he does love Sami,. EJ says he loves her with all his heart and soul, and he probably always will. Sami is stunned, EJ looks furious. Sami tells Lucas that EJ is just bating him, don't let him. 

Meanwhile, Hope talks to Bo about Shawn and Belle. They figure they must be at the pub still, or there should be clues there, so they head there.

At the pub, Belle can't believe Shawn wants to blow the door off the freezer. She's sure he'll get them killed. Shawn grabs some booze and plans to make a Maltov cocktail. She says there is no room and hardly any air, if he starts a fire they'll die. He says not if they blow open the door, it's this or they freeze to death. He sys they have a fire extinguisher in case anything goes wrong. He sets it up and pulls out a lighter. She asks where he got that, he doesn't smoke? He says for the customers at the pub.

Meanwhile Kate calls Roman for help, as instructed by Andre. He says good work, she baited the trap perfectly. Roman soon shows up, he finds Kate hanging from a noose perched on a beer keg. He frees her and rips off duct tape on her mouth. She screams watch out! Andre then knocks Roman out from behind. 

Later Bo and Hope arrive at the pub, everything is a mess. Bo says call for back up, he'll look around. Suddenly they hear and explosion! Back in the freezer, there is a fire. Belle wakes up, Shawn is on top of her. He comes too as well, it seems the door didn't blow open. Shawn says they have to put the fire out. Belle grabs the extinguisher and puts it out. Bo and Hope soon show up calling out to them, Belle yells at them for help. They get in, Belle says Shawn has been hurt. Bo helps Shawn up and gets him out. He thinks Grandpa and Grandma will kill him, but Hope thinks they'll be glad he's alive. Belle tells Shawn how he saved her life in there by jumping on her. Shawn knows she'd do the same. Meanwhile Bo can't get Roman or Kate to answer their cells, there is trouble. Bo calls Abe and heads to the funeral home, while Shawn is put on a gurney to be taken to the hospital. 

At the funeral parlor, Stefano's funeral is going on. The head of the parlor is speaking and says anyone who has final words is allowed to speak. Benjy wants to say something. He wheels up to the casket, stands up and begins shooting right into the coffin! John grabs Benjy, Abe asks what is wrong with him? Marlena rushes to Stefano, who is alive. He wakes up and asks where he is? Tony says he was shot. He says no stabbed by Steve. Tony reveals he's wearing a vest to protect him. Stefano asks what is going on, where is he, where is Rolf? Abe says he's in police custody and will stay here until they find Andre. He says they can't hold him. Stefano looks around and sees he's in a coffin, what bastard put him here. Abe says he's staying there, until he says otherwise, he's still a dead man. Suddenly all the lights go off! John finds out the fuse box was triggered to blow, they know it was Andre. Abe suggests they continue, move on to the cemetery. Lexie wants to take Benjy to the hospital, Marlena plans to go with her and have psychiatry meet them. Stefano tells Abe he is to let him go, he can't keep him here. He is recovering from major surgery. Abe says he's expected to recover, thanks to a liver section he stole from Benjy. Stefano says he would do no such thing to his own son. Abe tells Stefano he'll get lots of rest, in a private clinic he's arranged for. Stefano says Abe can't hold him, he has no charges, nothing that will stick. Abe later instructs Williams, who is in the distance, to lead the procession. Williams tips his hat, but it's not Williams! Yup, it's Andre in disguise. 

Abe talks to Shawn, who is still at the funeral sitting there. He asks Shawn if he's okay? Shawn remembers Stefano had a beautiful lorry, a toy truck, and Stefano asked him to play. He wished he had said no, but the truck was beautiful and he wanted it. Abe then gets a call from Bo, who informs him about Shawn and Belle being locked in the freezer at the pub. Bo says there is more, Andre held Kate hostage, now Roman and Kate are missing. Bo says they aren't answering their phones. Abe thinks maybe Roman is stalking Andre and silenced his phone. Bo says maybe. Abe says one more thing, Shawn is here and seems in bad shape. 

Back at the hospital, Lucas gets a call, it's Kate! She says she's at a phone booth and needs his help. Lucas says he'll be there as soon as possible. Kate says she needs clothes, Lucas takes some of Sami's. EJ thinks this is a trap of Andre's, he should go with him. Lucas says he would rather Andre stick a knife in his back. Lucas then leaves. Sami tells EJ to go with him, but never say he loves her again out loud. He says he was joking, he thought she knew.

Meanwhile Marlena and Lexie have arrived with Benjy, who had a melt down. He's been admitted. Marlena later heads to check on Sami, who she finds crying. Marlena asks Sami what is wrong? She says her life is a mess. She says she loves Lucas, but he doesn't understand, he doesn't understand why she's spending time with EJ to find out how this feud started. Marlena says but EJ does understand? Sami says it is his family too. Marlena also says they both look like Colleen and Santo. Sami tells her not to go there with the fate thing. Sami says why else would she spend time with EJ Wells/DiMera? Marlena says there was a time she tried to deny her feelings, she broke her family's heart and her daughter's heart. Sami says that was a long time ago, they are over that. Sami also says she loves Lucas. Marlena says but you can have unwelcome feelings for someone else, no matter how hard you try. Sami remembers when EJ kissed her in the hospital and told her that they had a connection. Sami cries, Marlena continue talking about the past and what happened. Sami says she's over that, she loves John. Marlena knows, but that event has made her feel love is undependable, and she went looking for love that won't fail her. Sami says Lucas won't fail her. Marlena is glad to hear that. Sami thinks Marlena doesn't believe her. Marlena says it's not that, it's just we all have motivations than we can't explain, even to themselves. Sami swears she is spending time with EJ to end the vendetta, it's not about having feelings for him. Hope shows up, she says they found Shawn and Belle, but have they heard from Roman? Sami says no, and Andre did threaten her dad. What has happened? They are brought up to speed. Sami is furious, especially at Grandpa Shawn. Hope is planning to go see him and Bo now. Sami says Grandpa Shawn needs to be told to get over it, tell them what he knows or dad could die! She calls him selfish for not telling them the truth!

At the cemetery, John, Tony, Abe and Anna are gathered, Lexie shows up as well. Stefano is then buried. Suddenly they all hear Andre's laughter! They look around for him, it turns out a tape recorder was hidden behind a head stone. Bo soon shows up, he asks what has happened. He's filled in. Bo fills them in on Belle and Shawn, as well as the still missing Kate and Roman. 

Lucas and EJ show up in some alley, Kate is hiding behind a dumpster and is naked! She says Andre is gone and left her here. She says Roman is in danger, she needs clothes. Lucas doesn't want to look, so EJ takes her clothes over. Kate tells EJ to avert his eyes, but he says it's nothing he hasn't seen. 

Back at the church, Shawn is thinking about the past. Shawn is playing with Stefano and his truck. Shawn asks where he got it? Stefano said from his mama and papa. Shawn thought she was dead? Stefano says no, she's alive in Italy. Shawn says she's not sick? Stefano says she isn't sick, she's happy and good. Santo and Colleen then returned, Colleen asked if he was having a good time ? Shawn just nodded. Colleen said they should get Shawn back home. Colleen told Santo she would be seeing him soon. Santo then asked Shawn how he would like a lorry like Stefano's? Shawn said no thank you and ran off.

Meanwhile, Andre is somewhere going down his list, Shawn, Belle, Kate and Roman. He seems to have photos on his cell phone, he says this one is for keeps. Andre then calls Bo's cell phone and somehow plays Roman saying I'm taking Andre down tonight, don't make a move. Andre says the poor Brady's will never know the truth. Bo meanwhile passes the info on, they all feel something is wrong. Kate shows up with Lucas and EJ, saying Roman is in terrible danger. Abe puts out an APB.


September 18, 2007

Chelsea meets with Stephanie at the pub. Chelsea wants all the details about her and Max after Rawlings forced them off the plane. She wants to know if she and Max in the cave where hot or what? Stephanie remembers having a talk with Max about Jeremy, what she saw in him, how Max felt she needed to figure things out with Jeremy, how they ended up almost making love. Stephanie asks Chelsea why she's just assuming something happened? Chelsea says it was dark and they were alone in the middle of nowhere. Stephanie says she has a boyfriend, but Chelsea says one who treats her like a jerk and ran off on her. Stephanie says he came back, but Chelsea says only for her dad's help. Chelsea says he's a criminal. Stephanie says so is she, people forgave her. Chelsea can't believe she said that to her, she knows she's not over what happened with Zack. Chelsea storms off. 

Max comes in and sits down next to Stephanie. He says they have to talk. Max says he's lost it all, the garage has been taken, he really wants to get his hands on Jeremy. She says Jeremy didn't know what was really going on. Max asks why she's defending him? He realizes Jeremy called, she's back in his pocket again. She says she's not. Max says Jeremy knew he was breaking the law yet he's the one paying for it. She says Max gambled and lost, sorry. Max says what has happened to her? She explains he came here, came back for her but her mom scared him off. She thinks he came back because he does love her. Max says so the cave, it all met nothing? She says she has to go. Max says whatever Jeremy said to her, it was a lie. Stephanie says because he's a criminal, or her boyfriend? She then walks off. 

Nick shows up at the pub with the boys. He sends them to play chess so he can talk to Chelsea. He sees she's studying, he says first day of school? She says yeah. He asks how Jett is doing. She says fine, he's still in the hospital but expected to make a recovery. Nick says Bo told him what happened, everyone is finally seeing what he saw all along. Later she asks how he liked teaching? HE loved it, and he's gotten the boys free tuition to a private school. He's hoping China Lee, who is on her way here to meet him, will let them stay in the school. She says he's really attached to these kids. She says well good luck. She goes to leave, but Nick asks her to stay and help him deal with China Lee. Chelsea says for the boys, sure. China Lee soon shows up, she thanks Nick and Shelly for taking so good care of the boys. Chelsea says it's Chelsea, and Nick did all the work, he couldn't love them more if the were his own . . . which they aren't. They all sit down to talk. China Lee says here is the deal, something's come up, she's leaving the country and fast. She says it's too dangerous to be here. Chelsea thinks this is another scam, cut to the chase, how much does she want now? She says this isn't about money. Chelsea and China Lee argue over what she's done to Nick. Nick tells her that he can handle this. Nick says she agreed to signed the annulment papers, he's done his part. She says she'll do hers, as soon as she gets a few things straightened out. She says she is doing what is best for the boys. Nick says the boys are reluctant to talk about themselves. China Lee says maybe they are just shy. Chelsea thinks as her mother she should know. China Lee says that is what makes this harder, she has to leave her angels with him . . .for good. 

At the hotel, Stephanie is at her parents place talking to Abby on the phone about school when Jeremy shows up at the door! She lets him in, he locks the door. She asks what he's doing here? He says he followed her from the pub, he saw her there with Max and guesses what he was saying about him. She thought he was in Mexico. He says and he thought her dad would help him, why did he go and stab Stefano. She ask if he even cares that she was forced to jump out of the plane? He knows and he's sorry. He says he can't run anymore, he's not cut out for it. He knows he broke the law and has to answer for it. He says he loves her, please help him. She lays into him, she says she loves him but all he does is treat her like garbage. She is not a bimbo, she is not his baby or his groupie. He says he loves her and some day when he gets this straightened out, he wants her to be his wife. She says this is great, he's a wanted man and he's proposing. She says she'll help him get straightened out and picks up the phone. He asks what she's doing? She says she's turning him in. He stops her. He says he wants to turn himself in on his own terms. He does mean what he says, he loves her. She says save the sweet talk, it's not working. He wonders what happened in that cave with her and Max. She says Max took care of her, he stood by her. He says did they stand the whole time? She won't talk to him, she wishes he would just go, leave. He says he can't, he'll never leave her again and kisses her. She stops this, thinking again she shouldn't be doing this. He says he is done running, he will turn himself in. However first he has to catch his breath. HE was hoping he could crash with her, but she says she lives with her Aunt Adrienne, her uncle and the boys. He forgot. He asks what about here? Suddenly Max knocks on the door demanding they talk about things, he won't leave until they do. 

At the pub, Belle is helping out. Phillip shows up, he's on his way to pick Claire up from daycare. He thought she might want to come along, they could all go to dinner. Belle says Shawn is in the hospital with second degree burns, he shouldn't be asking her to dinner. Phillip says it's not a date, it's just a pizza. She says that isn't the point. He asks what the point is? Does she feel guilty because they almost kissed? She says they didn't, but Phillip says he was there. She thinks he is confusing friendship with . . . he says he's not. He says he told her to go home to Shawn but she didn't, she chose to stay. Belle and Phillip remember Tulsa. She says he was in a bad place, but he doesn't want her to stay out of pity. She asks why he's doing this? He says because they aren't over, whatever they had is still between them, like it is now. She can't believe him, maybe they did go a little far, but she was emotional. Phillip tells Belle that she knows how he feels about her. Belle says she has, maybe she always has, she can't believe she didn't see it. She also says Shawn can see it too. She tells Phillip that she'll always love him, but she is with Shawn now. He says so what, have a nice life Phillip? Hope you find your kid? He thinks this is Shawn's doing, that he's making her do this. So what, they don't see each other anymore? She says just not as much. HE says what if he doesn't want to abide by that? What if he doesn't want to give her up. Belle says then they have a bigger problem than she thought. She says that she has a family now, a job and school. Hr thought he was her family too. She says he'll always be Claire's second father, but she doesn't have time anymore to help him. He thinks she's afraid to be alone with him. She says please respect her wishes and heads off. After she leaves, Phillip gets a call from Billie. She gives him information, he says he's leaving now and will see her soon. 

Bo visits with Shawn in the hospital. His back is bandaged up, but there will be no scars and he'll be out in a few days. Shawn still thinks the grandparents will be so upset about the freezer. Bo says not to worry about it. Bo surprises him with something, his badge for the police academy. Bo says when he's out he will start. Shawn says he feels like he's joining the family business. Lexie shows up to see Shawn, Abe is here for a checkup so she dropped by. Bo leaves them as he has to go do things.

Lexie tells Shawn that she thought Belle would be here. Shawn says she's taking classes at the University and helping out at the pub. Lexie says so she's going to be a nurse and him a cop, wow. Lexie says she heard Belle went to Tulsa with Phillip to find his boy. She gathers that didn't sit well with him. Shawn tells Lexie that Belle wants Phillip to have what he needs, but he thinks Phillip has too much and is doing everything he can to win her back. Lexie says Shawn isn't worried about losing Belle to Phillip is he? He says she hasn't seen Phillip laying it on. Lexie asks if he's told Belle how he feels? He says only a million times. Shawn thinks that Belle is lying to herself here about what is going on. He says they were married, she could still have feelings for him. Shawn says he has two options, he can act like a jealous fool or sit back and let the chips fall where they may. She says this doesn't sound like him. He says Phillip won't stop, and Belle thinks if Phillip gets his kid then he'll give them space. However Phillip can hire an army of detectives to find that kid, but he claims he needs Belle and she's right there for him. Lexie says he's not going to give up on her is he? He says no, he loves her. She says but she doesn't trust Belle. Shawn says maybe he doesn't. Lexie says love without trust makes things difficult, it almost cost her her marriage. He says but she and Abe are okay. Lexie says yes, but Abe loved her enough to give him another chance. She says if he loves Belle enough then don't sit back and wait for her to slip up. He thinks he can't be jealous and paranoid about her anymore, he can't live his life wondering all the time if she's with him, what they are talking about, if they are sleeping together. Lexie tells Shawn maybe he should talk to a therapist. He says he's through talking, Belle needs to prove to him that he can trust her. She thinks that is a mistake. Belle then shows up with flowers. She says hello to Lexie and gives her hero a kiss.

Lexie leaves them, Belle talks with Shawn about Phillip. He says what, he wanted her to go to Cleveland or something? She says no he asked her to dinner with him and Claire, but she says she couldn't, she needed to be here for him. Shawn asks why she's telling him this? She says she's been doing thinking, she hasn't been fair to him, giving him grief about not trusting her and being jealous. She says the truth is, he has every right to be. She tells Belle how she told him she would make Phillip realize that Shawn was the one she loved, but instead all she did was spend more time with him helping him. Belle says she put an end to that, she told him that she couldn't' help him anymore. She tells Shawn she loves him, she hopes he can forgive her for giving any reason to doubt her. Suddenly Phillip shows up, he says Billie tracked Lauren to San Antonio. He says he's flying out, by this time tomorrow his son could be home. Belle tells him that is great. He says he thinks she's heading to Mexico, he has PI watching her till he gets there. He says he can't take Claire to daycare, Shawn says his mom will take care of it so Belle can make her classes. Belle asks what she'll do when he gets there, he has no parental rights. Phillip says he'll figure it out when he gets there. She asks if Billie is going? He says no, he's on his own. He says he'll call when there is news. Phillip leaves, Shawn tells Belle to go with him. 

Bo meets with Steve at the funeral home. Steve has Pocket with him. Steve says Kayla had to go work and he couldn't get a sitter. Bo says he hasn't heard from Roman since he called and said he was bringing Andre down. Bo is worried, they have to find Andre and now, he's more violent than ever. Bo tells Steve he has to go find his brother and heads out. Steve then notices something is wrong with Pocket, he's burning up. He says they need to find Kayla. 

Back at the hospital, Steve talks with Lexie about Pocket. He's in the ER, they kicked him out while they ran all these tests. He says Kayla is with a patient, he can't get a hold of her. He is worried, he doesn't know how this happened. He says what if something is wrong with him, Kayla loves that little boy. She knows, obviously he does too. The staff pediatrician shows up, she asks if Pocket had anything out of the ordinary? He says no, just his formula. She asks if it was exposed to chemicals or poisons? Steve says poison! The doctor says he's ingested poison, they have to pump his stomach, but he'll be okay as they got him here in time. Steve tells Lexie that something is not right here, how could this happen? He says Kayla is way too careful, she boils all the bottles. Lexie says there has to be an explanation. Steve says there is, Kayla is a Brady. He says he thinks this is the DiMeras. Lexie suggests they wait for the report before they jump to conclusions. Steve thinks he should have really killed Stefano when he had the chance. 

Later Bo arrives at the pub where Caroline is. There is no news on Roman, Caroline hates that they had to be cops, it's just such a dangerous job. Shawn shows up, he learns Roman is still missing. Bo tells Shawn time is running out, Andre is out of control, he needs to talk about this Vendetta. Shawn says he has work to do and goes to walk off. Caroline tells him not to walk away, be a man and tell Bo what he needs to know right now! Bo says they need to know how the vendetta stared, how Colleen died. It may be the clue to saving Roman. He says talk to him!

The show ends with a shot of the cemetery and a fresh grave. Roman wakes up in a coffin buried underground! He screams for help! 


September 19, 2007

At the pub, the kids sit at a table playing chess while China Lee tells Nick and Chelsea that it is best that the boys stay with their daddy. Chelsea says he's not their father! China Lee asks the boys if they like hanging out with this guy? They run over and say they love daddy. Nick says these boys need a mother. China Lee says they need a father figure. Nick asks Chelsea to take the boys to go get some of Caroline's cookies, she does. Nick tells China Lee that he knows what she's trying to do, she won't guilt him into taking them. He says they are terrific kids, he'd love to be a part of their life, but he is not equipped to handle the day to day things, they need a mother. China Lee says wise up, she's no more their mother than he is. Chelsea returns as China Lee says the boys aren't hers. Chelsea says so Nick was right all along. They ask how she got a hold of them? She says cold hard cash. Nick asks if she kidnapped them? She says no. She says she was paid to bring the boys into the States, she was supposed to meet someone in Vegas, but they never showed up. Chelsea says so she pawned them off on the first sucker. China Lee says boys are expensive, and they cramp her style. She says when she saw Nick in that bar, she approached him because he seemed responsible and trust worthy. She says trust her, there were bigger winners their that night, but she knew Nick could be trusted with this. Nick asks if he should be flattered? China Lee says he's done a ton for them, he's the best thing to happen to them. She says that is why she's okay with this, with leaving them in his care. She gets up to walk off, Chelsea grabs her and says she's not leaving. Chelsea says Nick may be nice enough to let her walk away, but she's not. Nick won't either, he wants information on who they are. China Lee says the boys belong to a very powerful man, man with enemies. She was trying to keep them safe. Nick asks where their dad is? China Lee says he's dead, the boys don't know. She says they can't tell anyone about this, if the boys names show up in the news, they will be killed. Nick can't believe anyone would kill children. She says these boys stand to inherit a lot of power from their dad, people are going to stop at nothing to stop that from happening. As Nick and Chelsea talk about what to do, China Lee slips away! Nick talks to the boys, he knows that woman who was here isn't really their mom. They say they weren't supposed to say anything. Nick says that she's gong to be gone for while. He tells the boys they are stuck with him a little while longer, he hopes they are okay with it. They are and hug him. Chelsea smiles. 

Also at the pub, Billie meets with Phillip before he goes to San Antonio. She has information about Tyler that could change everything. Billie shows him the receipts from Lauren on the run, she hasn't been spending a dime on anything for a baby. Phillip says so what, Lauren lied the whole time, there is no baby? He says they did a DNA test, there has to be one. Billie says there is a kid, but Lauren may not have him anymore. She says he needs to expand his search. Phillip thinks that he has nothing now, no clues to go on, his son could be anywhere. Billie says go to San Antonio, confront her and make her talk. Phillip says she wouldn't tell him in Tulsa, she won't there. Billie says offer her money, without the police around, she'll sing like a bird. Get her alone and offer her the money, if that doesn't work then call in favors from Victor. Phillip says he's tried. He says this kills him, thinking about who is taking care of his son and whether they are doing a good job. Billie tells Phillip if she won't give him information on his son, you call the cops and say Lauren killed his son. He says that is extreme, but Billie says it's the only way to get the information.

Belle talks with Shawn at the hospital. She is shocked he wants her to go with Phillip. He says she should go. Belle says what if she doesn't want to go? She says Phillip is on his own now. She says when they were in that freezer and he apologized to her, well she knows how hard it was for him to say those things. She says she realized she could be more aware of his feelings too. He tells her that he knows if she doesn't go to Texas, and something happens, she won't forgive herself. Shawn says she'll be worried about him, and she'll resent him in the end. She says that isn't true. Shawn says he knows her, he knows what she'd do for a friend. He says Phillip helped them find Claire, they should pay back the favor. She says what about Claire, he's in the hospital. He says that he'll be out soon and they have grandparents who would love to help with Claire. Belle finally confronts Shawn. She says it's like he's forcing her to go on this trip. Does he have some other agenda. He tells her how it took that freezer to make him wake up, to see he was being jealous, how he had to trust her. He says if he can't trust her now, what will it be like when they are married? He says he is okay with her going on this trip. She thanks him for trusting her and they kiss. Shawn says tell Phillip good luck. She says she will, she then leaves. Shawn then remembers Lexie telling him about how love without trust makes things very difficult, but how Shawn said he wouldn't beg and be pathetic in Belle's eyes. HE remembers telling Lexie he couldn't live his life wondering if she was with him, sleeping with him, what she was doing with him. He says he was going to let Belle prove herself to him. Lexie felt that would be a mistake. 

Steve is pacing the halls of the hospital. Lexie tells Steve that Pocket is fine. Kayla shows up after getting the message, what happened? Steve doesn't know, he was out with Pocket and he started burning up. The doctor says he was exposed to a toxin or poison. Steve says he's really sorry. The doctor returns and hands Pocket to Kayla. Kayla asks how he is, the doctor says he's doing great. Kayla says that Steve said something about poisoning? The doctor says he had two ulcers in his stomach, which indicate chemical poisoning. Kayla doesn't know how this happened. The doctor has ordered some tests to find out what the poison was. The doctor tells them they should look around their home, just to make sure nothing has been left around. She says even with the best of intentions, we miss things. The doctor goes to write a prescription for him to help him. Steve tells Kayla that he thinks this whole thing is actually his fault. He cleaned up a mess with the spray cleaner this morning .What if he forgot to wash his hands? She says that amount couldn't hurt the baby, this is a virus or a bug. Steve continues to think it is his fault, but Kayla says he is wonderful with the baby. Kayla says she trusts him, he should trust himself. Steve says the doctor didn't trust him, but Kayla doesn't care about her. Steve says they got lucky this time, what about next time. Kayla says nothing will happen. She says the DiMeras messed with his head, not his heart. She says he couldn't be a bad father if he tried. She says he's a great father and great husband. She says give himself a break, cut himself some slack. He says okay.

At the hotel, Max knocks on the door and asks Stephanie to let him in so they can finish their talk. Jeremy tells her not to, Stephanie says he won't leave. Stephanie tells Jeremy to hide, she has to let him in. Stephanie answers the door and says she can't do this now, they'll talk tomorrow at the Java Caf or something .She says call her. Max thinks it is Jeremy. She doesn't want to talk about this, but Max won't drop it. He says if she's not over him then tell him, he's not holding her to anything, they didn't make any commitments in that cave. He says she's acting really weird. He says Jeremy showed up or called didn't he? She tells him nothing is wrong and she doesn't need his help. She then tells Max to go, he finally does. Stephanie remembers more of their talk in the cave, how Max said he wouldn't play second string to Jeremy. She remembers them talking about their feelings and finally kissing. Jeremy comes out of the closet he was hiding in. He asks what that was about, is she hooking up with Max? She won't answer, he asks if she gave the cops enough to bust him. She asks what he expected her to do? He expected his girlfriend to help him out. Stephanie thought when he left her in Vegas to run that she was no longer his girlfriend. Jeremy goes to leave, grabbing his jacket. He say has no money, no where to go, not that she cares. He drops his flight badge when he grabs his jacket, they don't notice. Suddenly in the hall they both here Steve and Kayla returning! Jeremy hides again as they come in with the baby. They explain to Stephanie, who they are surprised to see, that Pocket was sick. Stephanie then tells her parents she wants to move back home immediately. They ask why now? She says she misses them, Aunt Adrienne's home is cramped, she figured why not. Kayla feels there is something that Stephanie isn't telling them. She finally claims that she is a little jealous that Pocket gets all their attention, but she knows it is her fault too for not coming by more often. They agree to let her stay. Kayla says she'll go make up her room, but Stephanie says she'll do that, Jeremy is hiding in there. Steve takes Pocket off to get him ready for bed. Once Kayla and Steve are out of the room, Jeremy thanks her for covering. She says she's stuck living with her parents now because of him. She says she wants a favor from him in return for her covering for him. She says she will let him hide out here with her, but he has to turn himself into her dad. She gives him 48 hours to talk to her dad, or he's out of here. He says deal, and she should have joined the marines. He says he'll get to share the bed right? She says try the floor, it beats a park bench! Meanwhile Steve happens to find Jeremy's badge in the living room.

Belle arrives at the pub. She talks to Phillip, who is with Billie. She lets him know that she's coming along with him on this trip. Billie says she's glad Belle is going, Phillip is going to need all the help he can get. She says keep her in the loop and call them if they need anything. Billie tells Belle to take care of him and heads off. Phillip says Shawn is cool with this ?Belle says he encouraged her to go. She says she'll go home and pack, hopefully they'll get some answers. She says he deserves to be happy. He says he's getting there.

Lexie later visits Shawn at the hospital. She asks why after their talk he'd let Belle go on this trip? He says letting her go on this trip is proving he can trust her. Lexie hopes Shawn knows what he's doing. Max soon shows up to see Shawn. HE tells him how he lost the garage. Shawn thinks he'll recover from this, but Max isn't sure. He lost more than the garage, he lost the girl. Shawn says keep his head up, things will get better. Max hopes so. Shawn says look at him, he is finally engaged to Belle, the woman he should have been with this while time. Lexie is just shocked that Max is thinking about settling down. He says he thought he was, but maybe he didn't find the right girl.


September 20, 2007
With Passions moving to DirecTV, I have been doing screen caps in the summary for those who can't see the show anymore. I will attempt to do the same for Days, though the screen caps often aren't added until later given the time it takes to make them.

At the hospital, Abe comes to see Jett. He is told about Stefano's fake funeral, which he's also reading about in the paper. Jett wishes the news was just true. Jett says he'll help them out as much as he can when he gets out of here, when the ISA puts him back on active duty. Abe wouldn't count on that happening. Jett asks what Abe knows that he doesn't. Abe says it won't make his day. Abe says he's been suspended indefinitely. Jett says he was fired? He expected to be suspended and put on desk duty for awhile, but not fired. Abe says he was trained for the field, not the desk, and he messed up. Jett says he will appeal this, but Abe says don't waste his time as their minds are made up. Jett thinks maybe Abe can put in a good word for him and change their minds. Abe says he can't do that. Abe says this was his first case and he compromised his cover because of some girl. Jett says Chelsea isn't just some girl. Abe says that is just it, he comprised his case for his feelings. He also let Rawlings get away and Jeremy walk. Jett says he did the best he could. Abe says his best put lives at risk, that is the bottom line. Jett asks what he does now hen he gets out of here? Abe says he'll come home with them and look for a job. He says doing what, selling used cars? Abe says he has to start small and work up, maybe as a deputy somewhere. Jett asks what about at the Salem PD? Abe says no, he has to do this on his own, without connections from a relative.


Chelsea and Stephanie show up at the hospital. They are going to visit Jett and have brought flowers. Chelsea asks Stephanie not to make anything big about what happened in Vegas. She doesn't want Jett to feel he owes her anything. Stephanie says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Chelsea finally tells Stephanie that Jett told her that he loved her. Stephanie says she knew it, but Chelsea says people say strange things in these kind of circumstances. She also says she still loves Nick. Stephanie says yeah every other day. Stephanie says if she wants to know what Jett said and if he meant it, go in and ask him. Chelsea says she can't put him on the spot, she'll just have to sit and wait and see what he says. Stephanie says she can't do that, she can't wait for a guy to use the L word because they hardly ever do. Chelsea says maybe the losers Stephanie hangs out with don't! Chelsea says she's sorry, that was insensitive of her. Stephanie says she's right though, Jeremy doesn't make her an expert on guys. Stephanie suggests they get the flowers to Jett before they wilt.

Stephanie and Chelsea walk in to see Jett, Abe is still with him. Abe hopes they can put a smile on Jett's face. Chelsea asks to talk to Abe outside, so they leave. Chelsea feels bad for messing up Jett's case. Abe says she can't take credit for that, but she can take credit for saving his life. Abe says he and Bo are proud of her. Meanwhile, Stephanie talks to Jett about finding out her boss was with the ISA. She says stupid her, she thought he was Jeremy's friend and just trying to get him to confess to avoid jail time. He says he is J's friend. He asks if Jeremy has contacted her, but she says no, he dumped her. Jett apologizes for putting her and Max in danger. She says se's sorry she wasn't smart enough not to get involved with Jeremy. Jett says Jeremy running is a bad move, if he doesn't turn himself in, then he will track him down. He says tell Jeremy that if she speaks to him. 

Chelsea goes in to see Jett, she says she feels guilty about what happened. Jett says Uncle Abe is right, he has to hone up to this on his own, it was his fault. Stephanie asks Jett if he remembers anything after he got shot? Chelsea says he shouldn't be bothered with that now as he needs to rest, but Jett says he is dying of boredom here. He remembers talking to Chelsea in the casino, the next thing he remembers he was in the medi-vac to Salem. Stephanie gets a call from Jeremy (detailed below). She says she has to go now. Jett thinks it is Jeremy calling, but she claims it is her mom, something is up with Pocket and she has to go. She leaves, Jett says he  is glad she's gone as this gives them a chance to talk about what happened the night he was shot. She says forget it and tries to brush it off. She asks what his next move is? He says he was going to join the Salem PD after being fired, but Abe thinks he needs to find his way on his own. He is thinking of another town, but Chelsea thinks she has the perfect job for him and he won't have to leave town at all. She says her mom is head of security at Salem University, she has her own company Sentry Cell, she is sure she has an opening for him. Jett says he doesn't know, running down the hall chasing kids with pepper spray isn't his fantasy job. He then says something is on her face that won't come off. He pretends to wipe at and then says oh it is her beautiful smiles. He wants to see more of them, he guesses if he takes this job then he'll see more of her on campus. Chelsea smiles at him.


At Kayla and Steve's hotel room, Jeremy has to hide when Kayla shows up with Pocket. She sees a newly opened can of soda on the table, Jeremy left it. She thinks Stephanie is here and has class. She knocks on Stephanie's door and asks if she's in there? She opens it, but sees nothing as Jeremy hides behind the door. Kayla then goes to put pocket down. Jeremy then tries to escape, but is caught by Kayla. She tells him not to go anywhere, she thinks they'll add breaking and entry to his list of charges. He says he didn't break in, Stephanie let him in. Kayla doesn't believe him, so he shows her the key Stephanie gave him. Kayla says this makes sense now, why Stephanie wanted to move back in, they cooked this up together. Jeremy says this was his idea, he pushed every button he could to get Stephanie to agree. Kayla says she bet he did, he's a user. He admits to everything he's done, that he put Stephanie in danger and he is sorry. She says he's done more than that, he's now made her an accessory to a crime, harboring a fugitive. He says not to worry, he's going to leave. Kayla says he's not going anywhere, she's calling the cops on him! He says if she does then Stephanie will go down and face the consequences too. He says if she lets him go then they won't see him again. She won't, so he says let him hang here for a few days until the time is right to turn himself in. She lectures him, saying the time was right before Jett was shot, before Stephanie and Max were almost killed. Jeremy says he's made mistakes, he won't deny it. Kayla says and everyone else had to pay for his mistakes. She says Stephanie had the summer from hell and just got her life back on track, the best thing to happen to him has finally walked out of his life. She says take a good look at his last chance fading away. She picks up the phone, but he stops her and says she doesn't want to do that! She says get your hands of of me! As they argue, Jeremy calls Stephanie behind his back so Stephanie can hear what is going on. He's begging Kayla not to sick the cops on him. She asks what happened to him, he is a Horton. Jeremy talks about the past, how growing up he heard all these stories around the dinner table about contributing to the world and what not, but he was basically ignored at the table by all. He says at least the black sheep of the family gets acknowledged. Kayla thinks Jeremy wants to go home and be Horton, but he doesn't know how how. She says he can make a choice, make his Grandpa Tom proud of him, or make him spin in his grave. Jeremy asks how Kayla knew he was here just by a soda can? She says Steve found his ID, they knew Stephanie had seen him, but not that she was hiding him under their noses. Stephanie then shows up. Kayla tells Stephanie she has some serious explaining to do here! Jeremy tells Stephanie to convince her mom to let him run. She tells them both to stop it. Stephanie tries to convince Jeremy to see reason, he cam back her for a reason after all. He says coming back was the biggest mistake he made. He storms off to Steph's room. Kayla tells Stephanie to call the cops on him, but she won't as he is the man she loves. 


At the funeral parlor, Stefano, with Rolf, is talking to some guy about how he's never seen anything so obscene as this fake funeral and casket fitted with life support to keep him sedated. Stefano is guarded by various cops, the man he's yelling at is Mr. Griffin. He says he's going to press charges against Bo and the police for this. Steve walks in and says don't forget Roman! Stefano won't, but Steve says he can't press charges against a dead man. Stefano introduces Steve to Mr. Griffen and says  this is the man who tried to kill him in the hospital. Mr. Griffen, it seems, is Stefano's lawyer. Steve suggests he asks his client how Roman went missing the same night Andre went on a crime spree. Stefano says Steve is a former resident of the mental institution, disregard his words. Mr. Griffen tells Stefano aside from criminal charges, he has a slam dunk civil suit case against Salem. He'll be in touch. Mr. Griffen leaves, Stefano then tells Rolf he wants a word alone with his assassin. Rolf leaves them. Stefano asks why he's here? Steve says he was worried about him, he hasn't seen them since he stabbed him to death. Stefano says he heard that his performance and the fake blood was great. Steve tries to convince Stefano he's still on his side, trying to convince him he doesn't care what happens to Roman as he's thrown him in jail one too many times. Steve puts on a little show mocking Roman. Stefano applauds him, saying too bad there isn't time for an encore. He says he's tired of this, it's time for Judas' last curtain call. Steve claims he had to do it, they threatened to throw him back in the nuthouse. Stefano asks Steve how he thought he felt waking up in a coffin. Steve says he has been there, he knows that. Stefano becomes angry and tells Steve he can squash him and his family like a bug. He says Steve made a huge mistake siding with the Brady's and cops against him.! A huge mistake! Rolf tells Stefano not to get upset, this isn't good for him. An officer tells him not to start threatening people. Steve says Stefano has every right to be angry with him. He tells the cop it's okay, they do this all the time, it's part of their relationship. He whispers to call Bo, he knows the scoop. Steve then tells Stefano he came here with news on Andre, but since he has no interest, arivaderche! Stefano tells him to wait. Stefano heard his silly stage whisper to the cop about talking to Bo for his benefit. Steve says Bo does know he's here, but it doesn't mean he can't help Stefano. He basically tells Stefano that Andre is going to be ../captured by the cops tonight. Steve wants something from Stefano in turn for helping him, he wants Benjy to be safe. Stefano says he wouldn't hurt Benjy, he's his son. Steve says he hasn't bothered to even ask about how Benjy is. Steve says he's fine of course. Steve says here is the deal, he stays away from Benjy, he'll make sure Andre escapes. Stefano says what a pleasure it is to meet the real him after all this time. Steve says he's a family man, trying to protect his kids. Stefano says Benjy isn't his family. Steve says Benjy is like his son, stay away from all his kids, even the foster ones. Steve tells him how Pocket was poisoned, he wants his family to stay safe . . . and he'll help Andre leave. Stefano says first he'd never hurt a child, but that they have an arrangement. Steve says the cops are going to catch Andre tonight, so Stefano needs to alert Andre first. Oh and he best drop his lawsuit and the pressing of charges nonsense too. Steve then leaves. Rolf asks the cop to help Stefano to his car, he tells Stefano he knows what to do. Rolf then leaves these odd chalk drawings on  the door as a message to Andre. Steve sees them.



September 21, 2007
Please note: The show was interrupted due to a college campus shooting in Delaware, so I missed a bit. At this time, both injured students are in stabile and serious condition.

Nick shows up at the hospital as Jett is getting dressed to leave. Nick says Chelsea filled him on Vegas. Jett says she remembers more than he does. Jett asks why he's here. Nick says he owes him an apology, starting with the night they met. Nick had hoped they could be friends and extends his hand. Jett isn't interested in being blindsided by him over Chelsea again. Nick swears he knows they are just good friends, and he's fine with it. They share a little shake and hug. Nick as when he gets reassigned by the ISA? Jett says he doesn't, he was fired. Nick says he was fired as well. Jett tells him about Chelsea putting a word in with Billie to get him a job, if she says no then he has to hope to find a job with a PD somewhere. Nick says what about the Salem PD? Jett says Uncle Abe wants him to prove himself and find a job on his own. Nick says not to worry, Chelsea can be stubborn when she wants something. Jett asks if that is why he's here, to find out what Chelsea wants? Nick doesn't know what Chelsea wants unless she tells him. Nick says they have a history and are still pretty close. Jett asks how close? A nurse interrupts, saying it's time for him to be discharged. Nick asks if he's still staying at his uncles? Jett says yeah. Jett asks Nick about his job? Nick says he's teaching science at the university. Jett asks if he's staying at the school, but Nick says no he leased an apartment awhile back. Jett asks if he's still got those boys? He says yes, China Lee dumped them and took off. Jett says they are lucky to have been dumped on him. Nick says maybe, and he'll see him on campus. Jett says he doesn't have the job yet. Nick says trust him, don't bet against Chelsea. 


At the pub, Billie and Chelsea meet up. Chelsea talks about how she and Stephanie are going to rush a few sororities. She says college has been good, just don't tell anyone her mom runs security, Billie says she's misses her, and she gets free tickets to concerts with this job. Billie asks if they are okay? Chelsea says yes. Chelsea needs a favor, Jett needs a job and she was hoping she could hire him. After the news break, Billie is questioning Chelsea about her motives for this. Chelsea says he's just her friend. Billie would like to do this . . . . Chelsea asks why she can't just do this, Grandma Kate would. Billie says and Grandma Kate would remind her she did this every single day. Billie says but she won't, have Jett come by her office. Chelsea tells Billie that he really is a good guy. Billie says she will need more details about Vegas, and any of his declassified personnel files. Chelsea asks what Jett would be doing? Billie says he'd be managing the personal staff, training, setting schedules. Chelsea thought that is what Billie did? Billie says no, she mans the cameras and technology part of the operation. Billie says so now tell her what is going on with her and Jett? Chelsea claims they are just friends. She says her life is an open book. Later Nick shows up with the kids. Billie says Chelsea sure has a lot of interesting chapters. Nick talks to Billie and Chelsea about the kids, how great they are. Billie says he sounds like a proud father. Nick asks Chelsea to hang out with them later, she claims she has a long list of things to do, but agrees. Chelsea then heads off.


Billie asks Nick where he is on Chelsea's list? Nick says it's hard to tell. Nick asks to talk to Billie, they sit down. He knows Chelsea asked Billie to hire Jett. Billie says she doesn't know if she's going to hire him. Nick says isn't he overqualified? She says being good at your job isn't a reason not to give someone a job. Nick says he is a good guy, don't' get him wrong. Billie says he's a good guy too. Nick asks Billie what she's found out about the boys. Billie has found out absolutely nothing. She says no birth certificates or passports exist for them, she doesn't think they were born here. Nick relays China Lee's story about the kids, which he thought she was making up as she went along. Billie doesn't know what to tell him. Nick wants to know this isn't forever. Billie says that's up to him. Nick is afraid going to the cops or digging up stuff could hurt these kids. Billie says there is always social services, but Nick says no. Nick says last night Artemis was telling him this place he likes to play. He thinks it could be a clue to where they are from. He explains how Artemis has this whole make believe world of his own, it's like a great book to be written. Billie tells Nick she's afraid without documents and papers it's like these kids don't exist. Nick says they do exist, and they amaze him. Billie says when she looks up man in the dictionary, she wants to see a picture of him. He says make sure to cross reference him with sucker and fall guy. Billie has to go, but she wishes him all the luck. Nick goes to see the boys, who give Nick a big hug. 


Chelsea goes to the hospital as Jett is being wheeled out. She says the job is his if he wants it. He asks if she's okay with this? Chelsea is. She gives Jett his mom's number and says call her and she'll take it from there. Jett thanks Chelsea. He doesn't know her mom, but he likes her already. 

At the hotel, Kayla can't believe she's heard this, Stephanie loves Jeremy? She asks if this is guilt over Max? Jeremy committed several wrongs here, she knows the difference between right and wrong. Stephanie tells her mom not to be a hypocrite, she took off with dad at her age. She begs her mom to let Jeremy go. When the show returns from the  news break, Stephanie tells her mom for the last time, she and Jeremy are in love. Kayla says true love doesn't go out the window when another guy shows up, not even for a night in a cave somewhere. She tells her daughter to take her blinders off and make some choices, some smart choices. Jeremy is planning to leave, but Stephanie knows he has no money. She offers to get money from her account for him. He tells her to go get it, he'll wait here. Kayla says no. She tells Jeremy if he wants to go then leave Stephanie out of this. Kayla wants Jeremy to tell Stephanie what he has to offer her. He won't say anything, Stephanie gives him her ATM card and pin number. She tells him to go. Kayla tells Jeremy he's wasting time, he can still turn his life around. She asks if he'll run and steal Stephanie's last dime, or stay and face the consequences of his actions. Stephanie tells Jeremy to take the card and go. Jeremy tells Stephanie her mom is right, this is what he's about, taking this card and leaving . . . even if he never sees her again. She doesn't believe him, he loves her. He says he loves having a good time, the good time is over and so are they. He says her dad had him pegged from the start, listen to him next time she brings a guy around. He gives back the card, saying it's too easy to trace. He asks for a head start before they call the cops. Stephanie begs her mom not to call the cops, let him get away. Stephanie says she'll withdraw the money for Jeremy herself. She also thinks her mom won't call the cops, she won't risk having her daughter charged. Kayla tells Stephanie if she gets caught up in this then she could lose Pocket, social services could take him. Jeremy doesn't have time for their family drama. Stephanie says that is what their family is all about. Kayla tells Stephanie to go, take her future boyfriend and get out. She raised her to care for more about herself, but she failed. Stephanie says her mom got her wish, as soon as she gets Jeremy the money, she's coming back and packing her things. Kayla says fine, she's been backed into a corner. She won't call the cops . . . Jeremy will. She gives him one last chance to turn himself in, she promises she and Steve will do everything to help him and get the charges dropped. Jeremy asks why? She says because Stephanie was right, her father has had his fare share of second and third chances. However he earned them, so Jeremy has to be willing to earn them. He asks what about Stephanie? Kayla says he stays away until he's free of legal problems. Stephanie says he can believe her mom, her word is her word. Jeremy says no thanks! If it's a choice between jail and the road, then it's the road. She says he is a coward. He says but a free coward. He wishes it could have worked out for him and Stephanie. Jeremy leaves, Stephanie follows. In the hall she asks where he's going? H says Seattle, he has friends who will hide him. She asks how she'll know if he's okay? He says she won't. Stephanie returns and lashes out at her mom. She says she had it under control, he was going to turn himself in. Kayla says he was stalling, buying time to get money and run. Stephanie says go ahead and turn him in, Kayla says she already did. 


Jeremy finds Nick leaving the pub with the boys. He begs Nick to put him up tonight, but Nick says can't. Nick says the Brady pub is a cop hang out, he needs to get out of here. Jeremy begs him to let him hide out, they'll go to his car now. Jeremy grabs his car keys and runs, not giving Nick a choice here. He tells the boys he'll race them to the car! 


At the funeral home, Steve returns ands sees the markings Rolf left. Bo shows up, Steve called him about Rolf's markings. He asks Bo about Roman. Bo says Roman seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, Andre too. Steve tells Bo to look at the lines and the arrow on the door, he thinks it is a message to Andre. Steve thinks it will lead them to Andre, maybe to Roman too. Later after the news break, Steve is telling Bo how he worked Stefano pretty good and claimed Andre was about to be caught. He thinks they left this as a message for Andre. They decide to head inside and see what they can find. They walk in, suddenly someone shines a light at them. They both drop, Bo pulls his gun out. Turns out it's just the night guard. Later they hide and watch Andre show up, wearing the hearse drivers uniform. He apparently sees the marks left for him. Andre quickly erases them as Steve assures Bo that Andre is about the pain, if Roman was dead, they'd know by now. Andre heads into the funeral parlor as Bo and Steve hide. Andre finds a note instructing him that he may be compromised and to protect himself and the folio at all costs. Steve comes out of hiding to confront Andre. Andre asks if he's alone, Steve says he is. Andre says Roman gave up the fight? Steve says they know he killed him, the Brady's just want the body to give him a burial. Andre says like they gave Stefano? Steve says he just saw Stefano, they made a deal in which he'd give him the heads up to get away from the police. Andre asks Steve why he'd do that? Steve says ask Stefano. Andre says he's asking him! Steve tries to convince Andre he's trying to help him. Andre asks how he knew he was here. Steve says he took a shot and it paid off. He told Stefano to get word to him, in return Stefano leaves Benjy alone. Steve says he saved Andre's butt. He says let him walk out of here and they'll call it even. Bo meanwhile has a gun on Andre. Andre doesn't trust Steve. Steve says he's not armed, but he wonders what Andre is carrying. Andre warns him if he comes too close, he'll find out. Steve says whatever it is, if he uses it, finish the job as he can't afford anymore enemies. Steve says he wants to keep Benjy safe, so he told Stefano he'd keep Andre safe. He says he's family, they used to be family too. Steve says he walked through hell for them. He promises Andre he can give him the inside move the cops are going to make. Steve says he can be like his brother, he needs one now. Andre then stabs Steve and says sorry brother. Andre leaves, Bo runs out to check on him. Steve says he's okay, he stole the note Andre picked up. Bo reads it. Steve tells Bo to go, Roman needs him. Bo runs after Andre as Steve remains behind. His wound is worse than he let Bo believe.




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