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4th Week of September 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


September 24, 2007
Bo is at the pier. He's on the phone with Abe, he says he followed Andre here. Bo needs a favor, Steve was stabbed by Andre and he had to leave him at the funeral home. He says he called an ambulance, but Steve ran off before they came. Abe says he's at the hospital now, and he's headed to Kayla's so he'll tell her what is going on. Bo says it was a bad wound, so they have to find him before he bleeds out. Later Bo watches as Andre sneaks into a warehouse. He says gotcha! 


At Kayla's, Kayla and Stephanie are arguing. Stephanie wants to leave, but Kayla says Abe is coming over to take her statement about Jeremy. There is a pounding on the door, Kayla thinks it is Abe and tells Stephanie to answer it. It turns out it is Steve, who collapses! They get him to the couch. He says he has to get to Bo, Bo was trailing Andre. Kayla sees he's been stabbed and knows he needs to be at the hospital. Stephanie calls for and ambulance as Steve passes out. Kayla tells Stephanie to get blankets, they have to keep him warm. Kayla is putting pressure on the wound. Steve wakes up, he's agitated and needs to call Bo. Stephanie says let him call if it will settle him down. They give him a phone.


Abe is about to knock on the door of Kayla's place when Bo calls, saying he has Andre cornered in a warehouse, there is only one way in and out. Abe wants him to stay put until back-up arrives. Bo says he'll be careful, but Abe says Andre could have that place set to blow up, it's his MO. Bo says fine, get the back up here. He asks Abe if he's seen Steve yet, Abe says no. He is at Kayla's place now, he'll let him know when he knows more. He tells Bo not to move. 

Later Bo gets a call from Steve. He asks Bo if he got Andre, is he okay? Bo asks where he is. Steve says he came home. He wants to know about Andre. Bo says he's cornered in an old shoe factory, he's waiting for backup. Steve thinks Andre must have Roman there. Bo says if Andre makes a move he isn't going to sit and watch. Steve says he'll be there in ten minutes. 

Abe arrives as Steve is insisting he go help Bo. Abe tells Steve to relax, Bo is fine and backup is on the way. Steve says that is what he needs to hear. Kayla wonders where the ambulance is. Stephanie holds pressure on the wound as Kayla goes to see where the ambulance is. Abe then talks to Stephanie about Jeremy, how he needs to stand up for what he did and deal with his punishment. She asks if they can deal with this later. Abe gets a call from Bo, he has to go but says they will talk about this. Abe then leaves. Steve wakes up and asks Stephanie for the truth, he heard what Abe said to her about harboring a fugitive. He knew something was up when he found Jeremy's ID here. She says she doesn't need another lecture. Steve doesn't want to lecture her. Steve fades out, Kayla returns with the paramedics. They take care of Steve, who has a strong pulse. Kayla says he'll be fine, it takes a lot more than this to stop her dad. The EMS take Steve to the hospital. Kayla is frantic, Stephanie offers to stay here with Pocket while Kayla goes with dad. Kayla says you? Stephanie says yes me, unless you don't trust me. Kayla asks Stephanie is she saying she forgives her? Stephanie says for narcing on Jeremy, no. However family does come first, she knows that. Kayla says she is proud of her. Kayla says call her if there is any problem she'll have her cell. She'll also call with updates on Steve. 


Later Stephanie thinks about doing some studying. She then grabs the phone and calls Jeremy to check up on him. Se asks if he's still on the road? Is he still going to Seattle? She knows he's getting her messages, stop ignoring them and call her. 

At the pub, Sami and Lucas have a bunch of volunteers helping them pass out fliers for Roman. Lucas tells Sami she hasn't gotten any sleep, let him do this. Sami says she won't go home and rest until they find her dad and end this vendetta. Lucas says the vendetta won't end, the DiMeras are in this forever. Sami says she has to do this to protect their family. Lucas wants their family to be safe, and stress isn't good for her or the babies. Sami says she can't sit in the apartment stress free while everyone looks for her dad. She says she knows he doesn't think they can end this vendetta, but she does and so does EJ. Lucas says EJ doesn't want this to end, the only thing he wants is her. Suddenly EJ walks in! EJ heard on the radio they were looking for volunteers, he wants to help. Lucas doesn't think he cares, but he says he does for Sami's sake. Lucas thinks he probably know where Roman is and is waiting for the right time to release him, to play the hero. EJ offers to help them anyway he can, they need a DiMera who knows how a DiMera thinks. Sami says they are posting fliers, she wants Lucas and EJ to go out and put fliers up. Lucas doesn't want to, so Sami threatens to go with him instead of staying here! Lucas and EJ agree to work together. She begs them both to find her dad. EJ says they will. EJ tells Lucas they should go. Lucas tells Sami to call if she needs anything at all. She says she will. Lucas promises to return with her dad.


Outside the pub, Chelsea finds Max hitting on some girl, saying after they pass these fliers out they can go back to his place. She says she must be Elizabeth, Max told her about her. The woman says no, so Chelsea starts rattling out names, causing the woman to run off. Max asks what she's doing? Chelsea says saving him. He says from what, celibacy? She says from himself, the last thing he needs is another bimbo. She says he goes through women far too quickly. She goes down the list, ending with Stephanie. Max says they are just friends, Chelsea says friends who make out? Max asks why she's so interested in them? Chelsea says because he likes her. She wonders why he's ignoring Stephanie. Max says he's just busy. He tells her that girl he chased off, he likes that there was no risk with her, that he wouldn't get burned. Chelsea says he thinks Stephanie would hurt him? Max says not on purpose, but if Jeremy comes back yes. Chelsea and Max later pass out fliers as Chelsea says Jeremy left Salem, so Max needs to be honest and tell her how he feels. He claims he is like her buddy. Chelsea knows what is going on between them, she says don't miss out on a chance for love as it's all they have in life sometimes. He says then what happened with Nick, didn't she dump him for Jett? He won't talk about this anymore and walks of. Later Max returns and finds Chelsea is waiting around. She demands he talk about this, she wants him to admit the truth. Max says the truth is she is getting on his nerves. Chelsea wants to know if he likes Stephanie, as she really likes him. Max asks if she said that? Chelsea thought he wasn't interested? Max tells her to stop talking. Chelsea tells her that Stephanie likes him a lot, maybe enough to forget Jeremy. However there is no for sure with love. Max tells her she should start writing a blog, she can call it butting into other people's business. Chelsea walks off, Max again thinks about being stuck in the cave with Stephanie. 

EJ and Lucas show up at the warehouse where Bo is waiting for backup. Bo tries to convince them to leave, but Andre grabs and holds a gun on Lucas. He is glad to see them all here and tells Bo to put his gun down now! Bo won't and tells Andre he's stuck, back up is on the way. Andre says it's not here yet, so he's in charge. Lucas tells Bo not to put his gun down, but EJ says he's not bluffing. Andre says he's not. He says if Bo shoots him, he'll shoot Lucas and he's the only one who knows where Roman is as well. Bo eventually puts his gun down. Andre says well done. Andre tells him to kick it over to him, so Bo does. Andre says Lucas has a chance to break a little longer now. The helicopters begin showing up. Bo tells Andre to tell them where Roman is, his time is running out. Andre says his time maybe, Roman's definitely. He pushes Lucas toward EJ. He plans to take both EJ and Lucas hostage to get away! Andre says so Bo isn't tempted to follow, he shows him a grenade. He says Roman is in the warehouse, he better get in there soon. He throws the grenade in and runs with EJ and Lucas. Bo runs to the warehouse door, which is blown open by the grenade.

Later Abe shows up, he and Bo look in the warehouse which is on fire. Bo explains to Abe what happened, how Andre took Lucas and EJ as hostages and Roman wasn't in the warehouse. However he did find the folio in there. Bo thinks if it can help end the vendetta it may help find Roman.


Back at the pub, Sami is calling various hospitals to find out if Roman may have been checked in as a John Doe, but she comes up with dead ends. Grandpa Shawn shows up, she asks where he's going? He says to look for her father. Sami says there is a way he can help, tell her what happened in Ireland. She says he can't keep this story any longer, he can't sacrifice his son over something that happened fifty years ago. Sami says she believes in him and that he'll do the right thing. Sami says she knows he's scared, but they all are. She says this can't go on, not knowing when the DiMeras will strike next. She says they have to find a way to end this, to find dad, to stop the bombings and kidnappings. She says he's the key and he can't be angry at them all for wanting to know what happened. She says dad's life is at stake here and he can help them understand how this vendetta started. She begs him to tell her what he knows, they can end this. Shawn says he is ashamed, it's not fear that has been holding his tongue, it is shame. Sami tells him that he has nothing to be ashamed of, this family has forgiven her for everything she's done. She says they love him and nothing he can do can change that. Shawn knows that. Sami says he is a good man, they all know what a wonderful man he is. She says he has to tell them what he knows, daddy's life is at stake. Shawn pours a shot of booze. Sami says they are running out of time, tell her what he knows. He says he can't go back, he can't changed what happened .


Shawn leaves the pub, then Andre shows up. Sami thinks he's Tony at first, but realizes it's Andre. She demands to know where her dad is. HE says he has two other hostages right now on his mind, and he has to make a difficult decision. She asks what he wants. He says he wants her to choose who lives and who dies. She says if he doesn't know who he's talking about, but he says she knows them intimately. She says Lucas? Where is he? Andre says that is one. He says Elvis is the other, and she must make a choice to save only one. She says one? He says now don't be greedy. He gives her the address where to meet him with the answer as to who will die, her husband or the man she claims to hate. Andre leaves as Sami cries she can't.


September 25, 2007

At the hospital, Steve is in a room and hooked up to machines. Stephanie comes in to visit her dad. He asks what she's doing here. Stephanie says mom said he was doing okay, but she wanted to see for herself. She left Pocket with Grandma Caroline, she had to come see him as she was worried. She says besides, she doesn't think Mom completely trusted her to take care of him. He says if mom trusts him, she'll trust anyone. She says thanks! He says she trusts their completely sound minded and grounded daughter. She says except when it comes to men. He asks about Jeremy, she says he's probably on his way to Seattle. She begs her dad not to tell the cops, he says he and the Salem PD are on a need to know basis. She says she hasn't heard from him, he said that was were he was headed and to forget about him. Steve asks if she can do that, forget him. Steve says Jeremy is a no good punk, she almost died because of him. Steve wants to know if she's still in love with Jeremy? As she says she guesses she is, Max shows up outside and hears this. He is upset, but knocks on the door and asks if he can come in. Steve tells him to get in here. Kayla then shows up, she asks what Stephanie is doing here and where is Pocket? Stephanie says with Grandma Caroline, she wanted something to take her mind off of Roman. They all talk about Roman still being missing. Steve says it gets worse, Bo called and it seems Andre has taken EJ and Lucas hostage too. Kayla asks when this will end? Stefano walks in and thinks they can end it together. 


Stefano talks with the Bradys, he asks why all the warm faces. Kayla says he has a hell of a lot of nerve showing his face here. Steve and Kayla ask Max to take Stephanie home. Max asks Stefano where his brother is. Stefano doesn't know. Max quotes the bible, saying how it says an eye for an eye. Stefano says he always preferred turn the other cheek. They leave, Stefano says what lovely children, and they say there is no hope for today's youth. Steve asks DiMera what he wants. He says what they want, a peaceful solution to this. Kayla says then tell them were Roman and Lucas are, start there. Stefano says he has nothing to do with that, Andre took Elvis too and there is no telling what he will do. Kayla asks what they are supposed to do about that? Stefano says he needs their help to get his son back. Steve tells him to go to hell. Stefano says if EJ dies, the chance to end the vendetta dies too. Steve says Bo found the folio and knows the terms of ending the vendetta, but he says the terms are impossible to meet. Stefano says they are possible. He suggests he Brady's have a family meeting, discuss the terms assuming Lucas, EJ and Roman are returned safely. He says if the terms are met, then he will diffuse Andre permanently. Steve says so Stefano won't tell them what the terms are, they'll have to wait for Bo. Kayla asks what if the terms aren't met? Stephano says he won't be to blame for the terrible hell they will have to endure. 


Max takes Stephanie home. She is upset over this feud, how much can one family take? She says she came back because of what happened with her dad, but all she did was fight with him the whole summer. She says he was down on Jeremy the whole time, and he was right and she wouldn't see it. Max says love can do that. She asks who said anything about love? Max says she did at the hospital. He says he walked in at the right time to hear her tell her dad. She doesn't know why he puts up with her. He says she's still into Jeremy, he gets it. She feels like she led him on. She says she felt like she was over Jeremy, but she guesses she isn't. Stephanie tells Max how Jeremy wanted to crash here for a few days, and her mom agreed to let him stay here if he turned himself in. Max says but of course he ran. Stephanie says she knows she should hate him, and he's not even the kind of guy she sees herself with. She always wanted a guy like her dad, he is loyal to his friends and there is nothing he wouldn't do for his mom. Max says he admires her parents a lot. Stephanie says sometimes he reminds her of her dad. He wishes he didn't say that, as he was about to kiss her. She tells him that she has to get Jeremy out of her system, and she knows he won't wait around. He says because he's a player? She says it's common knowledge. He says he's trying to change. He says he wants what she wants. She says someone who reminds him of her dad? He says a girl who shares common interest, someone who could go to Chez Rouge for dinner one night and hag out at the Cheatin Heart the next. He wonders if she knows anyone like that? She wonders how they will do this friends without benefits thing. How will they make this work? Max says it won't be easy. 


At Nick's place, Jeremy is entertaining the boys with magic tricks. They want him to teach them, but Nick tells them it's bedtime and they need to brush their teeth. The boys head to brush their teeth. Jeremy grabs chips and Nick says there is no eating in the living room. Jeremy says what the hell is he supposed to do then? Nick says and no profanity! Nick thinks Jeremy should go, but Jeremy says give him till morning, one night won't make a difference. Nick agrees, why he doesn't know. Then Chelsea shows up banging on the door. Jeremy hides as she says to let her in. Nick answers the door, she asks what is taking so long? He says the boys were brushing their teeth. She asks if he is going to let her in? He says it's not a good time. She brought comic books for the boys, but hhe says he'll give them to them in the morning and they'll love him. Chelsea won't let Nick do this, she barges into the apartment and thinks Nick is still mad at her for breaking up with him. She says she knows she was harsh on him that day, she said a lot of things she regrets. She thinks he hates her. He says no, he doesn't hate her, he could never hate her. She says she knows it's not an excuse, but she was in a bad mood and she felt he was letting China Lee take advantage of him again, so she imploded. She sees know she was wrong and she sees he's really good with those kids. She asks for a do-over. He asks if he is wants a second chance? They go back and forth about what they are going to be, friends or boyfriend and girlfriend. Nick makes it clear he has no intention of just being her friend. 


Later the boys call out they want a story, so Chelsea asks let her read to them, then they'll order a pizza and talk. Nick says not a good idea, maybe they can have lunch tomorrow. She sees a closed door, she thinks he has a girl here. He says he doesn't, so she asks if Nick will invite her out or should she? He says he has two kids living with him, there is no girl here, she is only the female here. She says so he expects her to believe he's hiding a guy? The boys come out asking for more of Uncle Jeremy's magic tricks. Chelsea realizes Jeremy is here. Jeremy comes out, knowing he's been busted. Chelsea says he's harboring a fugitive. Demarquette asks what that means? Nick claims harboring is when you go fishing in a harbor for fugitive whales. Artemis says it means hiding someone, he asks if Uncle Jeremy did something wrong? Is he going to jail? Chelsea says they can hope. Nick gives them the comics Chelsea brought over for them, he tells them to take them and go to bed, which they do. Jeremy thanks Chelsea for that, he was getting along with those kids. He asks what he ever did to her. She says he treated her best friend like dirt, he cost Max his garage, then there is what he did to Jett. She thinks Jeremy is taking advantage of Nick. She doesn't understand why Nick is letting Jeremy stay here. Jeremy eventually agrees he will go, he can't deal with this and doesn't know how Nick ever put up with Chelsea. There is another knock at the door, Jeremy can't believe this. He hides again. Nick answers the door, it's the mystery man. He says his name is Umar Abud and he's here about the boys. Nick plays clueless, he says their mom came back for them. Umar says and their mother is the woman known as China Lee? Nick says this is a bad time, so he tries to close the door. Umar says he knows they are here, he also knows who Nick and Chelsea are. He says Nick was probably told these boys have a powerful father with many enemies. He wants to talk, but Chelsea asks how do they know he's not here to hurt them. Umar says they don't, but maybe they can convince them to trust him. Umar explains that China Lee was hired by a Sudanese politician with many enemies. He says he had her bring his sons here and away from danger Chelsea asks who would hurt kids? Umar says people who want to destroy the legacy of their father. Nick thinks China Lee put him up to this. Umar tells Nick the boys lives are in danger and he has no idea of the gravity of this situation.


Bo comes to the pub as Sami is trying to call Lucas on his phone. She's trying to find out if Andre really has Lucas. Bo confirms this to Sami, that Andre is holding Lucas and EJ hostage. Sami wants to help, but Bo says the only place she is going is home to take care of her babies. Sami argues with Bo, but Bo says nobody will let her help with this. Bo finally says since Sami can't seem to sit still, she can ride with him and they'll look for them together. Sami says she appreciates the offer, maybe she'll go to the church and light a candle. He says maybe this will change her mind, he pulls out the folio. She asks if he read it, does he have an answer? Bo says yes, and she won't like what is inside it. Sami reads it and says this is impossible! She thinks it proves only she can end this vendetta. Bo says no, it means she's not in this alone. She says she doesn't feel good, this has given her a stomach ache. Bo leaves to get her some toast. Andre then calls Sami asking where she is, how she must not care about her husband at all. She says she's on her way now and not to do this. Sami runs out. Bo shows up, he finds Sami is gone and tries to chase after her.


Later Bo is on the phone making calls to have people look out for Sami. Julie and Doug show up at the pub and learn Sami is missing now. They worry what will happen to her. Bo says Sami won't be hurt, the DiMras have something else in mind for her. Bo has to head out and find Shawn Sr, hoping he'll tell him how this vendetta started. Doug and Julie have the final batch of letters. Bo tells them to stay and read them, they may be their only hope of finding out anything if his dad won't talk.

Sami shows up to meet Andre at a warehouse. He pats her down, saying she is late. She says her uncle Bo showed up, she had a hard time getting rid of him. She asks where is Lucas, where is her father! He says all in good time. She says he'll do anything he wants, just tell her where they are. Andre says that is tempting. He never understood what EJ saw in her, but the more he looks at her beautiful face. She says he has to be kidding her. He tells her that EJ is not a reformed DiMera, in spite of what she thinks. She asks where they are. He talks about how he is fascinated by her concern for Elvis, the man who shot her step father and made several unreasonable demands of her months ago. He says she doesn't have feelings for him does she? She says she does, it's called hatred. Sami calls out to Lucas and EJ to answer her. Andre says she claims she doesn't care for EJ, but she is calling out for him. She tells him to stop playing games and tell her what he wants. He says she never had a choice months ago, and EJ never paid for his crimes, well now she does have one. He finally shows her EJ and Lucas, who seem to be out cold and under a sheet. He says she can look, but she can't touch. She asks what he wants. He says they discussed this, to save her father, one of these two must die and she has to make that choice.


Roman is shown in his coffin, he's very weak and saying Bo, where are you. Later it seems Roman is passed out! 


September 26, 2007


A Nick's place, Nick asks Umar who the boys father is? As they are arguing, the boys are in their room listening. Nick asks Umar if he is their father? Umar says no, he is here to protect them. He asks for the boys, they are in danger as is Nick as long as he has them. Nick says he doesn't have them, but Umar knows he has them and wants the boys. Nick claims they are with a sitter right now, and they tell him to just go knock on every door in the building looking for them. Umar says they are making a grave mistake. Nick says it won't be the first time. Umar then yells for the boys, who come running out. Nick and Chelsea run to the boys' sides, they won't let them go with Umar. Umar tries to bribe Nick, but Nick won't sell the boys. Umar punches Nick and tries to take the boys. Jeremy runs out and attacks Umar! Jeremy holds a gun on Umar, they demand to know who he works for and who wants those boys. A neighbor begins banging on the door demanding to know what is going on. Jeremy demands Umar tell them who he works for, who wants the kids. Jeremy gives him to the count of three. Nick and Chelsea tell Jeremy to put down the gun as he doesn't need murder added to the list of charges he's facing. The boys have gone into the other room, Chelsea and Nick talk Jeremy into giving them the gun. The neighbor keeps banging on the door, Nick goes to see him and tells him he's sorry about the rough housing, they are settling down though. The neighbor says he's calling the cops. Umar gets away and runs off. Nick later tells the boys everything is okay, they should go look at their comics. One of the boys gives Jeremy a big hug before heading off. Chelsea asks what he is, some kind of avenger. Jeremy says he doesn't like people messing with kids. Chelsea asks if he would have shot him. Jeremy says well he thought he would. Nick returns, he thinks they should call Marlena to talk to the kids. The police are on their way, so Jeremy says that is his cue to leave. Chelsea says she won't turn him in, but Jeremy doesn't believe her. She says she won't. He says if he's caught here, they'll lose the boys. They say then get lost for awhile and come back in a while. They want him around in case Umar returns. He agrees. He asks Nick if he gave Steph that letter. Nick says no. He says trash it, it's best Steph not know where he is and just moves on. Jeremy leaves, Chelsea wonders if that was really Jeremy? She also tells Nick she is very proud of him. Nick jokes he'll take Umar down when he comes back. Chelsea says he showed those boys how far he'll go to protect them. Nick says he's all they have. Chelsea says he's all they need. She gives him a little kiss. He tries to give her a real one, but she backs off. He says you can't blame a guy for trying. 


Hope, John, Marlena, Doug and Julie read the last of the letters at the pub. Colleen had spent days in solitude trying to figure out which path was right for her, she felt God had answered her prayers.

In the past, Santo showed up at the church to see Colleen. He asked Father Mallory if he had seen her. Father Mallory hadn't, but she had sent a message to him that she wanted to speak to him as well. Santo sat and waited. Colleen showed up and put her hand on his shoulder. He asks where she's been, he's been going mad for days. She went to the cloisters, she can't live in both worlds any longer and knew what life she must choose. Colleen says it was always her dream to serve the lord, but her answer to him is yes she will marry him. Santo picked her up and spun her around.

The vets discuss how she did it, she left the church. Hope feels she made that decision long ago really. Marlena says this was a big decision. John says if Colleen agreed to marry him then what went wrong? Hope says Santo claims Shawn killed her, which she doesn't believe, but he does feel guilty about what happened. Julie says they should find out what happened by keep reading. 


Colleen called her Da, Shawn and Father Mallory to church. She had to speak to them all. Santo showed up, Pete Brady asked why the Italian was here. She asked for a moment. She went to him and told him to go, she had to tell them this on her own. Santo gave her a gift, a reminder of their life together. He gave her a huge rock! Colleen said it was beautiful, but a simple band would do. He said this was an engagement gift. She thinks it is too extravagant for her. He said they would be married soon. She says soon as they can. She says her life would have been peaceful as Sister Mary, but it will be complete as his wife. She asked him to go before he started a war. Pete eventually asked what business he had with his daughter. Santo says he was just leaving. Pete said then be quick about it. 

The vets don't understand what happened, something had to have happen to change the course of events. Hope continues reading, Father Mallory had seen the truth in Colleen's face and she had to say the words.


At the church, Father Mallory told her that she was not to be without her habit. Colleen says she left it in her cell, she will not be wearing it again. She says she chose to dedicate her life to the church when she was seven. She says Father Mallory has been her spiritual advisor since she was seven, and taught her that people can serve God as a laborer. She feels she can't honor God as a nun, she has found her true vocation is as a wife and mother, and she would be leaving the convent. Pete said this was the work of the devil, it was the Italian and his fancy sweet talking ways. Sami says she has lost her devotion to the order, but not her love for the church. Little Shawn is in tears, Pete tells her she is bringing disgrace on their family. 

The vets read the letters, how Colleen knew they were threatening her and damning her with insults in order to protect her virtue and honor. However she would not be swayed, she knew her life was a gift from God and it was her gift to use as she pleased. Hope reads there was no end to their tirade, so she ended it the only way she knew how.


Colleen told her Da she loved him, but she can't live the life he chose for her. She says she loves Santo, but it doesn't mean she loves them any less. Pete told her she was no daughter to him and no sister to Shawn. Shawn asked Colleen not to go. Colleen told Shawn he is as sweet and dear to her as the day he was born, and she'll never forget him. Pete told her to go and take her lies. Father Mallory asked her not to rush this decision. Colleen says she knows where she belongs, she belongs with the man she loves. She looked at the ring Santo gave her, she gave it to Father Mallory to use to help those who are in need. She says she'd never forget the lessons he taught her. She then ran off in tears. 

Marlena says the girl knows how to make an exit. Julie can't believe she left the ring. Hope asks why they didn't go through with the ceremony? John says only one side hated Santo enough to stop the wedding. Hope says he thinks the Brady's started it? MArlena says it doesn't matter who started it, they have to stop it for all of them.


At the warehouse, Andre told Sami she had to choose a man. She says Lucas, Andre says she chose door number one. He unveiled Lucas, who was tied up under a tarp. Andre says he'd let each man beg for his life. Lucas is ungagged and tells Sami to run, leave, Andre won't tell her where Roman is. Sami says she can't kill anyone, she won't. Lucas tells Sami not to believe Andre, Roman could be dead already. Andre says he's not, but he will be soon as time is not Roman's friend. Lucas tells her to leave, leave now for him. Andre says Lucas is wrong, Roman is alive but he'll let Roman know that Sami didn't have the courage to save him. Sami tries to make Andre an offer, let them go and take her as a hostage, she's way more valuable to her family and he'll get anything he wants. Andre says this is a strange turn of events. Lucas asks to talk to his wife alone. Andre says he's a sucker for love, okay. He walks away from them. Lucas tells Sami not to do this, if anything happens to her then he might as well be dead. He wants her to walk away and raise those kids, give them enough love for both of them. Sami says she can't leave him. Andre ungags EJ and says maybe he can convince her to shut up. EJ agrees with Lucas, to do as he says. Sami says she can't leave and she won't kill anyone. Andre says the sooner she does, the sooner she'll find Roman alive and well. Andre give her gun, which she of course turns on him. He said she had one shot, make it count. Lucas told her to shoot him. Andre says yes shoot the one man who knows where her father is. Sami realizes she can't shoot him. Andre told her to choose, shoot the ever loyal Lucas or the EJ, the virus who has infected her soul. EJ tells her Lucas right, they have children and a family, nobody is depending on him. EJ tells Sami to do it, think of everything he put her through, she can do this. Sami raises the gun, aims at EJ, and as she fires Andre hits her from behind. She ends up shooting Lucas in the leg, she says she's sorry. Sami then knocks Andre out, he falls down and she keeps kicking him. EJ and Lucas say find his knife and cut them loose. Lucas thought she was going to shoot EJ? Sami says she was but Andre bumped her. Sami tells Lucas she's sorry. He says look at his leg, do something. EJ runs to get a signal on his cell and call 911. Sami tries to put a tourniquet on his leg. Lucas asks if she was really going to shoot EJ. She says yes, but she knew if she killed him it would make things more complicated. She says she needs him. maybe more than she needs Lucas. She says she needs him, she doesn't love him. She says she knows he doesn't like it, but she needs him to end the vendetta. Sami says two sides started the vendetta and both sides have to end it. EJ returns saying the cops are on the way. Andre gets up and then runs for it. EJ chases after him. Sami continues to explain how her Uncle Bo got the folio, they know how to end the vendetta. EJ returns, Andre got away. Sami asks to speak to her husband alone right now, so EJ leaves. Sami tells Lucas they can finish this conversation at the hospital. He wants her to stop stalling, does she love him, does she want to be with him and their family? She says yes. He says then why is EJ getting in the middle of their marriage again. Later Lucas is put into the ambulance. Sami says she'll be at the hospital soon and will explain everything there. She says she's so sorry. After Lucas is gone, Sami tells EJ that they have to see Stefano. Sami knows how to end the vendetta, it's all in the folio. She says it is up to them to end this and it has been since the day they were born. 


Roman is still in his coffin, he's alive, but having trouble breathing and banging on the coffin lid. Soon the sound of dirt falling into the coffin is heard, someone opens the lid and shines a light in his face.


September 27, 2007


Steve is being released from the hospital. He tells Bo he wants to get back to work, but Bo thinks he needs to take care of himself. Steve, still sore, guesses he can take a day off. Lucas shows up and asks if they have seen Sami, she was supposed to meet him here. Lucas knows they aren't telling him something. Bo says there is something, it has to do with the folio, something inside concerns Sami and EJ. Bo explains inside were wedding rings and a marriage license in the folio, as well as a note from Santo. Bo says the letter explained when Santo and Colleen's souls were united, peace would be found for the Bradys. Lucas says there is no way this will happen. He says he doesn't care what is in the folio, she won't leave him for EJ. Bo tells Lucas if it will save Roman . . . Lucas says he has to stop her before it's too late. Lucas takes off. Steve tells Bo that Sami won't marry EJ right? Bo says when Sami has her mind made up, she'll walk through fire. Bo then gets a call, he learns Stefano and his pop are at the cemetery. Bo has to go, he ask Steve to wait here as Abe was supposed to meet him with evidence from the hideout.  Later Abe shows up and meets with Steve. Abe found a chauffeur's uniform, Steve remembers Andre was wearing it when he stabbed him. Abe says it's the same officer his man was wearing the night of the fake funeral, he drove the hearse. They finally realize Roman must be in the coffin!


At the crime scene, Sami is questioned by an officer about what happened with the shooting. The officer doesn't believe she shot her husband on purpose and she says they are all praying for her dad. Later EJ tells Sami that she said she had the secret to ending the vendetta. She shows EJ the folio, they got it back from Andre. He asks what is inside, she says see for himself. She hands it to him. He opens it and inside are two wedding bands. Sami says they are for Santo and Colleen. EJ also finds a marriage license for them. EJ says he doesn't understand. Sami says read it. He reads a letter inside, which talks about Colleen and Santo's souls needing to be rejoined. EJ asks how this is supposed to happen after fifty years. Sami says they look just like Santo and Colleen, but EJ says Santo couldn't have predicted this. Sami says he couldn't have, but Stefano sees their marriage as his father's soul having peace. Sami says there is no other way. EJ asks what she's saying? She says she's saying she'll marry him. He says she would do that, divorce Lucas and marry him. She says she loves her family and would do anything for them. EJ tells her that Stefano gave her this option before and she laughed in his face. Sami says a lot has changed, Andre is on the loose and his family has taken her father again. If she can spare her family this pain then . . . He reaches out, but she backs away. She tells him nothing has changed, she'll never love him and she'll always love Lucas. EJ asks if she thinks Lucas will understand? She says she loves her family, if her children can grow up in peace then it is a price she has to pay. She tells EJ this marriage won't be real, strictly business, they won't be sharing a bed. EJ says he knows. Sami knows he's loving this, this is what he wanted all along. Sami says just don't get too excited, he will be trapped in a marriage to a woman who doesn't want him, to a woman who has her own bedroom and dreams of another man. She can't imagine a hell worse than that. EJ tells Sami as long as the union ends the vendetta then he's for it. Sami says good, let's go tell Stefano of her decision. 

Lucas shows up at this point and asks what decision is that? Sami says let her explain. He says no need, he knows about the folio and Santo's terms. He just hopes she's going to tell EJ and the DiMeras to shove it. She asks how he heard? He says from Bo . . instead of his wife. He asks her to tell him that she's not considering this. Sami says she doesn't know exactly what she's going to do. Lucas says he understand, it's a no brainier really. Sami says she and EJ are going to talk to Stefano and work something out. Lucas says let him know when she comes up with a verdict. Sami tells him not to be angry. He says he's way beyond angry, and maybe he'll see her later. Lucas then leaves. Sami, in tears, tells EJ she'll meet him outside. 


At the pub, the vets come down to the last two letters between Colleen and Santo. They say they were so close to being married, what could have happened. Hope begins reading the final letter from Santo, in which he talks about running from him, how Father Mallory wouldn't let him near her. 

In the past, Santo demanded Father Mallory tell him where she was. Father Mallory said she was somewhere he couldn't hurt her. Santo said the Father sabotaged their love by telling her about this eternal damnation.

The vets don't understand what has happened here. Hope says whatever it was cost Colleen her life. In his letter, Santo felt alone because gossip had swept through Galloway, nobody would help him and he knew the only person who could help him see her again was the person who tore them apart. Marlena wonders who it was

Santo went to the cliffs to see Shawn, he asked where his sister is. Shawn says nothing. Santo tells Shawn how Stefano loves to play with him, he says he's like the brother he never had. Santo says sometimes he thinks about how they could be a family and could go to so many wonderful places. He asks Shawn if there is anyplace he'd like to go, maybe New York? Paris? Shawn just shakes his head no. Santo says he'd like to see the cowboys and the Indians. Shawn likes that idea. Santo says they could all go see the Wild West in America. Santo wants him and his sister to see so many things. However first he needs to get Colleen to see him again. Santo asks Shawn to talk to his sister, she'll listen to him. Tell her that he needs to see her again. Santo gives Shawn his gold watch if he'll help him, it's very expensive, pure gold. Santo says he could give it to his father as a gift. Santo asks Shawn to convince Colleen to talk to him one last time. Shawn through the watch back and told Santo to leave his sister alone. 

Hope says poor Shawn, he was a little boy, how could he be dragged into this. Marlena says he somehow caused Colleen to run away. They wonder what he did or said. The letter ends, they don't still have any more answers. Hope reads Colleen's last letter to Santo. She says she was completely and utterly destroyed, she gave up everything only to find out she sold her soul to the devil. She says Santo hurt and betrayed her like no one else, and she thanks God for Little Shawn for being brave enough to tell her the truth before she made the biggest mistake of his life. 

In the past, Colleen stood before Father Mallory to take her final vows. He asked if this is what she wants. She says yes, this was her first calling and true calling, God showed her way back. She feels failed him, but will live her life making up for it. He asks if she still loves Mr. DiMera? Colleen does, but those feelings will be wiped from her heart. Father Mallory says those feelings will fade in time.

Hope continues reading the letter, Colleen told Santo she would take her final vows and if he ever cared for her, he would stay away forever. Later everyone worries about Shawn, where he could be. They also atill don't know how Colleen died. 


At the cemetery, Stefano and Shawn run into one another. Shawn is saying he wishes he had never met Stefano. Stefano says the feeling is mutual! Shawn says they have nothing to say to each other. Stefano says just like a Brady, sweep the past under the rug and don't face it. Shawn asks where his son is, where is Roman. Stefano doesn't know where Roman is and he's done nothing to him. Stefano says that is the truth. Shawn wishes Stefano was buried in his fake grave. Stefano says sooner or later he will be. Shawn tells him to go away, leave him alone. Stefano says when he looks back on his life, he realizes they've known one another for half a century, now look at them. Stefano says the irony of it, all this time he tried to destroy his family, yet the Brady's came together and it was the DiMeras who are in ruins. Shawn asks if that is regret in his voice? Stefano says it may not be too late, they could help each other. Shawn won't help him. Stefano tells Shawn to listen to him, it is just both of them here and they both know the truth, a few words is all it took to change their families forever. He says Shawn does remember that night in the in, when they were kids. We see a flashback of Stefano telling Shawn that his mom was alive in Italy. Shawn says he remembers all too well. Stefano says he did not realize he was supposed to lie, if he could have changed that moment, how different things would be. Shawn says everything would have been different. Stefano says they could have been raised as brothers, who knows what could have been. Stefano says his father was never the same after Colleen's death, he went from a loving and gentle man to a bitter and angry one. He says the part of his soul was ripped out of him, and he doesn't remember a day that went by when he didn't invoked the name of the Brady's in a way that terrified him. He says when Colleen died, his father did to. He says he was left alone, he watched his parents in a sham of a marriage, a family filled with anger and betrayal. Shawn tells Stefano that is his excuse? He says it was Stefano's fault, he murdered his sister. Stefano calls him a bastard and says he drove the knife into her heart. Shawn says he spoke the truth. Stefano says his father loved her and never would have hurt her. Stefano loses it and screams at Shawn. Bo shows up and tells Stefano to shut the hell up and pushes him away from his dad. Bo asks why he's going after his pop like this? Shawn says let him go, it is ancient history. Stefano says he came here to make peace, but now he knows it is impossible. Bo tells Shawn they should go. Stefano tells Shawn to remember he was willing to end this. 


Sami and EJ get into Stefano's limo to meet him. EJ thanks him for meeting them. Stefano is Glad EJ is okay, he knows now that Andre's mind if far gone and beyond his control. EJ says they both know the terms for ending the vendetta. Sami knows she has to marry EJ. Sami tells Stefano he was obsessed with Marlena for years, had he hoped to marry her with the rings? Stefano was hoping if he married Marlena it would give his father peace. However he knew it was not to be, when he saw the man his son grew into, he knew it was meant to be them. Stefano says it is their destiny, the same as it was his to avenge his father. Stefano tells Sami if she doesn't love his son, in time . . . Sami says this isn't about love, it's about ending the vendetta and returning her father. Stefano tells her there is no turning back. She understands his terms, but understand hers. She will marry EJ, only after Roman is returned. If he wants this marriage to last then no DiMera must hurt a Brady again. Stefano says have Mickey Horton get the divorce papers ready. Sami then gets out of the limo and leaves. Stefano congratulates EJ, he has manage to end a feud and secure a future with the woman he loves. Stefano says he's won. EJ doesn't look like he's won anything.

Lucas remembers his wedding day to Sami. He thinks there is no way she'd do this to them, just no way. He says he won't let her. 

Shawn returns to the pub. He tells the vets it's time they knew the truth about how Colleen died, about the night he killed his sister.

Back at the cemetery, Abe and Steve are digging up the grave to get to the coffin. Inside is not Roman, but Benjy!



September 28, 2007
Chelsea and Stephanie show up at a sorority house in pink dresses. Chelsea hates the dress, she thinks this isn't for her. They meet Morgan, the leader of the house. Morgan compliments Stephanie on her shoes and then invites them in. Abe and Lexie's house has basically been transformed into the sorority house for this episode. Chelsea feels everyone is stuck up and wants to leave, but Stephanie begs her to stay. Morgan introduces Carmen and Cordy to Stephanie and Chelsea. Stephanie asks for advice how to get in? They say be gorgeous like Carmen or be smart like Cordy. Chelsea asks isn't that like being exploited? Morgan says a sorority is only as good as its sisters, if you want in, bring something good to the table. Chelsea later tells Stephanie how she still doesn't like this place. She tries to show Stephanie that this place is not what it is cracked up to be. They talk to some more sisters about how to get in. They tell them an old family and old money will help them get in. Chelsea tells Stephanie this place stinks, and she tells the sisters that judging people based on their shoes, family members and money is really lame, and being in a sorority is the same as being in a click. They say they'll Morgan know how she feels. Cordy confronts Chelsea and lets her know that Morgan maybe superficial, but there is more to her, if you get into a fight you'd want her on her side. She says nobody ever crosses her. Chelsea apologizes to Stephanie, she probably ruined her chances of getting in. Stephanie says with her family, especially her dad, she didn't stand a chance on getting in here. She tells Chelsea she's right, they don't belong here. Later Morgan made the announcements that she knows all the ladies here have their hearts set on joining this sorority. They are going to pass out pins, while wearing them they can't drink or smoke, and they have to hold themselves up to the standards of the sorority. Chelsea asks if they are known for anything aside from their looks and brains? Cordy explains how they dedicate time to helping tutor the homeless and help them get an education, as well as collecting clothes and food for the local shelters. Chelsea can only respond Oh . . . Chelsea and Stephanie talk about whether they want to pledge. Chelsea wonders if choosing not to pledge is a going to turn out to be another one of her many mistakes, so she is going to take one of those stupid pins. However Chelsea thinks she won't make it in, but Stephanie will make it as she's a natural. They both decide to take a pin. Later after the pledges leave, the sisters all discuss the pledges. They talk about Chelsea, how they feel she's scared they will reject her so she's rejecting them first. They all agree they like her, they think she will be very loyal and definitely keep things exciting. Then they get to Stephanie, they think she's a total stuck-up. Cordy points out she used to be a race car driver. Morgan says yes to her, as she wants to borrow her shoes. Meanwhile, Stephanie confronts Chelsea about the pledging, she thinks she's afraid they will not want her, she is afraid of rejection. Stephanie says that's why she drops people the minute things go wrong. Chelsea says that is so lame. Stephanie says it isn't, she starts talking about how she pushed Bo and Hope away, then she pushed Nick away. Chelsea won't talk about this. Stephanie says talking about this is a good thing. Chelsea says she doesn't have a fear of rejection, so Stephanie says then pledge with her. Chelsea says fine, she'll do it. Stephanie tells Chelsea she's scared too. Chelsea says nobody rejects her, but she says Jeremy did. Chelsea wants to tell her the truth about Jeremy, but doesn't. 

At the cemetery, Steve sees Benjy in the coffin and rushes to try and save him. Abe tells Steve that they are too late. Steve wants an ambulance, but Abe says he's gone. Steve won't accept that and is performing CPR on him. Steve eventually accepts that Benjy is gone. He holds him and cries. He says this little boy never hurt anyone. Abe wonders what kind of man would do this to his own son. Steve says this is one murder Stefano won't get away with. Steve says this is the DiMeras sick idea of payback for him screwing up their plans. Abe says so what is he going to do, retaliate? Steve says yes. Abe says that is where he's wrong. Abe says Benjy would not want this. Steve says Benjy would want to live. Abe says Stefano will do time for this, but Steve doubts it. Abe says think of his wife, daughter and that new baby, they can't live without him if he goes vigilante. Steve says they'll get used to it. Abe says they went through hell all those years he was missing. Steve knows, but right now, it is all about Benjy. Steve says he told him he was safe, BEnjy let his guard down and now he's dead. Steve goes to walk away. Abe draws his gun on him, saying he can't let him do this. Steve says if Abe wants to stop him then he will have to shoot him. Steve then walks off. 

At the pub, Bo shows up with Shawn. He explains to everyone that pop had an encounter with Stefano at the cemetery. Shawn tells them all how Santo lied about his wife. Hope says she wasn't dead! Marlena says what a terrible and evil thing to do. Shawn says what happened afterwards wasn't only Santo's fault. Shawn explains how Colleen donated her engagement ring to the poor and ran off to marry Santo. Shawn says he then made the mistake of his life telling his Da the truth.

In the past, Colleen ran off and met Santo at the cliffs. Shawn followed and spied on them. Colleen told him she gave the ring away, it wouldn't have been right to keep it. She hopes he's not angry, he says he never could be angry. Colleen couldn't believe she was leaving and could never return home. Santo asks if that is what her father said? She says she has never seen him so angry, he'll never speak to her again. Santo says sometimes when you start a new life, you have to say goodbye to the old one. Colleen knows, and she says he's all she has. Santo says he'll never let her down. Santo says when they were these rings, it will be like their past and future coming together. He says she is leaving Ireland behind and the sisterhood behind, but she takes herself with her. Santo tells her how much he loves her, how she'll always be his Colleen. Colleen says he has a way of making it seem like everything will work out. Santo says it will, they will marry tomorrow and sail away. Colleen hates having to say goodbye to Shawn. Santo says Shawn could come with them, he could grow up with Stefano. Santo says they could be a family.

Shawn tells everyone that the thought of Santo wanting to take him and Colleen away made him sick. Marlena says they Santo wants what he wants and doesn't care how he got it. Shawn thought his dad could fix everything, but he was wrong.

Back in the past, Colleen told Santo they couldn't take Shawn with them. Santo thought there would be opportunities for him in America. Colleen says her Da lost her, she can't take his son too. Santo said okay, but when he gets used to the idea of them getting married, they will buy a ticket to have Shawn and her Da brought over. Colleen thinks her father will never forgive her for turning away from the Lord's way. Santo says he will, he'll understand he's following her own away. Colleen's Da soon showed up and revealed that Santos wife is still alive. Colleen doesn't believe this. Shawn also reveals it is true. Colleen asks Santo if this is true. He says nothing, she knows it is. Colleen runs to her Da's side and cries on his shoulder. 

Shawn tells everyone he could see the pain in her eyes, and he put it there. They all say Santo is the one who hurt her, Santo lied to her and then killed her. They ask why? Julie says love can turn to hate. Doug says when that happens, watch out.

In the past, Colleen was devastated by the truth. She told Santo he said he loved her. Santo says he does love her. Colleen asks how he can explain why he said his wife was dead. She remembers him standing here, his eyes filled with crocodile tears. She says may the Lord punish her for being such a silly fool. She says he lied to her, how could you. Santo says sometimes there is a different truth. She says these are just fancy words. Santo says they were meant to be together. Colleen says if they were meant to be together then he wouldn't be married. She says he had his fun with her. Santo says he lied, he felt he had the right to, that they had the right to be together. Colleen says he had the right to humiliate her right? To sin? What right did they have? Santo says they have the right to choose their own future, the Lord gave them that right and both their fathers took that right from them. Santo says this thing is bigger than the two of them, they will be together. Pete took Colleen and Shawn back to the town and church. 

Colleen returned to the church and took her vows to be a nun. The vets asked Shawn so she did become a nun? Shawn nods. They ask what happened to Santo? Shawn says he made sure she never got to keep her vows.

In the past we see Colleen becoming a nun. She's dressed in her outfit for the ceremony and is given her habit. Santo and Stefano arrived during the whole ceremony. She looked back and saw him standing there. Santo turned and left the church. Colleen pulled her habit off and ran out of the church. 

Shawn explains that Colleen ran and they followed her. In the past they ended up at the cliffs. They found her habit by the edge and figured she had jumped and killed herself. 


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