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1st Week of August 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 4, 2008
Raising the Stakes

Ava rushes into the mansion and announces to John that they have big trouble. She's sure that the cops are watching her. He says they'll never have anything on either of them. EJ drifts in and John doesn't appreciate the interruption. EJ suspects that they are up to something and suggests they tell him what it is. John tells him that he only tells him things on a need-to-know basis. Ava blurts out that the cops are following her. EJ asks to speak to her alone. After John walks off, EJ informs her that he doesn't have good news. Judge Fitzpatrick is off her case and has been replaced by someone far less likely to be sympathetic. New evidence has also come to light: Emails between she and the people who tampered with the plane link her to three deaths. She has very little hope now, he explains.

John goes down to the basement to visit Paul in his cell. He tells him that something has gone wrong with his plan to frame Philip. Paul isn't impressed, or surprised, that John's plot isn't working out. However, he still wants to bury Philip and keep him away from his daughter. John wants the same thing and reminds him that he will send his daughter off to meet him once Philip is taken care of. Since things aren't working so far, maybe "it's time to raise the stakes".

John returns upstairs and asks to be left alone with Ava. EJ reminds him that he can't help him if he's not told what's going on. After he walks out, John decides it's time to find out what the delay in his plan is. He calls his contact on the police force and then tells Ava they only need to wait. She's still worried; everything is out of hand and she doubts it will work out. She asks him upstairs and takes him by the hand. Afterwards, she climbs down the stairs and leaves a "Dear John" letter on the table before sneaking out.

Kate visits Victor at the hospital. He's getting the color back in his cheeks. They laugh about Daniel being so overprotective. Kate worries that he's under too much strain. "You sound very fond of him," Victor says. They catch up on her sons and decide to concentrate on Philip - he seems headed for disaster. She explains that someone knows Philip's secret and has sent him a note about it. They worry what kind of game John could be playing with their son. "From now on, he'll be dealing with me," Victor says. He tells her that Philip is lucky to have her as a mother. "That's what I tell all my children," she smiles.

At home, Bo comes down for breakfast with Ciara and Hope. Ciara asks him why her mommy is sad. Hope waves a butter knife at him. He sends Ciara off to get ready for day care. Hope agonizes over what he's done. He feels relieved, sure that his brother is innocent. "Right now you're acting more like a Kiriakis than the man that I love," she says. They bicker through the morning. She thinks destroying evidence is more than bending the rules. He argues it's only bending the rules and he does that all the time. She's sure that Ava knows what's going on. He explains that he is going to smoke out who is responsible for Paul's disappearance, likely John, and then go to the DA. Now that she is an accomplice after the fact, can he count on her support? Although she keeps worrying, she still promises to stand beside him. "We deal with it together," she says. They embrace.

Morgan goes to visit Philip in the hospital. They both had amazing dreams, they say. She gives him a kiss. They flirt. She's never met a man who is so infuriating and charming at the same time. He asks her if she really meant what she said, because he did. She leans in and kisses him again.

Max and Nick are on the phone. Nick is trying to tip him off about his sister but the line goes dead. He returns to staring at Melanie's blog when Chelsea interrupts him. They catch up on her new job. She thinks he's stressed out. He's just frustrated, he says. She checks out the blog and asks him who the pretty girl is. "I can't tell you that," he says. She probes for an answer. He needs to stay mysterious. She never would have pegged the "premiere party girl" as his type. "I'm just trying to move on with my life," he says. Lexi interrupts. She begins gushing about Theo. Chelsea tries talking to Theo but he won't look at her. Lexi asks Chelsea to join her for coffee so she can get to know Theo. As they walk off, Nick continues to watch the blog. Melanie talks about how sad it is that men never realize she has a brain. He smiles.

In France, Max sits in the bistro and keeps an eye open for Melanie. He spots her and then Les by the bar. A friend of Melanie's runs up to her and they run off gabbing. Max walks up to Les to confront him but he quickly spots Melanie and rushes over to grab her arm. Getting between them, Max offers to pay whatever he wants to leave her alone. "Who the hell are you?" she asks Max. He hands over all the cash he has. Les isn't impressed. They exchange threats. Les tells her that he's letting her off easy and walks away. Her friend runs over gossiping and Mel tells her she's busy. She runs off. Mel asks him why he paid off her debt. He's vague. She isn't saying anymore until he tells her who he is. "I'm just someone who is concerned about you," he says. She damands to know who he is and what he wants. He thinks she has an attitude problem. As she freaks out, he finally breaks it to her that he is her brother.

Lexi, Chelsea and Theo go over to the hospital. Chelsea brings the child off to therapy when Tony rushes up to Lexi with urgent news. He explains that Stefano had a seizure and is being transported over there right now. There's a chance that he may be coming out of his coma. EJ arrives next and asks for an update.

August 5, 2008
Dracula Never Wakes up in a Good Mood.

At the bistro in France, Melanie is sceptical that Max is really her brother and suspects he's playing some sort of game. He explains that he found out about her from Trent and tells her his story, but she can't imagine her father would have abandoned him. She accuses him of scamming her, so he shows her the photo of her he took from Trent. "Why didn't my dad tell me about you?" she asks. She wants to call him, but Max stops her. He and Trent aren't on the best terms, he explains. She finds this sweet and bizarre. He asks her to keep it secret. Stephanie walks in and Max introduces them. A fan runs up to get Max's autograph. Mel smiles, happy that her brother is a celebrity. Max says he isn't much of a celebrity anymore. Steph remarks that being a celebrity isn't all it's cracked up to be. Mel isn't impressed. Max leaves when his mother calls. Mel says he seems nice. Steph says he's a genius with a big heart, but is often way off when it comes to judging people. They gab about Georges until Trent calls. Mel asks for money, claiming that she gave hers away to nuns to help children in Africa. He asks her if she's met any new or interesting people. She giggles, but gives nothing away. When Max returns, she explains that she has their father eating out of the palm of her hand and then leaves to do her makeup. Steph tells Max everything about his sister is negative. Max looks for excuses. Steph is sure that she is trouble and warns him that she'll be after his money. He admits that he's already bailed her out once, but asks her to cut Mel some slack. A pair of gendarmes walk through the entrance as Mel returns from the washroom. They spot her and promptly place her under arrest, dragging her out. Max runs after them.

Philip is relaxing in the backyard of the mansion when Hope storms out. He offers her some lemonade, but this isn't a social call. She knows all about the cover up and should go to Roman and Abe, but she has to protect her husband, so that won't happen. "Protecting family is honorable," Philip says. Hope is sure that someone else already knows. Philip is confident that there is no evidence linking Bo to anything. Besides, if Paul is dead, they both know who is actually responsible. He promises to do everything he can to protect his brother. Hope suspects things may already be out of their hands.

Later, Philip is surprised when Morgan arrives and announces that she'll be taking care of him. He likes that idea, especially when she is wearing such an attractive outfit. She gives him a massage. He wants a kiss. "Not so fast," she smiles. He has a gunshot wound and can't pull his stitches. He thinks it would be worth it. She doesn't want him to overexert himself. They flirt and he tries to kiss her again. She giggles and pushes him away.

At the DiMera mansion, John comes down the stairs and finds the "Dear John" letter Ava left for him. She's gone on the run, which he's sure is a huge mistake. The doorbell rings. It's Marlena. She informs him that Stefano has had a seizure and may be coming back. He's amazed she messed up drugging Stefano. Marlena is sure she can handle him, but doubts the same will be true of John. He has stolen Stefano's empire and that will mean trouble. John asks her if they're still married; he knows a wife can't testify against her husband. She doubts there will be a trial. John announces that he is going to kill Stefano. She tells him they have to deal with this in a law-abiding way. "You mean like you did?" he snipes. He storms off, vowing to "do the job right". She stays behind and reads the letter that Ava left behind. It tells of how she fell in love with him and hopes he can learn to be happy in his new skin. She puts the letter down and calls Roman to report that Ava has skipped bail.

At the hospital, EJ and Tony worry about what to do when their father wakes up. They put him in the State hospital and he won't be pleased. Kayla tells them that they've run an MRI and are still waiting for results. She walks out and the brothers continue to worry. Tony suspects his father is already up to something. He tries to imagine his father coming back a changed man. "Dracula never wakes up in a good mood," he realizes. He reminds his brother that he should rethink working for John. EJ argues that being close to John is useful and admits he still wants his part of the empire back from John. Kayla returns with her test results and explains that Stefano may be cognizant. John walks in. "I heard the old bastard might be waking up," he says. He strolls over to Stefano and asks him what he's plotting. Kayla says they don't know if he'll ever come to and he may have brain damage. "We should be so lucky," John says, before walking off. Kayla points out that the seizures could be a sign that Stefano is actually dying.

The brothers stand by the nursing station. Tony leaves to call Anna. Nicole surprises EJ. He gives her a hug and seems overwhelmed. He doesn't know how he feels about all of this. If his father lives, there will be hell to pay; if he dies, he will be devastated. After he wanders away, Trent bumps into Nicole. They trade insults and then he asks if she's found Max. She tells him to be patient. He's not and threatens to expose her to Victor. She's shocked he knows that she married Kiriakis. Trent doesn't think that Victor would be happy to know that she defrauded him out of a hefty sum of money. EJ returns and interrupts, asking to speak with Nicole alone. They step aside and he says that Max is in France with Steph, hanging out with racing buddies. He walks off. She knows Trent overheard and asks him if he's satisfied. "For the moment," he growls. She tells him to go away.

Marlena sneaks in to see Stefano. He suddenly wakes up and grabs her. "You're not going to get away with this!" he shouts. She snaps out of it. It was only her imagination. She turns around and John tells her that he is going to kill Stefano, quick and clean. They stare through the glass at their unconscious enemy. She claims she doesn't condone murder and that what she did was not just. He tells her he is grateful for what she did to Stefano, for his sake. "Someone had to take care of you... I guess Ava's doing that now," she says glumly. He tells her that's not exactly true, but he'll be eliminating Stefano himself. After he strides off, she walks in and sits by Stefano. She asks him if he remembers what she did to him and says she would do it again. His machine beeps and Kayla rushes in with Tony and EJ behind her. "Prepare yourselves. I will have my revenge," Stefano thinks.

August 6, 2008
I'm Getting Married Again!

A freshly clean-shaven Bo rushes around the house getting everything ready for Hope. Chelsea tells him to calm down and promises Hope will love everything. Kayla, Steve, Julie and Maggie arrive to help. Steve drags Bo away to dress while Kayla gives everyone the news about Stefano. Maggie worries. Julie thinks that he has more lives than a dirt alley cat. Hope walks in and is baffled to see her house full of people. Julie starts giving a nervous Hope an impromptu make-over. The hairdresser arrives and Julie takes her upstairs to set up. Hope asks Chelsea what her father is planning. Chelsea won't say a word. Hope gets her hair done and tries to guess the surprise. No one will give her a clue. She goes upstairs to put her dress on but when she walks back down the stairs, she hears the women talking about crawfish and gumbo. She flashes back to her unforgettable time in New Orleans with Bo. That's where they had their first wedding, which was definitely romantic even if it wasn't legal. "Wait a minute! Ding ding ding! I'm getting married today right?" she guesses. The women tell her that Bo has been planning it for months. They rush a tissue to Hope before she can ruin her makeup. Maggie hands her a special handkerchief, Kayla gives her a bracelet, Julie gives her a necklace that belonged to her mother and Chelsea gives her a lace garter. She thanks them all. "I'm getting married again!" she smiles.

Meanwhile, Bo and Steve sit in the kitchen drinking beer. He worries and explains that Hope figured out his cover up and he had to confess everything. The problem is that someone else knows he tampered with evidence. He guesses it must be John and Ava. Now he needs to find who is behind this and put them behind bars. Later, Chelsea comes in and tells him how things are going. He asks her if this is all too corny. She hopes a guy will do something like this for her someday. Moments later, Steve updates Bo.  He's eager to see his wife but Steve won't let him see the bride yet. Hope is led out to the park in a blindfold. When it comes off, Bo walks up with a horse and carriage behind him. They kiss and she leaps into his arms as they flashback to their wedding. He carries her to the carriage and they ride off.

"How is the bastard?" John asks EJ as he arrives at the hospital. There isn't much news on Stefano, EJ explains. John is eager to see his brother but EJ needs to talk to him about Ava jumping bail first. John knows all about it and is disturbed by how uninformative EJ has been about Ava's case. EJ is sure that Ava will now get the maximum sentence. "She's a Viatali. They know how to disappear," John insists. EJ asks John to promise not to run. John does. "Do you have genuine feelings for her?" EJ asks. "I suppose... as far as I'm capable," he mutters. Right now he just wants to defeat the charges against him and then defeat Philip. EJ asks him if he wants to retain his services for all of this. John tells him that with Stefano coming back, and a battle for power between them sure to follow, he will have to make a choice of who to side with. "If I have to choose between you and my father, I'll have to choose me," EJ smiles. John smirks.

Lexi and Tony watch their father in his hospital room. She wonders why he isn't awake. Tony suspects that he already is and is just biding his time. She explains that his muscles have atrophied and it will take weeks for him to be mobile again. As soon as she leaves, Stefano calls to him, asking him not to tell anyone he is awake. "Do this for me and all will be forgiven," he offers. If he is to stay alive, the person who did this to him can't know he is awake. As Tony asks him who did this to him, Anna walks in and interrupts with a gasp. He covers and says that Lexi suggested he talk to him. Anna doesn't know why he wants him alive at all. She pulls out a crucifix and offers to stab him in his black heart. Tony pushes her out of the room to explain.

Later, EJ sits with his father and tells him how hard it is to see him like this. He hopes one day he can forgive him for sending him to the facility. He tells him about his son before he stands to walk out. Stefano calls out to him. He asks his son not to tell anyone he's awake. He explains that he can still only move a little. EJ asks him if he heard everything he said. Stefano did, but wonders if he would have said he was sorry if he knew that he could hear him. EJ insists he isn't playing any games. Stefano has things he needs him to find out because there are things he has to do right away. EJ is flustered but agrees to go along with everything.

In the corridor, "Stefano is awake!" Anna shouts after Tony quietly tells her. Lexi and John overhear and close in. Tony covers but John pushes past them to check for himself. Lexi follows him. Anna hates Tony lying. She worries that with Stefano back, something horrible will happen.

John stands beside Stefano with EJ and Tony. He wants to drug him and be through with it. They won't allow it. Lexi returns to give Stefano another test. She wants to see how conscious he really is and decides to check his motor responses. John gloats while Lexi begins poking his brother. Stefano's eyes quickly pop open. "I knew the bastard was awake," John grins but Lexi isn't convinced there has been much of a response. They all file out. In the corridor, she says it's time to discuss other treatment options. She thinks electroshock therapy is a good choice. Stefano's sons disagree. John is excited by the thought of shocking him. He gets a call and walks away. Lexi continues encouraging her brothers to go along with the treatment. They refuse. "Is there something about father you're not telling me?" she asks.

Marlena arrives at home and jumps into the shower. A masked man peers out from her closet.

August 7, 2008

Bo and Hope ride through the park in a horse drawn carriage. As they kiss, they flash back to their wedding in New Orleans. They go into the church. She doesn't want to talk about anything other than them. He smiles, kissing her, taking her arm and escorting her to their wedding. They walk into the chapel and everyone is waiting. "Surprise!" they shout, clapping. Bo thanks everyone for coming to this vow renewal. He wishes that Shawn, Belle and Claire were there and reads a letter they sent about what an inspiration they are. Bo tells everyone that they are there to celebrate, and never take for granted, what they have together.

Doug and Julie step up. He gives a speech about the wonderful occasion. He never thought that this day would come or that a rebel like Bo could be trusted with his little girl. Doug regales the audience with stories of Bo and Hope's romance and then calls Patch and Kayla up to speak. "You two must be in love because you keep getting married over and over and over again," Patch jokes. They want to take a moment to remember all of the couple's cherished moments starting with the wedding at the plantation and detailing their other weddings like the "royal wedding". Bo and Hope start kissing until Steve clears his throat. They recount their sailing trip and finish reading the wedding cue cards before prompting the couple to remember the wedding they had while Hope was in labor. Then they recall their last church wedding, where Hope realized that loving him has made her more able to know and share love.

Caroline comes up and gives the next speech. She reads the poem that Tom said to Alice on their wedding day. Everyone ducks away and Hope tells Bo she can hardly believe that twenty four years have gone by, but she still sees the man she fell in love with. He's still the man who can make her heart flutter with a look. His stubbornness drives her crazy, but it's one of the reasons that she fell in love with him. He's always had the courage to follow his heart. "You're my hero," she declares with tears in her eyes. Whatever lies ahead, they will be together. They kiss.

Bo wanted to make a unique vow but he could only think of all the vows he made before and would say the same things again. Her belief in him has made him the man he is today. She makes him proud. Doug announces it's time to exchange the wedding bands. "I don't have mine anymore," Hope admits. Bo pulls one out of his pocket and smiles. She gasps, unable to believe this is possible. Ciara brings up a wedding band for her. He explains that the ring he holds is the ring that his mother put on his pop's finger. Caroline wanted this to be a symbol that their love, like that of his parent's, can stand the test of time. Hope is honored to call him her husband. They kiss again. He explains that the ring he is now giving her is an exact replica of the one she lost at sea. It is engraved with today's date as well as the original date. He slips it on her finger and offers the traditional vow. Before they can kiss again, Doug and Caroline stand up. He thanks everyone for coming and sharing in this unique moment. Caroline prays for blessings for Bo and Hope, calling the couple an example of what true love can be. Doug tells them they can legally kiss now. Everyone laughs and claps as they do. Julie tells Doug what a great job he did. They rush off to prepare the reception. Bo thanks everyone again and invites them to his place for a New Orleans style barbecue. A reporter from the Salem Spectator steps up and asks Bo how he can sleep at night knowing he's a liar. 

EJ runs to meet Lexi at the mansion with Tony following behind. She wants to know what's going on between them. Tony says it's nothing but Lexi is distressed by their change of heart. A few months ago they were ready to let Stefano rot, now they seem to be fighting. She thinks that they don't want Stefano to wake up. Tony laughs at the strange logic. He reminds her that their father won't be happy with any of them when he wakes up. EJ urges her to wait and walks her out.

"You stole my life you bastard... now I'm taking over yours!" John says as he giggles and tries to suffocate Stefano in his hospital bed. As Stefano's life support beeps, John calls Marlena and tells her that Ava is gone. The police have been looking for her and he accuses her of turning Ava in. She admits she felt like she had to contact the authorities. She begs him not to do anything foolish about Stefano. He tells her that he has Stefano at his mercy. She begs him not to do anything. "There's something else I have to deal with first... so the old man is safe for the moment," he says. John strolls out.

EJ rushes to Stefano's bedside and tells him that he needs to speak to him again. "Again?" Tony asks as he follows his brother in. They step out and begin bickering about who knew he was conscious. Tony wonders why he swore them both to secrecy and lied to them. They return to their father and demand that he wake up. His eyes open.

Marlena gets off the phone and dresses for the wedding. When she turns, she finds a masked figure in front of her. Marlena tries to threaten him away with a letter opener. He/she struggles, before throwing her down and jab her with a hypodermic needle.

August 8, 2008
What do we do now Genius?

At the church, John watches through a crack in the door as Brad Baker, a reporter from the Salem Spectator, confronts Bo about being a liar. No one thinks this is a good time for this aside from the reporter. He explains that corruption may be rocking the Salem PD and this story will be selling a lot of papers. Caroline demands to know if Victor knows anything about this. Roman and Abe are furious and order the reporter out. Brad explains that Bo tampered with evidence. Mickey tells him not to say anything. Caroline demands answers. Roman says there must be a misunderstanding but the reporter claims to have proof. He reads the email that was sent to headquarters. Gossip erupts. Kate wants to get Victor out of there. Abe yells at everyone to calm down and asks Brad to come down to the station with him. Brad says that Bo is protecting Paul's killer and destroyed a piece of key evidence. Abe asks Bo if this is true. Bo admits there was a tape. Gossip erupts again. Abe takes the reporter away. Bo apologizes to his friends for making a bad decision. Fancy Face loves him anyway, but Roman needs some answers. Bo admits the tape was destroyed and he won't let anyone else pay for his mistake. "It was all me and I'll accept the consequences," he says. Mickey offers to go with him as Roman leads him to the station. After they all file out, John takes out his day planner and crosses something off.

In France, Melanie's "friend" Trish has her dragged down to the police headquarters. She accuses her of stealing her bracelet. They start taking swipes at each other and the girl searches through Melanie's purse until Max runs in and stops them. He hands the girl her bracelet and pulls his sister aside. He tells her to apologize. She refuses. Trish wants to press charges. Mel blames it all on Max. The cop declares that they both look guilty and pushes them in the jail cell. Mel explains that Trish is just mad because her boyfriend dumped her for her. "What do we do now genius?" Max asks. Mel puts on her pouty face and tries to get some sympathy from the guard. She tells him her Nana died and she needs to sing at the funeral. He won't let her out. She throws a fit. Max wonders what's wrong with her. "Princess Stephanie" arrives and Max asks her to pay their bail. "There's no way I'm paying hers," she says. Max may have his blinders on but she doesn't. Melanie wants to make her phone call. Steph doubts anyone will come to her rescue. As time goes on, Mel worries about dying of boredom. Steph tells Max that they don't have enough to bail him out. Mel suggests that Steph hike up her skirt and walk the boulevard. Georges arrives with the bail money. Steph pulls him away and tells him not to let Mel walk all over him. Mel pouts and Georges gives in. She hugs her brother and tells him she'll miss him. She fakes tears for the guard and Steph rants at her before she walks out. The guard offers to reunite Steph with Max and puts her in the cell with him. Max asks if they can get a payment plan. The guard walks away.

At Salem General, Stefano can't decide which of his sons has betrayed him more. EJ reminds him that he's already made them pay for this. Tony tells his father he doesn't know what's happened while he's been incapacitated. Stefano already knows that John has taken over his empire. He told him so himself, but John still doesn't know he's awake and he wants to keep it that way. He flashes back to John confronting him in his hospital room. Stefano is now ready to make John, and everyone else who has betrayed him, pay. John was his pawn before and will be again. His sons doubt this is possible now that John is so brash and hostile. "Poor Marlena..." Stefano says. The boys offer to fluff his pillows but he's not about to forget that they sold him out to Marlena. He's angry at them but his priorities are elsewhere at the moment. Right now, the person responsible for his being there has to pay. EJ offers to help him retaliate. Stefano says she's already being taken care of. They refuse to believe that Marlena could have been behind this. "Marlena set out to destroy my life; now I have the pleasure of returning the favor," Stefano says.

Marlena lays on the floor of her apartment. She wakes but can hardly move and falls unconscious again. She wakes again and reaches for the phone, pulling it onto the floor before passing out once more.

Philip and Morgan play cards by the pool at the mansion. She kicks his butt and threatens to beat him at Mario Kart. Her mother calls but she won't answer; she doesn't want to deal with her and doubts she even cares about what happened to her father. He suggests she may just be trying to stay strong for her. Morgan isn't convinced. She recalls the tender moments between her parents, but those days are gone. She tells him the story of how her parent's marriage fell apart in resentment and failure. They tried to stay together for her, but it only created more tension. Her father eventually left and they only became close again recently. She's afraid she'll never see him again. Philip is sorry. "Don't be. John Black's the one who should be sorry," she says. He tells her to stay strong and offers to do anything he can. They kiss. Kate wheels Victor in and Kate asks the Southern belle to leave. Victor explains that the press has discovered what Bo did. They discuss this and Philip worries about what this could mean for his brother. He wants to deal with it but Victor tells him not to be rash. Morgan runs out with Victor's cell phone. He asks Kate to wheel him inside. After they go in, Morgan asks Philip what she's missed. He decides it's time to tell her the truth, though he knows she'll be upset. There was a taped conversation where he lost his temper and threatened to kill her father, he explains. She slaps him and tells him to go to Hell. After she storms out, Kate returns and demands to know what's going on. He thought Morgan needed to know the truth. Kate thinks he's better off without her and promises that she and Victor will protect him.

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