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2nd Week of August 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 11, 2008
Not a Random act of Cruelty

A panicking Anna hunts down John and blurts out that Stefano is awake. John decides it's time to talk to his half-brother. Anna never wants to talk to him again and warns him about the misery Stefano can cause. John promises that Stefano won't hurt her. He asks her where Marlena is. She hasn't been able to find her. John has an idea and stomps around the mansion looking for Blondie and barking for Rolf. He's sure that Rolf has already run off to Stefano's aid. EJ has the car so he'll have to take a bike. He tosses Anna a helmet. She worries about her heels and suggests they take a cab.

Sami barges into Stefano's hospital room and demands to know what he has done with her mother. Stefano rolls his eyes. Tony tries to stop Sami while she "spews" at his father. The brothers bicker and Sami continues to yell until EJ edges her out of the room. In the corridor, he tells her that there is nothing to be gained from attacking a sick man and he has enough to worry about without this. Sami is infuriated and rants about her missing mother. EJ calms her down and tells her that his father has been in a coma and couldn't have done anything. She reminds him of all of his past crimes. He tells her to let him handle this calmly and carefully. That's not good enough for her. If he won't find out what his father is up to, then she will. She's sure that Stefano still wants to destroy her mother. Before she can run in and attack the old man again, EJ drags her away, offering to help track down Marlena.

Marlena lies on the floor of her apartment mumbling for help. Anna and John eventually break in and find her. Anna calls 9-1-1. John tries to make Marlena breathe again. Sami and EJ walk in. Sami cries at her mother's side until EJ pulls her away. Marlena comes to as John gives her first aid.

Back at the hospital, Tony demands that his father solve this problem. He doesn't want innocent people hurt. "Innocent people? No such thing," Stefano quips. Besides, Marlena is far from innocent and no one, not even his son, has the right to interrogate or admonish him. He won't take advice from anyone on how to avenge his own "death". Tony decides it's pointless to give advice; his father never listens anyway. Stefano wonders where his loyalty is. Tony's loyalty is only to himself and Anna. Stefano explains what Marlena did to him and the torture of his catatonia. "Marlena tried to send me to Hell, but unfortunately for her, she did not succeed," he says. Now he will make her pay for the rest of her life. Tony still refuses to admit that Marlena is capable of evil. Stefano explains what she did and that she told him what she was doing the whole time. Tony doesn't know what to think. His father details the agony he went through and Tony cringes. Stefano heard everything that he, Lexi and EJ said. Now that he's back, he feels like a young man again and if the people of Salem thought he was difficult before, they have no idea what's in store. Tony urges him to think of his family and his legacy and suggests that he prove he has a heart and a conscience. "It's much too late," Stefano says.

Tony spots Anna and rushes out to her. She tells him that they just rushed Marlena to the hospital. She wishes she had told him that his father was awake earlier, then maybe this could have been prevented. She worries about having "helmet hair". He tells her she was courageous for helping John find Marlena. "I'm in awe of you," he gushes. She's proud of him too. They kiss. He asks her to wait while he has a "serious talk" with his father. She kisses him for luck and he returns to Stefano's side, demanding to know what's happened. Stefano says that he's merely responded in kind. He mocks his son for being sentimental and reminds him of the torture Marlena has subjected him to. "This is not some random act of cruelty. It has a purpose," he explains. Stefano accuses his son of losing his backbone. Tony refuses to let him turn Salem into a carnival of horrors again. He accuses his father that he's never done things for the family, just for power. Stefano says that is crap: It's always been about family and the battle lines are about to be drawn.

Meanwhile, Sami rushes her mother to Kayla. She sends John, EJ and Sami outside so they can argue elsewhere. Sami demands that John find out what happened. He's ready to confront his brother now, but she stops him, saying that her mother needs him now. John paces. Kayla comes out and tells him they are running tests. "You people are good at that," he mumbles. She thinks he's cold. "Is that your professional opinion," he jokes. She thinks he's a coward and tells him she saw the look on his face when Bo was dragged away. He seems to revel in other people's misery. "Dr. Johnson, you will never know what I feel," he says, telling her to get back to work. She's sure the old John is trying to break free. He was a hero during the crash and again tonight; he once loved Marlena and needs to remember that. As she walks off, he walks in to look at Marlena. Sami follows him in. She thanks him for saving her mother. He's uncomfortable.

Anna and Kayla catch up in the hall. Kayla worries about the charges against Bo. Anna says that if it were her brother, she probably would have done the same thing. Kayla thanks her again for helping Marlena. Kayla rushes off and an exhausted EJ slumps in a chair. Anna chats to him. He hasn't been able to sleep and it's driving him mad. Sami wanders over and asks to speak to him alone. As they walk off, Anna prays for protection from Stefano. A smoke begins to waft through the vents.


August 12, 2008
Did you Enjoy your Coma?

At the hospital, Kayla can't understand what is happening to Marlena and refuses to do anything until they know what's been done to her. Sami is outraged and so is John. Kayla asks them to step outside while she runs tests. In the hall, EJ tells Sami that they will get to the bottom of this. John strolls off. Sami rants about the havoc that Stefano is creating. EJ reminds her that Marlena put his father in a catatonic state. Sami makes excuses for her mother, claiming that she must have done it to protect the family. EJ says she only did it for revenge. The only reason he helped them was to end the stupidity of the feud and Marlena has only made it worse. Sami tells EJ he better choose carefully which side he is going to be on.

Anna tells Stefano that she wishes he never came out of his coma. She and Tony were so happy while he was gone. Stefano calls her a "meddling bitch". Tony tells him not to talk to his wife that way. Stefano marvels at how his son can make the same mistake over and over again. John walks in and demands that Stefano concentrate his revenge on him; he can handle it. "Like I trained you to," Stefano grins. John demands to know what he has done to Marlena. Stefano doesn't think he has anything to bargain with. John wishes he had suffocated him when he had the chance. Stefano asks to be left alone with his enemy. Tony and Anna slip out. "Did you enjoy your coma?" John asks. Stefano explains that he was fully alert and had lots of time to think. John rubs the fact that he's taken over the family empire in his face. "I hope you've enjoyed it because it's all about to change," Stefano grins and reminds John that he rarely fails. Grimacing, John points out that his half-brother's plan to program him to kill Colleen backfired. Stefano concedes that he was disappointed. "Get used to it," John grunts, threatening to snap his neck like a pencil. He explains that Colleen is now dead and safe from him. "But all those around you are not," Stefano adds. The brothers exchange threats and Stefano promises that his new plan is already in motion. John threatens to hurt him and places his hand on his chest. EJ runs in and demands he step back. John says that Blondie is in trouble. EJ reminds John that he doesn't love Marlena, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten together with Ava. Stefano's ears perk up for the gossip. John stops them and says that anyone Stefano is after will now be his friend. He also explains that EJ is his lawyer and has been helping him. He leaves with another threat. "Et tu Elvis?" Stefano groans. His son argues that he has not betrayed him and has his own reasons for wanting John destroyed.

Steve arrives at the hospital and asks his wife what has happened to Marlena. "Stefano," Marlena mumbles. Kayla explains the situation. As Steve walks out, he asks EJ if he had anything to do with this. "No," says EJ. Sami and Kayla continue asking Marlena what happened. They wonder where Rolf is. EJ offers to call him. "I know what was in the needle," Marlena groans. It was the same toxin she gave Stefano. She asks for some adrenaline. Kayla shoots her up and Marlena explains the toxic cocktail she used on her enemy. Sami cries as her mother warns that soon she won't be capable of moving or speaking. John suddenly walks in and announces that he is going to help her fight this.

Tony and Anna drift through the halls bickering. He's afraid that his father won't be satisfied until Marlena is dead. He slips in alone to see Marlena. He tells her how much everyone cares about her and how he hates seeing her like this. She admits that she paralysed his father. "What you did was wrong and evil," he insists. She claims she was protecting her family. "You sound just like Stefano," he comments. He thought she would have known better. She's not sorry. Tony worries that she's lost her basic goodness, but she must still have some because she left him alive... and that was a mistake. He's sure that his father has come back to kill them all this time.

Anna comes in next. Marlena tells her that it's getting harder to move and breathe. Anna tries giving her a pep talk but her friend isn't responsive. She offers to help her destroy Stefano once and for all. "Revenge... that's how it all began," Marlena says. Anna thinks that's the only way they can end this and be safe. Kayla hurries in with an idea on how to slow down the process of the toxins. Anna runs off to look for John. Kayla explains that she has put an anti-toxic cocktail together that may help but could make things worse.

In his hospital room, Stefano offers to help EJ if he will explain why he wants to destroy John. Before Elvis can elaborate, Mr. Black returns and EJ walks out. Pulling out a cigar, John threatens to hurt his half-brother. Stefano laughs and reminds him that he can't feel anything. John doesn't believe him and takes his hand, bending his fingers back. Stefano threatens that if he breaks his little finger, someone will pay. He should have expected this, he explains; after all, this is exactly what he taught John to be. A noise rings out. "It's done. The fate of my enemies is sealed," Stefano smiles. What has started cannot be stopped. "Then there's nothing for me to do but deny you the pleasure of watching it happen," John utters as he begins to choke him. Steve rushes in and pulls him away. He knows what Stefano did, he did the same thing to him, but he got his life back. John doesn't want his old life back. Steve points out that if he kills Stefano now, Marlena will die. Stefano thanks Steve. "Don't thank me man. When it's time for you to die, if he isn't around to do it, I will," Steve says.

Steve searches for Kayla with the baby. When he walks into the lab, the door locks behind him and smoke begins to flow through the vent. He hides the baby and tries to close the vent but has no luck.

In the hall, EJ tells Sami that this isn't going to end well. They hear a noise ringing and she decides to walk off and get some air. She soon returns and tells him that the door is locked. He tries to call and get some answers. The phone is dead. Her cell phone gets no reception. She worries what could be happening. They rush around and soon discover that everything is locked down. They run into Tony, Anna and John as they walk into Stefano's room and discover that he has vanished. John assumes he must have been faking. EJ turns on the TV and they hear that the entire floor of the hospital has been shut down for quarantine. They are sure that they are trapped in there for a reason. Sami spots the gas flowing through the vents and starts freaking out.

August 13, 2008
The Situation is Rather Operatic

Trapped in the lab, Steve tries to calm baby Joe. The baby continues to cry as his father searches for oxygen. Meanwhile, in Marlena's room, Kayla coughs as the vapor comes through the vent. After strapping Marlena up to an oxygen mask, Kayla tells her paralysed patient to preserve her energy and stay put. She runs off. Kayla runs into a nurse and gets an update. She's told that the place is in lock down. "Steve!" Kayla gasps, running off to find him and the baby. She soon tracks them down in the lab. Steve is surprised to see her walk through the door and dismayed when she lets it shut behind her and lock them in. She checks out the baby and then collapses unconscious. He wakes her up and gives her a mask. She worries about Marlena as he tapes over the vents. Kayla swoons again and Steve collapses. She slumps at his side and tries to calm the baby before crawling to the door and begging for help.

Chloe has a bad feeling when she hears that the hospital has been locked down. Lucas tells her it will be fine and then notices the vapor streaming through the vent. "What is that?" she asks. He tears off his IV and grabs towels so they can cover their mouths. He explains that they can't break through the window because it's shatter proof. She worries that the gas could be fatal. He tells her to look at him, focus and not waste her breath. He promises they can get out of there together and pulls her down the hall. After running around aimlessly, she decides they should split up and search alone.

EJ, Sami, John, Anna and Tony cough as they watch the newscast. "He won't get away with this," John mutters as they hear how they've been locked in under quarantine. Anna is freaking out and asks Tony if they are being poisoned. He says they'd already be dead if that was the case. John announces that they have to find Stefano and he assumes Tony knows where he is. Tony has no idea. After John walks away, Tony gives Anna a towel and he uses his handkerchief. He worries about the hallucinations and anger the toxins could trigger. He's sure that his father must be watching them struggle like lab rats and wishes he had stopped him when he had the chance. Anna stops him from blaming himself and lays all the blame on Stefano. Tony still can't shake the shame he feels. He kisses Anna and tells her how much he loves her. She doesn't want him to take on the guilt for this. She wonders how they can outsmart "the devil himself". Tired, she wants to stay there and rest while Tony looks for John.

Sami and EJ check on Marlena and then drift to the nurses' station. She begins to fret about the children. He's sure they'll be fine with Maggie. He kisses her head and tells her it will all be fine. She begins to freak out, hallucinating that he is Stefano. Screaming, she tells him that he will go to Hell for hurting her mother. She hurtles down the hall before running into Stefano. "I'll scratch your eyes out!" she threatens as the sirens ring outside. He tells her that he may be a monster, but he's not her enemy and wants her help. He explains that Marlena is a heinous creature and he hopes that Sami can be part of the future of his family. He rhapsodizes about the future and all the new DiMera heirs she could help generate: That's the true path to immortality. She refuses but her "fighting spirit" impresses him. He tells her that she and EJ can breed the best DiMeras and asks her to release herself to fate. "I'd rather release myself to traffic," she declares, running off.

Down the hall, Stefano pulls the oxygen mask off of Marlena and then makes himself scarce. John walks through the door. "It will be okay Blondie," he says. She coughs. He doesn't understand and asks her if Stefano has been around. She can't speak. Replacing her oxygen mask, he walks off and runs into EJ down the hall. EJ is surprised that the toxins don't seem to be having any impact on John. He explains that he must have built up an immunity when Stefano was conditioning him. EJ goes off to search for Sami. She cowers in the stairwell while he calls down to her. He trips and falls down the stairs. "Die you bastard die!" she screams at him.

Chloe drifts into Marlena's room and explains what's happening. When she's about to walk off for help, she catches her reflection in the mirror. Her face seems to be covered in blood. She screams and runs out, bumping into Stefano in the hall. He tells her how marvellous she looks. She refuses to believe he is real; he's supposed to be in a coma. "The situation is rather operatic," he explains. She should be able to understand that. After telling her that life is unpredictable, she runs off. He returns to Marlena's room. "The tides are certainly turning," he tells her. Leaning in, he accuses her of underestimating him once again. Taking off her mask, he asks her what's on her mind.

Chloe runs into Lucas and begins crying about her face. He assures her that nothing is wrong with it. She thinks she is being eaten by bacteria. He tells her it's just the vapors. She says that she saw Stefano outside of Marlena's room. John hears this and hurries off. Lucas explains that Stefano must just be trying to settle a score with Marlena. She wonders if he may also have a problem with the fact that he shot EJ. He needs to lie down and quickly loses consciousness.

Tony and John drift around the hall. John wonders if Chloe was just hallucinating her Stefano sighting. After explaining that he must have an immunity to the gas, he feels the walls and declares that there is a way to ventilate the building.

August 14, 2008

Queen of the Night

At the hospital, Roman explains the situation to his men, handing out orders. Philip arrives after seeing the news. Roman instructs his men to tell everyone they see that this is just a security malfunction. He admits to Philip that it's likely more than this. As he trudges off to work, Nicole sneaks in and worries with Philip about what may be going on upstairs. They worry about their friends. They try to call but the phone lines are down. Nicole feels like she's stuck in a slasher movie. She worries that she's falling for EJ and admits that she hasn't felt this way since Eric. Lately, she's only gone after older men... largely for money. They both wish they could start over. She's not proud of her past, but has to live with it and move on. She only hopes EJ can accept her for who she is. "If EJ can accept Sami, you shouldn't have a problem," he says. He urges her to tell EJ how she feels; she might not get another chance. She worries about her baggage. He tells her that EJ has lots of baggage too and adds that, beneath her lip gloss, she's a pretty special woman. But does she want to get involved with someone as untrustworthy as EJ? "One might say that we'd be the perfect match," she comments. She asks him if he's over Chloe. "I don't deserve Chloe. I don't deserve anyone," he says. She wouldn't believe some of the horrible things he's done, he says. She offers to listen to his problems. He tells her they need to stay buried.

Upstairs, Stefano walks into Marlena's room. He removes her oxygen so she can speak. She gasps. He tells her that he won't be killing her... that would be too easy. Instead, he has something "more interesting" in mind. He repeats the same threat she gave to him: She will be trapped forever in her body, unable even to speak to her children. She apologizes for what she did, but it's too late and he feels he has no other choice. Once he eliminates her, he can reclaim his "treasured pawn". He's sorry it's come to this. She was once his Queen of the Night and he wanted to make all of her dreams come true. He flashes back to taking her to the opera and then out to see the moon. Snapping out of his reverie, he tells her they could have had glorious, amber-covered days together in Tuscany. Instead, she will have to take her final curtain now... She gasps. He takes out a syringe. "Perhaps this will give you a lovely slumber," he says. She prays that he'll shoot her up and end her misery. Before he can inject it into her IV stream, the power flickers out. He vanishes.

Down the hall, John leads Tony and Anna to the power room so they can work on the ventilation problem. Anna leaves the "macho men" to play with wires while John and Tony begin arguing over the DiMera fortune. John argues that everything just fell into his lap and suggests that Tony must be jealous. Tony claims he's just annoyed by how John is handling the power he has taken. Anna stops the boys' bickering. John threatens to set him straight later. An annoyed Anna storms out. "Does she bring that kind of energy to the bedroom?" John smirks. Tony walks out.

In the hall, Anna tells Tony how worried and scared she is. He reminds her that she is the most important thing in his life and promises that they will be together to help each other against Stefano. After a kiss, she sends him back to help John. Tony begins looking at the wires, while John asks him why Stefano decided to drop him on an and island turn him into Robinson Crusoe. Was he not up to par for a DiMera? Tony admits that his father was more interested in John than any of his children. "Probably just our brotherly bond," John jokes. Tony tells him that Marlena got in the way of everything. John fell for the only woman who Stefano ever truly loved. His father always got what he wanted, but Marlena's love for John ruined that. Tony tells him that he should have been at his funeral to hear the heartfelt words that Marlena said about him. He explains to John that Stefano has finally gotten the revenge he always wanted - he separated Marlena from John. Tony prods his uncle about everything that he has lost, including his friends and his family. "I still have you, or are you siding with my brother?" John asks. Tony wants to put this "childish rivalry" behind him and move on. John won't let that happen and gives him an ultimatum. Tony says that they have to work together right now or there will be no future. John is satisfied with that answer. Tony begins hallucinating that he sees Stefano standing before him. As his father tells him that he is no son and he will burn in hell, Tony becomes outraged and grabs a wrench to attack.

Meanwhile, Anna wanders down the hall and begins searching around Stefano's room. She begins to hear his voice, but keeps telling herself that it must all be in her head. She turns and screams out as Stefano closes in on her. He leaves her on the ground unconscious and returns to Marlena. Stefano stares at the syringe by her bed and asks her what's in it? The antidote perhaps? He peers out the window at the police cars and news vans outside. It's a shame she'll never be able to say goodbye to her loved ones he tells her, before teasing her about her problems with John. He suggests that new John would have no interest in her, while the old John is trapped on a disc. He pulls out the disc and chuckles. He's sure she wants it, but he tells her there is no way it can ever be repaired. John has moved on and she should do the same. Taking her hand, he continues to rub this in her face until she calls him a "bastard". "You are lucky you are breathing... and I could put an end to that," he threatens, commanding her to be silent. He tells her to close her eyes. When she does, he vanishes. She tries calling for help without luck.

August 15, 2008
When you Can't say, "Stop"

On the ground floor of the hospital, Nicole runs around worrying and wishing she could get upstairs. The police tell her they don't know what's going on. Philip brings her coffee to calm her and tells her she's wasting her time worrying about EJ. She says there are other people to worry about as well. He worries about Lucas. She's sure that Chloe will take care of him.

Roman explains the situation to Abe. Neither of them have any idea what's going on. Roman worries that Sami is trapped upstairs. He lists all of the other people trapped up there...including Stefano. Abe laughs it off but Roman is sure that, with Stefano, anything is possible. Lexi sticks her head in to repeat this sentiment. Roman and Abe are clueless about everything else. She explains that her father may have come out of his catatonic state. Roman still doesn't understand how it's possible that Stefano could have engineered this. "One thing that we've learned about DiMera is that nothing is impossible," Abe says. They get out the blueprints and try to find a way in. Philip steps up and asks if the security cameras are working. Not yet. They explain that EJ is trapped up there with Sami. A startled Nicole downplays her concern, but a moment later admits to Lexi that she's surprised he's there with Sami. Lexi is surprised that she has a thing for her poor brother; she thought she only went after men with money. Nicole says other things are important to her as well. Lexi knows she's in a difficult position since EJ is only interested in Sami. Nicole rants about all the misery that Sami causes and how sure she is that EJ is finished with her this time.

On the unlucky seventh floor, John and Tony bicker while they try to get the ventilation system working. Suddenly, Tony begins hallucinating that his father stands before him. As Stefano admonishes him for being a traitor and a failure, Tony grabs a wrench to throttle him. Before he can smash John's head in, Mr. Black grabs the wrench away. "Not a good way to start our new relationship," John says. Tony runs off and finds Anna unconscious down the hall. He kisses her and begs her to wake up. Her eyes open. She tells him that Stefano came after her and she passed out. He fills her in on his hallucinations.

John continues to fiddle with the wiring. "I think the jet was easier," he mumbles. Stefano's voice comes through the intercom. He tells John that he has been a very bad soldier. John insists that he has never been his pawn. "But you were and you will be again very soon," Stefano says. He admits that there was a glitch in John's programming this time but they can reboot him and get it right. "You will belong to me again. This time, forever," Stefano says. "C'mon Steffy! What are you doing to me? I'm your bother?" John tsks. Stefano hasn't been feeling the love. Neither does John. Stefano is sure that part of the old John is still in there and has to be destroyed. John refuses to ever be taken back into "the chair" again. He smashes the intercom when Tony returns and asks what's happening. John isn't in the mood to explain. Tony tells him that he thought he was Stefano and that's the only reason he tried to attack him before. John grimaces and goes back to work.

Down the hall, the paralysed Marlena lies in bed trying to find a way to get the antidote sitting by her feet. She tries to will herself to move. Her fingers twitch. Anna bursts in and starts to babble before noticing Marlena's oxygen mask is off. She replaces it and tells her how crazy everything has been. Marlena tries motioning to the syringe with her eyebrows. Anna doesn't know how to interpret this and runs off for help. She returns to Tony and John and promptly collapses on the floor. Tony collapses on top of her. John keeps working. Meanwhile, a bright light dawns on Marlena. "You?" she groans.

In the lab, Kayla and Steve can barely stay conscious. As the baby cries, Kayla crawls to the door and calls for help before collapsing. When they are safely out cold, Stefano walks in and looks down at the crying baby. Later, Steve grunts and wakes up. After helping Kayla off the floor, they're shocked to see that the baby is gone. She runs to the door and begins to bang, but it's locked once again.

EJ searches for Sami in the stairwell. Believing he's Stefano, she trips him and he falls down the stairs. Realizing what she just did, she runs to his side and tries to wake him. She cries and pulls at his shirt, begging him to be okay so he can help her out. After deciding to think, she tears his shirt open and continues crying and apologizing. "My life won't be the same without you," she weeps. His eyes open. She explains that she thought he was Stefano and he was saying creepy things to her. He insists that it's only been him. She apologizes again. He asks her if she really meant it when she said she couldn't imagine her life without him. She doesn't think this is the time for this conversation. He insists, demanding an explanation. Lucas dropped her like a "hot potato" and she desperately tried to get back with him, ignoring everything else, she explains. She flashes back to licking his navel and says that night changed everything, even if it was a mistake. She can't change the way she feels about him.  He thanks her for admitting this. She looks for a way out and starts crying again. She worries and weeps again. "Stop, stop, stop," he says, trying to comfort her. "You can't keep saying that!" she gasps. After calming down, she explains that Lucas doesn't want her so she has to move on. He asks her if that's why she has feelings for him. She's confused and meanders through an excuse, unable to make any promises. That's more than he ever expected. He kisses her forehead. They cuddle.

The IT guy arrives downstairs and begins to set up the surveillance feeds so that they can see upstairs. As the camera feed comes in, Nicole spots EJ and Sami making out on the floor. The signal is suddenly lost. Roman gets a call that someone is trying to activate the emergency ventilation system. "Doesn't look good," he grumbles.

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