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3rd Week of August 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 18, 2008
Pin-up Girls Don't Shop at the Salvation Army

Nicole runs around the mansion calling for Rolf, the only person who she thinks can get Stefano and EJ out of the hospital. She's sure that Sami and EJ are already making love. Pouting and pouring herself a drink, she wonders how he could choose to be with someone he has to convince to love him. She weeps as she tries to imagine how she could ever be with someone like him.

The show fades into black and white. Lucas is a P.I.. He sits in his dank office, smokes and wonders if his wife is beating the heat. She is. Across town she has her own "limey" climbing off of her. She asks if all the Brits are so good. He says they have to have the right tools. She calls him Junior and he snaps, telling her only his wife can call him that. He tells her about his time in Singapore. Climbing on top of him, she tells him he does things to her that her husband would never think of. They hear a noise and start to freak. He shoves her in the closet. Nicole walks in and gropes her beefcake trophy husband. She's been driving and looking for a cool breeze. She asks him what he's been doing. He claims he's been trying to nap. Looking at the bed, she has her doubts. He better not be stepping out on her, she threatens; she's paid for him and doesn't like to share her toys. "As long as you love me and only me... and you do don't you Junior?" she furrows her brow. He promises to always be faithful and offers her a high ball but there's no ice. She tells him to wash off his sweat while she gets the ice. After she steps out, he pushes Sami out and lights a smoke. Relaxing, he doesn't notice the earring that Sami left behind on the floor.

Lucas grumbles around his office wishing he could afford butter to put on his bread. Business is so bad he had to let his secretary go. He's relieved that, at least, he has the love of a good woman. Sami walks in on cue and resists a kiss from her "honey bunny" because it's too hot. He gropes her and says the closest thing he got to work was an old man who thought he was the dentist. She tells him they can live on bologna and eggs. He informs her they're dead broke. Desperate for cash, he wants to sell her earrings. She notices one is lost. They search around and he asks her where she's been. She flashes back to squealing under EJ on the silk sheets. Lucas comforts her and tells her something will turn up.

At Club Marlowe, a smoking Philip finds a bespectacled Chloe and asks her if he can help her out. She searches for a nickel to pay for her coffee, but she's broke. He offers her a job but she can't cook... only sing. He warns her that they have flash crowd here. She begs for a chance to show him what she can do. Climbing up on stage, she sings for him and he nods before slowly clapping. He offers her a full time job. She's enthusiastic but warns him that she's only singing for her supper; she knows that all men are beasts. He says it will be awhile before men start chasing her the way she looks right now. "Pin-up girls don't shop at the Salvation Army," he quips. Pulling off her glass, he tells her she can clean up just fine.

Back home, EJ showers as Nicole cleans the carpet. She discovers the earring and pensively sits on the bed, stifling her tears. She promptly goes over to see Lucas. He bemoans the fact that his enemies in the underworld have been putting the kibosh on his business. Nicole tells him she doesn't care about all that, she still wants to hire him. They barter for his services and she likes his spunk. Agreeing to his price, she tells him to hunt down the cheap tart sleeping her husband. He asks for a clue. She flashes the earring. His eyes go wide. "What's the matter shamus?" she asks. He tells her it's her lucky day: Case closed. This is the hardest money he's ever earned and her little case just broke his heart. The cheap tart is his wife. "Small world huh?" she grimaces; so what's he gonna do about it. "I'll think of something," he mutters, staring out the window.

Chloe's had a quick make-over and takes to the stage. Philip chain smokes as she serenades the audience. EJ strolls in and orders some champagne. He sizes Chloe up. Philip warns him that she's taken, even if she doesn't know it yet. EJ likes the challenge.

Later, Lucas stands in his office playing with his gun when his former secretary, Chloe, walks in. He's shocked to see her glammed up. She tells him that she got a new job already and hands him some cash, because she knows he's hard up. He refuses to take a handout out from a dame and tells her to keep her nose clean. She insists that she hasn't done anything to be ashamed of; her heart belongs to one man only, "Some P.I.." They kiss. He steps away. "The way I'm feeling now is illegal," he says. "That's a compliment right?" she asks, squinting. He talks about the twinkle in her eyes. She says it's her astigmatism. He can't cheat on his wife, even if she is cheating on him. She tells him Sami could never love him like she does. Nicole strolls in and tells Chloe to get lost so she can and Lucas can go and catch her husband in the act. Lucas offers to get her pictures. She wants to be there in the flesh. She tells Chloe this is just business and she's not the competition. Chloe tells Lucas that he can whistle for her if he changes her mind. Nicole closes the door on her.

EJ takes Sami to the club. Philip asks them if they want a table or a bed. "He's funny!" Sami giggles, running off to the powder room. He and Philip light up. "Watch out Junior. Your two-timing will be the death of you," Kiriakis warns. Moments later, as EJ and Sami make out in a corner, Nicole and Lucas walk in and spot the couple. She can't understand why her husband would pick up such a cheap tramp. Chloe begins to sing and Lucas stops in his tracks.

When Sami gets home, Lucas tells her the jig is up. Handing him her wedding ring, she tells him she's going away with EJ and walks out. Back at the club, Philip tells Chloe to forget the other guy. He'd do anything to make her happy if she'll give him the chance, he says, pulling her into a kiss. Over at Nicole's, EJ packs and tells her he'll be moving out. Though he promises there's not other dame, he's ready to walk out. She kisses him. He pats her cheek. "No one walks out on me!" she yells. Junior walks out. Later, Sami runs in searching for EJ. Nicole reminds her that this is her house and promptly begins choking the bimbo with her scarf before flopping her on the bed and suffocating her with a pillow. "That's what you get Goldilocks for sleeping in Mama Bear's bed," she says.

Nicole snaps out of her fantasy. "Funny how I always end up the bad girl," she comments.

August 19, 2008
How Many Times do I Have to Kill you Before you Really Croak?

In Nicole's fantasy world, Lucas thinks that Chloe is one hot tomato and one he could count on, not like his two timing wife. Seeing her smooching Philly K at the club hurts him even more than his wife's betrayal. Lucas interrupts them and tells Chloe that what she does on her own time is her business. Philip is defensive. Chloe says she doesn't fool around with married men, but insists that what he's walked in on, isn't what he thinks. Lucas strolls out. Chloe is ready to run after him. Philip holds her back. She tells him that she loves Mr. Horton. He can tell just from looking at them that they're in love; if she wants to run after him and make a fool of herself, she can go ahead, but he can give her what Lucas can't. If she leaves him now, she'll be leaving her new career behind and end up eating soup at the mission. She doesn't want that. He tells her to get changed into something tight and low for the show.

"How many times do I have to kill you before you really croak?!" Nicole shouts as she suffocates Sami. Once Sami stops kicking, Nicole hopes she's dead because killing her is exhausting. "I look better than you ever did," she says, looking in the mirror after she climbs off the stiff. The front door opens. EJ strolls in looking for Sami. Nicole ruins his expectations. She thought he was going out of town. He forgot something. "Your mistress?" she asks, telling him that his floozy won't be showing up. He won't deny it. He loves Nicky, but this is the man he is and the man he's always been. "I just can't stay faithful," he admits. She offers to learn anything for him to please him. He tells her that he's a no-good grifter and any woman he picks up, he will cheat on. "Then it was all for nothing..." she sadly says. He guesses Sami must have been there, so what did she do to her? She would do anything if she thought it meant getting him back. He says she's too classy for him. He strolls back out, leaving her with a body on the floor.

Lucas goes back to his office to get drunk before he starts thinking about what to do with his life. His plans are interrupted when Nicole calls to confess that she "took care of her". He's not following so she asks him over to see for himself. She waits and files her nails. He arrives. When he walks in, she asks him if he likes the bedroom. He asks if she is playing tit for tat. Pouring a drink, she tells him he won't be happy with her. Lucas grabs her and demands to see his wife. Nicole points at the lump on the floor with her shoe. "I'm not taking the rap for this," he says as he checks the corpse. She's sure that he'll be the prime suspect and could easily get life for this so she wants his help. She didn't plan to kill Sami, but she gave her too much lip. Lucas doesn't want to dump his wife in an alley; even she deserves better. Whipping out his gun, he tells her to shut her trap. She compliments his gun and challenges him to snuff her but he won't put a hole in a dame even if she deserves it. Handing her a gun with the serial number removed, he tells her to do what she has to and walks out.

At the club, Chloe sings while Philip listens. He tells her she really poured her heart into that one but could have just faked it. She wonders if he is going to wait before trying to take advantage of her. He's not that kind of guy and won't fire her; the customers like her after all. She sits down and agrees to his offer. He suggests that she needs to find a way to move on and forget about Lucas. "It won't be easy," she pouts, and she doesn't want to be alone. They kiss. He breaks away. He wants her to want him and won't play second banana to her old boss. "You're a better lug than I gave you credit for," she says. Standing up, she announces that she has to find Lucas. Ripping up her music sheet, she tells Philip that his customers deserve better. He tells her to go for it. "You're a good egg Mr. K!" she says, kissing his cheek and scurrying off.

EJ walks into the club. He sits with Philip at the bar and they drink. He tells Philly that something must have happened to the piece of skirt he was in there with before. Nicole walks in. EJ reminds her that they're through. Philip leaves them alone. Nicole sips her Manhattan and tells him that she killed his mistress. He laughs and doesn't believe it. "I'm crazy for you lover!" she exclaims. Sami's dead and the only thing that matters is that they're together now. He says that will never happen. She takes out the gun and announces that she will kill them both. "You and me, back in bed or dead?" she challenges. He tells her that she was taking him for granted. Calming her with a lot of promises, he takes the gun and places it on the bar. No one's ever loved him enough to kill for him. He asks her what she did with the body. She dumped it in the trash. He tells her that she needs to go on the lam and they run off, leaving the gun behind.

Chloe looks for Lucas in his office. He's gone and so, she imagines, is any chance she's had with him. Leaning over, she peers out the window. Lucas catches her and guesses she is about to jump. As he pulls her out, she explains that she was just trying to get some air. He'd rather listen to anyone's problems but his own right now. He pours her a drink and she tells him she quit her job. She had everything while she was working for Philly K... everything but Lucas. That's music to his ears. He plants one on her. "But what about your wife?" she asks. He tells her that she's dead and he blew the whistle on Nicole. Chloe's sure that everything will work out for them now. He just wants a fresh start with someone he can trust, someone like her.

Nicole and EJ go home to pack. He swears it will just be the two of them forever. She tells him to prove it. They fall on the bed. Before she can pull his shirt off, there's a knock at the door. Roman and Abe burst in and tell her she's going away, but it won't be on vacation. She plays dumb. They don't buy it; they know that Sami is stone cold dead and she's the one who iced her. "You're done toots," Roman says. They cuff her. EJ smokes. She asks him to wait for her. "Sorry doll face, I'm not that guy," he says. Roman tells her she's going to the chair. They drag her out. EJ swipes her remaining cash. Back in reality, Nicole wonders if EJ could really love her if Sami was out of the picture. "I can't even get EJ in my own imagination," she says, running off to find out what's going on at the hospital.

August 20, 2008
I Don't Like the way You've Been Leading our Life

At the hospital, Tony shines the light on John while he messes with the ventilation wires. Anna walks in, coughs and collapses. Tony runs to her and promptly falls on top of her. John checks their pulses to make sure they aren't dead. Stefano taunts him through the intercom again, cackling and telling John it's too late. John throws a tantrum and smashes the intercom. Storming down the hall, he calls for Stefano but finds a young boy. "My name is Stefano," he says. John is baffled. He explains that he is his half-brother and his mother is Colleen. "Colleen ruined my life!" the boy blurts out. He explains that his mother kicked Santo out after he told her about Colleen and he was never the same after that. John makes excuses for his mother and blames Santo for everything. Little Stefano runs off.

When John follows, he finds Santo waiting for him in the hall. John's shocked by how much he looks like EJ. John doesn't want to talk to his long lost father. Santo explains that he never knew that Colleen was pregnant; if he had, he would have claimed him as his son and raised him. He asks his father how it feels to have fathered a monster like Stefano. Santo insists that it was life that made him a monster; he wishes things could have been different. He tells his son that the life he is leading is wrong. John doesn't want his advice. Santo says that, from what he's heard, he once was a man who he could have been proud of. He needs to stop being like he and Stefano and be more like Colleen's son. John is furious. His mother abandoned him and never knew him.

Santo vanishes as John continues to lash out about his mother, almost breaking into tears. Santo reappears. He tells him that he wants what's best for him; he needs help from Marlena. She's in love with him and can make him the man he used to be. John doesn't want that and he doesn't need her. "You're wrong John and that's a fact," the old John says as he suddenly appears. John doesn't want help from himself; he got himself killed. "You're sure not yourself," old John tells new John. They bicker. "I don't like the way you've been leading our life," old John says. New John doesn't care; he likes having the DiMera clout. They accuse each other of being cowards. Old John tells new John that life is about family and friendship; things he had until Stefano took them away. Now he is too busy leading Stefano's life to know what he is missing. John tells himself to walk away. Old John tells him again not to throw away the best thing that ever happened to them: Marlena. John still doesn't want to be who he was. Santo tells him not to give up on love and embraces his son. John snaps out of it. A tear runs down his cheek.

Down the hall, Stefano cradles baby Joe and tells him that he has big plans for him. Rolf soon appears and tells Stefano it's an honor to serve him again. Stefano hands him the child and Rolf promises to follow his instructions to the letter. Rolf hurries off to put things in motion and soon returns. "What I set out to do will soon be completed," Stefano says.

In her hospital room, Marlena is woken when her twin sister, Sam, pulls off her oxygen mask. Marlena assumes she must be dead if she is seeing her dead sister. "You did a bad thing and now you gotta pay for it," Sam says; hurting Stefano was crossing the line. Marlena doesn't understand why she is there. Sam asks her why she did what she did. Marlena's not interested in explaining, she just wants the antidote. Her sister demands an answer to her question. Marlena insists she only did it because of what he did to John. Sam doubts it and prods for the real answer. Marlena admits that she injected Stefano, wanting to make him a prisoner in his body "because the bastard deserved it". Sam tickles her sister's toes and tells her that revenge has never been her style. "No, it's your style," Marlena shoots back at her. They flash back to Sam drugging Marlena. "You weren't very nice back then Sam," Marlena surmises. Sam says she was misguided, but her sister helped her so, now, she'll return the favor. She explains that her sister has spent so much time worrying about John that she has lost her way as a person. Her love for him has cost her too much. Marlena tells her sister how hard it was to lose John and then to get him back only to have him not know who she was. Sam reminds her that she can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. "Well I can try," Marlena says. She tells her sister how wonderful John is and starts crying. "I can see he makes you happy," Sam remarks sarcastically.

Marlena flashes back to the days of large hair and gaudy jewels. She unwraps a good luck charm from John. He explains what all of the charms mean. They flash forward to another of their several honeymoons. He shows her the bed and meal he prepared for her on his private jet. Sam laughs and tells her she needs to accept that he's gone. Marlena can't do that. They flash back to when Sam was sent to the sanatorium and how she blamed herself for everything that happened between them. Marlena taught her sister how to forgive herself and find inner strength. Marlena says things are worse for John; he won't even admit that he has a problem. Sam's sure that if anyone can help him, she can. Before Sam can leave, Marlena begs for her help: She still needs the antidote. Sam tells her that she can do it on her own and vanishes. Marlena wakes up and tells herself that she can do this. Her fingers twitch and she reaches over to grip the syringe. Grabbing it, she jabs it in her leg

Down the hall, Tony regains consciousness and helps Anna off the floor. They talk about their dreams of Stefano. He promises her that his father will get what he deserves. She wishes he wouldn't talk like that. They kiss and cuddle.

August 21, 2008
She Should Have Killed him

Nicole returns to the hospital. Nothing new has happened. The cops still search for a way onto the seventh floor. Roman explains to Abe that there is gas flowing through the water filtration. "Dammit!" Abe growls. The IT guy finally taps into a surveillance feed again. It just happens to catch sight of EJ and Sami making out on the floor and Nicole just happens to spot it. It's painful, but she can't tear her eyes away. Lexi tells Abe that there are no complications from the people they've had to move out. He worries about Stefano. She still doubts that her father is conscious, but Abe is sure. "When we catch him, and we will, he is going to wish he never awakened from that coma," he says. Kate rushes in and demands some answers from Roman. He informs her that Stefano is upstairs with Lucas and there's a chance that he's awake. Kate is sure that he will go after her son for shooting EJ. Roman assures her that they are doing everything that they can. As he rushes around, she stares at the surveillance feed of EJ and Sami. "Lucas is so much better off without her," she says.

Upstairs, Lucas wakes in a hospital bed. He climbs out and wakes Chloe on the floor. The gas has dispersed and they catch up on what's happened. "If Stefano's behind this, it's not over... not by a long shot," he says. He keeps her calm by having her breathe in a bag. When they walk into the hall, Stefano startles them. "What do you want?" Lucas asks. Stefano has a list of wants. Lucas is sure that one of them is taking him out. Stefano says he's not going to do anything to them. He's not the one who will cause them pain, he explains. Pulling out a gadget, he places it on the table and asks Lucas to look in. The surveillance feed on EJ and Sami comes on. "I am not the one that is going to hurt you," Stefano says. Lucas and Chloe aren't surprised by what they're seeing. Lucas refuses to get upset and tells Stefano that things are over between he and Sami. He tells Lucas that he got off easy and is happy to see that he is moving on with Chloe while Sami realizes that her place is with EJ. "They deserve each other," Lucas bites. "Together, they will breed the future of this family," Stefano smiles.

In the stairwell, EJ and Sami stop their make-out session. "We can't do this," he says. She bites her fist. He apologizes. She tells him he has nothing to be sorry about and starts banging on the door. He asks her if this was all a mistake. "It wasn't because of the gas or being trapped here. What happened happened," she clarifies. She couldn't imagine her life without him. They're interrupted when Roman and Abe suddenly burst in. Roman sends cops up to search for Marlena. Sami tells her father about her hallucinations. Abe sends her and EJ down to get checked out. As they stroll downstairs, Nicole watches them from a distance. They find Lexi and she panics about the gas. They insist they are fine. Abe and Roman walk down and explain that they are cutting their way into the seventh floor. They rush off to prepare for a confrontation with Stefano.

Meanwhile, Sami rants about Stefano returning for revenge on her mother. Sami admits to Lexi that her mother is the one who paralysed Stefano. "She should have killed him," Sami barks. Kate asks about Lucas and wonders if Sami cares about him at all. EJ comforts Sami as they walk across the room. Nicole comes out of the shadows. Lexi approaches her; she's had her share of run ins with Sami and she knows that Nicole cares about EJ. If there's any way that she can get her brother away from Sami, then she needs to go for it. Nicole fears it's a losing battle. EJ walks back over. Lexi makes herself scarce. He smiles at Nicole and tells her that his father is on the loose again. She doesn't know what's worse, Stefano or being trapped with Sami... He guesses that she saw him with Sami in a compromising position. The visual is burned deep in her brain.

Lucas and Chloe drift around upstairs but can't find anyone. He returns to his room to check the phone. It's still dead. He suggests they wait and promises he won't let anything happen to her. He tells her that he is really sick of Sami this time and won't jump through hoops for her anymore. The only time she is ever honest is when it benefits her. Chloe suggests that things could change. Lucas is sure that nothing ever changes with Sami; history just repeats itself. Now, he is grateful to be free of her and ready to concentrate on his future. If he plays his cards right, she could be part of that future, she smiles. He kisses her. They hear a baby crying. Hurrying down the hall, they follow the sound of the baby.

Locked in the lab, Steve bangs on the door while Kayla cries that their baby is gone. He cradles her and promises they will get their son back. She's sure that Stefano must be behind this. Steve is outraged. She continues crying. He tells her not to give up. Suddenly, they can hear a baby cry. He bangs on the door and yells until Lucas and Chloe hear them and run over. Kayla shouts the access code to Lucas and he unlocks the door. They all run where the sounds of the baby came from. Splitting up, they follow the sound. Kayla and Steve find Joe in a laundry basket. He's okay. She wonders what the point of all of this could have been. As she checks the baby over, she notices a mark on his wrist but guesses it's just a freckle.

Roman, Abe and their men burst onto the floor. They don't see Stefano anywhere. Suddenly, his image comes through the TV. He laughs that they've shown up late as usual. He hopes the gas will prove to be non-toxic, but he wants Marlena arrested for assault and attempted murder. If they don't punish her, he will, he promises.

Downstairs, Lexi checks Sami over. Sami tells her about her hallucinations from the gas and worries. Lexi walks out and Kate asks her what's happening. Lexi says they need to be prepared. Lucas arrives and promptly tells his mother that he saw Sami with EJ and he doesn't care about her anymore. Meanwhile, EJ tries to explain himself to Nicole but she's not giving him a chance. Lexi interrupts, wanting to examine him. He leaves with Sami trailing after him.

August 22, 2008
Half Baked

Rolf and Stefano return to the mansion with business to take care of. Stefano thanks Rolf for his loyalty. "I assure you it has endured," Rolf says. Stefano wants to get to work. He tells his minion that he needs to go underground for a while. "Better safe than comatose," Rolf quips. His boss hands him some papers to keep safe. He also has a message for Marlena, he proclaims as he snaps the Queen chess piece in half. Rolf is flabbergasted. Stefano tells them they can catch up when they reach their destination. He wants the lab moved to a new location. Rolf explains that will be hard since it was obliterated by John. Stefano is outraged. "He is finished!" he scowls. He will have his vengeance of John and "malevolent" Marlena. He will raise a whole new generation of DiMeras, more powerful and invincible than ever before. Then, the vendetta will live on for generations.

At the hospital, EJ and Tony sit in the stairwell and talk about their father's nature. EJ wishes he hadn't tainted the incredible empire he built. They laugh about how delusional their father must be. Tony reminds them that the empire, and the fortune that goes with it, is theirs... and they have a problem they need to hit head on. "John Black?" EJ guesses. Tony thinks he needs to be taken care of. EJ isn't sure he wants to carry on their father's legacy. "We've gotta put our own stamp on the DiMera franchise!" Tony excitedly suggests. EJ feels bad; John has been nice to him. Tony pithily tells him to send him roses. There is going to be a war and they need to wrest control of the family empire back before it's sabotaged. He suggests that the new order could be one that helps people. They hug. Tony exits...

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