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4th Week of August Daily Summaries

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August 25, 2008
What do you Want Princess?

In a French jail cell, Max yells and complains, wishing he had a cell phone to make call. Feeling defeated, he flops on the cot. Stephanie gets an idea. She gets "vamped up" and calls for the guard to try and impress him with her womanly ways. A butch female guard shows up. "What do you want princess?" she spits at Steph. Max laughs. The guard leaves, he teases. The next guard arrives. He's a man and he's quickly distracted by Stephanie who he recognizes as a race car driver. He complements her on how well she handles her curves. She flirts her way into getting her phone back and tries calling her parents but only gets their voice mail. Max suggests that they call Daphne for help. She doubts they should call the editor of a tabloid. She checks her messages and discovers that Nick is in Marseilles.

Nick stumbles into a bistro and bumps into Melanie and her friend. They push past him and he listens to them sizing up people they can mooch off of. Thinking quick, Nick pulls out his phone. "I want six figures no less!" he announces loudly as he walks by their table. Overhearing this, Melanie decides she's found her new man. Her friend suggests she wear glasses to try and impress Nick. She pops some on and bounces over to his table, asking to see a section on his paper. He invites her to join him, buys her some overpriced water and tries to get to know her. She tells him that she is a student and he tries to be mysterious. Stephanie calls him and tells him that she and Max are in jail. She fills him in and tells him that Melanie is a con artist. They give him the address for the jail. Melanie asks him who he was talking to, was it his girlfriend? He says "no". She asks him for a bite to eat. He has to run an errand first and invites her along. She slips over to her friend and gloats about her new meal ticket before he returns and takes her away.

Back in jail, Max is relieved that Nick is in France. Stephanie wants to go home to her own bed. Max says that he might stick around for awhile. He's barely gotten to know his sister yet. Steph says she's known plenty of selfish, manipulative, shallow people like Melanie and there's no point in sticking around; family doesn't mean anything to someone like her. Nick soon arrives with Melanie. "What is this? Some sort of ambush?" she asks as she spots her brother.

Back in Salem at the pub, Nicole cringes as Trent sits with her. "When my wife's not happy, I'm not happy," he smirks. She tells him to go to hell. They banter about the "bondage of matrimony". From what he can tell, she can still barely look after herself. She's a helpless little girl who craves attention from men, he says. Nicole is ready to walk away when he threatens to expose her to Victor if she doesn't do him another favor. Disgusted, she agrees. He informs her that there is a young woman Max has come in contact with. She demands to know who. After taking a drink, he tells her that she's his daughter. Nicole sneers and laughs, surprised he told her anything. He wants to keep Melanie as far away from Max as possible. Nicole guesses that he's afraid Max will tell her what an S.O.B. he really is. He denies this, but refuses to explain the real reason.

At the hospital, Marlena looks at John and asks him who he is. He tells her he's John and is relieved when she tells him she remembers. She knows how ironic it would have been if she'd forgotten who he was, but she hasn't. He seems giddy. She seems depressed and recounts her attack but she's not sure what happened after that. He fills her in and she realizes that Stefano must have been behind this and given her the same drug she gave him. She remembers his taunts and cries. John begs her not to cry and promises she will be alright. She's sure that nothing will be alright as long as Stefano is free. Lexi arrives. Marlena wants to go home. Lexi tests her memory and Marlena asks to go home again. John asks the doctor if she's good to go. Marlena asks him why he keeps pretending to be concerned. "You know that you'd still be lying in a coma if it weren't for me!" he snaps, annoyed. Lexi takes him out and says she doesn't need anymore aggravation. They still don't know what the residual effects of the toxins will be and have to take this one step at a time. He goes back to see Blondie and apologize for what he said; whatever happens, he will protect her from Stefano. "As soon as they let you out of here, I want you to come home with me," he says. She turns him down.

At the mansion, Lucas tells Sami that he is taking their daughter. EJ reminds him of what the consequences of taking the child would be and threatens him with jail. Sami wants to talk this through. Lucas doesn't want to talk to her and claims this isn't about her at all. She says this is about "us". He reminds her that there is no "us". EJ decides to leave and check on the children. She tells him to make sure everything is secure. Lucas starts to worry, sure that Stefano is on the loose and after the kids. If that's the case, he has to keep his daughter away to keep her safe. He announces that he's calling Mickey to end this once and for all. EJ goes upstairs and checks that everything is secure and the baby monitors are working. He returns and tells Sami that everything will be fine but they still snap at each other.

Maggie and Mickey arrive at the door. They ask Lucas if he's really thought this through. Mickey isn't sure that he can get him sole custody and leaves to talk to Sami and EJ alone. Maggie holds Lucas back to chat. Sami tells Mickey she doesn't understand what Lucas is up to. EJ is confident that Lucas' case doesn't have a chance but Mickey is less sure. He and EJ argue, but Mickey is sure that the Stefano threat could trump Lucas' problems. Meanwhile, Lucas repeats to Maggie that things are really over between he and Sami. She wants to know if he will be moving on with Chloe. He likes Chloe, he admits; she has Sami's qualities minus the temper and the rage. Still, he's not getting his hopes up. It sounds to Maggie like he's falling for her. The only thing that matters to him right now is taking his daughter and leaving. He strides into the main room and challenges Sami to take this to court.

August 26, 2008
The Obsessions Ends Here

In France, Melanie isn't thrilled when Nick brings her to see Max and Stephanie in jail. She says it stinks that she left them in there, but she's not made of Euros and can't get them out. Steph claims that she is the only reason they are in there and tells Nick the story of the stolen bracelet. The bickering ends and Steph suggests that Mel get in touch with Georges. He's gone, she explains, suggesting they get Professor Nick to come up with something. He doesn't have any money, but he asks Mel to step aside and discuss things. Max and Steph try calling home. She has no luck getting a hold of her parents and worries about what could be happening. He tries calling his mother. Meanwhile, Nick wonders how someone as well connected as Melanie is can't call in a favor for her brother. "This isn't about money is it?" he queries.

At the pub, Nicole probes Trent for the reasons why he is keeping Melanie and Max apart. He refuses to discuss his children. She's sure she's hit a nerve. Before she can saunter off, he grabs her and forces her to sit down. Again, he threatens to reveal her secret to Victor. She doesn't like his threats and offers to reveal her secret herself. He gets a call that Melanie has maxed out another credit card. He hangs up, annoyed. Nicole says Melanie sounds like a girl after her own heart. When she leaves to powder her nose, he overhears Caroline talking to Max on the phone. He asks her not to tell Trent where they are. After hanging up, Seb comes in and tells Max and Steph that bail has been set at 15,000 Euros. Melanie laughs. Nick is angry. Max threatens to call Trent. Melanie freaks out, worried that her father will throw her in a convent if he discovers what she's been up to. Max tells her to figure something out. She worries that her friends will never let her live this down. "Neither will our father," he warns.

Caroline catches up with Chelsea at the pub. In a few months, Chelsea could be a licensed therapist. Her grandmother is impressed and leaves to get her some coffee. Victor and Henderson walk in and pay their regards to Chelsea before sitting across the room. Caroline promptly walks to Victor and informs him that he is no longer welcome there. He asks her what she is accusing him of. She's confident that he was behind the mess that Bo is embroiled in. Victor doesn't deny it and asks her to sit down. She angrily demands some answers and he bluntly explains everything that's happened. "So Philip is safe and Bo could lose everything because of you?" she summarizes. She's sure that he manipulated both brothers through this mess and can't forgive him for it. He guilted Bo into this predicament. When he rises to leave, she tells him he should never have come here. "I wish Bo had never found out that you were his father!" she adds. He insists that knowing Bo has been very important to him but she is still furious. She's turned a blind eye to the way he conducts his business, but this is their son and he's crossed the line. "I'm not going to let you drag him down with you," she threatens, ordering him out.

At the hospital, Dr. Daniel gives Philip an inspection and tells him he's healing well. Kate arrives to drive her son home. He insists that he can get himself home. Daniel tells him that he's lucky to have a mother like Kate. She gets a call and walks out to wait. Daniel follows. He's confused to see that she seems alright with everything. She confesses that she still has a sense of dread that Chelsea will find out about them. He is sure she'll never know and is sick of hearing about this. She tells him he's not very good at reassuring her. "Do you want this to get out? Do you want Chelsea to know?" he asks. They badger each other. He suggests that she resents that he's moved on. She claims that she only loves Chelsea and doesn't want her to go through more pain. He apologizes and swears to do whatever it takes to protect Chelsea. That's all she wants. "Don't worry, the obsession ends here," she promises. As she goes to leave, he reaches out to her. She bats him back. "I care about you," he says. She cares about him too, but she has no regrets that they ended their relationship. She worries about Philip and the ordeal with Bo. "I know about the evidence Bo tampered with," she admits, but what they've done has only been to protect the people they love. He tells her what a good mother she is and puts his arms around her.

Philip has his wound re-dressed by a nurse and walks out, bumping into Chelsea and one of her charges in the hall. A nurse takes the child down to the activity room and Philip tells Chelsea how impressed he is with her. She asks where Daniel is. He's with his mother. She brings up what happened to Bo and tries to get answers about what has been going on. He gives her the silent treatment. She continues to probe. He refuses to get specific, but admits that the evidence Bo got rid of was related to him. She's outraged that he's let his brother get in trouble for this. "Sometimes people make bad choices," he shrugs. She rants about how he should accept responsibility for his actions. He repeats that he hasn't done anything. She compares what he's done to what she did to Zach. She walks away and soon discovers Daniel with his arms around Kate.

Bo and Hope drift around outside of the pub. He promises her that he won't let her get implicated in his scandal. She just hopes that Roman can keep a lid on this. Roman appears. He reminds Bo that he can't talk about the Hollingsworth case. Bo reminds him that he is his brother and asks him to throw away the book. "You mean like you did?" Roman asks. Bo and Hope beg him to hear them out. He refuses. Bo tells him to get off his high horse and listen. He hands Roman the original tape and explains that the tape that was destroyed was only a copy. Roman is shocked that they've let this fiasco go on. Bo and Hope explain that they have only been trying to smoke out the person who framed Philip: "The new and rather strange John Black." They ask him to bend the rules so they'll have enough time to find out what's happened to Hollingsworth. Roman gives them 48 hours. Hope is confident that is all it will take. Victor walks out and asks to speak to his son alone. He apologizes, though he knows he has no excuse. He offers to help in any way that he can and explains that he told Caroline the truth about what happened. Victor walks away and Hope returns. Bo tells her they need to go after John now. Philip calls and tells his brother that the mess they are in has gone too far. "I want you to know that I'm not going to let you take the fall for this," he promises.

August 27, 2008
Oh my Gosh!

Philip runs into Morgan outside of the pub. She's not thrilled to see him and doesn't know what to say: He threatened to kill her father and yet he took a bullet for her. "How did you do it? Did you strangle my father?" she prods, sure he is just another Kiriakis. "You really don't know me at all do you?" he asks. "Apparently not," she pouts, running off. He chases her down and begs her to listen. She can't get over what he's done. He wasn't playing her, he claims. She's sure that whatever was between them was only a fantasy. He shuffles away as she stares off, imagining dancing with him by candle light.

Bo and Hope sit down in the pub. She worries that Roman will put the tape into evidence and Philip will go to jail. He's still confident that John is behind all of this. Hope worries they could lose everything. They're anxious for Philip to arrive. Kiriakis arrives forthwith and tells his brother that this situation has gone far enough. This is his mess and he needs to take responsibility for it. Bo insists that he has this under control. A woman pops up and drops a subpoena into Philip's hands. They squirm. A moment later, Abe arrives and reminds Bo that he only has 48 hours to sort this mess out. Bo explains that Philip was just served; he wishes they could just find Hollingsworth and sort this out.

Hope joins Morgan across the room and promises they are doing everything they can to find out what happened to her father. Her concern doesn't sit very well with Morgan. Hope is sure that she knows that Philip is no killer and Bo would have never done what he did if he didn't know that. As they talk, Morgan peers out the window and spots someone. She runs out. "Daddy?" she shouts as she searches. Hope follows her out. Morgan tells her she just saw her father. Hope runs back into the pub to announce what's just happened. Everyone rushes out to begin the search. Philip takes Morgan aside and tells her how much he hopes that she gets her father back; he knows how much it would mean to her and to their future.

At the hospital, Chelsea walks in on Daniel and Kate while they embrace. After an awkward moment, the three of them discuss the situation with the lock down and Daniel tries to make small talk. Chelsea's more curious about why the two of them are together. She doesn't get much of an answer. Chelsea asks Daniel out for dinner. Kate ducks out of the conversation and the couple agrees to meet up later. He hands her the keys to his place and runs off to a meeting. She's giddy and hops away. Kate hangs around the hospital until Daniel finds her. She worries that Chelsea suspects something. He reminds her that what happened between them was before he was even with Chelsea. "She can't ever know," she repeats.

Chelsea goes over to Daniel's place and lights candles before taking some wine to bed. When he comes home, he's surprised to find her in his bed rather than making dinner. "I think what I have planned may be just as satisfying," she says, kissing him. He asks her if she's sure. She tells him not to talk. They kiss again. He leaves to take a shower. His phone starts to ring. When she picks it up, she's shocked to see the text message that pops up. She leaps out of bed and dresses. He walks out in no more than his tight jeans and asks what's wrong. "Thank you for tonight, but I think we'd better not speak of what happened between us again," she reads aloud, before throwing down the phone and running out. She calls her grandmother to meet at the hospital. When Kate arrives, Chelsea confronts her: "I know about you and Daniel." Before Kate can admit to anything, Daniel runs in and tells Chelsea that what he and Kate had is over.

Down the hall, John wakes Marlena and starts apologizing for upsetting her earlier. He repeats that he will protect her from Stefano. He wants her to come home with him. "I can't do that," she says. He doesn't understand and even offers to start smoking outside. It's not that; she's just not ready, she explains. John imagines it's the trauma Stefano caused her, but that's not exactly it either. He reaches out to her while she explains the thoughts racing in her brain: He is not the man she married and never will be - they don't even know each other. He wants her to slow down; he's realized, thanks to his hallucinations, just how much he cares about her. The new John will protect her just like the old one did. "Oh my gosh... I'm so sorry. That isn't what I want," she sadly admits. This doesn't make any sense to him and he assumes that the fumes have done something to her brain. She repeats that they have just met recently and have little in common. He becomes uncomfortable and jumps back.

Roman walks in to check on her. He's happy to see she's okay. John doesn't think she is. "I'm thinking more clearly than I've ever thought," she insists, explaining that she has decided who she wants to spend her future with... and it's not John. He claims that she is confused. Listening to them, Roman actually is confused. John accuses Marlena of giving up. She's moved on before and he wasn't the only great love of her life. "Before you, there was Roman," she reminds him. "You can't be serious?" John groans, sitting down. Marlena tells him how much she loved him before John came along; she even fell in love with John believing he was Roman. She doesn't love the man that John is now. He's sure this is all crazy and she needs to come home with him and sleep on it. Roman doesn't think he can protect her from Stefano while living in Stefano's mansion. They bicker until John asks Roman outside to discuss things.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" John taunts his presumed rival. Roman tries to clarify the situation but John won't listen. Roman just needs to protect Marlena and John is not what she needs right now. "Stay away from my wife!" John threatens. They go back to Marlena's side. John apologizes to her again and claims that if he hurt her, it's only because she hurt him by making him compete with a ghost. He asks her not to push him away anymore so they can work on bringing the old him back. "That will never happen," she says, explaining that Stefano has already destroyed the disc. "Doesn't matter anyway Blondie. I'm not giving up," he promises. She says he's wasting his time. He wants to be there for her now and begs her to come back to the mansion with him. She asks for time to think about it. John leaves but she asks Roman to stay. She tells him how confused she feels. He tells her that she is doing the right thing, but he won't let her go home alone: He will be going with her... as her police guard, just like when they met, he'll even sleep on her floor. A nurse interrupts to run a blood screen. He waits outside but returns with John to say goodbye. John wants an answer to his offer. "It's too little too late," she says. She's sorry but she won't go back with him. "I'm sorry too," he says, kissing her head and walking out. Roman promises her that he will keep her safe just like in the old days. Outside, John snipes at him: "Congratulations commander. You just may have your shot after all." After Roman walks away, John gets a call informing him that Paul has escaped.

August 28, 2008
Boys can be a Handful

At the pub, Caroline serves Steve coffee and they talk about potato soup and Kayla. His wife is still shaken up by Stefano trying to kidnap Joe. Caroline tells him to go home and relax. He's busy setting up a website for his new business. He hands her a business card: Steve Johnson, Private Eye. She's impressed. He needs to do something to keep himself from going crazy. She laughs; this doesn't seem like the answer. The only other things he knows how to do are play harmonica and get into trouble. She congratulates him and he explains that he's trying to help Kayla cut back on her time at the hospital. She's barely gotten any rest thanks to worrying about Joe. Caroline says that's because she's a mother and that never goes away. He wants to make sure she gets all the time she needs with Joe. They discuss Max. He worries that Stephanie hasn't called. She's sure that everything is fine.

In France, Melanie pops by the jail to see Max. She throws him a candy bar she stole and she even brought one for Steph, although she doesn't like her. She tells him Nick is kind of cute and might be rich soon. He's more eager to hear if Tiffany will be dropping charges against him. She doubts it. He threatens to call Trent. They bicker. He accuses her of not caring about anyone but herself. "I care about my father," she says, asking him what's going on between them. Max downplays it. She pushes him to call their father but Tiffany strides in before that can happen. Melanie refuses to apologize for stealing the bracelet, but announces that Max is sorry. She explains that he is a famous driver and would like to make this up to her over dinner... he just needs to get out of jail first. Stephanie returns just as Tiffany announces that she will have the charges dropped as long as he comes out with her alone. A deal is struck and Tiffany runs off to sort things. Max explains things to Stephanie. Tiffany returns, announcing that they are free and escorting Max out. "They sure make a cute couple," Melanie snipes at Steph.

Nick sits in the bistro listening to accordion music when Trent calls to quiz him on why he's bailed on a conference they were supposed to have. Nick says he has a family problem he's dealing with. Trent offers to have some notes on Nick's project sent to him and asks for an address. Nick fobs him off and hangs up.

Back in Salem, Trent drifts into the pub and introduces himself to Steve. He tells him that he is interested in hiring a P.I. to find a colleague of his: Nick Fallon. Trent explains how worried he is that Nick has suddenly vanished like this. He suggests that he may be in Europe, perhaps France. Steve is willing to check into it and they set up financing. Trent brings up Stephanie and Max. Steve says that he really doesn't like Max but isn't allowed to say anything. Trent wonders if the couple would know where Max is... They exchange numbers and Trent leaves. Caroline rushes over and wonders what he wanted. He tells her that he's been hired to find Nick; this could be the best way for him to keep his eye on Trent. Meanwhile, Trent is on his phone outside, concerned that Max has already found Melanie. He promises his interlocutor that he will handle this and hangs up.

Over at the hospital, Daniel explains to Kate that Chelsea knows they slept together. "I'm sorry," Kate apologizes. Chelsea pushes Daniel away and announces that she needs to think. When she turns, Theo leaps into her arms with Lexi chasing behind him. "Boys can be a handful," Kate remarks. Chelsea wants to take care of Theo and offers to take him over to his appointment. The boy gets upset and Lexi decides to take him herself and leaves. "We really need to talk," Kate says. Chelsea can't wait to hear why they had sex. Daniel tries to explain: They didn't have a relationship, just a fling. That explanation doesn't make her feel better. He says it was before they were together and he knows they should have told her. They apologize. Chelsea is insulted and doesn't want to talk about this.

Later, Lexi corners Daniel and asks him if everything is alright. He says that he and Chelsea just hit a bump in the road, but doesn't want to talk about it. After some prodding, he confesses that he slept with Kate and Chelsea found out at an inopportune moment. "I've just screwed up the best thing that's happened to me in a long, long time," he says. Lexi is shocked. They sit down. He goes through the details and tries to explain his mental state and how he hooked up with Kate while he was hammered. She's sure that Chelsea will calm down and understand. He hopes so. Later, he meets with Kate. She wishes this had never happened. Meanwhile, Lexi bumps into Chelsea and offers her some advice: There are always two sides to a story and she should find out what they are. Chelsea sighs but decides to take the advice. She goes down the hall and tells Daniel and Chelsea that she wants them to tell her exactly what happened between them.

Back at the bistro in France, Stephanie rants to Nick about how much trouble Melanie is. They glance over at Max and Tiffany. Before he can tell her about Trent's call, Melanie interrupts. She asks Steph to make herself scarce and then takes her seat. She thanks Nick for convincing her to do the right thing. He suggests they get to know each other better. Stephanie steps outside and talks to her father on her cell. He fills her in on what's happened but she's elusive. He explains that Trent is looking for her. Meanwhile, Tiffany cuddles up to Max. "I'm not going to jump you in front of your girlfriend," she promises. She's just having fun with him and was already planning to drop the charges. He tells her not worry about it. They talk about how horrible his sister is, though he tries making excuses for her. She tells him to do himself a favor and catch the next flight home. She makes a pass at him. He reminds her he has a girlfriend. "I don't care," she smiles, pulling him into a kiss. Stephanie spots them through the window and stomps in. Tiffany tells her she's a lucky girl and skips out. Max makes excuses but Steph isn't mad. She cleans Tiffany's lipstick off his lips and gives him a kiss.

August 29, 2008
A Girl's Grandmother Isn't Even Safe Around You

At the hospital, Lexi is taking Theo to see his therapist when John storms in searching for Blondie and demanding to know where she has vanished to. She asks him to keep his voice down and stop scaring her son. He barks at her to find Blondie. She makes some calls and then informs him that she is gone. "Unbelievable," he carefully enunciates, accusing her and her ill-trained staff of being irresponsible. She's sick of his abuse. He repeats the threat hanging over Marlena's head. She reminds him that Marlena works in the hospital and could be anywhere. He grumbles and leaves to find her himself.

At the mansion, EJ is on the phone with Mickey when he hears Anna dragging in her mountain of luggage. When he arrives in the foyer, he finds his brother grinning. "We're moving in," Tony announces. EJ is surprised but Tony says they both have the right to live there. His brother only lives there thanks to John's good grace and reminds Tony that they were cut out of the will. Tony explains that the will is invalid now that Stefano is alive. EJ knows that John has made a mess of things, but he's sure that he can exploit his trust and find a way to push him out. Tony doubts that John is that much of a fool and suggests that they be more assertive. Anna wishes they would drop this. He talks about the family legacy and how it has been tarnished. She wants to go home. He refuses to back down, vowing to restore the glory to the DiMera name even if it kills him. Anna doesn't like this one bit and stomps out. EJ tells his brother that she is right; he's been making inroads with John and doesn't want him interfering. EJ admits that he's more worried about their father than about John. Tony doubts that he's a real threat to their cause. The doorbell rings. They turn and see Anna signing for a delivery. EJ shows his brother the invoice: It's a big order for Stefano. They search through the boxes and find all of Stefano's favorite things. Tony suggests this must be a joke to unnerve them. EJ suspects he's actually on the way. "We should be ready," Tony says.

Marlena surprises her secretary when she shows up at work. The secretary thinks she should be at home resting after everything she's been through. Marlena can't go home. She flashes back to being attacked and drugged and quickly covers her lingering dread. The secretary informs her that she has a walk-in patient, Dora, who just came in and broke down. She goes into her office and meets with Dora. She's frail and stutters her way through the catalogue of her problems. She feels powerless and doesn't know how to face every day. Marlena warns her that she'll be paralysed if she doesn't stop living in fear: She needs to take charge of her life. Only she can be responsible for her own happiness and destiny.

John barges in on the self-help session and orders Marlena to go back to bed. Dora's terrified and runs away. The secretary offers to call security. Marlena thinks she can take care of this herself. John rants at her and tells her she shouldn't be anywhere without him or a bodyguard. She admits that she's terrified but can't live her life in fear. He asks her to come home again. "I don't need you to take care of me... I'm not even sure that I need you in my life," she says. He's baffled, but she's not playing a game. Almost dying made her realize that she was wasting her life living in the past. She wants the future and she needs her own life as a single person. "I didn't realize you were so selfish," he accuses. He doesn't want to lose her. She says it's too late. He can't tell her that he loves her, he doesn't know what he feels, but he didn't like to see her dying. He may not remember their old life, but he knows how it felt to make love with her. She doesn't have to be alone anymore, he says. She cries, throws her arms around him and kisses him. They have sex on the couch. He leaps up and yells: "I knew I could win you back!" She's dismayed. He mutters through a correction. EJ interrupts with a call about what's happening at the house but John says he's busy. He repeats that she has to come home with him.

Back at the mansion, Anna is upset by Tony's attitude and walks off. He follows and assures her that his father will be staying far away. She reminds him that his father's anger is far reaching. Tony's still livid about John taking over. She reminds him that he has money of his own. "This is not about money. This is about standing up... and getting that ruthless, arrogant android out of this house!" he claims. This scares her. Tony's not trying to be diabolical; he just wants what's best for the family. A major house cleaning is in order and John should be the first to go. Stefano suddenly calls and asks his son to get his room ready: He's coming home.

Meanwhile, John and Marlena dress and go to the mansion. He insists that this hasn't been a mistake and kisses her. She makes it clear that this is only one night. When he opens the door, they're shocked to see all of Stefano's boxes in the foyer. He pockets some of the cigars and realizes that Stefano must be coming back. EJ pops up to tell him that Tony has moved in and his father won't be far behind. "Over my dead body," John grumbles.

Daniel paces at the pub with Kate. They're waiting for Chelsea so they can sort things out. He feels like a dog for keeping the truth from Chelsea; now he wants to make things right. Chelsea arrives and takes a seat. Kate apologizes and so does Daniel. She understands that they didn't want to hurt her but she doesn't know how to get past the fact that her boyfriend slept with her grandmother. Kate repeats that none of this was planned. Daniel repeats his story about his dead wife. Kate then tells the story of the night they hooked up again. Daniel is tired of repeating excuses. Chelsea reminds him that both he and Kate knew how she felt about him and he knew how he felt about her. Neither Kate nor Daniel wanted him to get involved with her because they feared she would be hurt. "What do you know? You were both right," Chelsea shrugs. But why didn't they tell her before? He says it would have been awkward. Kate gets a call and leaves. Daniel says there's no reason why they can't put this behind them and move on. "I don't want to lose you," he implores, taking her hand. She pulls away and accuses him of being a player; even a girl's grandmother isn't safe around him. Kate returns and they repeat how sorry they are. Chelsea can't get over it and walks out. She heads to the hospital and informs Lexi that she and Daniel are finished. Chelsea plays with Theo and cries.

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