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1st Week of December Daily Summaries

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December 1, 2008

One Step at a Time.

Hearing a noise, Nicole runs to the front door which blows open in the wind. As she runs back inside the mansion, she finds EJ standing before the mantle. He turns and unfurls the baby wrap in his arms. There's nothing there. She screams. She wakes up in the clinic. It was a nightmare. She goes to see Dr. Baker. He begins talking about her miscarriage when she cuts him off. She gave birth to a baby that was never able to take a breath, she gasps; she lost her miracle baby. He asks her why she is there. "I need you to give me something that no one else can. My life depends on it," she says. She needs to know if she can conceive again. He tells her that the chances of that are virtually non-existent. Even if she did conceive, her scarring would not allow her to carry the child to term.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate tells Daniel how much she enjoyed the celebration with her family. He has a worried look. She asks him what it's about. He has new test results and they are going to have to start even more aggressive treatment. The primary tumor in her lungs is shrinking, but it is also metastasizing to the lymph nodes, blood stream and bone marrow. With tears running down her cheeks, she asks him how much time she has left. He can't say. When he attempts to be optimistic, she becomes depressed, sure that her bad karma is coming back to bite her. She wants to be alone and won't tolerate his platitudes about being brave and strong. He puts his arms around her and tells her never to suggest that she brought this on herself. Taking her face in his hands, he tells her that she will have hope and he will do whatever it takes to help her beat this. She makes him promise that she will come out of this. He takes her hand and makes the promise.

Lucas has a surprise for Chloe. She begs for it. He unveils a ring box and then hides it, teasing her. She dances around and asks for her present. When she opens it, she finds a key and seems rather disappointed. He explains that it's a key to their 'dream house'. She gulps. He fills her in on all of the details about the house and then pulls out another box. This one has a ring in it. Lucas tells her how amazing she is and that he loves her with his heart and soul. Getting down on one knee, he proposes. She gulps again. He slips the ring on her finger. They giggle and kiss. His phone rings. It's Kate. She tells him her news.

Lucas and Chloe arrive at the hospital. Daniel tells them that they are going to kill Kate's immune system and rebuild it from scratch. She will need a bone marrow transplant. Later, he notices Chloe's ring. She admits that she and Lucas are engaged but asks him to keep it quiet for now. He agrees. Meanwhile, Kate tells Lucas that she tends to worry about him the most but there is an important way that he can help her. She needs him to prove to her that he will be alright without her. Crying, he begs her not to talk like that. She needs him to promise that he will be okay. They hug. 

Brady meets with Marlena at the pub. As he sits down, she tells him that his father will be joining them. She thinks she's finally getting the old John back. After John almost killed a man, she managed to convince him to enter therapy. John pops up, unhappy to see that she is sharing their business with other people. He berates her, refusing to go through with the therapy. She stops him from walking out. He sarcastically prods her to tell everyone else about his problems... including Tony and 'old man Stefano'. Brady is confused so his father explains that they are both DiMeras. Brady becomes livid and rants. His father tells him to 'suck it up and be a man'. Brady claims that he is not even his father anymore, just some robot who thinks he is superior to everyone else. Brady orders him to put his family first and get his life together then storms out. John smirks. Marlena urges him again to meet with the therapist. He gives in but tells her not to shoot off her mouth anymore. She tells him that he saved her life and she wants to return the favor. John's still sure this won't work. "One step at a time," she says. After she walks out, John bumps into a woman and knocks her files on the floor. He discovers that she has his file and demands to know where she got it. She introduces herself as Dr. Charlotte Taylor.

EJ wanders around the mansion looking for Nicole. The maid tells him that Nicole left early that morning... and she was crying. She tells him that Nicole hasn't been the same since Brady brought her back. He becomes agitated and rushes off to see Dr. Baker. Elvis asks for the prognosis. The doctor tells him it's complicated and pulls out the chart. Baker searches the chart and sees that EJ is not listed as her husband or the father. He refuses to say anything and walks out. EJ follows him and demands some answers. The doctor refuses. EJ threatens to get an injunction. Baker suggests he just talk to Nicole himself.

Nicole goes shopping for pregnancy clothes. The clerk straps a fake pregnancy belly on her so she can wear it while she tries on outfits. After Nicole slips a dress over, she announces that she'll be buying the belly as well, much to the clerk's confusion. When she returns to the mansion, the maid offers her some sympathy and then walks off. Nicole drifts over to the nativity scene, picks up the baby Jesus and cries. Brady shows up at the door. She tries to get rid of him. He just found out that he's a DiMera and needs to talk. When he barges in, he notices her fake baby bump and asks what's going on. He worries that she is in denial. "I'm painfully aware of what I've lost," she says. If she thought she could conceive again, she would have the courage to tell EJ the truth... but there is no hope. She's sure that EJ is only with her because she was pregnant; she can't lose him on top of losing the baby. She needs more time before she can tell him the truth. Brady agrees not to say anything. As they embrace, EJ walks in and asks 'what the devil is going on'.

2, 2008
Tell him Everything.

Bo drops by the Cheatin' Heart to see Max. He's got the box that Trent left for him in his will. Max still doesn't want it; Trent never gave him anything but misery. Bo groans and hands it over anyway, telling him that he'll have to get rid of the box himself. He invites him over for dinner. They knock knuckles and Bo walks off. Max stares at the box.

Philip shows up at Maggie's to see Melanie. She's surprised that he's offered her the job. He surprises her again by telling her that she is starting today. She's not ready. He hands her a USB stick and tells her to get familiar with Titan's holdings by tomorrow. As they turn around, Stephanie walks in, aghast that he actually hired Melanie. The women begin taking swipes at each other and then Philip tells Melanie to study... he might quiz her in the morning. Later, as Melanie sits and goes over the files, Max arrives. She tells him that Philip gave her a job and complains about how boring it is. He warns her not to cut any corners and then takes out the box. He's giving it to her. She shakes her head and refuses it. He puts it back in his bag and wishes her good luck. Before he can leave, she suggests they open it together. He's not ready for that.

Stephanie and Philip walk outside. She still doesn't understand why he hired Melanie. He explains that he reconsidered her circumstances and had a change of heart. She's vulnerable and told him he's a cold insensitive jerk with no real world experience. Stephanie points out the major points in his biography, like growing up a Kiriakis and fighting in the war, but he thinks he's had a cakewalk compared to Melanie. If someone doesn't stop her, she will ruin her life. He'd like to help out someone who has had a tough life. Steph tells him he's a good guy and kisses his cheek.

At the safe house, Sami sarcastically tells Rafe that she's glad he's back after being left alone with 'broom Hilda'. She wonders why he was gone. He explains that he was gone on a fact finding mission and discovered some things about EJ. He suggests that she and Elvis might be able to work things out. She claims she has no such desire... besides, if he knew how she was deceiving him, he would never forgive her. When she flits around the room, a medallion falls off of her. He recognizes it as one from the local convent and guesses that she must have snuck out after he left. Annoyed, he asks her why she went there. She missed her kids and it's almost Christmas; she thought that praying would help, she explains. When she adds that she met a nun, Rafe becomes even more worried. She asks him if they can go back to the convent. He thinks that's a bad idea, but since she'll do it anyway, he agrees. They go over to the convent. When they sit down, Sami remarks on how familiar Rafe seems with the place. He was there a lot as a kid. There was a nun who helped him out; he wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for her help. He used to be a street punk until the nun got a hold of him and made him realize he could turn his life around. Putting up with Sami has been hard, he admits, but he's getting used to her. They joke around, poke fun at each other and he wishes she would be more mature. She says she'll try and admits that he does make her feel safe.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Brady that she will tell EJ the truth when she is ready. She begs him not to say anything until she does. As they embrace, EJ walks in and demands to know what is going on. Seeing that she is upset, he asks if something is wrong with the baby. She downplays things. He decides that Nicole needs time alone to feel better and asks Brady to leave. Brady has something to say before leaving: He wants to talk about being a DiMera. EJ asks him if he's having an identity crises. "I'm in serious denial," Brady says. EJ gets a call and walks out. Nicole begs Brady not to say anything; she doesn't want to risk losing her future. He warns her that she'll only make things worse; the DiMeras are not people to mess with. After he leaves, EJ returns. Nicole wonders if he's being jealous about Brady. He just wants to focus on their child. She claims that she's just being hormonal and the doctor told her they can't be 'intimate' right now. He tells her that he went to see her doctor too and asks for the facts. Nervously, she asks what the doctor said. He couldn't say anything, he admits, which is why he wants them to go and see him together right now. She keeps his hands off her belly and then grabs her phone and makes a call while he gets the car. "I need some information right away," she says.

When EJ and Nicole arrive at the clinic, she wants to go. He refuses and asks a nurse to announce them to the doctor. Dr. Baker comes out and EJ asks him for all of the details about Nicole's scare. "Tell him everything," Nicole anxiously agrees.

Brady meets Bo at the pub. They sit down and catch up about the family and how strange things are. Bo advises him to stay away from Nicole; she's more dangerous than ever. Brady's sure that Nicole will show her true colors soon enough. He asks Bo what he really thinks of EJ. Bo explains that Elvis has sent mixed signs and explains what he did to save John, but adds that he has a lot of sins to atone for and can't be trusted. Brady is sure that Nicole has changed and worries about her. "Hell hath no fury like a DiMera scorned," Bo warns.


December 3, 2008

Open Minded.

Rafe wanders around the church, remembering how sister Agnes whipped him into shape when he was a kid. Sister Theresa comes out to talk. Sami wants a private discussion with the nun. Rafe forbids it. Sami drags Rafe across the room. She claims that she just wants to talk to the nun about spiritual matters. He'll follow her into the confessional, he threatens. She begs. He refuses. She continues to plead until he walks past her and straight to the nun. He asks her if she knew Sister Agnes. She did. Sami mumbles while a man walks in. Rafe spots him and instantly rushes over to him, grabbing him and aggressively questioning him. The nun intercedes and asks him to back off. Rafe apologizes for overreacting and decides it's time to leave. The nun agrees. Sami and Rafe walk out. She swipes a notice with the nun's number on it as they leave. When they get back to the safe house, she tells Rafe that she needs to go back to the church to apologize for him. He forbids it and orders her to stop trying to manipulate him. As he mocks her, she blows up at him. She needs to see the nun; she tells him a story about nuns she knew growing up and how much she needs contact with the church during the Christmas season. He still refuses and walks into his room. "My little reunion is going to happen whether you want it or not," she says to herself, taking out the nun's number.

Marlena arrives at the pub looking for John. She finds Kayla instead. Kayla asks if there's been a change in John's condition. Marlena explains that he's agreed to see an old professor of hers. Sitting down, she complains about the way John has been with his son. She's confident that Dr. Taylor can help him if anyone can.

John and Dr. Taylor meet in the park. She informs him that he had an appointment with her father, but he has passed away and she inherited his caseload. He brutally quizzes her about her father's death. She tells him he was a private man and didn't publicize his funeral. "Funerals are overrated. I had one last year," he gruffly states. When she sits down to start their discussion, he spots Steve and walks over to him for an update. Steve's found nothing new. John sends him away and returns to the doctor. He asks her why she isn't asking about the 'shady looking guy with the eye patch'. She thinks it's irrelevant. Moving on, she asks him if a lab experiment is responsible for the changes in his character. He insists there is nothing wrong with him. She agrees. It's not uncommon for someone who has suffered trauma like his to experience amnesia and for their loved ones to be resentful and pressure him to resume his past identity. He smiles. She says that if a patient has become comfortable with who they are, everyone should defer to that. He smiles more.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the clinic to talk to Dr. Baker. Elvis wants to know everything about Nicole's 'scare'. Baker leaves to get the file. EJ thanks Nicole for giving him the chance to find some peace of mind. She cringes as they wait. He begins kicking himself for being in Argentina while she was having problems. Promising never to leave her again, he pulls her into his arms. She pushes away. "I hate that lodge! I wish I never stepped foot in that place!" she blurts out. He doesn't understand. She explains that it ruined everything; it was supposed to be their first romantic trip but it all went wrong. Now she can't be with him until the baby is born. He knows how to be patient when it comes to sex. When the doctor returns, she cuts him short and asks him to do a follow up first. Stefano calls EJ. Nicole pressures him to go outside and take the call. As soon as he's gone, Nicole reveals to the doctor that she hasn't told EJ the truth yet and no one else can. While Elvis bickers with his father about business, Nicole implores the doctor to lie to EJ until she's strong enough to tell him the truth herself. She blames herself for everything. The doctor tells her that it's random and the fetus wasn't viable. She doesn't want to hear any boring medical explanations; she lost her child and may lose the man she loves. The doctor understands, but he can't help. She explains that she had a friend do a background check on him and discovered all of his ex-wives and various children. He realizes she's about to blackmail him. She offers to wipe out his debts in return for one favor. EJ returns. After a long pause, the doctor tells him that the baby is fine. A nurse rushes in and calls the doctor away. Nicole just wants to go home. "Don't hide the truth from me," EJ says to her. He knows how worried she is and doesn't want her to hide it; what they have is a blessing. As he hugs her, back at the mansion, Stefano sits in his office talking to a doctor from Zurich. He's going to bring him over to check out Nicole.

Steve talks to some 'dude' on the phone and is annoyed that there are still no leads on the mayor's killer. He walks into the pub and finds Kayla sitting with the baby and some wine. Marlena returns and tells them what an angel their baby is. As she sits down, she and Steve discuss John. She suspects that he is finally getting the help he needs. After she leaves to take a call, he watches TV for awhile before he and Kayla begin flirting. He suggests that they go home, 'get liquored up, light candles and put on some Barry White'. They make out and giggle. After they walk out, John and Charlotte walk into the pub laughing. He tells her that if his mind is anything, it's open. Marlena pops up and pushes past John to introduce herself to the doctor. As they shake hands, Charlotte tells her that she is Dr. Taylor. "No, that's not possible," Marlena says.

December 4, 2008
A Match.

Chelsea walks in on Max while he tries to fix something behind the bar at the Cheatin' Heart. She dourly tells him that she has really bad news about her grandmother. Max gets her a drink. Chelsea stares; she feels numb. Max suggests that she try to be positive but she's too burned out to be. She feels useless since she can't even be tested as a match. This annoys him; the only reason she can't save Kate is because she already saved her father. She's glad to have someone who won't listen to her whine, but he doesn't need to make her feel stupid.

In the park, Lucas gets off the phone. He turns to Chloe and tells her that Austin and Will are sending their test results over and Billie's will follow soon. He worries that there will be no bone marrow match for Kate. Chloe tells him not to be scared. They go back to their room and make love. He apologizes; they just got engaged and this should be a happy time. Instead, they are keeping things secret. She says that most of her secrets have been sad ones, but now she has a happy one inside of her. She is just happy to have a future that she can look forward to.

At Maggie's, Melanie is having a hard time concentrating on studying Philip's files. She decides to take a break and leaves Maggie a note asking her not to touch her computer. She goes down to the pier and is shocked to run into Maggie. She sarcastically talks about leaping in the water. Maggie wonders why she is so worked up. She explains that she's been studying for work. Maggie's happy to hear it. Melanie suspects that Philip has given her a test he knew she would fail. Maggie reminds her that he's busy worrying about Kate right now. Mel wishes she could help. Maggie suggests that she could have herself tested as a bone marrow match. "I could help someone else?" Mel wonders.

Philip sits with his mother in her hospital room. She wakes up. "I must look like hell. So nice you're here to see me," she says, ordering him to go back to work. She tells him that she will be fighting like hell. He promises to be there to help. Daniel comes in and tells them that everyone is sending in their tests. She begins to scream in pain. Daniel offers her morphine but she turns him down; she wants to feel alive while she still can. Again, she asks her son to go; she can't stand watching him watching her in pain. She needs to know that he will have the strength to go along with whatever she decides to do. Philip and Daniel look more worried. She explains that she will take every chance there is, but if she runs out of chances... She knows that Philip is the only one who can handle what she is asking him to do. After holding his hand, she sends him out so she can talk to Daniel alone. She tells him that she's scared this is becoming too personal for him. "I think that's out of your control," he says. Kate worries that this is more about what happened to his wife. He insists this is only about Kate. "Liar," she says.

In the corridor, Stephanie hands Philip some paperwork and asks after his mother. He signs the papers and they share an awkward moment. She hugs him as Melanie sticks her head around the corner. Steph tells him to take care of himself. He's hoping for good news. She tells him that she got tested just in case. He suggests she take the rest of the day off and enjoy it so someone can be happy. She smiles at him and leaves. As he slumps in a chair, Melanie approaches. He jumps at her, accusing her of treating his life like it's a spectator sport. Mumbling, she explains she was only there to get tested. He stops her from leaving. She tells him that she understands what he's feeling and thumps away.

Melanie and Maggie meet up again on the pier. Melanie offers to carry Maggie's groceries. She asks Maggie what it means when trying to do the right thing ends up making things worse. She wasn't trying to score points with Philip, she just wanted to help, she insists. She's sure that Philip must not want her around but she's going to do her best to prove that he hasn't made a mistake in hiring her. Maggie is sure that she can prove that she is up to the challenge. "I am definitely up to the job, but I want to do mine and Stephanie's," she says to herself.

Back in the hospital room, Kate takes a nap. Daniel soon wakes her up by placing a garish Christmas ornament by her bed. They try joking and he promises her that she will have many more Christmases. A nurse walks in and announces that the results are in. Philip returns and asks for news. When he's told the results are in, he runs off to call Lucas and Chelsea over. Meanwhile, Daniel goes down to the lab and looks over the results. "That wasn't what I was looking for," he grumbles. Back upstairs, the family gathers in Kate's room. Daniel arrives and tells them that he tested the family as well as the hospital database and has found a match... Chloe.

At the pub, Marlena is angry to discover that Charlotte has taken over her father's caseload, including John's case, without informing her. John tells Marlena to stay out of it. Marlena advises John against this. He smirks. Charlotte tells Marlena how much her father admired her. She explains that she is continuing with her father's research and believes that she can help John. "I just have one reservation... the relationship between the two of you," she says. She thinks that John and Marlena's boundaries are blurred and worries that Marlena will interfere in any treatment. Marlena tells her how reluctant John is to seek treatment. John pipes up and enthusiastically says that he would like to continue the treatment with Charlotte. Marlena's startled. John's phone rings and he leaves to take it. The women sit down and admit that they are both being played against each other by John. Although Charlotte tries to be friendly, Marlena finds it hard to reciprocate when she's informed that the new shrink in town will be joining the hospital staff and moving her practice in right next door to hers.

Stephanie meets her parents in the park. When she accidentally spills some hot chocolate, she gets upset. Steve wonders what's wrong. She explains what's happened with Kate and how hard Philip is taking it. This has made her realize how hard it would be if something like this happened to them. Philip has been so nice to her, she wishes there was something she could do for him.

December 5, 2008
I Can't Keep Doing This.

At the safe house, Sami bangs on the bathroom door and tells Rafe she found them a ballet to watch. She's sure that will keep him in there for awhile. Grabbing the paper she got from the church, she heads for the door. When she opens it, Rafe jumps up and scares her. She's furious that he scared her and realizes he can escape out the bathroom window. He points out that she can't fit. She hates him for this. "It's a thin line between love and hate," he says. That makes her angry. He takes off his shirt. She stares. He explains that he is going out. When he dresses in a brown uniform, she complains about how ugly his clothes are and cries because she isn't watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and wrapping gifts. He tells her that there is a surprise outside and apologizes for being a jerk. When he acts nice, he annoys her even more. She needs him to be a jerk so she won't think about Christmas. He apologizes again. There's a knock at the door. When she runs to the door, Hilda is there with a Christmas tree. As she sings carols, Sami flips out. As Hilda places the tree, Sami cries. Rafe offers to get rid of it. She refuses; she can't imagine the tree sitting in an alley somewhere, all alone. Hilda suggests that Rafe leave before he makes things worse. She sits with Sami as Rafe heads out the door. Sami notices he's in disguise and makes him promise to be careful with Stefano. He tells her that he is going to do everything he can to help her. As he leaves, he asks Hilda to make sure Sami isn't a 'basket case' when he gets back. Sami worries. Hilda wonders why two people who can't stand each other worry so much.

At the mansion, Nicole stands in her room and wonders how she can tell EJ the truth. When she walks downstairs, Stefano greets her and offers her a drink. She reminds him that she's pregnant. That's exactly what he wants to talk about. "I think it's time we both put our cards on the table, don't you?" he asks. Before he can probe, EJ walks in and tells his father to stop. Stefano does, explaining that he becomes 'imperious' about grandchildren. He goes on to say that he has flown over one of the world's greatest obstetricians to examine her. She angrily refuses, telling them that no one picks her doctors for her. Stefano thought concern for the baby would trump her 'hysterical feminism'. She thinks his negotiating skills stink and reminds him that EJ has no legal standing when it comes to the child. After she storms off, Stefano follows. He assures her that this was all his idea and it's not Elvis' fault. The maid tells him a call has come in. He leaves. She turns to EJ and he apologizes, telling her that he and his father are just clueless guys. Smiling, he tells her how much he admires her 'fire' and how sure he is that she can take care of their child. He doesn't know what he would do if he lost her or the baby. Stefano returns and announces that they have to leave on family business. After the DiMeras leave, Nicole talks to herself, "I can't keep doing this to you EJ, but I know that when I tell you, it's going to kill you and us."

When Nicole puts on her coat, she notices that her baby belly is moving around. She decides to run upstairs and change clothes. When she goes up, Rafe arrives, introducing himself to the maid as the cable guy. The maid is confused. He tells her she can pat him down when he leaves. "It'll be the highlight of my night," she says, walking away. He searches around the house before walking into Nicole's room. While he digs through her desk, she walks out of the bathroom with the belly in her hands.

Back at the safe house, Sami rants and worries to Hilda about everything. Hilda tells her to sit down and takes out some photos of her children. Sami gasps, cries and thanks her. Hilda knows what it's like to be separated from her children and how awful it can be. She assures her that her kids won't forget her or grow away from her. That would be Sami's worst nightmare. They bond and stare at the tree. Hilda offers to get some lights for it. Sami wishes she could be with the twins for the holidays. Hilda tells her not to give up hope.

At the hospital, Kate tells Chloe not to feel bad for not being able to help her. She wonders where Daniel is, sure that he must be avoiding her since he gave her the bad news. Lucas gives Kate a gift and she talks about how she raised him and how domineering she used to be. She can sense that he is keeping something from her. He confesses that he and Chloe are engaged. "I thought it was something like that," she says, crying. Chloe walks out for a minute and then returns. Kate tells her that she misinterpreted her reaction. She is overwhelmed by the news. She can't micro-manage her sons' lives anymore, so she just wants them to be happy. She thanks Chloe for making Lucas happy. Meanwhile, Daniel is down in the lab thinking hard of a way to help. He soon goes upstairs and announces that he has some good news. He's found a way that Chloe can still be a donor, even if she had cancer. His mentor, Dr. Canard, has come up with a method he could use to treat her blood and then transplant it into Kate. Chloe is eager to start but Daniel warns that there could be considerable risks for her. Kate refuses to let Chloe take a risk. Chloe knows she can't force her to accept the donation of her marrow, but Kate can't stop her from making it either. Kate tells her to stop. Daniel insists it is only a back-up plan. Chloe wants to be Kate's safety net. Kate asks to talk to Lucas alone. The doctor and the diva file out. Kate wants her son to promise that he won't let Chloe go through with this. He argues with her, insisting that they can trust Daniel with their lives. In the hall, Chloe is adamant that she will go through with the procedure.

Stefano and EJ go down to the pier. He explains that he received a call from one of their Argentinean associates, a smuggler of African diamonds name Senor Fortin. He soon arrives and shows his diamonds to Stefano. "Beautiful. Is it any wonder so many lives have been lost to get them here," he says. They make a deal and Elvis hands over the money. Fortin pulls out a gun and demands his diamonds back.


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