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2nd Week of December Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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December 8, 2008
"It Seems We've Had a Visitor!"

EJ and Stefano do the deal for the 'blood diamonds' with Juan and Senor Fontaine. As they are about to hand over the money, the two men pull out guns and take the jewels back from Stefano, saying that it's been a pleasure doing business with him! Stefano and EJ are forced onto the ground, and Stefano murmurs to EJ to follow his lead. He says, "Attacko!" and some other henchmen come out of the shadows, turning the tables on the Fontaine men! Stefano tells the men he's going to let them go out of sheer holiday spirit. But first they must learn a lesson. EJ cringes as Stefano's henchmen start giving the men a beating. Once they are alone again, EJ expresses his displeasure to Stefano - they were almost killed and those men were beaten senseless! Stefano notes that it's a lesson learned - never trust anyone, least of all your friends! EJ is disgusted, but Stefano tells him it's a part of his job. EJ snips, "Being held at gunpoint is part of my job?!" Stefano calls him a spoiled little Prince. EJ says he's heard it all before, but Stefano maintains it's time for him to toughen up! When Stefano says it's all for the sake of family, EJ spits that he wants his family completely separate from all of this violence. Stefano warns him not to ever doubt him.

Brady arrives in the park and notices a small vial in the snow. He picks it up, just as John shows up and accuses him of being an addict, since the vial appears to contain white powder. He tells John he just found the vial, but John acts as if he is lying. Brady drops the vial and crushes it under his boot. John isn't impressed. Brady tells him how awful it is to know that his father doesn't even care what he's been through - he could have died. John says he assumes the 'old' John would probably have thrown a party. Brady tells him that having had a great dad - knowing John the way he is now is that much more painful! Brady taunts John, asking him why he doesn't go tell everyone that he's a drug addict now. John changes tack, saying that he's trying to care and that he's seeing a therapist. Brady asks how it went and John says, "Okay." He notes that he likes the new therapist. Brady says he's glad, and John says he's glad that Brady is clean - and proud.

Rafe is in the DiMera Mansion posing as a 'cable guy' when he is confronted by Nicole who is wielding a high heel shoe! He tries to keep her calm, but she protests that there is nothing wrong with the cable. Mary comes in and Rafe says he let her in. He produces a work order, which Nicole grabs and reads. She tells him he's at the wrong address. Just then, Nicole gets a call from Brandon. Rafe listens as she tells her brother that he's going to be an uncle. He heads downstairs and appears to make an adjustment to the security system before being confronted by Nicole again - he tells her he's waiting for a glass of water. He mentions her pregnancy and asks how far along she is and whether she's having a boy or girl. She narrows her eyes, "What's it to you?"  He tells her that his sister had a baby recently. Nicole tells him to show himself out. Rafe leaves and Nicole dons a jacket and goes out as well.

Hilda tries to get a sad Sami to help decorate the tree.  When Sami goes to put the star on top, Hilda tells her to make a wish - Sami hopes that Rafe will get the lowdown on the DiMeras so she can be with her kids.  Hilda points out that Sami will be home by Christmas next year. When Rafe returns, Sami and Hilda go back to pretending they hate each other. Hilda leaves the room, and Rafe tells her he saw Nicole. Sami wants to know everything, saying, "You must have noticed what a phony witch she was!" Rafe sighs, and says Nicole seemed happy about her pregnancy when she was on the phone with her brother, but not afterward. Sami starts in on how Nicole has the whole town fooled into thinking she's a nice person. Rafe says he has to remain objective. He then tells Sami that he feels that Nicole was concealing something - and was sad. Sami says Nicole isn't sensitive enough to be sad. She asks where in the house he saw Nicole, and when he replies, "In her bedroom." Sami says, "Rafe! You blew it!" She explains that there are hidden cameras - he shouldn't have gone inside. He smirks, saying he's not worried.

Nicole runs into an old flame at the Cheatin' Heart. He is working the bar and offers her a drink on the house. Behind her, Max watches with concern. Nicole asks for a non-alcoholic beverage, and Max approaches to offer her congratulations. He says he's glad he bumped into her - he owes her an apology. She is puzzled, but he explains that he is sorry that she was charged in Trent's death. Nicole says she's moved on from that, and asks about his sister. He tells her that family is not the same thing as biology. Nicole suddenly remembers that he's adopted, and points out that he's just like a real Brady - no one would ever know otherwise! Nicole proceeds to pepper him with questions about growing up adopted. She then asks to use his laptop. When he walks away, she says, "Thank you, Max Brady." As she looks up adoption websites, Brady comes in and closes the laptop, saying, "What the hell are you doing, Nicole?"

EJ and Stefano arrive home and Mary tells them that Nicole went out for the evening - right after the cable man left. Stefano muses, "So, it seems we've had a visitor." Stefano is certain there is a sinister motive behind the cable guy's appearance, but EJ says it was obviously a simple mix-up. Stefano tells EJ he's an idiot. He orders him to get the surveillance tape! They soon discover that the surveillance tape is no good. Stefano is outraged. For once, EJ agrees, saying that nothing can happen to his children!



December 9 2008
"I'm Sorry."

At the safe house, Sami continues to flip out at the idea that Rafe went into the DiMera Mansion, but he tells her he disabled the security equipment. Sami is impressed, but becomes upset again because he was seen by Nicole and Mary. She maintains that he's in danger, but Rafe just smirks. He reminds her that he's an FBI agent, but she says he is being naÔve. He then tells her that he's flattered by her concern. She rails about having all these emotions and missing her children, admitting that Hilda brought her some pictures. She cries as she admits that the kids looked happy in the photos - she doesn't want them to be okay without her! Rafe tells her it will be alright, and Sami laments that he won't even let her see Sister Theresa! Rafe says he's going to take a shower, and Sami bakes. When he comes out, she tells him about the traditional Horton Christmases. She then hands him a homemade cookie and says, "Here. For you. Merry Christmas." Sami notices an ornament on the tree that looks like a pickle and they share a laugh. Sami apologizes then, for not asking about his family before now. He tells her not to worry about it, which causes her to press him for information, but he's not forthcoming.

In the DiMera Mansion, Stefano and EJ bicker about how much protection the house offers. They agree that keeping the children safe is the most important thing. Stefano then asks what his intentions are with Nicole - why hasn't he done anything to secure the relationship? EJ grimaces, as Stefano keeps pressing him. When EJ doesn't answer, Stefano says he knows that it's Samantha who's standing in the way. EJ doesn't want to discuss it with Stefano - asking him to stop interfering in his life!

At the Cheatin' Heart, Brady tells Nicole that he saw her surfing adoption websites. He says he only agreed to keep her secret for one day. She says he can't tell anyone. Brady says he realizes that she doesn't intend to tell EJ about losing the baby at all! Nicole reminds him that the doctor said she can't conceive again - so why not look at adoption? Brady says he knows what she is planning - she's not fooling him. He reminds her that if Stefano finds out she's been trying to put one over on him and his beloved son - he'll eliminate her! Nicole says that EJ would never allow her to be hurt, but Brady thinks she is underestimating the DiMeras. She tells him to stay out of it, but he says he can't do that, saying that he will help her, but not in the way that she wants - he will tell EJ the truth! Nicole tells him he will destroy her life and send her back to the bottle! 

At the bar, Max tells Chelsea that the box he's holding was a gift from Trent that he can't bring himself to open. She stops him as he is about to toss it in the trash, telling him he'll always wonder. She takes the box and says to focus - it could be money that he could donate to charity. He refuses to open it. She tells him to grab his jacket and come with her.

On the docks, Lucas strolls with Chloe and tells her how proud he is of her. "I can't believe you're going through this again. I can't believe you're doing this for my mom." She tells him it's good for her self-esteem. She wonders how he'll manage with his mother and her in the hospital at the same time. Chloe remarks that she's glad they told Kate about their engagement - now she can flaunt her ring. As she fiddles with it, it suddenly flies off her finger into the water! Lucas rips off his shirt and dives in the cold water to find it as Chloe protests loudly! Surprisingly, he soon emerges with the ring in hand - and puts it back on her finger where it belongs!

A very wet Lucas and Chloe come into the Cheatin' Heart as Nicole is chasing Brady out the door. Nicole gapes at Lucas and asks what happened to him. She then finds out that Chloe and Lucas are engaged and congratulates them. They all sit down and Nicole asks Lucas to go get them some drinks. He looks at her quizzically, noting that Brady is a recovering addict, he's a recovering alcoholic, and she's pregnant! Nicole says to get sodas. Brady and Lucas head to the bar, and Lucas warns him not to send Chloe flowers in the hospital! Brady says he can stop marking his territory - he's happy for them. Back at the table, Chloe asks Nicole how she's doing - she doesn't seem like herself. Nicole says Brady can be a downer sometimes. Chloe notes that it's strange that he's there - she hopes he's not looking to score drugs. Nicole asks about Chloe, and she says Allie misses Sami, but the peace and quiet has been great!  Brady and Lucas return to the table and they toast to happiness. Nicole excuses herself, and Brady tells Chloe what she is doing for Kate is incredible. Nicole goes to the bar and asks her old flame if he can get her some coke - it's for a friend. She returns to the table as Chloe and Lucas are leaving. She and Brady both wish Chloe luck in the hospital. Brady then turns to Nicole, saying it's truth time.  She asks him to get her some aspirin, and when he leaves the table, she puts the drugs in his drink! Brady returns and she watches as raises the glass to his lips!

EJ shows up at the police station and tells Roman he needs to talk to Samantha. Roman says unless it's about the kids, it's not going to happen. EJ says if he won't do it for him, he should do it for Samantha! Roman agrees - as long as he can listen in. EJ protests that it's personal, but eventually gives in. Roman warns that he'll cut him off if he says anything remotely wrong or suspicious. He makes the call, which Sami gets just as she has pricked her finger stringing popcorn and Rafe is holding her hand checking it out. Roman tells her that he has someone there who wants to speak with her. EJ gets on the phone and says hello. Sami is surprised.

Chelsea goes back to Max's room with him, and places the box by the phone. She tells him that's where it will stay until he's ready to open it. She goes to leave, but he stops her. He takes the box and sits on the bed looking at it. Chelsea sits beside him. He opens the box and finds a toy dog. Max tells Chelsea that it's his - it's Charlie. In his mind, he recalls how it used to help him fall asleep, and how Trent angrily took it away from him one night. Chelsea says she is sorry she made him open it, but he says it's okay. They then find a note inside the box, which simply says, "I'm sorry." Max cries.

Lucas and Chloe walk through the park and she says she's glad they have one last night to be together before the surgery. He coyly asks her to 'show him' what she has in mind. They start kissing.

December 10, 2008
"Karmic Responsibility"

Nicole takes the aspirin offered by Brady and tells him to 'drink up', knowing that she has laced his drink with cocaine. Suddenly he takes a call from Marlena. Nicole murmurs to herself that it's Brady's own fault she had to do this - he threatened to tell EJ the truth. When he returns to the table, she can't go through with it and smashes his drink. He chases her out of the bar and she holds up the vile of coke, telling him that this is why she broke his glass! Brady is floored, "Why would you do that?!" She says it's because she's selfish and she couldn't handle him threatening to tell EJ. Brady tries to impress upon her how hard it was for him to get clean. She says she just thought it would discredit him. Brady says she is trying to do to EJ what she did all those years ago to him - and he's not having any part of it! She stops him from leaving, saying that she stopped him from drinking the laced beverage. Brady sarcastically says he's forever in her debt. She blurts that she loves EJ. Brady reminds her that love is about honesty. She asks if he thinks she deserves love, and he tells her that she doesn't - not if this is the way she's going to get it!

Nicole tells Brady that her plan will be difficult, but she thinks she can pull it off. Brady says deception will only lead to more deception - nothing good can come of it. Nicole pulls out all the stops - saying that losing the baby has consumed her, and she can't face losing EJ, she can't give up on the idea of having a child either - not now. She says this desperate need has taken over her life. As she breaks down, Brady says he didn't realize just how important it was to her until right now. He promises not to say anything to EJ, or to anyone else. She hugs him and thanks him.

In the park, Chloe and Lucas discuss the operation, and he asks if she's having second thoughts. She says she knew her parents would overreact, but she's going through with it - it's her decision! He tells her she's brave.

At the hospital, Daniel reassures Kate. A nurse calls him out of the room and hands him a file. He says, "That's not right. Can't be." He calls Chloe and tells her he has checked her white blood cell count, and something's not right. He asks her to come to the hospital and they'll talk. Chloe hangs up and tells Lucas there's an abnormality in one of her tests, but she's still going through with it.

The killer is working out and takes a phone call, saying if it will lead him to Sami, he'll do it!

EJ is on the phone with Sami, who says she senses something is wrong. He says he is calling to say goodbye - he plans to have a long future with Nicole. Sami asks if he's in love with her. He hesitates, before saying, "I do have feelings for Nicole." Sami presses and he says he does love her. Sami asks why he called to tell her this. He says Stefano told him that she may be the reason that he has been having trouble committing to Nicole and his child. Sami seems pleased that he isn't over her. He points out that they don't belong together, and Sami goes off the deep-end. She calls Nicole every name in the book and tells him he has just ruined his life! She also tells EJ she doesn't want Nicole around her son, but EJ points out that she isn't all that bad - and he and Nicole want the same things in life. Sami blurts that they are the same things the two of them wanted! EJ tells her he's had enough of her nonsense - he's moving on.  Sami irks him by saying he's just doing it to spite her. He tells her that he called her as a courtesy and hangs up. She tells him to wait, but he's gone. Sami smashes something and Rafe says, "It went that well, huh?"

Sami says she can't believe the first phone call she gets is from EJ telling her he's shacking up with 'knocked up Barbie'! Rafe points out that Nicole is carrying his baby - and unlike Sami, she told him about it. Sami says that pregnant or not, Nicole will screw up his life! She says she is going to make sure that they don't have any kind of happy ending! Rafe asks why, if she's so over this EJ guy, she cares so much that he's moving on with some other woman?! Sami basically ignores him, saying she's got to find a way to get home. Rafe asks, "Now, would that be after the baby is born - or before?" He questions Sami about EJ being a monster - she clarifies that that's his father - Stefano. Rafe tells her that she shouldn't be so worried, lots of people care about her - including him! She admits that the DiMera issues will be with her for life - and it scares her. Rafe says she's safe with him, and she says he makes her feel that that's true!

Chloe and Lucas arrive at the hospital, and she tells him that she will be in good hands with Daniel. Lucas goes to see Kate. Chloe tells Daniel that she is pretty tough, and regards this as her 'karmic responsibility'. He says she can go after he checks her lymph nodes. As he presses around on her body, they get very close and almost kiss!

In Kate's room, Lucas notes that tomorrow's the big day, and gently reassures his mother. He heads back to find Chloe and is surprised to see Daniel acting all awkward. Daniel thinks back to what just happened between him and Chloe. He composes himself and says that Chloe will be fine, and asks if Lucas saw Kate. Just then, Chloe comes in and Daniel formally asks Lucas to make sure she gets a good rest. Daniel leaves and Lucas tells Chloe she seems kind of nervous. She says she just wants to go home.  She takes one last peek at Daniel as they leave.

Still at the police station, EJ tells Roman that he tried to do the right thing. Roman says he knows he did - and thanks him. EJ leaves. Roman then receives a sketch of the killer on his desk. He tells someone that he will never find Sami where she is being hidden.

Nicole waits in the living room at the DiMera Mansion. When EJ comes in, she jumps up nervously. EJ says he called her a couple of times, and Nicole says she was visiting with Chloe. EJ says they need to talk about Stefano. He says that his father convinced him that he needed to resolve one rather large hurdle that was keeping him from committing to her and their baby. Nicole asks what Stefano thought the hurdle was - EJ says, "Samantha." Nicole makes the wrong assumption and storms out of the room, with EJ protesting for her to just listen. He follows her up to her room and hollers at her through the door. She lets him in, where she is packing to go to a hotel. EJ, exasperated, tells Nicole that he spoke to Sami to tell her goodbye, and that he's moving on with Nicole. Stopped in her tracks, Nicole tears up. He says they can have everything, and that he loves her. They kiss.

On the docks, the killer takes a photo of Rafe. The person who gives it to him tells him that the guy in the photo will lead him straight to Sami!

December 11, 2008
"It's Hot In Here!"

Lucas is in the hospital room with Kate. He tells her how glad he and Chloe are that she has accepted their relationship, and she notes how ironic it is that after the way she treated her, now she'll owe Chloe her life!  Kate asks him if Chloe has had any hesitation about going through with it. His face tells her that she has. He explains that she seemed nervous last night after her pre-op exam with Daniel. Kate says she doesn't want to go through with it unless Chloe is totally on board.

In another hospital room, Chloe takes some forms from Daniel to sign, then tells him stiffly to leave her alone. Daniel asks if she wants to talk about what happened yesterday when he examined her. She thinks back, then shrugs, "Nothing happened yesterday." Daniel asks her what's wrong then, she replies that she's been fasting and that she's just nervous. He says he'll get her a blanket, but she blurts out that she doesn't want any special treatment! Lucas appears, asking, "Is everything all right?" Chloe goes haywire trying to explain that she is just hungry and everyone needs to just stop asking her questions. Daniel tells her that her blood pressure is going way up! After he leaves, Lucas tells her to level with him - is she okay? Chloe growls, "Why does everyone keep asking me that?" They share some kisses as a nurse comes in and asks her to remove her jewelry - Lucas takes the engagement ring and promises to keep it safe.

Daniel goes in to see Kate, who laments that she can't be with him or touch him. She tells him that he literally is giving her life, and thanks him for making it so worth living! He brushes her compliment off, and she wonders why he won't take credit. He says he didn't do the research for the procedure. Kate maintains she has him and Chloe to thank for her life. Soon, Chloe and Lucas come in to see her, and Chloe assures her that she has no qualms about doing the operation. She explains that she is moody, because she's a moody person! She tells Kate this will be the first day of the rest of her life - like a birthday. Lucas gives Kate a kiss, and they leave the room.

Stephanie and Melanie are at work, and Philip arrives. Melanie tells him that an employee has gone home sick. Philip asks Stephanie to help Melanie to look after the missing employee's project. He walks away and Melanie tells Stephanie she'll work with her, but she wants to get it straight that she doesn't take orders from her! Stephanie tells her she can do it herself if she likes, and Melanie accuses her of offering to help so that she can sabotage her job. Philip comes back out and they cease the bickering. Melanie asks him about her pay and is taken aback to hear that it will take a month for her first paycheck! Kayla then comes in to bring Steph her wallet. Philip takes them aside to talk as Melanie looks on. Philip, choked up, asks Kayla to let him know how Kate is doing and if the family needs to fly in. She gently says she will. Kayla and Stephanie go for a coffee, and Melanie makes a rude remark. Philip tells her that Stephanie is an unpaid intern and he won't put up with her talking badly about her!

Alone having coffee, Kayla and Stephanie catch up and share an embrace. Stephanie returns to work and Melanie comes tottering out with a sandwich tray. Philip comes out and says she got his order wrong. After he leaves, Stephanie says she's got the PowerPoint ready, and asks how Melanie's end is coming along. Melanie is clearly not doing well, and Stephanie sighs, offering to help. Just then, Philip comes out to get Stephanie to go over a report. Melanie mocks them.  When Stephanie goes into the vault to get something, Melanie meanders over and locks her in! She is unaware that Philip is also inside. After she sits down, Chelsea shows up looking for Philip to go to the hospital. They get into it about Nick, and Chelsea storms into Philip's office to tell him that Melanie is rude - but he's not there. Melanie remarks that she hasn't seen him in awhile! Chelsea asks a passing employee if she's seen Philip. She says he was headed into the vault! The three of them go to the vault and deduce that both Philip and Stephanie are locked in - and they can't get it open! Chelsea takes off for the hospital, and Melanie says she can't believe that Philip and Stephanie are in there alone. The employee, Sasha, says they're not alone - they're together! Melanie tells her to shut up!

Inside the vault, Philip notes that it's getting hot, then implies that Stephanie may have locked them in there together on purpose! Stephanie gets angry at the very idea, and he laughs. They get to talking about how she's just coming out of an intense relationship, and Philip tells her she is a beautiful woman. They get closer and are about to kiss, when the vault opens and someone clears her throat loudly - Melanie!

Marlena arrives at work to discover Dr. Charlotte Taylor there. Charlotte introduces herself and informs Marlena that she'll be working out of the office next to hers. Marlena seems taken aback, and Charlotte asks if it's a problem. Marlena recovers and says it isn't. Charlotte tells her it's an honor to work next to someone her father thought so highly of. Marlena asks when she'll start seeing patients, and Charlotte says, "Right now," as John walks in! They head into Charlotte's office and close the door.  As Marlena talks to her secretary, she hears John and Charlotte laughing in the other room, and loses her train of thought! When John and Charlotte emerge, Marlena remarks on hearing him laugh. He asks if there is something wrong with him 'enjoying being shrunk?!'

Kayla arrives at the hospital and Marlena mentions that a new therapist has already moved into an office beside her. Kayla searches her face and asks if there is a problem with it. Marlena says it's fine, and Kayla asks about John's therapy. Marlena says that in fact, it's Dr. Taylor's daughter, Charlotte who is in the office beside hers, and who is treating John. She tells Kayla that she is very energetic and skilled, but doesn't seem thrilled. Kayla points this out, asking if she has a problem with Charlotte. Marlena says she can't put her finger on it, and Kayla suggests that perhaps she's jealous! Marlena nixes the idea, saying that their relationship was never like that. She does, however, admit that she finds it disconcerting how hard he's trying to ingratiate himself with women though. Kayla says she'll rephrase her question - would she like to be the one helping John instead of Dr. Taylor? Marlena says maybe she would, admitting that it bothers her that he won't tell her what goes on in their sessions. Kayla notes that that's as it should be. Marlena tells Kayla that she still loves John, and still feels hopeful. Kayla says, "Donít give up on that."  Marlena wonders if John's problem is physiological, and that therapy won't help. Kayla points out that Marlena seems to dislike Charlotte. Marlena concedes that maybe she's just frustrated that she couldn't help him.

At the park, John sits on a bench and rubs his head. Charlotte approaches and asks if he's all right. He says he has a headache coming on, admitting that aspirin won't touch them! Charlotte tells him that they should address the chronic pain. She then tells him how well he's been doing, and he notes it's been surprisingly easy. She talks about a next appointment, but he says he's not sure he can continue! He explains that he feels that the only thing that is important to him is 'Blondie' and she's the reason he is doing this. "So what do you think, Dr. Taylor? Can you help me?" She smiles and says maybe she can!


December 12, 2008
Whispering Calls in the Foyer.

At the safe house, Sami swats Rafe after a hug. She's angry that he left her alone. He asks where Hilda is. Hilda comes out and admits that she trusted Sami enough to leave her alone. Sami isn't pleased that he doesn't trust her that much, especially when she needs his help. She's worried that Nicole will take advantage of the mess she's in to take her son away, so she wants to do some Christmas shopping. He forbids it. She asks him to do it for her. "I'm a federal agent, not a concierge," he barks. She threatens to begin crying again and quickly does so. He claims it won't work this time. She keeps crying. He caves. She orders a laughing penguin doll and promises to try not to cry if he'll pick it up. Rafe wants some solitude for Christmas and walks out. Hilda warns that the laughing penguin doll tends to cause shopping riots. Sami knows. Left alone, Sami makes laxative cookies for Hilda. As soon as Hilda eats a few, she's forced into the bathroom. Sami leaps up and calls the convent to talk to a nun.

One of the killer's contacts calls him to say that they've just seen Rafe. He decides that the agent is the one to lead him to Sami. Meanwhile, Rafe is trudging through the park. He finds a woman and child. She's annoyed that he isn't playing with his laughing penguin doll. Rafe asks her where she got it. She has a contact, she claims, before heading off. He gets on the phone and calls around for a favor when the shooter pops up in the distance. After Rafe slips off and gets his hands on a laughing penguin from a man at the pier, the killer leaps out of hiding and stabs him.

At home, Bo is adjusting his tie and complaining to Hope about all of his meetings. She has another meeting for him and begins complaining about how they need to get ready for a Christmas fundraiser. Since he's working so hard, she thinks they need to talk about one of them giving up their job. They bicker; he insists that being commissioner isn't weighing him down, decorating for Christmas is. Later, they kiss, laughing that they've had their annual holiday fight. He wants to make out, she wants to finish decorating. As he puts the star on the top of the tree, he falls and hits his head.

At the pier, Tony confronts his father and asks him why he isn't part of the latest deal. Stefano explains that there is no point in excluding him unless he knows that he's being excluded. He wanted him to discover that EJ was included and the family moves on without him. Tony doesn't believe that EJ is any more loyal to the family than he is. Stefano laughs and explains that Elvis has skills that Tony doesn't.

At the mansion, EJ asks Nicole why she is making 'whispering calls in the foyer'. She tells him that she is making plans for Christmas. He takes her hand and brings her into the main room to hand her a gift for the baby. As she holds the gift, she seems depressed. "I don't deserve you," she says. He tries to tell her otherwise, but Tony arrives and interrupts. Nicole makes herself scarce. Tony's under the impression that his brother is being groomed to take over the family. "I've come to tell you that you are making a big mistake," he warns, suggesting that their father is trying to turn them against each other. Elvis imagines he's just jealous.  Tony warns him again that Stefano will not treat him better than anyone else just because he's his son. "He doesn't need an heir, he might need a fall guy," Tony adds. EJ defends his father. Tony shrugs and tells him to talk to Lexi. He details how Stefano can slowly bring him and everyone he loves under his complete control.

At Titan, Melanie sarcastically tells Stephanie that she's happy she's fine after her ordeal in the vault. Philip tells Melanie to go back to work and asks Stephanie to go home and decompress. After she walks off, he stops Mel for a word. She tells him that she's finished all of her work today. Stephanie returns and tells her that's impossible. The two women take shots at each other. Philip tells Mel she's had a great first day and suggests she go home. After she flounces off, Stephanie suggests that she must have locked them in the vault. "Then I should give her a raise," he smiles. He wants to talk about what almost happened between them. "We'll never know will we," she says. "That's up to us," he suggests. His secretary interrupts for a moment and then leaves them alone with a knowing glance. Steph is sure that everyone in the office will be talking about them. "Let's give them something to talk about," he says. He wants to take her out when his life settles down. "I can't. There's something I have to do first," she explains.

Stefano shows up at the hospital to check in on Lexi. When he asks about Theo, she becomes defensive and threatens to call security. "What are they going to do? I own half the hospital," he says. He knows how guilty she feels and wants her to open to him. Bringing up Marino's death, he suggests that she and Abe could end up looking like the Macbeths. She storms off. "She'll be back," he says with a smirk.

Nicole eagerly meets with Brady in the Cheatin' Heart. She pulls out a sheet and tells him that she may have found the answer to her prayers on the internet. He's not thrilled to see that she wants to get a child off the internet and suggests again that she just come clean. She gets a call and tells a woman that she wants to meet her right away. After she puts down the phone, Brady tells her that she is still grieving and needs to think things through. She doesn't want to hear his 'rehab mumbo jumbo' and stomps off. Brady follows her down to the pier. She spots the woman, Kelly, coming and tells Brady to back off as he arrives. Kelly comes over and tells them about what a hard time she's been having. Nicole tells her that everything will be fine and offers her money. Kelly shows them a picture of the father. Brady stares at it. Night comes and Kelly leaves, saying that Nicole seems like the nicest wife in the world. Once she's gone, Brady tells Nicole that he'll catch her later. She follows him back to the Cheatin' Heart where he confronts Kelly as she sits at the bar, smoking and drinking. "You are a really stupid con," he says.

Lexi slips into the mansion with gifts. EJ startles her. She tries to get away but he stops her to talk about his chat with Tony. He asks her about the situation with the mayor. Lexi claims she never wanted anyone to get hurt. He finds that hard to believe.

Melanie goes to her brother to tell him that Stephanie has made a major play for Philip. Luckily, she managed to get them out of the vault two seconds before she could score. Max doesn't want to hear about this and is sure she just hates Steph and wants to screw up her life. He's also sure that she wants to get her hands on the rich and single Philip. She claims she wouldn't go near him if he were the last man on the planet. Max is sure it's mutual. He tells her to stop being the 'evil you and just let it go'. She decides that she can't do that. He tells her that Nick called him and wants to talk to her about something financial. When he hands her an envelope, she flashes back to talking to Nick about his project. Her eyes light up and she decides it's time to go and visit him.


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