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3rd Week of December Daily Summaries

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(unless otherwise indicated)

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December 15, 2008
There is no Innocent Life!

As Bo tries to put the star on his Christmas tree, he falls to the floor and bangs his head. Hope rushes him over to the hospital. Kayla looks him over and diagnoses his with 'Christamitus Stupiditus'. Bo doesn't appreciate the joke. Kayla says it's just a mild concussion. "I didn't break anything important," Bo says, holding ice to his head. Kayla and Hope complain about what macho fools their husbands are. As Hope admits how worried she was when he fell though, Bo flashes back to an image of the star on top of a gift to his mother. When he and Hope return home, she asks him where the star is. He can pick it out from across the room. She doesn't understand how he could have known where it was. When she leaves him alone for a moment, he hears a scream.

Brady follows Kelly to the Cheatin' Heart to confront her for being a 'skanky two-bit con'. Nicole follows him in. She stops him and accuses him of being a fraud and no friend to her. Brady repeats that the girl is scamming her and claims that he can prove it. He demands that she show them the photo of the baby's father again. When she hands it over, he tells Nicole that the guy in the photo is a counsellor from another rehab facility. It's a magazine photo that has been photoshopped. If Kelly had the rehab mag, she must have been in rehab too. She defends herself but Brady points out that she was just smoking and drinking and threatens to call and find out if she was in rehab. He threatens to take her back to rehab to protect the innocent life inside her. "There is no innocent life!" she blurts out, lifting up her skirt and revealing her fake belly. She tears it off, throws it on the ground and stomps off. "Who would fake a pregnancy?" Nicole asks, appalled. Brady tells her she's been too distracted by emotion to know when she is being conned. When they sit down, he points out the irony of what just happened and repeats his warning that EJ is a DiMera and the consequences of lying could be more than just losing him.

At the mansion, Lexi insists to EJ that she never meant for anything that happened with the mayor to happen. He tells her to knock off the 'noble wife and mother nonsense' and repeats that she's crossed a line. She thinks he's kicking her when she's down and tells him how horrible she feels. He doesn't seem to care and continues treating her sarcastically before suggesting she leave. Before she does, she accuses him of relying on their father even more than she does. He tells her to keep her voice down. She asks him why he is putting his own children under Stefano's wing. He argues that the closer he is to his father, the better he can protect his family. She finds his spin on things hilarious. "I can separate business and family. I don't go to my father and ask him to make hits on my enemies," he says. She's ready to walk out, but he continues to badger her until Abe and Theo walk in. EJ asks the child what he wants for Christmas. Theo hides in his father's coat. Abe takes the boy to the kitchen. EJ apologizes to his sister. She doesn't want his pity. Sitting down, she tells him how hard it is to not be having the kind of Christmas other parents have with their children. They talk about the holidays and how much they wish they could believe in their father. Elvis tells her that he's sure her faith in her son will get him a long way in life. Abe, Lexi and Theo leave and head out for a meal at the pub. When Theo sees someone holding a gift, he begins screaming that he wants it. Lexi and Abe are thrilled to see him getting so excited.

Nicole returns to the mansion. She asks EJ if he really loves her. He says that he does, and not just because of the baby. He makes it clear that he's told Sami he is moving on. Nicole worries that she will blow everything. He tries to reassure her by reaching out, but she pushes his hand away from her belly. Elvis wonders why she jumped away. She claims it's because he's so sexy she might not be able to control herself. All she wants is pickles dipped in chocolate sauce and lovemaking with him. He leaves to make a call. She calls Brady and tells him that she will get a baby with or without his help.

After being stabbed on the pier, Rafe fights the killer off. They struggle with the knife until the killer holds him down and demands to know where Sami is. They fight more until a siren is heard. The killer runs off. Meanwhile, Sami paces at the safe house and worries about why Rafe has been gone for so long. She only sent him out to buy gifts for her children. Hilda tries to reassure her and accuses Sami of 'kvetching'. Sami doesn't know what that is but says she doesn't do it. They talk about Rafe and Sami digs for details about his personal life. Hilda teases her. Sami wants Rafe to seem more human. Suddenly, Rafe comes through the door, disoriented but with the laughing penguins in his arms. He tells Hilda she can go. After she leaves, he walks to the shower. As he stumbles, Sami notices that he's bleeding. She lays him on the couch and opens his shirt. "You've been stabbed!" she blurts out. "No way!" he groans. She wants to call an ambulance but he won't allow it; she's going to have to stitch up his wound herself. She gets the hard liquor and needles. As she threads it up, he takes a swig and pours some booze on the wound. "I have never sewn anything a day in my life," she warns. Once she's finished, he's drunk and tells her that she's an idiot for falling in love with a guy who doesn't want her. He thinks love is for idiots. She complains that she doesn't know anything about him. He tells her to stay away from EJ; he doesn't love her and is moving on with his life – she should do the same.

December 16, 2008
This Weird Drama Between Us.

Philip sits in the pub and thinks about his time with Steph in the vault. He flashes out of it and grabs an espresso as Lucas arrives. They talk about their mother and then Philip congratulates Lucas on his engagement. Lucas has to jog his memory and then talks about how amazing Chloe is. Philip agrees; he thought she was pretty wonderful when he was dating her too. Lucas doesn't like being reminded of that fact. They tease each other and Philip explains that he's already got his sights set on another woman. Lucas continues talking about how perfect Chloe is.

Daniel creeps into Chloe's hospital room to give her a follow-up examination. "Can't someone else do it?" she asks. As he starts, she suggests that he's a little too tense. He reminds her that she is in a life and death situation and she can't freak out right now. "There is nothing weird going on between us," he insists, rather intensely. She apologizes. He looks away. She hopes that they, along with Lucas and Kate, can all be friends. He doesn't think that's possible since she created 'this weird drama between' them. Chloe has no idea what he's talking about. Philip walks in on this bizarre moment and asks if everything is okay. Daniel leaves to check on Kate. "That was awkward," Philip says. Chloe says that Daniel hovers and she needs her space. Philip thanks her for what she's done for his family and tells her that she is a hero.

Lucas runs into Daniel in the corridor. They catch up but there's no news on Kate. Daniel grumbles and walks off. He heads into an empty room and collapses on a bed. As he sleeps, he dreams about making love to Chloe in a hospital bed. Meanwhile, Lucas goes in to see Chloe. He has a surprise for her. Smiling, he pulls out the ring he's had sized for her. She smiles awkwardly as he slips it on her finger.

At the safe house, Sami hovers around Rafe. He wakes up and takes out his phone to call his boss. He's not sure it's safe to be there anymore. She takes his phone away. He explains that security has been breached and they may need to move ASAP. She tells him he's not being himself. He agrees to stay still. She pours him some water and he tells her he'll be healed in a day or two. They joke about her stitch work. She tells him that when he was drunk, he told her to stay away from EJ. He apologizes. "It's nice to know that you care about me," she says. He decides it's time for a shower. She helps him to the bathroom. He showers and then stumbles out in his towel.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max tells Steph that they shouldn't waste each other's time. He knows that she is moving on with Philip and accuses her of having feelings for him for a long time. He's furious that she made out with him in public. "Melanie!" Steph groans. She defends herself and claims that Melanie is lying. Stephanie admits that she is attracted to Philip. They rehash their breakup and she blames it on Mel and the fact that Max got tired of her. She accuses him of just being annoyed by this because it was so public. Chelsea walks in as they bicker. Steph storms out. Max complains to Chelsea about what just happened and then shuts down. Chelsea asks him to open up again so she can help. He says that things are over with Stephanie and he doesn't love her. She laughs at him for being so melodramatic. He shouts that he will never love anyone again. She smiles and tells him he's lying, as well as being cheesy. She's sure that he will find love again and again.

At the facility, Nick can hardly believe that Mel has come to visit him. She tells him that Maggie wouldn't let her read the letters he sent her, but she finally had to see him for herself. Nick explains that he didn't write to ask for forgiveness; he has a gift for her, something that could help her. He stares and asks if she forgives him. She claims she does. He doubts it. She blames herself for a lot of what's happened. Offended that he continues to doubt her, she's about to walk out. He stops her and tells her that he only doubts her because he hates himself. His life is over; this is all about her. He wants to take care of her the way he should have before he messed up. He's worked out all of the kinks in his project and he wants her to take all of the profits. Pulling out the paperwork, he prompts her to sign for the full rights over his work. "You deserve this. I won't be able to sleep until you accept it," he says.

Philip runs into Steph at the pub. He says she left him hanging yesterday. "I don't have to do that anymore," she says. Sitting down, she explains that she had to talk with Max and things have been officially put to rest. He's about to kiss her when Melanie intrudes and announces that they have things to talk about. The women snipe at each other as Mel sits down. She tells them that she has a new position at Titan. Philip is confused. "Things between us are about to change," Mel explains.


December 17, 2008
The Succubus.

At the pub, Melanie tells Philip and Steph that she has amazing news. She just visited Nick in jail and he's signed over his project to her. "You would be a fool to ignore me now Philip," she says. Steph refuses to believe it. Mel mocks her and laughs. Philip doubts it too so Mel explains that Nick hired a new lawyer and they worked out the deal. Melanie begins to babble about how she wants a corner office and two assistants. As she rambles about her new power, Philip stops her. "I don't get stuck with anyone. I call the shots. And as of now, you are out on your ass," he growls. He asks her how she manipulated her way into this. She insists she didn't. Philip tells her he'll go and see Nick himself and convince him to back out. After he runs off, Mel smirks at Steph.

Philip goes to see Nick. He guesses why Philip is there and explains that he owed Melanie. Philip worries that she will be a major headache; she's a 'succubus'. He thought that Nick was smarter than letting his obsession with Melanie ruin life for everyone else. Nick explains how guilty he feels and refuses to change his mind.

Steph and Mel head back to Titan. Melanie walks the halls and talks about how she wants everything redecorated. Stephanie is sure that she will be out on the street soon. Mel taunts her for making out with the boss. "You're the gold-digger Melanie, not me!" Steph shoots back. Mel continues mocking her, suggesting she get a job at 'Hooters' and saying Philip is too smart for her. She brings up her moment with Philip in her bedroom and tells Steph that he was there to comfort her. Stephanie refuses to believe it, but after Mel flounces off, she grimaces. Philip soon arrives and rants that, after failing with Nick, he doesn't know what to do. She quickly asks him if he slept with Melanie. He's taken aback. Steph apologizes; she feels insecure. He tells her she shouldn't be. Before he can kiss her, Melanie returns and tells them that office relationships are a 'no no'. She taunts them both, asking if 'the office slut' has special privileges. Philip tells her he doesn't want her or her project and walks away.

Bo wanders around the house after putting Ciara to sleep. He talks to Hope on the phone and then looks down at the gifts under the tree. Hearing a scream, he runs upstairs. Moments later, Abe arrives. He assumes that something must be wrong. Bo feels cooped up. Sitting down, he explains the scream he heard. He thought it was his daughter but it wasn't. Abe suggests that the bump on his head may have been more than a concussion.

Chelsea takes Theo down to the pier. They spot Max staring into the water. When they walk over, they ask him to come and see the Christmas tree lighting with them. He shrugs. She spots the box with his father's gift in it. Max has been debating whether or not to throw it away. "You need to do whatever gives you peace of mind," she advises. He tells Theo about Santa and hands him a candy cane. Chelsea's impressed. He tells her she has an amazing way with kids and will be a great mother. Realizing what he just said, he apologizes. They talk about her personal life. She says Theo is her main man right now. It's hard to be alone for the holidays, they both admit. When he returns to the toy dog that his father left him, Theo spots the toy and gets excited. Max gives him to Theo.

Stefano is on the phone trying to enlist the obstetrician he wanted to fly in. EJ walks in and tells him to hang up. When Stefano doesn't, he does it for him. Stefano rants at him. EJ accuses him of being a control freak and says that he's shocked by his meddling. Stefano only wants what's best for the child. In that case, he better respect Nicole's decisions, EJ explains. Stefano smiles; he likes his son's new assertiveness. He offers to try to stay out of his affairs. They hug.

Nicole runs into Daniel at the hospital. He's worried that she's missed her recent appointments. She claims she forgot. He has some time so he offers to check her out. "I have to get Pookie to the groomer's," she says. He worries that she seems edgy and nervous. She wants a different doctor and asks for her charts. He groans and leaves to get them.

EJ shows up at the hospital looking for Nicole. He runs into Daniel, who informs him that Nicole has selected a new doctor. That's obviously news to EJ. After he leaves, Bo arrives. Daniel checks him out and tells him he's under too much stress. When he leaves Bo alone, Bo has a vision of a dying child being rushed to the hospital.

Nicole shows up at the clinic. Dr. Baker isn't happy to see her again. She hands him her medical files and tells him that he will be pretending to be her obstetrician. He refuses to further debase himself with this charade. She reminds him about the money she promised him. He reminds her that she hasn't given him any money yet. She says that EJ is a DiMera and he's dangerous. If he refuses to help her now, he could lose a lot more than his licence. Dr. Baker agrees to lie for her again... if she gives him $750,000. She laughs. He's sure the DiMeras have the cash. She thinks he's being unreasonable. He refuses to help for a penny less. They argue until EJ walks in, startled to see Nicole there.


December 18, 2008
This Is Like My Life Story.

At Titan, Philip has finally had enough of Melanie and fires her. Stephanie smirks. Once Philip and Steph stomp off and leave her alone, Mel calls around looking for Victor. With a smile, she flounces off and shows up at the pub. Caroline isn't thrilled to see her. Mel apologizes for letting her go to jail. Caroline knows how much Melanie suffered and forgives her. Victor walks over to pay for his soup. Mel introduces herself to him and tells him that she was going to make him millions of dollars but Philip fired her. Victor asks her to explain.

Back at the office, Philip and Steph finish the day's work. She wonders if he regrets firing Melanie considering the money he could lose. He admits that she annoyed him with her voice, among other things, and she kept interrupting them. Steph says that they can get more work done now that she's not around. That's not what he had in mind. The lights dim. They kiss. The lights suddenly come back on and Victor appears. He asks for a moment with his son. Steph leaves and Victor confronts his son about breaking the deal with Mel. Philip explains what a nightmare Melanie is but that only annoys Victor. "Either you trust me to run the company or you don't!" Philip challenges. Victor thinks most of his son's decisions have been idiotic. Philip thinks he enjoys humiliating him and quits.

Stephanie goes to the pub and eats soup. Mel comes out of the shadows and taunts her, explaining that she went to Victor about Philip. Steph doubts that Victor will choose money over his own son.

At the hospital, John and Dr. Taylor finish their session and set up a new one for after the holiday. He wishes her well and she walks off. Marlena wanders out of her office and, finding him staring blankly, asks him if he's alright. "I need your help Blondie," he says. When he begins quizzing her about Charlotte, she doesn't know what to say. He worries that the doctor knows all about him and he knows nothing about her. "I remember a time when you said the same thing about me," Marlena says. She doesn't know what else to tell him. He wonders if Dr. Taylor leaves her cold too. She suggests he continue with the therapy. He agrees to go along with it. Marlena explains that she'll be alone for Christmas so she asks him if he'd like to join her. He thinks he should check with Dr. Taylor first and walks off, leaving her confused.

On her way out, Marlena runs into Charlotte. They share an awkward conversation about her late father before the talk suddenly turns. "It's my greatest hope that I can bring you and John back to each other," Charlotte says with some difficulty. Later, John returns and asks Dr. Taylor what he should do for the holidays. She thinks he should do what he's comfortable with. He doesn't know what that is. She suggests that he reconcile with Marlena. He smiles.

At the safe house, Rafe finds Sami eagerly wrapping her gifts. He explains that his identity has been compromised and that means it's time that she got a new guard. She becomes distraught. He promises that his replacement will be trustworthy. "This is like my life story," she complains; everyone leaves her... even EJ. The mention of the name seems to bother Rafe; he doesn't want all of his work protecting her to have been pointless. She promises to stay out of trouble when she gets out of the program. When he looks under the tree, he finds a gift for him from 'Santa'. He decides that he should stay after all. As he calls his supervisor, she slips and falls on the floor.

At the clinic, Nicole wishes that Dr. Baker would let her work out a payment plan for the $750,000 he demands. He won't. When he walks out, she runs after and they bump into EJ in the hall. He demands to know what she is doing there. She's defensive and tells him she's switching doctors. Taking Nicole aside, he asks her why she would dump one of the most esteemed physicians in the country for Dr. Baker. When he demands answers, she says he's being mean. She tells him what she has against the doctors at Salem U., claiming that everyone there hates the father of her baby. He's still upset that she's been sneaking around behind his back. Telling him that everyone hates him doesn't make him feel good either. "You're clearly a DiMera and DiMeras should be feared," she says. She tells him how attentive and caring Dr. Baker was. After she makes her case, he relents. They hug and she apologizes for being obnoxious. She worries about their future and she admits that she doesn't feel secure. Putting his arms around her, he promises to take care of her. She needs more than words. He tells her that he's set up a trust fund of one million dollars for their child. "Thank you!" she cries. "You gave me my life back," she adds in relief. He explains that the funds are in trust and they can't be touched. She becomes upset again. He offers to give her an allowance. Dr. Baker walks by. They tell him that Nicole will be continuing in his care and then walk off. When they get home, he goes to her bedroom with a rose in his hand and his robe open. He's fed up with them sleeping in separate bedrooms. A worried look fills her face.

December 19, 2008

That Feels Different.

At Titan, Victor berates his son for never using his head. Philip accuses his father of wanting him to fail and quits. His father mocks him for being a quitter and declares that he's going to have to make other arrangements about the future of the company. Philip continues to rant about Melanie, but Victor thinks his son is sacrificing the company just because some woman got under his skin.

Stephanie has been watching the argument when Melanie interrupts her. They begin throwing out the insults and Mel demands some respect. She's ousted Steph from Max's life and will soon do the same with Philip, she threatens. They bicker until Philip interrupts and takes Stephanie away. Once they're gone, Victor looks in and asks for a word with Mel. He tells her that Titan will be taking the project and he'll do everything he can to make her happy. She'll only be happy if Philip is part of the deal.

Philip and Steph are at the pub. He complains about how much his father annoys him. She reminds him that he always says it's bad to let emotions get in the way of business. He agrees, but says that he can't handle Melanie anymore. She encourages him to get his job back. He's sure his father will be looking for a way to punish him. He calls his father to apologize for being insolent and asks if he can have his job back. Victor agrees, as long as he doesn't lose his objectivity again. After getting off the phone, Philip tells Steph he's employed again. She points out that they are standing under the mistletoe and pulls him into a kiss. Melanie watches them through the window and pouts.

Shirtless Lucas runs around the cabin shivering. He sits in front of the fire and kisses Chloe. He has to run to a 'Hearth and Home' meeting. They flirt, but he can't 'get busy' with her when he needs to rush to work. As they kiss, she flashes back to Daniel copping a feel in the examining room. After Lucas pulls himself away from her kisses, he bumps into Maggie at the door. She's there to get Allie. He runs off and Maggie checks in on Chloe. Maggie begins to reminisce about the cabin, saying that time stands still there. Chloe has special memories about the cabin too; she found herself again there. Maggie asks her if she can really see herself spending the rest of her life with Lucas. Chloe says that she feels safe with him and won't hurt him. Maggie thanks her for putting her mind at ease and runs off.

Daniel wanders the hospital looking for Chloe. A nurse tells him that her fiancé took her home. He stares off and remembers feeling her up before he goes to check on Kate. She tells him how much she is looking forward to spending Christmas with her family. He offers to entertain her with some thumb wrestling. She hands him a necklace, explaining that it's for Chloe. She wants him to drop it off to her at the cabin. He gulps. Bill Horton gave her that necklace and she always planned to give it to Lucas' girlfriend... when he found the right woman. She tells him that Lucas and Chloe will be away and he can just slip in and leave it under the tree. When he heads over to the cabin, he's shocked to open the door and bump into Chloe wearing no more than a red teddy.

Elvis pops up at Nicole's bedroom door to slip her a flower and tell her he wants to hold her all night long. She tells him they can't do that. He opens his robe and tells her he's patient. When he kisses her, she backs off. He's confused. She tells the 'chiseled god' that she isn't sure about his intentions. They begin arguing about the trust fund. He assures her that she is taken care of but she refuses to share her bed until everything is resolved. She worries that she is just a baby incubator. He thinks she's being bizarre and walks out to go to bed alone. Nicole cries. Dr. Baker starts calling but she won't answer. She still has EJ, but for how long...

Downstairs, EJ tries to figure out what is going on with Nicole. She suddenly appears and tells him that she is afraid of losing him. The baby is making her crazy and she's making him miserable. He calms her, telling her that he's never felt as close to anyone as he does to her. He promises to look after her and the baby. As they kiss, he feels her belly. "That feels different," he says with a jump. She looks for an explanation. He's amazed that it's getting so much bigger and asks her again if he can spend the night with her. She says no; she's been having night sweats and he'll make her sweat more. After the baby is born, they can lie in bed for the rest of their lives. They kiss. She sends him off to get a drink and then talks to the Baby Jesus in the nativity scene. The doorbell rings. When she answers, she's disturbed to find Dr. Baker there, demanding his money. She tells him she needs more time.

At the safe house, Rafe calls his supervisor to say that he'll be looking after Sami for the holidays. Sami listens in and then collapses in the bathroom. Rafe runs to her, picks her up and helps her to the couch. She gasps and holds her belly. He calls a doctor. Sami's baby keeps kicking so the doctor says things should be okay. Rafe blames himself for stressing her out and says that he has to resign. "No way!" she refuses. He doesn't want his feelings getting in the way of her safety and offers to call a friend over. "I don't want your friend! I want you!" she blurts out. She admits that she's a 'spoiled brat', but he's the only 'arrogant jerk' who can keep her in line. Her vision blurs and she becomes dizzy. She sits down and drinks some tea and wonders if keeping the baby a secret from EJ is right after all.

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