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4th Week of December Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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December 22, 2008
The Bigger Fool.

Chloe stands in the doorway of the Horton cabin in her teddy. Daniel takes her into his arms. They begin kissing and fall into bed... but that last bit is only in his imagination. In reality, they're still standing in the doorway. He stutters through an explanation of why he's there but she shuts the door on him. After she almost breaks his finger in the process, she lets him in so he can tape it up. She feels terrible and takes his hand to help him wrap it. They stare into each other's eyes. He decides it's time to go. They begin to bicker until Lucas walks in and asks what's going on. He complains about how long the tow truck took. Daniel hands them the gift that Kate sent. The doctor walks out, growling to himself and shaking his head. Meanwhile, Lucas asks Chloe what's up between her and Daniel. "You don't like him, do you?" he asks. She doesn't see what difference it makes. Lucas remarks on the tension between them. She explains that he suffers from 'creepy' possessive doctor behavior. They open the gift and find the necklace. He tells her its story. She can hardly believe that Kate would give it to her. "I can't accept this," she says. She calls Kate and says she can't take it. Kate tells her she must; there's been no other woman in her son's life who she's ever wanted to give it to. Chloe relents and says it will be an honor to wear it. After she gets off the phone, Lucas kisses her and says he can't love her more than he does now. As they get in bed and make love, she thinks about Daniel.

Victor has called Brady over to Titan. Victor asks him to come back to work for him. Brady hesitates. Victor tells him not to sell himself short and offers him the Vice CEO position. Brady is surprised so his grandfather explains that he's impressed by his maturity and assures him that Philip will go along with what's best for the company. Before Victor can show him to his new office, Brady says that he'll have to go away and consider the offer first.

Nicole is shocked to find Dr. Baker standing on her doorstep looking for his money. While she's trying to get rid of him, EJ wanders over to ask what's going on. She claims that she invited him there. The doctor walks in and Elvis asks Nicole what she's trying to prove. Baker claims that he doesn't need to defend himself and asks to speak to Nicole in private. Elvis is defensive but she and the doctor walk off alone. Baker tells her to try selling the paintings on the wall. She makes excuses but he doesn't care, no matter how much she plays the sympathy card. He refuses to let her string him along. She promises to get him the money tomorrow. He agrees to wait until then, but only until then. When EJ walks over to them, they tell him everything is fine. Baker says they'll know more tomorrow and leaves. Nicole asks Elvis to get her a burger at the pub. As soon as he's gone, she gets on the phone. "I need your help now," she begs. Brady soon shows up. She asks him for a loan. "Money?" he asks. "No. Granulated brown sugar. Yes, money," she says. She needs a million dollars. He laughs. She complains and tries to think of another plan. He suggests she tell EJ the truth. She tells him to leave. Alone, she looks around and picks up an antique vase and the phone. She calls Baker and offers him a 'deposit'.

Chelsea and Max go to visit Kate at the hospital. Teasingly, Chelsea tells Kate all about Max and the little stuffed dog he gave Theo. When Max leaves to get ice, Kate asks her granddaughter what's up. Chelsea claims that nothing is going on between her and Max. Kate is sure there is more. Chelsea insists it's nothing, but she insists so much that Kate laughs. She worries about Chelsea being hurt again. Max returns. After the visit, they walk off and he asks her out for coffee. She's reluctant but agrees. They go over to the pub and he makes her a latte. She goes over her Christmas list. He points out that he's not on it. She wonders if he got her something. They share an awkward moment and she gets up to leave. He asks her what's wrong. "It's not you, it's me," she claims. They share more awkward moments and he wipes the foam off her lip. She laughs nervously and they insist to each other that they are only friends.

Victor meets EJ in the pub. Knowing EJ's situation, Victor takes the chance to offer some advice. "'My advice: Throw the bitch out on her ass," he growls. Elvis doesn't appreciate the advice. Victor thinks that he is naive. EJ insists that he and Nicole are deeply in love. "You're a bigger fool than I thought you were," Victor says with a smirk. EJ shoots back at him but Victor is undeterred, repeating that Nicole only cares about money. Victor assures him that this relationship will blow up in his face and leave him bankrupt.

Daniel returns to the hospital to see Kate. She's anxious to get out of there. He offers to do all that he can. The doctor becomes uncomfortable as she talks about how she has accepted Lucas and Chloe and is sure they can make it as a couple. When he kisses her goodnight, she notices that his fingers are taped up. He says it's fine.


December 23, 2008
Clash at the Titan Christmas Party.

Melanie is bored at the Titan Christmas party. She spends most of her time eyeing Philip. He wanders over to Steph to announce that he has a surprise for her that will blow her away. He refuses to give her any clues. "You're sadistic! I love that in a guy," she jokes. He teases her about the Brady Christmas, but admits that he's always been jealous of it. She's glad to hear it because she'd like to invite him along. He would love to go. As they cuddle, Mel cringes before walking into a corner to call her brother. She announces she's coming over, then runs over to Philip to pout and tell him how hard it is to be unwanted at Christmas. He doesn't know why she's taking this personally. She stomps away.

Brady goes to see Victor at the mansion. Victor is eager to hear the answer regarding his job offer. Brady says it means the world to him that he would ask him back. He's sure that he can handle the pressure and still stay clean. Victor is happy. Brady says that he'll make it clear to Philip that he is only there to help. Victor says they'll have that discussion later. Right now, he just wants to go to the party and announce that he is back.

Mel shows up at the pub to see her brother. She tells him that Nick signed his fuel project over to her and Victor has made her a consultant at Titan. Crying, she tells him that no one at the party would talk to her. Their dad wasn't the best guy, but he never left her alone at Christmas. She wonders if they can have some family time for the holidays. She doesn't look forward to spending the holidays with Maggie. She feels like 'the ghost of Christmas sucks'. He invites her to the Brady Christmas. She's thrilled. He warns her that she has to stay on her best behavior. She wonders if Steph will make problems and promises to smooth things over if she does.

Back at the party, Steph tells Philip that Mel is the kind of girl who gives girls a bad name. He doesn't want to talk about Mel. He'd like Steph to spend some time with his family as well. When he leans in for a kiss, Victor and Brady walk in. Brady tells him that he'll soon see enough of him to last a lifetime. Philip gets a call that Kate is coming home. He tells his father and Victor tells him that Brady is the new Vice CEO. Philip accuses his father of trying to control him. Victor warns him that he won't even be the Vice CEO if he doesn't make the announcement himself. Philip refuses and walks away. Brady walks over and realizes that he's being used to manipulate Philip.

Chelsea, Theo and Lexi walk around the pier. After Chelsea leaves them alone, they watch the ships come in. Theo tells his mother that he loves her. She's overwhelmed.

At the cabin, Lucas marvels at the magic that the place seems to create. Chloe is nervous. When he asks her to come to the hospital with him, she suggests he go alone. He wonders if there is more to her refusal than there appears to be.

Daniel goes to see Kate in her hospital room. He has a gift for her. "It's so good it can't wait." He smiles. He pulls out her latest test results and says she is in good enough shape to go home for Christmas. She's ecstatic and embraces him. Moments later, Lucas and Chloe arrive. Kate tells them her good news. She wants some photos so she can remember when her life was really bad. Daniel takes the pictures. Kate requests one of the two people who saved her: Daniel and Chloe. They have them pose close together. Kate urges him to put his arm around her. "Would you just take the damn picture!" he blurts out as Lucas fumbles with the camera. He walks out to ready the release papers. "Is that guy weird or what?" Lucas says. Chloe makes an excuse, but Kate is sure something is wrong. Chloe makes herself scarce. Kate suggests that Chloe and Daniel must not like each other. Lucas wonders why. In the hall, Chloe bumps into Daniel. He turns away but she tells him to wait. A nurse shows him the operating roster but he points out that his finger is injured. Chloe apologizes. He tells her his finger is fine and hurries away.

As Bo wraps gifts at home, he flashes back to his visions. As he fiddles with the wrapping paper, Hope asks him what's wrong. He explains his visions about a kid in trouble. He's starting to feel like he's going crazy. She says he's not; she even claims she knows why this is happening. He's confused. She says she's going through the same thing, only her dreams are in her sleep. She's sure this is about Zach. Sadly, they talk about what they would have gotten him for Christmas. They promise to help each other through this. She thinks it's time that they stopped hiding what happened for Chelsea's sake. He puts Zach's ornament on the tree. The smoke alarm goes off. As they rush into the kitchen, Chelsea walks in and spots the ornament. After dropping her bags, she runs for the door. Bo runs after her. She's sure that he must still hate her. Bo holds her and says he doesn't; they just want Zach to be part of Christmas. Bo tells her not to run. Hope comes out and says that they all need to move on. They need her help so they can move on and stop grieving. "If you walk out that door, it's not Christmas. Not without you," she says. Chelsea wonders if she can ever forgive herself…. She walks over to the tree and looks at the ornament before embracing her father. Hope leaves her to finish wrapping the gifts. Chelsea tells her father that helping Theo makes her feel like she has a purpose. As she talks about the little boy, Bo seems to have pain in his head. When Chelsea goes into the kitchen, he has a vision of Lexi screaming as Theo goes off the pier.

December 24, 2008
Christmas and Hormones.

As Nicole lays in bed, EJ stares down at her. When she wakes up, he's in a fury after finding her fake belly by the bed. He attacks her, accusing her of lying to him so she could keep the DiMera money. As he chokes her, he repeats his accusations. She snaps out of it and wakes up. "It was just a nightmare… for now," she whimpers.

Chloe is at the Brady Christmas party. Maggie notices the necklace she's wearing and remarks that Kate must really approve of her. Doug and Julie arrive after leaving Allie with Alice. They check out the necklace too.  Meanwhile, Daniel sits alone and drinks while thinking of Chloe. Moments later, she calls and asks him how his fingers are. He doesn't think she should worry. She can't stop. Even though Lucas passes by, believing that she is giving holiday wishes to her parents, she and Daniel continue to chat about his fingers and think about making out. After she hangs up, Lucas shows her family pictures and excitedly talks about children. She doesn't muster the same level of enthusiasm.

Lexi and Theo sit at the pier watching the boats. When she decides that it's time to go, she reaches for her purse and he runs off. Simultaneously, at home, Bo is hit with another vision of a child in an emergency room. He runs outside, still in daze. Running into Abe, he asks him if he knows where Theo is. He tells his friend to call and check with Lexi. When he does, she answers, distraught, telling him that the boy has run off. They rush to the pier and find Lexi. She's sure that Theo went into the water. Bo has another hallucination, this time of Lexi in the ER. Chelsea suddenly arrives and finds the toy dog on the dock. Lexi cries. Bo calls for the child. When he turns, he sees Zach standing there. The child runs and he goes in pursuit. Zach meets up with Theo and they run off together while Bo follows. He finally catches Zach and holds him close. It turns out to be Theo. Disoriented, he calls to say that he's found him.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tries to apologize to Nicole. She barks at him. He tries again. Elvis stares. Stefano wants to talk baby names. Tony strolls in, uninvited. EJ and Nicole decide to duck out.

"You look festive," John says to Marlena when she finds him in the pub. She's feeling festive; she even invited Brady along for the festivities. John smiles more strangely than usual. "Christmas Eve is for family... even if you don't like them," John quips. Brady's offended, but John has a favor to ask. They head over to the DiMera mansion together. Marlena thinks this is a positive step. When they get inside, they're quickly greeted and Nicole drags Brady away to talk in private. She begs him to get the money from Victor. EJ interrupts. He asks Brady why Nicole is always so upset whenever he shows up. She claims it's just Christmas and hormones. Elvis is called away to work. Nicole begs Brady for his help again but to no avail. Meanwhile, Stefano and John smoke illegal cigars. Tony worries about what his father is up to. So does Marlena. Stefano suggests they put their past behind them. John finds that hilarious. Nicole returns and drags John away. She needs a lot of money and won't explain why. He thinks she must be in over her head and offers to buy her a plane ticket. Marlena walks over to take him away. As they leave, Stefano asks Nicole if she's okay. Moments later, EJ asks her the same thing. "What I want for Christmas is for people to stop asking me that," she fumes. Tony decides it's time to go. As he leaves, Nicole and EJ follow Stefano into the study. He eagerly anticipates hanging another stocking next year and then walks off. She wanders over to the statue of Baby Jesus and prays for help. EJ watches as she cries.

Marlena and John arrive at the Brady party. Lucas asks Maggie where his ornament is. Julie walks over to Chloe with it...  and a new one for Chloe. She smiles, but when she goes to hang it on the tree, it falls and smashes. While she's apologizing, John realizes that people need to remember things. On cue, Doug begins a speech about the Horton family and their history. Chloe then sings "Silent Night" and John slips away to call Dr. Taylor. He tells her that he needs to remember his life again.



December 25, 2008
The Shame of Western Civilization.

Patch and the family file into the pub. While Kayla slips away to change Joe, Steve asks Steph why she doesn't seem happy. Max pops up and explains for her. He thinks she's unhappy because Philip isn't around. The former couple bicker until Chelsea butts in to stop them. Steph gets more annoyed, and this is only made worse when Mel arrives. Stephanie points at her and claims that Mel is the reason that she and Max broke up. Later, the siblings talk about celebrating Christmas without their father. When he leaves to check on his pies, she wanders over to Chelsea and Steph as they wrap gifts for the children at the hospital. Melanie apologizes for what’s been going on. "It was unfair of me to make a big deal about you and Philip... Max has moved on, too. With your best friend Chelsea," Melanie sneers. Defensively, Chelsea claims it’s not true; she and Max are just helping each other through hard times. Steph trusts her, admitting that she would have a 'serious problem' if Chelsea and Max hooked up.

Lexi and Abe are at Bo and Hope's, thanking them for their help and happy that Theo is now okay. Ciara hands a gift to Theo. It's toy truck. He's only interested in his toy dog. Meanwhile, Lexi unwraps the gist that the boy gave her. It’s a drawing he did of her. She’s thrilled.

Daniel brings Kate over to the Kiriakis mansion. She probes him about his apparent problems with Chloe. As he tries to calm her worries and help her up, Chloe and Lucas arrive. Daniel and Chloe exchange glances. She didn't think he would be there. Lucas wanted them all to spend the day together. When Daniel takes Kate away, Lucas questions his fiancee about Daniel and wishes she would get along with him, if only for his mother's sake. Meanwhile, in the dining room, Philip is already in a bad mood. When Brady gives him a holiday greeting, it doesn't make him feel any better. He begins laying into Brady for leaping up the corporate ladder. Kate and Daniel come in. She asks what's going on. Philip rants about how he is losing control of the company. Finally, he agrees to put this aside for the day so they can celebrate Kate’s miraculous recovery. As he and Brady shake hands, Victor walks in. "Well, it's nice to see peace on earth at last!" he quips. They sit down to eat. Lucas makes a toast and Victor asks Daniel about his fingers. The doctor thinks of Chloe and claims he got them stuck in a car door. Lucas leaves to take a call. Victor takes the opportunity to lash out at Chloe, telling Brady it must take a lot of dignity for him to be in the same room as her. Kate reminds him that Chloe saved her life. "I believe Daniel was responsible for saving your life. Chloe has marrow – big deal! Who doesn't?" Victor barks. Lucas returns to say he has to leave. Chloe is desperate to go too but he tells her to stay. As soon as he's gone, Kate has both of her 'lifesavers' sitting close to her. The meal is awkward and everyone spoon splits up. Philip goes off on his own and Daniel and Chloe end up together. She worries that people will notice how weird they are acting around each other. He's ready to walk out. She begs him to stay and tells him she wants to get past what’s between them. When she kisses his cheek, they stare into each other's eyes.

Doug, Julie and Maggie arrive at the hospital and talk about what a hard year Maggie has had. The commiseration is cut short when Stefano arrives. "Well here comes the shame of western civilization. The drama continues," Julie snipes at him. Stefano reminds them that he owns most of the hospital. They don't care; he's still not welcome. Soon, Kayla and Steve arrive. They're equally unhappy to see Stefano. Steve threatens to make a scene if he doesn’t leave. Stefano says he’s only there to make a donation to the pediatric ward. Steve continues ordering him to leave. Lexi arrives with her family. She interrupts the confrontation and asks her father to back off and leave. He does. Everyone's relieved. Soon, Doug begins reading the Christmas story to the children. Philip arrives, giving Kayla a check of his own for the hospital. He tracks down Stephanie to give her a little kiss on the cheek. She smiles.

As Nicole sleeps in her room, EJ tries to rouse her by tickling her with some holly. She wakes up screaming and pushes him away. Changing gears, she claims that the holly had sharp edges. They talk about Christmas and their gifts until they are giddy. He rushes off and she gets out of bed to prepare herself for the day. When she joins him downstairs, she apologizes again. He's used to it by now. She tells him that she doesn’t want the money anymore... only him and their baby. She promises never to push him away again.

At the safe house, Rafe sports a Santa beard made out of shaving cream. He asks Sami if she’s been naughty. She’ll have to plead the 5th on that. As his beard drips, she pouts. "I miss my kids," she cries. "I'm sorry for being Debbie Downer," she adds. He wants to cheer her up. He even made her Mexican Christmas food and got her a gift. As they eat, he tells her a bit about his mother and then avoids further questions. They open gifts. She gave him a penny. She explains that Shawn Brady once gave her a penny for her thoughts and now she's giving it to him.

Lucas arrives at the DiMera mansion with Roman. They're there to see EJ. They set up cameras so they can show the twins to Sami. Sami watches at the safe house. She cries as EJ tells her how much the twins miss her. Meanwhile, Nicole calls Dr. Baker. She leaves a message, telling him he will get nothing more out of her and threatening to kill him if he tries. When she walks downstairs, she sees EJ talking to Sami through the video hookup.


December 26, 2008


Sami rushes around the safe house, planning to run off to the convent. Rafe interrupts her plans when he enters in his towel and tells her the shower is free. When Rafe requests some privacy while he dresses, she tries to hide the flyer for the convent. When he threatens to remove his towel, she runs for the bathroom. Once she's gone, he spots the flyer sticking out of the couch. They begin to bicker. She comes back out and it heats up. He demands to know why she keeps putting herself at risk like this. She claims that she simply felt a connection with Sister Theresa and needed to talk to her. She promises not to try running off again. He asks her why she needs to talk to the nun. Sami tells him that she needed some support, but before she can explain more, his boss calls and interrupts. All the while, the killer looms around in the dark, monitoring the call so he can track their location. It doesn't take long for him to do so. When Rafe gets off the phone, he figures out that Sami must be trying to give up the baby. Instead of denying it, she asks him what it was like at the orphanage. She begs him for help. He refuses again.

Melanie bounds into the pub and over to Chelsea. They launch into attack mode. Mel defends meddling in her bother's love life and trying to ruin Steph's. After she tells Chelsea about the 'rules of romance', Chelsea asks her, "Did you read that on shallowteen.com?" The fighting doesn't end. Mel claims she's only looking out for her brother. Chelsea doesn't buy it. Mel suggests that she won't have a shot with her brother without her help. Later, Max finds Chelsea sitting alone, staring. He tries talking to her but she's distracted. He made her a mix CD, but she's not paying attention as he offers it. When he tries using cliches to get through to her, it backfires. She needs some clarification, so she asks him if they are friends and only friends. Chelsea explains that she doesn't want a relationship right now and is sure he doesn't need one either. After she departs, Mel returns. Her brother is annoyed that she's been sticking her head into his private life. Melanie laughs when she sees the CD he made for his 'friend'. He's confused. She tells him that she just wants him to be happy and he should go for it.

Brady meets with Victor and Philip at the mansion. They're all in a foul mood. Philip accuses his father of pushing him to work and then pulling away his chances. He's sure that his father wants him to fail and calls him a hypocrite. "If you're so upset, why don't you just quit then? Now that Brady is here it wouldn't be catastrophic. He could replace you," Victor taunts with a scowl. Brady refuses to go along with this scenario. "You should have consulted him before hiring me," he suggests. While the two young men defend themselves, Victor cringes and accuses them of being wimps who put themselves before the good of the company. "You know what? You can take your self-righteous wrath and shove it. To put it in the words of one of my heroes, Donald Trump, you're fired! Both of you," he barks. They band together to tear into him and improvise a business plan to impress him. Their teamwork impresses him so much that he offers to hire them back. This infuriates Philip, but Victor is almost giddy. After he leaves, the two men agree that they work well together. "What do you say, partner, are you in?" Philip asks. They shake on it. They walk over to Titan and drift around the office until Philip slips away. As soon as he does, Melanie pops up. She introduces herself to Brady and asks him into her office so she can show him some numbers. Meanwhile, Chelsea arrives at Titan to see her grandfather. She wants him to fire Mel. Victor refuses; he knows she's trouble, but she has the rights to the fuel project and that could make them a lot of money.

Nicole meets with Dr. Baker at the pier. He's shocked when she pulls out a gun. He wants to talk this over with her, but she says she's too busy - she has a hair appointment. "There's too much at stake and there is only one way to keep my secret buried forever," she says. After she shoots him, she snaps out of it. It was only a fantasy, and even she has to admit it was a little too anti-social. If only she could think of a way to keep her secret buried and get her hands on a baby... when she goes downstairs, she tells EJ she's leaving for an appointment. He wants to come with her. She refuses and leaves alone. He makes a call. "I need to see you ASAP," he says urgently.

Elvis arrives at the pub looking for Roman. He runs into Marlena first. He's worried about Nicole and how much time she is spending with her doctor. Marlena says that Nicole is just being cautious... and just being Nicole. When they sit down, Roman joins them. He assures them that the police are doing all they can to catch the mayor's killer. After EJ leaves them alone, Roman admits to Marlena that the police have found nothing on the killer. He then tells her about EJ's videophone call to Sami. He's sure that Elvis still has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Elvis has slipped home to talk to his son. He tells Johnny how lonely things are without his mother around but promises him that all of that will change now that they have Nicole and a baby on the way. He calls Stefano, telling him that they have something important to discuss.

Nicole heads to the clinic to see Dr. Baker. She's brought him treats but he's still annoyed that she threatened to kill him. She apologizes again and begs for his help. He refuses to do anything before he sees some money. "If you don't help me, I will take you down with me!" she threatens. When he walks out on her, disgusted, she smashes the treats and then notices that he left his phone behind. Flipping it open, she checks his contacts list. They're all escorts. She tries calling them one at a time. She finally gets one, Jill, who will stay on the line. "I know all about your relationship. We should have a little chat. Meet me in twenty minutes at pier fourteen. Come alone or you'll be sorry," she threatens. Nicole heads straight to the pier to wait for her. When Jill arrives, she is very pregnant.


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