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Last Week of 2008 Daily Summaries

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December 29, 2008
Over Your Head.

At the pier, Nicole is shocked to see that Jill is pregnant. "Did Dr. Baker do that to you?" she asks. It becomes clear to Jill that Nicole doesn't actually know anything about her relationship with the doctor. Nicole tells her she wants to help her. Jill doesn't buy the 'friend' routine and runs off. Nicole stops her. Jill notices she's pregnant too. "You're doing what I'm doing too," Jill assumes. Nicole thinks they should have a mother to mother talk. Jill tells her that she is giving up her baby and the doctor is helping her. She asks Nicole how much he's paying her; he's paying Jill ten thousand dollars. Nicole tells her that there is another way. Jill doesn't see it; crying, she tells her how hard it will be to give up the child. As they cry together, Jill hopes she didn't talk her out of anything. "You might be the reason I keep my baby," Nicole says. She gives Jill a handful of money and tells her that she's brave. After Jill leaves, Nicole cries and takes out her phone.

Melanie is chatting up Brady at Titan. While she tries to impress him so they can 'put their heads together', Philip storms in and tells her that he has other plans. He tells her to get lost. She tells him that she needs a secretary. He reminds her that she's not in charge of anything. Before she and Philip can argue more, Brady interjects and promises her that they will work everything out soon. She smiles and tells them that she'll deal with them later. After she saunters off, Philip tells Brady that he's in over his head. "Actually, I think that's you," Brady says. Philip rants about Mel, but Brady thinks she's just looking for some respect and he should try to give it instead of 'being a jerk whenever a beautiful woman is in the room'. Philip is offended. Brady reminds him that they've only made nice for Victor's sake. Philip tells him that he thinks they can make a great team. Brady senses something different; he may be Victor's grandson, but Philip is his son and he is the heir to everything. He leaves, promising to be back.

Chloe walks into the pub and sits down with Steph. They catch up and Chloe is surprised by how much Steph knows about Kate. When it becomes clear that Stephanie has been seeing Philip, Chloe says they need to talk. Philip was her first love, she explains, before suggesting that they are both on the rebound. Steph accuses her of still having feelings for him herself. Chloe thinks she's being paranoid. When she's about to walk off, Steph asks her to stay and explain why she should be concerned. Chloe tells her that Philip has changed a lot since she broke his heart and warns her to be careful. Steph asks her why she seems so unexcited about her engagement to Lucas. Chloe aggressively tells her how thrilled she is about it and stomps away. Melanie arrives. Steph isn't happy to see her. Melanie sits at a table nearby and Julie joins her and asks her 'what's shaking'. Julie tells her that she's been to see Nick and tells her it would be better if she keeps her distance from him from now on. Mel tells her that she's become an executive at Titan. Julie begins mocking her. Philip walks by and straight over to Steph. As he kisses her cheek, Mel gags. She tells Julie that she is a professional and will do a great job. Julie wishes her a lot of luck. Mel watches Philip ask Steph out to Maggie's New Year's party. As they laugh and kiss, Mel cringes. She walks out and calls Maggie to tells her that she will be attending her party after all.

At the safe house, an irate Rafe asks Sami where she would come up with a crazy idea like giving her baby to some nuns. "From you!" she says. He's been singing their praises and she's sure her child would be better with them than the DiMeras. Her situation isn't getting any easier and she's got a deadline. He agrees and suggests that he won't be sticking around for much longer. Rafe admits that he wasn't thrilled with this assignment, but he's come to see the importance of protecting someone he cares about. "You have no idea how much that means to me," Sami cries, hugging him. They play poker with candy. He quizzes her again about giving up her baby and asks her if this is really the best idea. She claims that she will only leave the child for awhile. That doesn't sound like much of a plan. "You're gonna show up someday with a baby? Who you gonna say who the father is? Me?" he asks, annoyed. She thinks that's actually a good idea. He reminds her that someone could adopt the child before she can get it back. She repeats that she can figure something out and reminds him that she'll have to go to the hospital to give birth. He tells her that he has it all covered. Meanwhile, the killer stands outside with his tracking device. He's close to getting Sami's co-ordinates. When he goes down an alley and orders 'Hernandez' to turn around, he's surprised to see a homeless man instead. He guesses that Rafe must have ditched his cell phone.

Brady shows up at the DiMera mansion. Chloe answers the door. He says she looks great. She tells him that Nicole isn't there. He claims he's not there to see Nicole. Chloe thinks Nicole is bad news. He tells her that it's not what she thinks; he's just concerned about her. So is Chloe. His phone rings: It's Nicole. He doesn't answer. He and Chloe awkwardly wish each other a happy New Year. She doesn't want to see him getting in trouble when he's just recovering and warns him about what Nicole is capable of. Meanwhile, a livid Nicole arrives at Dr. Baker's.

December 30, 2008
The Platonic Type.

Daniel and Chloe make love in bed. After she gets on top to finish, she falls back and tells him how amazing he is. “You were a real tiger today!” he groans... but it's not Daniel, it's actually Lucas. She snaps out of her fantasy and tells Lucas there is something he needs to know. She gets a glass of water. He asks her what's going on. She explains that he makes her feel secure and that lets her be uninhibited. Lucas tells her how much he loves her and how the family has begun to accept her. As he kisses her, she stares off. She gets dressed and suggests that he spend more time with his mother. He thinks she's selfless. She says she never has been and never will be and then promptly walks out the door.

Daniel goes to see Kate at the Kiriakis mansion. He tells her that he's become overwhelmed with the desire to hold her. She finds it hard to believe that he would take time off for her. He tells her that he has the night off and they can order in some dim sum. They begin kissing but she pulls away; she's not in the mood. She apologizes. He tells her that he's been giving her the wrong signals; he just wants to spend time with her in a strictly platonic way. “You don't strike me as the strictly platonic type,” she says. He tells her that chemo normally depresses the libido and it will be back some day. He's willing to wait. After Daniel leaves, Lucas arrives to see his mother. She's checking online for reception halls. He reminds her that he and Chloe haven't set a wedding date yet. She wants to see the wedding sooner than later. He assumes she's still sick but she says that's not it. Nothing goes the way it is supposed to in her life, she explains, and that's why she wants to see this done quickly. He has no problem with that. She offers to make the case to Chloe.

Chloe shows up at the hospital for her check-up. She tells the nurse that Daniel won't be her doctor anymore because he hurt his hand. Daniel walks in and announces that his hand is fine. They laugh nervously as he checks her out and compliments her skin tone. As he feels her lymph-nodes, he thinks about seeing her in her teddy. Uncomfortable, she repeats that she wants a different doctor. He offers to set her up with Dr. Johnson. When he walks out and starts the paperwork, Kate arrives and asks him why he is taking himself off of Chloe's case.

At the mansion, Stefano and Elvis admire the baubles they've brought back from Argentina. Stefano tells him that it's time to get ready for the next step. He hands him an envelope. "Is this some kind of a joke?" EJ asks after looking inside. It's a pre-nup. He doesn't want to insult Nicole with it. His father tells him that he needs protection. Stefano reminds his son of Nicole's past. Elvis is aware of it and says that it is actually why he is refusing. A call comes in from Hong Kong for Stefano. After he leaves to take it, EJ stares at the ring he bought Nicole and then calls her to check in on her. Stefano returns and tells him how happy he is that he has turned out to be a loyal son. Elvis explains that Nicole had a lot to do with him accepting his offer; she doesn't care about his role in the family - she's loyal and acts as his anchor. After Stefano walks away, EJ stares at the ring again.

Nicole arrives at the clinic and begins tearing into Dr. Baker for being a 'big time baby broker'. She threatens to take him down if he doesn't find her a baby immediately. He searches for excuses but she is furious. She repeats her order to get a baby immediately. He insists that he's not a baby broker. She accuses him of running a baby factory. He tells her that he's not continuing this conversation. Before he can walk out, she warns him that doing so would be the biggest mistake of his life. She continues to berate him for letting her suffer like this. When she demands to know why he hasn't helped her, he admits that he nearly did, but she stopped him by throwing around the DiMera name. He warns her that this is a dangerous game for her. "Your future is in my hands now," she threatens. EJ calls her and tells her to hurry home. She tells the doctor that EJ really loves her and the DiMeras aren't all bad people. If that's true, she should tell him the truth, the doctor suggests. "That's not an option... This time I win," she declares. He claims he doesn't have a baby that could be passed off as hers. She says that's his problem and order him to get her the happy ending she wants. After she threatens him again, he agrees to the deal and they shake on it.

John finishes his latest session with Dr. Taylor at the hospital. She thinks things are going well but he's not convinced. He's eager to remember his past. She tells him there's no guaranteed time frame on recovering memories. He curtly tells her that they are finished. The doctor tells him that they need more time. His brain is a maze where his memories are hidden and she may know a way to speed things along – hypnosis. He refuses. She offers to videotape the sessions so he can watch them. “I'll get back to you,” he says, walking off.

Marlena runs into Tony at the pub. She complains about the way that John has been behaving over the holidays. They have a meal and Tony analyses John, suggesting that he just needed to get away from everyone and all of their memories. She thinks that John is just bored. Somberly, she admits how much she still loves John. Tony warns her that he may never change. When she tells him that she'll be spending New Year's Eve alone at home, John walks over, grinning and saying that sounds good. He tells her that he'll spend the night by the fire in his room. She wishes him a happy New Year. He seems disappointed and walks off. She pouts so Tony gives her a hug. After he leaves, Dr. Taylor walks by. When she discovers that Marlena has no plans for the holiday, she offers to fix things for her. John watches in the distance as the two doctors decide to go drinking together.

December 31, 2008
Trapped in a George Clooney Movie.

Philip sits in the mansion working when Steph arrives, dressed to the nines. After he tells her how beautiful she looks, she tells him she doesn't think she can go through with this. She feels trapped in a George Clooney movie. He offers to stick around the mansion and make grilled cheese with her. She says they can go to the party instead. Before they can kiss, Lucas walks in. Steph gets an emergency call from a friend about shoes and leaves to take it. Lucas asks Philip how things are going with Steph. Philip thinks they're going well.

"So what's it gonna be? Sex or football?" Chelsea asks Max as she sits at the bar. He's confused. She thinks that's all men talk about. He's giving up sex. She's giving up canoeing. After a little mockery, she invites him to come to Chez Rouge with her. He agrees to come. "I just remembered that you can't come," she says. Steph will be there and she doesn't need to see him being a slacker.

Dr. Taylor and Marlena arrive at Chez Rouge to have a drink. Before they can, John pops up and asks if three would be a crowd. As they sit down, Dr. Taylor becomes uncomfortable and says that it would be unprofessional for them to spend social time together. She excuses herself and walks away. Marlena's sure he did that on purpose. He doesn't understand. She thinks he's playing games; although she's happy he's in therapy, she can't shake the feeling that he is playing her. After she walks away, he's left feeling stupid. When he goes outside, he runs into her again. He apologizes. She thanks him and gives him a kiss.

Melanie sits at the bar in Chez Rouge and drinks soda. A man tries to pick her up, but she tells him that she is waiting for someone. Meanwhile, Philip and Steph walk through the door. She's sure they will have a fun time… then Mel pops over, ready for some fun. Steph tells her that her imaginary fans aren't around. After she and Philip walk away, Julie stalks over to Mel to tell her that she's onto her.

Kate shows up at the hospital and demands to know why Daniel has taken himself off of Chloe's case. Chloe steps up and says it was her choice. Kate is bewildered; she wants her to have the best doctor she can get. Chloe insists that she will be fine. Before the three of them can go their separate ways, Kate says that she has something to discuss involving them all. She needs to see that her sons will be happy and asks Chloe to move up the wedding date. She tells Daniel to explain that if the transplant doesn't work, speeding things up will be necessary. Chloe agrees to talk to Lucas and walks off. "What's going on between you two?" Kate asks the doctor. He claims that there is nothing going on between them and tells her not to worry. She still worries that something is bothering Chloe.

Kate arrives at Chez Rouge and sits with Lucas, Philip and the others. They toast to a year of peace and happiness. She tells Philip to take his date dancing. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Max sit and watch. He becomes uncomfortable and walks over to his sister. He hopes this year will be better than the last one. After he walks off, she stares at Philip. After someone spills a drink on Steph, she leaves to clean up and Mel steps over to him. Back at the table, Kate worries about what's going on with Chloe. Maggie runs down the countdown. Chelsea and Max kiss and she breaks away from him.

Nicole is at the clinic demanding a baby from Dr. Baker. He doesn't run a baby buffet line, he explains, once again refusing and listing all of the costs. She tells him that money is no option and demands the baby again. Back at the mansion, EJ becomes infuriated as he worries about where Nicole is. Tony wonders what's wrong with his brother. Elvis drinks water and explains that he wants to propose to Nicole tonight but he's stuck going to a video conference call. Tony offers to take the call so his brother can pop the question. EJ turns him down. Tony suspects that Stefano has been stirring up trouble and filling up EJ's time with business to keep him away from Nicole. Elvis refuses to roll over for his father. Tony warns him again that Stefano is trying to take over his life. He walks out. Nicole soon arrives. He tells her that he has to go to work. She's sarcastically upset, but really has no problem with it. He promises to run back so they can ring in the New Year together. She's exhausted. They kiss and she promises him a happy New Year.

Chloe appears on Nicole's doorstep, desperate to talk. They walk down to the pier and Chloe confesses that something bad has happened. Part of her doesn't feel like settling down. Nicole guesses there must be someone else. Chloe admits there is but claims that nothing will happen. She wonders if she should be honest about this with Lucas. Nicole tells her that's a terrible idea. "Honesty is a luxury very few of us can afford," Nicole advises. Dr. Baker calls to say that he may have found a baby. Nicole happily runs off. Chloe is left alone, but not for long. Daniel soon finds her. She tries to leave but he thinks they need to talk. When she turns to walk away, she falls and he hurtles after her. She's sprained her ankle so he lifts her into his arms to take her to the hospital. As the fireworks go off at the stroke of midnight, they stare into each other's eyes.

EJ returns to the mansion and finds his brother still hanging around. Tony wishes him a happy New Year. "I think it will be," Elvis says with a smile. He calls for Nicole but she's nowhere to be found. He questions the maid but finds out nothing more. Meanwhile, Nicole's car breaks down as she speeds to the clinic.

January 1, 2009

Pre-empted - Happy New Year!


January 2, 2009

You Need to Know the Truth.

Melanie walks up to Philip at the party. As they trade barbs, his grimace turns to a smile. Steph returns and watches them from a distance. When Mel leans in and whispers to Philip, Steph walks over. She asks if she's missed something between the two of them. He says she has and then promptly begins kissing Steph. Stephanie mouths 'Happy New Year' at Mel over Philip's shoulder. Mel cringes and looks away. She sarcastically calls them a 'super couple' and then toasts to the three of them working together. After she strolls off, Steph and Philip walk out. She doesn't understand why he doesn't just walk away from Melanie and accuses him of kissing her just to prove a point. He says that may have been part of it, but when he kissed her, he forgot about that and everything else. She smiles, but says the kiss was different for her. She suggests that he kiss her again to clear up any misunderstanding. Smiling, he agrees to that and they kiss. Meanwhile, Melanie walks around, trying to stop herself from her own self-pity.

Lucas returns to his table with Kate. He's been searching for Chloe without luck. Kate points out that Daniel has vanished as well. She tries calling him without luck. Maggie walks over and asks what's going on. Kate decides to call the hospital and try to track him down.

On the pier, Daniel tends to Chloe's sprained ankle. He lifts her into his arms as the fireworks begin to go off. Their faces light up and they nestle in for a kiss. Before they can, his phone rings. He puts Chloe down and looks at his messages. He thinks they should call their partners and explain. "Not everything," she says. They get to the hospital and her injury is checked out. Kate and Lucas arrive and thank him for being there to help Chloe. Kate hugs him and Lucas goes off to see Chloe. She apologizes for ruining their New Year's. He promises her that it's not over yet. Kate asks Daniel to take her home for some 'alone time'. When they get there, she gets out the champagne. She toasts to him, saying that she owes him everything. He tries to be self-effacing and tells her how tenacious she is. She wishes that she could ask him to stay, but she doesn't see the point since they can't act on their desires. He doesn't want an apology and promises her that she will get her libido back. Meanwhile, Lucas brings Chloe back to Chez Rouge. Maggie has left it open just for the two of them. He promises to give her a memorable time. They drink champagne and kiss.

At the safe house, Rafe tells Sami to get away from the window. He offers her some cider. She smashes the glass. As he cleans up, she apologizes. He knows it must he hard for her to be stuck there on New Year's. She's sure it must be hard for him too. He always works on the holidays and tells her to stop pumping him for personal information. She rants at him about bottling everything up and having a one-track mind. He accuses her of being even worse in that department. They bicker. He's sure she'll still look for a way to get around him. They argue and get ready for bed. Once he turns the lights out, he admits to her that he's not sorry he's there with her. She tosses and turns, worrying about her kids and EJ.

Brady shows up at the DiMera mansion. Elvis tells him that the party is cancelled and Nicole is nowhere to be found. "Evidently she doesn't want to spend the evening with me," EJ grumbles. Brady wonders why. EJ says it's his own fault. Dr. Baker calls for Nicole and EJ begins demanding to know why. The doctor claims he is just returning one of her many calls. Baker hangs up. EJ sighs. Brady wishes him luck finding Nicole and walks out, wondering what is going on.

Nicole sits in her car after it has broken down. She tries to get through to Dr. Baker on her phone. When she sees a man approaching, she runs down the window and begins telling him he's a lifesaver. It turns out to be Brady. He asks her why she was going to see Dr. Baker. He tells her about his earlier run-in with EJ and the phone call. She panics but Brady assures her that the doctor didn't say anything. He asks her what's going on. She explains that Dr. Baker is a baby broker. After begging him for no lectures, she asks him to take her to the clinic. When they arrive, Baker tells Nicole that the woman she was supposed to meet got cold feet and won't give her baby up. "That was my baby!" Nicole whimpers, bursting into tears. After the doctor walks away, Nicole explains what's happened to Brady. "I guess I have to tell EJ everything," she says. He holds her as she cries.

Nicole returns to the mansion and finds EJ pacing in the study. She apologizes for making him worry and tells him that this pregnancy has made her crazy. Everything that she has done has been because she wants them to be a family… but now she thinks that's impossible. "You need to know the truth," she says. He claims that he already knows it. She gave him the gift of love and he took her sacrifices for granted. Fearing that he had lost her that night only reinforced what he feels for her. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She giddily agrees and kisses him.


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