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1st Week of November Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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November 3, 2008
The New Guy.

A shirtless Philip looks over in bed and tells Melanie not to stop doing what's she's doing to him because he's loving it. Philip snaps out of this. It was only a dream. Daniel asks him if something is wrong. Philip drinks some water and claims that he just dozed off and is worrying about his mother. He walks into Kate's room to see her, accidentally kicking something and waking her up. They talk of the great times he had as a kid when he thought she was invincible and had all of the answers. She's starting to feel like she has no more time. Crying, she tells him that she doesn't want to leave him, but he may need to accept the possibility. After Philip sadly leaves, Daniel sits at Kate's side. He tells her that it's too early to know how the treatment is going. Philip stands in the hall and listens. She cries, telling him that she knows he's doing everything he can to save her. When Daniel walks out, Philip admits that he overheard them. The doctor seems like a big part in giving his mother hope right now. Because of that, he's happy that they've made peace. He promises that he won't get in the way of them being together as long as he saves her. Daniel returns to Kate's bedside and begs her to beat cancer and come back to him.

At the Horton's, Melanie wonders if Nick's aunt and uncle will have a problem with her moving in. He explains that they are off at a green restaurant convention so they'll be alone for a couple of days. Now that Max has turned his back on her, Nick's the only friend she has left. She doesn't want anything to get in the way of their friendship; she doesn't want to 'play' a guy again and thinks they should just be friends. "BFF?" she asks. He agrees, but seems disappointed. Chelsea suddenly sticks her head through the door and asks Mel what she's doing there. "I live here," Melanie says. Chelsea doesn't understand. Nick doesn't understand why she would walk in without knocking. He's cold and defensive. She just wanted to talk about her grandma. She hands him the mail she found at the door. Nick grabs it and opens it. "Oh my God! No way!" he exclaims. The project he started with Trent has just received funding and this could mean a lot of money. Melanie is excited and wants to celebrate. Nick is uncomfortable about this now that Trent is gone. "At least something good came from that man," she says before asking Chelsea to step out. After Chelsea walks out, she eavesdrops as Mel tells Nick how proud she is of him. She thinks he's the best and hugs him. Although she's sure that she's entitled to some of the money he'll make, she thinks he should have it all. He insists that she take some of it. She says he's a good friend and suggests that some day they can be more than friends. Before she can kiss him, Chelsea barges in again, and asks for a moment alone with Nick. Mel pouts and leaves. "What are you doing?" Chelsea demands, explaining that Melanie is just after his money. Nick orders her to get out. Melanie returns and doubles the order. Chelsea stomps out. Nick doesn't care if she's unhappy. Melanie thanks him again for everything and saunters off to bed. He sighs and notices her purse. When he picks it up, the threatening note falls out. He reads it over and flashes back to writing it. Meanwhile, Chelsea goes to see Philip and begs him to keep Melanie away from Nick.

At the station, Hope hands Nicole her new red jumpsuit. Nicole is not pleased. She gets changed and goes upstairs to rant at Bo. EJ arrives. He clears his throat and shows Bo the notice for a bail hearing he's set up for Nicole. The cops file out so he can talk to his client. She gets overexcited and wants out. He pulls her close and whispers, demanding the truth. "Did you kill Trent?" he bluntly asks. Before he can get an answer, Bo and Hope arrive to announce that the hearing is starting now. They all file off together.

In the courtroom, EJ tells Nicole to 'suck it up' while they try to defend her life. She wants to talk about Trent. He promises they'll be back at the mansion in an hour to talk; he's already 'taken care of it'. Judge Fitzpatrick arrives. EJ moves that Nicole be released since she's pregnant. The DA says that Bo has something to present to the court that would argue against that. Bo tells the judge about the evidence they have and of Nicole's tendency to try and kill people. EJ objects but the judge allows Bo to continue. After Bo concludes that Nicole is a flight risk, the judge thinks things over and declares that she has serious doubts about Nicole's morality and denies bail. Nicole cries on EJ's shoulder before she's taken out.

When Bo and Hope return to the station, he admits that he's not completely certain that Nicole is guilty. Hope is impressed that he cares about the truth. Meanwhile, EJ follows Nicole as she's taken into the cells. He apologizes for failing her and says that he won't allow his child to be born in a jail cell. She points out that she and the child are a package deal right now and demands that he do something quick. He apologizes and tells her to get some rest. She cries and talks to herself before getting an idea.

At the safe house, Rafe is disturbed to learn that he will be taking over as Sami's guard. She's surprised that he's her 'new guy'. "I'm not your 'guy' and I never will be," he says defensively. He explains that he works for the Feds, not her daddy. He calls to request a transfer; he didn't graduate at the top of his class to become the babysitter for a spoiled brat. Things don't work out for him and he's stuck there. She eats pickles and taunts him. He brings out a box of mug shots so they can look through them. Time goes by. She goes crazy from boredom. He tells her that the sooner they ID the guy, the sooner they can get out of there. He starts mocking her while she has a tantrum. She threatens to 'puke' all over him. She is looking 'green', he says and asks what's up. Sami claims that she's worn out and begs him to let her go to sleep. He relents and goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed. As soon as he turns his back, she starts to check out his phone. He catches her and takes it away. Once he returns to the bathroom, she decides to run out to a payphone to call her dad and get rid of Rafe. Before she can escape, Rafe runs out in his towel and stops her.

November 4, 2008
Riot in the Accusement Park.

At the mansion, Stefano can't believe that his son is letting a DiMera heir gestate in the county jail. Elvis complains, blaming Judge Fitzpatrick. Stefano says having Bo go after the family like this is intolerable. EJ thinks there's nothing to be done. Stefano is disgusted to hear him being so defeatist and vows to take immediate action. EJ becomes sarcastic. His father tells him that the police in this town are a joke but he will make sure that justice is done. Elvis drinks and can't even claim that he thinks Nicole is innocent. Stefano demands to know if she did. "I don't know," EJ snaps. Stefano says that she is a passionate woman and may have let things get out of hand, but nothing is more important than her child. He assumes that this is really about Sami. EJ doesn't want to hear that, or any more about his father's fixation on children. Stefano refuses to take the blame for his son's problems and probes him for his real sentiments about Nicole. "Nicole is very important to me. More important than you know," EJ admits.

Nicole clangs on the bars of her jail cell and yells for a guard, claiming that she is in terrible pain. A guard comes. She begs for a doctor. He's not convinced and begins teasing her about her porn past. She warns him that if anything happens to Stefano's grandchild, he'll be needing an undertaker. Soon, a doctor comes in and checks her out. He can't find anything wrong with her and leaves. The guard tells 'Misty' to pipe down and go to sleep. She tries to sleep but the cell is full of roaches. She screams for help but the guard only offers her a toilet brush to kill them with. Sitting back in the bed, she promises her baby that it will have something better than this. Getting up, she screams for help again. Later, EJ arrives and finds her cell empty. The guard informs him that the inmate has been taken to the hospital. When he calls to check, he discovers that she's not there. EJ demands some answers.

Chelsea walks into the Cheatin' Heart with Philip. She rants about Nick and Melanie 'the gold digger'. He points out that people used to say the same thing about her. She doesn't like being kicked while she's down. He apologizes. She still doesn't appreciate the comparison. He takes a drink and tells her that Nick may not be the one who needs an intervention. She doesn't want Nick and she doesn't want anyone else with him either, he points out. Chelsea's defensive and refuses to discuss her love life, particularly Daniel. She apologizes and concedes that she may just be overreacting because she's worried about Kate. They discuss Nick and the fact that Melanie has been cleared of murder charges.

Stephanie walks into the bar with a smile. It drops when she spots Max at the bar. He offers her a 'flirtini'. She jumps at him about it, insisting that she is only there to meet her fellow interns. She wonders why the 'genius' is still working there instead of doing something useful with his life. "That's none of your business!" he bites. He makes her a drink and asks her if he's still wasting his time. She drinks it and tells him he is. He says that he is Shawn's son, not Trent's. She's not impressed by his argument and is sure that Nick would back her up. Max tells her that Nick is now living with Mel. He thinks that she should admit that she was wrong about his sister. She admits that Mel's not a murderer, but she's still 'a bitch'. Max rants at her about how wrong she's been about everything. She's sick of him being self-righteous and storms off, bumping into Philip on the way. Her friends have stood her up, she says, suddenly drunk. He invites her to sit with Chelsea. They sit down. Stephanie is desperate not to talk about Mel and sends Chelsea to get her another drink. Steph is laughing and falling over her own words. She feels like a 'riot at the accusement park.' Philip decides it's time to take her home and helps her out. At the bar, Max and Chelsea watch them leave. She's determined not to let Melanie ruin Nick's life.

Lexi and Abe walk into the bar, amazed by how young the crowd has become since the last time they were there. They talk about the election winding down. She wants him to win. He's glad to have her support. As they talk about how much things will change, Stefano calls to congratulate 'the new first lady of Salem'. He asks to speak to Abe. She refuses. He tells her not to let Abe appoint Roman to be the commissioner. She hangs up. Abe says that Stefano will have zero influence over him and Salem will be a new town when he is the mayor.

At the Horton's, Melanie is going through her bags when she realizes that the threatening note she received has vanished. Downstairs, Nick sits with the note and prepares to write another. Suddenly, he decides this isn't the time and puts the papers away before playing with the things in Mel's purse. She walks in on him. He claims that he just knocked her purse over and was picking things up. Blubbering, he begins to gush about the possible cash they could make off the project he started with Trent. He shows her a projected profit figure. She can't even count that high, she laughs. Happily, they talk about money and all the things they can do with it. She thanks him for giving her something to dream about and goes off to bed. Melanie goes into her room and starts looking through the real estate section when Nick brings her milk and cookies. She thinks that's sweet. He leaves, but stands by the door. She can sense he's hovering and opens it to ask what's going on. He takes out the note. Her jaw drops. She has no idea who could have sent it. "I feel real protective of you," he says. As he leaves, he reminds her that his room is just down the hall if she has trouble sleeping. When she goes to bed and has nightmares, he wanders the house and fantasizes about being married to her.

November 5, 2008
The Landslide.

Daniel walks into the gym and begins giving Chloe tips on what to do with her body. After moving her muscles around a little for optimum effect, they share some flirtatious small talk before she tells him how lucky Kate is to have him as her doctor. "Or maybe not," Philip grumbles as he interrupts. He was just at the hospital and found out that Daniel has left his patient alone so he can run off and play gym instructor. Daniel tells him that he's doing everything he can; his mother's side effects are a result of the chemo and advises him to call her oncologist. Philip's not impressed by his string of doctor cliches and orders him back to Kate's bedside. Chloe takes Philip aside to rail at him for being an irrational jerk and reminds him that Kate trusts Daniel and his judgment. He admits he may have overreacted. At her prompting, he apologizes to the doctor and leaves to take a call. Chloe asks Daniel if he and Philip are friends again. Not exactly, he admits. He feels angry too. There is something too random about Kate's illness. "You really love her don't you?" she asks. He doesn't answer. He works out instead. Later, they talk about her relationship with Lucas. She's not used to being domestic, but says that life is good. "But not great?" he asks. She claims the 'insta-family' is great, but sometimes... she misses travelling and her life in Europe. He admits that he never intended to stay in Salem either and he'll always surf. "So you're saying we can have our cake and eat it too?" she asks. "Damn right," he says. They discuss Nicole. Chloe admits that she is one of her only friends. She's never been very popular; she's an 'acquired taste'. Daniel says he's acquiring the taste for her himself. That's nice for her ego, but she doubts it would go over well with Kate. He offers to make Kate see what he admires in her.

Tony rolls his eyes as his father walks into the mansion and calls out to him. Stefano has been out voting. "I didn't know people like you were allowed to vote," Tony snipes. Stefano was doing his civic duty. Tony wonders if that involves fixing elections. Stefano's disappointed he has such a low opinion of him. He loves Alexandra but he's not going to go out of his way to get into her good graces. Abe has turned her against him so he'll leave her to her husband. All the same, he'll be proud to dance with her at the inaugural ball. Tony tells him not to dust off the tuxedo and repeats his accusations. Stefano kicks up the sarcasm. Tony thinks that in trying to help his daughter, he may have cost Abe his career. Stefano smirks at the suggestion.

At the pub, Abe is uncomfortable with people getting ready to celebrate his victory. He reminds Lexi that his opponent was murdered; it's not exactly something to celebrate. Marino's death still haunts him. Lexi explains that there is something he needs to know about the mayor's death... and her father. She tells him about confronting her father and the role she thinks he played in Marino's death. "I'm just so afraid that I'm responsible for that man's death," she cries. He hugs her and tells her they don't even know what happened. Roman drifts over. Abe explains what his wife just told him. He thinks this is the smoking gun they need to get Stefano. They run off. Tony walks in and is surprised to see his sister looking upset. She tells him about the mess she's in. He doesn't think she can blame herself. She worries that if any of this becomes public, Abe's career could be destroyed.

Abe and Roman arrive to see Stefano. He's already congratulating Abe. They quickly begin accusing him. Stefano makes the hypothetical suggestion that Lexi asked him to kill the mayor. Abe's insulted. Stefano doesn't think he understood and asks him who the public would blame more: The person who made the request or the one who granted it? They accuse him of trying to blackmail them. He's not; he wants Abe to be mayor, Stefano insists. Abe tells his enemy that the one thing he has respected him for is his directness. He flatly asks him if he put out a hit on the mayor. Stefano would answer directly, but his gut tells him that Abe doesn't really want the answer. Abe mumbles and runs off. Roman vows to take Stefano down for this. "Are you sure that's what you want? You could just be opening a pandora's box?" he smiles. When he's alone, he drinks a toast to Abe.

At the station, Hope and Bo wonder if Marino could actually beat Abe even when he's dead. They discuss their caseloads and he gets her hot chocolate. She teases him about becoming the next commissioner. They talk about rooting out corruption in the department. Bo reminds her that they have some murders to solve first. She tells him he needs to change for the press conference. He can't understand why. She makes him put on a suit. He pouts.

At the Horton's, Melanie tosses in her sleep as she has nightmares about her father. Nick sits on her bed and listens to her before going into the hall to eavesdrop. After awhile, he goes downstairs and pops some pills. Melanie comes down and worries about the letter. He promises to protect her. An email comes in for him about the funding for his project: It looks like they are going to be filthy rich! She's thrilled and hugs him. Later, she makes a cake with a dollar sign on it and unveils it to Nick. He seems a bit disappointed. She feeds him icing on her finger. As he giggles, Philip peers through the window before knocking on the door. Mel asks if he's stalking her. "Get over yourself," he says. He wants to talk to Nick about his project. "I'm afraid it's never going to see the light of day," he says.

Abe and Roman return to the pub. Lexi can see by the look on her husband's face what happened. Abe tells her this is not her fault. As she cries, Hope and Bo walk in and announce that the election results are in. Roman joins them and they stand around until Evan makes the quasi-official announcement that Abe has won by a landslide. Everyone claps. Abe grins.

November 6, 2008
Salem PD's Been Wrong Before.

At the Horton's, Philip tells Nick that his invention sounds terrific, but it will never see the light of day. On behalf of the foundation that offered him his grant, he's rescinding the offer. Mel is outraged. Nick is crushed. Philip explains that the letter Nick received was sent without Titan's approval. "Cut the bull Philip! Chelsea put you up to this, didn't she?" Melanie prods. Philip protests but Mel is sure that Chelsea is pulling his strings. Philip suggests that Nick go over his work again and re-submit it. Nick thanks him for the second chance and Philip walks out. Mel is angry but Nick apologizes to her; it looks like it will be awhile until she gets her cut of the money... She claims that she really cares more about him. He offers to sort this out at the office. When he asks her out for dinner, she turns him down and sends him off to work. As soon as he's gone she begins kicking herself that the deal has gone awry. Philip returns. He's not falling for her routine and takes a few swipes about her lack of friends. Again, she accuses him of being pushed into this by Chelsea. He tells her that Nick is a good guy. "If you're looking for some quick cash, I suggest you do that somewhere else," he warns. She's sarcastic, claims to be misunderstood and reminds him that she's been cleared. "Salem PD's been wrong before," he says. He admits that he likes her; she's tenacious, and that works in business, but in personal matters it makes her look like a brat. She's wrong for Nick, he says, assuming that he can't handle a girl like her. "And you can?" she asks. "I can," he says, biting an apple.

Nick goes over to the Cheatin' Heart to get a drink. He shows Max the offer he received and explains that the foundation reneged on it. Nick admits that there are some flaws in his proposal and it needs to be tweaked. To do that, he needs Max's help. Max says no. Nick says that he's the only person who can help him out. After a little begging, Max agrees. When the topic of Melanie comes up, Max becomes defensive and wonders why she is involved in this. "I'm in love with her," Nick admits. Max finds that hard to believe and, even if she's his sister, he still knows she's trouble.

EJ runs through the streets calling around for Nicole. He rushes into the pub, tracking down Bo and asking him for help. "Nicole is missing," he explains. Bo is baffled. EJ explains that Nicole was sent to the hospital but never arrived. The detective makes some calls and discovers that Nicole has been moved to the hospital ward. "Is the baby alright?" EJ demands. Getting no answer, he runs off.

Nicole is wheeled into a medical ward asking for Kayla. As she looks around, she's disturbed and begs the guard to take her to her own doctor rather than dropping her in there with a bunch of misfits. The ward nurse walks over. Nicole asks to see a real doctor. "What do you think? We're playing dress-up?" the nurse snaps, ordering her into a bed and then leaving. Nicole gasps as she stares around the room at all of the other prisoners. She yells for a nurse until fellow inmate, Candi, tells her to 'shut her pie hole'. After Candi makes fun of her, another inmates walks over, spits her gum on Nicole and begins drinking rubbing alcohol. The nurse returns, angry to see that one of the inmates swiped her smokes. Nicole gestures to Candi. The nurse grabs them and starts walking out. Nicole begs for a room of her own or a screen for privacy. The nurse bursts out laughing and leaves. Nicole asks the other inmates to be 'amicable'. Candi sits on her instead. Nicole tells her to try using a toothbrush. The nurse returns and barks at her to get off before handing Candi her pills and warning her not to get into any altercations. Nicole starts claiming she's 'a thousand percent better' and begs to be returned to her cell. The nurse leaves her there instead. Candi and another inmate corner Nicole, threatening to put her in her place. As they push her around and threaten her, EJ arrives outside and demands that the nurse let him in to see his client. She refuses. He throws a fit and walks out. Moments later, Nicole's screams are heard. The nurse rushes in. The guards keep Nicole safe from being attacked. The nurse quickly checks her out and then EJ runs in with a court order to have Nicole taken out of there immediately. They go back to her cell. He's sorry that she has to go through all of this and asks how the baby is. "You still think I'm guilty, don't you?" she asks. She knows he cares about the baby, but she wishes he had come back to save her. "I came back to save both of you," he says, taking her hand through the bars.

At the pub, Bo congratulates Abe on winning the election. Hope hugs him. Abe and Lexi thank them. Evan asks them to step over to the photographers, leaving Hope behind to tease Bo about becoming the next commissioner. Tony approaches Roman to talk about his father's complicity in Marino's death and the role that Abe and Lexi played in it. They both wish Stefano stayed out of it and are worried about the expression on Abe's face. Roman thinks his friend may actually turn the job down. Abe takes to a podium to offer his speech. He thanks everyone, especially Lexi. Though he is honored to have won, he thinks there is something everyone needs to know. There's been a lot said about him during the campaign and he will be sorting out the fact from the fiction. He vows to make Salem a better place. Everyone cheers.

Bo watches as Abe 'schmoozes like a pro'. Roman congratulates Abe who admits to him that he is conflicted about winning. Roman reminds him that he had nothing to do with Marino's death and promises him that, as far as he's concerned, their visit to Stefano 'never happened'. They discuss their plan to take Stefano down, Abe even offers to take the fall if it means getting the upper-hand on Stefano. Abe walks over and offers Bo the job of commissioner. Bo would be honored and shakes his hand. A photographer snaps a shot of them and Tony extends his congratulations. Abe says they have challenges ahead of them. "Like a couple of homicides we have to solve," Bo points out.

November 7, 2008

Arrogant Bastard Tough.

At the Horton's, Philip tells Melanie that he's not falling for her act. She thinks he's acting like her father and tells him he's a fool for ruining his deal with Nick and losing out on all the cash involved. He accuses her of being a gold digger again. When she tries to walk away, he grabs her hand and smirks. She pulls it away and walks out.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nick is disappointed that Max isn't happy that he is in love with his sister. Max is sure it won't work; Melanie is trouble. Nick defends Melanie and suggests that Max just assumes that he can't make her happy. Nick doesn't care about that, he just doesn't think his sister needs any more complications in her life. Trent's lawyer calls to tell Max something. "I didn't hear that. Melanie didn't tell me," a puzzled Max says.

In her cell, EJ tells Nicole that this isn't just about the baby, he actually cares about her too. He probes for details about her health. She claims she can't have a healthy baby in a place like this. He admires her tenacity and maternal instincts. This makes her worry; she's never been the maternal type before and doesn't know what kind of guidance she can offer a child. She just doesn't want to be like her mother. "I would do anything for this baby," she says. He wonders if that means telling him the truth. Nicole's disturbed that he still doesn't believe she's innocent. Tired, she tells him to go and cries. He continues to beg for the truth.

At the safe house, Sami and Rafe are playing a blinking contest. He tells her that she'll never win; he's a master at this from babysitting his bratty nephews. She's not impressed. They taunt each other. He's hating this more by the minute. She wants to be treated like an adult. Then she'll have to act like one, he says. They continue to stare without blinking. She wants to use the bathroom. He tells her she'll have to leave the door open. She decides to wait it out. He can make it for 48 hours, he challenges. Sami freaks out and throws a tantrum, crying that she wants to go home. Rafe offers her his phone and suggests she call her dad. She calls and asks after the twins. After a moment of listening, she blurts out, "Nicole's been what?" As she launches into a rant, Rafe takes the phone away and orders her back to the couch. He demands to know who she was really talking to. She admits it was Lucas. He's not pleased. A call comes in for him from his partner. He complains about Sami and then gets some bad news. His partner just arrested 'the truck stop slasher', a man he's been tracking for two years. This means that Rafe's lost out on his big collar because he's stuck babysitting her. After he lays a guilt trip on Sami, she apologizes and offers to cook. He worries this could be one of her tricks. As she makes a sandwich, he asks her about her kids. When she starts burning the meal, she runs for the door. He grabs her. As he puts the fire out, she snags his phone. He offers to stop pushing her since it isn't getting them anywhere. She tries to run into the shower. He grabs her again and takes his phone away from her. She promises to try again and walks into the washroom, shutting the door behind her. As she showers, he sneaks in and swipes her clothes.

In his office, Hope serves Bo some sparkling cider to toast to his new job as commissioner. They make out. Bo looks forward to pushing Stefano and his cronies out of town. He quotes Sonny and Cher and promises that things will be just like the old days. A call comes in from EJ: Nicole is willing to talk. They run off, eager to close the case. They go down to the cells and Nicole announces that she is ready to give them the whole truth. Sitting down, she talks into Hope's recorder. "I had a gun... I went there to kill Trent Robbins," she explains. She couldn't do it though, she claims. Bo asks if there were any witnesses. Nicole thinks and suddenly remembers there was a man there, maybe the caretaker. EJ asks the detectives if they've interviewed him. They get up, announcing they need to check things out. Nicole asks why they never arrested her before. They had no evidence and had to send the CSI unit out for a second sweep to dig thing up. EJ's not surprised by this given the incompetence of the Salem PD. Bo and Hope walk out. Hope thinks that Nicole might be on to something. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to think of who she might have seen. The only person she can come up with is Stefano. Elvis isn't convinced. She accuses him of helping Stefano frame her so they can take her baby away.

Melanie walks into the Cheatin' Heart for a Mojito. Nick stops the bartender from serving her; she's underage. He wishes her happy birthday. She's 18, broke and unhappy... and the whole world hates her. She thinks about going back to France, where she is allowed to drink. Nick listens and stares in the background. While Max tries to talk his sister out of going, she suddenly gets a call from Nick using a voice coder. "You can run, but you can't hide," he threatens. Freaked, she hangs up and then runs out of the bar and back to Nick. She tells him that she is leaving right away. He asks her what's freaking her out. She tells him about the call and he asks her to stay with him so he can look after her. "I don't know what I would do without you," she says, hugging him. "You'll never have to find out," he says.

Stephanie finds Philip in the gym. She thanks him for taking her home last night and asks him what's wrong. He rants about what a lying gold digger Melanie is. The topic turns to Steph. She tells him that she's let everything go downhill since she got involved with Max and Mel. Now she wants to get her degree and get a job. Her plans of entering the world of advertising doesn't impress Philip. He offers her a job at Titan. She turns him down; he'd be a tough boss to work for, 'arrogant bastard tough'. That's the second time someone's told him that today. She teases him and admits she doesn't think he's bad, deep down. He needs to reassess the way he does things, he says, even relationship-wise. So does she, she smiles. With water bottles, they toast to the single life.

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