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2nd Week of November Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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November 10, 2008
Stupid, Beyond Stupid.

At the Horton's, Nick lights some candles on a cake and hides in the corner. When Melanie walks in, he screams 'surprise'! She's traumatized. After she calms down, he apologizes, realizing she's been going through a lot lately. She tells him that she had the odd feeling that the last time the stalker called, he could see her. Nick tells her not to think like that. "If I ever found out who was doing this, I would kill them!" she claims. Changing the topic, she decides it's time for cake. She blows out the candles. He asks what she wished for. She can't tell him. He says he could make it come true. "You can't make it come true. What I wished for was to find who killed my father," she explains. He tells her it would be better to move on. She wishes she could but the phone calls aren't helping. "I'm so sorry," he says. Miserable, Melanie wonders if she did kill her father. Nick assures her she didn't. "I still miss him," she admits. He's disturbed by this. When she tries to run off to bed, he stops her to give her presents. Eagerly, she opens one. It's a snow globe of Marseilles. She smiles. He gets a call from Max and then excitedly tells Mel that they are a step closer to getting the project done and her getting her money. She can't understand why he only talks about what the project can do for her. "I would do anything for you. Anything," he smiles, taking her hand. He gives her the next gift. It's a picture frame. Excited she runs off before he can hand her a photo of the two of them. She brings out a photo of her dad and tells him she wants to remember what was good about him. Nick is sad, but he wants her to be happy. "If there's ever anything you want, I'll try to get it for you," he offers. She asks for a piece of cake. When he picks up the knife, he flashes back to finding Trent fighting with Melanie. After Trent accidentally knocked her out, Nick stabbed him in the back.

At the station, Bo and Hope listen to Nicole's statement about going to see Trent with a gun, planning to kill him. She didn't do it but she saw a man in the distance. Bo has the uncomfortable feeling that she may be telling the truth. Hope wonders if they've leaped into an alternative universe where Nicole tells the truth. Bo wonders if Nicole knows who the person she saw is. He loosens his tie and she tells him that cops will have an easier time now that he's at the top. She thinks they should go home and jump in the bath but he says they should listen to Nicole's statement again. She goes over all the people who confronted Trent the night he died. She's sure that whoever killed him, must be connected to Melanie or Nicole. It's starting to feel like they are closing the case.

In the cells, Nicole accuses EJ of plotting with his father to take her baby away. He thinks she's being stupid, even 'beyond stupid'. She's sure that she's right. He reminds her that he didn't even know she was pregnant until after Trent was murdered. She thinks he asked her to move into the mansion so he could frame her. He admits that what he saw her do earlier scared him. She assumes he's going to use it against her in the custody case. He repeats that he is on her side. Nicole insists that she is just an 'incubator' to him. Elvis begs her to trust him. "That would be the stupidest thing I could do," she says. He repeats that he would never set her up. She asks him if he's ever been pregnant. He hasn't. She tells him that it's weird and she doesn't know how to handle it. "I'm not in here because you set me up. I'm in here because of Bo and Hope," she admits. He reminds her that they both want what's best for their child and that's that they trust each other. With his checkered history and her black past, how can they learn to trust each other? He asks. They're different people now that they have a child, he insists. "So what are we now? Homer and Marge?" she asks. He repeats that setting her up for murder wouldn't be the best thing for their child. She still thinks he thinks she's guilty. He thought that she did it, but now he doesn't. She had good reason to kill Trent, he says. He may not trust her for much, but he'll trust her to be the mother of his child. If he can get her out, she'd like to see if trust is possible.

At the safe house, Sami gets out of the shower and is angry to find that her clothes are gone. She yells at Rafe to give them back. He laughs and watches TV loudly, knowing that she can't run off while she's naked. She sticks her head out of the door and threatens to report him. He doubts anyone is going to be impressed with her complaints. "I want my daddy! I want my kids! I want my clothes!" she cries. He doesn't care. She feels alone, slams the door and slides to the floor. Time goes by. He tells her she should come out and eat. They taunt each other. He stuffs his face and watches TV. She begs for chips. He refuses to budge. She vows to make his life miserable even if she is stuck in a bathroom naked. Picking up the plunger, she bangs on the door and screams 'Camptown Races'. He turns the TV up. His team loses. She mocks him because he's lost his bet. She promises to be good and begs for her pyjamas. He rolls over to sleep. She vows not to let him sleep tonight. When he's silent and apparently fast asleep (he's wearing headphones), she sneaks out.

November 11, 2008
How can you Know That?

At the safe house, Rafe figures out that Sami is pregnant and asks if she's told anyone. She claims that she isn't really pregnant. He apologizes for being rough on her considering her condition. She should have told them because they would have adjusted how they are protecting her to this fact. She tells him to respect her privacy, claiming that her father already knows, and orders him to stay away. Rafe is not convinced and gets out his phone to call Roman. Before he can, she begs him to stop. After she admits that she's pregnant, he starts to rant at her for keeping secrets. She cries and flops on the couch, wishing she could celebrate being pregnant instead of being stuck there. Sami just wants to run away before the father of her baby can destroy its future. He feels bad for her, but she's still been 'wrong, stupid and irresponsible'. She complains about the child's 'nefarious' and 'depraved' father. "Who is it? Attila the Hun?" Rafe asks. "EJ DiMera," she explains. In that case, he thinks she did the right thing. She perks up, glad that she will now have the time to hide things from EJ. Rafe points out that she doesn't have more time: He has to report this to his superior and soon everyone will know.

In her cell, Nicole tells EJ that it means everything to her that he trusts her. With him on her side, her nightmare will soon be over. "For somebody, the nightmare is just about to begin," he says, thinking of who actually killed Trent. Bo and Hope interrupt the couple as they begin to share a tender moment. Bo announces that she will be released on bail but the charges haven't been dropped. After paying her bail, Elvis brings Nicole home. She reminds him that he thought she was guilty. He asks her not to hold his confusion against her. "As much as I want to be here... I have to say goodbye," she says. He tries to talk her out of it and asks if this is about money. It's not (she's sure she'll get her share of the family fortune); the problem is that he suspected her of murder. He thought they got past that. She thinks he says lovely things, but then disappears. He'd like to be more 'demonstrative' of his feelings and tries to stop her from leaving. She's about to walk out on him when he runs after her. They've come a long way and believe in each other a lot more, he says. He wants them to get married. She asks if that means he loves her. It means he wants them to be committed to each other so they can have a wonderful life. Nicole is still reluctant to believe him... because of Sami. She refuses to be the second woman in his life. He promises that he can let go of Sami and pulls her into a passionate kiss.

At the Horton's, Nick looms over Melanie with a knife. He's tuned out, distracted by memories of killing Trent. She snaps him out of it and asks what's going on. He tells her how bad he feels for her and repeats that he would do anything for her. She asks him for her other gift. He hands her a ring. "I don't know what to say," she says. He slips it on her finger and calls it a friendship ring. She backs away. He follows her. She tells him he's, 'being too kind... kinda'. Nick wants to do more, in fact, he already has. Before he can explain what this means, Hope comes to the door to interrupt. She needs to talk to Nick... alone. Melanie walks out, slamming the door. Nick offers Hope cake. She turns him down and admits that she's worried about him being involved with Melanie. He's defensive. She tells him the charges against Nicole won't stick. This news disturbs him.

At the hospital, Daniel explains to Lucas and Philip that Kate has become anaemic and wants to see them. They rush to her side. Daniel says this is a critical time. Philip begs him to stop the chemo. Daniel reminds him it's not his choice. Lucas has a hard time seeing this too, but it's something they should have expected. Daniel warns that if they stop treatment, she'll only feel better for a day or two and then the cancer will come back and she'll have no chance. He repeats that Philip has no say in this and they will have to wait until Kate wakes up to discuss it further. Seeing that he is upset, Chloe wants to talk to Lucas, but he plods off and she walks over to Kate's bedside alone. Sadly, she tells her what a great mother she is and what a fighter she is. Chloe gives her a pep talk, urging her not to give up. She remembers when she was so sick, she wanted to let go, but then she remembered the people who need her. Kate thanks her.

Melanie runs into Philip outside. They aren't glad to see each other. Seeing that he is upset, she tells him that she's glad and she's sure he deserves whatever he is suffering from. He tells her his mother is dying. "I hope your mother will be okay," she whimpers, bursting into tears and running away. Back at the Horton's, Hope guesses Nick must know something. He becomes even more defensive. Melanie walks in and asks what's going on. Hope decides to duck out. Melanie worries that Hope is putting lies in his head. He won't believe any lies as long as he knows the truth. "How can you know that?" she asks. He knows it in his heart, he claims. Meanwhile, Hope returns to Bo at the office. She tells him that Nick's involvement with Melanie can only lead to disaster.

When Philip goes back inside the hospital, Chloe tells him that Kate is awake. Lucas follows his brother to Kate's bedside. Philip tells her that she doesn't have to suffer like this. "But I do," she says. The treatment is her only chance. Her sons hate seeing her like this. She tells them that she can beat this. "Then we're behind you, one hundred percent," Philip says. In the hall, Daniel realizes that Chloe must have talked to Kate. He thanks her.

November 12, 2008
Keeping the Mystery Alive.

At the mansion, Nicole is languidly relaxing after having a bubble bath and shaving her legs. EJ thought they could go on their first date. "I don't think we should go on a date at all," she says. He doesn't understand. She tells him that what they have is fragile and, whenever they make plans, things go wrong. He's tired of trying to reassure her. She thinks they're beyond dating. Elvis points out that they may be living together, but he doesn't know much about her. "Maybe that's a good thing," she suggests. It might be best to keep the mystery alive. He agrees to go along with this and asks her for a non-date: Impersonal conversation about politics and religion. That sounds good to her. He makes a kiddie cosmo, explaining that he won't be drinking while she's pregnant either. The baby kicks. They get excited and he feels for a kick. As they kiss, Johnny starts to cry. He gets up to tend to him. When he returns, he tells her how important it is to him to be there for the beginning of the pregnancy. They cuddle. Nicole feels like they have a bond now. As they kiss, his phone rings. It's an agitated client. EJ talks him down and then returns to Nicole. They kiss again. She's tired. He offers to tuck her into bed. She drowses on top of him. He kisses her forehead and smiles.

At the safe house, Sami is begging Rafe not to call his supervisor to inform him that she's pregnant. He claims it's out his hands. She has spasms and grabs her belly. She gasps until he hangs up and offers to call 911. She stops him and claims she's over it. It was just the baby kicking. She cries; the baby is kicking her while she is stuck there alone. She makes him feel the baby kick. He cringes; it's weird. She talks about how important her children are to her and how much it hurt to be away from them when she was on death row. She complains about who may be looking after Johnny; it kills her to have to abandon two children to look after the one she is carrying. He warns her that EJ will soon find out she is pregnant. She's hiding out so that it will never happen, she says. He thought she was hiding from a killer. "I think part of you is dying for EJ to know that you are having this baby," he suggests. She forbids him to say that again. As she throws a fit, he assumes she must really care about EJ. She taunts him, suggesting that if he lets the truth out, he will be putting an innocent child in the hands of the DiMeras. She begs him not to make the call. He offers to sleep on it. After she falls asleep, he sneaks off and makes a call.

John startles Marlena in the park. She screams. As he grabs her, she almost punches him. She tells him she could have used her mace on him. He asks her how Aaron was. "You mean Eric," she corrects him. She's been back since this morning. He wonders if she was planning to avoid him altogether. Marlena doubts they have much to talk about; she may not want the divorce but it's what has to be. John asks her if a paper really means it's over. "That's exactly what it means," she says. She doesn't want them to be awkward with each other though and asks him to stay and talk. He's not talkative and he doubts doctors can help. She points out that he said that to her twenty years ago and asks him to let her help him again. When she asks him if he still cares about her, he collapses. She holds him until he comes to. She talks about their children and how scared she is for Sami. "I think I have an idea," he announces.

Stephanie goes to see Max at the pub. She was just doing laundry and found one of his shirts. As she hands it to him, he flashes back to her wearing it and begs her not to do this. He wishes they could be friends. That seems unlikely. She walks out.

Chelsea throws a tantrum when Philip tells her the latest about Kate. He calms her and tells her that they can't help her. The chemo is brutal but it is helping her and she has made it clear that she is determined to go through with this. "We have to be there for her. We have to be strong," he says. Chelsea still wants Kate in her life; she's pretty much all she has. Philip gives her a hug, telling her to be positive and upbeat next time she sees Kate. She leaves to write a paper. When Philip walks out, Stephanie approaches him. He's reluctant to talk. Since he listened to her problems, she offers to listen to his. They go back inside and she tells him that her internship is ending. He offers her a position again. She's sure she could learn some things from him and agrees.

Chelsea goes into the pub. Max walks out and finds her crying. She hugs him and tells him about Kate. He reminds her that her grandmother is strong and serves her some tea. They catch up on his dying love life. She tells him how jealous she was of his relationship with Steph and they recall their own failed relationship.


November 13, 2008
What are you Doing With These Pills?

Lexi brings Theo to the park. He's difficult and begins to throw a fit. She wants to take him home. Chelsea shows up and the child runs into her arms. She calms him down by singing to him and then takes him back to sit with Lexi. She thanks Chelsea. "He loves you, obviously," Lexi says. When she tries to push Theo to play with Chelsea, he becomes upset again. Chelsea sends him to play with his truck. Lexi wonders what she is doing wrong. Chelsea explains that children act out more around their parents and offers to look after him for awhile so she can have a break. Lexi's upset but agrees. She tries saying goodbye to her son but he won't look at her. Chelsea and Theo go off to play on the swings.

Nick is startled when Maggie suddenly arrives at home. He's awkward and tries to get away. Quickly, she tells him that she didn't expect Melanie to still be there when she returned this is a problem. "Wherever she goes, trouble seems to follow," she worries. Melanie has been eavesdropping and walks in. She thanks Maggie for letting her stay and promises to be no trouble. Nick runs off to run an errand. Maggie wants to get some things straight with Melanie. "We're just friends," Mel says defensively, showing Maggie the friendship ring that Nick gave her. Maggie worries that Nick's heart is dangerously big. She tells her about Willow, how Nick tried to help her and how she died. Maggie doesn't want to see Nick get hurt again and warns that, if she hurts him, she'll be answering to her.

Max goes over to the hospital to talk to Kayla. He wants to apologize for the way he's been treating her and the rest of the family. He feels like he hurt everyone by running off to find Melanie and pushing everyone away. Now he needs to move on.

Nick calls around, trying to get some more painkillers. Getting desperate, he goes to the hospital and begs a doctor to write him a new prescription. The doctor is reluctant but writes him a half, asking him to get checked out again. When the doctor is rushed off, Kayla shows up. He tells her that his wound is hurting. She warns him that the pills are highly addictive and tells him that Stephanie says he's been acting strange lately. He claims it's everyone else who has been changing and runs off.

John shows up on Marlena's doorstep to announce that he has hired a private investigator to help him hunt down the killer so Sami can get out of the witness protection. Marlena's nearly speechless. He sounds almost like his old self. There's a knock at the door. She answers, expecting the PI and is shocked to find Brady standing there. While she giggles in excitement, John is cold and distant. She tells him his son is home. John stares him over. Marlena catches up with Brady. He tells her about working on a farm as part of his recovery. She asks John to sit with them and listen. John continues to keep his distance. Brady explains that he has come home to make amends and see his dad. John announces he has to leave and promptly walks out. She tells Brady that his father may be very ill. "He seemed fine just now," he says. Marlena explains how abnormal John's brain is and how reluctant he is to accept treatment. She's done all that she can to help him. He's refused so she's divorced him, but that doesn't mean she's giving up on him. Brady wants to help. She suggests that he stick close to his father, but, right now, he should move in with her. There's a knock. John is back. He announces that his PI is on the case. He seems dismayed to see that Brady is still there. "Get used to it Dad," Brady says. John squints. Marlena suggests they all get reacquainted. John says he's busy and leaves. Brady feels like he's a stranger to his father now. She knows how that feels and she's sure that John will see himself in him some day and that will bring the old John back.

Max runs into his sister in the park. She's pouting on a bench when he sits beside her. She tells him that Nick has been a better friend to her than he ever has. "He's in love with you," Max explains. She's uncomfortable and claims to be surprised. He spots her new 'bling'. She explains it's only a friendship ring. He asks her to give the ring back and stop leading Nick on. She claims she isn't, but she can't profess to love him. "Don't you dare hurt him," he says. She walks off.

Nick returns home. Maggie tells him that she put Melanie on notice. Nick complains that he is not a child and doesn't need protection. She leaves to take a call and he pops some pills. When she returns, he spills his pills and she grabs them. "What are you doing with these pills?" she asks, worried. She knows how addictive they are and assumes he must have been on them when he was arrested for drunk driving. Nick blows up at her. She's hurt. He apologizes. "Promise me you'll take care of yourself," she begs. After she leaves, he decides that it's time for he and Melanie to take a little trip. While he loudly announces this to himself, Melanie walks in and asks him where they are going. He suggests they go to the lodge. She turns him down. He storms out. "Way to go Mel!" she kicks herself. Nick's phone rings. She answers. It's Maggie; she asks her to have Nick call her back ASAP. When Melanie takes out a pad of paper to write the message, she notices that the paper is identical to that used for the notes she was sent. She gasps.

Lexi walks into the pub and bumps into Kayla. Sitting down, she tells her that Theo had another meltdown and she couldn't deal with it... but Chelsea could. Sometimes it feels like her son would rather be with anyone other than her. She wishes she could change things and that being a good mother came naturally to her. Kayla won't let her beat herself up over this; she tells her about her own difficulties raising Stephanie and how long it took her to have faith in herself as a mother. Deep down, Lexi is sure that her son knows she loves him.

Chelsea and Theo run into Max in the park. He plays with his truck while the adults talk. They both wish they could talk some sense into Nick, sure that Melanie will break his heart even worse than she did. He tells her about the friendship ring Nick gave his sister. Chelsea wishes him the best of luck. "He's going to need it," Max says.


November 14, 2008

Did you Kill my Father?

At the pub, Chloe is fumbling in her purse for coffee money when a voice startles her. She turns and sees Brady staring at her. He tells her that he's feeling better and has been clean for a year. She asks why he's come back. "I came back to see you," he says. She doubts it. They sit down and he teases her. She's awkward and wants to get away. He tells her that it's true that he came to town to see his family, but mostly to sort out what happened to their marriage. She blames herself for what happened. He thinks it was a shame. She thinks it simply wasn't meant to be. Brady still feels guilty; he was committed to making her happy and failed. She blames herself as well. They rehash their failures and share responsibility for them. Chloe forgives him for giving up on their marriage and hopes he forgives her. He does. They weep and hug. Then they catch up on what's been going on with Sami. Chloe's heart isn't breaking for her. He asks about Lucas and then apologizes for bringing it up. They catch up on John and Nicole and Chloe admits that she and her old enemy have become friends.

At the Horton's, Melanie picks up a pad of paper and realizes that it perfectly matches that of the notes she was sent. "Nick!" she gasps, putting the evidence together. Nick sticks his head through the doorway. He walks in and asks her what she was looking at. She doesn't like his tone. He claims he doesn't have one. Melanie just wants to take some aspirin and lay down. Nick hands her her purse and grabs her arm, demanding to know what's wrong. "Aside from the fact that I'm living with an insane person who has been trying to ruin my life?" she asks, waving the papers in his face. She thought that he was her friend, but he's been terrorizing her this whole time. He admits it. She thinks he's done all of this because he's in love with her and has been trying to scare her into loving him back. "I did it to protect you!" he shouts. He was in the cemetery and saw what really happened, he explains. "Did you kill my father?" she asks. "No. You did," he answers. She falls into a chair crying and demands the details. He followed her, saw her arguing with her father, struggling with him, stabbing him and then falling and hitting her head. As she cries, he tells her not to be hard on herself and begs her not to go to the police. "You better pack your bags because we're leaving Salem right now," he says. He worries that the cops are on the way and he doesn't know how to lie convincingly. Asking her to trust him, he promises her that running is the right thing to do. She runs off.

Nicole is rushing around the mansion when she bumps into EJ. "Going somewhere in a hurry?" he asks. She has to run to a prenatal checkup. He wants to tag along. She smiles. They hold hands and walk out the door. They skip over to the hospital for her appointment with Daniel. She tells him about her cramps and baby flutters. Daniel checks her over and soon tells them that everything is fine. Their next appointment should be an ultrasound. The couple giggle and discuss how they will shop for the children if they know the gender. EJ wants to be surprised; Nicole wants to be prepared but she agrees to wait. Elvis is called out of the room by a phone call. Nicole asks Daniel if sex is still okay. He says it's fine. Daniel walks out and EJ stops him to ask him about whether sex is safe. "Uhhh...." Daniel answers. Later, the couple return home and begin making out in the foyer. He stops himself before he's not able to stop himself. She doesn't see a problem and they start making out again. She sends him upstairs and promises to meet him in the bedroom. He leaps up the stairs as the doorbell rings. She's shocked to find Brady standing on the doorstep.

Sami wakes up in the middle of the day after Rafe brews some coffee. She thanks him again for not talking to his boss about her being pregnant. He's quiet. She's disturbed. He admits that he did talk to his boss after she went to sleep. She throws a tantrum at 'agent backstabber' until he stops her and explains that he didn't say anything about the baby; he was just checking out her story. This doesn't impress her. She thinks he's dumb and vows never to talk to him. That sounds great to him. He tells her that Nicole is out of jail and living with EJ. "No way!" she jumps. She's ready to call the cops when he stops her and tells her that Nicole is no longer a major suspect. Sami worries that the police are wrong and her child is in danger. Rafe tells her to give it a rest. Instead, Sami rants that the talented, generally intelligent, good looking and very British EJ could have had any woman but chose Nicole 'the slut'. Rafe accuses her of still being in love with EJ. Sami grunts.

Bo and Hope are in his office. She can't stop thinking about the tall guy who Nicole claims to have seen at the cemetery. Hope makes some calls and then says that Nicole's story may pan out. She gets a call back and discovers that there was a caretaker at the cemetery after all. They run over to the Cheatin' Heart and corner Ray, the caretaker. They've already questioned him once but they need him to tell them the truth this time. He's reluctant. They threaten to arrest him for stealing gravestones. He claims he only 'borrows' them. They show him some photos. When he sees one of Melanie and Nick, he instantly points Nick out. The detectives shudder.

Chloe walks into the hospital and asks Daniel how Kate is doing. There's not much change. He thanks her for talking to Kate and inspiring her to fight. She's glad that she was able to help. The trauma center calls him away.


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