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3rd Week of November Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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November 17, 2008
That Little Wench!

Shirtless EJ flops in bed at the mansion and waits for Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole is shocked to open the front door and find Brady standing there. He needs to talk to her and asks to come in. Listening to him wasn't what she expected to be doing right now. Sitting down, he tells her that he needs to make amends for his past. She reminds him of the horrible things she did and this conversation makes her uncomfortable. He wants to put their past in the past and start over. After a shrug, she agrees and tells him that she has changed too: She's having a baby with EJ. "You sure know how to pick 'em," Brady jokes, mocking Elvis. Nicole says he's actually nice. Brady's glad for her then. They hug as EJ walks in and closes his shirt. Awkwardly, she introduces them and Brady tries to excuse himself. EJ stops him and announces that he is leaving. He asks Nicole to walk him to the door. In the foyer, he tells her that he isn't mad or jealous, he just thinks she needs some time to deal with her past. They kiss and he promises her that they have a lifetime together. She returns to Brady and EJ tells the maid to keep an eye on them. She gets them coffee. Nicole pours some for Brady and they discuss rehab and his father. John treated him like an annoying salesman when he saw him earlier. "The situation is a bitch," she summarizes. To Brady, it doesn't quite do justice to having your dad look at you like you are a stranger though. He needs to get through to his father and, since she is friends with him, he thought she could help. She isn't going to help him change his father back into who he was and suggests that he just get to know and like who he is now. Brady refuses to give up on getting his old father back. Giving Nicole a kiss, he tells her he's happy she's happy and EJ's a lucky guy. After he walks out, she tells herself not to get involved, but can't stop herself from making a call.

At the Cheatin' Heart, the cemetery caretaker picks Nick out of a photo as the man he saw the night Trent died. Bo and Hope are shocked but they believe it. "Nick's already taken a bullet for that little wench!" Bo barks. Hope wonders what Nick has gotten himself into this time. They imagine that Nick may have seen the murder and Melanie must still be playing him.

At Maggie's, Melanie cries to Nick after he tells her that she killed her father. While he comforts her, he flashes back to killing Trent himself. As she cries into his chest, he promises that everything will be okay. He reminds her that her father was a terrible guy and deserved what he got. Once they get away, she'll be able to realize what she did wasn't wrong. She refuses to run; she wants to do the right thing and turn herself in. He refuses to let her. She's determined. Sobbing, he tells her that he's scared that they will arrest him too. She feels like she is ruining everyone's life. Nick claims he doesn't care about what happens to himself; he just wants to make her happy. If she turns herself in, they will be the only people to suffer. She agrees to run with him.

Bo and Hope head over to Maggie's to find Nick. Maggie answers but none of them can find Nick or Melanie anywhere. Hope asks her why she let Melanie move in at all. Maggie was worried that Nick was too worried about Melanie. She thought that having her around would help. She goes on to tell them about Nick's problems with his medication. Hope brings up his mother, her split personality and her problems with drugs. Maggie worries that Nick is driving and they may have run away. Hope runs upstairs to look around. She quickly realizes that Nick and Mel have run.

Nick and Melanie drive off. He takes her to a hotel and announces his plan: They are going to fly to Vegas and get married so that he can't be forced to testify against her. She's shocked. He explains that Hope is going to come after him to get to her, but she can't get through him if they are married. As he hugs her and tells her not to worry, she glares over at the bed and worries. As he makes them drinks, he suggests that they have a hot bath and get ready for bed. She cringes as he smashes ice with an ice pick.

Marlena runs into John at the police station. He's just there to tell them that he and his bounty hunter are trying to track down the mayor's killer. She wants to talk about Brady. She thinks his reaction to his son has been 'dumb'. He chuckles. Only insults seem to get through to him. He claims he has no feelings for his son. She thinks he's afraid that he might and that could lead him back to who he used to be. John dismisses this but she's sure he's wrong. She storms off and he walks in to tell Roman that he is after the mayor's killer. Roman guesses that he is doing this to impress Marlena. He reminds him that Marlena is smart enough to see right through this. John doesn't need a reminder; she's always telling him how smart she is. Roman asks him to let him do his job and think about his own: Being a father. John tells him to mind his own business and walks out.

EJ goes to visit Marlena and asks her if he should be worried about Brady and Nicole. Being pregnant has made Nicole focussed, but having Brady around could complicate things for her. Marlena tells him to have faith in her. He does; he just has no faith in Brady. She smiles and says that he's obviously 'smitten'. Offering him some free advice, she suggests he just ask Nicole how she feels about Brady. He agrees. When she opens the door, Brady is standing there. She runs off. Brady thanks EJ for letting him have time with Nicole. EJ wants to get some things straight with him before he leaves.

John arrives at the mansion following a call from Nicole. She explains her meeting with Brady and how upset he was. She tells John that he shouldn't change, but he should try to help his son. He won't make any promises and wonders why she cares.

November 18, 2008
Can We Try This Again?

At the pub, Stephanie hands Philip her resume and asks him if he still wants to hire her. He looks it over, admits it's not that impressive and says that doesn't even matter. If she can't do the job, she won't keep it. She hopes he'll be nice if he fires her. He tells her not to be scared and flirts. She talks about her skills while he eats and wishes he didn't have time to think about what's going on with his mother. He confesses that he doesn't even like to know what he is feeling. She gets a call from Maggie searching for Nick and Melanie. Stephanie thinks it's a bizarre coupling. "It sounds like Thumper and Cruella De Vil," she remarks. He guesses she's not a fan.

At the mansion, John wonders why Nicole cares about him and his relationship with his son. He's not eager to listen to anyone's advice. "It's a good thing you're having this baby because you clearly have nothing else to do," he says. She keeps the conversation on him, reminding him that he has few friends, real or imaginary. She suggests that he get to know his son. He thinks it would just be 'going through the motions'. Nicole still urges him to try and reminds him that Marlena would love it. "So this is really about emotional manipulation? Okay. I'll think about it," he smiles.

At Marlena's, EJ wants to have a word with Brady. Brady assumes that he wants to discuss Nicole. He offers to keep his distance. Elvis is simply worried that Nicole seems agitated. He thinks that Brady has a lot of problems and he doesn't want them intruding on her life. EJ offers to help him with John and then sees himself out. Brady sits alone and does his EJ imitations. John arrives. Brady lets him in. John is only interested in talking to Marlena. When he learns she's not there, he tries to leave. "Please... can we try this again?" Brady implores, stopping him. He doesn't want to push, but he suggests that they get to know each other. John's sure he'll see him around. Brady tells him he'll be moving back to Salem. John tells him he shouldn't factor him into his decisions and suggests that he cut his losses. "If you're sick, there's no way I'm going anywhere," Brady says to himself.

EJ returns to the mansion. He stops Nicole from babbling by kissing her, picking her up and taking her upstairs. They undress and leap in bed.

At Maggie's, she worries while Bo tries to keep her calm. Hope comes in and informs them that Melanie has left town and taken Nick with her. Moments later, Max and Chelsea arrive. The cops tell them what's up. Max wonders if his sister and Nick really went together. He explains that he told his sister that Nick was in love with her and it 'weirder her out'. Bo calls around and finds out that Nick just got his prescriptions re-filled a few hours ago. A weeping Maggie returns with something they need to see. It's the note that Nick sent Melanie. Chelsea suggests that Melanie wrote the note to push the blame off herself. Hope shows her the handwriting. Chelsea has to admit it's Nick's. The cops run off and Chelsea and Max follow. Later, alone, Maggie cries and calls Nick, leaving a message, begging him to come home so they can work things out. Philip and Stephanie arrive. Maggie is so distraught she can't speak.

In a hotel room, Nick makes a drink for himself and his bride-to-be, Melanie. As he breaks ice apart with an ice pick, she flashes back to him stabbing her father in the back. "You look like you've seen a ghost," he remarks. He pops pills and drinks. She seems really disturbed and suggests they go back home. He refuses, still determined to fly to Vegas in the morning and get married. He downs his drink and then hers. She tries to make her way to the door. Leaping up, he slams it and tells her he can't allow that. Putting her on the couch, he advises her to let him do the thinking. She grabs her purse, explaining that she'll need to have her makeup after she takes her bath. Before she can go in the bathroom, he asks her to give him her phone so he can disable it and keep the cops away. They're starting a new life and she won't need the numbers on it anymore. He tells her that they can't trust Max or anyone else. She cowers. He becomes tipsy. She urges him to sit down and take another pill. He begins kissing her and she cries. Nick confesses that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. She gets him a drink and grabs the ice pick. When she returns to him, he embraces her and finds the pick. He is not happy. "What did you think you were doing?" he asks. She tells him this is happening too fast and then punches his bullet wound and smashes a glass on his head. Jumping over him, she runs to the door but he grabs her before she can escape. They struggle. His phone falls and they step on it. It calls Steph. When Mel breaks away from Nick again, she accuses him of killing her father.

Max and Chelsea got to the Cheatin' Heart. He worries about his sister and rehashes her story. It bothers him that his father could have screwed up her life so much. Chelsea wonders why Nick was sending Melanie threatening letters if he loves her. They suspect that going on the run may not have been her idea after all. Max realizes that he may have gotten things backwards.

At the station, the other cops tease Bo about his new job title until Hope arrives. She doesn't want to imagine that Nick is capable of any of this, but she can't ignore the evidence. Bo puts out an APB. He gives her a massage and reminds her that Nick is her cousin and she might not want to be involved with this. She says she needs to be. They go through the evidence again to see if the evidence really points to Nick.

November 19, 2008

You'll Never Know How Sorry I Am.

At the Horton's, Philip takes the phone from Steph and tries to listen. They can hear Mel and Nick arguing on the other end. Listening, he can hear a plane in the background and then more screaming. Steph guesses something must be wrong. They run off.

At the station, Bo and Hope decide that Nick is really the killer. He thinks she should step away from this since he is her cousin. That's exactly why she refuses to step away. She's kicking herself, sure that Nick has been suffering all year and needed her help. A lead comes in on where Nick and Mel might be. They track it to the Airway Motel. Before they can run off, Philip and Steph arrive and tell them about the call. The cops run off. Steph is sure that Nick needs their help. Philip checks the computer and gets an address for the motel. They run off to check things out. When they arrive at the motel, he tries to break in through the back door.

At the motel, Nick and Melanie struggle. She cries and accuses him of killing her father. "I know the truth now," she cries. "I'm sorry you do. You'll never know how sorry I am," he says. Gagging her with his hand, he tells her that he is doing all of this for 'us'. "There is no 'us!'" she shouts, trying to run again. He grabs her and throws her back in the room. She screams at him, "I hate you!" He repeats that he did all of this for her and begs her forgiveness. She's sure that he didn't mean to hurt her. Taking his hand, she tells him that he could make this right if he calls the police and confesses. He doesn't want to go to prison. She promises to visit. He slaps her across the face and drags her up by the hair, refusing to let her 'play' him anymore. As he holds her and sways, she cries and apologizes. Nick tells her how it felt to stab her father. He becomes disoriented as he explains the night of the murder. Seeing Trent hurt her made him lose his mind. Although he thought of confessing, he didn't think he could give her up. As he sits in a chair, he explains that this isn't so different from what he did before... he tells her about Willow, how she blackmailed him and he accidentally killed her. He caused one death for Chelsea and one for Melanie. Whenever he tries to be good, people end up dead. "Maybe I can't help but ruin everything I touch?" he ponders in anguish. She tells him that she wants to be with him. He thinks she still wants to escape. They may have to stay there until he can learn to trust her. As he locks the door, she runs to the balcony. Bo and Hope arrive outside. They yell in. Nick and Melanie fight on the balcony and she goes over the edge. As she holds on for her life, Bo kicks the door open with his gun out. "Melanie!" Nick shouts.

At the hospital, Daniel walks in to check on Kate. She tells him that he saved her in her dream. As he holds her hand, she tells him that he came up with a miracle cure, just a little pill that made her better. He gets in the bed with her and explains what the latest tests will show her. She apologizes for putting pressure on him and promises to try as hard as she can to get better, though she is prepared to die. She has had a full life and love; that is all she could ask for and all she wishes for him.

Chloe arrives at the pub to see Lucas. He needs to decide on something, for them, and hands her a real estate portfolio. She's amazed that he wants to buy them a house. He tells her that she's been an amazing mom to Allie and it could be years before Sami comes back. Although he senses she's ambivalent about him, he wants to assure her that he is committed and would make a great husband to her. She has a worried look and tells him that she just saw Brady and he's finally gotten himself back together. He's not sure why she's telling him this. She explains that it's made her realize how lucky she is to have him. "I guess you've domesticated me Lucas Horton," she says. They kiss.

Chloe and Lucas go to the hospital to visit Kate. They interrupt her listening to David Bowie. She thanks them both for their help and support. Daniel returns with the latest results. After a long pause, he tells them that they are the best results he's ever seen. Everyone's thrilled. Daniel advises them to enjoy the visit and leaves. As soon as he's alone, a dejected look creeps over him. Meanwhile, Chloe leaves to buy Allie a picture book. Lucas is amazed that Chloe and Kate are getting along. Kate grudgingly admits that her feelings for Chloe have changed 'slightly'. He shows her the pictures of his new house. She worries he's moving too fast. "I'm going to ask Chloe to marry me," he says. Kate gasps but tries to be happy for him. He wants her to dance at his wedding and tells her that she will find someone to make her happy too.

In the park, Chloe finds Daniel. He's quiet and tired. She sits with him and asks what's wrong. She guesses that there must be something he didn't say to Kate. He claims that the results really were great, but he's become too emotionally involved. He also has a lack of humility and finds it difficult to admit that he is not a God. When he fails, people die and he can hardly breathe because he feels so much. Although Kate's results are good, she still has cancer. "I'm going to need a huge favor from you," he asks. He doesn't want anyone to know how he feels. She offers to keep her lips sealed.

November 20, 2008
I'm the Victim.

Brady bumps into Nicole at the gym. He wonders if working out is good for the baby. She says she has to stay fit and clean. Brady thinks it's good to see her happy, especially while they're both on the path of abstinence from all things bad for them. Her belly twinges at the statement, but only for a second. She asks him how long he is sticking around. "Maybe permanently," he says. She doesn't seem happy to hear it but wishes him the best anyway. They discuss John and he admits things aren't going well, though he appreciates that she's tried to help. She's trying to work off her bad karma. He tells her she'll be a great mom. She'll try. He gives her his number, in case she has any trouble staying clean, and walks off.

At the mansion, Stefano worries that his new grandchild might be born in prison. EJ tells him to be optimistic since Nicole is out. Stefano is eager to know the name and gender of the baby. Elvis informs him that they are waiting to find out. That's not good enough; Stefano needs the name for some documents. He holds them out to EJ who grabs them and begins flipping though. He's instantly defensive. Stefano likes Nicole but he worries about her reputation and is sure that his son is not thinking with his head right now. EJ is outraged to see that his father is already trying to protect his rights over the unborn baby. They shout and argue; Stefano thinks his son sounds like a teenager and is ready to wash his hands of him. Elvis stops him before he can walk out and admits that he knows he's doing this out of love. Stefano says that someone needs to act out of love, not like his immature, ungrateful children. He suggests that they have a family meal with Nicole to sort things out and rushes off to issue the order to the chef. When he returns, Elvis makes jokes about him and how well he knows him. Stefano reminds him that he is his son and they have a deep connection. In light of that, he offers him the reigns of the family business so he can carve out a legacy for his children. "Forget it," EJ says. In that case, Stefano tells him he's on his own and won't get a free ride anymore. Elvis had no idea things came with strings attached. His father prompts him to stand up and earn his way. They shake hands and embrace. Moments later, Nicole arrives and Stefano eagerly tells her the latest news. She's rather surprised that EJ is joining the family business but offers no objections. Stefano is pleased and offers a toast. He leaves the couple alone. They kiss and go up to bed.

At the motel, Nick calls out the door for Melanie after she goes over the balcony. Hope holds him back with a gun while Bo holds Melanie's hand as she dangles in the air. He calls down to Philip in the alleyway to climb up the fire escape and help. When Hope runs off for a moment to help, Nick tries to escape. Hope grabs him at the door and arrests him for Trent's murder. Melanie is pulled up while Nick is cuffed. He breathes a sigh of relief when they tell him Mel is fine.

Abe gives a press conference at the pub. As it winds down, Donna, leader of the parent's support group for autism, wanders over to Lexi to check in on her. As they chat, Abe walks over and gushes about all of the work that Donna does for the community. While she talks about all of her work, Lexi drifts off. Chelsea arrives to get takeout. She hands Lexi an article about autism and then wanders off to find Caroline. Abe returns to his wife. She confesses that she doesn't know how other women cope with their children and everything else. She runs through her itinerary for tomorrow, unable to see how she can do it all. They sit down and he tries to calm her worries. As she reads the article Chelsea gave her, she cries. All that she's been doing is feeling sorry for herself instead of helping other people. Donna walks over and asks her if she would volunteer to work on the environmental task force with her. She agrees to do it.

Stephanie calls Chelsea and tells her to get down to the police station. She rushes off. At the station, Philip comforts a worried Steph until Max arrives. He thanks Philip for helping his sister. Chelsea walks in and begins blaming herself for everything. They debate what could have pushed Nick over the edge until Melanie walks over to them. Sobbing, she thanks Philip for his help. "Aren't you going to ask about Nick?" Steph prods, sure that all of this is Melanie's fault. Max defends his sister. "I'm the victim. Don't you get it?" she cries. Steph and Chelsea accuse her of pushing Nick over the edge, using him and lying to him until she ruined his entire life.

In the office, Nick offers his confession to Bo and Hope. He feels terrible for the fact that innocent people took some of the blame for this. Hope asks him why he tortured Mel with notes and phone calls. He explains that he needed her and wanted to keep her safe. Reminding Hope that she is part of his family, he asks for her help. "Of course I'll help you, but justice has to be served," she says. He asks for his phone call. Bo and Hope sadly watch as he calls Maggie. She quickly arrives and runs into his arms. As she sobs, Hope tells them that what happens now will be up to a judge and jury. Bo sadly tells her that Nick will definitely go to prison. He's taken down to be processed. As he's led off, he stops to tell Mel that he did everything for her. "I'm sorry Max. I never meant to hurt her," he adds before being taken away. Chelsea tells Melanie she's pathetic and turns her back. Mel cries to her brother. He holds her.

November 21, 2008
On No! The Baby!

At the mansion, EJ surprises Nicole. She has surprises for him too... kinky ones. She shows him that Nick has been arrested for the murder. That excites him even more. They kiss and he warms her up some more for his surprise. He teases her and she tries to guess what he has in store for her. Opening the desk, he pulls out a box and prompts her to open it. Popping it open, she finds a rhyming note promising her 'romance and sin'. He wants a romantic weekend away with the woman he adores and invites her to a secluded cabin. She runs upstairs to finish packing. EJ turns and notices his father has been there all along. It does Stefano's heart good to see them together, but he tells him that he will have to postpone the getaway. Before Stefano can explain what could be so important, Nicole runs in babbling about bubble bath. Stefano smiles, saying they look great together and then explaining he's putting the kibosh on the rendezvous. EJ walks Nicole into the foyer to stutter through an apology; their getaway will be delayed. He hands her the directions to the cabin and asks her to meet him there. After he kisses her and tells her to enjoy the anticipation, she thanks him for everything. He promises a memorable weekend.

At the safe house, Sami is shocked to learn that Nick killed Trent. Rafe points out that her son isn't living with a killer after all. She reminds him that he is still living with Stefano and begins ranting at him about being trapped in a 'hamster cage'. He doubts she even wants the killer caught; after all, that would blow her cover and her secret would be revealed. She has nowhere else to go, he reminds her. Sami still thinks being stuck with him sucks and she's tired of breathing stale air. She continues to rant and complain, threatening to open all of the drapes. His patience runs thin. He gets a phone call telling him that the lead on the killer ran cold. Sami throws a tantrum and cries. Rafe advises her to get a grip on reality. "Reality? I don't even know what that is anymore," she says. He reminds her that they may be stuck there for a long time. Sami pouts and then complains more. He suggests that she make the best of things; she's secluded from the headaches of everyday life. Sami complains and screams at the TV. Rafe sits down and begins watching football. She aggressively paces and then turns off the TV for some peace and quiet. When he sits at the other end of the room and puts on his headphones, she walks over and continues complaining about the lack of sunshine in her life. She imagines that the killer may have already given up. Rafe tells her that people like that don't give up. Sami doesn't understand so he explains how bad for business witnesses to freelance killings can be. She finally understands, but has no idea how she will protect her children in the future. Sami needs 'a glimpse of sunlight' so her brain will work. He relents and opens the drapes. She stares out and spots the convent in the distance. He explains that there are only a few nuns left there.

John meets with Steve and gets some news about the killer. Meanwhile, the masked assassin creeps around Marlena's apartment looking for Sami. He tells his contact on the phone that Marlena is nowhere to be seen. When he hears Marlena arrive, he hides in a closet. She gets a call from John as she walks in. He tells her that he is on the killer's trail. She thanks him for his help and worries about Sami. When she gets off the phone, the masked man grabs her and demands to know where her daughter is. She doesn't know. He doesn't believe her. She knees him and calls John. After she screams "Hello," the killer rips the phone line out of the wall. He wraps the cord around his hands and threatens to strangle her. John walks in and levels a gun at him, threatening to shot. The killer grabs Marlena and uses her as a shield. She begs John not to shoot. "Too late," he snaps.

Kayla runs into Patch in the pub. He shields his laptop from her when she tries to take a look. He explains that he is just doing PI work but it has to stay under wraps. She wants more information. Steve admits that he is working for John and trying to track down the killer. He grumbles an apology and she frets about the risks. They bicker and she worries about what a lose cannon John is. Steve's sure his heart is in the right place. She's lost him once before and that makes her overreact whenever she thinks he could be in danger. He thanks her for being by his side and promises her that nothing will go wrong. They look through all of the information they have on the killer.

Nicole arrives at the cabin. The bellhop shows her around. After he leaves, she takes out her leopard print lingerie and spots chocolates from EJ. She wonders how she could be so lucky and eats chocolates. Meanwhile, back in Salem, EJ refuses to delay his weekend with Nicole anymore. His father tells him his priorities are screwed up. Elvis is flustered. Stefano offers to fill him in on the latest business details while they fly off to Argentina. He explains that they have to get down there and make sure the family assets are 'well hidden' right now. EJ bites his lip and grudgingly agrees to go. He calls Nicole to tell her that he has to leave on business immediately. They pout and he promises to make it up to her. The phone dies before she can tell him she loves him. Suddenly, she grabs her belly in pain. Moments later, she begins packing before having more pains. "On no! The baby!" she cries.


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