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4th Week of November Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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November 24, 2008

Assassins and Wise Asses.

At the pub, Maggie tells Bo and Hope how hard it was to tell Nick's parents that he's been charged with murder. She weeps and prays that Mickey can get him a light sentence. Chelsea asks Bo if Nick could plead temporary insanity. He concedes his chances aren't looking good. Chelsea wants to visit Nick. Bo doesn't think it's a good idea and Hope thinks Nick needs psychiatric help. They tell her that Nick is obsessed with Melanie the way that he was once obsessed with her. "He was my first love. Feelings like that never go away," she says. Bo suggests that she join Kate's welcome home celebrations instead of visiting Nick. Chelsea slouches away. Maggie leaves to check in with Mickey. Hope sighs.

At the cabin, Nicole is experiencing pains. She tries calling for help but gets no response. She tells herself that everything will be fine and then doubles over in pain. She searches for her cell phone but has no luck. Instead, she finds Brady's number and calls him.

Brady drifts over to Lucas and Chloe at the pub. She invites him to join them, though Lucas is blatantly uncomfortable. He congratulates him on being sober and asks if Chloe's told him their good news. They tell him about the new house and then Chloe informs him that Kate is being released today after her chemo treatment. Brady wishes them the best. As he stands up, Nicole calls. She cries and tells him she's in the middle of nowhere and Elvis is in Argentina. After she fills him in, he runs off. Chloe begins accusing Lucas of being jealous. He laughs and admits he is. She insists that Brady is her past and he is her future.

At the hospital, Kate tells Daniel that she's dying to get out of there. "I can't let you go. Not yet," he says. She will have to cut way back on her work routine, he insists. Kate will try, but she isn't going to pull back much. He warns her that her cancer is aggressive and could come back. She'll rest when she's in Ibiza. Daniel worries she'll compromise her immune system. Kate is defiant and tells him to back off so she can live her life. He grabs her and seals her mouth with kisses. Then he agrees to back off, not that he has a choice. She explains that she needs to embrace life and that includes being with him.

Kate and Daniel arrive at the pub. Her family gather around and welcome her back. They eat cake. Philip sends a text to say he'll be there in an hour. Lucas is left alone with his mother for a moment. He hopes she won't be running back to work. She wants things to get back to normal; she can't stay home and watch Daytime TV. At the bar, Daniel offers Chelsea his sympathies about Nick. She's not receptive and walks away. Daniel walks outside and Chloe follows. She tells him that Chelsea is just being a drama queen. They decide they should get to know each other better. She promptly walks inside to Lucas and he stares through the window at her. Meanwhile, Kate thanks Chelsea for coming. Chelsea tells her that she is a great person and she respects her. Kate admires her too and wants her to stop being angry; life is too short.

Brady arrives at the cabin and offers to take Nicole to a hospital. She wants to sit and calm down. When she asks him to stay with her, he refuses to stay there. As he helps her up, he notices that there is blood on the couch. She cries. He lifts her up and they head out the door. When they get to the hospital, they're brought to a room to wait. Brady worries and the nurse begins running tests.  Nicole dissuades him from calling EJ. The machines begin to beep and the baby's heartbeat vanishes. "Am I losing my baby?" Nicole cries. The doctor comes in and checks her out. He tells her the placenta is decaying and warns that a premature birth will mean the fetus isn't viable. She cries. The doctor leaves her and Brady alone. He tries to calm her. She opens her purse and takes out a locket. She was going to put the baby's picture in it. Suddenly, she begins losing consciousness, the machines beep and the doctors run back in.

John levels his gun at Marlena's assailant. She begs him not to shoot. Breaking free from her captor, she attempts to knock the gun from John's hand. It goes off and she falls to the floor. The assailant runs off and John helps Marlena up. She's unharmed but he's angry that the killer has run off. She tells him it's his fault that the killer has escaped. Bo and Hope soon arrive to take statements. John complains that Marlena didn't let him shoot the guy. He and Bo accuse each other of being 'wises asses'. Bo worries that there may be multiple assassins. John tells 'Beauregard' to go back to the station and put his feet up. They bicker until Marlena stops them. John says that he will continue protecting the 'civilian' since the police seem incapable. Bo and Hope leave and Marlena tells John that he won't be welcome there, around the babies, until his behavior changes. He's annoyed that she's ungrateful for the help he's offered. "You frighten me," she admits. He needs help and if he doesn't get some, he can't be part of her life. Meanwhile, Bo tells Hope that he's tired. She thinks he isn't eating and orders him away to have a healthy meal.

On the DiMera jet, Elvis wakes up Stefano to ask him about his new job. EJ seems concerned about the moral implications of his new career. Stefano chuckles. EJ complains about Sami and then tells his father how wonderful Nicole is. In the interests of his child's future, he's happy that he has this new business opportunity. Stefano brings up Sami. EJ doesn't want to talk about her. Stefano worries if Nicole is good enough for his son. His son tells him that Sami is his past and Nicole is his future. Stefano offers him a drink to toast. EJ is abstaining while Nicole is pregnant. His father is impressed that he cares so much and thanks him for the 'new beginning' the family will have.

November 25, 2008
Training Wheels for Craziness.

Chelsea shows up at the station to see Nick. He has a headache. She's sorry that he's become someone he's not. Nick doesn't understand why she's sorry; he just wishes that someone loved him. All that he wants is to take care of a girl, but whenever he tries, they stop liking him. She suggests he cares too much. He's tired and wants to go away. Melanie doesn't love him and it's time for him to give up. Maggie arrives, she weeps and reaches out to him. He needs her help with Melanie. She has no friends or family, he explains, and he insists that she can't trust her brother. Nick asks Maggie to let Melanie stay with her so someone will look out for her.

EJ drowses on the jet when the stewardess wakes him. He smiles as he tells her what a surprise his family will be in for thanks to his sudden return. When he gets back to the mansion, Nicole is nowhere to be found. He calls the cabin and is told that Nicole left with a young man.

At the hospital, Nicole clings to the locket she wanted to put the baby's picture in. As she tells Brady about her plans for the child, her machines begin to beep and she loses consciousness. The doctor and nurse rush in and throw him out. After stopping the labor and calming Nicole, the doctor tells Brady to call the father. Nicole's contractions begin again. She screams for EJ. The nurse runs out to Brady. He's been trying to contact EJ without luck. He can hear Nicole's screams and looks in. She passes out again and dreams of meeting her baby. Meanwhile, the doctor walks out to Brady and informs him that the child has been lost. Brady wonders how he can tell EJ. Nicole returns to consciousness and begins thanking the nurse for saving her baby. Brady walks in and she becomes upset, asking him where the baby is. "The baby didn't make it," he tells her. She breaks into tears. Later, once she's stopped for a moment, he tells her that it was a girl. Nicole begins to cry again, wishing that there was something she could have done. The nurse brings her painkillers and explains that there hasn't been any permanent damage and she shouldn't have trouble getting pregnant again. "Miracles don't happen twice," Nicole says. As she dresses to leave, EJ calls.

In her condo, Marlena is tired of trying to get through to John. He thinks she can't handle his macho personality. She repeats that she is incapable of helping him. He tells her to skip the jargon so she gives him an ultimatum  "You get help, or you are out of my life." She tells him about an associate who is an expert on abnormal brain activity. John's condescending. She's offended and accuses him of being dense. She's already sent the doctor his files. Handing him the doctor's card, she repeats that she will have nothing to do with him until he seeks treatment. He stops her from kicking him out and they bicker. He thinks she is trying to run his life. She refuses to stand by and watch him destroy himself. Maggie comes to the door. Marlena tells her this isn't a good time. Maggie says it's important. John goes into the kitchen to drink coffee and clean his gun. The women sit down and Maggie tells her how scared she is for Nick. Marlena offers to do what she can and suggests that Maggie get some help herself. She tells her that Nick requested Melanie stay with her, but she has to admit that she doesn't like her. Marlena suggests that she make it clear that she can't stay forever. Maggie thanks her and leaves. John comes back out and, after a little more prodding, agrees to see her doctor, but not at a hospital and only once. "This is not speed dating," she says, warning that if he is using this to blow the doctor off, they're finished.

Back at the station, Chelsea knows Nick feels bad. "If I didn't, I'd be a sociopath," he says, before jumping to a pre-emptive defense of Melanie. He repeats how much he loves her and how he can't change anything. He knows that he's going to prison, but he can't stand the thought that Melanie hates him. Chelsea suggests that she may forgive him in time. Nick doubts it. He suggests that everyone must be wrong and maybe Melanie is the only person who knows the real him. When he suggests that she look after Kate instead, she becomes even more upset. The guard suggests she leave. She promises to come back. He tells her not to. She wants a hug. He can't stand up because his pants would fall down; they took his belt.

The hotel management calls Melanie and tells her that she has an hour to leave. She instantly gets on the net to search for a place to live and a way to pay. Discovering a job listing at Titan, she sends an application and runs off to the pub. Approaching a man hidden by a newspaper, she announces that she is the answer to all of his problems. The paper is lowered. Philip is sitting behind it. Somehow he doubts that she is the answer to his problems but asks her to sit down anyway. Flipping through her resume, he mocks the obvious lies it contains. She's about to stride off when he stops her and says he hopes things get better for her. "Then give me a job," she demands. He refuses. She rants. Before she can stomp out, Maggie walks in and grabs her, telling her that she can stay with her, under one condition: It's only temporary. Melanie accuses her of thinking this is all her fault. Maggie adds another condition: They don't talk about Nick. After handing her a key, she walks out. Chelsea comes straight in. Melanie isn't interested in listening to her defend Nick. Melanie suggests that Nick was crazy all along and Chelsea just used him up. "You are like the training wheels on his craziness," Melanie says before complaining about how annoying everyone in town is. After a few more insults, Chelsea has had enough and they begin to throw each other around the room.

November 26, 2008

Sami is Caught in the Middle.

Chelsea and Melanie are trading insults in the pub when they start to go for the throat. They push each other around and wrestle on the floor. Melanie viciously trashes Chelsea, but when she brings up Zack's death, it's too much. Philip runs in and breaks them up. Chelsea storms off. Before Philip can say anything, Melanie tells him to 'save his CEO crap' and strides off. He walks outside. Stephanie asks him what just happened. He explains that there was a fight. She wishes that Chelsea had pummelled Melanie. After she hands him a file, she asks who he was interviewing. He tells her it was Melanie. She can't imagine how she could be qualified to work at Titan. "You'd be surprised," he says. Steph wants an explanation. She doesn't get much of one.

Back inside the pub, Melanie sits at the bar and a silver haired man begins to flirt with her. She sizes him up. He introduces himself as 'Bob' and offers to buy her a drink. She takes a soft drink. Bob attempts to entice her to more, but she turns him down and walks off. When she walks off, she passes by Philip and tells him she doesn't want his 'stupid job'. When she gets into the alley, she pulls out the wallet she stole from Bob. As she counts the cash, Bob pops up and angrily grabs her.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max flips through Trent's book and complains to himself about how his father ruined his life. He drops the book in the trash. Chelsea arrives and tells him that she is the reason that Nick snapped. Her 'stupid crush' on Daniel broke Nick's heart and ruined his life. It feels like she destroys everything she touches. He warns her not to let Melanie warp her perception of herself. She feels that she needs to take responsibility. Max reminds her that Nick has been on pills for months and lost control. She thanks him for making her feel better.

Hilda returns to the safe house and Rafe lets her in. She's sneezing thanks to her allergies. Rafe is eager to run off and leave her to look after the sleeping Sami. He needs to do some fact checking and Hilda cringes at the sight of Sami as he leaves them alone. Hilda drinks half a bottle of allergy medicine and sits on the couch. She watches sports and cheers until passing out. When she begins to snore, Sami wakes up and she's not happy to see her old watcher again. Sami looks out the window and decides it's time to take a walk.

Sami goes to the nearby convent. As she kneels to pray, she begins to cry. A nun approaches and asks if she is alright. "No, Sister... I'm not," Sami whimpers. The nun, Sister Theresa, asks her to talk. Sami asks her if the convent still takes children in. They do. Sami claims that her name is Colleen and then becomes incoherent. Sister Theresa repeats that she would like to help. She hands Sami a saint's medal and hopes she will return. "I have a feeling I'll be back," Sami says.

EJ tries calling Nicole. Her phone rings and she stares at it, unable to talk. Brady offers to answer but she refuses to let him. She needs to tell EJ what's happened in person. As she touches her belly, she wishes that she hadn't become so attached. It breaks her heart that EJ has lost another chance to be a father from the beginning. Brady comforts her and brings her back to the mansion. She wants a drink. He says that won't help. She thanks him for all of his help and then worries how she can tell EJ the news. He offers to stay there as long as she needs him. "Thank you for rescuing me," she says before bursting into tears again. He tries to hold her as she shakes. Nicole morosely drifts up the stairs. She slumps on the bed. When the maid comes in, Nicole screams at her to get out and begins crying again.

The maid tells EJ that Marlena was attacked by the mayor's assassin. Since Marlena was looking after Johnny, EJ goes into a panic and runs off. Meanwhile, Hope is babysitting Ciara and Johnny when Julie rushes up and surprises her. She and Doug are fresh from touring five continents in four months. They catch up on the problems in town. Julie has already gone to visit Nick and is sure that Melanie drove him crazy. EJ soon arrives to get his son. Rafe hides behind a tree and listens in. Julie makes herself scarce while Elvis asks Hope for details about the attack. He offers his help. She thinks there is actually something he could do. When she questions him about his father's involvement in the mayor's killing, he's defensive and insists that Stefano has nothing to do with any of this. Elvis walks off with his son and Julie returns. She's sure that Stefano must be behind what's been going on. "And, as usual, Sami is caught in the middle," Hope adds. They worry about how Johnny will be turned into a 'detestable' DiMera. Julie makes fun of EJ, but they both realize that even Sami can't come between he and his son.

EJ returns to the mansion with Johnny. The maid tells him that Nicole is upstairs and there is something he should know. He quickly heads up to her room. She is in tears. He asks if she's alright.



November 26, 2008

* pre-empted *

November 28, 2008

Those Two Women Destroyed Your Life!

Melanie struggles with Bob in the alley by the pub. He wants to teach her a lesson for stealing his wallet. When he starts to feel her up, Philip runs over and grabs him by the throat. Philip tells the guy to get lost before he gets hurt. Bob tells him the 'bimbo' isn't worth defending and then drifts off. Philip demands an explanation from Melanie. She thinks it's weird that he's been following her. She hopes that this is the last time he runs to save her and suggests he get his kicks some other way. "How about we never speak again?" he sardonically offers. She doesn't appreciate him talking down to her all the time. She points out that Nick was the killer, not her, and yet everyone blames her. No one wants to help her and she's desperate, she complains. He's not impressed by her self-pity and imagines she wants everything handed to her. Melanie suggests that he doesn't understand anything. She snipes at him and he mocks her until she stomps off.

Melanie returns to Maggie's. She asks Maggie if she can really stay or if she wants her gone. Maggie says that what she wants and what she does for family are two different things. Melanie begins complaining about her day, but Maggie stops her and tells her she doesn't want to hear it. She hands her a note which says that Philip has offered her the job at Titan. Neither of them can understand why.

Kate and Daniel walk into the pub and run into Lucas and Chloe. Her son explains that, with Victor's help, they have planned a party for her. She's touched. As Lucas and Chloe walk off, Kate thanks Daniel for everything; she's glad she has him in her life.

Victor walks out to his patio to embrace Brady. He's thrilled to see him back. Brady admits that Salem hasn't been exactly what he expected it to be. Victor tells him about the party but suggests that Brady skip it because of Lucas and Chloe. Brady insists that he and Chloe have moved on. He's even smoothed things over with Nicole. Victor doesn't seem thrilled by the news. "Those two women destroyed your life!" he shouts, listing the grief both women have caused them. Brady encourages him to be more forgiving. Victor doesn't need to be he's not a recovering drug addict trying to redeem himself. They get drinks. Chelsea arrives and Brady happily greets her before running off to answer the door. She talks to her grandfather about how horrible Melanie is. Kate walks out and thanks Victor for the party. While she and Chelsea catch up, Victor tells Chloe to get out of his sight. He sneers at her and brings out the insults until Daniel walks over and gets between them. Chloe walks off and Victor rants about what a 'sadistic slut' Chloe is. Daniel says that if he knew how helpful she's been with Kate, he wouldn't say that. A call comes in and he runs off. When he gets to the hospital, a nurse hands him some test results. After looking at them, he asks if there was a mix up. There wasn't. He looks crushed.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Johnny go to see Nicole. She's crying in bed and can't talk. He leaves to tuck Johnny into bed. As she hears Elvis singing lullabies to the boy, she cries. Brady calls to check on her. She can't talk and hangs up as EJ walks in. He wants to know if she was just talking to the person she met at the lodge. "I know what you did," he claims. She doesn't understand. He tells her an employee of the lodge saw her leave with a man and demands to know who it was. "Something happened at the lodge..." she begins. She explains that she felt an awful twinge and asked 'some guy' in the parking lot to drive her to the nearest clinic. He worries. She admits their baby is not alright. After some more prompting, she claims that the doctor treated her for a haemorrhage. She cringes when he tries to touch her, but she tells him the baby is fine. Nicole asks for some time alone with the baby. Kissing her forehead, he tells her how precious she and the baby are and then walks out. "Some day, somehow, I will make this come true," she tells herself. Downstairs, EJ calls the doctor that Nicole saw for all of the details.

Back at the mansion, Chloe and Victor continue to exchange insults. She walks off and drinks while Chelsea explains to her how 'tightly wound' her grandfather can be. Meanwhile, Brady and Kate catch up. She can sense that something is wrong but he brushes the concerns off. Philip arrives, apologizing for being late. He wonders where Daniel is and they begin talking about what a miracle worker he is. Philip apologizes to his mother for giving her a hard time about her relationship with the doctor. Across the patio, Chloe rants about how Victor is treating her. Lucas tells her that he loves her and that's the only thing that counts. Daniel returns and slouches over to Kate. Philip hands him a gift in thanks for everything. Daniel can't accept it; he doesn't take gifts for his work, he explains. After the doctor excuses himself, Philip feels stupid but Kate tells him it's okay. As he makes a toast to his mother, Daniel stares off, disturbed. Seeing his expression, Kate senses something must be wrong.



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