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September 29, 2008
This Does not Look Good.

Caroline shouts at Trent in the graveyard. He stumbles over and falls on top of her with a knife in his back. She screams and yanks it out. As she cries, Bo, Hope and a few cops rush over. He asks her what's happened. She gasps. Hope takes him aside and says that she has to take his mom in. He sends her off to call Mickey and then tells the cops to read Caroline her rights. After, Caroline tells Bo that she didn't do it. He believes her and tells her that he loves her before handing her off to the cops. "This does not look good," he admits to Hope. She knows, but they need to play by the rules for now. After Bo leaves, Steve arrives. Hope tells him that she needs him to keep looking for the skeletons in Trent's closet. The initial results from the CSI guy comes in. Trent had a rough night, the findings indicate. He was obviously in at least one fistfight. His wallet is missing and his face has scratches from sharp fingernails. Steve assumes that more than one person was involved. Kneeling by Shawn's grave, Hope prays that he look out for Caroline. A cop calls to her and says they've found another shred of clothing. She hopes this will lead them to the killer.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate he isn't completely confident she has lung cancer. He wants a pulmonologist to run a biopsy on her. Even if it is cancer, it may still be early. When he reaches out to her, she bats him back, refusing his sympathy. She agrees to schedule the test but forbids him to say anything about this to anyone. A nurse interrupts to say that a patient is looking for him. When he walks away, he's surprised to find Nicole waiting for him at the nurses' station. She tells him that she's been throwing up like there's no tomorrow. Kate walks out, announces she's leaving and snipes at Nicole before walking off. He thinks that Nicole's in alcohol withdrawal and this could be a good thing. She says she has at least three drinks with every meal and needs her 'liquid strength' to survive.

Later, a nervous Nicole plays with her nails while Daniel checks her out and hooks her up to an IV. She begs for some vodka. "Have you ever thought of staying sober?" he queries. "Yeah once, but I was drunk and not thinking clearly," she says. They catch up on her divorce settlement going haywire. "I hope you burn in Hell, Trent," she mumbles. He wanders away and calls Kate. She's already back at work. He's shocked. She doesn't crawl up and cry herself to sleep when she gets bad news. He offers her his help. She cuts him off. When he returns to Nicole, she is writing a list of things she can sell online. He just got her blood tests back. She assumes it's food poisoning. "You're pregnant," he informs her.

Philip wanders into the pub and finds Chloe sitting alone. She's glad to have some alone time without the baby. He asks if she means Lucas or Allie. "Ha," she says. She's just happy to drink, which she can't do with Lucas around. She asks him where 'Miss Steal Magnolias' is. Morgan's working, he explains, asking her to help keep him out of trouble while he's at loose ends. He gets her a drink and promises to behave himself. They toast to being friends. He admits that he was angry when she hooked up with Lucas but they have too much history to throw things away. He's one of the only people she can count on, she admits. Taking a drink, she says that she misses singing. Philip teases her about living in a shack with his brother. Lucas arrives outside and watches them through the window. When he walks in, he hears them talking about how she is giving up auditions to spend time with Allie. He sits down so they can talk about focussing on her career again. "I think my brother can help you out," he smiles. He explains that the Kiriakis Foundation is underwriting the opera in Kansas City. Philip offers to make a call for her. She hugs him and then kisses Lucas. Philip clears his throat and leaves. He stands outside and watches them through the window.

Doug and Julie arrive at Chez Rouge and meet up with Maggie and Mickey. They watch Mel and Nick and gossip. There's something about Melanie's body language that Julie doesn't like. She looks like a troublemaker. Hope calls Mickey and tells him that Caroline needs his help. She explains the situation. He tells everyone that Caroline has been arrested for Trent's murder. They think this is insane and decide to go and tell Melanie the news.

Nick is having dinner with Melanie. She wants to pay for their meal (using Trent's wallet), but he turns her down. She wants to take him out and teach him to have some fun. She thanks him again for defending her and says she'll keep coming up with ways to thank him. Sitting on his lap, she calls him her "hero" and plants a kiss on him. As she giggles, Mickey walks over to tell her that her father is dead. She doesn't seem terribly shocked.

Max walks out of his bathroom and is startled to find Stephanie holding his bloody shirt. She guesses the blood isn't his. He says it's Trent's. He ran into him at the graveyard and they fought. They start making out when their phones ring simultaneously. Mel is on his phone and tells him that their dad was murdered. He doesn't seem surprised but he is surprised when she tells him that his mother has been arrested. Kayla calls Steph with the same news and she is equally shocked. They get dressed. She stares at his bloody shirt. He wonders if she thinks he did it. Steph doesn't think he's a killer; she's just worried. He wanted to kill his father but he didn't, he confesses.

At the station, two cops come and fill Roman in on Trent's murder. When he turns around, he's shocked to see Bo leading their mother in. While he goes into denial, Bo explains what he found at the scene. "No one will believe you're capable of murder," Roman says to his mother, promising her that everything will be okay. Mickey and the others hurry in and he takes his client into the office to talk. Bo tells Doug, Julie and Maggie what he found. He and his brother know that they have to keep their distance from their mother right now, as hard as that is. Julie wonders who could have done this. They notice Nick and Melanie arrive and rush over to offer their condolences. Nick offers to take Mel home. She needs to know what happened to her father. Bo walks over and asks her to identify her father's body.

In his office, Roman tells Mickey that he will have to do whatever the DA says. They may not have a choice other than putting Caroline in jail. He just hopes that the lab finds another set of fingerprints on the knife. The order from the DA comes down: He has to lock her up. Sadly, Roman walks her down to lock up. Bo vows to find out who killed Robbins. Roman locks up his mother, holding her hand before walking off.

September 30, 2008
Keeping an eye on the Brady Boys.

Lucas walks into the unlocked mansion and begins teasing Sami. A sweaty EJ follows him in and accuses him of trying to run him over while he was jogging. The boys bicker and then decide to gather their respective offspring for separate days out. Sami leaps up and objects. She just put the babies down to sleep and she warns they'll be stuck with grouchy babies. Lucas grouchily strides off. EJ wonders what's up with her. When he turns on her computer, he notices that she's been working on her resume. He's impressed that she's been showing some initiative. Since she's hit a dead end, he tries to help her out and make her focus on the positive things she has to offer. She was good at the SATs, knows how to forge, plays a little piano... He tries to talk her up, claiming that she is trustworthy and has 'sexy eyes'. As they stare into each other's eyes, Lucas interrupts. They bicker about diapers until EJ leaves to check on his son. Lucas and Sami snipe until he tells her that Caroline has been arrested for murder. Sami assumes this is a sick joke but he explains what's happened. EJ returns. Lucas leaves with his daughter. EJ asks what's happened. She won't say. He leaves with his son. Sami gets on the phone to Roman and throws a tantrum when she can't get through. Suddenly, she collapses. Soon, Lucas returns and finds her on the floor.

Hopes finds Chelsea babbling at the pub about how Trent is going to be her professor for physics this term. It's going to be awkward, she worries. Hope tells her that she's not going to have to worry about that after all because he's just been murdered. Chelsea wonders who could have killed him. "The primary suspect is your grandmother Caroline," Hope tells her. Chelsea is shocked but she already has a few ideas about who else could have killed him. Hope asks for a clue. Chelsea thinks Melanie is a likely suspect. Hope advises her to steer clear of everything to do with the investigation right now and then asks her about her personal life. Chelsea is just relieved that she doesn't run into Daniel much. She also wishes that she had been more sensitive when she was breaking up with Nick. Hope wonders if she still has feelings for him. Chelsea insists that she doesn't... besides, he already has his eyes on someone else.

Max gets dresses as Stephanie walks into his room. He's eager to get down to the station to see his mother. Melanie walks in and he hugs her. She seems broken up about everything. Steph gives the siblings some space. Mel tells Max that she knows he killed their father and his secret is safe with her. "You wanna know who I think did it, you!" he says, accusing her of trying to let his mom go down for this. He rants at her, telling her to do something good and honest for once. She fights back her tears before storming off.

At the station, Roman, Bo and Steve are going over the evidence from the crime scene. Bo wonders if it was a mugging gone wrong. Steve suggests Caroline could have killed Trent in self-defense. Abe walks in to ask if he can help. The mayor walks in behind them and starts to gloat about the situation. He doesn't think that they can handle investigating a Brady and points out the obvious conflict of interest. Bo blows up. The mayor reminds him that he was just guilty of hiding evidence to protect his brother. Roman defends his brother anyway. The mayor agrees to give them the benefit of a doubt but threatens to send Internal Affairs after them if they mess this up. "I don't like the way the Bradys have run this town. You seem to think you can get away with anything," he says. Turning to Abe, he offers him some freelance work keeping an eye on the Brady boys. Abe laughs. The mayor doesn't joke during an election year and would like him on his pay roll. "I can't be bought," Abe says, walking away.

Bo tries thinking up all of the possible suspects. Steve insists that Max couldn't have done it. Bo and Roman remind him of all the times he threatened to kill his father in front of witnesses. Nick comes up as the next suspect. Roman doesn't buy it. Steve thinks Nicole should be on the list. Roman is bewildered so they fill him in on the details. Hope walks in and adds Melanie to the list. A worried Steph arrives. Steve takes her aside and tells her to relax because there may be more suspects. Bo walks over and asks if she thinks Melanie could have done the deed. "Why don't you just ask me yourself?" Melanie asks as she suddenly appears in the doorway. Steph hurries out and Mel prods them to come clean about their suspicions. Bo comes right out and asks her if she killed Trent. She claims she didn't. She feels like an idiot for coming to Salem and is sure she would have been better off staying in France. Bo warns her that she is not allowed to leave town. She rolls her eyes.

Lexi runs into Kayla at the hospital and tells her how bad she feels about Caroline. Lexi babbles about how things are with Abe and Theo but things are better now that her work schedule has changed. Kayla informs her that she's been hired as the interim Chief of Staff. Lexi congratulates her and they slip off to have coffee. They gossip until Abe arrives. Kayla's called away to a patient.

As Abe tells his wife what a snake the mayor is, Scott Gamson overhears them and asks Abe if he is as cynical about the mayor as he sounds. Abe tells him that he is no longer the commissioner so he can say what he likes about the 'fearless leader'. Scott has a favor in that case. He urges him to make a run for the mayor's job. Abe's reluctant but Scott offers to finance him. Meanwhile, Lexi picks Theo up from therapy. Mark, the therapist, tells her how well her son is doing. Chelsea arrives and gives Theo a hug and a snow globe from France. Lexi and Theo walk over to Abe as Scott leaves. "I've just been asked to run for mayor," Abe tells his wife.

October 1, 2008
It Wasn't a What.

Nicole drifts around outside of Chez Rouge trying to figure out how she can be pregnant after a doctor told her that it was impossible. She wonders if this is a miracle, even though miracles don't happen to her. Maggie and EJ are inside, yakking about Caroline. He complains about his client being late and walks into the dining room to sit down with Philip. EJ asks Philip to tell his father that he doesn't have a prayer. Philip finds that hard to swallow. EJ lays the blame on Trent and claims that Nicole married Victor in good faith. He adds that "Daddy Warbucks" can't walk away from this. "No one crosses Victor Kiriakis and gets away with it," Philip shoots back. Philip's business cohorts arrive and he sends EJ away. As EJ walks across the room, he bumps into Nicole. "What's up?" he asks. "I'm pregnant," she tells him. He stammers. She says it's a miracle. "You've just made me the happiest man in the world," he says, kissing her. But this is only her imagination. She hasn't actually told EJ anything. She asks him to sit down. He's busy. His phone rings and his client cancels. He blows up over losing his chance to take Johnny to see the chimps. What she has to tell him can wait, she says. They arrange to have dinner at the mansion later. She tells him he'll be getting a big surprise.

Victor is arguing with a cop at the station. Kayla arrives and tells him that his help is the last thing her mother needs right now. He only wants to help. She worries that his help is dangerous. "In all my years of loving your mother, I've never done anything intentionally to hurt her," he barks before walking off.

Bo goes down to the cells to check on his mom. She's going stir crazy. They talk about other suspects. They both deny that Max could have done it. She knows how bad finding her with a corpse and the murder weapon looks. He promises to do everything he can to find more evidence and, if they can't, they'll 'come up with something'. Hearing that, she tells him not to do anything stupid and rants at him about the last time he tampered with evidence. He promises he won't do it again. "If you do, I'll turn you in myself," she threatens. She's tough and she can get through this, she claims. Victor is announced. He walks in and Bo leaves him alone to talk to Caroline. She tells him he shouldn't have come. It's killing him to see her locked up. She's sure Mickey can get her out of this. He wants to help. She asks him to step back and have faith in the justice system. That's not going to happen; the evidence against her is already a 'slam dunk'. She's sure the real killer will be found. "I'm going to fix this and neither you or anyone else can stop me!" he declares. Having him there means a lot to her, she says. He'll never stop loving her, he offers. She begs him to trust her and let her handle this. He doesn't think God will get her out of this. "He's never let me down and I hope by the end of this, I can say the same about you," she says. He promises to behave himself and makes her smile. The guard leads him away.

Back upstairs, Steve drifts over to Kayla and asks what Victor wanted. "The same thing he's always wanted: My mother," she explains. Neither of them trust Victor, but Patch is sure that he sincerely wants to help. They talk about Melanie and how much she hated her father. He's sure that Max didn't have it in him to kill Trent, but Nicole is also a good suspect. Bo gets involved and explains that they don't have any evidence against Nicole. A cop hands him a new evidence file. It says that the person who attacked Trent was wearing clothes with a cotton blend. That's not much to go on. Bo tells his sister she can go. She worries that Victor is exploiting this situation to make inroads with Caroline. Bo thinks they're too old for that. Kayla thinks he's being foolish. He's sure that Caroline is too strong to give in to Victor. A call comes in from the DA's office. Thanks to the new fingerprint evidence, they will be charging Caroline after all. Victor overhears this as he comes in. Kayla and Bo go down to see Caroline and tell her that her fingerprints are the only ones that were found on the murder weapon so she will be standing trial for murder. Her mouth hangs open. Kayla gives her a hug.

Melanie sits in Chez Rouge mumbling to herself when she overhears Maggie and a waiter talking about the Kiriakis' and how they know where all the bodies are buried. She hangs around until Philip's meeting is over. When she walks over, he smiles. She tells him she needs his help badly. He tells her that he's not Victor, just his son. She needs his help tracking down a killer. After she explains her story, she asks him if he, or his father, can do anything. "I'm not a private investigator and neither is my father," Philip says before leaving.

Lucas returns to the mansion with Allie when he notices Sami collapsed on the floor. She wakes up and begins burbling about Caroline. Pulling her up, he tells her she needs to see a doctor. He rushes her to the hospital to be checked out. She rambles. Dr. Whitaker thinks they need to run some tests. She gulps. When the doctor leaves, she rants to Lucas while he makes stupid jokes until he admits that he's actually worried about her. She still doesn't understand what went wrong. "It wasn't a 'what'. It was a 'who'," he explains. The nurse arrives to draw some blood. Sami nearly hyperventilates and bursts into tears. Lucas holds her hand while the nurse pokes her. Time passes and she paces and worries. Lucas sticks around. She asks him about how things are going with Chloe. Sami doesn't think that she's right for him. He could say the same about her and EJ. She and EJ aren't together, she insists. He doubts it's over between them. "No EJ. Not now, not ever," she decrees. He wishes her luck and tells her that she doesn't need a man to lean on. The doctor returns and informs her that she isn't dying, she's pregnant.

October 2, 2008

Hello Trouble.

Nicole arrives at the mansion. EJ lets her in and tells her about his trip to the zoo with Johnny. He runs up to take a shower before they can talk. She walks into the main room and finds the dinner table set. As she talks to her belly, John walks in and offers her a screwdriver. She's not drinking tonight. He doesn't understand. She claims she's having stomach problems. "What's really going on?" he asks. They bicker. He stares, finding her captivating. Although he flirts in his own odd way, she feels like she can trust him. "I'm pregnant," she tells him. He gets excited. She explains that she used her abdomen to stop a bullet once, but she's miraculously gotten pregnant anyway. Surprisingly, she's happy about it. "Sensational!" he smiles. She's nervous about how EJ will react and hopes this will get him out of his fixation on Sami. If this baby can't be his priority, she will raise it alone. EJ rushes downstairs. John chuckles and leaves the 'kids' alone. EJ's feeling starved for adult attention. He lays out his elaborate plans for their evening. Handing her champagne, he asks her what to drink to. "I have the perfect toast," she smiles.

At the hospital, Dr. Whitaker informs Sami that she's not dying, she's pregnant. As the doctor congratulates her and Lucas, Lucas flashes back to catching her in bed with EJ. He guesses that must have been when she got knocked up. Sami goes into denial. The doctor explains the situation until she accepts it. As soon as he leaves her alone with Lucas, she begins to weep. She tells him that EJ is the only person she's been with. She can't believe this is happening now that she is actually trying to get a life of her own. Soon, she's worrying about Stefano never getting out her life when he discovers that she's carrying another heir. Lucas tells her to pick up the phone and call EJ. She needs to process this first and mull her options. He warns her not to scheme and screw this up. He may hate EJ, but he thinks that he has a right to know. Despite Sami's protests, he calls EJ to tell him that Sami is in the hospital and needs him. Elvis puts his date with Nicole on hold to rush over. Nicole is not happy. Lucas leaves Sami alone so that she can talk to EJ in private. Elvis hurries over to the hospital and finds her. "Hello trouble," he says. She wishes he hadn't come. He asks her what's wrong.

Philip discovers that his mother is in the hospital and runs off. Meanwhile, Daniel is trying to explain to Kate what the biopsy will tell them. He does his best to reassure her but she's obviously concerned. He informs her that he has cleared his schedule for the day so that he can assist in the operating room. "No, you're not," she says. He cares about her. "That's the problem," she says. He tells her not to make this personal; he's good for her, as a doctor, and she needs him. She doesn't want that. He refuses to back down. He knows that no one wants him near her, but he doesn't care; no one is more right for her right now than he is. Kate reminds him that he had 'issues' with a woman with cancer once before. She tries to be optimistic about her chances. He advises her to take things 'one wave at a time'. Suddenly, Philip walks in and demands to know what is going on; he even asks Daniel if he is there as Kate's doctor or her lover. Daniel walks away. Philip continues to demand answers. Kate won't say much. Lucas walks in after a nurse tips him off that she's there. The brothers demand answers. She sighs and finally explains that there's a chance she could have lung cancer.

Caroline is brought up to Roman's office. He explains that murder charges have already been filed against her. She swears her innocence. They believe her but need to ask her some questions. She recalls her run-ins with Trent and banning him from the pub. Mickey stops the questioning and reminds his client that her sons are cops and will have to use anything she says in court.

Max arrives outside. Kayla asks him how he is holding up. He's just worried about his mother. Caroline comes out. They try reassuring each other. He finds it odd that Trent went after her right after he fought with him. Roman hears this and suggests that might indicate that Trent was only trying to tell her who stabbed him. He tells his theory to Bo and suggests they explore it. Caroline cries as she tells them about the look on Trent's face. She flashes back to her last argument with Trent in the pub when he confronted her about her less than stellar life. He infuriated her so much, she threatened to kill him with a knife. Although she had murder in her heart, she didn't kill him. Mickey gets a call and walks out. She continues to claim her innocence. Mickey walks back in and says that witnesses have just come forward. They saw Caroline holding a knife on Trent.

Meanwhile, Kayla asks Max how his sister is dealing with things. He claims he doesn't care since she thinks he killed their father. Kayla's shocked. Max vents about his sister; she's made him realize that blood doesn't make you family. "She means nothing to me," he bites.


October 3, 2008
You're an Idiot for Thinking You're an Idiot.

A frustrated Nicole paces around the mansion when John returns. He guesses things didn't go well with Junior. She beats herself up for being naive. She thinks her life is already a train wreck. He won't let her leave because he thinks she'll run into a tree in her current state. "You're an idiot for thinking you're an idiot," he says, telling her not to send bad vibes to the baby. She explains that EJ ran off to see Sami. He thinks she should have played the baby card. She may be manipulative, but that would have been crossing the line, she says. Having a baby inside her makes her feel like she is doing something worthwhile for the first time in her life. Even though she will have the child alone, she still thinks she should tell EJ. John points out that Stefano is very possessive of his grandchildren. Nicole thinks she can handle him. She tells him about all of her mixed emotions. He thinks they need a change of venue and some non-alcoholic champagne.

EJ pops up at the hospital to check on Sami. She's silent so he realizes something must be seriously wrong. She wishes he hadn't come and tells him she's fine. When he admits that he was having dinner with Nicole, she blows up at him and demands that he get out. They bicker over Nicole but he blames the entire situation on her. She throws it back in his face and accuses him of being a 'shallow bastard'. None of this makes sense to him. He claims that his date with Nicole didn't mean anything. She barks at him. Again, he asks what is wrong with her. She says that her blood sugar is just low and he needs to leave her alone. He leaves. She bursts into tears.

Down the hall, Kate explains to her sons that the doctors are running a biopsy. There's a chance that she has lung cancer. Her sons try to reassure her. Philip isn't happy when she lets it slip that Daniel will be involved in her tests. "He's not touching my mother!" Philip forbids. He yells for the doctor until his mother stops him. She defends Daniel but Philip reminds her that he's not even a specialist in this area and promises to get her the best. Kate thanks her sons and hugs them, admitting that she is scared too, but she will fight this. She admires her children for growing into responsible people in spite of her. Having them with her will give her the strength to fight cancer if she has it. Daniel arrives and Philip lays into him, accusing him of using his status to get women into bed. Philip thinks his mother needs a competent doctor, not someone who betrays her trust. He forbids the doctor to see his mother. Lucas tells him to stop upsetting their mother. She cries, disturbed that he is treating her and Daniel like children. She knows that he is only trying to be caring, but her medical choices are her own and she wants Daniel there to help. Kate apologizes to Daniel and Philip adds his apology. The doctor leaves and she tells her children to go. They want to stay but she needs to do this on her own. After her sons hug her and leave, she's hooked up to an IV. Daniel returns to take her hand. "I'm glad you're here," she says.

EJ storms into the mansion and pours himself a drink. Stefano teases him, "What has Samantha done now?" EJ says that it is 'hideously complicated' and can't think of a decent quality in Sami; she's 'puerile', 'humorless' and 'cold' but she happens to look nice. Elvis admits that he was infatuated with her and found her interesting, but never loved her and has realized that there is nothing there. She is just a vapid fog and their relationship was purely masochistic. Stefano tells him that he needs to think with his heart. Sami is important to him because she is the mother of their child and that binds them for life. Sami overhears this from the hall and runs away. EJ worries that he'll never have any peace of mind. His father tells him that they are meant to be together, harmoniously or not.

Nicole and John go to Chez Rouge and drink fake champagne. She spouts cliches about the downside of drinking. He seems like a decent person, but she doesn't know him very well, she comments. As she talks about confiding in him, his vision blurs and his face sinks onto the table. She calls for an ambulance but he says 'no hospitals'. He pulls his head up and assures her that things are fine, he just needs some advice, "What does a man like me have to do to get my wife back?" She bursts into laughter. He doesn't understand what is so funny. She offers to think something up as long as he helps her with EJ. They toast to their new alliance.

Philip walks into the pub and sits down with Chloe. She asks him what's wrong. He tells her how worried he is about his mom and then asks her how she's doing. She has news: She just got a job with the Kansas City Opera Company thanks to him. He's happy for her and promises to come and see the production. "I wish you the best of luck," he smiles. She'll miss him. He kisses her passionately. Morgan stands in the doorway and watches. Philip notices. "Don't let me interrupt," Morgan says. Chloe tells her that they aren't together. She thanks Philip again and leaves. He tells Morgan that Chloe and he are friends. Morgan thinks that Chloe is a friend he happens to be in love with. He can't deny it and apologizes for disappointing her. She informs him that she is moving to Chicago to do a two year internship. He wishes her well. Awkwardly, they hug and she leaves.

Sami follows Lucas home, ranting at him the whole way. She's still furious that he called EJ and interrupted his date. If Elvis cared about her, he would be staying away from Nicole. But she doesn't want things to be different and she needs to think before she tells him anything. Obviously, she can't think clearly and staying in the mansion will make it worse. He invites her to stay with him. She turns him down. He asks her what she's afraid of. She reminds him that they aren't a couple. He promises not to make a pass at her. She worries what Chloe will think. Chloe's leaving, he tells her. He just wants to be there for her.   


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