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2nd Week of October Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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October 6, 2008
I can Handle bad.

Philip paces at the pub while trying to call Morgan. He has to leave yet another message apologizing to her and wishing her the best. Meanwhile, Steph arrives to check in on Max and Caroline. His mother is up in her room. They worry about her but Max is sure that they can prove her innocence. Melanie drifts in and seems disappointed to learn that Caroline was released. Steph wonders if she could seriously think that Caroline is guilty. Philip sticks his head in to say that she asked him to help her find the real killer. Steph is surprised that Mel has a problem with innocent people spending time behind bars. Philip speaks up for her again and then walks away. Melanie coos about how hot he is. Max drags her outside and tells her not to ask the Kiriakis family for help. She doesn't believe that Philip is dangerous. He's serious though: Philip is a player and drags women along, he explains. She still thinks he's cute and hopes he can help. Max tells her that he's involved with some shady business. They bicker about who could have killed their father. He hopes they can work on developing a relationship as siblings. He better stop trying to boss her around then, she comments.

In the pub, Chelsea bumps into Philip and lays into him about hurting Morgan. He feels bad but he didn't know he had feelings for Chloe until it was too late. The topic turns to Daniel and Kate. He asks her to go easy on his mom. She demands an explanation. He admits that she's sick but he can't say anymore. "I was such a bitch to her," Chelsea says, ready to run off and apologize. He stops her. She asks if Kate is going to die. He reassures her and asks her to stay positive. She beats herself up about it.

Philip walks outside and asks to talk to Melanie. Max is not pleased but his sister sends him inside. Philip guesses she's been warned about him. "I can handle bad," she smiles. He admits that he did some checking into her father and found out bad things about him. She admits that she's glad he's dead. Distraught, she confesses that she wished her father would die and then he did. She cries while he tells her this isn't her fault. She drops her bag and Trent's wallet spills out. Philip hands it to her without noticing and walks off.

Chelsea vents to Stephanie. She's frustrated that she doesn't know anything about what's going on with Kate. Steph urges her to ask Daniel for more information. She tries calling and leaves a message. Meanwhile, Max tells Kayla that his sister seems to be adjusting and may not be as much trouble as he thought. She's glad that he's not giving up on his little sister. He hopes that she chills out now that Trent is gone.

At the cabin, Sami rolls over in bed and cuddles up to Lucas. When she opens her eyes, she imagines he's EJ. "This must be a dream," she says, kissing him. He kisses back. They snap out of it and wonder what's happening. They hop out of bed. He's sarcastic and says nothing happened between them last night. She doesn't think he can keep his hands off of her. He goes over the details of the previous evening and tells her to forget about it. "You're in love with EJ and I'm in love with Chloe," he says, reminding her to tell EJ that she is pregnant. She wonders how Lucas became mature all of a sudden. As he takes Allie out, EJ calls Sami to check in.

At the hospital, Kayla asks Marlena if she is really going to divorce John now, when his life is at risk. Marlena won't be guilted into saving her marriage. She knows that the old John is not coming back and she has to move on with her life. Kayla thinks that's a mistake. "What's best for me is divorcing John," Marlena says. She doesn't know what else to do. Kayla urges her to stand beside him. Marlena isn't abandoning him, just divorcing him and agrees to talk to him about his brain. Kayla suggests that she use the divorce papers as leverage to persuade John to get medical attention. Marlena won't be that underhanded but will try to reason with him.

At the mansion, Stefano reads to Johnny when John walks in. "You must be getting desperate if you are recruiting your soldiers that young," John remarks before suggesting that he is better off reading bedtime stories than trying to run the empire. As they bicker, John's vision blurs and his head throbs. John claims that the construction on the mansion is driving him crazy. Stefano suggests that he see a doctor. John is confident his headaches will be a thing of the past soon and walks off to find champagne. Elvis walks in and picks up his son, demanding to know where Sami is. Stefano doesn't know. EJ searches the mansion and worries before Stefano offers to babysit while Elvis is at work. EJ refuses but doesn't have much choice and leaves.

John is on the phone and popping pills. He tells a member of the company's board that he has discovered something from looking through the books. Meanwhile, Stefano takes Johnny to the graveyard to learn about his ancestors. He gets a call from the board. They tell him that John is trying to get a new CEO elected. "That is ludicrous!" Stefano growls, hanging up. He tells Johnny that John could end up in one of these graves soon. Suddenly, Sami pops up and demands to know what is going on. He tells her to calm down. "You are such a freak!" she says. She was praying in the church when she noticed them and ran over. He chuckles. She doesn't want him near her son. He says that EJ asked him to babysit. She's outraged. He tells her she's being ridiculous; he's his grandson and one day he will carry on his legacy. EJ calls and she lays into him for leaving their son with Stefano. When she gets off the phone, Stefano tells her how much he hopes she will soon bless him with more heirs. She cringes. After she bustles off, Stefano calls to tell the board that they can talk to John. He thinks it's time they see just how "incompetent" John really is. Meanwhile, Lucas arrives at Chez Rouge where EJ waits for Sami. "You were cool with it when she told you?" Lucas asks. EJ's perplexed and needs an explanation.

Marlena arrives at the mansion. John, suffering from a headache, angrily answers the door. She asks to come in. He's curt. She hands him the divorce papers and asks him to sign. If he doesn't care enough to go to the hospital for help, why should she stick around? She asks. He refuses to let her give up and pulls her into a kiss.


October 7, 2008
I Won't Lose!

Marlena and John kiss passionately in his foyer. She pulls away. He wants to go upstairs. She says they can't. He suggests they to do it right there. They kiss some more. Pulling away again, she demands that he go to the hospital and get the tests done if he wants to continue a relationship with her. "Absolutely not," he categorically declares. He asks her not to go through with the divorce. She rejects his request. "We've said all there is to say," she says, before repeating the argument they've been having for months. He wants to fight for the marriage. She doesn't think he knows what he's fighting for. "I can't lose you!" he blurts out, listing all of the things that he's done for her. She still wants her old husband back. He can't be that person. She weeps. She begs him to sign the papers. He refuses again. "I can't trust you or your feelings," she admits. After begging him once more to see a doctor, she walks out. Holding the divorce papers in his hands, he lashes out. "I won't lose!" he shouts.

Lucas arrives at Chez Rouge and bumps into EJ. The Englishman tells him that Sami is always full of surprises. "She's been acting strangely... even by her standards," EJ remarks. Lucas is ready to walk away but EJ probes him for information on what's been going on. As they bicker, Nicole walks in. She keeps her distance from EJ and talks to her womb before marching over and asking Lucas to get lost. He happily walks away and Nicole lays into EJ about dropping her last night and obsessing over Sami. He's curt and doesn't want to talk. She's hostile. They argue about Sami and he tries to get rid of her. She refuses to go and tells him that this is a life changing conversation that they are having. He's bewildered. She repeats that what she has to say is important.

EJ and Nicole sit down. He explains that he really wanted to spend the evening with her but was called away. She asks what happened. He says that Sami fainted and admits that he's waiting there to meet with her right now. He's worried that something could be wrong with Johnny. The child is the only reason he cares about her at all, he offers, trying to reassure her. "That's a deal breaker for me," she says. Sami can not be a part of their lives if they are going to be together, she adds. That's impossible, he says, refusing to cut his son and his son's mother out of his life. She's ready to run off. He begs her to stay. She's sick of seeing him run at Sami's beck and call, humiliating her in the process. Nicole accuses him of being selfish and manipulative. He apologizes if he's been giving her mixed signals. She tells him this has to stop. "Who do you want to build a life with? Sami or me?" she challenges in tears. He tells her things are complicated. Softening her ultimatum, she asks him who has his heart. He asks her to 'let it be' for now; he can't commit to her if he doesn't even know where they are going. She wants to be with him and asks him if he feels the same way. "I care about you and Samantha very much," he glosses, apologizing. She thanks him for the honesty and gets up. He asks her what she wanted to tell him. "It doesn't matter anymore," she says.

At the cabin, Sami looks through Johnny's bag for his pacifier. She worries about getting her children out of Stefano's grip. Taking a nap, she dreams of Johnny growing up while hanging out with Stefano. As he ages, he takes after his grandfather more and more. She even imagines him shooting a man and then wakes up screaming. Lucas runs in and asks what's happening. "I have to find some way to protect my children from Stefano," she says. Drinking some water, she calms down and explains her nightmares to Lucas. He tells her to relax. She's terrified and thinks that Stefano knows she's pregnant. Sami doesn't know if she can put another baby in jeopardy because of Stefano. He urges her again to tell EJ the truth about his kid. She wishes she had never even told him about Johnny and imagines that everything would have been better if EJ had never known the truth. Lucas doubts that. Sami announces she won't be telling EJ the truth this time. He urges her to be reasonable. She's sure this is the only way to protect her child. If she won't tell him, than he'll have to do it for her, he warns, walking out. She runs after him.

At the mansion, Stefano tells his half-brother about his day out with Johnny. As he talks about kids, John cuts him off. Stefano wonders why his mood is so foul and asks if it is because of Marlena. He warns him to stay away from her. He relates the story of his own romance with the doctor and tells John it's ridiculous to pine away for her. He should just sign the divorce papers and get over this episode of his life. After he walks out, John becomes dazed and collapses. He begins crawling on the floor when Nicole arrives. She tries calling an ambulance but he demands that she hang up. He admits that his headaches are getting worse and offers to make an appointment to have himself checked out. She announces their deal is off. She doesn't need his help with EJ; she doesn't want him to be part of her life or her baby's. EJ makes her angry and ruins her willpower. John thinks he just made an uninformed decision and reminds her of how hard it will be to raise a child now that she has no money. He offers to help. She turns him down, but his 'strange niceness' means a lot to her. She only wants his friendship.

Marlena runs into EJ at Chez Rouge. She sits down and says that she needs his help. She tells him about John's headaches and the brain scans that were done on him. When she tells him that John's life could be at stake and helping out could mean a lot to Sami, he agrees to help any way he can.


October 8, 2008
I Didn't ask to be Born.

Lucas returns home to hear Sami rant at him for revealing her pregnancy to EJ. He stops her and admits that he didn't actually tell EJ anything but he thinks she still should. Even if he hates the guy, he doesn't think that he should suffer the way that he was forced to when she lied to him about Will. He asks her if she can trust EJ. "It's Stefano I don't trust," she insists. Shaking his head, he doesn't know why he's bothering with this and walks out. He soon returns, he forgot his phone, and apologizes for blowing up at her. He still cares about her, even if she wants to be with EJ. She is still worried how EJ will react. He may want more kids, but she doubts that he actually wants her. Lucas urges her to talk to her parents about this.

At the station, Roman and Bo worry that if they don't make progress quick, their mom will end up in jail. Roman suspects that Nicole is their best bet; she tried to kill Victor after all. Bo suspects Melanie. When they hear a disruption, they find a drunken Nick outside. He's been brought in for drunk driving and running a red light. He lists all of the ways his life has gone wrong... and then blames himself for Trent's death. Nick continues to babble. Bo stifles a laugh and asks him to explain what he meant. Nick is sure Trent wouldn't have come to town if it wasn't for his prototype and that's what caused the entire series of events. He runs off to be sick. Later, while he's being booked, Roman urges Bo to keep an open mind and suggests that Nick may have been drinking away his guilt. "He's practically family!" Bo snaps. Roman reminds him of what happened with Willow.

Aunt Maggie arrives to pick up Nick and dig into him for drinking and driving. After she berates him, Bo comes out and has Nick sent down to be processed. Maggie leaves to call Mickey. Bo returns to Roman and they talk about how hard this must on Melanie and how personal this is for everyone. The mayor arrives to talk to them about their mother. He tells them that he approves of the way they are handling this case so far. Looking at the board, he notices that they have another family member on the list of suspects and tells them to keep up the good work. Once he leaves, Bo is eager to find a way to get Max off the list. He calls for a warrant to search Max's place.

Max and Steph roll around in his bed. He kisses her, trying to convince her to stay there with him all day. He thanks her for keeping his mind off of everything. Later, he gets the paper and shows Steph the headline which paints his mother as a murderer. He's paranoid and suspects that the media are sniffing around the pub. They bicker. He suddenly announces that they have to stay out of this and let the police handle it. She guesses he's trying to find a way to protect his sister. He refuses to discuss this and thinks that she should just see the best in Melanie. Max is sure she isn't guilty, just like his mother isn't, and asks Steph to cut her a break. There's a knock at the door. Bo and Roman march in with a few cops and a search warrant. Steph thinks this is insane. Roman reminds them that Max is a suspect. A cop walks out of the bathroom with Max's bloody shirt. Roman asks him where the blood came from. Max says he had an 'altercation' with Trent. Roman bags the evidence and Bo grabs his brother by the scruff of the neck to take him downtown.

Roman and Bo take Max and Steph to the office. Bo rants at him for being stupid. Roman asks to speak to him alone. He demands to know everything that happened. Later, the forensic details from Max's shirt come in. The blood is Trent's.

Maggie goes to see Nick in the cells. She tells him she knows how bad he feels. "I swear it's ginger ale from here on out," he groans. Maggie knows he's not a drinker, so why did he binge? He was just trying to unwind at the bar when Dr. Jonas walked in, he explains. He wanted to punch him, Nick confesses, but, when Daniel and Chelsea broke up, part of him was happy because he thought he might have chance with her again. He tells her that he is only hung up on Chelsea because he hasn't been with anyone else since her. Maggie wonders if he is thinking about Melanie.

As she walks the crime scene, Melanie flashes back to meeting Trent in the graveyard. He asks her to prove how much she loves him. She says that he should be protecting her. He thinks she owes him for everything he's done for her. "I didn't ask to be born," she says, accusing him of warping her with his 'conditional love'. She pulls a knife on him. He tells her how proud he is of her and what she's accomplished. She's confused since he was just calling her a 'whore' a few minutes ago. "I didn't make you an internet bimbo," he says. She asks him to promise to leave her alone if she goes with Claude this one time. He promises. She doesn't believe him. Again, he begs her to put the knife down and come home. She insists that her home is with Max. He tells her that Max is nothing like them; he has no future and no ambition. She thinks Max was the lucky one for not growing up with him. Melanie won't save him again, but she won't kill him either; she just wants to disappear. When she attempts to walk away, they struggle. As she snaps out of her memories, Stephanie calls her and tells her to get down to the station while Max is being questioned.

Melanie arrives at the station and she and Steph launch into a battle over Max. Mel is sure that Steph can't handle her being in Max's life. Steph accuses her of just using him. Mel accuses her of being 'creepily possessive' and jealous of everyone, even Max's own sister. She tells her that they won't last as long as she is so 'needy and pathetic'. Steph says that he is the nicest person she has ever known and now she is the only person who can help him. Before they can attack each other, Roman calls Steph into the office. Melanie eavesdrops as Max tells Bo the story of the night Trent died. Bo admits that they have a lot of evidence against him and it will have to go to the DA. "Unless something else turns up little brother, you're all we got," Bo admits.

October 9, 2008

The Rumor is True.

At the station, Max repeats to Steph that he didn't kill his father. She knows but she thinks he might be arrested anyway. Max hopes he gets arrested so his mom will be off the hook. Bo comes out and tells him that the DA is not pressing charges against him. Max is baffled. Bo explains that the DA went over the evidence and is satisfied with his story, but the evidence against Caroline is still strong. Melanie smirks. Max is frustrated. Bo promises that he and Roman will find the real killer. "I'm sure there's plenty of people that you haven't even thought of," Melanie says, glaring over at Steph's purse. Bo tells Max that he can go but asks to speak to his sister in private. Reluctantly, Max leaves and Bo asks Melanie if she wants a lawyer. She smugly says no. 

Max returns to the pub and is disturbed to find his mother working. He tells her that he wishes that he'd actually been arrested so she'd be clear. Caroline's not worried; God and her children are looking out for her. Mickey calls and she runs off to take it. Max tells Steph that she's amazing and thanks her for trusting him and not freaking out. "You're worth it," she says, kissing him. When she walks off to the kitchen, she leaves her purse on the bar. Later, as Max clears up, he knocks it over and a wallet falls out. Max looks inside and finds Trent's ID.

Philip wanders into Chez Rouge. Nicole spots him and invites him to sit down. They catch up on his love life, or lack of one. Morgan's gone and he is going to have to stay happy being no more than friends with Chloe, he explains. She doesn't buy it. Chloe and Philip look at each other like they want to tear their clothes off, Nicole says. He insists that Chloe is better off with Lucas. Nicole doubts it and explains that Lucas is a self-centered jerk and he lives in "the ass end of nowhere". Philip wonders if there is more wrong with the relationship than the lack of decent plumbing. Since Nicole wants to gab, he asks her about her dead husband. She just wishes that he was killed before Victor found out the truth. "I'd put my money on whoever has his wallet," she suggests. Her phone rings and she walks off. Philip calls Bo and tells him he'll be over with a tip on his case.

Kate is trying to get out of her hospital bed when Daniel walks in and stops her. She begins coughing and he puts her back in bed and hooks up the oxygen. Kate's tired of waiting for test results. She may not have much time left and she doesn't want to spend it in the hospital. He tells her not to believe the statistics. Waiting drives her crazy. She worries about her business and asks him to release her. He offers to go to the lab and check on the results. When he leaves, she gets ready to walk out. Once she's dressed, Daniel returns with no results. She tries to push past him. He offers to get her a portable oxygen tank. She walks out.

In the office, Bo questions Melanie. She repeats that she didn't kill her father. She explains that her father had enemies all over the world. He was a big time gambler and owed money to lots of people. She suggests that he look at them instead of her. For Max's sake, he hopes she's innocent, but if she's not, he'll find out.

Nick wakes up in a jail cell with a hangover. Hope walks in and slams down a chair to have a chat. Nick explains that he was drunk and stupid and asks to be let out. "It's not that simple," Hope says. Nick cleans his face. Hope tells him that he has a problem being a decent person. He's more worried that he'll be suspended from work. She doesn't care and rants at him about running a red light. "I'm disappointed!" she says. He apologizes; he wasn't thinking about Zach. Chelsea sticks her head in and adds her voice. She tells him that she'll have to live with the guilt for Zach's death for the rest of her life and what he's done is unforgivable. He never thought he could do something so horrible. Hope leaves them alone. Chelsea tries to be his friend. He doesn't need one but asks her to stay anyway. He blames himself for Trent's death. Melanie eavesdrops around the corner. Chelsea notices the bruise on his hand. He claims he hurt it in the lab. They worry about the investigation and she explains that he isn't responsible for Trent's death; he merely helped his best friend find his sister. Now she may have a chance at a decent life. "Those are my feelings exactly," Melanie says as she walks into the conversation. As she checks in on him, Chelsea cringes. The guard returns and tells the women they need to leave now.

Hope goes upstairs to catch up with Bo. They talk about Nick. She wonders if Nick was involved in Trent's death. Bo's putting his money on Melanie. Philip arrives. He spots Melanie and asks if they've questioned her and tells them that she asked him to look into her father's death. He offers them a contribution; Titan wants to be more community involved so Philip offers to set up a charity for the families of fallen officers. When he walks off, Bo and Hope wonder what that was all about. Philip marches over to Melanie and asks her why she has her father's wallet.

Abe and Lexi bring Theo to the park to play with Lacey. Theo wants to play with his giraffe. They hand it over as Lacey arrives and Theo's parents hug him and say goodbye. After they leave, Theo plays with leaves. As Lacey talks on the phone, she doesn't notice as the boy walks off.

Abe and Lexi meet with Scott at Chez Rouge to talk about Abe's mayoral campaign. Evan comes in and says that he's ready to help run Abe's campaign. The mayor walks in. "So the rumor is true? Abe Carver is going for my job," he smirks. Abe tells him the rumors are true and hopes the best man will win. The mayor wonders why they would want to subject themselves to the scrutiny of a public life. He begins listing the skeletons in their closets and wishes them good luck. Abe growls. They wonder how anyone could elect the mayor. Abe shakes hands with Evan and Scott, ready to fight for the job. He and Lexi walk back to the park. He tells her that he is conflicted about going for the job; it could take time away from the family. Suddenly, Lacey runs over. "Theo's gone!" she shouts.

October 10, 2008

Not Good With Strangers.

At the pub, Pete tells Nicole that her food will be delayed. She doesn't mind, she's eating for two and no one is waiting for her. Sami walks in and starts sniping at her. Since there are no other seats available, she has to sit with Nicole. She complains about her swollen feet. Nicole makes a jab about her weight. When a waitress brings them a plate of steamed clams, both women run off to be sick. They soon return and begin bickering about bad clams. Sami mocks Nicole's taste in perfume and walks off.

Marlena tells Roman that she will be going ahead with the divorce. It's hard, but it's not like she's not losing the real John. They worry about what Sami wants to talk to them about. As they walk into the pub, Sami is on her way out. She stops and sits down with her parents. They ask her why she asked them there. "I miss you both so much," she says. They're confused. She babbles about Caroline and then insists that Nicole must have killed Trent. Roman asks her why she actually wants to talk to them. Marlena assumes she must have done something wrong. Sami finally admits that she is in 'big trouble' and needs their advice. Marlena tells her it's never okay to keep secrets. Sami brings up the affairs Marlena had that she didn't tell Roman about. Marlena says that she was wrong to do that. Sami worries that the truth could destroy an innocent life. Her parents badger her for an explanation of what she means. She wants to swear them to absolute secrecy. They refuse because they know her secrets hurt people. She claims that she is doing this out of love and admits that she worries about DiMera children living a normal life... but this isn't about Johnny. By now, her parents are really worried and she's even more reluctant to explain anything. She tells them that they've helped her save herself from making a huge mistake. She runs off, claiming that she will tell the person this affects, while leaving them behind and baffled.

John sits at the mansion and remembers refusing Marlena when she asked him to get tests. EJ walks in. John tells him to go away. Elvis can't do that because Marlena has asked him to have a talk with him. John admits that he doesn't want to lose Marlena, but he still refuses to go and see a doctor. It's not because he's afraid, he adds. EJ is confused and digs in for an explanation. "There is not a doctor in this world that can cure what I have," John says, vowing to die on his own terms. EJ tells him that he is being foolish. John thinks that he and Marlena should stay out of this. EJ feels sorry for John and suggests that Stefano made him more of a machine than a man. As he rants about the way he has treated Marlena, John groans and says that, while he doesn't think the new John is that great anymore, he's sure the old one isn't coming back. EJ pressures John to call Marlena, but John tells him again to mind his own business. "You are completely devoid of any compassion, aren't you?" EJ says, walking out. Alone, John calls Nicole and asks her to come and see him. She soon arrives. He hopes that, as his friend, she can give him some honest answers. He asks if he is capable of normal emotions. She thinks he's practical and in control but misunderstood. He tells her that she should tell Elvis about the baby right now. She refuses. He thinks a man has a right to know he's a father. Nicole's confused but John assures her that it isn't too late for her. At that point, EJ walks in and asks what's going on. Meanwhile, Sami walks through the front door ready to tell EJ the truth. When she walks in, however, she's stunned to hear Nicole telling EJ that she's pregnant with his baby.

In the park, Lexi is flipping out at Lacey for letting Theo run off. Abe tries to stay clam and gather details. Lacey begins apologizing. Abe offers to call the cops. Lexi screams and Lacey apologizes more. A cop soon walks over with Theo's cap in his hands. He found it by the side of the road. Lexi cradles it and cries. The cop hurries away to continue looking. Lexi keeps worrying, sure that her son was hit by a car or abducted. "He's not good with strangers," she cries.

Chelsea arrives at the hospital. Daniel is puttering around and mumbling about Kate when he notices her. He tells her to find her grandma and bring her back immediately. "Her life may depend on it," he says. That makes her worry and she rambles. He explains that he was running more tests and Kate ran off. There are more test that have to be run and they have to be run right away. Theo runs in and hands Chelsea his giraffe. Daniel calls Abe and Lexi to tell them that the child is there. Theo tells Chelsea that he came there to see her. He gives her a hug. She makes him promise not to run off like that again. Lexi and Abe run in and pick him up. After they take the child away, Daniel tells Chelsea that she has a connection with the child that no one else seems to have. When he tells her she's "incredible", she becomes uncomfortable. He asks her to be friends. She doesn't think it's possible; he slept with her grandmother, not bailed on a date. He repeats that he never meant to hurt her. She claims that she's over it and then contradicts herself. Daniel still wants her. She doesn't think it could have ever worked out and she's already moved on.

Lexi and Abe return to the park with Theo. She feels bad about lashing out at Lacey. Abe tells his son that running away was bad. Lexi backs him up. They beg him never to do it again and then they go off for ice cream. Abe tells her that they should be proud their son could actually get to the hospital and find Chelsea. They're happy he's made a friend. When they ask him for a hug, they get no response.



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