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3rd Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 13, 2008
This is our Miracle.

In their room, Steph wonders about Max's bizarre mood swings. He sits by the window. Turning slowly, he tells her that he found Trent's wallet in her purse. He explains that he accidentally knocked her purse over and it fell out. He knows she couldn't have stolen it, so why was it in there? She remembers that she left her purse untended in the police station and Melanie was there. He refuses to imagine that his sister would have planted the wallet. Steph's offended; he just practically accused her of stealing it. Max wants to believe his sister is a decent person. Steph understands that, but Melanie spends all of her time taking advantage of him. He doesn't want to listen to this. She goes on... Melanie's had a hard life but she uses people and lies. Max is still in denial but finally concedes that his sister has some problems. "I think Melanie killed your father," she suggests. "She didn't do it! I know that for a fact!" he blurts out. She points out that he could only know that if he killed his father himself.

Melanie takes Philip to the graveyard. He confronts her about having her dead father's wallet. She claims that he gave it to her. He accuses her of taking it and demands that she tell him the truth. She tells him about Claude and flashes back to her fight with her father the night he died. Philip refuses to believe that she just turned her back on him and walked away. She doesn't care if he doesn't believe her. He walks off, threatening to talk to Bo. She runs after him and confesses that there is more. She flashes back and explains that she pulled a knife on her father. He assumes she killed him; sick of her 'dim-witted routine', he prompts her to come clean about it. She claims innocence again. He's not sure why, but he likes her and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. As he demands an answer, she admits that she 'doesn't know' if she killed her father.

Sami walks into the mansion muttering to herself about telling EJ the truth. Before she can, she hears Nicole telling EJ that she is pregnant. Sami gasps and ducks away. EJ has to sit down. John walks out to give them some room. Nicole prods EJ for information on how he feels about this. He blinks. Sami continues to bite her lip in the hall. He didn't know it was possible; the 'escapade' was months ago in an elevator. Nicole feels like a fool. Sami storms in and accuses Nicole of lying. As she lays into Nicole, EJ stops her and says that this is between himself and Nicole. "Do you wanna end up in the poor house with her?" Sami taunts before telling EJ that Nicole is barren. Nicole admits it, but she's pregnant anyway. "I choose to look at it as a miracle," she says. Sami taunts her about her drinking. Nicole thinks she feels a kick. Sami goes for her belly and notices a bump. Her jaw hangs down. EJ asks her to leave. Sami thumps off. EJ doesn't know how to feel right now. They sit down. She suggests they make plans or celebrate. This is a lot for him to take in. Neither of them expected this. Nicole feels like the universe is giving her a shot to do something great and she doesn't want to mess it up. "This is our miracle," she says. He admits that he's happy she's pregnant, but he's going to need proof that the child is his. She pulls away.

At the hospital, a nurse hands Marlena a letter. It informs her that John still hasn't signed the divorce papers and nothing is going ahead. John walks up to her. She hides the papers. He wonders why she hasn't been returning his calls. She has no more to say; she tried so hard to find the old him but has only found a stranger. He forbids her to give up on him when he's done everything he can to earn her respect. The man she loved was a humanitarian, that was his nature, and that's why she loved him. John admits that he can't be that kind of man, but he's trying. Suddenly, he tells her that Nicole is pregnant with EJ's baby. Marlena wonders why Nicole trusted him enough to tell him and why he then broke her trust to tell her. He's not gossiping, he's proving that someone trusted him with a delicate situation. John told her to come clean and imagines that Nicole and EJ are out buying wallpaper as they speak. Marlena tells him he did the right thing. "Want to grab a bite to eat?" he asks. An exasperated Sami runs over. John excuses himself. Sami babbles. Her mother reminds her to breathe. Sami tells her that Nicole is pregnant. Marlena knows. Sami is going to be sick. She rants about how Nicole destroys the lives of all the men she knows and is sure that Nicole is only after EJ's money. Her mother points out that Nicole will have the same problems with Stefano that she has. Sami still resents this. "I'm just happy it's not you that's pregnant," Marlena smiles.

Kate is trying on a new outfit when Chelsea bursts into the changing room. "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping," Chelsea quips before attacking her grandmother for dragging her into the mess between her and Daniel. Kate doesn't know what's going on. Chelsea explains that Daniel sent her out to find her and imagines this was all a ploy. Kate explains that she is sick and the doctors are doing tests. She just wants to enjoy herself while she waits for the results. Chelsea sobs; she feels horrible... but she still can't put what's happened behind her. Kate snaps: She's had enough of Chelsea's anger, self-pity and resentment. Chelsea has been forgiven many times, by many people, for many things. She understands that she feels hurt, but what she and Daniel did wasn't wrong and Chelsea needs to realize that. Life is too short to waste on this, Kate insists. Chelsea would like to forgive her, but she can't. She walks out.

October 14, 2008
Honest Abe.

Melanie meets Nick in the pub. She's surprised to see him drinking since he just got out of jail for drunk driving. She chats him up. Beer for breakfast aside, he says he's okay. "What's going on with you?" she asks, unconvinced. She admits that most of his recent problems are her fault and suggests that he stay away from her. He can't; he's "drawn to her like a moth to a flame". She laughs; he's being lame but cute. She thinks he's too nice to be hanging out with her. He thinks she's awesome. He's done more for her than anyone else ever has so she thanks him again with a kiss.

Bo stops by the lab to see his sister. He's been chasing around for suspects in Trent's murder. Outside, EJ and Nicole arrive so that they can have a paternity test. She talks about what a nightmare their relationship has been so far and it's all due to Sami. Bo walks out to them and asks her if she has any ideas about who killed her husband. He and Nicole trade barbs. He vows to keep an eye on her and walks off. Nicole is anxious to get the test over with. EJ needs to know that he's the father before they make any plans. She reminds him that she is not Sami. "You're a lot alike and that worries me," he says. She's not pleased by this remark; this baby could be a new beginning for them but he only seems to care about himself. Kayla walks over and they explain that they are there for a paternity test and her ultrasound. Nicole goes in to get ready. EJ walks off to take a call. Kayla follows Nicole and asks her if Stefano knows. As Nicole gets her ultrasound, EJ returns and watches. He then asks again for the paternity test. Kayla explains the test and leaves to get a nurse. EJ apologizes for upsetting her. She'll be fine once she proves that she is not like Sami. Later, Kayla returns with the results. They look them over. Now that EJ has proof, Nicole asks him if she should do this on her own or if they will do it together.

Sami paces around the cabin until Lucas wakes up. She launches into a tirade about how "slime bucket" EJ got Nicole pregnant. Lucas laughs. She explains that she even saw Nicole's baby bump. Lucas keeps laughing and suggests this could be good news for her. Maybe Stefano will just go after Nicole's baby and leave Sami's alone? Sami's blinking and sarcastic. Lucas smirks and wonders how EJ could succeed in getting them both pregnant. She declares that she will not be telling EJ the truth now. He doesn't want his kid dragged into her schemes. Sami says she will lie until the end of time if she has to. He asks her what her parents said when she told them. She avoids the question. He knows what they would have said. So does Sami. Lucas suggests that she will be losing EJ to Nicole. "I'll sacrifice anything, including my feelings, to make sure I don't raise another DiMera baby," she says. He mocks her. She's sure she can hide her pregnancy from EJ. "You gonna hide behind a sofa?" he jokes before getting serious. A lie like this will affect all of her children, he reminds her. She's sure she can make it work and makes him promise to keep this quiet. He reluctantly agrees, but he won't be keeping her secret for long.

Stephanie tries calling Bo without luck. Before she can walk off with Trent's wallet, Max walks out of the shower and stops her. She wants to hand the wallet in to the police. He points out that it will implicate him or his sister. She hands the wallet over and insists that they turn it in. He agrees to 'take care of it', by which he means destroying the evidence. She points out that it could be the only piece of evidence that would clear his mother. He concedes. She hugs him.

Max and Steph go over to the station to see Bo. They hand over the wallet. Bo needs some answers. Max isn't helpful. Steph explains that someone planted it in her purse and she's sure it was Melanie. Bo's not surprised. He takes it down to the lab. Steph tells Max they did the right thing. When Bo returns, he explains that they have helped Caroline's case, but the only prints on the wallet belong to the two of them.

Lacey meets with Lexi in the park. She wonders if she wants her to look after Theo today. Lexi fires her instead. Lacey makes excuses and admits she made a mistake. She begs and whimpers until Abe arrives. He hands her a final check. She stomps away. Lexi is relieved. They walk across to Chez Rouge. Maggie runs over to meet them, happy that they are using the restaurant to launch his mayoral campaign. Maggie takes Theo off for cookies and Abe wonders why Lexi is so upset. She's still frazzled that they almost lost him. He reassures her and tells her that with her by his side, he is very confident that he can win this race.

Lacey walks along when she notices a poster for Abe going up in an alley. "Honest Abe my ass!" she says, whipping out her phone to call the mayor's office. Soon, the mayor shows up to meet her. She has stuff to tell him about the Carver family, stuff he may find useful. Meanwhile, Lexi sits with Theo and Maggie at Chez Rouge. She tells her about how much Theo likes Chelsea and how worried she is about finding a new sitter. The press conference starts and Abe rises to speak and thank everyone. Theo points out to his mother that Lacey has just entered the room. Lexi stares and worries. Lacey runs out and screams that Abe lets his wife walk all over him and lets other people suffer for his stupidity. The press ask her questions. She claims that the Carvers practically abandoned Theo after he was diagnosed with autism. She also claims that Lexi fired her because Abe was always coming on to her. Maggie screams, Abe screams, Lexi screams and Lacey continues to rant. In his office, the mayor watches this unfold on TV and claps. Abe is outraged. Lexi rushes to him and tells him that they can't do this; she can't handle it. Taking Theo, she walks out.

October 15, 2008
Junior's Junior.

Kate is on her phone gabbing to Chris by the Kiriakis pool. Daniel suddenly comes out of the pool and surprises her. As he towels off, she tells him Victor has been kind enough to let her use the yard. He asks her how she's feeling. Kate feels better and may have made some inroads with Chelsea, she claims. But she doesn't want to think about any of that. She just wants to think about what a beautiful day it is and suggests that he get them some wine. Before he can, the lab calls. He tells her that the results of her tests so far are not conclusive. That's not really the news she wanted. Having him near her makes her feel better though. She takes his hand and tells him that facing her mortality has made things much clearer to her. Passing up a chance at happiness doesn't make sense anymore. "No, it doesn't," he agrees. They kiss intensely. After they make love, he holds her hand and tells her that he will be with her every step of the way. 

Lucas returns to the cabin where Sami is trying to find clothes that don't make her look pregnant. Chloe walks in and says that EJ will know exactly what is going on. Sami is shocked. Chloe just thinks that Sami is packing on the pounds though. Sami swallows her annoyance and walks out. Lucas is glad to be alone with Chloe. She wants a hot shower. He informs her that Sami will be staying with them for awhile. She can't believe this. Sami's an important part of his life, he explains, suggesting she give the new living arrangement a chance. She enjoys playing house when he's not neurotic and the child isn't screaming, Chloe explains, but the cabin is already dark and cramped and smells like diapers. She walks out.

Nicole announces to EJ that she is moving into the mansion with him. As she talks about brightening up the place, he drinks and gets angry. "It's just about the money for you isn't it?" he challenges. Sarcastically, she tells him that money is all she cares about. She's ready to walk out of the house, and out of his life, when he stops her and apologizes. They have a confused exchange about her marriage to Victor and she imagines that he must be asking her to marry him. That's not what he meant. He tells her that moving in with him would be "complicated". She's sure that Stefano would be more welcoming to her and her baby than he has been. He warns her that she is making a mistake if she tells his father. She storms out. He calls Sami and tells her he's on the way over to spend some time with his son.

Lucas leaves the cabin, despite Sami's pleas to stay and help her with EJ. The Englishman arrives and she informs him that their son is napping and he should just go home. He tells her that he needs a friend to talk to and sits down. After he rambles about the mess with Nicole, she congratulates him on being a father again. She tells him this must be fate's way of telling him that he belongs with Nicole. He's a little disturbed to hear this and leaves. She bursts into tears. When Johnny wakes up, she sadly tells him that there is something very hard that she has to do.

Chloe goes to visit Nicole. When the opera singer sits down, she notices the ultrasound picture on the table. Nicole explains that she's been granted a miracle and now she's "carrying Junior's junior". Unfortunately, EJ's not happy about it. Chloe dishes about her little battle with Lucas this morning and suggests she'll need an exorcist to get Sami out of her life. There's a knock at the door. Lucas rushes in and tells Chloe he needs to apologize. EJ follows and says the same to Nicole. Lucas kisses Chloe and tells her that she is his future. "Great! Very reassuring," she grumbles. Meanwhile, Nicole asks Pookie if she should forgive EJ. He promises his apology is sincere. He asks her out for the date that they've never succeeded in having.

Abe and Evan are at the pub looking over the internet. Abe's disgusted by how terrible he's being made to look. Evan warns him that it will be getting worse: The mayor knows all about Lexi's affairs and is ready to make them public.

Lexi and Theo play in the park. The boy runs over to Chelsea when she arrives. As Theo plays with his trucks, Lexi and Chelsea talk about Lacey's blowup at the press conference. Lexi doesn't want anything to do with the campaign after that. They start talking about Daniel. Every time Chelsea sees Daniel she feels awful. Lexi advises her to look for a way to forgive him. Chelsea takes Theo off to play when a reporter runs over and begins shoving his camera in Lexi's face and interrogating her about her affairs. Abe arrives and Lexi explains that she won't talk about her past, only about her future. She makes a pitch for Abe as the next mayor and takes her husband's hand, vowing to stand by him through everything. Afterwards, Lexi tells Abe that she will do everything in her power to make sure his campaign is a success. They hug.

The mayor arrives at the mansion to see Stefano. DiMera doesn't seem to care about the news that Abe is running for mayor. Marino wonders where Stefano's loyalties lie and warns him to be nervous. "I doubt you'll be able to buy Abe the way you bought me," he suggests. The mayor warns that he'll be needing more resources and asks him if he will do everything in his power to help him defeat Abe. Stefano laughs, but agrees to help on one condition: He can trash Abe, but he has to leave Lexi and Theo out of it.


October 16, 2008

It's Over.

Nicole returns to her hotel room and babbles to her belly until EJ interrupts. She's startled to see him. He's there to take her on a date. He dances her around the room, asking her to come to Chicago with him for dinner and a show. He's spent a lot of time chasing after something that was not to be so, now, he wants to see if they have a chance. She marches off to get beautiful. While she's in the bathroom, the manager comes to the door with Nicole's eviction notice. He hands it to EJ and walks off. EJ has Nicole's things packed. When she walks out, he tells her that they are packing her bags and moving her out. After he hands her the eviction papers, she pouts. He informs her that she will be moving in with him. She's reluctant. He wants to look after her and the baby. She worries about Sami. EJ assures her that he and Sami are finished. She finally agrees and he reminds her that they are still keeping the baby news from his father. They'll have to take a rain check on their date until after they move in together.

Stefano is reading the paper over breakfast when John interrupts. "It's over. You have won," John declares. Stefano needs more of an explanation. John explains that he is giving up control of the DiMera empire and will be gone by the end of the week. Stefano is taken aback but he's sure that his half-brother isn't doing this for the sake of altruism. John is doing it for Blondie, he clearly states.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the mansion with her dog and her bags. Stefano runs out and sees them. He's not happy that his son has brought a 'boarder and her repulsive mutt' into his home. EJ says there is more to it than that. He and Nicole bicker about who should tell him the news. "We're having a baby," she finally tells him. Stefano is shocked. "Another heir," he smiles. Thrilled, he tells her and her dog that they can stay and he'll set her up in a nice room. He asks them for details. She feels a twinge in her belly. EJ tries to feel it but there is nothing. She asks Stefano to feel. He can feel the kick. Pouring champagne, he toasts to the dynasty continuing.

Chloe pays a visit to Marlena in her office. She needs some advice about dealing with Lucas. Marlena doesn't think she can help. Chloe has made so many bad decisions that she can't trust her reactions anymore. "I think Lucas is cheating on me," she says... and she thinks he's doing it with Sami. That's a 'deal breaker' for her. Marlena has nothing to say and suggests that she talk this over with Lucas. Chloe thanks her and leaves. John walks in and tells her that he's got news. "I'm getting my act together and I'm taking it on the road!" he announces. She's unconvinced. He's a changed man, he explains. He's opted out of the DiMera empire. Marlena smiles at the news. He did it all for her. He's moving out of the mansion too. She's proud of him and asks him to have a coffee. He needs to pack first. Before he leaves, he hands her the divorce papers, signed as she requested. "Ball is in your court," he says.

Lucas is leaving the cabin for a meeting. He tells Sami to call him if she needs him. She groans. He asks her if she's told EJ about the baby yet. "I told him 'goodbye'," she says. He refuses to deal with her mess anymore. She's sick of his lectures. He can't see how she could hide her pregnancy and warns her how angry the DiMeras will be when they discover she's been hiding their heir. She has another idea: They could claim that he is the father. Disgusted, he refuses and tells her that she is insane. The plan makes perfect sense to her, however. She will tell EJ that she tried to seduce Lucas after he came back from prison and he couldn't resist. He points out that she did try and he did resist. Sami says this is the only way the baby can have a normal life. He refuses. She cries and lays a guilt trip on him before accusing him of being afraid of losing Chloe. He's offended. She continues crying and begging. After he walks out, she circles a clinic in the yellow pages and picks up her phone.

When Lucas returns to the cabin later that day, Sami is gone. He tries calling her and then notices that the clinic has been circled. "Abortion? You gotta be kidding me?" he says, running off. Meanwhile, Sami has already arrived at the clinic and is eager to get it over with. The doctor arrives to start. Outside, Lucas arrives and searches for Sami. Chloe calls him and hears a nurse in the background say 'Brookfield clinic'. She asks Lucas what's going on. He hangs up and goes in to see Sami. She's crying.

October 17, 2008
He Can't do This to me.

"You didn't do it, did you? Did you have an abortion?" Lucas asks a weeping Sami in the clinic. She didn't do it. She's crying because she's finally made a decision and he has to keep it quiet. Chloe arrives outside and, pretending Sami called her, asks the doctor where Sami is. He can't tell her that. When he's called away, she starts to snoop. The door opens and she spots Sami hugging Lucas and thanking him for understanding. As they walk out, she grabs the patient file from the room and her jaw drops as she reads it. A nurse walks up to her and asks her what she's doing there. She covers by pretending to be a pharmaceutical rep.

When Chloe goes back to the cabin, she slaps Lucas across the face as soon as she walks through the door. "I know Sami's pregnant!" she barks. He figures out that she followed him and says this means they have real problems. Chloe's ready to walk out but Lucas begs for a chance to explain. He admits that Sami is pregnant but the baby is not his. She doesn't like that he and Sami have secrets together. This was the only one, he claims. She quickly guesses that EJ must be the father.

Max and Steph arrive at the pub to see Caroline. They tell her that she isn't a prime suspect anymore. They found Trent's wallet and their fingerprints are on it, so she's in the clear. They're sure that someone planted it in Steph's purse and have a good idea of who it must have been. Melanie walks in on cue. Caroline leaves the kids alone to talk. Mel forces a huge smile. Steph grabs her by the arm before she can duck out. Max orders Steph to let go of his sister and then asks Mel about the wallet, accusing her of planting it. She slams Steph and insists she's innocent. As she mocks her, Max continually begs them to stop bickering. Mel taunts Max to take the wallet to the station and have it dusted for prints. He admits that he did and her prints weren't on it. Mel demands and apology. Steph throws her on the table and grabs her by the hair instead. Max tries to get between them as they scream at each other. Max pulls Steph aside so he can sort things out with his sister. She refuses to leave them alone. He begs. She leaves. Mel is ready to follow but Max wants to help and asks her what's going on. Playing with her hair, she says the last fight she was in was with their father. He confronts her again about the wallet and she admits that she planted it. She admits that she's been a brat and he's been "nicey-nice". "I don't think you can handle the truth because I can't handle it myself," she admits, claiming that she "may have" killed her father.

At the mansion, Lexi arrives to see her father. EJ and Nicole file out so Stefano can tell Lexi their news. He informs her that Theo will be having a little cousin. She's not that excited about the news. She's more worried about Theo; he's going to need his grandfather's help and he better come through for him. She moans about Lacey and her lies, sure that the mayor put her up to it. The mayor has been calling her a bad parent and bringing up her past affairs. Stefano is sure that it must be painful. "The second he dragged my little boy into this, he crossed a line," she says, vowing to fight to defend her family and get rid of Marino. "The mayor will back down eventually," he says. She tells him to make sure it happens. "You either end your relationship with Marino immediately, or you end your relationship with your grandson," she threatens, walking out.

EJ brings Nicole up to the room she'll be moving into. She thanks him for making her feel welcome. There's nothing he wouldn't do for her, he says. He worries that she may have compromised their child's safety by trying to ingratiate herself with Stefano. He asks her to keep a distance from his father. Nicole doesn't understand. Elvis explains his father's obsession with heirs and how it destroyed his relationship with Sami. "Somehow it always comes back to her!" Nicole groans. He admits that he feels guilt and sadness because he and Johnny could never be a family with Sami. She offers him the chance to do it right this time. "You're absolutely right," he agrees. "This doesn't mean anything if you can't let go of your past with Sami," she reminds him.

Sami runs into Caroline playing with the kids in the park. They talk about her murder case and then Caroline runs off to get some balloons. Sami tells the kids that they're lucky they don't know what Stefano is really like. She worries that she won't be able to protect them. "I have to do the right thing," she says, hoping they, and their little brother or sister, will understand. She's decided that it's time to tell the truth and leaves for the mansion.

At Chez Rouge, Marino is gloating about how Abe's campaign is dead thanks to Lacey. Lexi shows up and tells him that it's his campaign that's going to be 'DOA'. He says that the public deserves to know the truth about her. She thinks the public should know the truth about him as well like the fact that Stefano is his number one contributor. She's already talked to her father and warns him that it will be hard to run a campaign once his resources run dry. She walks off. The mayor panics and calls Stefano and tells him about the talk he just had with his daughter. Stefano reminds him that his family was off limits. The mayor argues that it was just politics. Stefano announces that all of their ties are now severed and hangs up. "He can't do this to me," the mayor grumbles.

Back at the mansion, Nicole and EJ go downstairs. Stefano runs into her on his way out and tells her that the cook will stock up on everything she wants. EJ asks for some time alone with her. She wants out for air. He gets on his knees and tells her that their child's future is the most important thing in the world to him. She says that Sami keeps popping up and confusing things; she just thanks God that Trent is no longer part of the equation. Now that they are together, they can take it slow, she says, kissing him. They kiss passionately and tear off their clothes. As they go at it on the couch, Sami arrives outside and spots them through the garden window. While she weeps in the bushes, the mayor begins banging on the front door. A man calls out to him. He turns and is immediately shot dead. Sami walks by and sees the killer with the corpse.


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