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4th Week of October Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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October 20, 2008
More Than You'll Ever Know.

Marino is banging on Stefano's door until a man pops out of the bushes and shoots him dead. A snooping Sami walks by and screams, almost interrupting Nicole and EJ as they make love inside. She knocks the gun from the man's hand as he levels it at her. She rushes inside, interrupting EJ and Nicole on the couch. As she babbles about the man with the gun, EJ tries to calm her and Nicole complains. They get dressed and she calls the cops. Sami cries about the dead body. She rambles and Nicole makes her admit that she was watching them and accuses her of making this up just to interrupt them. When Nicole storms out the front door, she trips over the mayor's corpse and screams. EJ runs out and helps her up as the cops pull up to the house. Roman runs over and hugs his daughter while she weeps. He's startled to see Marino dead and takes Sami inside. She explains what she saw. He tries to keep her calm as she goes over the details. Still frazzled, Nicole demands to know why she was there in the first place. Sami claims that she only wanted to discuss Johnny's schedule. Roman begins issuing orders to the cops when Nicole claims that she wouldn't be surprised if Sami killed him. The women storm off arguing.

At the station, Roman questions EJ. Meanwhile, Nicole walks in as the clinic calls Sami to remind her about her appointment. Nicole asks her what she needs to talk to a doctor about. Sami's jaw hangs open. She claims that she was only calling a pediatrician. Nicole's surprised that she wasn't calling a shrink. Before Sami can walk out, Nicole announces they have things to discuss and ground rules to set. She wants all of the children to bond, she announces. Sami refuses to let Nicole near her children. "That baby is a dollar sign to you," she accuses. They argue until EJ and Roman walk in. EJ is claiming that his family had nothing to do with this. Nicole happily explains that she and EJ were making love when it happened. Roman asks them to leave so he can question his daughter. She recounts the events to her father and claims that she will never forget the shooter's face. The sketch artist is brought in.

Outside, Nicole is laying into EJ for seeming more concerned about Sami than about their unborn child. She can't understand why he needs to be with Sami right now instead of with her and their baby. He agrees and they trod off. Meanwhile, the shooter arrives in a small dark room and makes a call. He knows that Sami saw him and what he has to do next...

At the Java Cafe, a distracted Stephanie is putting salt in her hot chocolate. She tells Evan that she's worried about whether Max is getting himself in trouble. Over at the pub, Melanie admits to her brother that she may have killed their father. Bo and Hope arrive before she can explain. They've just come to see Caroline. Max quickly ushers his sister out. She thanks him for covering for her but he drags her up to his room to give him some answers. Once again he asks what happened the night that Trent died. She admits that she saw him before and after he died and that she confronted him with the knife. After struggling with him, she must have blacked out. When she came to, he had the knife in his back. Max wants to tell Bo and get his mother off the hook. She tells him that this is all his fault for bringing her to Salem. "Did you travel halfway across the world to find your sister just to destroy me?" she asks.

Back in the pub, Bo assumes that Max and Mel must be hiding something. Hope thinks that Max doesn't know how to do the right thing since his sister arrived in town. Stephanie arrives, looking for Max. Bo asks her about her 'incident' with Melanie and wonders why Max is being so secretive. She's not helpful and walks out.

Stephanie walks up to interrupt Max and Mel. Melanie walks out. Steph asks for an update. He tries to shut her out. She prods him for information. He refuses again; he is all his sister has and she needs him, he explains. Steph needs him too but this has gotten out of control. He claims that he knows what he is doing and then repeats the story Melanie told him. She tells him to go to Bo. He refuses and demands that she stay silent too. She cries but agrees to go along with it since she loves him "more than you'll ever know".

Melanie goes down to see Bo and Hope and apologize for her "odd" behavior. She sits down to come clean about everything. She babbles about how hard it was to lose her father. Bo and Hope seem unconvinced. She suggests that they start taking a look at suspects "closer to home". Rambling, she tells them that she adores her brother, but there are other sides to him and there is something wrong with Stephanie. She points out that her fingerprints were on Trent's wallet and she thinks they need to take a look at her. When she walks away, Bo groans. Moments later, Steph arrives. She tells them that there is something they should know about Melanie.

Melanie goes back to her room to do her final webcast as 'Premiere Party Girl'. She's had a wake-up call that has forced her to reconsider her life. She cries and claims that she has learned some important lessons and will be fine. After she signs off, she tells herself that this should work out perfectly.

October 21
, 2008
You Mean the World to me.

At the Java Cafe, Mel apologizes to her brother for putting him in an awkward position. She thinks if Steph found out what happened, she'd rat her out to the police. Max goes quiet. Mel prods. He admits that he told Steph what she said. Mel starts to freak. Max tries to be reassuring but it doesn't work.

At the pub, Stephanie reluctantly goes to Bo and Hope to tell them that she thinks Melanie killed her dad. Bo points out that this is a serious accusation. She doesn't exactly have proof, but Mel admitted "pretty much everything" to her brother and Max told her. She relates the tale that Mel told about her blackout and then adds that she is a "devious person" with "no morals". "You need to question and arrest her before she hurts someone else," she urges.

Daniel bumps into Chelsea at the Java Cafe. He's doing the coffee run, so he buys her a latte and offers to chat. She tells him it's not a good time. They have an awkward moment and he walks out. She wanders over to Nick to ask him for a favor: She needs a friend to have dinner with. He agrees, but seems distracted as Melanie storms out across the room. Chelsea wanders over to Max. He's defensive of his sister and asks her if she's seen his girlfriend around. Steph suddenly materializes. He demands to know where she's been. She explains that she was talking to his brother. He is not pleased. Chelsea makes herself scarce. Max then demands to know what Steph said. She told them that Mel killed her father. He can't believe it. She didn't have a choice. "You betrayed me!" he accuses. She loves him too much to make him an accessory to murder, she claims. He thinks she just hates his sister and he can't trust her anymore. He loves her, but he can't forgive her for this. She cries and begs him not to do this. He walks out on her.

Mel returns to the pub where Bo and Hope wait for her. They demand answers about the night her father was murdered. She insists that nothing happened and accuses them of harassing her and suggests that Steph just has it in for her. Bo accuses her of lying. She claims that she didn't see her father the night he was murdered and didn't fight with him. She's sure that Max will back her up and asks them to let her mourn her father in peace. Bo smirks. Mel storms out and meets with Nick outside. He offers to get them a table at Chez Rouge later. She agrees and runs off. Chelsea arrives and he cancels their date. She's sure that he must be meeting Melanie. After Chelsea leaves, he waits inside. Meanwhile, Melanie remembers her father coming out of the woods and falling beside her with a knife in his back. After shaking herself out of it, she walks off with Nick.

At the hospital, Nicole explains to Lexi that Marino was shot on Stefano's doorstep. Lexi flashes back to telling her father to make sure that the mayor was taken care of. Panicking, she runs off. Daniel soon arrives. Nicole explains her accident, tripping over the corpse, and that she's worried about the baby. The doctor says everything should be fine and asks Elvis to step outside while he checks her out. Once DiMera is gone, Nicole tells Daniel that she has "twinges" and reminds him that she's not supposed to be able to conceive. She says that she may be exploiting this to get EJ's sympathy, but she is really worried that something could be wrong. Calming down, she apologizes for being hysterical. He asks her to keep the stress level to a minimum. She asks him not to repeat anything she said to EJ. He promises not to say a word. When he walks out, he finds EJ waiting and tells him that Nicole just needs to stay relaxed.

Lexi runs over to the mansion to confront her father about the 'horrible coincidence'. She asked him to pull his support from the mayor and now he's dead. She's sure that he killed him. Stefano doesn't appreciate the accusation. She threatens to report him. He claims he had nothing to do with Marino's death and is annoyed by her lack of gratitude. Lexi doesn't appreciate being lectured by him. Stefano reiterates that he did not kill Marino, he only withdrew his support and he did it for her sake. Besides, if he wanted Marino dead, why would he kill him on his own doorstep? The mayor had many enemies, he points out, and he has better things to do than kill a loser like him. Lexi concedes his points. He calms down and tells her not to feel responsible. "You are my child. All is forgiven," he says, telling her how much he loves her and encouraging her to be happy. Hugging her, he tells her that, getting older, he has learned to appreciate the beauty in life more and invites her to dinner. She has to pick up Theo and leaves. As soon as she's gone, he makes an angry call demanding answers.

EJ brings Nicole home and puts her on the couch. He thinks she's been playing up her symptoms to keep him away from Sami. "You have my attention," he says, promising her that Sami is only the mother of his child, but, unlike Nicole, he has no future with her. "You mean the world to me," he offers, kissing her. He makes her so happy she could eat a gallon of ice cream, she says. When he runs off to fetch it, she has pains in her abdomen.

October 22, 2008
Samantha Brady Will be Dead.

Daniel climbs out of the Kiriakis pool only to be startled when Philip walks outside. Young Kiriakis rants at him, takes a swig of booze and then punches the surfer doctor in the face. Philip refuses to be cordial to the man who has been messing around with his mother. Daniel refuses to discuss his personal life. He tells Philip to think about what makes his mother happy and calls him a "vindictive little bastard". As they get in each other's faces again, Philip warns him to stay away from his mother. They argue about what's best for Kate. Daniel thinks that's him. Philip doubts that and brings up the affair with Chelsea. Daniel refuses to discuss this and then explains that he has never known anyone like Kate; she makes him feel good about himself. "She and I, we need each other right now," he says. Philip offers to stay out of it for his mother's sake.

At the mansion, Nicole is going into spasms when John walks in on her. "Oh no! You're having your baby!" he panics. She tells him it's fine. He thinks she should be checked out. She explains that she just was. He pressures her. She snaps at him. John doesn't understand. Nicole makes a joke about his hatred of hospitals but he doesn't find it funny. She complains about EJ and how he thinks she is being over the top about everything. After John promises to keep this between them, she gives him a peck on the cheek. He beams.

In the foyer, Stefano is on the phone demanding answers about how this shooting could happen on the grounds. EJ interrupts the berating to have a chat about the dead body on the doorstep. Stefano tells him that his anger at him is misdirected. He sends his son off before the ice cream he holds can turn into soup. After EJ walks off, John comes out. He confronts his half-brother about the hit that was out on Marino. He warns him that if a hair on Sami's head is hurt, he'll come after him. Stefano finds this hilarious. John repeats his threat. Stefano grumbles.

EJ spoon feeds ice cream to Nicole. No one has ever said the sort of things he has to her before. She wishes that she had a recording of them. He offers to repeat them over and over again. They kiss and talk about baby names. More pains happen. She breathes through them and claims that her leg just fell asleep. She asks him to take Pookie for a walk with her. Suddenly, he has to go to work so she kisses him and tells him not to worry.

At the station, Sami tells the sketch artist about the man who shot the mayor. Marlena arrives. Sami runs to her mother and whimpers about how freaked out she is. She tells her mother what she witnessed. Marlena suggests that she and the twins move in with her for awhile. Sami doubts her mother would enjoy the crying and the mess and turns her down, explaining that she will be staying with Lucas. Marlena doubts that Chloe can be enjoying that. Sami promises not to turn the cabin into a war zone. Her mother wants the truth about why she moved back in with her ex-husband. As Marlena probes, John walks in. He tells Sami she can stay with him at the Inn. She turns him down and runs off. Marlena worries that her daughter is in trouble. John tells her she worries too much and she should 'think positively'. She flies off the handle about Sami being secretive and then stops herself, begging his forgiveness for her outburst. He segues into the divorce papers. She hasn't filed yet and she's not sure why.

Lucas is massaging Chloe's back at the cabin. Sami has her tied up in knots. "When is that woman not pregnant?" she asks. He doesn't want to listen to her vent about Sami so he decides to show her what he'd rather be doing. After their make-out session, they tell each other how lucky they are to have found each other. They cuddle until his phone vibrates and Sami orders him to come and pick her up at the police station. Chloe's annoyed. Lucas slips on his pants and walks out. When he brings Sami back to the cabin, Chloe tells her that she's really starting to show. Sami's jaw drops; she can't believe that Chloe knows. Lucas guesses she hasn't told even EJ yet. Chloe makes herself scarce. Lucas and Sami bicker about the day she's been having. He pressures her to tell EJ the truth. Elvis pops up at the door with a confused look on his face. He needs her to convince him that she is alright after all of the chaos today.

Lexi and Tony arrive outside the pub. They look inside at Abe and his supporters. Tony needs to know what is going on. She tells him that she may be the one who got Marino killed. He needs an explanation. His sister tells him about the ultimatum that she gave their father and the murder that resulted. He tells her that she shouldn't assume that Stefano was behind this. Lexi can't shake how odd the timing was. Abe walks out and tells them how exhausting meeting with the press is. He asks his wife to join him inside. She worries about what questions they will ask her. Tony offers to accompany them. As they go inside, Stefano steps out of the shadows. Abe and the others continue the press conference. Reporters question Lexi about Stefano's involvement with Marino's campaign and with Abe's. Abe steps up to insist that he has never taken a dime from Stefano. Meanwhile, Lexi continues to worry to her brother that the mayor might not be the only person the killer was planning to take out.

Chloe shows up at the mansion to chat with Nicole. The blond worries that her hold on Elvis is tenuous. Chloe thinks she's over-thinking. They complain about how Sami has her hooks in their men. "Nicole, there is something you need to know about Sami," Chloe starts. Meanwhile, the killer is on the phone to someone. "I give my word, I keep it. By the end of the night, Samantha Brady will be dead," the shooter says. He quickly makes his way out to the cabin and takes aim at Sami through the window.

October 23, 2008

The Bad Seed.

At the cabin, Sami is anxious to be rid of a worried EJ. She admits that she's had a traumatic day but she wants to move on. They bicker. She's not interested in his opinions. Lucas gets a call and leaves. EJ and Sami pace around the room arguing while the shooter sits outside and tries to get a clear view of her. When Sami turns away from EJ, he spots the red dot from the shooter's gun on her head. He leaps on her as the shot comes through the window. She's annoyed until he points out that someone just tried to shoot her. Roman soon arrives with cops. They begin checking things out. Marlena arrives. Sami runs to her and whimpers. John wanders in and Marlena asks him to go. "Good to know you're not damaged," he says, walking out.

At the mansion, Nicole doesn't want to hear about any more of Sami's schemes from Chloe. Chloe stops herself. Nicole wants to talk about baby names. As Nicole runs over the lengthy list of names, Chloe does her best to pretend she's interested. Her best fails. All this baby banter makes her eyes roll. Nicole tells her that EJ says he 'wants it all' with her, but she doubts he means it. Chloe hopes it works out for her. Nicole thanks her for being a friend; her loyalty means a lot. Uncomfortable, Chloe walks out to make a call. She calls Lucas and tells him that she needs permission to give Nicole a heads up on what's going on. He forbids her to say anything. "I'll be damned if I'm going to be loyal to Sami!" she says, hanging up. Returning to Nicole, they toast with cider and Nicole complains about Sami related stress. Chloe knows the feeling. Just as she's about to tell her the big news, Lucas runs in and stops her. Nicole is annoyed; this isn't the eighteenth century, he could have just sent her a message instead of barging in. Lucas offers to tell her what Chloe was about to. He explains that Sami and EJ share a child. She knew that already. Cryptically, he tries to explain more but Sami calls and says that someone just tried to kill her. He runs off. "Someone tried to kill Sami?" Nicole asks. "Damn," she and Chloe say in unison. John walks in and explains that Elvis just saved Sami's life. Nicole complains about the hold Sami has on EJ. He's sure that she'll have him closer than ever before.

Back at the cabin, Sami cries to EJ and Marlena, sure that the shooter will not rest until she's dead. As Chloe and Lucas return, Roman announces that they will be putting Sami into a temporary witness protection program.

Stephanie weeps at the Java Cafe. When she stands up to go, she runs into Philip. He can see that something is wrong. She explains that she and Max broke up. She details what happened and that she's sure Mel killed her father and then tried to set her up for it. Philip sighs and tells her that she did the right thing.

Max shows up at the station to answer questions from Bo and Hope. He's not happy to see that his sister's name is on the board of murder suspects. Bo and Hope need him to corroborate Stephanie's story: Did Mel admit to murdering her father? He tells them that he and Steph broke up tonight. That's too bad, they say, and then ask him the question again. He claims his sister confessed nothing. "What?" Steph asks as she walks in. She can't believe that he's making her look like a liar. Bo asks her to wait outside. Max shrugs as she leaves. Bo is disturbed by his brother's behavior and makes it clear that he is not being loyal or admirable, he's just ruining his life. Max defends himself and says that Steph betrayed him. He feels like the lucky one for growing up without Trent. He is all that his sister has and he won't let her go down for something she didn't do.

Steph sits with Hope and tells her how much Max has changed since Melanie came into his life. Hope thinks that he is just having an identity crisis and trying to do the right thing. She makes it clear that if Max doesn't corroborate her statement, there is nothing they can do about Melanie. "I may have lost Max for nothing," Stephanie realizes. After she leaves, Max walks out. Hope tells him that he should go after Steph before it's too late.

Melanie and Nick show up at the pub for dessert. She's distracted and begins hallucinating, imagining that she sees her father sitting at the bar. Turning pale, she runs out. When she gets to her room, the hallucinations return. Trent taunts her, claiming that he is her punishment. She refuses to let him haunt her. "I'm here because of you," he says, putting his arms around her. She struggles out of his embrace and crawls under the bed covers. He tells her that killing someone stays with you. Crying, she claims she doesn't remember. "You always were a bad seed," he whispers. She screams and runs out, straight into Philip's arms. He knows what she did to Steph and to her father. She orders him out. He doesn't think Caroline would want her there if she killed her father. When he threatens to go to the police, she begs him not to. He thinks she's pathetic and claims that he cares about justice. She tells him his information is wrong and he's a meanie; she has enough problems to deal with without him making things worse. He doesn't like to see her upset. She doesn't appreciate when he attempts to analyze her and offers him an angry mock confession. He apologizes. She says that he's the only one who can back up Steph's story. "Bo's mom is accused of murder," he repeats. He's about to go to his brother when Mel stops him, offering to buy his silence, and she's not planning on using money.

Stephanie arrives at the pub and bumps into Nick. Max trails after her and asks to talk. Nick walks away and Max apologizes; he didn't mean to call her a liar. He repeats that she betrayed him. "It's over. We're done!" she says, walking out.

October 24, 2008

In Love With an Idiot.

Bo shows up at the pub looking for a beer. Max is instantly defensive and insists nothing will happen to their mom; he's just worried about Mel being left all alone. Steph tells Max he needs to wake up about his sister. He thought breaking up with her would be an end of the Melanie trashing sessions. He continues ranting at her and accusing her of making everything worse. She's sure that she did the right thing and offers to give Bo a sworn statement. She leaves, refusing to cry again. Max doesn't know what there is to cry about. "Let me see... she's in love with an idiot?" Bo suggests. He encourages his little brother not to screw things up with Stephanie any more than he already has. Bo leaves to take a call. Stephanie returns. Max tells her he's 'kind of' sorry. She admits she hates Melanie, she 'has a brain' after all. Max launches into yet another defense of his sister.

Upstairs, Melanie plays with Philip's buttons and insists that having her father's wallet didn't mean anything. In a hushed voice, she says that he must know that she didn't kill her father. How can he know that if she doesn't even know? he asks. Unbuttoning his shirt, she claims that he can see deep inside of her and pulls him into a kiss. She feels him up and tells him he has nice... eyes. He wonders if she'll remember this in the morning or if she'll remember killing her father. She kisses him and throws him into bed. He stops her and gets up, buttoning his shirt. He doesn't feel good about sleeping with a killer. "You have really nice eyes, but you're a really big jerk!" she says. He tells her that her attempted seduction was basically an admission of guilt. Using sex as a medium of exchange makes her sob stories about her pimp father lose all credibility, he explains, ordering her to get dressed.

Downstairs, Bo returns to Max and Stephanie. They sit down and go over things again. Mel and Philip walk in. "Hey Bo! Got your handcuffs handy?" Philip smiles. He tells his brother about seeing Trent's wallet with Melanie but claims that he didn't understand the significance of it before. Bo is not impressed. Philip needed to make sure what was going on first. Max tells his sister to get a lawyer. Melanie claims she doesn't need one and refuses to lie down so he can save his mom. Bo suggests that she 'shut up' and tells her not to leave town. She doesn't intend to stick around so they can frame her and storms out. Bo realizes that Stephanie was right after all. Max continues making excuses to Steph. She can't understand him anymore and walks out. Meanwhile, Melanie is already in her room packing. A note is slipped under her door. "I know what you did," it reads. Her jaw drops.

Kate shows up at the hospital with the clothes that Daniel left behind at the house. As she tries to pull a few kisses out of him, he backs up, telling her that they can't do this there. She hates it when he's serious and sombre and sorrowful. He doesn't think they should be acting like kids at the beach. She must just be in agony over the upcoming test results. He's going crazy too, he admits. Kate's feeling fine and has all of her appetites back. She wants him and needs to make love to him. They kiss and make out until he starts to beep. Chelsea interrupts. He leaves the women alone to run off to the ICU. Chelsea wants to talk about their talk the other day. Tearfully, she explains that, after what happened with Nick and her mom, what happened with her and Daniel hurt even more. If Kate is willing to be her grandmother again, she is willing to forgive her. They hug. Chelsea looks over her shoulder and spots Daniel's swimming trunks. She begins to weep and beat herself up and lash out at Kate simultaneously. Kate stops this ugly multi-tasking and tells her that she should be past temper tantrums at her age. Chelsea calls her a bitch and wants her out of her life forever. "Careful what you wish for," Kate warns as Daniel returns with the tests results. He informs her that she has metastatic carcinoma.

At the cabin, Sami adamantly refuses to go into the witness protection program again. Her father tells her she won't be bringing the kids. That makes things worse. Everyone points out that she can't be around the children right now anyway because it puts them at risk. Sami begins ranting about Chloe being there to witness her trauma. She tells everyone that she is the children's mother and cannot be separated from them. EJ claps sarcastically and tells her that she can be safe with the children in Salem at the mansion. Marlena asks him if he means to put Sami in the dungeon for her own protection. Sami doesn't think any room in the mansion would be safe. Chloe makes some sarcastic remarks. Romans calls the FBI to set up a safe house. Sami keeps crying. Lucas encourages her to do the right thing. She finally realizes that keeping the children in the line of fire probably isn't in their best interests and agrees to go into protection. EJ's baffled by this change of mind. "I've seen reason," she claims. "You don't work like that," he points out. Marlena tells her that she's doing the right thing but is bewildered that she's taking Lucas' advice. Sami cries on her mother's shoulder. Roman offers to bring the children over so Sami can say goodbye.

Sami and Lucas go into her room to pack. He tells her that she is a great mother and then he starts to wonder before suddenly realizing that she must be going into hiding as a way of hiding the baby from EJ. She begs him to continue keeping her secret. He tells her things will get better. She feels like she's being paid back for her bad karma. He agrees to keep her secret... but doesn't she have to tell someone in the program that she's pregnant? She's scared of EJ finding out and hating her and she's scared to leave her children at the mansion.  Marlena comes in next. Sami cries as she packs. The children arrive. Sami cries and tells the children that she's going away and wants them to draw her pictures. Roman tells her that she can't take her photo album with her. Sami cries again. Marlena says goodbye and hugs her before leaving. Chloe helps Roman with the luggage. Allie reaches out and feels her mother's belly. "Baby!" she squeals. EJ perks up his ears.

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