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5th Week of October Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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October 27, 2008
The ABCs of Pregnancy.

In her room, Melanie reads over the note that was slipped under her door: "I saw you in the cemetery and I know what happened." She lights a match, but, before she can burn it, Nick interrupts. He smells smoke. She says it must be a fireplace. He saw her last blog entry and is worried about her. Looking over, he notices that she's been packing. "I'm getting the hell out of Salem," she explains. He tells her that running away will only make her look guilty. She has no reason to stay. "You have me," he offers, sure that she feels the connection that he feels with her. They go into the Java Cafe while he profusely apologizes for coming on to her. She laughs and stops him, happy to have a friend. Helping her is something he needs to do, he claims.

Across the room, Chelsea sits and begins to search the internet when Evan asks her what's up. She bursts into tears and tells him about what's happening with Kate. She reads about cancer on the web for awhile before noticing Nick across the room. She walks over and tries to talk to him. He's busy. but sees that she's upset. She gets more upset when he doesn't want to talk and she walks away. Turning, she runs into Mel and asks her if she's having fun with her ex-boyfriend. "He's nice, but naive. He doesn't see you for the loser bitch that you are," Chelsea snipes. Nick intervenes when the women lay into each other. When Melanie accuses Chelsea of killing her brother, she slaps her across the face. Max may have deserved better than her as a girlfriend, Chelsea admits, but he really deserves better than Mel as a sister. After she walks out, Mel asks Nick to take her home. He promises to get her some tea and sort out a plan first. When he turns his back, she takes out her phone and begins searching for flights out of town.

At the cabin, Johnny feels Sami's belly and squeals, "Baby!" EJ tries to interpret this. Sami insists that they can't read the mind of a one year old. Elvis thinks she's being shifty. She recaps the last episode for him and then walks over to Lucas. He advises her to watch her blood pressure. Chloe walks in. "I see you're still here milking it for all it's worth," she snaps. Sami whimpers about having a hard time saying goodbye to her children. EJ repeats his question. Sami says that her son is speaking in a secret language common to twins. Roman agrees that this must be it. She makes everyone promise to make sure the little siblings spend lots of time together. Once she tearfully says goodbye again, Roman escorts her outside. He tells her how sorry he is and then introduces her to Darryl, her new guard.

Roman and Darryl take her to her new 'home away from home'. Roman hugs her and leaves with her Darryl. He tells her about his vegan diet and runs down their schedule and how she can never leave the apartment. He decides to go out for a cigar since she won't let him smoke indoors. She's not happy to be left alone. She finds an envelope that contains pictures of her children. She's sure that EJ must have left them. Darryl returns and takes them away before searching her things. They hear a noise outside. He leaves to check. Meanwhile, the killer is somewhere outside, promising his contact that he'll find Sami and she won't get away.

Back at the cabin, Lucas puts Allie to sleep. Chloe worries that he looks so heartbroken about Sami's departure. He clears his throat and admits that he's sad for the kids' sake. Chloe isn't sad; Sami does not enrich her life. She accuses Lucas of being heartbroken to lose Sami. After she goes through a lengthy rant, he stops her to point out that he is as sick of having Sami in his life as she is. She should be gone for a long time, he points out, since she'll be using the witness protection program to keep her pregnancy from EJ. Lucas makes her promise not to tell anyone Sami's secret. She agrees and then brings up the many lies of Sami Brady and how all of her schemes backfire. Lucas can't argue with that. Chloe tells him that she really loves Allie and then she and Lucas begin making out.

At the mansion, Nicole is reading "The ABCs of Pregnancy" to find out what is going on with her body. She quickly begins to cringe and throws the book away so she can play with Pookie. She wonders where EJ is. If he's with 'that little twit', she'll kill him. As she eats ice cream, EJ returns. She lays into him for spending most of the night with Sami. She already heard about the shoot out and wonders why he was at the cabin in the first place. He claims that he was only there for his son. She apologizes for being 'snarky' and offers to carry him up to bed. It dawns on her that EJ could have been killed in the incident. He wants to go out for some air and asks her to keep an eye on Johnny. When he leaves, the door slam wakes up the baby. She gets the baby and tries telling him stories. He screams and she sings a lullaby. He screams more. She lifts him up for a diaper change. After a changing, she hands him some milk. He throws it in her face and laughs. Nicole walks into the other room and screams. Later, EJ returns and finds Nicole asleep with Pookie and Johnny on her lap. Moments later, she wakes up and the baby is gone. She freaks out until EJ walks in and teases her. As they kiss, they can hear Johnny through the baby monitor.

October 28
, 2008
Max Changes his Mind.

Chelsea drifts into the hospital to ask Daniel for a minute of his time. She needs to know if Kate will die. She feels bad for what she said to her; without her mother around, Kate's really all she has and, for the most part, she's actually made her feel good about herself. She makes it clear that what happened still feels like betrayal, but she's trying to put it behind her. Chelsea had 'a little crush' on him because he saved her life and her father's life, but that's all it was.

Kate's sons arrive on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion. She's called them there for a talk about the future. Her sons have worried looks. She needs to make sure that she is leaving things in capable hands. They worry about her latest test results. She flatly informs them that she has lung cancer. Philip puts his arm around her and tells her that they can fight this. Kate is glad to have them both at her side. She's hopeful, but she will need help with work while she is in treatment. She asks Lucas to take over the company. He agrees, but thinks she should seek a second opinion about her health and suggests they get a specialist in. Philip tells him to shut up and tries to avoid talking about Daniel. Kate tells them they need to put aside their problems with Daniel. Philip agrees, but Lucas can't. Kate orders him to accept her decision. Her therapy starts today so they need to take over immediately. Daniel arrives to take her to the hospital. Lucas asks to talk to the doctor alone. After the two men walk off, Philip tells his mother how proud he is of her strength. She feels lucky to have his support and embraces him, promising him that they can get through this. Meanwhile, Lucas questions Daniel. The doctor insists that he can do his job. Lucas just worries about how fragile his mother really is. They return to Kate and the boys tell their mother that they will be going with her to the hospital.

Kate arrives at the hospital with her sons. The doctors go over what the treatment will involve. Kate is ready to go. After the doctors leave, Lucas wants to play Boggle. His mother tells him that's nice, but she'd rather be alone. She promises to have Daniel call them when things are done. Philip kisses her goodbye but Lucas won't budge. She orders him to go to work so she can do this her way. After he's gone, Chelsea arrives. She hands her the medal of Saint Sophia that Victor once gave her and then quickly ducks out.

Bo and Hope arrive at the pub looking for Melanie. Hope runs up to get her and Max talks to Bo. Upstairs, Melanie wakes up in bed and finds another note slipped under her door. It's the same as yesterday's. She looks outside but there's no one. After she throws it away, she finds another one beside her bed and another at the foot of her bed. Shaking, she wakes up. It was a dream. Hope pops up at the door to tell her that she and Bo are waiting downstairs. After she leaves, Mel gets a call. "I saw you in the cemetery. I know what happened," a distorted voice says. She puts down the phone and starts to pack.

Downstairs, Max tells Bo that he may have made a big mistake sticking up for his sister. "I'm starting to think she is the one who killed Trent Robbins," he says. Hope returns. Max says that, even if his sister is guilty, he feels sorry for her and is scared that she might do something desperate. They look out the window and see her walking down the street. Bo runs out and grabs her before she can call a cab. She says that she can go wherever she wants. He brings up her father's will and tells her that Trent's lawyer is flying in to read it to her. They arrive at the station just as the lawyer does. Mel is eager to get this over with. The lawyer explains that Trent left his estate to her, but he was insolvent. He did have some shares in Nick's project, however. Max wonders why he was invited there when his sister got everything. The lawyer explains that there was something added for him: A box. Max doesn't want the box and walks out. Mel takes the box. Bo takes it away from her and then leaves Mel alone with the lawyer. He reveals that he didn't tell her everything yet. He hands her an envelope that was only supposed to be opened when Trent died. She demands it and pouts. He lets her see it so long as she promises to share it with the police. After he walks out, she eagerly rips it open. Before she can read it, Bo and Hope return and demand the letter.

At the Java Cafe, Evan explains the magazine story he is planning for Abe. Lexi is uncomfortable about including Theo in this. Abe's upset that she seems to have an objection all of a sudden. She claims this isn't sudden at all. They bicker. Evan excuses himself. Abe reminds her that they were going to fight this election together. She accuses him of bullying her. He doesn't understand what's going on in her mind. She claims it's all about Theo. He promises that he will not expose their child to attention if it bothers him. He repeats that they need to give this a chance. She still worries it could backfire. They step away and continue to argue. Lexi thought that she was allowed to change her mind and keeps worrying that Theo could have a meltdown during the interview. As they debate, Theo grabs a woman's coffee mug and smashes it. He begins to scream as his parents rush over. Lexi apologizes but the woman is less than accepting. They begin arguing and Lexi starts to blow up. Evan keeps things cool. The woman walks off. Lexi doesn't want to expose her child to anymore insensitive jerks like that woman and wants to take her son away. Abe tells her that he is proud of her and their son. Because she is a wonderful mother, Theo is sure to be okay and they have nothing to be ashamed of. Evan walks over and says that the photographer will be delayed. Abe tells Lexi she can go if she's uncomfortable. She agrees to come back when the photographer arrives. She thanks him for taking care of them. They hug.


October 29, 2008

Letters from Dead People.

At the station, Trent's lawyer leaves a final letter with Melanie. After he walks out, she's about to rip it open when Bo and Hope return. She hides it and tries to duck out. They demand the letter and explain that the lawyer already told them that he would be giving it to her. When they accuse her of impeding their investigation, she accuses them of trying to cover who really did the killing. Hope becomes threatening. Bo demands the letter again. Mel finally hands it over. He opens it and then hands it to Hope. Melanie demands to know what it says. They refuse. She assumes it must not say anything about her and accuses them again of wanting to frame her. She announces that she's finished being harassed and walks out. As Bo bags the letter, he discovers a second envelope. They have it checked for prints and decide it's time to pay someone a visit.

Chloe walks in on Philip at the Java Cafe. He's curt. She apologizes and asks if he's seen Lucas. He explains that they just took Kate to the hospital and that she has lung cancer. Chloe commiserates. He still feels bad about leaving his mother alone, even if it's what she wanted. "People beat cancer, look at me," she points out. He wants to be rational and unemotional about this, but he's sacred to death. She reminds him how strong and determined his mother is. He asks her how her and Lucas are doing; he worries about him because he isn't very good at being a brother. Chloe promises to 'be there' for both brothers. He doesn't think she should 'be there' for him and wants her to concentrate on his brother. She accuses him of thinking that he's irresistible. "Don't you dare tell me I can't be your friend when you're going through this," she says. He thinks Lucas is very lucky. "So Philip... who are you hitting on now?" Melanie asks as she interrupts them. Chloe takes an instant dislike to her. Philip explains that murder suspects are rarely in a good mood. "Let's spa some time," Chloe sarcastically says to Melanie before recommending that Philip 'ditch her'. She walks away and Melanie tells Philip that trying to dump her in trouble with Bo and Hope has gone nowhere. She's sure that the letter cleared her. Philip doubts it. Letters from dead people don't clear people and she still doesn't even know if she did it. She storms off, Chloe returns. She asks him not to push her away with what's going on in his life now and gives him a kiss. After she walks off, he sighs. Melanie overheard him talking about his mom and comes over to apologize.

At the mansion, Nicole is meeting with Cynthia Savage, an interior designer, to discuss the baby's room. EJ arrives and Nicole explains that she will be redecorating the entire prenatal wing. Elvis says they need to talk about this. Cynthia leaves and Nicole tells EJ that she's mortified; she knows it must look like she's trying to take over the place. He's not mad, he just thinks she's jumping the gun. Before they discuss redecorating, they need to discuss marriage, he says. She can't believe what he's just said. He thinks they need to figure out what will happen when the baby is born and, if not get married, figure out a custody arrangement. She seems disappointed that there is nothing romantic in his words. He loves her personality, but what they have in common is practicality. He already worries about how Johnny will feel about his situation when he's older, but he thinks that a marriage would be in the best interest of their baby. Nicole is nervous. Marrying him would solve some problems, but she worries that he would just be trying to claim the baby. He laughs: She's actually putting someone ahead of her own interests for once. "Motherhood is bringing out the best in you," he says, kissing her. She apologizes for not being very nice. While they hold hands, Bo and Hope show up at the door. They have some new evidence and they need Nicole to help them interpret it. "We need to know what really happened the night of Trent's murder," Bo says. They sit down and go over her statement. EJ suspects they are fishing for something. Hope thinks that Nicole is lying to them. Bo asks her if she ran into Trent the night he died. Nicole becomes livid. Elvis tries to calm her. The detectives continue to dig. EJ accuses them of harassing her. Bo is confident that she is lying and claims that they have proof of it.

At the safe house, Darryl walks in on Sami while she tries to call for a doctor's appointment. He wrestles the phone away from her and asks her why she was calling a clinic. She claims she has food poisoning and runs into the bathroom to be sick. When she's finished, he offers her some ginger ale. She asks him to take her to the clinic instead. He can't take her anywhere without permission. She taunts him about the future of his job and threatens to tell her father about how he's acting. He leaves for awhile and returns with ginger ale and a blindfolded doctor. Sami complains. "My diagnosis is that she's a spoiled bitch," Darryl says. Sami isn't impressed. The doctor takes off his blindfold and shows Sami his license. She asks Nick to leave while she has her consultation. He refuses. The doctor demands that he leave. Annoyed, Darryl leaves. Sami comes clean and tells the doctor she's pregnant. He checks her out. She's fine. Darryl returns and the doctor tells him that she is going to need a good diet and regular exercise. Sami thanks him as they leave. When Darryl returns, Sami eats pickles. He's sure that she doesn't really have food poisoning. He's sick of dealing with her and has had himself reassigned. Within moments, Hilda arrives. Sami greets her. "I'm your worst nightmare," Hilda blankly tells her.

October 30, 2008

The Odds Aren't Good.

In the safe house, Hilda hands Sami a list of her rules and regulations. Sami is not pleased. Hilda tells her that she's already driven one guard away but she won't let her get killed... unless she's driven to do it herself. Hilda eats celery loudly and watches "Law and Order: SVU". Sami smells bratwurst cooking and begins to gag. The night drags on. Hilda yells at the TV while she watches wrestling. Sami suggests that she try patrolling the perimeter. Hilda promises her that she will never leave her alone, not for a moment. Sami wants to take a shower. Hilda tells her that she has to keep the door open. Later, they prepare for bed. Sami's dismayed to see that Hilda wears a mask and earplugs. She informs her that she snores loudly and gets ready to sleep at the foot of Sami's bed. The doorbell rings and Hilda pulls out her gun. Sami panics. Hilda doubts the killer would ring the doorbell. She opens up as Sami ducks. It's only a trick or treater. Hilda hands them some raisins and tells them that trick or treaters aren't welcome. After she shuts the door, she sits Sami down and shows her pictures of her children. Hilda becomes maudlin as she talks about them growing up and moving away. Sami becomes uncomfortable and bored. As Hilda drones on, Sami searches in her bag for earplugs. She finds sleeping pills instead. Cracking them open, she drugs some tea for her guard. Hilda drinks it down and becomes drowsy. Sami helps her. Hilda quickly passes out as someone looms outside.

At the mansion, EJ is trying to keep Nicole quiet while Bo and Hope interrogate her. She claims she has nothing to hide. Hope whips out her marriage certificate. Nicole recognizes it, claims she hasn't seen it since she was married, and asks them why it's all torn up. Elvis is defensive. Hope says that the lab can tell the difference between old prints and recent ones. EJ cuts off the questioning. As he argues with the cops, Nicole gets annoyed and orders them out of her house. Hope pulls out another piece of evidence. It's a note from Trent. EJ lists all of the people they've arrested and accused for this crime so far. Nicole points out that they haven't even done anything about the guy who was shot on the doorstep. Undeterred, Hope points out that Nicole has tried to kill several of her lovers before. Bo reads Trent's letter aloud. It says that if he turns up dead, it's because his wife has acted on all of her threats. EJ says the note proves nothing. Hope asks again if she saw Trent the night he died. Again, Nicole denies it. Bo takes out a search warrant. They go upstairs and search. Nicole is nervous. Bo and Hope conclude their search and then ask Nicole to come down to the station with them. Hope pulls out Nicole's dress with a missing bead and explains that CSI found the missing bead at the scene. Nicole flashes back to arguing with Trent, him giving her the license and her tearing it up. Finally, she admits that she did fight with him but repeats that she didn't kill him. EJ advises her to be silent. Bo reads her her rights and says it looks like her baby will be born in prison.

At the hospital, Kate paints her fingernail and tells Daniel about the first time she did so. She's tired. When he steps out, Lucas arrives with Chloe and asks the doctor for some answers. Daniel admits that the odds aren't that great but it's hard to tell. They talk statistics but Lucas needs a clear answer. "Honestly Lucas, the odds aren't good," Daniel repeats. He gives them some books and articles and assures them that Kate has chosen to deal with the cancer aggressively and this is her best chance. After Daniel walks off, Chloe tells Lucas that his mom will get through this. They hug and he goes in to see Kate. She's been reading and giving herself a manicure. He tells her she doesn't need to prove anything to him or waste her energy putting on a show. After they talk, Lucas walks out and asks Chloe if she can give his mother a pep talk. "Your mother's not exactly my biggest fan," Chloe says, but she agrees to do it. When she walks in, Kate cringes and tells her to get out. Chloe doesn't; she's there for Lucas. Kate apologizes. She knows that this is hard on Lucas and asks if they can have a truce, even though she makes it clear that she still doesn't like her. That's fine with Chloe. She walks out and sighs sadly. Daniel approaches and asks her if she is alright. She explains that she just had a flashback to her own battle with leukemia; she still feels like she's on borrowed time. Daniel tells her it was very generous of her to open up to Kate. Lucas returns to pick up Chloe so they can take Allie trick or treating. Lucas hands Daniel magazines for Kate. The doctor goes in to see her. They smile at each other as he sits down with her.

Mona, the reporter, arrives at the Java Cafe to meet the Carvers. She tries to be friendly to Theo. He looks away for a moment before running over and giving her a hug. Theo sits down to play his video game and the parents talk to Mona about having an autistic child. Mona asks Lexi how she manages to do it all. They open up about their problems conceiving and raising their child. When Mona asks Theo what his favorite food is, he begins to spin around in circles. Mona apologizes and excuses herself. Theo calms down.


October 31, 2008

Weaker Than a Wine Cooler.

Bo and hope drag Nicole down to the station in cuffs. She thinks they're a couple of clowns. Bo wonders where Elvis is and imagines he may have 'wised up' about her. She tries calling but EJ isn't picking up his phone. Nicole tells Bo that their case is 'weaker than a wine cooler'. He and Hope lay out their case and tell her that she has no credibility. Elvis arrives, admitting that he may not have much choice but to allow her to get locked up. The detectives file out and EJ tells Nicole that the odds aren't good for her. She already tried to kill Victor and Colin which leads the DA to suspect that she has a bad history with men. She suggests that he vouch for her; she hasn't hurt him yet. "No, not yet," he shrugs. He asks for the unfiltered version of the Trent story. She admits that she saw him the night he died but he was alive when she left. EJ's quiet. "You think I killed Trent?" she asks, insulted. He admits that he doesn't trust her; she's been hiding things from him and now she and their unborn child could go to jail. He angrily rants at her. She apologizes and promises to think of all three of them in the future. He's unconvinced and leaves to take a call. Hope walks in and explains that they'll be taking her to a cell until she's arraigned. Nicole begs for help considering her 'delicate condition'. Hope tells her there is no maternity ward in the prison. EJ returns and backs Nicole up. Hope promises that she will make sure that nothing happens to the baby. EJ asks her if she has any news on Sami. She has no comment and walks away. Nicole rolls her eyes. "Damn it EJ! Do you even care about me and my child?" she snaps. He grabs her and tells her to grow up, refusing to apologize for caring about Sami. He makes it clear that if she can't accept that Sami is part of his life, the only thing that they will ever have in common is their child. They argue and he walks out on her. She holds her belly and swears that she didn't kill Trent.

At the pub, Mel tells her brother that she is no longer the prime suspect. She asks him about the box their father left him. He hasn't looked inside of it and just wants to forget everything about the past few months. She wonders if that includes her. That's not what he meant; he just needs space to himself right now. She realizes he must blame her for his breakup with Steph. She apologizes. He asks her when she's moving back in. She's not; she's going to get a job and a place of her own. Nick arrives and tells her that she can come and live with him. Mel smiles. Max says it's not appropriate. Nick points out that she would be living with his aunt and uncle as well. She's tempted but needs to consult with her brother. Nick steps aside and pops some pills while Max makes Mel promise that they keep this platonic. Bo walks in and announces that he may have arrested their father's killer: Nicole. Mel begins lashing out at Bo for making her suffer his accusations and repeating her legal threats to charge him with harassment. He argues that he had plenty of reason to look at her as a suspect and tells Max to open his eyes about her mean streak. He leaves to see his mom. Melanie says goodbye to her brother and prepares to leave with Nick. As he gets the car, she picks up a knife on the bar and tells herself that she's 'a lucky little girl'.

At the safe house, Sami is just as annoyed by a sleeping, and snoring, Hilda as she was by her when she was awake. The doorbell rings. She expects it's trick or treaters. The man outside twists the doorknob and pulls out a gun. As she sees the knob jiggle, Sami panics and tries to wake up Hilda without luck. The door opens. The man calls for her to come out slowly with her hands up. She gets up, begging him not to kill her. He explains that he is Rafe Hernandez of the FBI. He was worried that Hilda wasn't answering her phone and expected the worst. He attempts to wake her up and realizes that she's been drugged. Sami says that she had a couple of nightcaps. Rafe says she doesn't smell like alcohol. He sniffs her tea and checks it for residue. "You've got a lot of explaining to do," he tells Sami. She admits that she drugged her because she wouldn't shut up. "Are you stupid?" he asks. It's not Hilda's job to be her friend; if he was the killer, she'd be dead now, he points out. With a snort, Hilda wake up and asks for answers. She quickly realizes that Sami drugged her. Hilda confronts Sami, the 'bleached blond bimbo', but decides that she's not worth it and quits. Rafe begs her not to go. She refuses to stay with the spoiled brat and storms out. Rafe tells Sami she should have begged her to stay. Sami claims her head would have exploded if Hilda had stayed any longer; she just wants a professional. "You'll be lucky if they send you a rottweiler next time," he says. When he threatens to call Roman about this, she begs him not to. He agrees but warns her that the next person sent will be able to see behind her games. He feels less sorry for her than he does for 'the poor shmoe' who has to babysit her. As he talks to his boss, he's disturbed when informed that he'll be taking over as Hilda's replacement. Sami isn't happy about it either.

By the pool, Stephanie tearfully tells Philip that her heart is breaking. She stays up at night crying and going over her breakup with Max. He tells her that Max must be torn up about this too and suggests she talk to him. She explains that he hasn't even tried to call her. Besides, Mel is still around and he always chooses her. If she doesn't leave town, she can't imagine how she could ever get back together with Max. Philip doubts that this is all Mel's fault. She thinks 'the little brat' has him fooled too. He says no and offers her a drink, telling her that Mel is all bark and no bite. "Behind that bark is a bitch with major bite," Steph argues. She thinks that he's interested in Melanie. He insists that he 'only finds her interesting' but is sure that she is just fearful and insecure. She thinks he's deluded. Victor calls with the news that Caroline is off the hook and Nicole has been arrested. Philip tells this to Steph. She's shocked; she was sure it was Melanie.

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