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1st Week of April 2008 Daily Summaries

March 31, 2008
Marvelous News!

EJ rushes into Sami's apartment, lifts her up and twirls her around. She tells him to stop barging into her apartment. "Our apartment," he snips, explaining that he has "marvelous" news. Smiling, he tells her Immigration is actually looking into his case, which suggests they may not be in a rush to kick him out after all. Now, they just need to convince Immigration officials they are married in more than name only. She reminds him that their vows were lies. He tells her to do what he knows she does better than anyone else: "I want you to lie through your teeth." He gets out Johnny and plays with him. She tells him to beg for her help. "I'm not afraid to sacrifice my pride to spend time with my son," he says solemnly, before insisting that lying to the government can be fun. She offers to stomach it for the sake of her son. He tells her that she needs to love him. She tells him to be realistic.

EJ and Sami get dressed up and go over to Chez Rouge to meet with the Immigration agent. Maggie shows them over to the waiting agent where they begin sharing several awkward pauses. EJ says they're planning a trip to keep the passion in their relationship. He starts to detail their sex life while the agent rolls his eyes. Sami calls the waiter over to complain about EJ's overcooked fish and sends it back. She starts to eat and they start to bicker. He tells the agent that they spend all their time looking after the kids or making love incessantly. "When's he's able to perform," she snipes. He laughs uncomfortably. The agent asks them why they have separate addresses. EJ explains that he hasn't eased into giving up his apartment yet. The agent asks him why he hasn't gotten a job. Sami says they'll have to cut into their love making time so he can find one. Maggie interrupts to say that EJ has a call. He leaves the table, kissing Sami on the way and making her uncomfortable. Maggie tells EJ that she doesn't like the way the agent is looking at them and called him away because she has an idea.

Nick arrives at the mansion to find Chelsea getting some therapy from her nurse. He has some news for her but the nurse warns him not to get her excited. He refuses to tell her the news until Stephanie and Max arrive. Morgan arrives first, bearing some flowers to check on her sorority sister. Morgan wants to stay and hear the big news and bugs Nick for a hint. Steph and Max wander in and Nick smiles before excitedly telling them that he's received his grant. They congratulate him and Morgan starts to hug him, much to Chelsea's chagrin. Steph notices that Max doesn't seem excited but he insists that he is fine before running off. Nick starts explaining his plans and everyone is soon bored except for Morgan. They all admit that they have no idea what he's talking about.

 Ava is excited about getting back with Patch. Hope is just excited this will soon be over. Hope points out Steve may not want her back, particularly after she sabotaged a plane and killed three people. Ava insists that none of that was her fault and the plane never should have taken off. Patch should have gotten off of it and found her wearing his favorite hat. Then they could have gone off together to chat about the good old days and remember their love. Things went wrong though. Patch was angry when he got off the plane so she hid and he leapt back on. She knows saying sorry won't bring back the dead. Hope graphically tells her the story of the ordeal on the plane and Shawn's death. All of this is enough to make Ava cry. She asks for Shawn's last name and then calls Angelo in to look after Hope while she goes out. Angelo whines a bit before Ava walks out and Hope starts to anxiously play with her hair until she's left alone. She searches around the room before grabbing a bust and trying to break through the balcony doors. When she gets them open, an alarm goes off. Angelo runs in and grabs her, throwing her down and threatening he will have fun with her.

  Max goes to his father's gravesite and pours him a beer. He tells him that Nick's a smart guy but he needs some guidance because he makes mistakes. He confesses that he isn't happy running the pub, but he's cool with doing it and looking after mom...still, he needs to find something else so he can take care of Stephanie too. Ava interrupts his moment with his father. "Who are you?" he asks. "I'm nobody," she says, explaining that she heard Shawn was an amazing man and she just wanted to pay her respects. She kneels down and puts some flowers by the stone before asking Max to tell her about him. He sadly describes his father in glowing terms and speaks of how full of love he was. When Ava reaches out her hand to him, he backs away. After he leaves, she drops down and starts to cry, "I'm so sorry." Later, she climbs into her limo and calls her father to set something up. She flashes back to her bedroom escapades with Patch. The limo stops and she stares, waiting for someone to come out.

Max returns to his friends at the mansion. The girls keep probing Nick for information about his invention. Nick starts to explain again while Max keeps his distance. Morgan strolls over to him and asks him why he was sabotaging Nick's project. She can't understand why he was trying to ruin his friend's plans, but Max remains elusive during her questioning. Stephanie takes him away and Morgan grins.

April 1, 2008
Things Have Changed Baby

EJ gets a job from Mickey, Ava takes Steve to see "Kayla", Bo tries to get out of the hospital.

Bo twists in pain in his hospital bed. He begins to pull off his medical supports and climb out of bed, instantly collapsing. As his machines begin to ring, Lexi and a nurse run in to help. "She is in trouble...Hope..." he gasps. Lexi asks him what he's talking about. He says it was just a dream. Kayla arrives and announces she will be looking after him. She asks him if he's seen Steve. He's not helpful. They gang up and ask him how he's feeling as they try to figure out what he was up to. Again, he's not helpful. Lexi is called away and leaves, commanding Bo not to get up. Once she's gone, Kayla asks again: "What's going on with you and Steve?" Bo plays dumb, but she is sure he's keeping something from her. As they bicker, she gets a pain and they call Lexi back in. She stops Kayla's cramping and then leaves to page her doctor. Once Bo is left alone, he starts climb out of bed again, vowing to save "Fancy Face".

In her limo, Ava anxiously waits for Patch. She's about to give up when he sticks his head through the door and tumbles in. "Good to see you again," she says. He immediately asks if his wife is alright. She says it would be good if he forgot about her, but she's fine. It's clear Ava's not about to let him see Hope. She reminds him they were once supposed to see a preacher together. "Things have changed baby," Steve says. No one calls her "baby" anymore, she explains; they call her by another "b" word instead. She doesn't want to talk about that though and she's not crazy...she just has issues. He asks again to be taken to his wife. They drive along and he wonders how she found him and she answers by explaining how much she wants to make love to him, even if he seems whiny and negative now. "I can't remember you being so stupid," she says, reminding him she has all the power and it's up to her if he ever sees his wife again. They go over the plane crash again and she repeats that "Ava Baby" would never hurt someone on purpose. He points out she just threatened to kill his wife and unborn child. "That's different," she protests. He tells her she should be upset about what happened on the plane, but she doesn't want to hear about it. Steve proceeds to tell her all about Papa Brady's death and Ava explodes, screaming that she hates him and he's causing her brain to split in two. She tells him that Shawn's death was his fault and none of this would have happened if he hadn't abandoned her. "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I will if I have to," she threatens. She just wants wants to go back in time and get back the life he promised her. "I can be that man again...if you still want me to be," he offers. She smiles and cozies up to him, offering to give him plenty of children. Then she begins kissing him and rests her head on his shoulder.

The captive Hope continues to search for a way out. Digging under the mattress, she discovers a scrapbook. "What happened to you Ava?" she asks as she leafs through it and thinks over all of the things her captor has told her. Soon, Steve and Ava arrive. Hope says she's hardly been treated like a princess. Ava warns her not to push her and explains that she still doesn't trust either of them. She doesn't like the "boring, whipped" man that "Kayla" has turned Patch into. She pulls Steve away from Hope and asks her if she has any idea how happy she and Patch were. She's sure she knows; she can see that Hope's been going through her stuff.

At Chez Rouge, the Immigration agent continues to ask Sami if she loves EJ. She becomes indignant and repeats that she does. Meanwhile, EJ tells Maggie how much he loves her plan and gives her a hug and a kiss. He returns to the table and he and Sami pass barbed jokes back and forth before he announces that Mickey Horton has offered him a partnership in his practice. "Wouldn't you have to be an attorney to do that?" the agent asks. EJ explains he isn't good at arguing just because he's married, he's actually a certified, Oxford-trained lawyer and, now, a gainfully employed one. The agent is less than impressed by Mr. Wells' work ethic though. EJ defends himself and the agent asks them again why they don't live together. They insist they do. He tells them he'd like to see their extended families more involved in their lives. The "couple" kick and snipe at each other as they promise to accomplish this. He limps away after she stomps on his foot. The agent leaves and EJ returns to tell Sami he wishes she'd be happy now that he's got a job.

Maggie asks Sami why her nose is so out of joint. Sami asks her why she's on EJ's side. "I'm on Gianni's side," Maggie says. They both miss Lucas, but EJ really cares about his son. Sami's shocked when Mickey pops up and announces he really wants to hire EJ. Sami doesn't think he can even practice law in America. EJ returns and explains that he can, thanking Mickey and shaking his hand. "He better not be anything like his father," Mickey says, asking Sami what she has to say about him. She says that he's not a typical DiMera. Mickey's happy to hear that and tells EJ that he will be in a probationary position, doing lots of hard work for very little money. After he strolls off, Maggie tells EJ not to make her out a liar. He thanks her again and she walks away. EJ turns to Sami and thanks her for her help. They wonder what they can do about his family now... it's not like John will be running over to see his nephew!

Maggie thanks Mickey for giving EJ a chance. He admits that he has a hard time saying "No" to her, but he also still has problems with EJ. He returns to Sami and EJ's table while they bicker. EJ thanks him again and they explain their problems to him and quickly start bickering again. Mickey leaves the "love birds" alone and EJ accuses her of lacking "decorum". They keep arguing while he downs a martini. She gets up, announcing she has a plan.

April 2, 2008
All Kinds of Weird

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf is using tongue twisters to try to lose his accent. Frustrated, he starts to grumble that the exercises are causing him brain damage. He begs John to stop forcing him to do this, but John reminds him his accent gets on his nerves. John wants a valet like Victor's: "A better butler, not a bitter butler." Rolf changes topic and informs him that a new shipment for the Kiriakis' is coming in. John takes a drink and grins, saying that's one more shipment that the Kiriakis' won't be getting. Rolf shakes his head, unable to understand why John is so intent on making enemies.

The doorbell rings and John send his bitter butler off to prove he can be a better butler. Rolf grimaces when Marlena walks through the door. She strolls in before Rolf can even announce her. John asks "Blondie" what she's doing there. She asks Rolf to give them some privacy so John orders him to, "go butle something." She still can't understand why he keeps the mad scientist around. "He spent a lot of time torturing me, so now I'm torturing him," John explains. She says that Sami invited her over there. "I've killed people for less," he jokes. The doorbell rings and Sami and EJ rush in to say that Marlena and John are the only people who can help them. Before they can explain, Marlena asks Rolf to leave again. John hands him his tongue twister book and sends him off. Sami explains that Immigration wants to deport EJ. "The problem is?" John asks. Sami explains that the twins need a father. John doubts it; he never knew his parents, "And look how I turned out." Sami and EJ list their problems to Marlena, but it just sounds like they need money to John. He offers them some cash if it will keep them away from him. Sami insists that it's more complicated than money. They have to prove they have a real marriage and they need to spend more time with their extended families...and they have to live together. "Mom, we were sort of hoping we could live with you," Sami says. John raises an eyebrow and seems to stifle a laugh. Marlena is mildly shocked and says that her place isn't big enough...but she could move if it would help. The women wonder if there is another option and then look over at John. Marlena says it's not a good time for them to move in with her and suggests they move in with John instead. Sami thinks that's crazy, but Marlena insist it's only "unconventional". At least they would have a place to stay and, what's better, it would be with their extended family. Maybe the twins could help John regain his "lost humanity," she suggests. Sami repeats that this is crazy and "all kinds of weird". Rolf interrupts to offer them some schnapps. After he gingerly strolls off, Marlena explains that John is much better than he was and they need to be sympathetic to him. Sami thinks it over and asks her mother to move in too. Marlena's eyes widen and she looks over at John as he puffs on a cigar. "That man is not my husband," she says, but maybe she can find a way to bring her hubby back. Then she laughs and refuses to move into the "parallel universe," before suddenly changing her mind and agreeing to talk to John about it.

At the window, John offers EJ a cigar. EJ turns it down; he finds them nauseating. John offers him some pity on losing everything thanks to Stefano. EJ insists that he's a changed man and doesn't want anything of his father's. John is a changed man too; he's kind of upset about not having much of a memory though...he never knows if people are lying to him or not. He asks EJ if he and Sami are moving in and admits that he doesn't want Stefano's kid around. Turning to Rolf, he asks him if he can handle looking after EJ, Sami and the babies. Rolf would sooner choke on a schnitzel. That's how John feels too, but he'd like to keep an eye on EJ, just in case he attempts a DiMera coup. They eat some of Rolf's cheese puffs until Sami and Marlena walk over to discuss their "solution". He blows his cigar smoke in her face and tells her her plan stinks. She says she will be moving in too. Rolf begins to protest, saying that Marlena is dangerous and crazy. That seems to make John excited.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Chloe join Victor in the dining room. Chelsea comes in and Victor says that having all of them there makes his heart feel good. The doorbell rings and Dr. Daniel drifts in, shaking everyone's hands. Chloe smiles flirtatiously and they sit down to dinner. They begin to down some champagne as Victor toasts to his son, his granddaughter and Daniel. Chloe is left to toast to herself. The doorbell rings and Kate stomps in to check on Chelsea. Victor asks her to join them and Chloe rolls her eyes while everyone guilts Kate into staying. Victor repeats his toast and then grimaces at Chloe, who is trying to get drunk and get the evening over with. The guests begin toasting their host as the meal is served and Daniel talks about a death-defying case he had in Italy. Kate toasts to Daniel, their "knight in shining armor." He proceeds to tell them about surfing in France and all of the casinos he frequented. After he comments Kate on her body, Victor cuts the flirting short to announce dessert and everyone talks about how wonderful it is to have the whole family together. Chloe makes a sarcastic remark about it being just like Little House on the Prairie and Victor grits his teeth. Some decadent chocolate cake is brought in. Everyone enjoys it and Victor continues to snipe at Chloe. Daniel tells Chloe that he saw her perform in Vienna and passes her some compliments. "You were the talk of Vienna," he offers. "They haven't stopped talking yet," Victor growls. Chloe drops her napkin and walks away from the table. 

Chloe sits on the stairs and flashes back to her rejection at a recent audition. She wonders if she will ever live down the scandal. Philip interrupts her ruminations to tell her not to let his father get to her. She's tired of people's suspicions and of having her name dragged through the mud. "You're gonna sing again. Now what can I do to make things better?" he asks. She wants an apology from Victor. He half-laughs. 

Back at the table, Victor apologizes for his outbursts, but he can't stand Chloe. Kate advises him to stop overreacting or he'll just drive Chloe into Philip's arms. Daniel sits on the sidelines, terribly confused by everything. Chelsea tries explaining the situation to him. He's still confused. Kate and Victor start to talk about her time as a Kiriakis until Philip and Chloe return. Victor tries apologizing, but it comes out like an insult. Before Chloe can blow her top, Kate changes the subject by flirting with Daniel a little until the doorbell rings again. Victor slumps in his chair, angry that he can't get any peace and quiet. Chloe and Victor start levelling insults and shouting at each other until Nicole arrives, toting her little dog and filling the room with dread.

April 3, 2008
I Always Enjoyed Playing With Fire.

Stephanie goes to visit Max down at the docks where he is putting in his community service hours. She hands him a cup of hot chocolate and starts to massage his exhausted shoulders. She tells him, sooner or later, he's going to have to deal with what's really bothering him. They start talking about Chelsea instead and Max suggests Stephanie move in with her friend. She'd rather be with Max, she says. He's sceptical, but she insists that, even if she was out with Morgan, she would just be thinking of him. His supervisor interrupts their relationship chat to tell him to get back to work. Stephanie thinks he's rude but Max reminds her he's "just a grunt" down there. He worries that she'll miss out on something by being with him. "I don't want you to come down here anymore," he says. He likes having her down there, he quickly explains, but this place isn't safe. "I would do anything for you. Now, can you do something for me?" he entreaties, kissing her hands. She doesn't get it, but his wish is her command. She'll still follow him around the pub though. "You're my hero," she says, kissing him until her cell phone interrupts--Kayla has just been admitted to the hospital!

In her mansion, Ava starts pressuring Steve to kiss his "wife". She knows how much he likes to have an audience. Hope takes a pass on listening to Ava's naughty anecdotes, so Ava continues pressuring them to kiss. She stands back and watches Patch and Hope embrace before stopping them in disgust. She's not impressed by their passion. Hope says being a hostage just doesn't turn her on. Ava rolls her eyes and Patch asks what happens next. "I'm the one you want. You can let Kayla go," he points out, but that's not good enough for Ava. She knows Kayla has his "bun in her oven" and won't easily forget him. Hope tries to rationalize her release, but her logic isn't working for Ava. Patch starts calling her "babe" and she smiles, but only for a moment before accusing them of trying to trap her. She becomes manic and reminds Steve that he broke her heart. Hope says that she can't have a relationship with Steve if she doesn't trust him. "Trust is something you earn," Ava says. Suddenly, she starts to get a throbbing headache and everything begins to echo. Pacing and flailing around, she starts to pop some pills and explains she has mysterious migraines. He offers to fix things and she demands he prove it by having dinner with her so they can talk about "us". When he brings up Kayla again, she touches Hope's belly and realizes that she's pretty flat for a pregnant woman. "When are you due?" she queries. Hope says that it's early and she's just not showing yet. Ava talks of how she wanted children with Patch and wonders why Hope hasn't been having morning sickness. She's sceptical and thinks they should have a doctor check Hope out. Hope insists she only trusts her own doctor. Ava shrugs and finds it odd Hope doesn't seem angrier that she's taking Patch away. Hope says that she is angry, but she's hiding her emotions. Ava calls Angelo in and tells him to take Hope away so she can have dinner with Patch alone. After he takes her away, Hope asks Angelo what happened to Ava. He explains that it's Patch's fault that Ava is the way she is. If it was up to him, they'd kill him right now. Meanwhile, Ava walks over to Patch and kisses him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole hands Henderson a bottle and asks him to get her a new one. Victor tells her to get out, but she isn't going anywhere. She sends her dog, Pookie, away with Henderson into the kitchen while she flops down at the table. She starts prodding the guests on their plastic surgery secrets until Kate finally asks her what she's doing there. "I'm back. I couldn't stay away," she says with perky malice. Victor threatens to have her thrown out. She reminds him they are married and he reminds her she tried to kill him and Colin ended up dead. He warns her she's playing with fire. "I always enjoyed playing with fire," she smiles, shaking Dr. Daniel's hand. As she starts to drift around the room, Chelsea starts to fill the doctor in on what's been going on. Kate suggests that Victor have Nicole arrested, "or something..." He reminds Nicole again that she tried to kill him. She's glad she didn't because then she wouldn't have a place to stay; she just wants somewhere to rest her weary head. "What have you done now?" he asks. As Victor and Nicole walk off to argue over arrangements, everyone wonders if things could get any worse. Daniel doesn't seem to understand; in fact, he thinks Nicole is "pretty hot." Kate warns him that Nicole isn't just bad, "she's worse."

This is all a nightmare for Chloe. She'll never forgive Nicole for the cruel things she did to keep her from Brady. Philip doesn't think Victor is going to have much choice and will have to let her move in. Maybe he and Chloe will both have to find a new place to live. Meanwhile, Daniel continues admiring "firecracker" Nicole while Kate explains how she tried to kill Victor and used to be married to Lucas. While Kate admits she's done some nasty things, she's always done them for her family, while Nicole only does things for herself. Chelsea is looking tired, so Kate sends her to bed.

Kate takes Chelsea upstairs and comments that Daniel always puts a twinkle in her granddaughter's eye. Chelsea admits it, but says he's just a distraction from worrying about her dad. They start laughing about the return of Nicole and Kate blames Victor for what's happened. "That's what happened when you don't think with your head," she explains. Meanwhile, Victor accuses Nicole of being broke and desperate. She reminds him that her husband, namely him, is a rich man and she thinks she can get a sweet settlement. He has a few nasty words for her but, before she can slap him, he grabs her hand and tells her he doesn't have to pay her liquor bills. She vows she won't be going anywhere and requests Henderson unpack her bags. He warns her not to do that just yet and shakes his head as he watches her saunter upstairs.

At the table, Philip gives Daniel more details of Nicole's nefarious past. "From what I can see, things are going to get interesting," he comments. As he rises to go, Philip thanks him for saving Bo's life. The doctor goes upstairs to check on Chelsea. Kate leaves them alone and Chelsea asks him if he is going to officially "poke" her. He says it's only semi-official and asks her to come to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow. After saying goodnight, he bows out and she sits down on her bed with an irrepressible smile on her lips. Meanwhile, Kate goes downstairs to the dining room to see her son when Nicole and Victor walk in. He informs everyone that Nicole will be staying until his lawyers can figure out a way to get rid of her. Kate decides it's time to leave. After Nicole offers a few insults, Victor tells her that she can't insult his guests. She reminds him that she is not a guest: They are at war!

April 4, 2008
Mr. Fun

Marlena walks in on a grumpy John. The children kept him up all night. Marlena finds this amusing, but he's just annoyed. She leaves for work with a smile and he continues his paperwork. Hearing someone walk in the door, he expects Marlena and asks, "Did you forget to kiss me goodbye?" It's not Marlena though, it's Philip. "I'd prefer you bought me dinner first," he quips, advising John that he might need a stiff drink after hearing what he has to say. John asks him not to throw a tantrum; he's been listening to baby's scream all night. Philip issues some threats about the cargo John is moving around and flashes him the newspaper. "You gotta be kidding me?" John says as he looks it over. Paul Hollingsworth has been indicted for taking bribes and abusing his position as a customs official. Philip suggests this could turn into a huge scandal and wonders if Paul will name names. John is defiant, but Philip offers to work out a deal with him, one that would suit them both. John won't make any deals. He's going to fight for the docks until the end. "Don't say I never gave you the chance to end this peacefully," Philip says. "Does this mean we can't be friends?" John grimaces. Philip already has friends, namely Paul's replacement, and they've already become close. John concedes Philip has the upper hand, but, "the game is still young." Philip smugly walks out and John laughs to himself. Looking up at the portrait of Stefano on the wall, he says, "If Philip and Victor thought that you were ruthless, just wait until I get through with them."

"Wait until John reads this," Victor laughs as he reads the newspaper at his breakfast table. Nicole interrupts to ruin his morning mirth. He still wants to get rid of the "gold digger" but she explains that she's well-rested and ready to redecorate the place. When Chloe comes in, Victor grouches, "Now my day's complete." The two women start to bicker and Victor walks out while Chloe eats the last of the breakfast. Sitting at the table, Nicole asks Chloe if she killed Brady herself or hired someone to do the deed. Chloe thinks she's just jealous because she couldn't compete. "Maybe he killed himself 'cause he couldn't stand living with you," Nicole sneers, taunting her until Chloe tells her to, "shut her stupid mouth." She accuses Nicole of never earning a respectable living and of just being a sponging porn chick and, what's even worse, she botched her reconstruction surgery. "Looks like your face could still use some work!" Nicole barks before they start throwing breakfast rolls at each other. As they run around the table, Nicole throws a cup of coffee at Chloe but, instead, hits Philip as he walks through the door.

Victor arrives at Marlena's office to start their session. He instantly tells her that his life is a complete disaster and he fears for his sanity. Brady's missing and Chloe is after Philip. He doesn't want his son to fight the same fights he did. He lost part of his soul along the way and doesn't want the same for Philip. If that wasn't bad enough, Nicole is back. "That must be a bit awkward," Marlena guesses. Victor reminds her that Nicole tried to have him killed and now she is living with him. At least she and Chloe are mortal enemies and might kill each other. He has other problems, but they're John-related so he's not sure he should say anything to her.

Stephanie goes to the hospital to rag out her mother for getting out of bed and endangering the baby. Kayla insists she doesn't need a babysitter and demands to know where Steve has gone. Stephanie tries to keep the secret, but she quickly breaks down under Kayla's pressure tactics. Steve is trying to protect her from his crazy ex-girlfriend, she explains. Stephanie has never seen her father so scared. Kayla hates being lied to and is upset the two most important people in her life have been hiding things from her. She doesn't think she needs protection and vows to hunt Patch down and give him a piece of her mind.

Chelsea goes to the hospital to rag out her father for getting out of bed and jeopardizing his life. He sends her out to fetch some water while he flashes back to speaking with Steve about the situation with Hope. When she comes back, she tells him he needs to stop risking his life. "I wanted some fresh air," he explains. She tells him he has to get better to get out. Daniel pops in to echo her sentiments. "Listen to your daughter. She's a smart lady," he smiles. He tells them doing rounds isn't as fun without her around, even if Bo is "Mr. Fun". Bo doesn't buy this and Dr. Dan sends Chelsea off so he can see what's going on in Bo's head. Bo points out to Daniel that his daughter obviously has a "thing" for him. Daniel thinks he's delusional and insists they're just "comfortable" with each other; she's a cool girl... but just his patient. He's been down that road before, he explains, and he won't go down it again. Bo asks when he's getting out. There's still a long road, Daniel says. Bo just wants to see his wife. "She's smoking hot," Daniel comments, but it'll be awhile. When he walks out, Chelsea is waiting for him. He just wants to wrap things up and check out early, he says. She offers to take him to the Java Cafe and he agrees to ditch his lab coat. She starts to develop a fever as he prepares to go. He tells her they're just good friends. She says that's a good thing because, otherwise, her boyfriend might be uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Caroline goes to visit Bo. He thanks her for bringing Ciara to see him. She says that the little girl is missing her mommy and wonders where Hope has been. He tells her that Hope is in danger but she can't tell anyone about it. He asks her to find a way to get him out of there as soon as possible.

At Ava's hideaway, Hope asks Steve what happened at dinner. He tells her there wasn't any dinner: Ava passed out before they could eat. "There's something way off about her," he observes. Hope tells him Angelo thinks he's to blame. Ava walks in before Steve can fly off the handle. She asks if she's walked in on a "little lover's spat". Steve says that Hope is just jealous. Hope starts playing it up, accusing Steve of enjoying being there too much and claiming she can't stand all of this anymore. Ava asks for a moment alone with "Kayla". Ava gets her some food and Hope demands to know what she and Steve got up to last night. "The truth is we made love," Ava says. Hope acts shocked and then says Steve has been acting differently lately; he's afraid of being a father and doesn't like commitment. She starts to sob and Ava commiserates before explaining how she and Steve got into bed. Hope laughs and accuses her of having to get Steve drunk to seduce him. "Now that you know the truth, what are you going to do?" Ava probes. The women bicker. When Steve returns, Hope slaps him and tells him that he doesn't know her at all. Turning to Ava, Hope says that she can't deny she and Patch look at each other like they're in love. Steve says it's complicated. Hope angrily tells him that he won't be raising a child with her. Angelo is watching this outburst and doesn't find Hope's theatrics terribly convincing, suggesting this is all a little too convenient. Suddenly, Patch's cell phone starts to ring. Angelo checks the number, then lets Steve take the phone. Ava levels her gun at Hope just in case they're up to something. Kayla is on the phone and demanding to know what is going on.

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