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2nd Week of April 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 7, 2008
Thick as a Brick 

Stephanie and her cameraman roll into Anna's office. Anna wishes they had enough footage by now, but the cameraman explains he's almost done. Anna rolls her eyes; she doesn't feel like being filmed today, but agrees to get this over with, though she warns them things could get hectic. Stephanie sits down to work and Anna tells them to turn the camera off. They don't, so she just sharpens her pencils for until the cameraman finally stops filming so she can get some work done. They stand around the office until the cameraman pantomimes Stephanie into actually doing something. The camera starts to roll again as Anna tells Stephanie about the "stupid" article she's reading about, "ten ways to get your man back." She doesn't know why she would want some idiot back after breaking up with him and claims that she could come up with better ways if she wanted to. She got Tony back when she felt like it and threw him away just as easily, she claims. Stephanie wonders what ten ways would be best to get Tony back. Anna tries to list them: Play hard to get, don't return phone calls, date someone else, slash his tires... She seems to run out of ideas and none of these impress Stephanie, who thinks this is all rather mean. She wouldn't do any of those things to her boyfriend. She tries to turn the conversation back to Anna and her unhappy relationship with Tony. "He can go jump in a lake for all I care," Anna insists. Steph prods her for more information. Anna says if Tony came on his hands and knees, she might give him another chance... but he has no idea how to treat a woman and his "skull is as thick as a brick," she says. Stephanie asks her why she doesn't just tell Tony what she wants from him. Anna seems baffled but finally admits she misses Tony, but won't tell him how she feels, no matter what. Stephanie wonders if they should actually do some work. The pencils are all sharpened so Steph offers to hand out business cards. Anna tells her that won't be necessary and walks off.

Morgan and her cameraman arrive at Tony's office. He's anxious to get down to work, but she's pouting. "What's wrong?" Tony asks, offering her water. She talks about what a nightmare she's having with her parents. He tells her to consider him a friend and has her sit down. She explains her parents' brutal divorce and her father's legal problems and the bad name this is giving her family. Her mother comes from money and her father has been cut off. Morgan loves her father, but she's mad at him right now. Tony gives her a hug until Kate walks in. Tony sends Morgan off to freshen up. Kate's clearly uncomfortable being taped but Tony tells her not to worry. She asks him if he has anything for her. "It has nothing to do with advertising," he laughs. He pitches some ideas to her and shows her a mock up on his computer, while he sniffs her hair and tells her how wonderful she smells. He continues passing her compliments until Morgan returns. Tony sends her and the cameraman away, allowing the cameraman to leave his camera. He leaves it running as he and Morgan leave. Tony informs Kate of Morgan's problems and then asks her out for dinner. 

Later, Tony turns up at Anna's office. She's not there so he searches around, quickly making his way to the camera. He rewinds it and watches Anna giving relationship advice to Stephanie and admitting how much she misses Tony. He stops the tape and sighs. Meanwhile, Anna arrives in Tony's office, but he is nowhere to be found. She starts to snoop around, annoyed that his advertising campaign actually looks good. Spotting the camera, she decides to see what he's been up to. Seeing him hug Morgan, she blurts out, "She's half your age!" Watching him flirt with Kate, she becomes even angrier. As she rants to herself, the phone rings: It's Tony. She tells him that she's having her hair washed. He tells her hair is exquisite and she starts to laugh bitterly before asking him how exquisite he thinks Kate is. He tells her she isn't making sense. "I don't want you playing your little games with me! You know who is going to come out of this on top? I will! That's who!" she lashes at him before hanging up.

At her mansion, Ava levels her gun on "Kayla" while Steve's phone rings. He picks it up. It's the real Kayla and he tells her this isn't the best time to talk. Kayla is stressed out and tells him Stephanie has told her all about Ava. She begs for more information, while Ava prompts Angelo to get the phone and track the number. Steve shouts and smashes the phone before he can. Angelo and Ava aren't impressed by Patch's "temper tantrum" and ask him what's up. He insists that it was just a real estate agent on the phone and they were being too pushy. Ava isn't convinced. She sends Angelo outside and threatens to shoot Kayla if Steve doesn't tell her the truth. He fleshes out his excuse, reminding her he doesn't like to be pushed by anyone. "Am I really supposed to be buying this?" Ava asks. Hope suggests shooting them will only land her in more trouble. Steve asks Ava to trust him. "You'd never lie to me because you love me?" she asks, somewhat sceptically. He insists that he does, more than he could ever love Kayla. As she eases up, he suggests that they go to the beach and forget all about Kayla. "Can we start over? Can we finally get married?" Ava asks, putting the gun away and starting to plan their wedding. Angelo returns with something important to tell her--the doctor's there and she has to see him. After promising to return, she leaves. Hope and Steve hope Ava is buying their routine. They wonder what sort of shrink Ava is seeing. Steve almost seems to pity Ava and her problems. Hope says that Bo would know how to get out of this. "Are you saying I'm not as good as Bo?" he asks. She tells him to prove he is, but Ava and Angelo return before they can come up with any ideas.

At the hospital, Lexi tells Kayla to stop getting agitated. Kayla is worried, though Lexi prompts her to stay calm for the baby's sake. Kayla flashes back to everything Stephanie has told her and shakes her head. She tries calling Steve back. Lexi keeps her in bed and warns her not to run around playing superhero. Kayla begins explaining the situation. Trying to keep her calm, Lexi repeats that Steve can look after himself and she needs to look after her baby. Kayla prays for Steve's safety until Stephanie arrives at her side. 

April 8, 2008
That's the Puzzle we Have to Solve

At the hospital, Stephanie holds her mother's hands and asks if she is still thinking about Steve and his crazy ex-girlfriend. Kayla is miffed that he hung up on her and Stephanie warns her not to get upset. "You can't possibly think there is something going on between dad and this crazy woman?" Steph asks. Kayla doesn't but she still wants to track them down. She rings for the nurse, asking for the latest printouts of the baby's heartbeat. She looks them over and points out there haven't been any contractions. Stephanie reminds her she needs to keep things normal. Kayla still wants to get out of bed. "There's no way you're getting out of here today," the nurse insists, threatening to bring Kayla's doctor in. As soon as she walks out, Kayla tries to hop out of bed again, much to her daughter's chagrin. She reminds her Steve can take care of himself and threatens to bring the nurse back. Kayla asks for her phone and calls Roman to ask him over. He soon appears and she tells him she got a strange phone call from Steve. She explains the situation with Ava and Stephanie explains how worried she is about her mom. Roman is sure Steve is taking care of things himself, but she needs to take care of the baby. He agrees to do some looking around and leaves. Kayla sends her daughter out to find orange juice and then leaps from bed. Stephanie soon returns to find the bed empty. The nurse comes in and they start a search. 

In his room down the hall, Bo is shouting and trying to get out of bed to find Hope. "Not a chance," Lexi commands. He's nowhere near ready to be released. He insists he needs to be let out to deal with things on his own. When he tries to climb out of bed, she pushes him down and promises to hold him there against his will if she has to. She places some calls, checking on Abe, but he's busy, so she calls Roman. Bo asks her again not to get the police involved in this. She doesn't understand, but he warns her the police will only make things worse, for reasons he can't explain. He begs her not to say anything more to Roman, who then pops into the room and asks what's happening with his "pig-headed" brother. "Why so anxious? Is there something I need to know?" he asks. Bo isn't helpful and Lexi stays quiet. Roman threatens to keep Bo there under police supervision if he continues with his "reckless stupidity." Roman and Lexi walk out and Kayla sneaks in. She tells him what happened with Steve. He insists that he has no idea what's going on, but she doesn't buy that and is sure that Steve and Hope are in danger. He starts to explain what's happened and she suggests they call the police. He thinks that will make things worse. She admits that she already told Roman about this. They just hope that Roman and Abe can't figure anything out or their spouses may be in trouble.

Lexi, Roman and Stephanie search for Kayla. They find out she is with Bo and worry about how to stop them from running off and hurting themselves. Meanwhile, a man in an orderly's uniform photographs Stephanie with his phone. Lexi says that Bo and Kayla can have a little visit and tells Stephanie not to worry so much. Lexi's called away and Roman offers to buy Stephanie a cup of coffee. As they walk off, the spy calls up her picture and sends it to someone. 

Ava is meeting with her psychiatrist. She wishes they didn't have to do this right now. He says Angelo was acting strange and asks what's going on. She sneers as he starts looking around. Using reverse psychology, she stops him from looking far and he returns to their session. "I'm here to help you," he reminds her. "Then how come I'm not better?" she asks. He offers to increase her medication. She says she's just going crazy from being cooped up and wants to lead a normal life. He tells her when she's better, she can do that. They sit down and he asks her why she's trying to distract him. She repeats that she's going crazy from being stuck in there. He has her sit down and try to remember something that happened before she was supposed to marry Patch. He hands her some pills to relax and remember. As the medication kicks in, she shakes her head and insists her inability to remember doesn't stem from Patch but from something else. "That's the puzzle we have to solve," he says. She begins to cry so he puts his arm around her and tells her that he will be there to help her cope. He decides it's time to stop for the day and leaves.  

Hope paces around the room until Steve knocks on the window. He explains the alarms don't go off if you actually break the windows. She gets an idea and starts to blare some music, which forces an annoyed Angelo to come into the room. She turns it down a little and, after he walks out, smashes the glass. Steve helps her climb out and they run across the garden. Before they can hop the wall, a goon runs after them with his gun drawn. Patch tackles him to the ground, knocking him out, but before he and Hope can jump the wall, Angelo and his men run out and corner them. After searching them, they start to bring them back to the house. Angelo reminds Patch that he hates him for what he's done to Ava; all he needs is the slightest reason to kill him.

Ava demands Patch be brought in. One of the guards returns and tells her Angelo is searching for Patch since he vanished from his room. Steve and Hope are soon brought in by Angelo. Ava is furious and tells Angelo to step out. "I knew you were lying to me," she accuses. He insists he still has feelings for her. "Why are you trying to escape with her?" she asks, gesturing to Hope. He says he was thinking of the baby and this has nothing to do with her. Hope says Steve is a two-timer who was only using her to get over Ava and she's now sure that he never really cared about her at all. Ava isn't convinced. "How can we work things out as long as she's still here?" Steve asks. Ava figures it out. "We can never be truly happy as long as she's around. I'll just have my guards get rid of her," she says. He tells her he loves her, but she can't threaten his wife like that. She insists it's not a threat and she just wants to have dinner alone with him. She doesn't believe him when he says he loves her though. Suddenly, Angelo walks in with something for her. "It's an insurance policy," she explains to her captives, taking the phone that Angelo hands her and flashing them the picture of Stephanie her spy took at the hospital.

April 9, 2008
My Mansion Makes me Happy.

Daniel takes Chelsea out for coffee. It takes him awhile to admit that he likes the surroundings. He asks her what her story is. She's a student and doesn't know what fun is, she grumbles. "I'm actually kind of boring," she admits. He wants to change that and asks her to show him all the town's hot spots. She's up for that, she nods as Nick stands in the doorway with a worried look on his face. Nick interrupts and pointedly introduces himself as Chelsea's boyfriend. He thanks Daniel for everything he's done and Chelsea says that they have a lot in common. Daniel convinced the Swedish government to do a green hospital, she explains. Nick's impressed and starts talking about his alternative fuel idea. Daniel offers him a chance to drive his green car and then notices that Chelsea doesn't seem well. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she insists that she just needs a cold drink. As she walks off to get one, Daniel tells Nick to keep a close eye on her. Nick asks him if he is in the habit of taking all of his patients out on coffee dates. Daniel promises that Chelsea is safe with him; it's just that their families are close, he says. He compliments Nick on being territorial and calling him out like this. "Chicks dig it," he says.

Left alone, Nick thinks this over and remembers a conversation he had with Chelsea. She told him that after facing death, she doesn't know if she can go back to the way things were before; she wants to go down the path of being good. He worries that this new path won't include him. Chelsea returns to him, still bundled up. Nick asks her if she's okay. She changes the subject. He asks her where she sees herself in five years, relationship-wise. He sees himself with her, but she doesn't know where she will be. Nick insists that their relationship will come first from now on and hugs her. She looks over his shoulder at Daniel. He comes over to say goodbye and she tries to keep him for another drink. He leaves anyway.

EJ and Sami arrive at Chez Rouge to meet with Mickey. He starts to play up their married couple act and kisses her neck while Maggie rushes to greet them. They sit down to eat and Sami rolls her eyes at him until Maggie brings them some wine. Sami's annoyed; she reminds EJ that, in spite of what Maggie may say, they aren't fated to be together. EJ agrees, insisting that they have control over their destiny. He says that he needs to be a father to his son. She agrees to maintain the charade and pretend to be his loving wife. He can be a father to Gianni, she allows. When he brings up Lucas, she points out that he won't be coming home any time soon. EJ says that Lucas made a mistake, but he's forgiven him, which is the least he can do, considering the things he's done in his past.

At the mansion, Chloe feels like her whole life is a nightmare. She tells Philip that the Austrian Consul has been looking to question her. He says he can get rid of him but she doesn't think that's possible at this point. Pouting, she tells him they need to face the fact that she might go to prison. He hugs her as Nicole saunters in. "What are you guys talking about?" she queries. They explain the Brady situation and she offers to help. "Why don't you go back to where you came from?" Chloe shouts. Philip asks for a moment alone with Nicole. She's only willing to talk to him over an expensive meal. He agrees to take her out and leaves to get the car. She whips out her cell phone and calls the Austrian Consulate.

Nicole and Philip arrive at Chez Rouge. She spots Sami and EJ and runs over to say hello. She pulls up a chair and tells Sami that she looks like she just had twins. Turning to EJ, she asks him how he knows Sami. "I'm her husband," he informs her. She chuckles when she discovers that he is the father of one of the twins. "You did good," she condescendingly tells Sami. "You didn't," she says, turning to EJ. Philip pulls her away and EJ asks Sami for more information on her. She explains that Nicole is married to Victor and tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Philip talks to Nicole about her favorite subject: Nicole. He doesn't like her coming back and upsetting his father. She insists that she just wants her relationship with Victor to work. "You really are crazy aren't you?" he asks. She tells him that having Jan try to kill Victor was just a misunderstanding. He warns her that she won't get any money. She leaves to ask EJ, the lawyer, for some legal advice about whether she's really married to Victor or not.

Chloe wanders around the mansion looking for Philip. The phone starts to ring and, since Henderson isn't around, she has to answer it. They ask to speak to Chloe Black. When she tells them that that is who they are talking to, they abruptly hang up. The doorbell rings and she opens the door. It's representatives from the Consulate who have come to collect her. 

John arrives at Marlena's office and offers to try to become the old John again. She begins to blink in bafflement. "What is it that you want me to do?" she asks. "Well, a few things actually," he grins deviously. He tells her that, if her children are going to be living with him, she needs to admit that there is no going back; the man she loved is never coming back. To prove it, he wants her to hypnotise him and attempt to get the old John back. If it works, she can have him. If it doesn't, she has to admit he's gone. She points out that hypnosis won't solve his problem: Memory loss. John says that isn't a problem, he likes who he is now. She's reluctant and makes him admit that he's angry about what Stefano did to him. What would he say to him if he saw him now? "Karma's a bitch," John states. Stefano is catatonic and he has his fortune... now, he just wants to get this over with so she can admit that the old John will never come back. She agrees to hypnotise him, but can't promise that she will accept the results.

As John goes under, he flashes back to being cold. Marlena probes him for a place that makes him happy. "My new home. It's a mansion," he says. That's not what she was looking for. She starts to tell him their story and flashes back to various romantic moments in their past. He twitches but has no memory of anything she's describing to him. "It's just a black tunnel...why don't I remember my life?" he begins to demand, angrily. She brings him back to consciousness and admits, sadly, that he didn't remember anything. "The old John no longer exists," he states, so what is she going to do about it? She will give him what he asked for: She will no longer pressure him to remember or expect him to be his old self; she will leave him to be who he is. "That's a relief," he smiles. "I'm not all bad...you'll see," he offers as he walks out. "Our love still exists...it's there...you know it," she tells herself.

April 10, 2008
He Didn't Look Half as Good in a Dress.

Stephanie arrives at the pub and tells Caroline all about her day at work. Caroline offers her some pie, but she just wants Max. He starts to rush around the pub cleaning up after a busy day. He's still too busy to talk to her and rushes off. Stephanie decides to have some pie and a boy talk with Caroline. She explains that she's worried about Max and how much he's been working... she misses him a lot. He's been shutting her out ever since Grandpa Shawn died. Caroline suggests that Max is just burying himself in work and offers to talk some sense into him.

Caroline takes Max aside for a chat. He's been working too many hours and not spending time with his friends, she says. "Steph put you up to this didn't she?" he asks. She doesn't need him filling his father's shoes. She does need him, but his friends need him too. Taking the hint, he goes to sit with Stephanie and apologizes for not spending time with her. She offers to help him out and suggests that he needs to surround himself with people who care about him. "I gotta do something," he mutters, walking off. Marlena wanders over and checks in. Meanwhile, Max tells his mom that he's taking some time off. "You're doing the right thing kiddo," she smiles. He goes to Steph, telling her that he is taking some time off just for her and giving her a hug. She smiles. They go outside and she obviously has something on her mind. She's worried about her dad.

"It's kind of a dive I know, but I hear the four alarm chili will bring tears to your eyes," John quips at a table nearby. His lunch guest, Paul Hollingsworth, doesn't appreciate the levity and threatens to bring tears to John's eyes if he doesn't get him out of his legal bind. John doesn't think much of his threats and tells him to relax. Paul can't do that and worries that the Kiriakis family are following him. John promises that failure isn't an option. "I've already got something in mind," he says before Marlena sticks her head into the conversation. Paul excuses himself and John helps Marlena sit down. He expects her to give him a lecture but she surprises him by saying she won't pry into his business. "You're a big boy. You do whatever you want," she says. He didn't know she would give up so easily. She says she is just being practical and doesn't want to put hope into something when there is nothing there. "You mean nothing between us?" he asks, taking her hand and telling her he feels "something". He offers her a chance to start over but she just wants to get back the man she was in love with. He gets a beer and tells her to loosen up, suggesting she might like the new John. She doesn't like anything about the new John, she insists, not even his taste in clothes and his sense of humor. She tries to leave but he keeps her there, asking her to stop treating him like a patient and start treating him like a project. "Try to turn me into exactly who you want me to be," he suggests.

Marlena's had some time to ponder Johns' proposition. He's sure that she's interested. She reminds him that he was already Stefano's pet project. "He didn't look half as good in a dress," he points out. He tells her that she would look good in curlers and her smile melts his heart. She smiles again.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie isn't thrilled that Nicole is back in town. She's making life hard for her staff. Philip has it worse: He's living with her and her ankle biting dog. He tells her that she's after half of Victor's assets. Suddenly, Chloe calls in a panic. The Austrian Consulate are there and they want to talk to her. He instructs her not to say anything without Mr. Greer present. Philip asks Maggie to tell Nicole that he had to leave and then hurries off.

At a table, EJ snaps at Nicole for being rude to Sami. He then tells her that she may have a shot at Victor's cash. She offers him a nice percentage to represent her. "There is no way he would represent a gold-digging witch like you," Sami barks at her before telling her to run along and choke on some bread. Nicole sneers at EJ's choice in wine and repeats her offer. "I wouldn't do it EJ," Mickey suggests, jumping into the conversation. He takes EJ away while the women are left to trade barbs. Mickey warns EJ about Nicole: "You could fill a book with all the stuff she's pulled." EJ is sure that if he can deal with his father, he can deal with her. Mickey hopes that Sami can knock some sense into him. EJ needs the work. Mickey shrugs and suggests that, as soon as Nicole is done slicing up Victor, she will set her sights on someone else.

At the mansion, the Austrian Consulate agents threaten to contact the Salem PD to take Chloe into custody before they have her extradited. Philip hurries in and tells them that her attorney is on the way. The agents cart her off anyway and Philip tells her again not to say anything. He gets on the phone to the lawyers and wonders who could have ratted Chloe out. It doesn't take long to realize that it must have been Nicole.

Back at Chez Rouge, Nicole suggests that Sami thank her for giving her husband a chance to earn some money so that he can buy her a decent wardrobe. Sami isn't taking fashion advice from a woman in "porn star couture". Maggie tells them to stop yammering because they are disturbing the other patrons. Sami calls grandma to check on the twins and Nicole continues mocking her, prodding to see some pictures of her "freakish" children. "How does the whole two dads, one mom thing work?" she asks. Sami becomes furious and leaps up before EJ has to run over and restrain her. He takes Nicole away from the table and tells her that if he is going to take her case, she has to stop insulting his wife. He wonders just how dangerous she really can be. She spots Sami glaring at them and suggests that she's jealous. He doesn't think so. Nicole tells him he's charming and wonders if he ended up with Sami after losing a bet. He only wants to talk about business. She tells him there is a lot he doesn't know about his wife, like her driving Lucas to drink and driving Will off to Europe. Before she can continue, Sami throws a drink in her face. "You're so dead!" Nicole threatens. She screams for a napkin and runs off.

EJ wants to have dessert, but Sami is angry he's said yes to Nicole. "Why do you care Samantha?" he asks. She explains that Nicole dated her brother, Eric, and then dumped him and married Lucas for five million dollars after Kate bought her off. "She screws with people's lives and I don't want to see you get hurt," she blurts out before correcting herself and insisting she just doesn't want Gianni to get in the middle of this. Nonetheless, he will accept the offer. Nicole returns, thrilled to hear this and calls for some champagne. EJ pulls Sami away before she can throw a punch. He reminds her that they need to earn a living and they can't turn this away. She doesn't think him working for Nicole will be good for the children. Sami despises Nicole. EJ remind her that both of them have an unsavory past, but they've changed so they should give Nicole a chance. Sami stomps in rebuttal. He says that if this becomes a problem, he will send Nicole elsewhere. Sami still refuses. "No deal EJ. It's her or me," she utters, gritting her teeth. Nicole flounces over and offers to put the past behind them. EJ thinks that's wonderful but Sami thinks it's an act. Nicole and her money walk away and EJ trails after, stopping her and telling her that he will take her case. Sami drifts off and EJ warns Nicole that if she does anything to jeopardize his relationship, she will be looking for a new attorney. Mickey and Maggie watch, sure that this will not end well.

April 1, 2008
It Was a Long Time Ago

"Of all the gin joints in all the world he had to be in mine," Anna thinks as she strolls into Chez Rouge and spots Tony waiting for a date with Kate. It doesn't help that his "needy neophyte intern", Morgan, is also hanging around the premises. She sits down and he hurries over, offering to get her a drink. She is not amused. He tells her he's there on business. She finds business boring. He tells her that he will be meeting with Kate. She knows and reminds him that Ms Roberts, "used to be in the business of pleasure. Maybe if you play your cards right, you two could end your evening in bed." As she drifts off, Tony gasps.

Meanwhile, Paul is taking Morgan out for dinner so they can forget about his problems. He tells her that he's had some assurances that his problems will be taken care of and his reputation will be repaired. "By who?" she enquires. The person who got him into the mess is getting him out, he explains, promising that he won't be going to prison.

Elsewhere, John and Marlena sit down to supper so they can discuss "the new us". She is sceptical about throwing away what they had in order to start anew. You can't throw away what's already gone, he points out. She annoys him by talking about "that other guy" again and reminding him that he has a wife and family. He offers to try and develop more than a passing interest in his children and suggests that she, "may learn to like the new me as much as you liked the old me." "I know I do," Anna says, stepping into the conversation. John invites her to sit and she quickly breaks the news that she and Tony aren't together anymore. Marlena offers her professional help. "He's as thick as they come," Anna explains about Tony. Changing the subject, she turns to John and suggests that he knows exactly what a woman like her wants. Tony watches close by, raising his eyebrows. John says that Anna is an interesting woman. She certainly likes to think so. He says it's not a compliment; coming on to him while he's on a date isn't nice. Besides, he's sure that she's just trying to make Tony jealous. She swallows an olive and excuses herself. As Tony leaps from the shadows, John grabs him for a word while Marlena trails after Anna. John tells Tony to stop ignoring Anna, warning him that, if he wasn't married, he might go after her. "Who would stop me?" he asks. "I would," Tony says. John assures him that, in spite of her flirtiness, Anna only has eyes for him. He then asks Tony to use his PR department to help out Paul Hollingsworth. The name sounds familiar to him. "That's my father," Morgan reminds him as she pokes her head into the conversation.

Marlena follows Anna to the bar. Anna apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Marlena says she's sure that she was just trying to make Tony jealous and tells her she doesn't have to do that. Anna's upset; she feels like Tony doesn't treat her with respect and, "love without respect doesn't mean zip." She tells Marlena that she's lucky to have John. "He's not the man I loved," Marlena says. Anna shakes her head and tells her that, whoever John is now, he's crazy about her. Marlena doesn't see it that way. "Then you're as blind as Tony is," Anna says. "I find this all so confusing," Marlena admits. Anna advises her to hurry up before a woman steals her husband away again.

Paul tells John how much he appreciates what he's doing for him. Marlena returns as Paul leaves. John tells her that he doesn't want any lectures. She wasn't going to give him one; she thinks what he's doing is very nice. She asks him to dance, reminding him that he was once a very good dancer. "Why am I not surprised," he smiles. As they dance, he asks her how the date is going. She says it's going well and even admits that she's getting into the new John. "Why don't you just face it? The new me is getting under your skin?" he asks. Meanwhile, Morgan thanks Tony for helping her father. As she leaves, Anna approaches. Tony begs her to let him into her life again. "Why? So I can take a number and wait in line behind all the other women in Salem? You have a nice evening with Kate," she bites before walking off.

At the pub, Max discovers some carrot cake and offers it to Stephanie. She turns it down and he begins asking about his sister. She hopes that stress of everything going on with her dad won't hurt Kayla or the baby. Max tries to reassure her and then suggests that he has a way to make her feel better. He takes her to the graveyard to visit his pop's grave. Afterwards, she tells him that that was sweet and made her feel better. They're sure that his spirit is looking out for them.

At the hospital, the nurse commands Bo to relax and asks Kayla to look after him. As soon as she walks out, Bo leaps from bed to run off. His sister won't let him do that. She sends him back to bed and tells him that she will save Steve and Hope. Bo stops her; he doesn't think this is an option. She admits that they are both trapped there to worry together. He worries what will happen when Ava realizes that Hope isn't actually Kayla. Taking out his phone, he makes a call. Later, Victor arrives and tells Bo all about the Vitali family. "They're very powerful, very dangerous and very deadly," he warns. They aren't the sort of family that lets anyone leave the fold. They even kill their own people for fun. Victor leaves, warning Bo that any police investigation will be compromised because the family already has spies on the force.  Bo realizes that Steve was right; there is no way they can go to the cops: He has to do it alone. Kayla agrees to let him, but she's going with him because he needs medical supervision. The nurse walks in and informs them that their doctors are coming to look them over before letting them check out. She sends Kayla back to her room. While she worries about Bo running off on his own, he climbs out of bed, vowing to find Fancy Face wherever she is.

Hope and Steve return to their room in Ava's hideaway. They spot dinner on the table. "We're going to have an intimate evening together and, lucky for Kayla, she gets to watch," Ava explains as she walks in wearing her negligee. As she kisses Steve, Hope starts to throw a fit until Ava breaks away and vows to show her how important Steve is to her. She prompts Angelo to cuff Hope to a chair while she pours the Jack Daniel's for Steve. She sends Angelo out and toasts to her and Steve, their past and future. A computer screen turns on. There is a picture of her and Steve posing on it. "It was a long time ago, but I think I love you just as much now as I did back then," Ava comments. She continues the slide show, going over all the intimate details of their former life. He doesn't appreciate the show. Dragging the past out in front of his wife and following his daughter around isn't the way back to his heart. Threats only make the chance of reconciliation slip further away, he warns. She starts to panic and stutter, sitting him down and prompting him to get back to thinking of, "the good old days...when we were in love." She starts the slide show again, getting excited as she remembers her first time with Patch and way that he resisted her. Patch suddenly starts to remember how hot they were together and how things changed. He remembers when they told each other that they loved each other more than anything. They rise together and begin to kiss. Hope protests but they try to ignore her. Finally she gets through and prompts him to look in his back pocket. He pulls out the scan of his baby. She reminds him that Stephanie grew up without a father; does he want the same for this child? "I'm sorry Kayla...this is where I belong," he says. As Ava kisses him, he stares over her shoulder at the picture.

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