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3rd Week of April 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 14, 2008
Before you, I Walked Around Like Frankenstein's Monster

At the hospital, Daniel walks in on Kayla to tell her how "awesome" everything in the universe "grooves". This segues into a talk on surfing in California. She seems annoyed that he's been digging around in her past. He checked her out, he admits, adding that he would have kicked her off his team if he didn't like what he saw. He's perplexed about why she never learned to surf though. She convinces him to let her get her out today. "I'm a sucker for beautiful women," he flirts.

Down the hall, Lexi checks in on Bo. He urges her to sign his release papers so he can get out. She warns him not to get too excited or she'll make sure he stays in bed. He shrugs uncomfortably. She tells him again to stop worrying and overreacting before asking him why he won't let the police look after Hope. "Trust me to know what I'm doing?" he asks. She's skeptical. He threatens to sign himself out and she warns that could only make things worse for him. Dr. Jonas abruptly walks in to give a second opinion. He reminds Bo of how fortunate he is to be alive. Bo knows, but he still wants out and suggests that he would recover better under his wife's care. Daniel asks him if he would be willing to follow a strict regimen of instructions for recovery. Bo will. Daniel okays it and Lexi makes Bo promise not to make her sorry that she agreed to go along with this. Daniel gives Bo the schedule for his medications and tells him that he can't drive for six weeks. Bo thanks him again and hurries the doctors along. As soon as Daniel is out of the room, he calls his mother for a favor.

Meanwhile, Lexi arrives at Kayla's bedside. She's still anxious to get out and Lexi agrees to release her as long as she goes home and straight to bed. She still worries that Kayla and her brother will hook up and get themselves into trouble, as they've been known to do. Kayla promises that they will stay out of trouble. As soon as Lexi leaves to get the release papers, Kayla calls her mother for a favor. Later, Caroline picks up the kids. "I feel like I'm driving a getaway car," she comments before warning them not to try and pull a fast one on her. They won't tell her anything. That only makes her worry more. "Family keeping secrets from family spells trouble," she says, shaking her head. Kayla insists that they know what they're doing. Caroline drives them back to the pub and tries to send her belligerent children up to bed, reminding Bo that his father died to keep him alive. They won't do as she demands and insist that they will be fine. She knows that she can't force them to do anything and throws up her hands in frustration before going upstairs. "Now we have to find our partners," Bo says, turning to his sister. He takes out a DVD a friend of his in hospital security gave him, explaining that this could contain clues about what's going on.

At her hideaway, Ava takes Steve in her arms. "Do you remember the first thing that made me hot for you?" she starts as they walk down memory lane, recalling their meeting in a cab. He tells her that what they had was great...but it couldn't last. It was intense, "but sometimes the hottest fire burns out the fastest," he says. She tries to relight the fire by pulling him into a kiss. She doesn't get the reaction she wanted. Things have dimmed for Steve. "It was what it was," he says. "It is what it is," she insists. Things are different now, he reminds her: Now she's sick. That's his fault, she claims, so now he needs to make it up for her. They were amazing together and they can have that again. She even promises that "daddy can be taken care of." As she starts to kiss him, he has pains in his ribs and has to sit down. She offers to help him but he pulls away. "When I make love to you, I want it to be right," he explains. She almost cries, remembering that she could have killed him in the pane crash. She quickly regains composure and tells him that he is going to have to decide who he loves. The Patch she used to know would have her naked by now, she reminds him. "Tonight's just not going to happen for us," he says. "I've waited this long for my one true love, but I'm not going to wait forever," she warns, slapping him before she walks out.

Meanwhile, Hope paces around her room, reminding herself that she's been in worse situations before and always found a way out. Suddenly, Steve walks through the door and she almost smashes him with a vase before noticing it's him. He explains how he got away from Ava and Hope admits that she had no idea he and Ava were so close until she saw the slideshow...but they still need to escape. Angelo soon pops in with his gun out. He asks how Patch got out and threatens to strip search them. Dragging Patch out, he locks Hope inside again.

John and Marlena dance at Chez Rouge. He asks her what their song is. She offers to have the band play it. "I prefer to let us just make it up as we go along," he says. As they dance, she jumps back when she starts to feel something. She insists that things, "weren't feeling right." Sitting back down, he notices that the champagne is flat and wants more. She stops him, not wanting to get carried away like last time. He tries to be charming but she snaps when he calls her "Doc" again, insisting that he may have John's face, voice, mannerisms etc. but he's still not him. He doesn't understand. Even Marlena's confused about where one John starts and the other begins. "There's worse things in life than being confused," he says. Not for her, she claims. She can never look at him without looking for the real John in him. "This is as real as it's going to get," he claims. "Everything about you is different," she says. Although some of his habits are the same, they only remind her of the old John. He's disappointed; he thought that he and "Blondie" were moving on, but apparently not. She loves him, but he unsettles her and she's afraid of herself and can't love the man, "who he is that doesn't know who he is." He doesn't know who he is either. "I'm just kinda making him up as I go along...but y'know what? I like him," he says. She's still confused and doesn't know how to be objective. "You've stuck it out this far...aren't you curious to see how it ends?" he asks. Being confused about him is confusing her about herself. He suggests that she just let him control things. She's tempted, but can't do that and suffers with knowing that the man she loves is gone. To John, it sounds like she thinks he's dead. She has to leave to sort things out, she states rather abruptly. "What do you hope to achieve by running away?" he prods. She doesn't know, but she knows she doesn't want to be with him. When she's gone, she will figure out if her feelings are real or not. Surprisingly, he begs her not to go: He's making progress and doesn't want to regress. "Before you, I walked around like Frankenstein's monster... I was programmed as an assassin and no one could stop me... but you did," he explains. He knows what she wants and he knows that, for her, being with him is like cheating on her own husband. She repeats that she needs to sort this out. Suddenly, he changes his mind and wonders if her going away is a bad thing after all. "You'll be here waiting?" she asks. "I'm not a hard guy to find," he shrugs. Marlena rises, saying that she can't make any promises. She avoids kissing him, but they share a long, silent moment before she turns and walks away.

April 15, 2008
Oh Sweetness! 

As Bo sleeps in his hospital bed, Ava walks from the shadows and into the room. "I'm sorry I have to do this Bo, but I really hate when people mess with me," she explains before injecting something into his IV. As his machines begin to beep, Hope wakes up. This was just a nightmare. She quickly falls back to sleep and dreams of Ava hunting Kayla down and vowing to show her no mercy. Kayla tries to guilt her into not killing her and the baby. It doesn't work. Ava becomes furious and throws her out a window instead. Hope wakes up again but only for a moment before nodding off into another dream. This time she dreams of the misty wharf. Bo running away from her to see his pop, telling her that he will always love her and reminding her to look after Ciara. She calls after him and then wakes, leaping up and frantically searching around the room for a means of escape.

The captive Steve paces around his room wondering how to get out. He decides that there is no way out. "Oh sweetness! How the hell did I get us into this mess?" he asks himself. He hopes that Kayla won't worry too much and promises to tell her everything when this is all over. He flashes back to being in bed with Ava. She tells him how amazing he is. "I've never known anyone like you...there's a lot more than meets the eye," she explains, telling him that he has the heart of a good man, even if it's buried. She tries to figure out what went wrong with him and he tells her she's been watching too much "Oprah". Ava babbles about how safe he makes her feel and how he loves her in a non-possessive way. "You're my angel...you saved my life," he says. "You saved mine too. In ways you'll never know," she cries. They hold each other tight and kiss until he snaps out of it and groans before flashing back again. He tells her how great she is and how sure he is that she could do better. She's sure that he's her knight in shining armor and she loves him. "We're two of a kind and we belong together," she says before whispering a marriage proposal to him. He's surprised; he had no idea that "little miss wild child" would want to settle down. Neither did she, but meeting a unique and crazy man like him has taught her what love really is and changed her for the better. He reminds her about her father and the fact that they are still sneaking around behind his back. She knows she won't have a big wedding, but she's willing to settle for Vegas... then they can have all sorts of babies. He tells her again that he loves her and accepts her proposal. Steve snaps out of his recollections and begins calling for Angelo. As usual, Angelo isn't happy to talk to him and reminds Steve that it's his fault that Ava is the way she is now. "I'd kill you for what you did to her... The way you broke her heart, I'd kill you with my bare hands," he sneers.

At the pub, Kayla and Bo slip on the surveillance DVD he got from a contact at the hospital. They impatiently watch cars pull in and out of the garage before noticing that a woman other than Hope is driving her car. When they notice Hope slumped over in the back seat, he tries to contain his rage. Thinking fast, they try to figure out what sort of bridge they must have crossed, since everyone who crosses one gets photographed. He calls in another favor to get security footage of all cars with Hope's make and, specifically, license plate. They anxiously babble and Kayla looks for food while they wait for an update from his friends in security. They soon get a call tipping them off that the car went into Brookville. Unfortunately, Brookville is huge and Hope and Steve are being held by a family that make the hoods their used to dealing with look like boy scouts. He suddenly remembers that he knows someone who actually knows something about the Vitalis. He calls his contact, Earl, a street informant, over. Earl quickly materializes and Bo quizzes him for information, offering him two hundred bucks. That's not enough for Earl. Bo grabs him by throat and threatens to break him in half if he doesn't start talking. Kayla pulls him off and Earl, realizing that Bo's wife is involved, starts to spill the details of the Vitali headquarters. He warns Bo that if he goes in with his temper like this, his wife will be dead no matter where she's being held. Before leaving, he tells Bo that the place is built like a fort and watched by armed guards. Kayla worries and Bo tells her again that they can't get the police involved. She tells him he can't leave without a doctor to look after him and threatens to call the police if he leaves without her. Grudgingly, he agrees and they hurry off together.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole giggles and sighs in bed as she has an erotic dream. She's disturbed when Philip comes knocking on the door and wakes her. "Are you decent or, let me rephrase that, are you dressed?" he asks before storming in. He demands to know what she did to Chloe, suggesting that she must have tipped the Austrian authorities off. She claims that she doesn't know what he's talking about and threatens to tell him details about her sex life with Victor. Philip cringes and tells her to pack her bags; she's not welcome in the house anymore. "Chloe's always given me the creeps...and now I see I'm right," she says, insisting that the "Ghoul Girl" must have been behind Brady's disappearance. They argue and he tries to throw her out again. She calls him "heartless" and he calls her "vindictive" and she threatens to call her lawyer. Philip doesn't think EJ will be much help but she's sure that Mr. Wells is desperate enough to do anything she asks. Placing a call, she wakes him up and demands that he get over there and start earning his wages. He's groggy and reluctant. After she threatens to hire someone else, he agrees to come over. She turns and smirks to Philip.

Philip and Nicole stand around waiting for EJ. Philip still can't figure out where EJ found the time to become a lawyer. She offers him a nightcap but he still just wants to be rid of her. As she pours herself a drink, EJ arrives, noticeably annoyed that she has called him in the middle of the night. She needs him to tell Philip that he can't throw her out like this. EJ explains that Nicole has a legitimate claim to the property until things are worked out in a court of law. He warns that a judge might decide to have Victor, and even Philip, thrown out of the house rather than Nicole. "This woman is a menace," Philip reminds him before saying that she had Chloe picked up purely out of spite. EJ won't deny that she's a pain, but that doesn't change her rights. "Thank you...I think," she says. Philip tells her not to get comfortable and she thanks EJ, who points out that he will not be available 24/7. Philip walks EJ out and promises to call his lawyers in the morning. EJ smirks and walks out.

April 16, 2008
I'm Ready for us to be Together Again.

Sami wanders around the mansion listening to the baby monitor. EJ drifts in and tells her that the baby must have been overtired. It was only little Allie who can't sleep, Gianni sleeps fine. Sami thinks Allie may be teething. EJ thinks she just misses him. Sami disagrees, even though she drops off as soon as he's around. "Allie is Lucas' daughter," she reminds him. He knows, he's heard that one before. What's really bothering her? Everything apparently: Marlena's run off to find herself, Lucas is still in prison and she's stuck living with the new generation of DiMera creeps. John pops in to remind her that he and Elvis don't have much in common; they aren't even on the same side. This last remark makes EJ and Sami look at him cockeyed. He explains that he has a problem with Nicole and wonders why his nephew would side with the Kiriakis' over his own family. "I think if you knew a little bit more about my client, you would have less of an issue with me taking this case," EJ chuckles. Sami flounces away and EJ puts on his reading glasses before explaining the case to John, though he can't really say much since he's bound by confidentiality. "You are going to honor Nicole's privacy? She's the least discrete person," Sami says, returning to the conversation. EJ doesn't know why she finds his decision so hard to accept. "Actually, I haven't decided I'm going to let you take the case," John points out. EJ is baffled; since when does John have any say in what happens in this family? Since he became the head of the family, John explains. "I am the head of my family and I don't take orders from people like you," EJ shoots back. John wonders how he can say that while living under his roof. Elvis jumps up and tells Sami to get her things: They're moving out immediately! Sami refuses; she can't trust John or EJ. She's also sure that things with Nicole aren't innocent and he will get sucked into her trap. EJ shakes his head. She reminds him that they have no money and nowhere to go. John listens and smiles. EJ brings up Sami's past with Nicole and how she dated her brother and married Lucas. He suggests that Sami actually drove Lucas into becoming a drunk by lying on the stand about him hitting Will. Sami insists that wasn't what happened and tells John that Nicole made Brady's life hard. "Good to know," John says. Sami still doesn't understand why EJ is helping her enemy. He insists that he is doing this for the good of the children and, as they start crying, runs off to look after them.

Left alone, John offers Sami a nanny if she wants one, but she turns the offer down. He can understand how trapped she must feel. That thoughtful comment sounds like the old John to her. He assures her that she and the children are safe in his house. "Out of curiosity, did your mother talk to you before she left?" he asks. Marlena just said she had to go; beside, she wouldn't tell him where she went even if she knew. "I understand," he says. Sami doubts it. Marlena buried him but he came back as a different man. He asks her to make an educated guess on what decision Marlena will make about him. She doesn't know and tells him to stop messing with her head. She walks out and he mumbles to himself. Later, he approaches EJ and tells him he's re-thought his position on Nicole. Sami seems jealous, he suggests, and that must be why she is so against this. "It would probably kill her to lose another man to this woman...even you," John points out.

At the Vitali compound, Patch and Hope pace around, wondering what is going on. They listen at the door. In the hall, Ava asks Angelo what's going on. He tells her that the walls have been breached. Angelo is not worried about that though; he's more worried that this disturbance will allow her father to find out that she has Patch and his wife locked up there. "I think you know what we have to do," he says. Overhearing this, Patch and Hope realize what it must mean: Getting rid of them permanently. He starts knocking on the door and calling for Ava. Angelo tells her not to go in but she does anyway. Patch wants to talk about them and their future. "I'm ready for us to be together again," he states, explaining that things are over between he and Kayla. Ava and Angelo point out that this is not a good time for this. "Isn't this what you wanted?" he asks. She flashes back to making love to him and planning a family. Angelo snaps her out of it. Steve asks her what's wrong. She tells him that they have to deal with his wife first. "What about the baby?" she asks. "We'll have our own babies," he assures her. She starts to have a headache and begins to cry out. Patch tries to hold her still while Angelo tries to give her her medicine. Ava breaks away and claims that she doesn't want to hurt anyone else, but how can she be with him if his wife is still alive? Angelo tries to get her to take her medicine again but Patch punches him before he can. Angelo draws his gun, promising to make Steve sorry for doing that. "You don't care because if you did, you would never have let it get this far," Angelo says, vowing that he will finally have revenge on Patch for what he's done to Ava, and he'll use his bare hands to do it. He slaps Steve unconscious.

Kayla and Bo stumble around in the yard of the compound. They start to jabber and she reminds him he should be in bed. Guard dogs bark and the alarms go off. They continue to argue until the guards flash a light on her. Bo hides behind a bush and Kayla demands to see Ava immediately. They radio for Angelo and Kayla tells the guards that she is just there to get her husband. "My name is Kayla Johnston and I am Steve's real wife. Now tell Ava I want to talk to her right now," she demands as Bo pulls out his gun. They try calling Angelo but get no answer. They wonder if they should "cap her" and decide to take her to Ava. Before they can pull her away, Bo leaps out and knocks them out with the butt of his gun. He almost collapses in pain from the exertion. She helps him stand and he hands her the gun. They plod on towards the house. 

Later, Steve wakes on the floor and Hope, bound to a chair, worries. "Ava made this mess and I'm going to clean it up," Angelo explains. He gets interrupted by a call informing them that two of their men were knocked out and cuffed. He demands that the intruders be grabbed or shot immediately. Angelo takes Ava into the hall and gently tells her to stay put while he takes care of things. She begins apologizing and hugs him, but, while her arms are around him, she reaches into his pocket and takes something out. Once Angelo leaves, she remembers her plans to get rid of the captive couple and returns to the room. Patch begs her to untie him so they can have the life they always wanted. "Don't! You never meant what you were saying," she accuses, sadly shaking her head and demanding that he admit that he never truly loved her. She knows what he's up to and is sure that the intruders are there for him. "That's right." Bo announces as he and Kayla appear in the doorway with their guns drawn. They start to untie the captives and Kayla embraces Steve, kissing him and shocking Ava. They explain that she is the real Kayla. As they head for the door, Kayla starts to have spasms. When Steve tries to help her, Ava grabs a gun and takes aim, firing and hitting Hope.

April 17, 2008
You are Still a Great Liar

As Max sleeps in his bed, a figure clad in black sneaks through his window. It's just Stephanie. She wakes him up, which isn't easy since it's a quarter after three in the morning. "What's going on?" he groggily asks. Kayla's missing and she doesn't know what to do. He looks for an explanation but she thinks that Steve's crazy ex-girlfriends must have kidnapped her mother. As she explains the situation in detail, he becomes convinced that she must be right. He's hesitant to let her run out and do anything, however. She becomes frustrated and lashes at him before breaking into tears. He comforts her and promises to help her find them. Going to the window, she flashes back to conversations with her father, warning her about the trouble that might happen. Max approaches her and she apologizes for flipping out at him before. He tells her that he has an idea: He thinks that Bo and Kayla are probably together and, since they're the most stubborn people they know, they probably went after Ava themselves. Stephanie thinks they should go to the cops and ask for help. He dissuades her, suggesting that Bo and Steve can take of this themselves. After pacing around, she decides not to call the police. Changing the topic, she says that she's sure he'll hate her when he has to actually wake up in a few hours. "I feel like I'm in the best dream of my life," he tells her. They kiss and he invites her to stay and sleep. She agrees to stay, but won't be able to sleep. He tucks her in and she sucks her thumb, telling him that she feels safe with him.

Nicole drifts downstairs at the mansion. She flashes back to the conversation she overheard between Chloe and Philip about Brady's disappearance. She soon finds Philip, sitting alone with a drink. He tells her to go back to bed. She pours herself a drink instead and tells him how much fun dinner was. She even had enough to drink to make him tolerable. He wants to know what she wants. "Besides eternal youth, world peace and all your father's money?" she asks, before wondering how someone like Sami could get someone like EJ. Sex and lies, Philip suggests; exactly the same way she gets everything. She reminds him that she is still the woman of the house. He reminds her that hiring EJ was a dubious choice: He's a DiMera and he's married to Sami. Nicole will be glad to see Sami squirm, but Philip doubts she can trust a DiMera for long. "Why did you come back Nicole...you were gone for two years and chose now. Why is that? Did something happen in Los Angeles?" he probes. This makes her uncomfortable. She tries to duck off to bed but he wants the truth. Reluctantly, she admits that her partnership with Austin didn't work out. 

Before he can get any more out of her, Chloe storms in and begins lashing out at Nicole for having her picked up by the Austrian Consulate. Nicole plays stupid and then justifies herself. Chloe demands to know why she did it. "I have decided to make it my mission to make you pay for what you did," Nicole explains, sure that something terrible has happened to Brady. Chloe continues to protest innocence, claiming that she was, "sad that Brady was so torn up with my death that he would date a tramp."  Nicole finds that hilarious and accuses Chloe of just being manipulative, vain and a pathetic washed up hag. Brady must have finally realized that and, when he tried to leave her, she got rid of him. The women start to fight but Philip stops them before they can make a scene. They threaten each other and Philip calms them down again, telling them they will have to learn to live under the same roof or they're both out of there. Nicole reminds him that he can't kick her out. He sends Chloe to bed and tells Nicole they still have to talk. "I think it's time you and I got something straight," he starts, pointing out that she will never get his father's money as long as they're still married. He tells her that in his father's will, everything goes to him and she gets nothing... unless she gives him what he wants now. "I want you to work for me," he explains. She's baffled. He explains that his father will stall this divorce until she can't afford lawyers to fight for it or until he dies and Philip inherits everything. If she wants anything, she has to work for him. He can tell that she's a good little spy. If she helps him, he'll make sure she's comfortable. "Okay, I'll do it," she smiles. 

As Kayla and Bo rescue Hope and Steve from the Vitali compound, they explain to Ava that she kidnapped the wrong woman. As they rush the door, Kayla collapses with a cramp. Ava suddenly whips out a gun and shoots Hope. Bo takes aim at Ava but Steve wrestles the gun away, throwing Ava into the wall instead. Kayla starts to check Hope out, examining the wound while Bo chants that she will be okay. After tying up the unconscious Ava, they slip out. She flashes back to telling Steve that he has the heart of a kind and decent man. He tells her that he would never hurt her. "You're someone I can always count on, someone who will always be there and love me," she says. He promises to never let anything happen to her. As she wakes up, she asks herself how Patch could do this to her. The alarm system goes off and the guards rush out, cornering Patch and the others in the hallway. It quickly becomes clear that they are surrounded and have no way out. Reinforcements are on the way and Hope swoons.  

The escapees are brought back into Ava's room and she's untied. "How could you do this to me Patch?" she asks. Kayla calls Ava crazy, which only makes her furious. Her migraines start again and she screams. "I am so sick of this...kill them. Kill all of them," she orders. Patch tries to stop her, begging her not to kill any more innocent people. She points out that he is hardly innocent. He agrees, but Kayla and her baby are... if she needs to hurt someone, she can hurt him. She claps. "That was beautiful. You are still a great liar," she grins. When Kayla gets up, Ava shoves her down and Steve begins shouting, urging her to take it out on him. "Okay," she shrugs, taking out a gun and levelling it at him. Before she can shoot, Angelo grabs the gun away, telling her that her father wouldn't like this. Her father may want Patch dead, but he wouldn't want her to do it. "Yeah, you're right. You do it for me," she smiles. Steve tells her that he didn't know she was a monster. "The woman I fell in love with is still in there. She wouldn't hurt me," he says. She shakes her head, reminding him that he doesn't love her. She repeats her order to have them killed. Hope begs to know why they have to die: What did Patch do that was so terrible? Ava doesn't feel that she owes them anything, but it's an interesting story...

April 18, 2008
I Know What I'm Doing

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip assures Nicole that his offer will be worth her while...she might even enjoy it. He wants her to spy on John Black, he explains. She's not following, but he says she'll like John. "He's kinda like you," he muses, reminding her that she will get everything she deserves, "and then some." She seems to be warming to the idea a little more, but wants to go and have her liquid breakfast so they stroll out. Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, John asks a worried Paul what he wants. He wants John to make things right; his wife is after him for money and child support, plus he's about to be indicted for fraud. John tells him to relax; he's working to have him put back on top, but "When I'm done, you're going to owe me." 

Philip and Nicole head over to the pub and he advises her to use her "womanly wiles" to get herself registered on John's blank slate. She pushes out her cleavage and goes in to work her magic while Philip stays outside. Striding through the door, she grabs a Bloody Mary before dropping herself at John's table. He doesn't remember her, of course, so she introduces herself. He assures her that he doesn't listen to gossip and makes up his own mind. She starts to ask him about his new life and comments that the new John is much more interesting than the old one. "You are the first person to think that," he says. As they eat breakfast, she admits that she always had a crush on John. John's bewildered; he heard that the old John was boring and self-righteous. "Conservative," Nicole glosses, but there was something sexy about him and there's something even sexier about the new John. She smiles at Philip as he sits at the bar and listens in. John tells her all about his butler, Rolf. "I bet he's still creepy," she says. "We're working on it, but it's going kind of slow," he explains. She asks him out for dinner. He smiles and tells her she seems like an "interesting lady". She promises him some fun, offering to bite him if he's into that kind of thing. Philip walks over and tells them that they deserve each other before he walks out. She thanks John for the pancakes and tells him she's excited to see him tonight. After kissing his cheek, she skips away.  

"What in the Sam Hill are you doin'?" Morgan asks as she walks into Philip outside the pub. He asks her why she is so nervous. It's because he's out there lurking around and dragging her father through his battles with John, she explains. He tells her to stop being coy and asks her to join him for breakfast so he can prove that he's not after her father. She'd like to, but she's meeting her father. Paul suddenly appears and he and Philip quickly start sniping at each other. Morgan tries to get Philip to back off, but Paul ends it, saying that he is only there to have breakfast with his daughter. They go inside. When they sit down to eat, she stares at John and can't stomach her breakfast. She reminds her father that John is the one who landed him in this mess in the first place. He insists that nobody made him do anything but she's sure that John's a jerk. Once again, he assures her that everything will be back to normal soon. She announces that she has to go and see Chelsea. After giving him a hug, she walks away.

Philip and Nicole meet outside. She fills him in on the details. "I don't see why business and pleasure can't mix," she sighs. He says they can, as long as John doesn't suspect anything. Meanwhile, John and Paul talk in the pub. Commenting on Nicole, Paul reminds John that he's married. John says that it's none of his business. "I know what I'm doing," he insists. 

At the Vitali compound, Ava offers to tell the captives all about what Patch did to her. Angelo is anxious to just take them all out, but Ava doesn't mind waiting. Everyone knows they'll die soon so they'd like to have an idea why. She explains that her father never approved of her and Patch, but the only thing that mattered to her was them. They eloped and ran off to Nevada to marry in a tiny chapel. She wore a simple white dress and prepared herself to marry the man of her dreams. As he listens to this, Patch seems to become terrified of what she will reveal. Ava continues, claiming that she had never been more in love with him than at that moment in the chapel. Patch wants to stop this, but Ava won't. She prompts him to finish the story instead. He turns to Kayla and begins, flashing back to Ava walking down the aisle to him. She was so beautiful and happy, but he didn't feel that way. Instead, there was a sick feeling and flashes of another wedding, his wedding to Kayla... there was something wrong but he didn't know what it was. "I couldn't go through with it," he says. Ava starts to cry and Patch offers to stop. She tells him to go on. He explains how he walked out the door with his head spinning and images of the other wedding, and the other bride, in his head. As he turned to go back and explain everything to Ava, two guys grabbed him and threw him in the back of car. Ava stops the story. She accuses him of lying, but he insists that this is what happened and he never wanted to hurt her. Part of her died when he walked out on her, she explains. The captives ask to hear the rest of the story. Ava lets him continue. He explains his abduction and torture by Stefano. Finally, he escaped from him and met her. She changed him and gave him something to live for. He fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. "It killed me that I never got a chance to say goodbye," he insists. Ava resumes her side of the story, explaining how she collapsed and was taken into a hospital. After that, she was locked in her room and kept captive by her father. Patch apologizes, but that doesn't make her feel better. He took everything from her and turned her into a person she despises. "I hate you!" she screams.

A drowsy Chelsea slumps over to breakfast with Kate. Her grandmother wonders if this was a good idea but Chelsea insists that she needed to get out of the house. Something seems wrong and Kate worries. Daniel suddenly appears and asks if Chelsea's okay; she wasn't looking well at the Java Café. "You two were at the Java Café?" Kate asks, her ears perked. Daniel suspects that Chelsea is hiding something and she admits that she's been pushing herself too hard. He thinks she needs a keeper. His phone rings and he runs off. Kate decides that her granddaughter doesn't look well enough to be out and bundles her up to take her home. Once they get there, Chelsea collapses. Before Kate can call an ambulance, Daniel rushes in. As he whips out his stethoscope and checks her over, Kate calls 9-1-1. Soon after, Kate starts throwing a fit, telling Daniel that she will hold him responsible if something is wrong with her granddaughter. He reminds her that he, "wasn't too hip about doing the surgery in the first place." She apologizes and the doorbell rings. The paramedics come in and Daniel explains the case to them. Morgan suddenly runs in and asks what's going on as Chelsea is loaded up for the ambulance. 

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