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4th Week of April 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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April 28, 2008

Self-Destructive Low Lifes

Ava is brought down to the Salem PD. She doesn't seem to mind. She warns her captors about what can happen when her daddy gets angry. Abe gets off the phone and informs the group that Stephanie just vanished from the pub. Steve runs off and then Abe explains to Bo and Hope that Chelsea has run into "post-operative complications." The couple instantly rushes away. This leaves Ava alone with the two "losers". She threatens them, telling them that her daddy will sue them for every penny. When she screams for her lawyer, they leave the room so she can use the phone. "I take my coffee black. Two sugars," she orders as they leave. She calls her contact to get in touch with daddy. The cops file back in and offer her the chance to make a statement. She tells them to "shove it" and bring her Patch. They refuse and she starts to rant. "It would have been better if they all just died... everyone but Patch. I need Patch," she says, increasingly manic. Abe wishes she would calm down but she feels like she's in Hell. She'd been waiting forever for Patch to come back but when he did, it all just blew up in her face. "I don't have a future," she concludes: There is only nothing. She collapses on the floor and begins to convulse.

At the pub, Nicole tells Chloe that Victor's always known where Brady is. "Prove it," Chloe demands. Nicole explains that she hacked into Victor's computer and found some checks written to a rehab clinic so she sent her PI to check it out. She flashes a photo of Brady in the clinic and wonders how the "goodie-two shoes" turned into an addict. "I tried so hard to keep him away from them," Chloe says. She elaborates, explaining that Brady was ashamed of his addiction and she tried to keep him clean. "Like Hell!" Victor breaks in. He and Philip magically appear at the table. Victor instantly blames Chloe for everything that's happened. Chloe jumps up and accuses him of setting up the whole thing and causing her no end of legal woes. Victor bites back and Philip demands some answers. Chloe explains that Brady was lonely so she introduced him to her artistic friends. "Self-destructive low lifes," Victor comments, saying that her recklessness nearly cost his grandson his life. He admits that he had Brady abducted, though Chloe doesn't understand why he had to set her up for a crime in the process and make her sick with worry. He tells her that all the suffering is what she deserves for ruining Brady's life. Nicole licks her lips and Philip wonders why he's been kept in the dark all along. He takes Chloe away before she can take a bite out of Victor. Nicole is smug with her husband for a minute until he orders her away. Chloe and Philip hurry over to the station to see Abe. She tells him that she wants to press charges against Victor.

At the pub, Ava's thug has a knife pressed into Stephanie's ribs. He tells her to put on her happy face and keep quiet while they walk out. After they disappear out the door, Max returns, baffled about where she could have gone. Later, Steve and Kayla arrive looking for Max who has already gone looking for Stephanie. Steve has an APB put out on her. Meanwhile, Max has chased Stephanie and her captor down in an alley. Max urges the guy to put his knife down and give her up. He promptly does so and runs off. Max hugs her close. The cops soon arrive and they give them a statement. The guy is quickly caught and Steve and Kayla run over, hugging their daughter close. Max wonders if this has to do with "the crazy woman" from Steve's past. Steve assures them that Ava is in custody now and half the Vitali family should be in jail tonight. Kayla's baby starts kicking and Stephanie feels her stomach. Steve thanks Max for taking care of his baby girl.

Kayla, Steve, Max and Stephanie return to the pub. Kayla doesn't want to talk about what they've been through, especially catching Steve and Ava in bed. She rushes into the kitchen to get her daughter some tea while he heads to the bar to get Max a calming drink. On the way, he catches Victor and tells him what's happened to Bo and Hope. Victor thanks him and hurries off as Steve and Kayla bring the drinks back to the kids. Steve warns that they still can't let their guard down, not while Ava's father is still around.

Daniel brings Chelsea back to her hospital room. "I've been poked so many times I'm starting to feel like a human dartboard," she tells him. He wishes he could stop poking her but he had to make sure of something first. Before he can explain, Bo and Hope arrive. She asks Hope what happened to her shoulder but she insists it's no big deal. Daniel explains that Chelsea has an infection but they're taking care of it. Chelsea tells her father that the best thing she ever did with her life was save his. He tells her that she has to fight this and promises to be there every step of the way. Daniel looks worried. Bo blames himself but Daniel insists that she will survive this. There is some bad news though... "The infection you have... it's done some extensive and irreversible damage," he begins. Before he can explain any more, they are interrupted by Ava screaming in the hallway. When they rush out, they see her on a stretcher. Roman tells them she's been having seizures and is being put on suicide watch. "This is all because of you," she gasps at them. Victor arrives in the hall as Ava is wheeled away. Bo and Hope bring him in to see Chelsea. Daniel explains to everyone that Chelsea's fallopian tubes have been scarred and she will never be able to have children.

At the mansion, Sami and EJ wander down the stairs bickering about how hard it was to get the twins to sleep. He blames Allie and she becomes angry, reminding him that the little girl is not his daughter and that must be why he doesn't think she's perfect. He tries to clam her but she mocks him and tries to walk off. He stops her: They have work to do. "We have to fall in love and we've got tonight to do it," he explains. Sami says they can cram in the morning. He doesn't think so; he needs to know personal things about her, like if she snores or if she's a Republican. She'd rather sleep. He begs her to help him out and reminds her that she was happy to do so before Nicole popped up in their lives. Shrugging, she agrees to answer his "dumb" questions. They bicker and sit down before going through the list. Listing his bad habits, she tells him about the clicking noises he makes when he's thinking and almost chokes mimicking them. Passing him a compliment, she tells him he's good at putting the twins down to bed. He seems touched. They continue the trivia session and she sighs over her favorite movie star Cary Grant and he tells her that she is a terrible cook. "You have the morals of a groundhog," she shoots back. Surprised, he thinks they know each other pretty well. She doesn't and doesn't seem at all impressed. Nonetheless, she thinks convincing the authorities will be a piece of cake. "Most people who are married are not actually in love," she points out, reminding him that she doesn't want to live anywhere near him. Fed up with this line, he tells her that she is transparent and obvious. Angrily, he wishes her good night and tries to walk off. She stops him, asking him to try again. Nicole suddenly sticks her head in and offers her help. She and Sami snipe until EJ asks her what she wants. She says that Victor kicked her out so she spilled one of his secrets. Sami laughs and asks her what the secret was. Nicole demands a drink in exchange and then informs them about Brady.

April 29, 2008
That's Right... It's Your Father.

At the station, Philip thanks Abe for convincing the Austrian Consulate that Chloe was innocent. She is already heading back to reunite with her husband, for better or worse. Philip walks off with a phone call while Roman fills Abe in on Ava's paperwork. Philip returns and tells the cops that he wants to make sure that Chloe can't press charges against his father for what he's done. They tell Philip that they've already been in contact with Brady and he has no intention of testifying. They have no proof of Victor's liability in any of this.

At the pub, Sami tries to get in touch with her mother and has no luck. She can't believe that Brady is a drug addict; it just doesn't make sense to her. EJ suggests that she get her mind off of this and moves back to quizzing her on their personal information. He manages to make her admit that she knows all about his underwear. "You're still saving my life," he smiles. Sami jumps out of her chair when she spots her mother walk through the door with John. Excitedly, she tells her that Brady has been found. Victor walks in and Sami lays into him for what he's done to everyone. A bewildered Marlena asks Victor if this was all about revenge. He insists that Chloe deserved to suffer for introducing Brady to all those low lifes. John is livid. "I'm his father and you took my job... you played God with my son. That's another mistake Mr. Kiriakis," John threatens. Victor reminds John that he doesn't even remember his son and is a father in name only. Philip arrives and asks for a word alone with his father. When they step aside, he assures him that he won't be charged, but he is still angry at his father for what he's done to Chloe and everyone else who loved Brady. Victor insists that he was only respecting Brady's wishes. Philip makes it clear that he feels disrespected for being left out of the loop on this. "My love for family knows no bounds," Victor points out, listing how much he's done for him. "Maybe that's your problem. Boundaries don't exist for you," Philip says. Victor won't disagree: There are no boundaries when it comes to his family. Across the room, John gets a call from Marlena's ex and "honest Abe". She jumps up and insists on going down to the station with him. Philip and Victor watch, hoping this has something to do with the bribes to Holligsworth. Philip tells his father to stay behind while he deals with this himself.

At the pub, Sami and EJ continue with their quiz. He asks for her wallet and, after leafing through it, points out that all of her cards say "Samantha Roberts". They only have one more interrogation to go through, can't she pretend that she loves him, he begs. He even offers to act the part better and starts telling her how much he loves her. She bursts out laughing. He admits that when they act "lovey-dovey" it comes out all wrong. They should just act hostile to each other so the Immigration officer can think they're a normal, miserable couple heading for divorce.

At the station, Paul assures his daughter that he will be okay. She worries that Roman will use his rubber hose on him. Abe explains that they don't use the bright light and rubber hose anymore and then clarifies why he is there: The Feds and the Salem PD are prepared to make a deal with him. They will drop the charges against him if he'll finger John for graft. Moments later, John arrives. Roman gives him his cursory legal warning and then begins his questioning, probing for information as to whether any money exchanged hands between he and Paul. John insists that nothing happened between them. Philip steps in, explaining that he is there on behalf of the family. "Admit you're guilty John. We all know it anyway," Philly taunts. John warns him to back off and tells the cops that he's not sticking around to listen to accusations. He demands to see some hard evidence of a crime. They don't have any. Paul smirks and leaves. Morgan rushes over to Philip. "What the hell is your problem? I know that you're angry at John but that doesn't mean you have to go after my father," she lashes out at him before running off. He follows her out, but John is left behind. He looks around the room and becomes disturbed at the sight of Roman's name on the door. After zoning out for awhile, Marlena brings him back and he snipes at Roman, asking if he has some real criminals to chase before stomping out.

Outside of the pub, Marlena stops John and suggests that something in the room must have triggered a memory for him. He doesn't think so. She reminds him that he used to work there. He doesn't want to think about it and goes inside for a drink. Trailing after him, Sami pops up and asks Marlena what's going on. She gets on the phone to Brady and tells him that his dad is back. She offers the phone to John, telling him that his son needs to hear his voice. John takes the phone. "That's right... it's your father," he coughs. After a brief conversation, he hands the phone to Marlena and confesses that speaking to Brady was like speaking to a total stranger. He leaves for a drink but Marlena seems relieved. She assures Sami that John is beginning to remember.

Morgan lashes at Philip for going after her father. He argues that if you do something wrong you have to take responsibility for it. She is sure her father in innocent. He is sure that he's guilty, "And if he says otherwise, he's lying to you." He tells her that he loves his father too, but that doesn't mean that he hasn't done questionable things. Loyalty to his family has never corrupted his judgement. She accuses him of acting superior, but he tells her that if her father can't tell right from wrong he's just a spineless jerk. "Where the hell to do you get the nerve?" she shakes her head in disgust before walking away.

At the hospital, Bo refuses to leave his daughter's side. His pop gave up his life for him and his daughter nearly gave up hers; now she can't have children. Daniel knows how angry and frustrated he must feel, but tells him to knock off the theatrics. They argue until Chelsea finally whimpers and stops her father, reminding him how caring Daniel has been to them. When Daniel leaves the room with Lexi, he starts to beat himself up for what's happened. He can't stand to have Chelsea believing that he's a miracle worker when he's made her infertile. Lexi encourages him to bring in other experts to check Chelsea out and look for answers. He explains that he was supposed to be the answer. He's become too close to this and lost his objectivity. She doesn't think he should be so hard on himself. He repeats that he's lost his objectivity. "Are you saying that you've become emotionally involved with Chelsea?" she asks. He can't deny it and he can't say goodbye to Chelsea either. He hurries away.

Bo gets called away from Chelsea's bedside. Hope takes his place as he leaves. Chelsea wishes that Bo wouldn't blame himself for what's happened to her; this was her choice. Hope reminds her that her happiness and her future mean everything to Bo and he would never have let this happen. Chelsea doesn't want any pity; she was unlucky, that's all. She tells Hope that she's been dreaming a lot about Zach. Crying, she tells her how terrible she feels about taking away Hope's child. Hope insists that it was all part of God's plan; they used part of him to save Claire just as they used part of Chelsea to save Bo. "When Dr. Jonas told me I couldn't have kids... the first person I thought of was Zach. It just feels sort of just," Chelsea confesses. Hope orders her never to talk that way again. Chelsea says that, maybe she wants to be punished; it would only be right. Hope tells her that she has been a blessing in their lives and Zach's death was just an accident. Chelsea thanks her and says she's amazing. No, Hope explains, she just loves her a lot. They hug as Bo watches through the door. Bo comes in and Hope leaves so Lexi can check her over. Sitting with his daughter, Bo tells her there are no words for how he feels for her and cuddles up to her.

April 30, 2008
The Next Martha Stewart

Abe is on the phone to the DA. He admits that the case against John and Paul is less than air-tight. Lexi sticks her head in and he hangs up to talk to her. She breathlessly admits that she isn't okay; she had a bad time at work today and needs to talk. She tells him about everything that's happened to Chelsea. She knows exactly what she'll be going through and just thanks God for Abe and Theo. He tells her that she needs a breather from work and asks her out. They go for drinks and she tells him that her new workload is pretty heavy. They both keep crazy hours and have busy lives. It's exciting, but they don't want the family to suffer and need to make more time for each other. When Abe wanders off, Kate approaches Lexi and asks her about Chelsea. Lexi explains part of why Daniel dropped out of Chelsea's case.

Chelsea wakes up in her hospital bed and finds her dad standing before her. He gives her a stuffed animal and she tells him how weird it is to know that she can never have kids. He tells her that they want to bring Marlena in to have a chat with her. Chelsea wants to deal with this on her own. Hope strolls in, announcing that she has the best medicine. She has Ciera in her arms, ready for a visit with her big sister. A nurse comes in and tells them that she needs to check her before she can be discharged. Chelsea wonders where Daniel is.

Kate runs into Daniel at the pub. She wonders why he is in there drinking rather than looking after her granddaughter. He assures her there will be no problems with Chelsea; he's no longer on her case. She'd like to know why but he's not comfortable talking about that. "Chelsea means the world to me and I don't think I can take much more news concerning bad health," she warns. When it comes to her family, sometimes she's a little nuts. She seems nothing but caring, he says, telling her what an amazing young woman Chelsea is. Kate thanks him again for everything he's done and walks away. He stays at the bar and drinks, beating himself up about his failure. Suddenly, he gets a call from Chelsea. She wants to know why he didn't say goodbye. He apologizes and explains that he's handing her case over to Lexi. She bites her lip and thanks him. "I guess that I will see you around," she says awkwardly. He tries to be cold and professional as he says goodbye.

At the pub, Anna bumps into Tony and knocks his laptop over. They instantly launch into a bicker fest. He starts to apologize and she wonders why he isn't being his normal pompous self. "My mind's elsewhere," he explains. He's concerned about Kate. Before he can run off to see Kate, however, Anna needs an honest answer from him. "Is there something going on between you and Kate?" she demands. He insists that he only loves her. She knows and they kiss. She still worries; Kate is a powerful and beautiful woman. Tony doesn't care and repeats that he loves her. Later, Kate joins them and they talk about Tony's plan. He wants Kate to become the next Martha Stewart. Anna bursts out laughing, unable to imagine Kate wearing flannel. Anna starts talking about her exciting new account. Kate leaves them alone and Anna tells Tony that she's working for John but won't give him any details. He wishes they'd stop keeping things from each other. She offers to tell him over dinner. Unfortunately, Kate returns and pulls him away before that can happen. He apologizes, promising Anna that she can come by and give her "a big hello" later, but she cuts him off and tells him that she's busy.

Stephanie arrives at the pub to surprise Max. He's flattered that she came to visit him. He did save her life, she reminds him. "You are my hero," she smiles. They kiss. He likes the way she thanks him but warns her that she'll be thanking him all night. He leaves to look for his relief bartender. After that's settled, the couple skip upstairs where he reveals his lava lamp to her. She doesn't think they need that: Wherever they are is the most romantic place in the world. They undress and slip into bed. After they make love, he tells her that their being together feels right and he's never felt so connected to anyone before. She hopes that never changes, but she's always sceptical about things that happen easy. He reminds her that it was far from easy for them to get together. They begin making love again when Chelsea calls to say that Daniel has dumped her as his patient. She cries and Stephanie tells her not to take it so personally. Chelsea continues to cry and blame herself for everything, sure that she scared him off. She soon realizes that Stephanie is actually with Max and gets off the phone. Stephanie quickly gets dressed and hurries downstairs to give Daniel a piece of her mind, telling him that her friend needs people around her who she can trust.

Nick arrives at the hospital to check on Chelsea. She tells him that she'll be getting out soon, but she won't be "as good as new". With some difficulty, she tells him that she'll never be able to have kids. Nick feels terrible. Chelsea doesn't think the news has really hit her yet. She asks him how this makes him feel. "Forget about me. This is about you," he insists. She means everything to him and he loves her. "You don't know how much I needed to hear that," she says, hugging him. In the corridor, Bo still blames himself for what's happened and Hope assures him again that it's not his fault.


April 24, 2008
How did you get to be so Smart?

Nick is working on his grant project at the pub. Max sticks his head in and starts poking for details. He begins suggesting that Nick should go out for some fresh air. Nick is uncomfortable with all of his hovering. Max sits down and continues to talk, playing with Nick's calculator. He plays it stupid but types in some of Nick's calculations and points out that he got a completely different result from the young professor. After looking it over, Nick is surprised to see that Max was right. He becomes increasingly annoyed as Max hangs around. Daniel calls to inform Nick that Chelsea is being released and Nick rushes off.

Lexi and Abe walk into the pub. He tells her how much he's been enjoying their time together, even though they were both too tired last night too... He'd like to enjoy a big breakfast but she needs to hurry to work. She's worried about Bo so Abe promises to keep an eye on him and stop him from over-exerting himself. Abe reminds her that they agreed that their relationship needs to be a priority. "Maybe that was a mistake," she says. There are too many things that she's worried about right now, she explains. He thinks the hospital will be okay for an hour while they have breakfast. She tries to relax, but it seems forced. He reminds her that marriage takes work. "We have deeper issues that need to be resolved," she says, suggesting they get counselling. Abe didn't know it was that bad, but agrees to do whatever it takes.

Bo runs into Daniel in the corridor of the hospital. Daniel tells him that Chelsea is free and clear. He tells Bo not to blame himself for anything; if anyone is to blame, it's him. Bo doesn't see how blame will help anyone. Moments later, Daniel is on his knees confessing to Chelsea that he has "real feelings" for her and wants to be more than her doctor. This is only a fantasy, of course, and Hope interrupts Chelsea's little moment. After being interrupted again by Ava's distant screams, Hope asks Chelsea what she was daydreaming about. Chelsea doesn't explain. Bo and Daniel arrive with her discharge papers. The doctor quickly excuses himself and Hope follows him down the hall to thank him again. He breaks the news that Chelsea is no longer his patient. He says it's "no big shakes"; she just doesn't need him anymore. Hopes senses there is more. Daniel starts to mumble out an excessive set of compliments which strikes Hope as odd. "You believe what you want Mrs. Bardy. I'm outta here," he says, walking away.

Bo tells Chelsea that he just wants to take care of her. She reminds him that her life isn't over yet. They begin talking about Daniel but she quickly changes the topic. "For the first time in a really long time, I'm actually going to feel like I'm really going home," she says. Later, Lexi arrives to help Chelsea sign out. She wheels her off while Bo and Hope go off to administration. After everything is completed, Daniel catches up with Chelsea to say goodbye. He tells her that, just because he's not her doctor anymore, doesn't mean they can't be friends. She shrugs and her father wheels her away. "I can't let it happen...not again," Daniel mumbles to himself. Lexi senses something is wrong and approaches him about it. He abruptly tells her that his work here is done and it's time for him to move on. He goes down to the pub, takes a drink and orders a ticket to Australia.

Bo and Hope take Chelsea home. She flops down on the couch and sighs as her parents file into the kitchen. Nick arrives at the door with a bouquet of flowers. He tells her that Daniel tipped him off that she was being released. Walking into the living room, he gives her magazines and cookies, calling her the sweetest girlfriend in the world. "I so do not deserve you," she shakes her head. He wonders what could be wrong. She changes the subject and asks about his grant project. Bo and Hope walk in and she hurries over to her father to tell him again that she doesn't blame him for anything. She would rather have him alive to hug her than have a kid who never got to meet their grandfather.

Stephanie wakes up on the couch with her parents. Drowsily, she makes them promise to keep themselves safe. Steve gives the women some space and Stephanie admits to her mother that, despite everything that's been happening, she's never been happier in her life. "I'm in love," she smiles. Kayla admires her glow and tells her that Max is a great guy. Stephanie tells her how understanding and loving and patient Max was through their whole ordeal.

At the hospital, Ava squirms in bed and starts to scream for Patch. When she opens her eyes, she commands the cop watching her to get out. "You're going to be sorry just like the rest of them!" she threatens. A nurse comes in and gives her a sedative as she continues to cry. After she passes out, Steve arrives and sits at her bedside. "I'm sorry Ava," he says. Later, he's startled when Stephanie walks through the door. As Ava wakes up, Stephanie starts to rant at her for what she's done to her family. "You deserve everything that you're getting and more!" Stephanie shouts. Ava smirks and Kayla walks in, telling her daughter to calm down. Stephanie won't give Ava a pass because she's crazy. Abe files in next for a chat with Ava. Kayla pulls her daughter out and Abe starts asking questions about the plane crash. "You don't know what you're talking about," she says, demanding proof. Abe has it, but she thinks when her daddy gets there he'll take care of everything. "I don't give a damn who your daddy is!" Abe warns. She continues to insist she did nothing wrong and Abe walks out. Steve follows and warns him again about Ava's father. Abe says no one is getting away with what they've been up to, not in Salem. Steve reminds her that she's got mental problems and prison might not be the best place for her. Meanwhile, Kayla sends Ava's pills off to be analysed. When the results come in, she hurries to Abe and Steve. Spotting Lexi, she turns the pills over: "You're never going to believe what they are!" Kayla gasps.

Stephanie calls Max and invites him over to her parent's place. When he arrives, she tells him that she confronted Ava. He's proud that she had the guts to do it. She thought that telling her off would make her feel better, but seeing Ava was scary and it's only made her more worried. Max promises her that everything will be okay. "How did you get to be so smart?" she asks, suggesting that there must be more to him than meets the eye.



May 2
, 2008
Quick and Easy

On a sound stage, Kate rehearses her lines for the commercial. She's having difficulty with them. Jeff Vorhees, who plays her husband in the ad, wanders over and asks her if she's "pumped" about working today. "Uh yeah..." she groans. Meanwhile, Tony rushes around the set getting ready. He gives Kate some flowers and a peck as Anna strolls through the door. "Is that you Kate? I hardly recognized you without the overdone eye makeup," Anna sneers. Kate doesn't even know why she's there and they start to snipe at each other. Anna makes a crude vacuum joke about Kate before Tony sends her away. Kate tells Tony off: This is going too far; she's tolerated Anna long enough. "Now either she goes or I do," she declares. Anna drifts around the stage and picks up the script. She starts reading it aloud and the director overhears her. He's impressed and announces that she is just what he needs. Anna doesn't want to steal Kate's thunder, "But if you really need me who am I to say 'no'?"

Moments later, Anna is wheeled out of makeup and before the cameras. She and Kate start shooting the cookie commercial. As Anna eats the cookies, she starts adlibbing and it quickly degenerates to her threatening Kate with a skillet. Tony grunts and prays for a miracle. Kate is unforgiving and pulls her internet account away from Anna's agency before stomping off the set. Anna points out that Tony took quite a risk letting her into this commercial. "There are lots of other accounts, but there is only one Anna," he says before asking her out for dinner. She wonders if he wishes she was a domestic goddess like in the commercial. He laughs when she doesn't even know what a cheese grater is. They start to make out while the cameras still roll and close in on a cookbook called: "Quick and Easy".

At the mansion, John asks Marlena if he should expand his business to Japan or Italy. "Italy is beautiful. We were married there once," she reminds him before asking if she can borrow his computer. He'll allow it, but he wants something in return and plants one on her before Sami and EJ walk in on the display. "You kids should know better than to interrupt me when I'm making out with my wife," John warns. EJ stutters and Sami wonders if the old John is back. Hearing this last remark, Rolf drops a tray. As he cleans up, Sami asks her mother why she is kissing John if the old one isn't back. "I kissed her and she loved every second of it," he explains before declaring that there are things "in this mausoleum" that he wants to be rid of. First thing on the list is the huge portrait of Stefano on the wall. He orders Rolf to remove the painting. He paces a little and says he'll remove it some other time. "I would feel as though I were betraying Stefano," he explains. John reminds him that he owns the house and he owns him as well. Rolf knows, but this is too painful. John jokingly threatens to get a gun, but decides that he will just remove it himself. When he starts to remove it, he quickly discovers the safe hidden behind it. Rolf says he has a bundt cake in the oven and has to run but John won't let that happen. He pulls out his handy stethoscope and starts cracking the safe. It doesn't take long. John soon cracks it open and discovers some real estate documents and a memory disc. "What do we have here?" he wonders.

Marlena wants to see what's on the disc. John says he'll do that in private; now what do the "kids" want? They've already been living under his roof and eating all his corn chips. They want them to come to the Immigration hearing, they explain. John doesn't mind lying if it means getting rid of them. Blondie has more problems with it. Sami explains that she doesn't need her to lie, just to be "diplomatic with the truth". Sami points out that they do most things couples do. "Except one very important thing," John says, taking a drink. Marlena can't promise anything. Sami breaks the news that the hearing is today. Marlena's jaw drops. John agrees to come along if it scores him some points with Blondie. He grimaces while EJ and Sami blather and Marlena finally agrees to go along as well. The "couple" runs off and John sits with a smile. After he walks out of the room, Rolf returns. He peers at the portrait of Stefano. "If John discovers what's on that disc, then I am in big trouble," he worries.

In a dank alleyway, professional police snitch Earl is receiving a severe beating from a group of Martino Vitali's thugs. Earl claims that the cops would have "put a cap" in him if he hadn't talked. Martino Vitali steps out of the smoke and says that he has a soft spot for Earl. "Everyone deserves a second chance," he says. Moments later, however, Earl is dead. Mr Vitali gets a call and he and his thugs quickly leave. Later, Kate is walking through the alleys when she walks into the crime scene behind the Cheatin' Heart. The cops check out the dead body while they take Kate's number. Suddenly, Martino Vitali gives her a call and tells her he'd like to relive the old days. She tells him that's not her lifestyle anymore and she has a new line of work now. He congratulates her and asks her for a drink and a chance to catch up. Reluctantly, she agrees to meet him somewhere.

At the hospital, Ava demands to see her doctor so she can get her pills. Kayla shakes her head and explains that those pills are actually making her worse. She explains that the drug she is on is potentially dangerous and causes psychotic fits. Ava refuses to believe her doctor would be trying to make her worse. "There's something I can't remember... no matter how hard I try," she says, becoming more distraught. Lexi has to clear the room. "That woman definitely has problems," Abe concludes as they walk out. Kayla hopes that Ava's memory may improve once the drugs are out of her system. Steve suspects there may be a lot she can tell them. Abe wonders how they can be so forgiving after what she's done to them. They just want the right person held responsible and ask him to check into Ava's doctor. Lexi walks out and asks to speak to Kayla privately. "Did you tell Steve?" she asks. Kayla couldn't, but Lexi thinks Steve needs to know the news. Steve sticks his head into the conversation and asks "Sweetness" what's going on. "Ava tried to take her own life," Kayla explains. It was right after Steve left her at the altar. He becomes upset and wants to go back to Ava's side, though he asks Kayla to go with him.

Ava wakes up and asks where she is. Patch sits beside her and promises her that she will be taken care of. She begs him not to leave her; she's "not feeling too good". Kayla explains that's because they're purging her system. Ava doesn't know why they care. Patch says that she's not responsible for the things she's done; it was the drugs. He thanks Kayla for her help. She's still uncomfortable and walks out to Abe and Lexi. Abe gets a call: A body has just been found behind the Cheatin' Heart. Meanwhile, Steve stays by Ava's side. "I need you to get me outta here," she whispers. He can't do that. "But you owe me," she pleads before she begins screaming again. Kayla hurries in and tries to calm her. Suddenly, her father arrives. He walks to her side and kisses her forehead before introducing himself.


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