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1st  Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


February 4, 2008
At the safe house, Lexie shows up to check on baby Allie. EJ says she's been up all night, she won't calm down. Lexie looks over her. Lexie says he did the right thing calling. Lexie asks if Johnny has any symptoms? He says no, Johnny slept through the night fine. Lexie asks where Sami is? He says she is out. Lexie puts Allie down, after examining her, and says she has croup. Lexie says she needs moisture in her lungs, the old fashion way with steam. EJ says that is it? Lexie says yes, just let the shower run and stay in the bathroom with her. She also says a cool air vaporizer at night. Lexie says this is common among infants. EJ thanks her. He says the more time he spends with Allie, the more he loves her. He says he loves her as much as he loves Johnny. Lexie says she knows what it is like to love a child she has no claim to, she doesn't want him to get hurt. He says Allie's dad is in jail and Sami can't raise them on her own, she needs him. Lexie asks again where Sami is? He says visiting Lucas in jail. Lexie says they love each other, it's the truth and he needs to face that. EJ says he understands that part of Sami still loves Lucas, and maybe she'll never love him. However he says they share a child, and Sami's responsibilities are his, that includes Allie. He says Sami trusted him to be here with her daughter, that says something. Lexie says his history with Sami hasn't exactly earned him Sami's trust. EJ says Lucas is in jail, Sami may be there now, but at the end of the day she comes home to these babies and him. Lexie tells him to stop worrying abut Sami and Lucas for now. EJ goes up to check on Allie. Lexie gets a call from the hospital. She asks them to run some more tests on the blood they have, the patient is out of the country right now so they can't get any more samples. Later EJ tells Lexie she has to go. She tells EJ to call her if he and Sami have any more questions. EJ asks Lexie, before she goes, if they did the right thing with Stefano? Lexie says it's hard to believe he's gone, but it was the right thing to do. Later Lexie hasn't left, she got another call. She says this has been the strangest week at the hospital. She says first their father, then the news that someone she loves is sick, now this . . . Kayla is pregnant. 


At the jail, Lucas asks where Allie is? Sami says she's sick, she couldn't bring her. She says she's with EJ, which Lucas doesn't like. She didn't have a choice, and Lexie is on the way there to look at Allie. Lucas hopes Sami plans to bring her to prison to see him. Sami doesn't like this attitude he has, his lawyers will find a way to get him off. Lucas says he's going away and nothing can stop it. She says the evidence is all circumstantial, he can claim his gun was stolen. Lucas says she doesn't get it, it's over, he plead guilty already. She says change his plea, but he says no. He says she was right, he was jealous and insecure and that's why he did it. He doesn't feel anything towards EJ, but he feels horrible about what he did to her and their family. She doesn't want him to go to jail. Neither does he. He can't change it, but he wishes he could. He wishes he could change a lot of things. He wishes EJ never got her pregnant, he wishes she hadn't pointed herself savior of her family and he wishes he was a better shot. He knows he will be away for a long time, he doesn't expect her to wait. He thinks he could get ten to twenty years. Sami says but Allie won't know him, how is this happening. He says he didn't ask her here to fight, he asked her here to say goodbye and that he loves her. He says he'll never love anyone like her, promise him that she won't stop loving him. She says he is her one and only love, she will never love anyone like she loves him. They then kiss. He asks her to tell Allie he loves her. Sami ends up running out in tears. 


In New Ross Ireland at the bed and breakfast, Belle and Shawn are still in shock that they have Claire back. Shawn tells Belle they have a lot to talk about, but right now he wants to focus on his great aunt. Suddenly Steve and Kayla show up with Grandpa Shawn. He's so glad to see Claire back. Steve and Kayla talk about the surprise Grandpa Shawn has coming to him. Kayla says too bad it's not the reason they are here. Steve tells Grandpa Shawn they have a surprise for him here, but Kayla won't give it to him until he rests for at least an hour. Grandpa Shawn agrees, but only an hour. He goes to lay down. Steve wonders if they should prepare Shawn for this, he is looking a bit frail. Kayla says she thinks he'll be able to handle it. She says his country holds painful memories for him, but also much joy.


Chloe and Phillip have taken a walk. Chloe is worried about Brady, how Colleen says she didn't have him. Phillip wonders if she's really concerned about Brady, or whether she'll be charged by the cops. She says of course she's worried about Brady! She asks Phillip if his making nice with Shawn on the plane and promising not to go after Belle . . . did he mean that or was he just lying? Phillip says he meant every word he said to Shawn. He says he's made a fool of himself chasing Belle, he's done. Chloe says and if Shawn won't forgive Belle? Phillip says he will. Chloe says they'll see. She says he'll have to show her that he means it, he should want to prove it to himself to. Phillip says since Brady is still missing, she has to prove she had nothing to do with that. Chloe doesn't know how. Phillip says he'll have the men he had looking for Claire look for Brady. He says he's his nephew, and his dad has been worried sick. Chloe thanks him. Shawn and Belle come out with Claire. Phillip asks how Claire is doing? Belle says she seems okay, Crystal took good care of her it seems. Belle asks Chloe if she thinks Colleen knows anything about Brady. Chloe says no, she would have said something. Shawn says his grandpa is here, they are going to take him to see Colleen. Phillip and Chloe decide to make scarce, it's a family thing. Phillip asks if they want to do dinner together? Shawn says they'll let them know and head off for a walk. Chloe says that was awkward. Phillip says it could have been worse.

Bo and Hope are getting dressed. They complain the bed must be from the 18th century, their backs are killing them. Bo wonders how his pop will react knowing his sister is alive. Hope says shocked, excited . . . .Bo says confused like the rest of them. Bo doesn't understand how she could keep this from her brother. Hope says they don't' know what happened to her all those years ago. Bo says he still has to talk to her about what she did to them all. Bo thinks she should have dealt with Santo face to face, not pretended to kill herself. Hope says he read those letters, he knows Santo was the great love of her life. Hope says when love is involved you don't act rationally. Hope thinks part of her wanted to punish Santo. Bo says she punished pop too, and she condemned herself and Santo to a life of loneliness or sorrow. Hope says they don't know what she was feeling, what drove her to do this. Hope says Santo led her on, he made the false promises. Bo says of course he did, he's a DiMera.


In John and Marlena's room, John gets dressed and puts a knife in his shoe. He goes to leave, thinking Mrlena is asleep, but she wakes up and asks where he is going? He says to get some breakfast. Suddenly a woman shows up carrying a tray of breakfast food. Marlena pays her and thanks her. John thought they didn't offer room service. Marlena says she made a deal with the manager. He says she doesn't trust him? Marlena says she doesn't. She says eat, they'll go see Colleen and then go home. To himself John says he won't go anywhere until he completes his mission. They eat breakfast, Marlena is hoping Colleen will be a trigger to help John get his memory back. John looks at his spoon, which makes Marlena uneasy. He asks what he thinks he'll do, spoon someone to death? He says he won't hurt anyone, especially not that helpless old woman. John says they should go get this over with. Marlena asks get what over with? He says this pointless conversation. A woman then tells them that Miss Colleen is gathering everyone.


Bo and Hope meet up with Steve and Kayla. They say pop is resting his head. Bo says he's in for one hell of a surprise. Kayla says she is happy they all found Claire. They then sit down and talk. Hope and Bo explain how Colleen is convinced their whole family was in danger from Stefano. Steve and Kayla then give them the news about Stefano. Bo says right now they have to just make sure pop sees his sister, he's in for one hell of a reunion. 


Everyone meets outside of Colleen's room. Shawn is lead in and comes face to face with his sister. She calls him Shawny boy, he calls her Leenie. They hug, Shawn can't believe this. Shawn asks how this is possible? Bo suggests they all sit down. Colleen says she left her habit at those cliffs, but she didn't jump. She says she ran from the guilt and the shame. She says she knows Shawn felt responsible, she'll always feel ashamed for that. She says a day didn't go by that she didn't miss him. He says he has no words for what he's feeling. Colleen asks if he can forgive her? He says he already has, he loves her and thanks God for bringing her back to him. Everyone is emotional, everyone but John who looks annoyed and bored by all of this! Kayla thinks Shawn needs to rest, he can see Colleen later. Shawn takes his grandpa off to rest. Bo introduces Kayla and her husband. He says they have another brother and sister at home. Colleen knows, Kimberly and Roman. Colleen thanks them for bringing Shawny here. Bo says she should have told him that she wasn't dead. Colleen felt it wasn't safe. Bo says he felt responsible for her death. Colleen knows, and she watched over them all from afar. She only took action when she felt danger from Stefano. Marlena says they aren't all Bradys. Colleen says they are connected to the Bradys, and an enemy of Stefano is her ally. Kayla tells her about Stefano's condition. Colleen hopes this is the end. Colleen says she may look frail, but she tried to keep them safe from Stefano. She says sometimes she succeeded, sometimes she didn't. She looks at John when she says this. She says Claire is her blood, so she meant her no harm. She says she's paid for her own mistakes, she never had family around her or at the holidays. John says that sounds like her own fault. She asks John if life has been good to him? He says none of her business. She hopes he finds his son. She tells them all it's been a trying morning and she's a bit tired. Kayla asks if there is anything she needs? Colleen says just bring her brother back later. Everyone decides to leave Colleen. Marlena and John stay behind. Marlena says she and John have a few questions to ask. John actually wants a word alone with her. Marlena won't do that.  John asks to speak with Marlena a second. As they walk, John throws her into the door head first, knocking her out! John then pulls out his knife! John says make one sound and anyone who walks through the door dies with her. John raises the knife as she asks why he's doing this.


The rest of the Bradys go downstairs. Steve wonders why the place is so empty? Bo says Colleen has used it as a hideout. Steve decides to see if the tap works. Kayla is worried about pop and asks Hope to check on him. Hope asks if she's trying to get rid of her. Hope says she's just kidding, she'll go. Hope leaves. Kayla then tells Bo there is another reason other than pop that they came. She suggests they sit down. Kayla has news, news she didn't want to give him in front of Hope. Bo asks what this news is? Steve says it's not good. 


February 5, 2008
Billie meets with Victor at his place. Kate and Chelsea are there. Victor says he had a talk with Crawford, he won't be going after Chelsea. He made Crawford a proposition. Chelsea asks what it was? Billie says Chelsea doesn't need to know. Roman shows up with the autopsy, the coroner says Ford died from falling down the stairs. Chelsea asks if this means she's off the hook? Roman says Decker wants someone to blame. Victor says Decker won't be a problem, it's been taken care of. Roman says he won't ask how. The doorbell rings, Victor goes to get it. It's Crawford Decker, who Victor called over to see the autopsy results. Roman informs Decker that Ford died from a fall down the stairs, and there is no evidence that it was anything but an accident. Decker looks at Victor and says he can accept that. Billie wants to know why he's changing his mind? Decker says his son is gone and he can't bring him back. Kate knows what that is like, she thought she lost two children. Decker says then she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. 

Victor takes Crawford off to the hall to talk to him. He says he has lost a child, his daughter. He also says he can't control how Decker feels about Chelsea, but he can control how he acts around her, which has been inappropriate. Decker says it was and he'll apologize. Victor says good. He says he has to make a phone call, wait for him in his study. Victor calls Phillip up to talk to him, to find out what is happening. Phillip explains everything about Colleen and Claire, and that there is still no news on Brady. He explains why Colleen wanted to protect Claire, to protect her from Stefano and how Stefano has some mission for John. Victor feels guilty he ever did business with Stefano and was the one who brought John to town as the pawn. Phillip doesn't think Colleen is bad, he trusts her. Victor asks when he'll be home, he needs the plane. Phillip says he'll send it back and get a lift home with John. Victor then calls Bo to give him an update on Chelsea, the situation has been taken care of. He says Decker has decided not to pursue the matter any more, the police have accepted the coroner report and Chelsea and the other witnesses' accounts. Bo knows Victor had a hand in this, he doesn't need any details. 

Later Decker shows back up with Victor. Roman asks what he wants now? Billie tells Decker he's going through a lot, but that doesn't give him the right to drag Chelsea through it. He says she's right and he's sorry. Chelsea says she's sorry too. Victor asks Decker to wait in his study. Roman has to get back to the station and leaves. Victor then tells Chelsea she is an amazing young woman, and Billie has done a terrific job. Billie says maybe she can put that on her resume. She says the university fired her. Victor knows she'll find a job in no time. Victor even has a job offer for her if she wants one. He can give her a job as the head of security at his London's office. He knows she spent time there when she was with the ISA. She says yes and she loved London. She wants the job, but then realizes she'd be leaving Chelsea. She asks Chelsea if she wants her to stay, she will. Chelsea wants her to go, but only if she can come visit whenever she wants. Billie says of course. Billie thanks Victor. Victor thinks he's getting the better end of the bargain. Kate knows he is. 

In Ireland, Colleen asks John what he's planning to do. John says he was sent to kill her. She thinks God had other plans for her. She says if he slits her throat then he'll be condemning himself, hell will be a walk in the park to what he'll face. John says that is rich. He says he was condemned long ago, he has a job to do. Colleen says this is Stefano's hatred, not his. Marlena begins to wake up. John also begins to have little ticks as he looks at Colleen. Colleen says she feels the conflict in him, he doesn't want to do this. John says he has to in order to find peace. Colleen says if he murders her he won't find peace. Marlena won't let John kill this woman, he's no killer. He says from what he understands he's done it before and is good at it. Marlena lunges at him to stop him. John pushes her down and says stay seated! He goes to kill Colleen, but she says one word before she dies. She says she is prepared to die, but if he does this then he'll be killing his own mother! John says he doesn't believe her. She says she is his mother. He thinks this is a stall tactic. She says she can prove it and shows her her necklace. Marlena recognizes it, it's from the photo. Colleen says the photo is of him sitting on his mother's lap, her lap. She says she's dreamed of this day, but when he came through the door she didn't seem the same soft eyes of the boy she knew, but the hard eyes of Stefano. Marlena tells John that Stefano is in a coma, he can't hurt him again. John says he is good with that. Marlena asks Colleen to explain how she happens to be John's mother. Colleen says she found out she was pregnant with child, which made it more urgent Santo never found her. She says she named him Ryan. She says she went to Argentina, it was a difficult voyage there. John asks about Argentina. Colleen says she knew if Santo found out about her, he'd come and find her. She says she didn't want to come between him and his wife. Marlena says she didn't know about the wife, she was only guilty of falling in love. Colleen says the sisters said the same thing. An Irish Sister gave her a letter of introduction to a convent in Argentina. She says she gave birth there and they stayed there for 2 years. She says after 2 years they had to leave. She says she had little money, so she left him at the orphanage. She didn't abandon him, he was to be taken care of and while she could get the money together she'd get him back. She says she visited him every Sunday there. She says she took a job as a seamstress, but she cut her hand at work and became infected with tetanus. She was delirious and in the hospital for months. She says she went to the orphanage when she was better, but the old headmaster was fired and the new people didn't know who Ryan/John was or that she had a deal with the old headmaster. He was adopted, but she never stopped looking for him. She says only recently she found out he was adopted by the Alamains, there is no telling what they'd have done if they learned he was Stefano's half brother. John says so Santo is his father? Colleen says yes, Santo is the only man she's ever been with. She also doesn't think Stefano would send John on this mission if he knew who John was. Colleen says Stefano only learned she was alive a year ago. She says Stefano left finding her up to John, he doesn't know where she is. She also tells John if he kills her, he'll destroy what is left of himself. John ends up running off. Marlena runs after him.

Shawn tucks Claire in. He remembers the incident on the pier as Rob ran off with Claire. This is an extended flashback, which includes Belle getting knocked into the water, going to the hospital and Shawn going to see Belle in the hospital. Later Belle shows up to check on Claire. More flashbacks occur, from yesterday when Shawn Sr. arrived and Shawn told Belle he knew they had a lot to talk about. Belle asks Shawn if something is bothering him? He says Steve and Kayla showing up like this, something is off. Belle says maybe he's just being paranoid after what they've gone through. Shawn says he knows something is wrong, he's worried. He can feel something more is going on. Claire finally wakes up from her nap, so they check on her.

Steve and Kayla talk with Bo about why they came to Ireland. Kayla says the preliminary report on his tests are troubling. Kayla says she didn't want to blurt it out over the phone. She says they need to do more tests, he needs to get back home. Hope shows up saying pop is fine. She asks them what they are talking about? Bo says just Colleen and her bag of surprises. They all talk about the look on Shawn's face when he saw his sister. Hope says all in all, this was a great day. Steve says he hasn't had a chance to see the countryside yet. Steve asks if they want to go? Bo wants to catch up with his sis. Hope goes with Steve, leaving Bo and Kayla to talk. Kayla tells him that he has high levels of stuff (medical jargon) in his blood, but they can't say how threatening it is until they get more tests. She says he needs to return home. 

Steve and Hope go for a walk. Steve says it's so nice and green, he wonders if they have leprechauns. Hope knows something is up with Bo, Kayla is acting strange and he didn't bring her out here for leprechaun hunting. Steve tries to convince her nothing is up, that Bo is just worried about his pop and all this stuff with Colleen and Claire. Hope still says they didn't come all this way to bring Grandpa Shawn. Steve says they've been friends for a long time. He says he's always tried to be honest with her. He says when Bo found out Vic was his father, he had a rough time and she turned to him for advice. Steve says as her friend, he's telling her that right now she has to give Bo some space.

Later Bo and Kayla join Steve and Hope outside. Bo tells them the news Victor called with, Chelsea is off the hook. Bo thinks it is time for them to book a flight home, looking at Hope. She agrees. Shawn soon shows up, he asks what is going on? Bo says they were thinking about heading back home. Shawn says there is nothing wrong is there? Suddenly Marlena shows up, she says John has taken off!


February 6, 2008

At the Cheartin Heart, Stephanie, Chelsea and Nick explain to Max about the autopsy and Crawford's change of heart. Max thinks Victor has something to do with Decker backing down. Chelsea says yeah probably. Max asks what about him, did Roman say anything about him? Chelsea says no, and Victor said he'd probably just get a slap on the wrist. Nick says now that they know it's an accident they will probably want to forget it. Nick says now that Chelsea's problems with the law are over . . .  Morgan walks up and says but not the problems with her sisters though. Nick asks what she's talking about? Morgan says their house has it's own rules and Chelsea broke them. Nick and Stephanie say Chelsea did this for them, she put her life on the line for them. Morgan appreciates it, but they agreed to keep this secret, Chelsea broke that sacred vow. Morgan says this isn't up to just her, all the sister will have a say and it will be decided there. Stephanie says after everything Chelsea has done, they will throw her out? Morgan says they have to deal with the betrayal of the trust. Nick says Chelsea saved them all several times. Morgan says luring Ford over was Chelsea's idea and keeping his death a secret was her idea. Max asks to talk to Morgan alone for a second, so he takes her off to talk. 


Stephanie asks Nick and Chelsea why she's doing this? Chelsea doesn't think she is behind it. Chelsea says they all know she put her life on the line for them. Nick says with Chelsea gone, they don't have to be reminded of it. Watching Max with Morgan bothers Stephanie, which Chelsea sees. Stephanie admits it does bother her, though it shouldn't. The fact he has such an influence on Morgan and vice versa bothers her though. 

Max talks with Morgan and asks why she is being so hard on Chelsea. Morgan says they made a pact not to tell about Ford, she broke it. Max asks how she'll vote? Morgan says he knows her, and he knows she'd never do anything to make him disappointed in her. Morgan and Max later talk to the others. Morgan says she is on Chelsea's side, but this isn't totally up to her. Chelsea tells them to have their meeting, say what they want and do what they want, she doesn't care. she walks out! Stephanie tells Morgan she could stop this voting if she wanted too. Morgan says the sorority is a democracy, majority rules. After Morgan leaves, Stephanie rants to Max, saying she's voting Morgan out of her own personal friendship group. Max asks why she's being hard on Morgan, is she jealous? He realizes she is and says he likes it. 

Outside Nick tells Chelsea if they don't want her then who cares, she doesn't need him. Chelsea says at first she thought the sorority was stupid, but she cares a lot about them. She thought she was doing the right thing for everyone. She felt she belonged there, the first place she really felt accepted. Morgan leaves and walks by them. She gives Chelsea look but doesn't say anything. Nick hugs Chelsea and lets her know he's not going anywhere. She says good, she can't stand to lose another person in her life. 

In Ireland, Chloe gets a call from an opera company given the part of an understudy. She turns it down, claiming it is because it was for the understudy. Phillip doubts that, he thinks it is because she doesn't want to go near Austria as she is afraid of the cops still. Phillip says she claimed her career bottomed out, another lie. Why is the job for the understudy, did she tank out? Chloe says no, she was doing fine, but she had a ways to go still. She says LaScalla and the Met weren't knocking down her door with offers. Phillip asks her if Brady is found, will she go back to him? How does she feel about Brady? She says she loves him and he loves her, but sometimes you can love someone with your whole heart and it isn't enough. Phillip says true. Chloe knows this isn't easy for him. Phillip says it's not. Chloe says he'll find love again. He hopes, he also hopes things work out with her too.


In the pub, Marlena explains to everyone that John tried to kill Colleen, it was his mission, but he couldn't do it. She says something more powerful happened. She tells them to all brace themselves, this is shocking and unexpected. Marlena explains how John attacked her and then went to kill Colleen, but he stopped when Colleen told John that she was his mother. Bo asks if she was lying to save herself? Marlena says no, she has the medallion from the photo. Marlena says that was enough to make John run off. She is afraid he's a walking time bomb. All the men decide to go look for John. Bo asks Hope to stay here, in case John returns to complete his mission. Marlena keeps explaining the story. Belle learns Stefano is her uncle! Hope can't believe it, all these years John spent not knowing who he was and now he does. Belle thinks someone should go be with Colleen. She decides as her granddaughter she'll go. Kayla asks Marlena what she thinks John will do when she finds them. Marlena says resist with everything she's got. Chloe wonders how much Stefano knows about all this. Marlena says with Stefano in his current state, they can't find out. Hope realizes Shawn Sr. doesn't know about this. Hope stands up to go see him, suddenly she feels dizzy. They ask if she's okay? She says yes, she just hadn't eaten since breakfast. She says she's fine. 


Belle goes up to see Colleen with Claire. Belle says she just got the news. Colleen says yes, she is her granddaughter,  Claire is her great-granddaughter. She says Claire is so innocent, may she always stay that way. Belle just can't believe she's looking at her grandmother. Colleen says she's watched over them for a long long time. She says it means so much to finally see them with her own eyes. Colleen gives Belle her necklace. Hope soon brings Shawn in, so they all leave the two of them to talk. Shawn has been filled in about John. Shawn is sorry for all the time they lost. Colleen says they have to make the most of the time they have left. Shawn says they have plenty of time, and she'll be coming back to Salem won't she? Colleen tells Shawn that she is dying. Shawn says it can't be, but Colleen says it's true. Shawn thinks there must be something they can do, Kayla is a doctor. Colleen says she's seen all the doctors she cares to, all she wants is her family with her one last time. 


In the woods, John stands alone with a knife. John hears Colleen's words in his head, saying if he killed her then he'd be killing his own mother. John yells "Stop it!" He then holds the knife to his throat. Bo soon finds John and tells him not to do this. He has been filled in. John says he failed his mission, he let his emotions get in the way. Bo says that proves he's human, he's not Stefano's pawn. John says it shows he's weak, he has nothing to live for. Bo says he has plenty to live for. John asks Bo what makes him think he wants to live? Bo tries to grab the knife from John. John in turn grabs Bo and attacks him. They fight over the knife. Bo says he doesn't want to do this, he's not the enemy. John lets Bo go and asks Bo to kill him. Bo says he can't do that. He says John wouldn't kill him or the target. John keeps saying he failed, kill him! John says when he realized the target was his mother . . .  Bo says you couldn't kill her. John says he could have, he chose not to. Bo says that is important. Bo tells John that they are good friends, like brothers. Bo says there was a time they thought they were brothers because of the DIMeras. Bo says he doesn't remember that. John says he doesn't remember anything, he's tried. He can't remember Doc, Belle, he doesn't feel anything. Bo says Marlena is his wife and Belle his daughter. He says they love him and want him back. Bo says he has a good life, better than some he knows. Bo says it's a lot better than the alternative, a life on the run with no home or friends. John asks if he is free to go? Bo says he doesn't know if he could stop him if he wants to go. Bo says go or stay, the choice is his.


Bo returns to the pub with John. Kayla calls the others to say they are back.  John thinks he'd like a drink. Bo explains to Marlena that John was going to kill himself. John lights a cigar and doesn't say much. Meanwhile Kayla gets a hold of Steve to say Bo found John. Steve says they still have to get Hope and Bo home as soon as possible, Bo needs to have those test. Kayla says things have been so crazy, she hasn't had a chance to talk to Hope yet. Kayla says it was hard to tell Bo, she can't imagine telling Hope. Steve says they'll do it together. Steve doesn't know how you tell someone you love they could be dying. At this point Shawn and Phillip show up and find Steve talking about this. Shawn wants to know who is dying. Steve just says a patient of Kayla's, that is all. Shawn can't believe John is a Brady. Steve says he's a DiMera too, let's hope the Brady genes are stronger. 

Meanwhile Marlena asks John if he has been programmed to kill himself if he failed? Bo says John couldn't do it, he was going to kill him too but couldn't. John says they are all connected, that is the problem. Marlena asks Bo how he stopped him? Bo says he reminded him of who he is. John says he has a private jet and is filthy rich from what he hears. Hope returns to Bo. Bo is worried about John, he's messed up. Hope says they'll get their lives back. Bo says yes, true love can do that, he's counting on it. He kisses Hope. She wonders what that was for? Bo says just so she knows how much she loves him. Shawn, Steve and the others return. Hope goes to talk to Shawn, while Steve tells Kayla they have to talk to Hope and get Bo home for those tests. Meanwhile Hope asks Shawn now that they've found Claire, is there any possibility they'll be getting back together? Shawn doesn't know, they have a lot to talk about. He says having listened to Colleen, he knows if you love someone you have to move heaven and earth to be together. He says if Colleen and Santo stayed together, they would have had a whole different life, so would John and so would the Bradys. Belle shows up and asks if this is a private conversation? Hope recognizes the medallion around Belle's neck. Belle says Colleen gave it to her to pass on to Claire. Steve and Kayla interrupt to talk to Bo and Hope alone, claiming it's just to finalize the travel arrangements. Hope asks what is going on here? Steve and Kayla says they have to talk to both of them.


Marlena continues talking to John. Bo brings him a beer, John wants another. Bo doesn't think he needs another, but John says it's not every day you come close to killing your mother. Marlena wants John to let her hypnotize him when they get home. She says if he doesn't, well then she'll have Bo arrest him for what he's done here. She thinks it's the only way for him to get better, he wants that doesn't he? John doesn't know what he wants. Marlena says and that is why he needs him.

Shawn comes downstairs and interrupts everyone. He says Colleen needs them all to come to her room. He says this is important. Everyone decides to head up.


February 7, 2008
Over in Ireland, Chloe and Phillip are discussing how Colleen is dying, how cruel of an irony this is given they just found her. Chloe asks Phillip if he's upset that he wasn't asked to look after Claire? Belle and Shawn asked Steve instead. He says no, but he thinks she would have been more comfortable with him. Lexie then calls Phillip, she's been trying to reach Bo or Kayla but their phones are turned off. Phillip explains there is a family situation going on. He tells her all about Colleen being alive, how she kidnapped Claire and how she's dying. Lexie says she does need to talk to someone, this is important. Phillip says he'll tell Kayla to call her back. Later Phillip thinks Lexie sounded a little tense. He forgot Lexie was a DiMera and Santo is her grandfather. Chloe says so she's John's niece. Phillip says yeah, better that come from John though. Later Phillip and Chloe talk about death. Phillip says there is nothing worse than dying alone, he saw it on the field, he felt it when he thought he was going to die out there. He says there was no comfort, no resignation or acceptance. He says there was only panic, pain and fear. Chloe says he wasn't really dying though, maybe that is why he felt that way. She says when it is your time, maybe you find a way to accept it. Phillip hopesso and  that woman is on her way to finding peace. Phillip is glad they are here though, the Bradys will need all the help they can get. Later Phillip changes the subject to Brady, how it's odd someone took him and they haven't heard anything about ransom, and as far as they know Brady has no enemies. Phillip says he doesn't think it was Stefano, but it was someone powerful who could make Brady disappearance. He says whoever did this had something to gain from his disappearance, they have to find who it is and what they had to gain. 


In Colleen's room, Shawn and Kayla ask Colleen to come back to Salem, let them check her into the hospital. Colleen says it's too late, cancer has been there for years. Bo doesn't want her to give up. She says she hasn't give up, had she given up she would have been dead years ago. Shawn says God couldn't be this cruel. Colleen says God isn't cruel, but Fate can be. John asks what the difference is? Colleen says God is someone you trust, Fate is what is destined. She says she thinks Fate is what you earn, you reap what you sow. John says well she's a liar and betrayed her vows, she's pretty much damned. Shawn says shut his mouth! Bo tells John he's out of line. Shawn keeps telling John, who is going on about how bad Colleen is, to shut up. Colleen doesn't care that he hates her. He says he doesn't know her enough to hate her. The only thing he feels is pity he didn't kill her. Shawn and Hope ask how he can be so cruel? He says she's no saint just because she's dying. Marlena says she feels bad for what she's done, that is why she deserves to be forgiven. Colleen says she loved Santo enough to let him go. Marlena knows that kind of love. Colleen says having that love and being without it is painful, she can see Marlena knows it. Colleen mentions John and Santo, which upsets John. He doesn't want to be compared to that SOB. Colleen says he's nothing like Santo, but she prays one day he will be.  Marlena asks why she'd want that? Colleen says when she looks at John she sees a man full of hate. Belle says Stefano did this to him, her father was a great man. John goes yeah yeah, blah blah blah. Colleen says Santo loved her with all his heart, but she couldn't let him leave his wife. Colleen tells John, who keeps talking trash, to keep his smart mouth shut! Colleen says Santo was tormented by his love for her, so she let him go to be with his wife. John says Colleen didn't spare Santo. He says Stefano told him that Santo was broken after her death, so Stefano spent his life punishing the Bradys. John says Santo became a broken man who taught his son about bitterness and resentment. Colleen says Santo wasn't like that. She says has Stefano loved like Santo, he would have been a different person. Marlena says Stefano loved, but his love was about control and dominance. Colleen doesn't think Stefano was his father's son, but John could be. She says Santo's kindness is deep inside John. Marlena knows it is. John says he's not that man and doesn't know if he wants to be. Shawn asks if he has to be so cruel? Colleen says he does because he's terrified. Colleen says he's terrified that who he is now is what he'll be forever. She says if she was him, that would scare the living hell out of me! John says dying isn't scary enough? She says no. He says maybe it's the pain medicine she's on then. Bo wants John to leave, but Colleen wants him to stay. 


Colleen calls Belle and her husband over to her. Colleen tells Belle that she, Shawn and Claire are the future of her family. She says never forget who she is and where she comes from. Colleen tells her she loves them and goodbye. Shawn says they won't let her down. Colleen says she knows they won't. She tells Bo even though he doesn't have the Brady blood in his veins, he has the Brady spirit. She heard he was a rebel and a pain in the arse. She says Shawny was too when he was a wee one. Colleen tells Hope to stand by her man. Hope says she always tries to. Colleen knows they'll have a long and happy life together. She says take care of her brother, he's suffering more than she is. Colleen tells Kayla she knows as a doctor she wishes she could help. Colleen tells Marlena to come to her too. She says she knows she's the tower of strength in this family, it pleases her to know she'll do everything she can to keep this family together. Marlena says she will. Kayla asks if there is anything she can get Colleen to make it easier? Colleen says having them all here at the end has been one of the great joys of her life. She asks for some time alone with her brother and her son. They all say of course. Everyone says goodbye to Colleen and leaves the room. Before Belle leaves, she gives her dad the medallion that Colleen gave her. She thinks he should have it, it would mean a lot to her. She leaves and John throws it away! John then asks Marlena, who is still there, how much time does Collen have left? We don't get an answer.


After everyone is pretty much out of the room, Colleen asks Shawn to come sit with her. He does, John meanwhile paces the room. Marlena grabs the medal from the trash and puts in it her pocket. Shawn tells Colleen he feels he did this to her, can she forgive him. She feels she is the one who should be asking for forgiveness. Shawn doesn't want her to go. She says she loves him. Shawn says they'll be together again soon. Marlena helps Shawn to a chair. Colleen holds her arms out to John and asks if he'll not deny her a last wish. She asks to hold John in her arms. She begs John, who seems unmoved. He eventually goes over to see his mother though. He sits on her be and lets her hold him.  He looks a bit uncomfortable, Marlena is in tears as she watches.  


Everyone else sits outside of the room. They all talk about what an amazing woman Colleen is. They also are worried about Shawn and how he's handling this. Bo knows it is important Shawn be here, and it's important they are here for him. Marlena soon comes back and says it's important they all return. They all see Colleen holding John. She is saying she loves him. She says hold her in his arms one last time. She's growing weaker. John holds Colleen as she is slipping away. Colleen says she has to rest now, and she's gone. Shawn goes over and gives Colleen a kiss on the forehead as Bo holds him steady. Everyone is in tears, John doesn't look to beat up though. Bo covers Colleen's face with the blanket. He then consoles his father, who is in tears.


Everyone goes back down to the pub part of the inn. Shawn can't believe she's really gone. He says their whole lives apart, it was so unnecessary. Bo says he was here with her at the end. Belle and Shawn talk with Chloe and Phillip. Chloe says it must have been so hard for them. Phillip has to go see Kayla and give her a message, Chloe leaves and gives Shawn and Belle space. Belle tells Shawn they do need each other . . . though she doesn't know if they are back together or what.  Shawn asks if she wants them together, can they make it work? Belle would like to think this could be a new beginning for their family and marriage. Shawn says  he's not angry anymore. He says he and Phillip made their peace. He can't forget what happened, he'd like to try, but he doesn't know. She says that is all she can ask for. 


Phillip tell Shawn and Bo he's sorry for their loss, if he can do anything let him know. Hope thanks him, saying they just need time to process this. Phillip then tells Kayla that Lexie called. Bo assumes it's about him, he asks Phillip if she said what it was about? Phillip says no, it just sounded important. 

Back in Colleen's room, Marlena meanwhile asks John what he's feeling? He says that is a question only a shrink would ask. He says his mother is dead, what should he be feeling? She says sadness, grief, anger, love. He says none of the above. She says he's feeling something. He feels like calling the jet and leaving, that is what he wants. They go to leave, but John suddenly stops. She asks what is wrong? She sees something in his eyes, something happened. Is he remembering? John says no. He says let's go. They go to leave, but John goes over to Colleen one last time. He uncovers her to look at her. He then leans down and says goodbye mom and gives her a kiss on the forehead. 


At the hospital, Lexie is on the phone saying she is trying to get the patient back as soon as possible, she realizes this could be fatal. Later Kayla calls Lexie back. Kayla says things have been difficult. LExie says Phillip filled her in. Kayla briefs her up on what's happened as well. Kayla says it hit her father hard. LExie has more bad news, she reviewed the results of the blood work. She says it could be worse than we expected. They need to run more tests ASAP. Kayla was afraid of this. She says Bo knows, but Hope doesn't. Lexie says Hope must know, they have to deal with this together. Lexie says this may not be the best time to tell her, but they might want good news. Kayla would love that. Lexie tells Kayla her blood work to check her hormone levels came in . . . well she's pregnant!  



February 8 , 2008
I finally caught up with Friday's show. I've built on the official summary, added a few more details (sorry it's not as long as my usual summaries.)

Steve and Bo go for a walk. Bo talks about his illness and how Hope doesn't know. Steve urges Bo to let Hope in on the secret about the illness. Bo wants to wait, but agrees they need to get back to Salem right away.

Over the phone, Kayla and Lexie talk about her being pregnant. Kayla shares with Lexie that she's waiting for just the right moment to tell Steve she's pregnant.  Later Hope confronts Kayla. She feels like Kayla, Bo and Steve are keeping something from her, like she interrupted something earlier. Kayla doesn't tell her about Bo, she just talks about how worried they are about Shawn. Bo and Steve return and Bo feels bad, his dad has lost his sister twice now. He feels this day will be hard for him.

Marlena has a letter as to how Colleen wants her funeral to be held. Marlena urges an unwilling John to participate in his mother's memorial service. They go to a hill side and she asks John to say something, but he won't. Shawn Sr. is too emotional to talk. Bo says he'll say something. Marlena asks John to at least hold his mother's urn. He says he will if it will shut her up! Bo speaks about Colleen, how most of them hardly knew her, but they knew her story and the lesson they can learn. If you find a great love, consider yourself very lucky and do what you can to hold onto it. Everyone takes turn spreading her ashes, including John.

Everyone returns to the Inn, John wants to leave immediately. Phillip thanks John for giving them all a ride home. John says don't thank him, it's not his idea. Belle and Shawn talk, Shawn says force once he's glad he's not a Brady by blood, they'd be related. Belle never thought of that and jokes she's more a Brady than he is. Marlena then sees John is gone and wonders where he went.

John returns to the hillside to be alone. In the distance, he spots the ghosts of Colleen and Santo walking hand in hand and then fading away to spend eternity together.  Meanwhile, Steve recognizes a mysterious woman outside the B&B, but she slips away before he can confront her. 

At the safe house, Sami comes home to find EJ asleep and Allie in his lap, he got her through her croup. Sami worries about EJ's growing attachment to Allie. She gently reminds him that Lucas is the girl's father. EJ points out Lucas won't be around to raise her, and that is his fault for what he did. He says he not only robbed Sami of a life with the man she loves, but Allie of her father. This causes Sami to break down in tears. He apologizes. He says Allie is a special little girl, there is enough love to go around. She feels awful that her little girl will grow up without her dad. Sami says she grew up without her dad, though she had John. However it was confusing and it messed her up, she doesn't want that for Allie. EJ comforts her and says there is a difference, he and Lucas are separate people, there is no identify crises here. She thanks him, saying he seems to know the right thing to say. He jokes he just talks, eventually he says something right. The moment is broken when Sami receives a call and learns Lucas has been sentenced; he's moving to a state prison immediately. She rushes off to say good-bye, but not before she feels a strange connection to EJ at the same moment that Santo and Colleen are reunited in death. 

Max runs into Chelsea in the park, they are both going on a job. Max didn't know Chelsea liked running. She says she does. She invites him to run with her, but leads him to a a surprise birthday party for Max in the park. Max, Nick, Chelsea and Stephanie celebrate their opportunity for a fresh start. Stephanie gives Max a stuffed horse, saying every knight in shining armor should have one. Stephanie toasts her friends for helping her through her rough time. After Chelsea and Nick leave, Stephanie pulls Max into a sweet kiss


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