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2nd Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


February 11, 2008

On John's jet, everyone begins to board to go home. Shawn feels like he's leaving Colleen. Bo says she's not here anymore. Hope says she'll always be with them all. Bo checks his messages, which is an excuse to get a moment alone. He's clearly not feeling well. Shawn, Belle and Claire board, as do Chloe ad Phillip. Chloe was hoping to find Brady. Phillip says they still might. Chloe says she doesn't want to talk about this. Steve and Kayla are next to get onboard. Kayla goes to the restroom. Hope thanks Steve with all his help with Claire this week. She calls him a real rock. Steve looks out the window and sees a woman out there. He runs off as Marlena and John are coming in. Kayla wonders where Steve is going? Kayla gets off to go look for Steve and find out what is going on. Bo meanwhile decides to go sit with his pop. 


Marlena and John sit down. Marlena asks John if he's okay after the emotional hell storm he's been through. He claims he's fine, but she doesn't think he is. She thinks he's sad. He says he doesn't do sad. She says everyone does sad. She says his mother is dead, the woman he was sent to kill. He says he didn't kill her, but she died anyways. Marlena says she died peacefully, there is no blood on his hands, so he should feel something. John says he feels it is over, she died peacefully and he didn't hurt her. He asks why he should feel sad? She says because she loved him and was his mother. Marlena asks him why he lingered behind after they scattered the ashes. He says he thought he saw Colleen and Santo, but it was probably a hallucination. He doesn't want to talk about it. She leaves to check on Shawn.


Marlena talks with Bo and Hope, she thinks Colleen and Santo's story had a happy ending. She says John went back to the hillside and saw something, he thought it was a hallucination, she thinks it was real. John, who is listening in, says all he saw is green. Marlena tells Bo and Hope, as well as Shawn, that she feels after they scattered their ashes, Colleen and Santo were finally together. Shawn says that is a happy though.


Kayla runs after Steve. asking what is wrong? He says they'll talk about it later, they have to get on the plane. Kayla chases after him saying they have to talk about this. Back on the jet, Bo asks Steve why he took off? He claims he left his phone out there, but Kayla doesn't believe that. Steve says he forgot his phone, that is all. Steve looks out, the woman is on the runway again watching as the plane takes off.

The plane finally takes off. John looks out the window. Marlena asks what he sees? He says nothing. She says he said the same thing over Ireland. He says there was nothing out there too.

Meanwhile Kayla continues questioning Steve about why he ran off the plan. He keeps insisting he forgot his phone, but she knows something is bothering him. Steve says nothing is bothering him, and they should just check on her pop. Shawn is still sad, but says he'll be okay. Shawn says all those years he thought she was dead. Steve says these last couple of days are what mattered. He says when Colleen finally saw him again she felt she could let go. 


Hope sees Bo isn't feeling well. She asks if he's okay? He says that there is something he has to tell her. He says there is something important that he hasn't told her. She says okay tell her. Bo says that's just it, he doesn't have all the facts, so until he does, he can't be specific. She says he's sounding like a cop, so tell her. He says Kayla didn't come to Ireland just to bring pop. She says so what? Bo says that's just it, he doesn't know much. He tells her to just trust him. He says as soon as the time is right then she'll know everything. Hope says he's asking a lot. Bo says they've been through a lot. Hope asks if he doesn't trust her? He says no, he doesn't have all the details. He just wants her to know something is going on, he's taking care of it, let it go. She says she can't, they are partners. She says he has to be honest with her. Bo says he knows marriage is about honesty, but it's about trust too. Hope says she'll trust him to tell her when he knows more. He says he can go get them some snacks, but she doesn't want any, saying she hasn't felt like eating in days. He says that isn't good, she has to keep her strength up. She asks why? He says he's just worried. She says she'll drop this secret thing for now, because she's tired.


Phillip talks to Chloe. He says if anyone can find Brady then it is Victor. Chloe says she knows he's only trying to make her feel better, it won't work. She says it makes her feel a bit better, but it won't stop her from worrying. He asks when Brady does come back, does she see divorce in the future? Chloe says she doesn't know. She takes Phillip's hand. 

Later the plane seems to be hitting turbulence. Everyone is startled and puts on their seat belts. John looks at his drink and says "uh oh!"


At the safe house, EJ is holding both babies. He asks Johnny if he stops throwing up on him then he'll take him to the zoo. They start crying so he goes to put Johnny down. He then asks Allie how she's doing? Any better? He puts her down too. He then picks up Johnny, who won't stop crying. He promises him a pony if he'll stop crying. Both twins now start crying. There is a knock at the door, he thinks its reinforcements in the form of Caroline. Instead it's Abe bringing Tony. Tony is amused by watching EJ with the twins, saying it's much better than reality television. EJ is glad this is amusing to him. Johnny is screaming his head off. EJ asks what brings him here? Tony says he came to see how he's handling things, and by the look of it not well. EJ insists Tony try it and wants to him to hold the baby. Tony objects. EJ says what, he never thought about having a family? Tony says no it's not for him, the diapers and the midnight feedings. Johnny is screaming her head up. There is another knick at the door, this time it's Anna with a bag of baby things. She wonders why Tony is here? He asks the same of her. She brought gifts for the twins. Tony asks if he needs a reason to visit his brother? Anna says she's be suspicious if he didn't have one! EJ asks Anna for help with the babies, so she runs over to help him. Anna takes to Johnny and says how she loves holding babies. Johnny continues screaming and Tony is cringing. The babies finally stop screaming. Anna and EJ talk, Anna asks where Sami is? EJ says at the jail saying goodbye to Lucas. She asks if he's okay with that. He says it's awkward, she still loves him. Tony says don't forget about it, he's out of the picture, she'll forget him soon. Anna says the way you forgot about me? She asks if that how things work for him, out  of sight and out of mind? Is that how he was able to forget about her? He says she does tend to dramatize things. Anna says he hasn't seen anything yet! She tells EJ it was lovely seeing him. She then storms out. EJ just laughs at Tony. 


At the prison, Sami comes to see Lucas to say goodbye. He is surprised she came, he thought she might change her mind. She says she had to see him. She can't believe he didn't tell her about the hearing. Lucas didn't want to worry her. He was given 8 to 10 years. Lucas asks where Allie is? She says she couldn't bring her, she's still really sick. Sami says she feels bad for her. Lucas asks if she took her to the doctor. Sami says Lexie came and saw her, she's been following her directions, if she doesn't get better she will take her to the doctor. He asks about Johnny, is he sick. Sami says no. He says he'd like to have seen Johnny too, but he didn't think EJ would like it. Sami says she knows he is going to miss out on their lives and he hates that. Lucas says it's his own fault. Sami asks why he didn't let his lawyers plead this down to a lesser charge? Lucas didn't talk to his lawyers, and he did this for her. He says he shot EJ for her. She says she could handle things. Lucas says fine he did it for him, but because of her. Lucas says he didn't trust her, he screwed up. Sami says the only way to get Stefano to back off was for her to marry EJ. She says what Lucas did made it worse. Lucas was worried about her and EJ, he's not a nice guy. He says she sees he's not nice right? Sami pauses, but says he's not. Still Sami says she doesn't know why he confessed, it was like he wanted to go away. Lucas says she told him that she hated him. He says every time she does that, he does something stupid to try and win her back, and it backfires on him. He says if he stays here then he can't do anything stupid. She says that is stupid! He says it is because he loves her, he always has and always will.  He says he's trying to do the right thing, be a person that Allie and Will can be proud of. He knows he has to pay, but he loves her. Sami says she loves him, she never stopped and never will. 


Sami's phone rings, she takes it. It is Marlena calling. Marlena wanted to call Sami and let her know what happened. She says Colleen died, but there was such a sense of peace about it.  Marlena had this sense that she and Santo reunited. Sami asks if that is a good thing? They are the reason the vendetta started. Marlena says love denied is never right, but maybe after death it was okay. Marlena wishes Sami could have been there. Marlena says they are about to take off, so she'll talk soon. Lucas and Sami keep talking. Lucas says he's going to work his tail off to be released. He says because he confessed and didn't have a trial, they consider him a model inmate, so he'll be up for release before others. Sami hates the idea of him locked up with a hatchet murderer. He says he'll be in minimum security, he won't have a hatchet killer as a roommate. Sami still hates the idea of him being in prison. Lucas says he'll take care of himself, she knows he can. He doesn't expect her to wait, but promise she'll always love him. Sami says he's forgiven her for every stupid thing she's done, so now it is her turn. She says she never stopped loving him. Lucas says knowing she loves him will make it easier in prison, it will get him up every day. Sami says her love isn't enough to get him through this. Lucas tells her not to worry about him. She says worrying is what she does best. Lucas says maybe it's time to trust. Sami thinks they can both learn that lesson. Lucas says he made a mistake and has to pay for it. He says it's stupid for him to hold onto her behind bars. He says this is her life, she has to live it. Sami kisses him and says don't talk like that. Sami promises . . . He says don't promise him. He says just tells her not to trust EJ, be careful around him. He says don't be near him anymore than she has to. A guard says it's time for her to go. Lucas says he has something for her, and for Allie. It's a DVD with like ten messages on there, for her to watch on her birthday and things. She says she can't and cries.  Lucas promises Sami that he'll always love her, every day more and more, and he knows she'll only get more beautiful in time. She cries. He says remember not to trust EJ. Sami says she loves him and leaves. Sami then leaves in tears. 


February 12, 2008

On the plane, Marlena asks John about the plane, but John claims it is fine. He recites all this scientific stuff about how turbulence is created for up currents of air and stuff. Marlena says he can remember that but not her? John doesn't know how he even knows it. Marlena says because he was a pilot.

The pilots are finding odd things happening with their controls. John shows up and says the passengers are nervous, can they get them through this? The pilot says he doesn't think the weather is the problem. John asks if they are saying there is a malfunction with his aircraft? They don't know, but the instruments aren't responding well, the plane is getting harder and harder to fly. He knows they'll do their best, he has to get back to his family. John pauses as he says this. The plane finally gets steady, but the pilot doesn't know why the controls aren't responding. The pilot says he'll do the best to keep his family safe. John takes over the controls to see what is going on. He says they are right, minimal response. John says they need to take her down. The pilots have clearance for Reykjavik, but they are far out still. John says they'll have to keep it steady until they get there. The pilot tries to radio them back . . . . the radio is dead! John says this isn't a good thing. John thinks they need a way to communicate, like a smoke signal. The pilot says smoke from a plane won't be a good sign.


Phillip and Chloe continue their talk. Phillip wonders if she's upset about Brady or the flight? Chloe says both. He says as for the flight, John has been using these pilots for years. He says as for Brady, he believes he is alive and okay. She wonders how he can know. He says the same way he knows she had nothing to do with his disappearance. She says thanks, but he's in the minority. He says getting Brady back is all that is important, even if he has to go to Australia to kick some butt. Chloe asks Phillip how many times he's been in love. He says the same as her probably. She says she loved Brady . . . loves Brady. Phillip says he loved Belle . . . let's end it with that. Chloe talks about how they were together too. Chloe says again, how many times has she been in love. He says the same as her. 


Marlena talks with Bo and Hope. John went to talk to the pilots about getting through this turbulence. Hope says she hates turbulence. Bo says relax, stress isn't good for any of them. Hope says he looks stressed too, is his back still bothering him. Marlena asks if his back is bad? Bo says no, the mattress at the B&B was bad on his back. Marlena says he is looking a little pale. Bo says it's just stress. Hope takes off for a moment. Bo tells Marlena that he has to talk to Hope about something, it's not good news. Marlena asks what it is, maybe she can help. Bo thanks her but says right now he has to sort some things out. He says he and Hope will have a bumpy road ahead, but right now he wants to keep this to himself. 

Belle and Shawn are trying to keep Claire calm with the turbulence. However Shawn himself looks a bit nervous. Hope joins Belle, Sawn and Claire. Belle notices how Bo and her mom seem to be in a deep discussion. Hope then excuses herself. 


Steve talks with Papa Brady and suggests he rest his eyes for awhile as he's looking a bit tired.  Hope soon shows up, she tells them both enough with these secrets. She knows Bo is sick with worry about something. Steve asks what Bo told her? Hope says to trust him. Kayla thinks that is good advice and hopefully everything will be all right. Hope leaves. Steve asks why she told her that Bo would be all right? Kayla says because she hopes he will.


Hope returns to Bo and Marlena. They are worried that John hasn't come back from his talk with the pilot. John comes out asking to borrow Marlena's cell. Hope says you can't use one on a plane. John says it's his plane, he can do whatever he wants. Bo says it won't interfere with the radio. He says no. He sees there is no signal. The pilots later tell him he'll need a satellite phone. John thinks asking if anyone has one of them will rouse suspicion.

John goes out an asks if anyone is having a signal on their phones? Chloe asks what is wrong? He says just some trouble with the radio. Everyone checks, they don't have any signals. John says okay no big deal. Marlena says it's getting cold in here. A pilot comes out and tells John they are losing cabin pressure. Some of the passengers here this. John says they won't be crashing, the worst that will happen is that it will get a little cold. 


John returns to the cockpit and takes control. He says this is going to put a crimp in his cocktail hour! Meanwhile the passengers all begin realizing something is terribly wrong with this plane. Steve decides to go up front and see what is going on. He learns the controls and radio are gone, and then the gages all go too! They are flying blind. They begin trying to reroute fuel to see if that helps, but it doesn't. Back in the cabin, everyone is getting colder. Shawn and Belle try and convince Claire to remember how warm it was on the beach, pretend she's there. Hope notices how nervous Bo is looking, but he says as long as he has her then life is good. Back in the cockpit, John says they could dump the fuel. Steve says they'd crash and die. John says hopefully not all of them. John orders the fuel to be dumped. The pilots swig their water. teve yells them not to. They dump the spare fuel . . . nothing changes! John  tells one-eye to give everyone the news that they are going to be up here for a while and it will get a hell of a lot colder! Steve goes and gives everyone the news, they have no radio, instruments or controls . . . and they are losing cabin pressure! 


Victor is in the park picking some tulips (while it's snowing!). Caroline shows up and sees him. Caroline was taking a walk, that's all. They end up talking about Victor, who seems enchanted by the tulips. She says so he has a soft spot. Victor says he's always had a soft spot for things, such as family. Caroline knows he's always had a soft spot for Bo. Victor says he's a good man. Caroline says there is good in him. Victor says Bo is good because he was raised by good people, he admires the job Shawn did. Caroline says Shawn is a good father, but Victor is Bo's blood and nothing can take that away. Victor asks how Shawn is doing? Caroline says he's on his way back from Ireland. Caroline says Shawn found out his sister was alive. She thought that would make him happy, but his last phone call sounded trouble. Chelsea soon shows up and finds both her grandparents in the same place at the same time. She says maybe she can ask them questions. She asks how they ended up having her dad? She says she should hear it from them rather than someone else. They both don't want to talk about it. Caroline says it's something they aren't proud of, it shouldn't have happened. Chelsea says but then she and Bo wouldn't be here. Victor says it shouldn't have happened, but the results they don't regret. They begin the story. Caroline says she and Victor and Shawn all grew up in Salem. She says she loved Victor, but he was sent away to Greece to learn the family business. She says she married Shawn and had 3 kids. Victor says he came back to Salem later on. Caroline says Shawn was on a business trip, he always was. She says she was unhappy, they were struggling with three children, she felt Shawn cared more about business than them. Caroline says Victor came back, and well . . . Victor says they had a moment of indiscretion. Caroline says she felt it was a mistake, she told Victor to go away. Victor says he went back to Greece. Caroline says after he left, she found out she was pregnant. Caroline says she never told Shawn or Victor the truth, she kept the secret until Bo was an adult. Chelsea asked how Bo found out? Cue the flashbacks. Caroline says Bo was assigned to a case involving Victor, he was about to shoot when she screamed out "Don't shoot . . . he's your father!" Chelsea asks if he was mad? Caroline says stunned, he didn't want to believe it. Caroline says he was furious with her. Chelsea says and grandpa Shawn? Caroline says he was upset, but Shawn and Victor are both Bo's father. Chelsea asks why Shawn didn't leave her? Caroline says he loves her. Victor says and he was forgiving and honorable. 


Roman runs into Kate in the park. She's crying. He asks if it is Lucas? She says yes. Roman says he didn't have to plead guilty. Kate knows, why did he do it? Roman says he though it was the right thing to do, and he admires him for it. Kate doesn't, now he has to say goodbye and go to prison. Roman wishes he could do something. Kate thinks he can help. Roman says there is nothing he can do, and he'd do anything for Sami. Kate argues with Roman, saying what EJ got he deserved, he was a DiMera. Roman says he won't defend EJ, but he'd be a bit miffed if someone shot him in the back, so he knows how EJ must feel. He also says he talked to Lucas about the consequences of confessing and having people he loved ripped out of his life. Kate asks what he'd know about that? Roman says plenty! She says yes, Marlena. He says not just Marlena . . . Roman says he knows a warden, he can see if life can be made a little easier for Lucas. Kate says please, there are violent people in there. Roman says there are white collar convicts too. Roman says his confession got him into minimum security, not maximum. Roman says all he can do is talk to the warden. Kate says she's sorry, and she knows he'll do all he can. She says she just feels so helpless. Roman says he cares about her, he always will. He says he likes Lucas, but why did he have to shoot EJ. Kate says she doesn't know, but she's sure she's partially to blame for always bailing her kids out of trouble. Roman says because she loves him. Kate tells Roman she is sorry. He says for what? She says for taking it out on him. 


February 13, 2008

On the plane, we see a repeat of Steve giving everyone on the plane the news that there are no controls, no radio and they are losing cabin pressure. They ask are they going to crash? What will happen? Marlena asks if John can fly the plane? Steve says he's in the co-pilot seat and seems to be capable of doing this, with two capable pilots with him. Bo asks if they can land? Steve says they have the wings and rudders tilted for a descent. John soon comes out. Marlena asks John to tell them the truth, can they make it? Belle takes Claire to get a snack John tells them all that all the instruments have failed and they are losing cabin pressure. Marlena asks if they will crash? John says not on his watch. Steve says lovely sentiment, but what do they do? John doesn't know, he's working on it. He says they tried many ways to get them down, nothing seems to be working. He says they are flying at a constant altitude, not able to move, and losing more cabin pressure. He doesn't know why or how it happened, but he's optimistic. Phillip asks how he can be? John says maybe it's how he was programmed. Bo asks how long they can stay here? He says 2 1/2 hours. How long they can keep from freezing to death is the main problem. They are also at 32,000 feet, there isn't much oxygen at this altitude either. John says they need to drop another 10,000 feet to get to air, and this air won't last long. John gets back to work. Marlena says everyone needs to bundle up and use body warmth to avoid hyperthermia. John returns to the cockpit, the pilots are now knocked out! 


The passengers all snuggle. Kayla can't help but think about Stephanie. Steve says they will walk away from this. John returns to check on everyone and asks Marlena he needs to talk to her up front. She goes with him. Marlena goes into the cockpit and finds the pilot. She looks at them, they are alive, but their pulses are slow. She doesn't think it's lack of oxygen or hyperthermia. Marlena excuses herself and says she'll be back. John gets in the control and hopes the plane will do something different, but it won't. Marlena returns with her medical bag. She checks them over and believes they've been drinking almost. Marlena looks at the water they've been drinking, there is residue in the bottle. They realize the pilots were drugged! Marlena says he's going to have to land this plane for them. Marena doesn't know what they were given, she could guess and give them something, but if she guesses wrong then they are dead. John says he wants to get his butt on the ground in one piece and they are all going to help him. Marlena gives them a drug to stabilize the pilots, but they are still unresponsive. Marlena sits next to John and knows he'll do fine, he's never let her down. John says that is that other guy. Marlena says inside him beats the heart of a hero, he's handled this well, she's impressed. She doesn't understand how this happened . .  who did it and why? John says someone doesn't like them very much. Suddenly something happens. He begins doing math in his head, he thinks he has figured a way to land the plane and they may have just enough oxygen to do it. 


Back in the cabin, Bo checks on Shawn, who seems to be sleeping.  He wakes up though, he says he was just resting his eyes. Claire is asleep as Belle and Shawn hold her. Phillip is holding Chloe, who is shaking. Chloe says she doesn't want to crash, neither does Phillip. Marlena comes out with an update, John thinks he can land the plane safely. Steve asks if the pilots agree? MArlena says John is it, the pilots were drugged. They don't know by who, but it seems this was no accident. Everyone is now in a panic. Marlena says John is trying to figure out to how to land the plane. Chloe doesn't like the sound of this. Hope asks if John can land the plane? Marlena says John is their only hope. Marlena says there is one more small hurdle. She says the plane is leaking air out of a puncture in the fusel lodge. She lets the oxygen masks down for when they'll need them. John then comes out and says he has not found a way to land the plane. He says they will be up here until they run out of fuel, then they join Colleen and Santo in the sweet hereafter. 


Sami is brought back to the safe house. EJ says the twins are down to sleep. She says thanks. EJ says she just missed Tony and Anna, it was funny, Tony didn't want to hold one of the babies. Sami is down in the dumps, EJ asks if she wants to talk about what happened. Sami says no she doesn't. EJ says he thinks she should and she'll feel better. Sami says she went to see Lucas, they met and talked, she said goodbye and now she won't see him except through a piece of glass for years. EJ says he understands. Sami says she expects him to be filled with joy by this. EJ doesn't like to see her upset. Sami says he is her life, Will's life, he should have been part of Allie's life. EJ says he is the one who threw it out the window. Sami says he knows what he did and that he has to pay the price. Sami says it doesn't make it easier to see the pain in his eyes. Sami says he's going away for a long time. EJ says you still love him? She says yes! Later they both wonder how much longer it will be until they go home. Sami misses her home and family. EJ says they should make the best of a bad situation, they can play some board games. When he suggests Gin Rummy, they argue over who would win. Sami says not to bother, she always wins. EJ says he always wins. Suddenly Abe shows up. Sami runs to give him a hug, she hopes he has good news. Abe says they are sprung, the coast is clear. Sami says so they don't have to worry about Stefano? He says they always do, he doesn't even trust him in a coma and in a psychiatric hospital. He says pack up what you need. She smiles and thanks him. He likes seeing her happy after everything that has happened. Sami thanks Abe for everything. ABe leaves them to pack up. 


Sami begins packing up, EJ wonders what is with her, why she's in a hurry. She says she feels claustrophobic here and she wants to go home. EJ wants to get home too, but he likes this arrangement, he likes seeing his son whenever he wants. Sami says he can come see him whenever, within reason, and if he calls. EJ says he'd like to spend some time with Allie too. Sami tells EJ that she doesn't want him bonding with her too much. EJ says Lucas isn't here, he chose the path he's on and now he can't be here for his daughter. Sami says he's not her parent though. EJ says she needs a male figure in her life, someone who can look out for her. Sami says he's been great with him while he's been here, and she likes him. EJ asks if that is a yes? She doesn't say anything. He says thank you. Sami says they need to stop and get some diaper cream for Johnny. He says he'll miss getting up at 3am. Sami walks away from EJ, he apparently tried to give her a hug. He says he's sorry, but she says no big deal. He wonders what is bothering her? Sami says she has something she wants to tell him.   Sami says her mom and John went to Ireland, they found her great aunt Colleen. Sami says that her mom isn't given to flights of fancy, but she thinks Colleen and Santo were reunited in death. EJ asks if she believes it? Sami suddenly drops her bag. A DVD that Lucas made falls out. EJ asks what it is? She tells him. Later Sami sits down with Allie to watch the DVD. Lucas is on the TV, telling Allie how he misses her so much, how he won't be away for ever. He says he made a mistake and has to go away for awhile. EJ watches from the background. Lucas says he'll probably miss her first steps and first smile, for that he's sorry. He says the idea of not watching her grow up . . . .He says he loves her and her mother. He says he loves them both and always will. EJ checks on her later, he tells her that he knows her and that she'll be able to bounce back from all that is going on. He tells her that she may not want to hear this, but his feelings for her have grown from the time they spent together. Sami says she appreciates he's been a gentlemen. EJ says he will always be one with her. EJ hopes for a family one day, Sami says she's sure she'll have one.


Max brings Stephanie home to her room at the sorority. She thanks him for the best day she's had in a long time. Stephanie can't help but miss her parents. Max says he misses his pop too, they'll be home soon though. They end up joking around, Max claims he saved her life from that motorcycle gang in the supermarket. She says you mean that granny in a wheel chair? Max says she could have run her over. Stephanie says when you save someone they owe you their life. She says what should she be to him? His slave? He says how about his friend. She says he's proven his friendship, he's more than a friend. Stephanie kisses Max, but he stops her. He thinks it's a bad idea. She asks why? Max says he just wants to make sure she's okay first. Later Stephanie takes a call for someone. She gets back to asking Max why he doesn't want to kiss her? He does, but he thinks it is too soon. He doesn't want her to force it. He says but they can snuggle, he just doesn't want to get hot-n-heavy if she's not ready. She thanks him. He says he just wants her to feel like she has a protective wall around her. He is here for her, but he thinks she'll be more comfortable when her parents get home. Later as they are joking around, Stephanie throws popcorns at him. Max pushes her down on the bed jokingly and she reacts. He pulls away and says he's so sorry. She says she didn't mean to react like that, which he knows. He says the doctor said that would go away over time, and he doesn't want to push it. She says if he'd let her that she'd kiss him so hard on the lips. He sits on the bed next to her, she says see no flinching. They end up cleaning popcorn off the floor. She asks when they can start kissing again? Max hopes soon! 



February 14, 2008

On the plane, the oxygen masks are deployed, John says they'll have to begin using them. However there is a problem, not all of them are working! It's another sabotage, someone knew what they were doing. John says it looks like not all of them will make it, they'll have to decide. Phillip says they can't just decide and watch their loved ones die! John says he's taking a mask, he's one person who they don't want passing out. Steve says Claire needs her own mask, the women should get the rest. The women object, they'd rather share masks. Everyone agrees to do that.

Steve decides he can help John in the cockpit and decides to go with him to check things out. John leaves him to do some work, and something goes wrong with the portable oxygen mask John leaves him with. Steve quickly passes out! In the cockpit scenes we also see a timer counting down until they run out of fuel. They have about 1 hour left.

Kayla thinks about the baby and has flashbacks of her and Steve trying to get pregnant, then her getting the news. She is worried. She confides in Marlena that she is pregnant, and she should have told Steve. She wanted to surprise him with a romantic dinner when they got home. Marlena is concerned, as Kayla's been sharing her mask with Steve. She says she needs her own mask, she can't deprive the baby of oxygen.

John returns to the passenger area to sit and get some oxygen. Kayla is next to him, she is not happy. She asks what he thinks he's doing? He says he's thinking! Kayla says Steve is up there alone? He's trying to save them, John should be too. She says once upon a time that is what he would have done, he'd have gotten them out of this. John says he needs her and everyone to stop telling him what to do, how to do it and who he used to be!

John returns and fids Steve out cold in the cockpit. He looks at him and wonders, how long can a man go without oxygen before dying? Meanwhile Kayla tells Marlena that she's worried about John. What if his programming has him programmed to fail this mission? He might not care if he or any of them live or die.

Bo, Hope and Shawn Sr. are all sharing masks. Bo is not feeling well, he says it's his stomach. He plays it off as if he had some bad food. Shawn Sr. meanwhile wants to give his mask to the others, saying he's the old one. H says he made peace with his sister,  it's time to make peace with God now and go. Hope tells him not to talk like that! she won't let him give up, she wants him to keep a mask for himself. Bo then tells Hope he has something to tell her, both her and his dad. He finally tells Hope and Shawn he is sick, he might have cancer. Hope says this was the secret? Bo says yes. They ask how bad? He doesn't know, saying they don't have all the details. He says says some might not make it back from this ride, even if he does, he still might die. He wants Pop and Hope to take the oxygen and let him go.

Back in the cockpit, John gets to work on the plane and tells Steve to relax, he's working on it . . . but not to hold his breath! He lets him breath some of his oxygen. Steve soon comes too, and John manages to repair the oxygen mask Steve was using that somehow failed.

Bo and Marlena both decide to go see what is happening in the cockpit. They get up when suddenly the plane lurches, and Bo is knocked out! Shawn gives him his mask, but won't share. He tells Hope let him go. Bo wakes up, they keep bickering about this. Bo insists they take the mask and share it, let him go. Bo says he loves her and passes out as Hope is in tears. Shawn says he can't fight anymore, breathing is a reflex. Hope tries to give a mask to Shawn, but he won't let her do this. He wants to save his son, saying he can die happy if he can do that. 

Meanwhile Marlena's tube atatched to her mask breaks when she falls. Kayla wants to share her mask, but Marlena says she can't, the baby needs it. Kayla insists they share, which they do.

Belle and Shawn declare their love for one another. Claire is asleep through everything. Meanwhile Chloe can't believe she'll never see Brady again, or her parents. Phillip says she might, just keep believing and breathing. 

In Salem at the police station, Abe and Lexie discuss what happened over in Ireland, as well as Bo's rests. Lexie says she thinks Hope still doesn't know about Bo, and as soon as they land they have to get him to the hospital for tests. She just hope it's not too late. Chelsea and Stephanie walk in wondering what they are talking about? Abe makes excuses and says they were about to call the FAA to find out about when everyone will be home. Stephanie and Chelsea came to ask about that, they haven't heard anything. Abe makes calls, the news isn't good. The pilot hasn't checked in and it seems there is no radio contact with the plane!



February 15 , 2008

At the station, Roman arrives as Abe, Lexie, Chelsea and Stephanie are in the office. Roman thought the Ford Decker situation was handled? Abe says it is. Chelsea says this is about John's plane. Abe explains that the pilot's missed their check in flight report, nobody can get them on radio. Roman thinks maybe there is a radio problem. Abe says there are other issues, they are off their coordinates and could run out of fuel in an hour. Soon Max and Caroline have arrived. Abe is trying to call for information. Homeland security is trying to track them, but there is no change. Abe says their airspeed and altitude is constant. Caroline thinks that means it's okay. Roman says no, they will run out of fuel and there will be no place to land. However the pilots are trained for this, and Bo, Phillip, Steve and John won't sit around and do nothing. Abe just wishes they knew what kind of trouble they were in. Roman and Abe keep making calls. Roman finds out there is no sign this is connected to terrorist activities. Abe says it could just be the radio. Abe says the tracking station on Greenland has them on radar, and it's not long before they run out of fuel. Stephanie says it's not just the radio, they all know something is wrong up there. Roman and Abe try and keep them all cool. Roman says right now they don't know what is going on. Abe says there is no point in blind speculation. Roman says someone will contact them as soon as then can with information. Abe says all they can do is wait. Caroline says and pray. Chelsea and Stephanie panic, Stephanie says she can't lose her parent.s Lexie says nobody is going to lose anyone. Caroline says they are just worried sick. Chelsea says not knowing anything makes it worse. Abe suggests they all go back to the pub, but nobody wants to go anywhere. Abe soon gets a call with an update.  Abe says the plane just went off radar. Caroline asks if they crashed? Abe says all they know is it's off course and went off radar. Abe goes to make calls to NORAD. Caroline takes out her rosary to pray. Roman says that NORAD is sending rescue teams to the projected crash sight. Caroline says dead God! Stephanie hopes they are okay. 


In the cockpit, both John and Steve are trying to keep the plane from crashing. They have less than 30 minutes of oxygen and an hour of fuel. Steve says they have to do something, he won't let them give up. John says giving up isn't in his vocabulary. He says they have to get control of the craft and land this plane. John asks how the pilots are doing? Steve says they didn't make it. Steve tells John no one has to die, if they work together they can do this. John says it's simple mathematics. He says they are at 32,000, they have to get to 10,000. He says two ways to do that, try and get the controls back, or drop the fuel. Steve says they'll drop fast if they drop the fuel. John says but they'll get controls back and get oxygen. They decide they have no choice and dump the fuel. Steve breaks open the control panel. The wires are fried, it looks like someone planted a small explosive in it. John hopes he can repair the flight controls before he dumps the fuel. John says they are out of time, they have to get control and dump the fuel!


Meanwhile the passengers are all being thrown around. They are also running out on oxygen. Belle is worried about Claire, she's freezing and she can't keep her warm. Shawn asks Hope if his dad is okay?  Hope says he'll be okay. Shawn Sr. continues to insist that Bo use his mask. Hope won't be responsible for letting Shawn die. Shawn says he's made the decision. She asks him to put the mask on, let her get Kayla, she deserves to know what he's about to do. He says okay, but nobody else must know. Hope gets up to bring Kayla. She says she needs her now, just come with her. Kayla comes over to see Hope, Bo and Shawn. Hope says Bo won't breath the oxygen, he wants to be allowed to die. Kayla says they can't let him do that! Hope tells her that Shawn wants to do the same thing to save Bo! Kayla and Hope won't let Shawn do this, but he says he doesn't have a choice. Kayla tells Shawn that she's pregnant, her baby needs to know him. Shawn wishes he could stick around, but he or she won't get to know anyone unless they let him go. Kayla won't let him do this, but he says he has to. He says he love them all so much. He says he'll be up there watching over them. He says he'll be standing next to his sister watching  them all. He says tell Caroline that he'll miss her most of all. Kayla says he will go to sleep and she'll put that mask on him. He says no, let him die, it is right. He says let him go. Shawn then breaks his oxygen mask. Later Hope checks for a pulse, Shawn is gone. Hope covers his face. Hope says they can't tell the others, not now, not yet.  Hope asks if Bo, who is unconscious, will die? Kayla says she'll do all she can. Hope says he has to live, Shawn's sacrifice can't be in vain.


Chloe soon begins to pass out. Phillip tells her that she has to stay awake and keep breathing. Meanwhile Marlena comes to help Belle with Claire and try and give her body heat. BElle cries she's her baby. Marlena says and Belle is her baby. Shawn asks what is going on with his mom, dad and grandpa? Marlena says they'll be okay. She says don't talk, it's a waste of oxygen.  It soon gets harder to breath, Belle realizes there isn't much left. Marlena says there isn't. Marlena says they have to conserve their air and pray. Suddenly the oxygen all runs out, and everyone realizes it. Chloe cries she doesn't want to die. Belle says she's not getting anymore air. Everyone begins chocking for air. Belle cries for Claire. Marlena says it's okay, Claire will never know, she'll sleep peacefully. Everyone soon passes out. Hope and Marlena watch both Belle and Shawn pass out. Marlena goes next. Hope is in tears as she's awake looking around. Kayla and Hope are the only ones now awake. Hope tells Bo she loves him. Kayla tells her pop how she loves him. Soon Kayla and Hope have passed out. 


Back in the cockpit, Steve begins cutting control wires. He is on the verge of passing out too, and eventually does. John takes his mask off and puts another one on to get some air. John finishes fudging with the control panel wires, which is what Steve was doing. Soon the fuel begins dropping all the way to empty. The plane begins going down! Steve soon comes to as the plane descends. He asks what happened? John says he dumped the fuel, but there are still no controls. He tells Steve to start jamming wires!  They end up regaining some controls. John says brace yourself, we are out of fuel though. 

Back in the cabin, one by one people begin coming to. They all realize the plane is going down. Marlena gets up, she finds Claire is still alive. She wakes Belle and Shawn to wake up, they are okay. Even Bo is coughing and comes to. Kayla is still passed out, but is the last one to wake up. Hope and Kayla both know though that Shawn Sr. won't wake up. Marlena calls John in the cabin. He says the fuel was dumped, they should have oxygen back as well as controls soon. She asks if they will be bale to land? John says they are going to try. Marlena tells everyone the situation, to buckle up and brace yourselves.  Chloe knows they are going down too fast, they are going to crash. Claire is crying, Belle tries to keep her calm. Shawn wants to go help, but Belle begs him to stay with her. Bo soon sees Shawn Sr. is covered up, what is wrong with him? He uncovers his dad and finds out he is dead. Hope and Kayla give him looks. They say he gave up his oxygen so Bo could live. Bo cries it was supposed to be him. Bo covers his dad back up. Bo wants to go help John, but Hope asks him to stay with her. Everyone tries to hold on as the plane is going down. Chloe screams "God help us!" Couples start telling one another they love each other. The kids begin telling their parents they love each other too. 


John and Steve continue to try and fly the plane. John asks Steve if he's a betting man? Steve just hopes the odds are in their favor. Steve asks the good lord to cushion the blow a bit when they hit the ground. John gives him a look. There is no landing gear, they are going to have to land on the belly. John and Steve both pull back on the controls to try and level the plane. The show ends with the crash landing.


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