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3rd Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


February 18, 2008

At the station, Abe is still trying to get answers on what happened with John's plane, but he can't get any. Max sent Caroline home, he told her that he'd call her if he learned more. Chelsea tells Stephanie and Max that she doesn't have a good feeling about this. Roman gets news from a contact at the FAA, they've lost the signal and the plane was last recorded near Greenland. He says rescue planes are on the way. Roman and Abe kick Max, Chlesea and Stephanie out of the office while they talk. Max vents that Roman treats him like a kid sometimes and not an adult. Max is worried about his Pop. Kayla says their families are with him and her mom is a doctor. Max just hopes he comes home soon, Ma doesn't do well without him.

Roman, Abe and Lexie are discussing what might have happened. Roman didn't want to say this in front of the kids, but he'd feel better if John wasn't on that plane. Later the kids are all back in the office. The FAA still can't find the plane. Chelsea asks if Stefano could be behind this? Lexie says he's in a coma. Max says well maybe someone has taken over for Stefano, someone like EJ. Lexie says no, EJ turned evidence on Stefano. Max asks why she's defending him? His sole purpose was to come to Salem and destroy his family. Lexie says she believes her brother has changed. Max says maybe her need to believe is blinding her as her family is evil! Max then leaves for some air. Later Max apologizes to Lexie, saying he had no right to take it out on her. He says his biological father wasn't such a great guy either. He worries sometimes he worries he'll turn out like him. Lexie says she understands, she has felt the same way. She says Stefano talked her into some pretty despicable schemes, but in the end she returned to the values her aunt and uncle instilled in her. She says the same will hold true for him. They share a little hug. LExie says they'll find his dad and everyone else. She says they'll get them back safely.


Chelsea and Stephanie both continue to worry. Chelsea wonders if she should call her mom. Stephanie says no, wait until they have more facts. Chelsea says the last time she saw her dad, he was disappointed in her because she wouldn't fess up about Ford. Max comes over to check on them. He tries to tell the girls everyone will be home soon. Max and Stephanie talk in private. She tells him how she thought in the first time for a long time it would be okay, but that hasn't happened. She says it's like she's cursed. She's afraid she might lose both her parents. Max says she's not losing anyone. She says she's glad he's here. They share a kiss. Stephanie says she won't let her parents travel without her again. Later Abe comes out with some news finally. He says the FAA have come to the conclusion that the plane went down. 

At the crash site, we see pieces of the plane scattered about and broken. John is the first one up and moving.  He has a flashlight and looks around. He soon sees Steve out cold on the ground. He checks on him but keeps moving on. He soon sees the others in the plane still in their seats it seems. Bo is knocked out and bleeding. Chloe is on the ground outside the plane as is Phillip. He soon finds Marlena, who is knocked out too. John just keeps walking around and surveying the area. He returns to Steve and flicks his eye patch. He says he saved his life once, does he have to do it again? He sees he has a pulse and says it's his lucky day. John says it's cold, where did he land, the north pole? He calls out to Santa saying he's been a good boy, how about a brand new jet as he broke his old one. Soon a woman begins string. Belle comes to and calls to her dad. Shawn wakes up too. Belle asks where Claire is? Claire asks if they can get this blanket off of her. Claire is perfectly fine, she was just covered by a blanket. Shawn and Belle both check her over and hug her. She says she wants some juice. John says she cuts to the chase, maybe she is his granddaughter. He wants some juice too, some grownup juice. Belle asks if everyone else is okay? He says he took role call but they didn't speak up. He's glad Dink's okay. Belle says his nickname for her is Tink. He says whatever! Belle and Shawn go to check on others, she says watch Claire. John says you can't leave me with this munchkin!


Belle finds Chloe and tends to her, she's okay aside from some cuts. Phillip appears to be punned under something. Belle and Chloe try and wake him up. Chloe smacks him, he says stop hitting me. Phillip asks about Claire, Belle says she's fine. She goes off to find her mom. Chloe thinks it is a miracle they survived. Phillip says before they break out the champagne, there is a problem. He thinks his leg is crushed. She says what! He says relax, it is his prosthetic. It's trapped under a hunk of metal, which Chloe can't lift. Phillip laughs, saying if one of his legs was to get crushed it might as well be his fake one. Chloe says she'll try and lift again, he has to pull his leg as hard as he can. It seems no use, Chloe can't lift it. Phillip says he'll have to detach his leg and help her lift it, will it weird her out. She says no. They manage to get the leg out, he thinks he can fix it good enough for now.


Belle soon finds Marlena, who is awake and okay. She tells Belle to tend to the others, so Belle runs off. Marlena however is in pain, her shoulder has been dislocated.

Shawn gets to his mom. Hope is alive and wakes up. Hope says check on his dad. Bo has a pulse, it's weak, but he's alive. Kayla soon begins to stir. Kayla wakes up and goes over to Shawn Sr. and kisses him. She covers him back up. Shawn realizes Shawn Sr. is dead. Shawn asks if was the impact? Hope says no, Shawn gave his life for theirs, he gave up his oxygen. Kayla says her pop was always a hero, he proved it with his dying breath. Shawn holds his grandpa and cries. Belle shows up and learns about Shawn Sr. She says she's so sorry. Hope is checking on Bo, who is unconscious, but alive. Shawn asks Belle to check on Claire and maybe if she sees some firewood to grab some.

Claire is with John. She asks if he found any juice. He says not yet. She asks if they are going home. He says this might turn out to be their home. He says ever live in an igloo? She says no. He says they better start building one then.  Later Claire is sitting in one of the planes seats. John brings her juice, as well as a little bottle of adult juice for him. He suggests they share a little toast to landing in one piece. John decides to give Claire some advice, don't leave other kids in charge of your toys. He says they break them every time, look at what these pilots did to his jet. He also says don't take life so seriously. He says the adults got bent out of shape over this plane crash. HE says they have to kick back with some juice and smile. Kayla soon shows up asking if he's seen Steve. John says he's over there somewhere. She asks if he's okay? John says he doesn't seem to be feeling much of anything. 

Kayla finds Steve and checks on him. She says he has a pulse and clear airway. She says she just lost her pop, she can't lose him too. She says she has something to tell him. She says she's carrying his baby. She wanted to wait for the right time to tell him. She says they need him, she can't do this alone. She says she needs him and their baby needs him. Steve soon beins to stir awake. He tells her not o cry. Kayla ends up kissing him. She asks how he feels. He says he heard a rumor that he made her pregnant. He asks if it is true? She says yeah, they did it. He says that is so cool. 

John soon finds Marlena, who is still in pain. He asks what is with her face? She says she dislocated her shoulder and is in pain. He says good thing she's a doctor, she can fix herself up. She says she tried, she can't do it herself. She needs John's help. She tells him what to do. She says she may scream, just keep doing it. He says if she insists. As he does, Marlena indeed screams. He asks if they are done yet? She says no, he has to pull and rotate. She says he'll hear or feel a pop. He tries again, we hear a SNAP! She says finally and thanks John. He says you are welcome. He wonders why she sticks around if he hurts her. She says she sticks around because she loves him! Jeesh!

John finds Kayla and Steve. She asks John to bring them some blankets and maybe Marlena's bag, she'd like to examine him. He later returns with the blankets and bag. Steve tells John nice landing. He says he couldn't have done it without him. Steve tries to tell Kayla she is doing too much, but she says she and the baby are fine. She says be quite and let her do her job and check him out. She needs to check him for lacerations. He says she just wants to see him naked. Steve begins having trouble breathing. She thinks he's punctured a lung. Suddenly Kayla begins having some pains. She ignores them and keeps taking care of Steve, but she gets another cramp. She's afraid it's the baby.


Hope and Shawn soon find something is wrong with Bo. He's not waking up. Hope tells Shawn that his dad is very sick, they don't know what is wrong with him, he was to be admitted to the hospital for more tests. Shawn finds that Bo isn't breathing. Hope is in tears. Hope and Shawn try and do CPR on him. Marlena soon finds them and begins to help. She tells them to open his shirt, which they do. She brings the defibrillator from the plane  to use on him. Marlena begins shocking him. He's not responding. Marlena asks if Bo has suffered some trauma? Hope says Bo found out he was sick, but Lexie doesn't know what is wrong and needed to do more tests. Marlena keeps shocking him. Hope is begging Bo to come back to her. Bo fially begins breathing on his own. He's got a strong pulse, Marlena says he's back. 


Belle asks John, who is drinking more adult juice, to watch Claire. Belle says for some reason she likes hanging out with him. John has some extra kid juice which he gives her. He was going to use it for a screwdriver, but he'll drink his vodka straight up. He says she likes that juice doesn't she. She says "That's a fact!" John gets a little memory flash so it seems. He asks what they do now? She says go home. He says good idea. He has her cover her ears and shoots up a flare. He says she'll like this. She says Ooooh Pretty! 


February 19, 2008
In Greenland,  we see a replay of Marlena shocking Bo and bringing him back to life. Bo wakes up and remembers the crash. He asks Hope if she's okay. She says they are okay. Bo asks about his pop. Hope asks Bo to remember. He says he wouldn't take the oxygen, he's gone. Bo later goes to see his pop and cries. 

John is with Claire and they are shooting off the flare gun. Belle shows up to check on Claire. Belle asks John if anyone will see the flares. He hopes so, otherwise they'll have to build an igloo. Belle thinks there has to be something in the plane they can use for shelter. John hopes so, right now all they have is a cold dark night and it's a long way till morning.


Kayla is with Steve. Steve has possible punctured lungs, while Kayla is having cramps. Phillip sends Chloe off to help some of the others. He's working to fix his leg.  Chloe finds Steve and Kayla in trouble, Kayla sends Chloe to find Marlena for her. She finds Marlena and gets her. Soon Phillip and Shawn arrive. They put Steve in a piece of broken fusel lodge. This they use as a makeshift stretcher. They take Steve into the plane, Marlena takes care of him thinking she can do a makeshift triage. Kayla decides to go check on Bo since Marlena has this under control.

Belle finds Shawn crying. He says sorry, he knows he should be taking care of her and Claire, not crying. Belle says they were in a plane crash, they almost lost Claire, his grandfather died. She says he has every right to show emotion. Shawn says he just misses him. Belle says they all do, the Brady Pub will never be the same. Shawn says he made that place, he loved throwing parties for everyone he loved. Shawn wants to make sure they take his body back to Salem. Belle tells Shawn that she knows it's terrible he lost him, but he still has all those memories. Shawn wants to make sure Claire also grows up with memories, memories of two parents who love each other. She says they do don't they. Shawn says more than ever.

Belle goes to get Claire, who is with Hope. She tells Claire it's time to go to bed. Hope offers to keep Claire with her and Bo. She tells Belle and Shawn that it's okay, it will help them stay warm and Bo will enjoy it. Belle thanks Hope, saying she's such a strong woman. Hope says so is Belle, she doesn't know it yet.

Marlena tells John, who is walking around, that none of them should be alone for the night. He says to protect her from the lions, tigers and bears? She says she was thinking of hyperthermia. He says he can keep her warm. She doesn't plan to do much sleeping, she'll be up checking on others. John plans to sleep, which stuns Marlena. How can he sleep through this? Suddenly Claire shows up to say goodnight to John. She gives him a kiss and calls him pop pop. He says his name is John, try calling him that. She says okay John! She says goodnight to Marlena and runs off. Marlena says he's so good with her. John says she's a kid, what isn't to like. 


Marlena checks on Hope, who is staying awake to watch over Bo. Marlena says Bo will make it through the night, try not to worry. Marlena goes to check on the others. Hope tells Bo, who is sleeping, that he made a lot of promises. One was that they'd go together, she's holding him to that one. Bo soon wakes up. he tells Hope he was having a dream about pop, how he and pop were catching fish for the market like they did when he was a kid. He says a storm was coming, he called to his pop to help him get the nets up. He says however his pop wasn't there, he was no where. He says a huge wave was coming, it was almost on top of them, and his pop wasn't there. Hope says they will all miss him, but they are here for each other, for better or for worse.

Marlena checks on Steve and Kayla to see how they are. Steve says he's never been better. She thinks he's back to himself. Marlena checks his ribs. Steve says they were good drugs she gave him. Steve wants Marlena to check on Kayla too. Kayla says she'll be okay. Later Steve and Kayla are talking about the baby, how Stephanie will be great with her. Steve says he remembers how beautiful she was when she was pregnant with Stephanie. He says this time he'll be there for all of it, he won't miss any of it. 


Shawn and Belle are in their tent. They talk about how they deserve a second chance to try again. Belle tells this sounds crazy, but she thinks they have a lot to be grateful for. He says that does sound pretty crazy. She wants them to be a family again, not to end up like Colleen all alone. Shawn says he doesn't want that either. They soon kiss, which leads to making love. 

Marlena returns to her tent where John seems to be fast asleep. She settles in to get some sleep too. John however isn't asleep. John rolls over to snuggle. Marlena jumps, but he says it's to keep warm. Apparently he gets too close, which she doesn't like. Marlena then ends up having more pains in her shoulder. He asks if he can look at it. Marlena says she supposes. He begins unbuttoning her blouse, and they end up in a kiss! 


Phillip and Chloe are together. Chloe thinks Phillip would rather have Belle here with him. He says Belle will always be a part of his life, but she chose Shawn and he accepts that. Chloe says it's so cold, she can't stop chattering. He says there is only one way to keep warm, they have to feed off body heat. She says she's trying. He says the clothes are getting in the way, they have to take them off. She says they have to do what they have to do, and start getting naked! This however leads to some kissing between them. 

In Salem, Abe tells everyone that the plane went off radar, they can't make contact. Stephanie says they could be fine, they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Roman says Stephanie is right. Max asks Abe if they know where the crash site is? Abe says no. Stephanie says they have to find them. Max says they do, half his family is on that plane. Chelsea says they were over Greenland, maybe they landed. Max says they know they didn't land. Max is upset and angry. He has to go call his mom. Meanwhile Lexie can't believe this is happening, some of their best friends are on the plane. Abe says they are strong, they'll make it. Lexie says but some are stronger than others. Roman gets word, it's too late to send search planes out, they won't till tomorrow. Roman loses it and throws some stuff. Abe tells Roman he knows how he feels. He says they aren't his family, but they are like family to him. He knows Roman must be frustrated and helpless. Abe says these people are trained to survive. Roman says he's actually worried about John being out there with them.


Later Caroline is called back to the station. She's worried, Roman and Max try and convince her that pop and the others are strong. Roman says he's probably making shelters for everyone. Caroline hopes Shawn made peace with Colleen before her death. ROman is sure they'll hear the whole story over a bowl of chowder.

Kate and Victor show up, Abe explains to them what little they know. Kate thinks this is Stefano again. She asks why Phillip was on that plane? Victor says he needed to plane for an errand to help Chelsea. Abe says search planes are being sent out, they'll know something soon.


Maggie soon shows up. She tried to call Doug and Julie, but they are traveling. Roman gives everyone the bad news, it's too dark and dangerous for the rescue planes, they're being pulled back in. They won't be sent out until tomorrow. Victor tries to get Abe to find a way to get more searchers out there. Abe says they have to wait till daylight. Caroline says she knows something they can do.

Caroline takes everyone to church to pray. Victor and Kate talk. Victor says he was never big on the church before, but he has been getting there in his older days. Kate says Phillip is the only child she has left in town, she can't lose him. Victor holds her hand. Everyone begins lighting candles and praying. 


February 20, 2008

In the plane wreckage, Steve tells Kayla he's sorry about her pop. He says he was a good man. Kayla says he was. Steve says go ahead and cry for him. Kayla says she's not just crying for him. Steve asks what she means? Kayla says she doesn't know how everyone at home will handle this. Steve says they'll all cry too, it's what they should do. Kayla later has some more cramps. She tries to downplay it to Steve, who is worried. He thinks she is putting pressure and strain on herself and the baby. Kayla says her mom will be devastated over this. Steve says but she still has her and Bo. Kayla says Bo is so sick though. She says she can see it in Bo's eyes, he's in bad shape. 


In John and Marlena's tent, John tells Marlena to rise and shine. She does. Marlena thought that was a dream. He says the rough landing or a kiss. She says both. He says the kiss was no dream. She says neither was the landing. John just wants to talk about the kiss. Marlena asks if he remembers kissing her before that. John isn't sure, but if they try again it would jog his memory. She says she would do anything to get his memory back. John says he'll take her up on that! They end up getting close and fall down together. Marlena tells John how they have a special love, she believes it is still here, he just isn't. John says his mind might not be, but his body is. She says she wants his mind too. He says one step at a time. He then starts to kiss Marlena. Afterwards she asks if he remembered. He says he remembers he probably enjoyed it. He wants to go again! She says no. He thought she enjoyed it, she seemed to enjoy it. She says she thought she was making love to her husband. He says he knows who he is and who she is, so lay back down and they'll keep themselves warm. She says she has patients to see, keep himself warm! 

In another tent, Belle and Shawn are looking at each other and snuggling to keep warm. He asks if she was warm last night. She says she was. He says it did get pretty hot. Belle tells Shawn that she's so sorry for everything she did with Phillip. She says it was a stupid thing to do. He can't argue with that. She asks if he can ever forgive her. Shawn says he loves her. He says he was angry and upset. She says he had every right to be. Shawn says however this has changed things too, they are a family and are meant to be. He says who knows, maybe they'll add to their family. Belle says that would be wonderful. Belle and Shawn keep talking about how looking for Claire, finding Colleen and of course a plane crash have brought them together. Belle thinks she's learned a lot, and that is what it's about. Having a better marriage and working on their family. She wants to spend her life with him if he can forgive her. Shawn says he's held onto the anger longer than he has wanted to. He says if she keeps doing what she was doing last night, they'll work something out. He says he loves her, and they kiss. 


In another tent, Chloe wakes up in Phillip's arms. Phillip says she looks pretty. She says she was through a plane crash and spent the night in the freezing cold. Phillip asks if it was weird for her, sleeping naked with him. She says no, he's an incredible man. She says but they should put their clothes back on, she's still married. Phillip says that's why he didn't go any further, though he wanted to. Chloe says she did too. Phillip says but like she said, she's a married woman. Phillip says he already made a mistake with an engaged woman. He doesn't want them to do anything they'll regret later. Chloe says for once they both did the wise thing. They begin getting dressed. They agree to put whatever happened between them behind them, to let it stay in Greenland. When they get home, they'll focus on finding Brady.

Hope is still with Bo. Bo is sleeping, Hope wants him to save his strength and rest. Hope tells Bo she knows he can hear her, so listen to her. She says he's a father and a husband and she won't lose him. She knows he can find the strength inside him, don't die on her. She tells him to be strong for their family and for her. Marlena soon shows up to check up on Bo. Hope says Bo won't wake up. Marlena yells at Bo if he can hear her? There is no response. Marlena says she'll do everything she can for Bo, but they have to hold on  until help arrives. Marlena says it's cold here, that will slow things down for Bo, it will keep the cells from attacking his body. Belle and Shawn soon show up. They ask how Bo is doing. Hope says not good. They brought blankets for him, but Marlena wants him kept cool, his metabolism will be slowed down. Hope hasn't slept, MArlena tells her she must sleep. Hope says she can't do it, she won't. 

Kayla and Steve are up and around. They go to see Marlena and check on her. Marlena talks with Kayla, asking if she's okay? Kayla says she's cramping, she doesn't want Steve to know. MArlena tells Kayla to take care of herself and her baby, get off her feet. Marlena sets her down and looks at the gash on her face. Steve asks Kayla what is going on? Kayla says just a little dizzy, nothing to worry about. Shawn asks Marlena about his dad. Marlena says it's not good. Phillip and Chloe show up, as does John. John has brought food from the plane. Marlena says they all must eat something. The meals are frozen, Chloe says frozen food isn't very appealing to her right now. John decides to go fire some more flare guns and set up signals. Shawn goes with him. Phillip tells everyone they have to be looking for them, he's sure the plane was on radar. Bo and Shawn go out to fire a flare. John hears a helicopter, so they search for the flares. Shawn finds them and John sends it up. Shawn asks if they see it?


Back in Salem, Roman talks with Caroline and Victor about what they know about the plane, which still isn't much. Victor wants to send his own search team out there. Max and Stephanie show up, if they are going then they want to go too. Roman says they should let the Canadian search team do their job. Victor thinks another pair of eyes won't hurt. Roman says wait twelve hours, if they've heard nothing then they will all go out there. Lexie and Abe show up, they say Kate and Chelsea are still at the church. Roman thinks they should all go back. Caroline says she's said all she has to, God knows where she stands. Caroline tells Max and Stephanie they should go, she'll call when she gets news.


At the church, Chelsea tells Kate that she thinks this is her fault. She says death seems to follow her everywhere. She says look at Zack and Ford. Kate says two opposite ends of the spectrum, she loved Zack and hated Ford. Nick shows up as Chelsea is blaming herself for both their deaths. Nick says she had nothing to do with this, and they don't know anyone is dead. Nick has a feeling they are fine. Chelsea's gut is telling her something else. Chelsea wants her mom, so Kate says she'll call her. Kate says she has her. Nick says and him. Later Stephanie and Max join Chelsea and Nick in the church. Stephanie feels like after all she put her parents through, there is nothing she can do for them right now. Chelsea can't stop thinking about her last conversation with Bo. Chelsea gets a call, unfortunately there is still no news.


Back at the station, Roman and Abe are both on the phones with the rescue units. Victor tells Caroline Bo is tough, he'll be fine. He says he'll come through it. Caroline says yes, Bo is a born leader, he'll get them through this. Caroline tells Victor lately she's seen such a different side to him, a side she hasn't seen in a long time. Victor says he's always cared for her, and because of her they have a beautiful son. He just wishes he knew about Bo before he was 20. Caroline says she couldn't do that to Shawn. Victor says she and Shawn raised him well, he'll tell Shawn that when he gets back. Lexie is listening as they talk about Bo and how strong he is. She knows Bo is sick and might not be coming back as strong as they remember him. 

Abe soon gets news and tells everyone that they found the wreckage, someone fired off a flare. Kate is at the station and hears this, so she calls Chelsea at the church to tell her. Chelsea relays the message to the others that they found them and they are alive. The show ends with helicopters landing and all the survivors jumping up and down screaming. 


February 21, 2008

Everyone is gathered at the hospital waiting for the rescued to be brought in. Sami shows up asking her dad if mom is here, what is going on. Roman says everyone is on there way here now. Lexie says there were EMTs at the site, nobody would have been cleared to fly if they weren't fit. Shawn, Belle and Claire are the first to show up. Claire says it's so good to be home. Victor ask where the others are? Shawn says behind them. Soon two bodies are brought in on gurnies. Everything goes silent. They are covered up. Lexie asks who they are? Shawn says it's the pilots. Lexie decides to have a nurse examine Claire. Claire says they already did though. Shawn says they looked her over in Greenland. Belle suggests she go with Nurse Marcy to the cafeteria and get some ice cream. The nurse takes Claire. Roman asks Shawn what happened to them? Shawn says they died when the plane lost air. He says it was no accident, the pilots were drugged and controls tampered with.


Phillip and Chloe are the next to show up. Victor and Kate hug him. Kate asks what happened to him? Phillip says he broke his leg, fortunately it was his prosthetic one. Victor questions Phillip about what went on up there.

Others end up talking about Grandpa Shawn, how they are glad he got to see Colleen before she died. Caroline is worried that the shock of it might not have hit him. Shawn tells his grandma there is something she needs to know. Before he can say anything, Marlena and John walk in. Marlena's shoulder is in a brace, she explains what happened. She also says Steve and John landed the jet and saved them all. John says someone still owes him a new jet. Marlena goes to Caroline and says she's so sorry. Caroline says she must be relieved to be back.  She is glad she's home safe. Caroline says when Shawn gets here they'll go back to the pub and have a good hot breakfast.


Chelsea and Stephanie are still waiting on their parents. Kayla then rushes in and hugs Stephanie. Steve is brought in on a stretcher because of his cracked ribs. Steve is taken to be examined. Kayla hugs her mom and says she's so sorry. Caroline asks why people keep saying that? Bo is then brought in, he's not in good shape. Caroline asks what is wrong with Bo? Is this what they didn't want her to know. Hope explains this didn't happen in the crash. LExie demands Bo be taken to a cubicle, she wants Kayla examined too. Kayla says she needs to talk to her mom, but Steve wants her checked out. Hope tells Kayla it's okay as she holds Caroline. Kayla leaves. Hope explains that Bo is sick. LExie takes over, saying abnormalities showed up in his blood work. She says they don't know what they are dealing with, but they will start extensive testing. Lexie then leaves.


Hope tells Caroline she's sorry she had to find out like this. Hope then calls Marlena over to talk to her as she goes to be with Bo. Marlena tells Caroline that Bo is strong, as soon as he's diagnosed they'll begin treatment. Shawn says there is something else she needs to know. Caroline doesn't want to hear it until Shawn gets here. Where is he? Caroline then sees the looks on their faces. She asks why he didn't get off the plane? At this point another body is brought in. Caroline runs over and says "No!" Sami too says no! Caroline ends up breaking down. Eventually she goes over to the gurney. Roman and her family are with her. Shawn says he wanted to tell them earlier, but everyone kept walking in. Caroline asks if it was his heart? They say no, and he died a hero. Shawn says Grandpa didn't want them to know what was going on, only his parents and Kayla knew. He says the plane was sabotaged, there was a hole in the fusel lodge and they were freezing and losing pressure. The oxygen masks fell. Shawn says his dad was sick, so he insisted on giving up his oxygen. Shawn says he passed out. He says Grandpa and Mom put the mask on him so he could keep breathing. However Grandpa wouldn't take the oxygen either, he knew there wasn't enough for them all. Shawn says he refused the oxygen, he died so his family could live. Caroline says she wants to see him. Roman is in tears and asks her not to, but she says she wants to see him. Lexie comes over and lifts the sheet up so Caroline can say goodbye to Shawn. Roman and Victor try and pull her back, but she wants a moment. Maggie comes over and she hugs her. Caroline says it's not right, they should have had more years together. Caroline just can't let him go. Everyone is in tears. John remains distant from them all though. Marlena goes to check on him. She says there was a time that he thought that woman was his mother. She asks if he can find it in his heart to offer her some words of comfort. John says nothing, but then goes over to the others. John says that he was told for awhile he thought they were his parents. He says he doesn't remember that, but from what he saw of him and what he did, he does wish he had been his father. Caroline says that means a lot. John then walks away. Roman asks Caroline to let Maggie take her home, but Caroline won't leave until she knows her family is okay. Lexie tells her that everyone is okay. Maggie tells Caroline she's in shock, she needs to process this, she will stay with her. Caroline says she should go to the pub, she has things to do, arrangements to make. Maggie says right now she needs to deal with her loss and give herself time to grieve. Caroline once again says goodbye to Shawn and kisses him on his forehead. Maggie then takes Caroline home. 


Marlena talks with Sami. She says she's sorry about Grandpa. Sami says she can't believe he's gone. Marlena looks at EJ and says she can't believe that his father's organization didn't have something to do with this. EJ says he'll find out if he did. Marlena believes him, he broke from his father and told her about John, so he gets high marks with her. MArlena tells Sami she should be home with the babies, but Sami won't go. EJ at least makes her go to the cafeteria and eat something.


Steve is bandaged up and told to wait for Lexie. Meanwhile Kayla is with her doctor. She tells them that she's been having cramping, she's worried she might lose the baby. Steve, who is getting dressed, hears this as he's in the next cubicle. Stephanie shows up, she finds her dad trying to leave. She asks where he's going? Steve tells her that Kayla is pregnant and could lose the baby. They both listen in as the doctor talks with Kayla about the baby. The doctor tells her to just remember that stress is her greatest enemy right now. Steve tells Stephanie she didn't want her to find out this way. However he thinks Kayla will be fine, they'll make her spend the whole pregnancy in bed. Stephanie is just so thrilled they are both home and with her. She hugs him. He says ooooh watch the ribs! Stephanie later goes in to see Kayla, while a nurse tells Steve he has to stay overnight. She says his wife is staying too. Steve asks if they get to share a room? Adjoining rooms? Anything? The nurse says she'll see what she can do. Steve finally goes to see Kayla. He doesn't want her taking any kind of chances. He wants her to remain in bed, he'll get her lots of take out for her cravings. Stephanie begins looking down. Steve asks what is going on? Stephanie says she feels terrible about Grandpa Shawn, but at the same time she's happy to have them home and about the baby.


Lexie comes to see Bo, who is with Hope. She says he's in for a long stay and some tests. She also tells them that Caroline knows about Shawn, they just brought him in. Bo wants to be with her, but Hope says Caroline would want him getting better. Bo gives Lexie his symptoms and is worried, he can't help but think of Isabella dying of pancreatic cancer. Lexie tells him not to jump to conclusions. Later Chelsea shows up asking Bo how he is, if they know what it is, how long he's known. Bo and Hope give her as much information as they know. Chelsea however says they are acting way too calm, it's obviously a lot worse than they are telling her. They tell her they really don't know how bad it is yet.

Lexie talks with Shawn, Belle, Phillip and Chloe; she wants them all checked out. They all agree. Phillip also needs to pay a visit to the prosthetics department. As Chloe and Phillip are walking off, Victor confronts Chloe about Brady and what she knows. Chloe says she's told him and the police everything she knows. Victor thinks she's lying. Phillip believes her. Victor says he's a fool. Victor says he has contacts all over the world and not one has an idea where Brady is. He says Brady didn't disappear, someone is holding him. Victor says the people who did this to him will pay. Chloe says she didn't do anything and runs off. Kate walks over to Victor and asks if he thinks Chloe has her sites set on Phillip? He says it wouldn't surprise him. Kate says she's after the same thing she's always been after, his money. Victor looks over at John saying this is his son they are talking about, does he have any interest in finding him? John says he doesn't know him, but he does find it odd he just disappeared. He understands it was his daughter he was married too. John says he was his father in law, did they get along? Victor says not always, but after Isabelle died, they put his differences aside and he was an admirable man. Victor says whether he becomes one again is up to him. 


Lexie soon tells John it is his turn to be examined. He says forget it, he's been poked and prodded with enough needles to last a life time. Lexie says she'd feel much better if she could examine him. John says she's just up for a cheap thrill! Marlena shows up asking if he's giving him a hard time? She wants John to let a doctor examine him and determine if he's fine. John says how about her, you show me yours and I'll show you mine. She says fine and takes him off. Later the exam is over. Marlena believes he is fine. Sami and EJ return, she asks if everyone went to the pub? Marlena says no, she wants to give Caroline time. Sami wants to hear what happened in Ireland. Marlena says she'll share it with her at some point. EJ goes to get the car. Marlena says they are getting along well. Sami tells her about the safe house, how he was good with the twins. Sami offers her and John a ride. John doesn't know where he's going yet. Marlena wanted him to come home with her. John says actually he thinks he wants to go to the DiMera mansion, he has a right to live there. Sami asks what that means? MArlena says like she said, she has a lot to tell her about Ireland. 

Victor goes in to see Bo, who is still with Hope and Chelsea. He says he's very sorry about Shawn. Bo says he couldn't' have asked for a better father, and they'll all miss him. Victor says Maggie took his mom to the pub, she's in good hands. Victor says if there is anything he can do to help, just ask. He offers to bring in as many specialists as he has to in order to help him if he needs to. Bo is later taken for more tests. 

Phillip. Chloe, Belle and Shawn are all getting ready to leave. They've all been checked out. Phillip put in an order for his new leg. Belle and Shawn talk about what they have to be grateful for. Belle and Shawn leave. Kate then shows up and asks Phillip if he's ready to go. Phillip asks Chloe if she'll be okay? Chloe thinks everything that has happened hasn't hit her yet. Phillip asks her to come home with him, she shouldn't be in a hotel room alone. Chloe thanks him for the offer. Kate looks annoyed though. 



February 15 , 2008
Lost the first few minutes because of snow updates and stuff. 

Lexie comes in to check on Kayla. Adrienne sent some flowers. Lexie says she misses her. Lexie asks how she is? Kayla says physically she's feeling better, emotionally not so much. She says with her pop dying and with Bo being so sick, now the baby . . . . . She wishes Steve was around, he was a hero on that plane. Later Lexie realizes she has to get going, she has some things to do. Kayla remembers she never got a chance to congratulate her on the promotion. Lexie thanks her, and says as her boss she's ordering her to relax! Lexie leaves and files Kayla's folder in the nurses bin/station. We then hear a woman asking for Steve Johnson's room number.


Roman checks on Steve and finds him out of bed. He insists he get back in bed. Steve says he's fine, just stretching his legs. Steve asks him not to tell Kayla he was up walking around. Roman knows it is late, but he wanted to talk about the crash. Steve tells Roman that someone sabotaged that plane, they wanted it to crash. Steve says he'll make sure that person burns in hell.  Steve tells him about the wires being fried, the pilots being drugged. Roman says normally they'd suspect Stefano, but he's in a coma. He says someone sabotaged the plane. Roman wonders if it was just a single target and not everyone. Roman says if so, that person would have to be crazy enough to kill everyone to get to one person. Steve says besides Stefano, who would do that? He then remembers seeing the woman in Ireland. Roman asks Steve to give him any updates if he remembers anything. Steve tell Roman he's sorry about his pop, he was a good man. Roman thanks him and tells him to just rest. After Roman leaves, Steve loses it and breaks some flowers. He screams he doesn't know what she wanted. A nurse quickly comes in wondering what happened? Steve says she has  to help him. As the nurse tries to calm him down, we see the mystery woman watching from the hall. Steve says he has to find her, but the nurse won't allow that. The nurse thinks he's talking about Kayla. She says she'll have to give him a sedative. He says no, he'll calm down, he promises. She won't take no and gives him the shot. She says get some rest, she doesn't want to hear another peep out of him. 


Back in the hall, the woman listens in as the nurses talk about the Johnsons and the good news that Kayla is pregnant. This seems to make the woman furious! The woman later asks one nurses about where Kayla's room is. She is pointed to it. The woman goes to go in, but the other nurse says visiting hours are over and won't let her in. Meanwhile in his room Steve is still trying to get out of bed and find her. A nurse brings in a note left for Steve. He reads it and is shocked. He says she's here! The note says "That bitch will never have your baby!" Steve tries to get out of bed but collapses. Kayla soon comes running and finds him. She asks what he's doing? Steve asks if she's okay and the baby is fine. She says yes and no need to worry. Kayla helps him back into bed. Kayla knows the nurse had to sedate him. He says he's concerned about the baby, but he has to tell her something. She asks what is it? What is wrong? He says he has to tell her, but he's passing out from the sedative. He isn't able to tell her. She leaves him to rest, not seeing the note on the floor.

Tony goes to see Anna, who is in a robe and face mask. She doesn't want to see him, she's mad at him. He says this is important. She says fine, come in, but he's not staying long. He tells her about Stefano being in a coma, how they had him transferred to an institute rather than pursue more treatment for him. He says however Marlena called him and wants him to come by the mansion. He's afraid Stefano recovered and might be angry. He says if he has to deal with him, he'd like to have the woman he love by his side. She says thank you for wanting to bring me into an explosive situation where Stefano might want revenge! He says he just wanted support. She says he's not a kid, he doesn't need her to hold his hand. He just wanted her to come with him, it would be nice. She says well yes she can go with him.

EJ is driving Sami home. He says he was hoping Johnny might come and stay with him some time, now that they are back in their separate apartments. Sami however isn't listening. She says her family was in a plane crash, it's like her family is still under attack. EJ says they know who wasn't behind it. She knows it is hard for him to abandon Stefano. He says it was for the best, but a part of him had issues and a part of him would like to go to the mansion to see if there is news of Stefano's recovery. Sami says John wanted to move in, he wouldn't do that if Stefano was getting better. EJ says unless he's under his father's control still. Sami says they have to get over there now! She tells him to drive and drive fast.

At the mansion, John is playing with Stefano's chess game. Marlena is having issues with John's interest in the DiMeras. She says he's much more of a Brady, that is the heritage he should embrace. He says he's had his fill with pubs and beer, he wants to explore the finer things in life. She says he has money and never cared about it. John says but he didn't put it to good use. He says this place is amazing. He says his highness has been knocked off the thrown, there is a new emperor in town. He does think they need to visit Stefano and make sure he's still in a coma.


Pretty soon, EJ, Sami, Tony and Anna all show up. They hear opera music playing and see a man, from behind, sitting in Stefano's chair with a drink. They think it is Stefano and this is a trap. Marlena soon shows up and welcomes them all. John gets up, they are all shocked but relieved. EJ asks why they were asked to come here. Marlena says it's a long story. She begins telling the story of how they found Colleen alive, how she fled the country after faking her death, how she was pregnant with Santo's child. They ask where this boy is now? John says right here. Anna asks where as everyone looks around. John says he's the bastard love child of Santo and Colleen. Anna says you're a Brady? Tony says you're a DiMera! Tony says this means they aren't half-brothers anymore. John says what? Tony remembers he lost his memory. He says he's Stefano's son, but only in name only. He chuckles he missed out on those genes.

Later EJ asks Marlena if his father or grandfather knew this? Marlena doesn't believe so. She says Stefano only recently found out that Colleen was alive, he wouldn't have sent John to kill her if he knew he'd be reuniting mother and child. Sami just can't believe John is Stefano's half-brother. LExie walks in at this point asking what she just said? Anna says she missed the big announcement and fills her in. Lexie is shocked. Lexie says all these years they were friends he's been his uncle. John says they can go through the family tree another time, he wants to call the family lawyers. He feels he's entitled to half the estate, and with Stefano out of commission, he thinks he will be in charge of it all. This seems to upset EJ, who Sami holds back! Sami asks why he'd want anything to do with the DiMeras? He says he's looking into his roots. Anna says the root of all evil! John says they should all have a drink with their uncle.

Tony wants to talk with Marlena in private. Lexie is with him, EJ shows up asking if John thinks he'll be able to just take over? Tony chuckles afraid you are going to get disowned? EJ says he pretty much has been already, but he doesn't see why John would want anything to do with the DiMeras. Marlena says John has done things she wouldn't imagine he would. She says she's seen glimpses of the old John, but for the most part he's a complete stranger.

Meanwhile Sami tells John that he's upsetting her mom. He says some new clothes and car will put a smile on her face. Sami says that won't make her happy. Anna says it makes her happy! Sami says her mom doesn't care about material possessions. Anna says she never understood that about her. Sami asks if he doesn't want to be the man he once was? John says if she sees a switch ion him flip otherwise he likes who he is now. Anna feels like they have a lot more in common now. Sami stomps on her foot and says she's not helping! John says and people say he's rude! He goes over to tend to Anna's foot with a massage, which she seems to like. Sami can't believe this. John is talking about how certain areas of the foot control pain, others pleasure! Tony soon returns asking what the hell is going on here? 


Later is seems John is just working at his desk, the others are gone. Marlena says she's heading home, is he coming. He says he is home! She asks if he's living here? He sees no point letting it go to waste, she can stay too. She says no, she's not comfortable here. She tells him that she's not giving up on him and kisses him on the forehead. He just says good to know. She then leaves him. John turns and looks at her as she walks away. John later looks at Stefano's picture on the wall. He says they are both getting what they deserve, and he thanks Stefano for setting him up in such fine accommodations. John toasts to Stefano.

Tony takes Anna home. She thinks Tony is jealous. He says he wasn't, he just thinks it was inappropriate for her to be flirting with Marlena's brain damage husband. Anna says he was flirting with her. Tony says of course he was as she's beautiful. He kisses her, suggesting he stay the night. She says tomorrow is her first day of work, she needs her beauty sleep. He thought she was kidding about that interview. She says that is the problem. He asks what she'll be doing? She says she took a job as an ad exec at his competition. She says as of now they are officially rivals! Tony says if she wanted a job he could have given her one. She says she didn't want him to give her anything, he doesn't respect her and doesn't treat her like an equal. She says he made the decision to stay here without talking to her. She says he thinks she'll just follow him around like an lovesick puppy. She says he is patronizing with her and she hates it. He says so what, she'll teach him a job by showing she's a force to be reckoned with? He says that's ludicrous, he has the best agency in town and the experience. She says its been a few years, he may be rusty. He says she still frustrates him to no end. However he loves her and doesn't have to prove anything to him. She wants his love and respect, she doesn't think she has his respect. Tony says he is sorry. He says he must be doing something wrong. Tony decides to leave for the night. 


EJ and Sami head home. Sami can't believe John is a . . . DiMera. At the same time EJ says a Brady. They both think the other said it like it was a bad thing. She says the DiMera blood might infect him. He says like it infected him? She says no offense, it affected him as bad as the  rest of his family. He says look at Tony and Lexie, they are pretty good. Sami says they've both had their moments. She's worried about her mom, she loves John a lot. EJ says maybe this will bring him back to the man he was. Sami says or her love for him will only  hurt and destroy her. EJ asks if she really thinks John would be a danger to her mom? Sami says tonight he didn't care he was upsetting her. She says they are still married and he doesn't care this is difficult and painful for her. EJ says the same way it's difficult and painful to be married to him? She says not to compare their situations, MArlena loves John. He says and she doesn't love him? She says they are getting the annulment and not talking about it anymore. EJ says yes dear! 


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