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4th Week of February 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


February 25, 2008

At the hospital, Bo is sleeping when Roman shows up to see him. He sits down and Bo wakes up. Bo asks where Hope is. Roman says she's worn out so she's getting some sleep. Bo says good. Roman asks how he's feeling. Bo says like a million pennies. Bo asks him what is up. Roman says he needs to talk to Bo about what happened with the flight. Bo tells him as much as he remembers. He says the radios went out, the controls went out, the pilots went out and they crashed. Roman says they were up there a long time. Bo says John and Steve tried the best they could to land them. Bo says any landing you walk away from is a good one. They soon talk about how pop didn't walk away from the crash, but not because of a crash. Roman says he was a good man. Bo says the best.

Shawn, Belle and Claire soon show up to see him. They tell him he's looking better. Bo asks Claire if she's happy to be home. She says yes, it's so much warmer. He asks for a hug. He says that is the medicine he needed. Caroline then comes in to see Bo. Belle  takes Claire to the cafeteria so Bo can talk. Bo explains pop died because of him. They all tell Caroline about how there wasn't enough oxygen to last them all. Bo says Pop kept saying he had a long good life and it was his time to go. Bo says he wasn't going to let him. Bo says he was sharing a mask with him, but he passed out. He says Hope and Kayla put a mask on him and tried to get one to Pop, but he wouldn't take it. Bo says he knew there wasn't enough for all of them, so he wouldn't take anymore. Shawn says grandpa died so his family could live. Bo says it's his fault, pop died because of him. Caroline says don't say that, it was his choice. She knows he'd give up his life for his son, so don't feel guilty about what happened. Shawn says he'd sacrifice his life for Claire, any father would have done that. He says don't take that away from him. Bo says but he's sick, he could be dying. He says what if Pop did this for nothing. Lexie walks in and says he did not do it for nothing! Lexie says she'll find out what is wrong with him. She asks everyone for a word alone with her patient, so everyone leaves. Before they go, Bo tells Caroline he's sorry. She says don't say that, his father died a hero and she's proud of him. 

Later Bo and Caroline are alone after Lexie's exam. They are talking about Shawn, how he forgave her for the affair and kept on loving them both. Caroline says he was loyal, generous and strong. She says she could go on and on. Bo remembers when he asked if Santa was real. He says Shawn took him on the steps and just talked to him. Bo says there was a sadness in his voice, but also an excitement to know his little boy was growing up. He says when they were finished they sat there looking out at the water. He doesn't remember why he remembered it. Caroline remembers it too, hearing Shawn tell her what happened. She says he knew there wouldn't be anymore little tykes running around, it was the end of an era for their family. Bo says he was excited to see us all going off on their own, he knew he could devote more time to her. Bo cries that he was there for him at the end. Caroline says he's there for him now, for all of his children and grandchildren. Bo says he'll always be there for her too. Bo and Caroline hug. Later Lexie returns, they are going to be running the gamut of the tests. He asks what is the worst case scenario? She says she'll always tell him the truth, but not answer all his questions. She says right now they don' know what is wrong. Bo wants her to just tell him before she tells his family. She says she will. 

Kayla is with Steve in his room. She climbs into bed with him and asks how he's doing? He says her first. She says she and the baby are fine. She says now him. He says he's ready to get back in the ring. Kayla says he'll be fighting her if he doesn't take it easy. Steve says he'd like to just snuggle up with her for about a month. Steve asks her to go back to her room and maybe they'll spring them both. She hopes he'll be good. She then leaves. Steve then looks at the note he got.

Steve and Kayla finally return home. They sit on the couch, Kayla says she just wants to sit here for awhile. Kayla tells Steve that he was going to say something to her last night. He says he doesn't remember, he was pretty out of it. He says they have to get her laying down, but she wants to stay on the couch. He says okay, if she lays does on the couch then he'll go get them something to eat. She says okay. 

Steve goes for lunch and realizes he's being followed while in some alleyway. He grabs Ava and throws her against a wall, holding her by her throat! She laughs and says he saw her at the airport, she had hoped he'd know it was her. She fights back and throws him into some barrels. She asks if he got an owwie, or was that from the crash. He says some things never change. She says some things do. He asks what she's doing here. She says he never said goodbye Patch, or should she call him Steve. Steve tells Ava if that's all she wants then fine. He says goodbye! She punches him in the gut and says it's too late. She says he said he loved her, that he wanted for her to have his baby. Steve says he's not that person anymore. She says well the new Steve will have to pay for the old Patch's mistake. Steve asks what she wants? She says she wants him back! He says she has a funny way of showing it. She says she's not sorry he's suffering, the way she suffered all those years. She says she will get him back. Ava now has some big guy by her. Steve thinks she had her people screw with the plane. She says they screwed up, it wasn't supposed to go that far. She says they got carried away, but he didn't die. She's so glad about that. Steve says others did die! Steve asks her what is wrong with her. Is she really that crazy? Ava says daddy doesn't like her to get out of the house much, but sometimes she gets away. She got all the way to Ireland and she got out today. He tells her that she is sick. She says just come with her. She almost kisses him, but backs down. Steve then attacks her goon and tells her to keep away from his family. He then runs off. Ava says this isn't over. 

At the sorority house, the girls call a meeting about Chelsea betraying their oath. One of the sisters say Chelsea may be off the hook with the cops, but she's not off the hook with them. Stephanie stands up, saying Chelsea had to deal with a lot of stuff, more stuff than they did. The girls say they were trying to protect Chelsea and they hated Ford too. They say they all agreed not to tell. Chelsea says what she did was wrong and she should have come to them. Cordy says she has to trust them, they are her sisters. She says are or were? They say they all talked it over, they realized what she did took guts and had the most to lose out of all of them. They say they admire her for what she did. They say they want to put this behind them and get back to focusing on their classes and get back to being friends and sisters. They all hug. The girls then discuss what to do when they get out of school. They all have a list of internships with companies here in Salem. 

Stephanie and Chelsea soon begin going through the internships when Max shows up at the house. Chelsea gives him a hug and then Stephanie. Stephanie says she's really sorry about his dad. Chelsea says she doesn't know what she's supposed to say, she's not good at this kind of thing. Chelsea says she's sorry and leave them to talk. Max feels guilty, his final words to his dad were that he was busy and had to go to work. Stephanie says he knew how much he loved him. Morgan soon shows up, she also tells Max how sorry she is. Max wishes he was there, that he could have saved him. Max feels that his dad was a much better man than he was. Stephanie says that isn't true, he's an amazing guy and has many years to become better. They both say they are here for him. Max says he's sorry for being such a woos. Stephanie says any normal person would feel this way. Morgan says he loved his father as much as she loved him. Stephanie decides to leave to check on her parents. She gives Max a little kiss on the cheek and leaves. Max thanks Stephanie. Morgan tells Max that Stephanie loves him and and trusts him. She says she wouldn't let him out of his site, especially with her. He says she's a good girl, he always liked her. She says but she doesn't love him. She says she can understand, she doesn't like it. but she's ready to move on as friends. They hug. Max says he doesn't want to lose her as a friend.  

Meanwhile Steve returns home with burgers, fries and chocolate shakes from Buddy's Burger Barn. Steve hears noises upstairs. He freaks and asks what that was? She says someone must be salsa dancing, it's been going on since he left. Steve has pains so he goes to get some pills. However he locks the door first. She asks if he's expecting trouble? He just tells her how she and Stephanie mean everything to him. There are more sounds from upstairs, which makes Steve take notice. She wonders why he is so jumpy? He says just leftover adrenaline from the crash. She says they are home and safe now. Steve suggests she go lay down in the bedroom where it is extra quiet and he'll come join her. She leaves. Steve then goes and opens something in a drawer. He takes out a gun and chains the door. Steve sits on the couch and soon hears someone fuddling with the door. He goes to see who it is as the try and open the door. It's only Stephanie. Steve tucks his gun in the back of his jeans. Steve lets her in. She asks how he is and how mom is. Steve says she's in the bedroom and would like to see her. She tells Steve she loves him and then runs off to check on her mom. 


February 26, 2008
The Brady's are gathering at the pub to help set up Shawn's wake. Belle runs into Sami outside, neither can believe Grandpa Shawn is gone. They go in, where Shawn, Roman and Caroline are talking. Caroline asks where all the babies are? Belle says Claire and Ciara are with Maggie and Alice over at Alice's house. Belle asks Sami about the babies, how is she dealing with her twins with Lucas gone? On cue EJ shows up with both of them. Caroline asks why they didn't leave them at Alice's too? Sami felt she had enough to handle as is. 

Roman and Shawn are later talking in private, neither can believe Grandpa Shawn is gone. They expect him to come up stairs with a keg of beer for the bar. They decide to bring one up for the wake tomorrow. Meanwhile Caroline has asked EJ for a moment and they go outside. She asks how he is doing? He says she's the one who lost her husband, she shouldn't be worrying about him. She says she sees the look on his face, the "I've made mistakes and I don't know if I can fix them" look. She says she's been there. She also sees how much he cares for Sami. She says don't dwell on the past or the mistakes. She made mistakes, but from hers something good did come, Bo. He thinks given what his family has done to Sami and hers, nothing good can come from that. Caroline says she was forgiven for her mistakes. She says she believes he's trying to change and be a better man. He says he is. She tells EJ she wants him to come to the funeral. Perhaps him being there, they'll see some good come from that. He promises he will be there. EJ and Caroline go back inside. Sami and EJ decide to head out with the twins. Caroline then gets to work with Shawn, Roman and Belle. She says Grandpa Shawn always felt this bar was the perfect place for an Irish wake. She wants to make sure they give him the best wake they can.

Sami and EJ are back at Sami's place with the twins. Sami begins to break down. She can't believe her grandfather is gone, that they've lost another member of their family. She doesn't even remember the last words she said to him, probably something stupid like "Thanks for breakfast, see ya later!" EJ holds her as she cries. It appears they are about to kiss when Sami pulls away. She says she's sorry and runs off into another room.

At Steve and Kayla's hotel, Steve convinces Kayla, who is back up, to go back and lay down. He then makes a call to someone, saying they need to meet. As he's leaving, he runs into Stephanie. She wonders why he's leaving mom and why he's acting so edgy. He asks her to stay with Kayla. He claims his ribs are killing him, he doesn't want her to know or worry. He has an errand to do and he'll be back soon. Stephanie stays with Kayla, who sends her on a quick food run. She brings back food and they plan to watch TV.

Elsewhere we see Ava sitting at a desk. She looks at a photo of her and Steve. She then makes a call. She says daddy learned she got out and saw Steve, he's not too happy. She says he has her locked back up at home now. She tells the person she needs all the info they can get her on Patch. She says money is no object either. She says people don't walk away from her, Patch did and now she'll make him pay.

Steve returns to the hotel after running his errand. He's back on the phone telling this guy that the information he gave him doesn't lead back to Ava. Steve says he knows Ava is back, he saw her. He also knows she caused the plane crash, she killed people. He tells the guy that both he and Ava are part of his past, he wants them left there. He needs to deal with Ava, get her out of his life. Later Kayla and Stephanie come out of the bedroom. Stephanie decides to leave them be and head out, they probably want alone time. Steve really wants her to stay, which she wonders why? She has things to do at the Theta house. He asks her to go right there, saying her mom might need her so he wants to know where she'll be. Stephanie says if mom needs her, she can call. She then heads out.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena shows up to see John, who is going over Stefano's papers. John called her, he'd like her help getting into the hospital to see Stefano. As they are heading out, Abe arrives. He has police issues with John. He says John never officially left protective custody, and he's still not sure John isn't a danger to people. He even says he can run John in for observation for 72 hours if he has to. John and MArlena assure Abe he's fine. They even call Lexie over. Lexie tells Abe John's in perfect health. Abe is more worried about his mental health. John says he is not a robot programmed by Stefano anymore. Lexie says John is no more like Stefano than she is, they just have the unfortunate luck of sharing genes. Abe agrees to let this go, but says he'll be watching John. John says just do it from outside his house.

At the hospital, John and Marlena arrive to see Stefano, who is still in his vegetative state. John tells Stefano he thought he was the big bad puppet master in charge of it all, well he made a huge mistake. He says he brought the two people together he shouldn't have. He says Stefano sent him to meet his mother. John says Colleen is his mother, he is her and Santo's bastard. To himself Stefano says no, this can't be! John says he almost killed her, but didn't. It seems something was more powerful than Stefano's hold on him. Stefano says he'll always own part of John. John says Colleen did die, but she died happy with her family there. He says Stefano on the other hand is here, his family has deserted him. John says so he's going to go back to Stefano's house, which is now his house. He says he'll drink his booze, eat his food and sleep in his bed. John says soon, it will be like Stefano never existed! As John and MArlena leave, Stefano yells "Damn you and your whore of a mother!"


February 27, 2008
Due to being pressed for time this week, I've not been able to make screen caps. I'll attempt to make some though by week's end.

Belle, Shawn and Hope arrive at the hospital to pick up Bo. Lexie is discharging him for the funeral, but wants him to take things easy. Hope takes Lexie out into the hall and wants her to be honest, is she going to lose Bo? Lexie tells Hope the same thing she's been saying, they are waiting on tests and right now they have no answers as to what is going on with Bo,.

At the pub, Steve, Kayla Stephanie and Max are with Caroline. They are telling her how they are here for her today to help her get though this. Kim walks through the door and says her whole family is here to help her through this. Max asks how they'll all fit in one car? Kim says she has a rental, she'll drive Ma to the funeral. Victor walks in and says he was hoping he could do that. Kim becomes defensive, standing between Victor and Caroline. Caroline tells the others to go to the funeral, she'll meet them there. Kim stays behind and has words with Victor. She wonders why he's here on this day, what trouble is he looking to make now. Victor tells Kim she's been away from Salem a long time, the problems between him and her parents has long been resolved and they've become friends. Caroline tells Kim it's okay, to go. She says call her if she needs her. She tells Victor that her mother just lost the love of her life, she hopes he will not take advantage of that. Victor assures Kim that he cares for Caroline very deeply. After Kim is gone, Victor and Caroline talk. She thanks him for the offer, but says it would not be appropriate. She says people would talk. Victor thinks Shawn would approve of this. Caroline wants to go on her own though and say goodbye to her husband and give him the respect he deserves.

At the church, Roman and Marlena seem to be the first ones there. Marlena talks with Roman, saying how sorry she is and giving him a hug. John walks in. He came to pay his respects, after all it seems Shawn was his uncle. He says he didn't mean to interrupt them, continue their cuddle party. Marlena says he almost sounds jealous. John says no, but for divorced people they sure seem cozy. Where is the anger, the resentment. Roman and Marlena say they've always remained close friends, all of them. John says oh well in that case, maybe he should give ROman a hug too. They hug and Marlena smiles, somewhat in shock.

EJ and Sami show up and run into Chloe and Phillip. It's tense between them all. Chloe tells Sami how sorry she is. Sami asks if she's heard anything about Brady? Chloe says no. Sami says if she had told what she knew sooner maybe they'd know something by now. Chloe asks since when she cares about Brady? Sami says he is family. Phillip says speaking of family, has Sami bothered to go see his brother or is she too busy playing house with EJ? EJ tells Phillip it's nice to see him again, he misses their scheming. Roman soon comes over to stop this before it goes any further. Sami tell her dad she spoke to Lucas this morning, he sends his condolences. 

Others begin arriving, Max, Stephanie and all. Steve tells them all to go inside, he'll wait around for others. He looks and sees Ava spying on him. He chases her, but she gets away. He soon runs into Lexie and Abe. Lexie asks if he's okay? Steve says yes, he had to go to the car to get one of his pain pills. He tells Abe he'd like a chance to talk to him later, so pencil him in.

Sami and Roman have a little talk about "Cousin John" and how he certainly is different. Sami later talks with Marlena and Maggie. Maggie wonders if they'll ever get their John back. Marlena doesn't know, but she sees glimpses of him every now and then.

Kim soon arrives at the church. Roman asks where Ma is. She says she left her with Victor, it was what she wanted. Kim goes to see Bo, who is sitting down. He wants to know who told Kim he was sick, Kayla? Roman says no he did it. Kim approaches the coffin and stands there. Roman joins her and takes her hand. Kayla follows, finally by Bo. They all stand there holding each other's hands as they say nothing.

EJ talks to Sami about how well her family gets along. Sami says they don't always, but they are a family and love each other. EJ says Shawn raised them all well. He says this is a far cry from his father and his family. He says he only hopes he can do as well as Shawn did with the twins. Sami decides to go call Doug and Julie, who are watching the twins.

Caroline arrives on her own and the funeral soon starts. Roman gets up to speak first. He welcomes everyone, saying Pop would love that they all came here for this and to know how popular he was. He says he'd also want this over with as quick as possible so that everyone could get to the pub and raise several pints to him. He says therefore he won't talk long. He says his pop taught him three things: how to work hard, how to be a good father and how to love. He says his parents had an incredible marriage, they had their ups and downs, but they made it work.

Kim gets up to talk next. She says she wished she had been around more these past few years. She wishes she had a chance to say goodbye. She hopes her pop knew how much she loved him and that he'll always be in her heart. She breaks down.

Kayla gets up and shares some memories. She says pop always took her fishing as a little girl, but as she grew up those trips got less and less. The last trip was before she was to marry Steve. We see flashbacks of this. She says her father gave her the strength to be the woman she is today.

Bo speaks last. He says he was a pain in the ass growing up, and pop always put up with him. He says pop put up with him even after he found out he wasn't biologically his child. He says that is a sign of a great man.

Everyone in the church soon pays their respects, placing flowers on the casket as Chloe sings an old Irish song. Caroline is the last to stop up. She breaks down in tears over the coffin and says she'll always love Shawn forever and never forget him.


February 28, 2008

The family all gathers at the pub for Shawn's wake. EJ attends, but tells Sami he feels uncomfortable. She makes a snide little remark that it's probably because of his last name. Hope meanwhile remains worried about Bo, who she thinks looks pale. She wants him to go back to the hospital, but he won't until after the toast to pop. Hope asks Steve to help keep an eye on Bo for her. Steve agrees, and fails to notice the lurking Ava outside the pub. Later he asks Abe for a favor, to run Ava Vitali through the police computer and see what comes up. Abe is puzzled, but says he will do this.

Roman begins the toast to his pop. He says this was his favorite toast, he's sure they've all heard it. Roman begins, and each of the Brady children take turns with the various verses.

Kimberly talks with her mom, saying she feels like she never said goodbye to pop. Caroline says in toasting him, she just did. She says Shawn will always be with them. Meanwhile Bo begins to pass out, which worries Hope. She's even more worried when Bo won't fight her and agrees to go back to the hospital. She has Steve help her get him to the car. Kim wants to cancel her flight home, but Bo won't let her do that. Even Caroline tells her she has a husband and children who need her, she has all the help here she needs. 

EJ bumps into Kim, and she gives him the cold shoulder. He introduces himself, but she knows who he is. He asks her not to judge him based on his name. She says she's not, she's judging him on what he did to Sami and her family. EJ admits he made mistakes and is trying to change. Kim says it takes a big man to admit when he was wrong, he gets points for that. Later Kim has to catch her flight and says goodbye to everyone.

Outside the pub, Ava watches as Steve and Hope take Bo to the car. Bo asks Hope to stay and look after his mom, Steve can drive him. Hope says she's going to be at the hospital as soon as she can. Ava lurks and takes camera phone photos of them. After Steve and Bo leave, Ava confronts Hope and says it was time they met. Hope has no idea who she is. Ava asks if she loves Steve? Hope is puzzled and just says yes of course.

Back inside, Victor and Caroline have a heart to heart about their past. Caroline admits she loved 2 men and had to choose, she chose the man she loved and could see a life with. Victor knows and knows she was happy. She says what they did was wrong, but from it came Bo. Victor admits that Bo was always more Shawn's son than his, and Shawn gave his life saving him.

Max soon begins another toast to his pop. He says one of Shawn's favorite toasts. Belle goes next, followed by Roman. They are all sharing toasts they remember Shawn saying. Even EJ chimes in with some Irish toasts he knows. Caroline ends up giving the last heartfelt toast.

Ava goes home and looks at all the photos of the Bradys and their friends. She basically has an entire collection of them. The last photo she looks at is Hope's. She apparently thinks she's Steve's wife, the fact she loves Steve is a problem . . . for her.

At the hospital, Steve brings Bo in. Bo insists Steve head back to the pub, he has his own wife who needs him. He says okay. He lets a nurse know he's going. She says she is about to go hook Bo to the monitors. However when she goes to do that, she finds he's in cardiac arrest! Lexie rushes in and they stabilize Bo. Later Hope and Shawn arrive. They ask if she knows what is wrong. Lexie says Bo's pancreases is shutting down. She says if it quits all together, he'll die! 

Tony arrives at work where he greets his secretary. Meanwhile Anna arrives at her work. She's the only one there. She gets a call from her boss, asking if she's brought in any clients. Given she just arrived, no. However she is going to start making calls to all their clients. He hopes she brings someone in, otherwise they'll be out of business. As it turns out, Tony has woed all their clients over to his agency. She decides to pay Tony a visit. Tony meanwhile shows up to see her, but she's gone. He leaves a snarky little note, saying it seems she and her entire staff are on a lunch break. He suggests she come work for his agency, there will always be room for her. 

Meanwhile Anna arrives to see Tony, but learns he's out. She sees his new secretary and is a tad jealous. She asks if Tony gave her the birth control talk yet? The secretary is confused. Anna says she's not only Tony's ex wife, but an old secretary. She says Tony likes having his secretaries on the pill, because he used to get too many knocked up. She should know! She says when he does he tends to fire them. She says she only got fired after he married her. Later when Tony returns, he finds his secretary furious and packing to leave. She wonders when he was going to give her the birth control talk. He assumed she had that in sixth grade with the birds and the bees! She storms out saying she quits. Tony has no idea what he's done wrong. He later seeks out Anna, figuring it was her. She admits she went too far. He grabs her and kisses her!


February 29 , 2008

At the hospital, Bo wakes up and finds Hope with him. She stayed through the night. He says it seems like he made it. She says yes. She won't let him give up on her, he will fight to stay with her. Bo seems less than optimistic he can beat this. Meanwhile in the hall, Chelsea and Shawn are sitting and talking. Chelsea is worried too, but Shawn tries to convince her that it will be okay. Lexie talks to them saying the same issue Bo faced last night he's facing now, his pancreas is shutting down. Victor walks up at this point. He jumps to the conclusion that Bo has pancreatic cancer like Isabella. She says no, but for some reason his pancreas is failing him.

Caroline, who also shows up to see Bo, gives him a pep talk as well. Soon everyone is in with Bo as Lexie talks to them all. She wishes she had more answers. She says they know it's not cancer, but given Isabella's death from pancreatic cancer, there could be a genetic influence here that Victor's family suffers from that attacks the pancreas. She says unless they figure this out, his pancreas will grow weaker until it quits all together. Bo asks how much time are they talking here? Caroline says enough that Lexie will figure this out! Victor offers to bring in specialists. Lexie says the more consults they have the quicker they may arrive at a treatment. 

In another hospital, Tony and Anna arrive to check on Stefano. Anna finds him creepy, laying there with his eyes open. Tony wanted to make sure nothing had changed. He says he can't hear or see them, his eyes being open is involuntary muscle reflexes. To himself Stefano can hear them! Anna decides to wait outside. Tony talks with his father, wondering if he realizes what he's really done to John, if he can understand the ramifications and if he feels any remorse? Stefano remembers turning John into the personality-less being he's become. Tony eventually leaves his father, who thinks about John. Stefano laughs to himself and says he still owns John, he is the one who can give him his old life back. He says the old John would be disgusted with the way he's acting. He thinks in time, his family will too and they may soon wish he had just stayed dead.

EJ drops by to see Sami. She needs to talk about their annulment. She wants it done as quick as possible. EJ says he'll have the papers drawn up. She thinks Mickey should do it. EJ says he was a lawyer before racing cars, and this is a very simple matter. She still would feel better if Mickey looked it all over. EJ says if that is what she wants he'll get the papers to Mickey. She thanks him.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena arrives and finds John going through Stefano's papers. He wants her to help, even offering her 10% of any hidden funds she might come across. She doesn't want any of that money and doesn't want him to take it either. Soon the doorbell rings. John is expecting a lawyer, but it is Belle and Claire. Claire wanted to see John. John says he's really busy, but MArlena makes him make some time for them, saying he's being rude. He offers Claire some juice, but she says no thanks. He then gives her a job as his assistant, sitting her at Stefano's desk to play with a big gold pen. She quickly finds the disk in his drawer which has John's memories on in! She asks John what it is? John says it's unmarked, therefore probably junk. Soon the lawyer John was expecting arrives, one Mr. Griffin. He has gone over the paperwork and suggests they call the family over. John says great, family meeting number 2. 

EJ, Sami, Tony and Anna show up. Lexie can't come because she's busy at the hospital. The lawyer says with Stefano's condition, someone needs to take over the family empire. He says he's read over Stefano's will . . . EJ stops him and says but Stefano isn't dead. The lawyer says no, but the will gives directions on what to do where he dead, therefore it serves as somewhat of a guideline. As it turns out, he cut Lexie out months ago. He also recently cut EJ and Tony out, and dissolved all their trusts. EJ says but Stefano told him they would be re-instated. The lawyer says well he lied to you. He has a trust set up for Giovanni, but Sami wants her son to have none of his blood money. The lawyer says that decision will be made when he turns 21. The lawyer says basically there are no adults in the will that Stefano would turn the estate over to. He feels John, as his only other living relative, gets it all. EJ says Stefano would not want John to have it. The lawyer says that all he can do is make this ruling based on who it was clear Stefano didn't want to have it. John asks how much they are talking here? The lawyer says tens of millions of dollars.

Everyone but Marlena leaves John, who breaks out the cigars to celebrate. Marlena says he can't keep this money. John was planning to do just that. Marlena says she won't stand and watch this, but she's not giving up. She knows there must be some way to reach the man he was. She then leaves.


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