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1st  Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


December 31, 2007
At the pub, Shawn and Belle are decorating for 2008. They kiss, Shawn says this Christmas was the best of his life. He says he was so proud  of her for telling Phillip off. Belle thinks she snapped a little. Shawn says she had the nerve to call him out, she finally told him once and for all to get lost. He says he felt so good when she did that. Belle says she should have done it a long time ago. Shawn says it's a whole new year and a new beginning. He has a new resolution to trust her completely as she deserves it. They hug, Belle of course thinks about being with Phillip.


Outside the pub, Phillip is watching them. He gets a call from Chloe, who is in the park. She needs his help. someone is following her. She's sure it's the police and she's about to be arrested. Phillip thinks she's exaggerating, but says if the police are after her then there isn't much he can do. She says he is Phillip Kiriakis, he can do anything. Phillip says call him if she's busted. He hangs up and goes back to spying.


Back in the pub, Shawn tells Belle they have to put this year behind them, start over with a clean slate. Caroline shows up asking for help. She sees how they've decorated, she says they've done a great job. Caroline asks Shawn to help her with some champagne. After Shawn leaves, Phillip comes in to wish Belle a happy new year, and talk about their future. She tells him to get out and stay away from her. He says he is sure she does want that. He touches her face and says they both know what happens when he gets close like now. She says stop it, get out, this isn't fare. Phillip asks who that speech was made to impress, him or the Bradys? She says it wasn't an act. She says Shawn will be back, so go. Phillip thinks she's trying to impress others and not living her life. She says she wants to be with Shawn, she wants more children, she wants safety and security. Phillip thinks he can give her that and more, he won't let her throw her life away. Belle says she didn't marry Shawn out of guilt, she thought about it and wanted to marry him. He tells her to think with her heart and not her head, that is where the truth is. Phillip says part of her does love Shawn, but he thinks she chose him because he's Claire's father and it is what her friends and family expected. He wants her to stop pretending. She says she listened to him, now listen to her. She says she loves Shawn, everything about him, especially when he runs his hands all over her body. She says Phillip isn't the only one who makes her heart beat fast, now get out. Phillip says this isn't over and she won't get rid of him that easily. 


Shawn soon returns and asks what he's doing here? Phillip says he was just here to check on Belle. Belle says she asked him to leave, if he doesn't then she'll get a restraining order. Shawn tells him to get out or he'll throw him out. Phillip leaves. Belle says she's sorry, this is her fault. He says she hasn't done anything wrong. Belle says no she made a big mistake. He says they both did, they are moving on and starting over. She says they can't until this is out in the open. She says she has to tell him something, something she should have told him weeks ago. Belle says he should have been told before they got married. She says she was afraid to lose him, she told herself it was only once and it didn't matter. Shawn says just tell him. She says she cheated on him, she slept with Phillip.


Phillip leaves and gets a call from Chloe, she was arrested. Phillip says keep her mouth shut and he'll be right there. Phillip arrives at the station, he finds Chloe in an office with an inspector from the Austrian embassy who is there to arrest Chloe. Chloe is saying she doesn't know any more than they do. Later Phillip and Chloe talk in private. Chloe tells Phillip the truth. She says some men broke in during the night, they grabbed Brady and took him. She says Brady knocked over a glass, that is how he cut himself and got blood everywhere. She says the men just took him, but they left her. She says she wanted to call the cops, but all she could think was that the cops would suspect her given all their fights.  He says so she's protecting herself? She says no Brady. She says she looked, but then she got messages saying to stop looking or asking questions if she ever wanted to see Brady again. She says she knew only one person could help her, him. She says if she had gone to the cops right away then she may have had a chance, but not now. She can't help Brady in jail. She begs Phillip to help her, she'll do anything he wants. Phillip asks what she could do for him? Chloe doesn't know, she doesn't have anything to offer. Phillip says maybe there is something she can do.

At Sami's, EJ holds Allie and tells her that her mommy will be home soon, she just went to find his daddy. There is a knock at the door, EJ answers it to find Stefano, a huge man and a baby carriage. Stefano says he has come to take his grandson, for a walk in the park. EJ asks who this guy is? Stefano says Carmine, his body guard. EJ wonders why he needs this guy? Stefano says he has to ask? He says a few people in town are wary of the DiMeras, with Carmine on the job there will be no worries. Stefano wants to take the child, but EJ says no. Stefano walks in and asks what he means? Is he not this child's grandfather? EJ says he's not, this is Allie. Stefano asks for Johnny, he wants to take him out. EJ says that isn't a good idea.  Stefano asks why it isn't a good idea? Is the boy sick? Does he have a cold. Stefano says this pram is the best money can buy. EJ says that isn't it, Sami is not here. Stefano saw her running off, probably looking for Lucas. He says EJ is Johnny's father, it's up to the man to make decisions. He wants to take Johnny to the park. EJ says and then what, he'll take him on a plane so they never see him again. What is his plan. Stefano says EJ's obsession with this woman is making him weak and clouding his thoughts. EJ says he has never been stronger or seen things more clearly. Stefano says she's manipulating and controlling him, but EJ thinks that he is the one doing this. Stefano says it pains him to see EJ as a paid baby sitter with no voice or authority. EJ says it's his decision, Johnny is his son. EJ says if Stefano takes him, he doesn't believe he'll bring him back. EJ says it isn't acceptable to Sami or him. He tells Stefano to take his pram and leave. Stefano says this disrespect is ill-advised. EJ asks if he's threatening him? EJ then gets a call from Kate, who realizes EJ is the one who helped Sami find Lucas. She asks what is wrong with him, he could have had Sami to himself. He says this isn't a good time, he's with the twins. He hangs up. Stefano then tells Elvis that he always counted on him to be a good soldier. He says he failed on occasion, but he gave him a chance to redeem himself. Stefano says youth and inexperience leads a man astray. Stefano says the time does come when a man must make hard decisions, that time is now. Stefano says EJ will either be a devoted son and soldier, or the enemy, there is no in between. Stefano says he wants to see Johnny and now, this is his last chance. EJ says or what, finish his threat. Stefano says he thinks he wants to harm him? He's his father. EJ says he is a man who doesn't like to be crossed. He asks if he'll do what Santo did to the Bradys? Is he going to do what he did to Tony, send him to an island? Will he do what he did to Renee? (This is NOT a blooper referring to Lexie/Renee Jones. Stefano had a daughter in the 80s named Renee DuMonde). How far will he go to get what he wants?  Stefano says what a dark day this is, he never foresaw this. He never thought EJ would turn on him. He says his other children perhaps, but never him. Stefano wishes he knew what he did to deserve this. Stefano asks if he's not shown him love, given him everything? EJ says yes in many ways he was a wonderful father. Stefano asks then why is he his adversary? EJ says he's not denying him access to Johnny, he's just being careful. He won't let Stefano see him without him, or take him. Stefano says this hurts him more than he can tell him. Stefano says when the chips are down, watch out as he intends to win. Stefano then leaves, saying keep the pram as a gift. EJ tells his father they have lots of secrets and skeletons in their closets, but don't take his son from him. Stefano thinks that is threat number two he's made. He tells EJ he's an ingrate, a turncoat! EJ says he raised him a DiMera, that makes for a dangerous enemy. Stefano finally leaves. 


At the airport, Sami shows up and begs Lucas not to leave. She says he promised they would talk about this. Lucas says he can't stay, he explained in the letter. She begs him not to go. She says she believes he is innocent. Sami says they will prove it, he doesn't have to run. Lucas asks how she found them? Sami says it doesn't matter. Kate says they don't have time for this, the truck driver is waiting. Sami thinks this is Kate's idea, but Kate says Lucas made up his own mind. Lucas tells Kate to give him a moment. Lucas talks to Sami, he says his mind is made up. Sami tells Lucas that she is sorry what she put him through, she's sorry she took him for granted while being stuck on this vendetta. She says they can work through this. Lucas says they can't, it's too late. Sami asks why? Lucas says he has done something that he has to pay for. He says he tried to stop her from marry EJ, and he basically handed her over to EJ. HE says they kept saying it was temporary, it was a marriage in name only. However he knew if she married him, it would be over for them for good. He says it was his job to protect her and he couldn't do it. Sami asks if he's saying he . . . . She says he told her that he didn't do it. Lucas says he lied. Lucas says he did do it, he's the one who put the bullet in EJ's back. Sami says that can't be true. She says he wouldn't lie to her about this. Lucas says he was protecting her, with EJ around he knew nobody was safe. Lucas says he didn't plan it, after she left something inside him snapped. He says that is when he remembered the gun. He says he got it out, but put it back as he thought he could stop the wedding without violence. However he says that wasn't possible, he knew there was only one thing he could do. We see flashbacks of the gloved hand behind the curtain shooting. He says he took the gun and shot, his only regret is that EJ didn't die. Sami says this will start a new war, he just put them in even more danger. Lucas says that's why he's going, they'll come after him. Sami says they will go after everyone connected to him. Lucas says he did this because he loves her. Sami tells him not to touch her! Sami says he can't make this better, nothing can. 


Kate shows up again telling Lucas they have to go. She says don't throw everything away for a woman who will always need another man. She says Sami found them via her good friend EJ, they tracked them in the company car. She also says right now EJ is at their apartment taking care of the twins. Sami says she had no choice but to leave them with EJ. She says if it weren't for what Lucas did, they'd all be at home happy. Sami asks how he could do this? How could he shoot EJ? She says they can't fix this, they can't go back. Suddenly the sirens are heard. Kate tells Lucas the police are on their way, walk away. Sami says sure listen to mommy, take the easy way out and make his son proud. Sami says maybe Kate is right, she's sorry. She's sorry she hurt him, just go. Lucas doesn't want to lose her. Kate tells Lucas they have to go. Lucas tells Sami he loves her. Suddenly Roman shows up with the cops. Kate begs Roman to give them a running start, but Lucas says it's over. Roman says he's sorry, but he has to do this. Roman arrests Lucas for EJ's murder. Sami runs off in tears as Roman reads Lucas his rights.




January 1, 2008

No Show


January 2, 2008
Marlena is at home. Outside people are screaming "Happy New Year!" The neighbor rings her doorbell to see if she'd like to come over to her party? Marlena says she thinks she's going to stay in with a good book. The neighbor says she understands and wishes her happy new year. Marlena starts reading a book, but hears the music from next door. She looks up at a photo of John and thinks this is a sign. She says she gets it.

At the station, Bo and Roman are eating pizza and discussing Chloe, who is in the other office with Phillip. They don't know if she's telling the truth, thinking Chloe should have come here immediately asking for help and not gone to her class reunion. A man delivers a bunch of stuff for Bo, he signs for it. It's from Hope, it's a card and a tux. She says get himself over to Chez Rouge, she has plans for his lips at midnight. Roman lets him go, saying he can handle things here. 


Phillip is still talking to Chloe about the people who took Brady. Chloe insists she's innocent, but Phillip says she hid a kidnapping and lied. Chloe says she tried to find Brady but someone sent her a note threatening to kill him if she didn't stop. He asks where the note is? She says she threw it away, she packed that night and flew out. Chloe asks Phillip what he wants from her for his help? He hopes a woman who would hide her disappearance won't have  a problem with what he wants. He says in exchange for his help, move in on Shawn, get as close to him as humanly possible. She says he's pimping her out? He says Belle is already in love with him, he just needs to come between them more. Chloe can't believe him, he and Shawn used to be such good friends. She says she doesn't know about Belle, but Shawn is in love with his wife. Phillip says take the deal or they'll say goodbye forever. Chloe says Shawn is a great guy and she won't use him. Phillip says she is already defending Shawn, that's all she has to do to real him in. Phillip motions to the lawyer he brought for her, if she does what he asks then he'll keep her out of a Austrian prison where she'll be eating Vienna sausages on a dirty plate. Chloe asks how long until she's out? Phillip says they could ring in the new year together. She asks if he's buying? Phillip says of course. Later the lawyer takes care of the bail and everything. Chloe then remembers one last thing, the men that took Brady, they said something about Belle and took a photo of her. Phillip says he has to find Belle right away. Phillip runs off.


At the pub, we see a replay of Belle tells Shawn that she slept with Phillip. She says it happened once, after her dad died, she was confused and it meant nothing. She says she is sorry she lied. She didn't want to start the new year this way, she loves him. She begs Shawn to look at her, to talk to her. He says talk to Phillip, that is what she does whenever she has a problem. She says it will never happen again. Shawn asks if it was before or after they got married. She says before. He thinks she's been lying to him. She says she loves him. He says she loves Phillip too. She says she wants them to be a family. She says they can get passed this if he forgives her. He says so what, they just get passed her cheating on him? She says they can work towards trusting each other. He says he did trust her, he forgave her for so much already . . . he doesn't owe her a damn thing. She says but they have a daughter. He asks if she thought of Claire when she was in bed with Phillip? Shawn asks how many times are they supposed to start over? Belle says she can't take back what she did. Shawn asks why she married him? She says she loves him and wants to spend her life with him. She says she doesn't want to see Phillip again. Shawn says so that job she set up to get him out of town, that was for them too? She says yes. He says he fell for it all, all the lies and excuses she came up with to be to him. He says he basically handed Phillip the key to their bedroom. He blames himself for trusting her too many times. She says she won't give up, she loves him. Shawn says those are words, she doesn't know how to love anyone, he was too blind to see it. He asks why he should forgive her? He says he bent over backwards to give her and Claire a house and a life. He says she's taken the one thing he has left, his pride. He says she doesn't care about them, that is the truth. Belle asks if he loves her? He says yes. She says then they can fix this. She says they can learn from this and be stronger. She says tell her that he wants that. He says what he wants is a divorce! She says no, they have a good marriage. He says they never had one at all. He says he won't fight over Claire, she's a good mother. He says he'll pay support and get as much visitation as he can. He says Belle should go to her mom's house for the night, Claire is a sleep so don't wake her. He says his family will be here soon, so go. Belle packs her bag and says this is it, he's not going to fight for them? Shawn says there is nothing left to fight for. Belle then leaves. 

Outside the pub Phillip finds Belle crying. He asks what is wrong? She says just leave her alone. He asks where she's going? She says she told Shawn about them, it's over. Phillip says he's sorry. Belle asks why he's here? Phillip says Chloe says she could be in danger. Belle says Chloe can go to hell, so can he. Belle then walks off. 


At Chez Rouge, people are dancing, including Steve and Kayla. Kayla says this feels wonderful. She says it's like they've done this every year. Steve says they will do it every year from now on. Steve tells Kayla how beautiful she is, she says he's so handsome in his suit.  Soon Bo shows up, Maggie tells Bo and Hope she may have to name them the most beautiful couple in the room. Maggie asks if they spoke to Marlena, is she going to come? They don't know, but Marlena shows up and says she and John never missed a fabulous party. Maggie says John would be so proud of her. Marlena says he practically insisted she come. 


Steve, Kayla, Bo, Hope and Marlena all gather to wish each other happy New Years. Steve tells Marlena she looks wonderful. He dips her and kisses her and says that is for showing up tonight. They all sit at their table. Marlena makes the first official toast, to cherished friends and wonderful memories. Marlena looks over and sees the back of a man who looks like John, until he turns around. Hope soon toasts to a girls weekend at a decadent spa. Kayla likes that idea. Bo then toasts to Hope, his one and only great love. He also toasts to his sister Kayla, who sees the good in everyone. He says she is his hero. Bo then toasts to Marlena for joining them, she is part of this family. He says she's smart, beautiful and funny. He says John was a lucky man and smart enough to know it. Steve says hey Bo left him out! A song plays, Steve asks Marlena to dance, he promises not to step on her toes. She says maybe later. Kayla dances with him. 


Steve and Kayla dance, Steve thinks Kayla has a look . . . the look she gets when she's about to drop a bombshell. Kayla says she made an appointment with the fertility specialist, they have to do a few tests. She says it is nothing major. Steve starts doing a silly dance, saying it's a fertility dance. She says this isn't a big deal, all he has to do is give a sample and his part is done. Steve says he can do that. He then makes Kayla do his silly dance with him. 

Back at the table, Bo asks Marlena how she is holding up? She says fine, and she doesn't want anyone to feel guilty about celebrating. She says she misses John, she's trying hard to feel like she hasn't let him down. Hope asks how she could let him down? She says right now John would be on a plane to find Brady. Bo says he and Roman are looking for him as they speak. Marlena says she made a resolution to pull their family back together. Bo and Hope offer to help her keep that promise. 

Hope and Bo dance, Bo thanks her for the surprise at the station. He thinks Roman was glad to get rid of him and work all night long. She says he could have come with Marlena. Bo says they shouldn't go there. Bo says seeing Marlena here, it hits home that every dance counts. Hope says she's really worried about Brady. Bo knows she can't take another loss. Hope makes a new years resolution to spend more time with him and the kids. Bo says he doesn't have a resolution as much as a wish, he'll show her later. 

Marlena sits at the table and looks at the photo of John as a boy. The man she saw earlier asks Marlena if she'd like to dance? She says maybe later. He says he looks forward to it. Later Marlena sees Crystal come in. They lock eyes and Crystal leaves. Marlena follows her. Marlena asks why she's here? Crystal has been looking for her. Marlena confronts her about her lies about her store, it's been closed for months. Crystal says she's trying to help her. Marlena says about John? Crystal says no, his son. Marlena asks if she knows where Brady is? She says Brady is in danger, she needs him. She says the picture will guide her, the one John got. Marlena asks how she knows this? Crystal can't say, all she can tell her is that Brady's destiny is involved. Marlena wonders if she thought she was an easy mark seeing John's obituary in the paper of something? Crystal runs off when she hears footsteps. Bo, Hope. Steve and Kayla show up wondering what's going on. Marlena says nothing and she has to go.


Marlena shows up at the station to see Chloe. Marlena demands to know where Brady is. Chloe says her lawyer says she can't talk about it. Marlena grabs her, Chloe's lawyer wants to press charges for assault. Chloe says it's fine, she can handle this. Marlena asks Chloe who Crystal is, are they in on this together, is this a DiMera plot? Chloe says she doesn't know and she'd never hurt them, if she has more questions then call her lawyer. She then stomps off. 


Later everyone gathers at the pub. Hope asks about Belle, where is she? Shawn says she went over to see Marlena. Bo says they have time for another toast before the new year. Kayla says not another one. Bo toasts to their kids, may it bring good fortune, good health, love peace and happiness.


Belle goes to her mom's and hugs her, saying she didn't know where else to go. Belle says he won't talk to her, he wants a divorce. Marlena says give him time. Belle says he couldn't forgive her, it was too much too much to expect. Marlena says forgiveness is never too much to expect from someone you love. 

As the new year is rung in, Shawn and Belle are apart, while Phillip is with Chloe. 

Belle ends up falling asleep on her mom's couch. Marlena looks at the photo of John on her mantle. She says she made a promise to put this family back together, God help anyone who tries to stop her! At the pub, Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla are all kisses, while Shawn drinks a beer and sneaks off. Over at Chez Rouge, Phillip is with Chloe. Phillip is all smiles.



Thursday's Show Summary

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!

January 3, 2008
At the station, Phillip shows up to see Lucas, who seems to be ready to give up. Phillip says he can fight or be a fool. Lucas agrees to fight, he asks Phillip what is next. Phillip says he brings in a lawyer, they go to court and he says he's not guilty. Lucas says but he did it, he has to pay. Phillip asks Lucas why he's so determined to pay? Lucas says he's being prepared, this is an airtight case. Phillip says they can't prove he fired the gun. Lucas says he did, but Phillip says don't admit his guilt. Phillip says if he doesn't make bail then he'll petition another judge, one he can pay off. Phillip says stay strong and heads off. Phillip then makes a call to someone. He says get down to the court house and get the little legal problem taken care of.


At Marlena's, Marlena continues talking to Belle. She didn't sleep well. Marlena says give shawn time. Shawn soon shows up with an aged Claire. He drops her off and quickly heads off. After Shawn leaves, Marlena tells Belle she knows she feels guilty and she should. What she did was wrong. However she knows what it is like to be in love with two men, she made a mistake. Belle says she made a choice, she could have told Phillip no. She says she wanted to be lost in his arms, to feel loved. Mrlena says understanding why she did it is a big step, now she can explain it to Shawn. Belle says it was just a moment, she thinks she and Shawn can move on. from this. Marlena is worried, she wonders if maybe she's always been in love with Phillip. Belle says some people say it isn't possible to love two men. Marlena says they know that's not true. Belle says she loves Phillip, but she married Shawn, she loves Shawn, he is her soul mate. Marlena says he feels that way about her too, and soul mates are special. She says he needs to hurt, but he will get over this. Belle brings up her dad, Marlena knows she wishes her daddy was here. and could throw his arms around her Marlena wishes he was here too. Marlena says be patient with Shawn and give him some time. Belle says if she doesn't push him to open up . . . Marlena asks what she could say? Belle says she doesn't have anything to lose, he already wants a divorce. Marlena says she should take Claire and go see Sami, she could use cheering up.  Belle asks what is wrong? Marlena says Lucas was arrested under suspicion of shooting EJ. Belle decides to go check on her. She goes to get Claire, Roman then shows up as Belle and Claire are heading out. 


Roman realizes Marlena hasn't told Belle about that psychic Crystal, as Marlena cut him off before he could say anything. Marlena says Belle has enough on her mind right now. Marlena asks if there is news on Crystal? He says no, but he found something on the medallion in the photo. He says it's a Celtic design, the mark of a warrior woman. He doesn't know where it was made or who by, but he'll keep working. He says he needs to ask her something, why is it so important for her to track down this so called psychic. Marlena doesn't know if she's a so called psychic. Roman says so she thinks she's the real deal and John is alive? Marlena says she knew about the picture of John as a child, she told only him and Hope. Roman says he's been a cop a long time, there are ways people can pull cons. She thinks Crystal is up to something, she doesn't think she's a con though. Roman has a feeling this is all Stefano, but Marlena doesn't get the sense he's involved. Roman says if Crystal shows up again, let him know. He says he'll keep looking into the picture. Roman then heads out. Marlena picks up her phone and calls a number. 


At the pub, Shawn returns and tells Hope that Claire was glad to see her mother. Shawn doesn't want to talk about it, he's told her that Belle cheated but doesn't want to talk about it. Hope says she has to talk, she has to tell him something. Hope confesses she knew about the affair, she didn't know what to do. He says she should have told him. She wants him to let his anger out and not do something stupid. He says like what, drive my car through a wall? He says he won't. He says this is the last time he lets Belle and Phillip make a fool of him. He says his life is going the way he wants it to, he won't let them screw that up. Hope says once he calms down maybe he can talk to Belle. Shawn says he's said all there is to say, he told her that he wants a divorce. 


Later Phillip shows up. Shawn says this is the last place he should have come, big mistake. Phillip says it's the last place he wants to be, but Belle is in danger. Phillip says Belle could get hurt, he has to talk to her and Chloe about this. Shawn says he's done talking and tells Phillip to get the hell out. Phillip says he's going. He leaves and makes a call to Marlena. Phillip says he has to talk to Belle, it's important. He lies and says it's something about Claire's school and records. Marlena says she's not here, she's at Sami's. Back in the pub, Hope apologizes to Shawn for lying him. She says she just wanted to protect him. He says he gets it, he won't get angry like he would have. He says it's a new year and he will deal with all his problems on his own. He then heads out. 

At Sami's, EJ shows up to warn Sami that he fears his father may do something to Lucas. He tells her how he has stood up to his father where Johnny is concerned, saying they will raise him how they see fit without his input. Sami says Stefano isn't just going to listen to him, unless EJ has something on Stefano? Does he?  EJ says all he has on his father is that he's his favorite son. Sami asks EJ why he's here offering to help Lucas? He says he made a promise to his son to change and he means to keep it. Sami says Lucas has Kate and he's sure she has some lawyer and a plan. She says she's sick of it, she loves him, but sometimes she thinks . . . .  Sami says Lucas knew she was willing to sacrifice a lot to end the violence. EJ says so it was a sacrifice. She says she divorced her husband to marry him, that's a sacrifice. He says he was shot at the wedding, but turned out not to be as hurt as they thought. Sami asks EJ to go to his father and talk to him. EJ says he'll do what he can. Sami says everything he can, please. EJ then leaves. Sami looks at a photo of her, Will and Lucas. The babies cry so she goes to tend to them.


Later Belle and Claire show up to see Sami. Crystal is outside the apartment on the phone. She says she found them, she'll wait for him here. Belle and Sami talk. BElle tells Sami she's sorry about Lucas. Sami says she's been better, how about her? Belle says Shawn wants a divorce, she told him about Phillip. She says she couldn't live with the guilt anymore, now her marriage might be over. Sami says Shawn will forgive her. Belle says she loves him with all her heart, Phillip is out of her system, she knows who and what she wants. Sami says she knows then that they'll get back together. They soon start talking about Lucas, Sami is afraid she and Lucas are worse off, Lucas shot EJ. BElle is stunned, she thought Lucas didn't do it. Sami says Lucas lied to her and finally admitted he shot EJ.  Sami says she thought she knew Lucas, but maybe she didn't. Belle says that is how Shawn felt, it was like she was a stranger to him. Sami says she made a mistake. She says in fact she loves her a little more for not being perfect. There is a knock at the door, it's Crystal and a man. They say they just moved in upstairs, a silver car is in their space. Belle says that's hers. She says they'll move it, she and Claire will head back to Grandma's. Claire and Belle then leave.


In the hall, Crystal tells Belle that she can't explain, but the have to come with them. They say they are here to help. Belle gets upset and screams for Sami. Phillip shows up and asks what is wrong? Crystal and the man run off. Phillip hugs them, he says they are safe. Belle and all get inside Sami's place. Phillip says he told her that she was in danger. Phillip says he's driving her back to her mom's, he will get a bodyguard on her too. She says it won't be happening, she doesn't need another strange man in her life. After they leave, Sami gets a call from Lucas. The answering machine gets it, he says pick up, he misses her. She listens but doesn't answer. Lucas says just remember that he loves her. 

At Stefano's, Stefano is on the phone and learns that Lucas is in jail and has been arrested. He then asks his bodyguard Carmine to do something for him. Later Stefano is playing chess when Rolf shows up. Stefano is not pleased, Rolf is falling further and further behind with their houseguest. He keeps promising he'll be ready, but he's not. Stefano says when he gets new information he needs his soldier ready to act. Rolf says he will be. Stefano says he doesn't think so and he'll have to take matters into his own hands.


EJ shows up at the mansion. Rolf is at the door and won't let EJ in. He says his father is very busy. Suddenly there is a huge scream (clearly John's voice!). EJ asks what that was? EJ barges in, he asks who that was? Stefano shows up and asks Elvis if there is a problem? He says their guest doesn't want to be disturbed.  EJ asks what he's doing? Rolf says it is a project of his. Stefano says it isn't his business anymore. Stefano asks why he's coming here, has he come to apologize, has he come to his senses. EJ says he's not going to keep him from seeing Johnny, just no unsupervised visits. Stefano asks EJ what he wants from him then? EJ wants Stefano's word that Lucas won't be killed before he goes to trial. Stefano is furious, he can't reject who he is, the family code, traditions. He says he's supposed to do this for him, so EJ can pretend to be less than he is? Stefano says it's too late, the wheel is already in motion. 

Down in Stefano's lab, we see the patient reaching for a ringing cell phone. He goes to answer it. Back at Marlena's, the number she called is this cell phone! She asks if someone is there? She says she's looking for Stefano. She asks who this is, answer her? The patient hangs up on her.


Meanwhile in jail, Lucas is taken to a cell where Carmine is already waiting . . . .


January 4 , 2007

At Marlena's, Belle talks with Marlena about what happened outside of Sami's. Belle says the way the woman was talking, it was like there was a sense of urgency in her voice. Marlena asks exactly what happened?  Belle says it was a man and woman, they claimed they just moved in. They said she had to come with them, they'd explain why if they did. Phillip says that's when he arrived. He thinks this is strange, the guys who took Brady were interested in her picture. Marlena wonders what the hell is going on here, her husband is murdered now this. Belle says nothing happened, she and Claire are fine, no reason to worry. Phillip says he found her pounding on Sami's door afraid for her life. Marlena agrees with Phillip, they have to take this seriously. Phillip wants a bodyguard on her, Marlena wants an officer watching Claire when she's away from the house. Belle asks if she gets a say? She says she doesn't want a bodyguard or Phillip's help. Claire wakes up, so Belle goes to tend to her. Marlena tells Phillip she will take care of Belle, he needs to do what is best for Belle and leave. Belle returns with Claire, Marlena takes her into the kitchen for animal crackers. Phillip says her mom isn't happy with him. Belle says she wonders why? She says her husband died, Brady is missing and now her daughter's marriage is falling apart. Belle says her mom doesn't need him around pushing. Phillip says he gets it, tell Claire he said goodbye. Belle tells him to wait. She says he keeps trying to help, but he has to stop. She can't fix things with Shawn if he's always around. Phillip says he cares about her and Claire, if anything happened to them then he'd never forgive himself. He says they were a family, he still feels a responsibility to keep them safe. He says if she ever needs anything to call him, no ulterior motives, just a friend helping another. Phillip then leaves. 


Later the phone rings so Belle answers it. It's Crystal on the phone. She thinks Belle is Marlena, Crystal tells her that she's so sorry but they didn't mean her daughter any harm. Belle asks who this is? Belle hands the phone to her mom, Marlena asks who this is. Crystal says it's her, she wanted to apologize, she may have upset her daughter earlier. Marlena says that was her who attacked her? Crystal says she did no such thing, she was trying to help her. Marlena says by scaring the daylights out of her? Marlena asks what she wants from them? Crystal says she's in danger, she can't say any more over the phone. Marlena says she's done with this, leave her and her family alone. Crystal says if Marlena wants answers then meet her at the Brady Pub in fifteen minutes. Crystal then hangs up. Marlena plans to go meet her, which Belle doesn't like. Belle thinks something more is going on here. Marlena says she'll take care of it, she'll be okay. Marlena then leaves. She checks her purse, we see she has a gun! Marlena goes to meet Crystal, only to find her car is all frozen up. Belle calls her mom's cell phone, but by the time Marlena gets to it, Belle has hung up. Suddenly someone shows up walking towards Marlena. She pulls out a gun and tells them to stop! 

Roman is at Sami's, Sami is calling Carrie telling her that she needs to talk to Will. Will is apparently off ice fishing. Sami says this is important, he needs to call her back. Sami knows Will is just making excuses not to take her calls. She tells her dad this is serious, she has to tell him that his father has been arrested so he can hate her even more. Sami gets this is all her fault for marrying EJ, and she is worried what the DiMeras have planned for Lucas. Roman says Lucas is safe at the station, nothing will happen to him there. Roman says they can make arrangements for Lucas to call Will and explain this to him. Sami says Lucas can't make overseas calls from jail. Roman thinks they can make it work. Later Sami tosses a ball into the glove she bought Will last Christmas. She says she wanted to send it to him, but she wanted to make some sugar cookies and send some of the licorice he likes too. However once he sees it is from her, he won't want it. Roman suggests he try calling Will. Roman calls Will, we hear his voice on the phone. Roman talks to Will about what he's been doing. Will says he missed not being at home with them all. Roman says he has someone who would like to talk to him. He hands the phone to Sami. Sami asks how he's been. He says Uncle Austin taught him how to snowboard. Will asks if dad is around. Sami says that is why she is calling .Will asks if something happened to him? Can he talk to him? Will hasn't heard from him since Christmas. Sami says he hasn't called because he is in jail. Will says he knew he'd get caught. Sami asks what he means. Did he know? Will says just tell his dad that he loves him. Sami says she will, and he'll try and call as soon as he can. Will has hung up on Sami. Sami ends up in tears. She can't believe Will knew about this, she thinks Lucas told him and then shipped him off to Europe. Sami thinks Will will never want to come home now. Roman says Will does miss her, but she says he  won't want to leave as he doesn't have to put up with this crap form Carrie and Austin. Sami thinks Will has been made an accessory to Lucas' crime. Roman says he knows she is upset, and what Lucas did was reckless and irresponsible, but remember how much she loves him. Sami feels for the twins, they won't have a normal childhood now. She says when she had Will she made so many mistakes, she was obsessed with Austin, she cost Lucas years with Will. She says that is the biggest regret of her life, she didn't want to make that mistake with the twins. She thought it was her second chance to get it right. Roman says this was beyond her control. Sami says all she wanted was for Allie and Johnny not to worry about the DiMeras, but now they will. She thinks the vendetta will be up and running, now the burden is on the twins. Roman says he did it for her, in his own twisted way. Roman says he did it for her like she did when she married EJ. Sami says he lied to her, how could he do that. Roman says their children need both of them. Sami asks how when he'll be serving life in prison. Roman says they don't know that, but even more a reason to work things out. Roman says Lucas wasn't thinking, he was following his instincts. He says when people do that, it's not pretty. Sami tells her dad not to look at her like that, like she's made a million mistakes and expects to be forgiven but can't forgive Lucas for his. Roman says what he's thinking is that Lucas is the father of her children, she loves him, it would be nice if she at least went to see him. Roman gets a call from Belle, she's worried about her mom. Belle says her mom got a phone call from a woman named Crystal and ran off to meet her, she doesn't know where. Roman says stay right there, he'll find her mom. Belle says she can't sit here, she'll meet him at the police station. Sami asks what is going on? Roman tells her that she needs to take care of her plate which is way too full, he'll deal with this. He just says Belle is worried about their mom, he's sure it's nothing.


After Roman leaves, Lucas shows up to see Sami and talk about Lucas. Sami doesn't really want to talk about Lucas. Phillip says he's hired the best lawyers for him, but he needs to cooperate. Sami says she hopes he rots in jail, he didn't want her help so he can get himself out. Phillip says that won't happen without help. Phillip asks Sami to talk to him, convince him to work with them. Sami says no way. Phillip says doesn't she owe it to Allie and Will to help him. He says call him, or go see him. Sami says she will go see him, to give him a piece of her mind. Phillip says go easy on him. Sami says she has it under control, this was an excellent idea. 

At the station, EJ shows up asking an officer to see Lucas. The officer says he's not family or on the list, so he can't see him. EJ says he doesn't understand the danger Lucas is in. Lucas asks if Roman, Bo or Abe is here? He says sorry buddy. Kate shows up. EJ says Lucas is in trouble and this idiot won't let him see Lucas. HE asks Kate to talk to the officer. Kate asks the officer to see Lucas, so he goes to check on things. Kate asks EJ why he's suddenly concerned about her son's safety? EJ says because he cares about Sami and doesn't want to see her hurt. Kate says if her son is hurt, Sami won't be the only one hurt, tell his daddy that.


In the cell, Carmine talks to Lucas and asks what they have him in here for, too many traffic tickets? Lucas says a long story, he doesn't want to talk about it. Carmine asks if he has a smoke. Lucas says no. Carmine says he's been trying to quit, it's not easy. Lucas says no offense, but he's not looking to make new friends. Carmine says that is cool. A guard comes and takes Lucas to see a visitor, which he hopes is Sami.

Lucas meets with Kate. Kate asks if anyone has threatened him since being here? Lucas says there is a big guy in his cell who talks his ear off. Kate is worried about Stefano. Kate says they are working to get him a lawyer and out of here. Lucas says great, he'll be in the chair before no time. Kate says she's trying to defend him and she was before he let Sami get in the way. Lucas wants to go back to his cell, but Kate demands he hear her out. She says he needs everyone he can get in his corner. He says not her, every time she tries to help him it ends in a huge disaster. Lucas says he knows what she's going to do, he's going to ask her to chose between her and Sami. Kate says he chose Sami and look where he ended up. Lucas says he wants nothing to do with her, he has her name taken off the visitor list. Kate tells Lucas if Will was behind bars, would he stand back and let him throw his life away? She says she doesn't think so. She says she won't stop loving him because he made a mistake. He says he doesn't need her love. Kate knows he needs Sami's, the same woman who won't return his calls. Kate says Sami made it clear it was over. Lucas tells her to go. Kate says remember one thing, when the chips are down at the end of the day, she is the only one who will be there for him and won't turn her back on him. She says be careful, she loves him. Kate then leaves. 


Kate sees EJ, she tells him that Lucas is fine. EJ says he's still convinced they need to be extra vigilant, they know what his father is capable of. She thinks he's just trying to play hero to impress Sami. EJ says he'd listen to his warning if he was her.  Later EJ sees some mug shots of Carmine on the desk. He asks if this man is here? The officer asks why he'd tell him? EJ punches the officer, so they grab him to lock him up.


Lucas is taken back to his cell. Carmine is still there. Lucas remembers arguing with Sami when he was caught by the cops.  Later EJ is thrown in the cell with Lucas. EJ tells Carmine that he knows him. Carmine asks pretty boy what he'll do about it?

At the mansion, Stefano gets a call and asks if it is done? He says enough with the stalling, Lucas must pay! Later Rolf tells Stefano they have to talk about the houseguest. Stefano says Rolf should work with him, right now there is a pest in a jail cell that needs to be squashed. Later Stefano is pacing around the mansion. He says don't be shy, make yourself at home. He says Dr. Rolf is making progress it seems. The houseguest was apparently sitting in Stefano's chair having a cigar. He gets up and leaves.  Later Rolf is talking to the houseguest, telling him it is time for his next injection. He goes to give it to him, but the guest grabs his hand! 


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