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2nd  Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


January 7, 2008
At the sorority house, Stephanie finds Chelsea waiting around for Nick to talk to him. Stephanie asks what is going on? Chelsea says she knows what she's doing. Stephanie says they said they wouldn't tell. Chelsea says Nick knows something is going on, Nick will protect them. The doorbell rings, Max and Nick show up. Chelsea wasn't expecting Max, she said this was a private party. Stephanie tells Max that she could use a little company if he doesn't mind hanging out with her. 

Max and Stephanie hang out, Max sees she's jittery. He says talk to him, tell him anything. She begins talking about her classes. Stephanie says they can't pretend their lives are normal. Max says something has been wrong for awhile now. He says even before Ford's accident she's been different. Stephanie doesn't know where to start. He says tell me what is wrong. She says it started when he was dating Morgan, she hated it. Max says he noticed. She says she took off one night and went to a party to find someone new. Max asks if she found someone else? She nods. Max asks if he knows him? Stephanie says it was Ford. Stephanie says she thought she could take care of herself. Max asks what happened? Max says he won't judge her, what happened? Stephanie says he drugged her, she tried to fight back, but couldn't. She says she felt like she was drowning, everything was in slow motion. Stephanie says all she could do is lie there as he raped her. She says she wanted Ford to feel like she had, but he didn't deserve to die. Stephanie says Max could go to jail for this, but he says he can take care of himself. He says Ford hurt her and still is. He thinks she hasn't had a good night sleep, so he wants her to sleep now. He says he will stay here tonight with her. He sits in a chair by the bed. As she sleeps, Max is crying. 


Chelsea and Nick are alone talking. Chelsea says they promised not to keep anymore secrets. He asks if she's dumping him? She says no. He says then they can handle this. Chelsea says she has to tell him what happened when Ford disappeared.  Chelsea tells Nick that Ford didn't show up that night drunk, they invited him over. She says they wanted to confront him, they spiked his drink with the same drug he used. She says but Ford came prepared and drugged her. She says he was going to rape her, but when he figured out what they were doing, he came after her.  She says the drug they gave him kicked in, he lost his balance and fell down the steps. She says the seconds felt like hours.  Nick asks what happened after Ford woke up? Chelsea says he didn't, he was dead. Nick asks if the others were here? Chelsea says yes, they all kept it a secret. Nick asks what they did with the body? She says they buried it, but later moved it. She says Max moved it somewhere. Nick thinks they should have called 911, they should tell the truth even now. He says Ford's parents are on the news every night begging for information on him. He says Ford's mother looks like death herself. She says they didn't mean to kill him, but Nick says they did. Nick says a man is dead, he can't be a part of this. Nick then walks out! 


In the cell, Carmine is saying EJ needs to stay out of his daddy's business. Meanwhile Sami shows up at the jail to see Lucas, but the officer says visiting hours are over. They hear a commotion, EJ and Lucas are attacking Carmine in the cell. The guard and Sami run to see what is going on. Carmine is hauled off, Sami asks how that monster got in his cell? Lucas says ask EJ, his old man sent him and he knew it. EJ says he saved his life. Lucas says yeah other way around. Lucas thinks it's convenient that he became the hero and this is just a play for Sami. EJ says this isn't a stunt, and if his idea of courage is shooting a man in the back and lying about it, then he's a braver man then him. EJ is let out of the cell.


Sami and Lucas talk. Sami says she talked to Will, she can't believe Lucas told him what he did. Lucas says he didn't tell him, he figured it out. Lucas says he can't lie anymore. Sami says it's late for that. Lucas says he told Will if things got bad he would confess. Sami asks how he'll explain it to the twins, in their weekly visits to the state penn? Lucas says he will not fail Will or the twins. Sami says he already has. Sami says they can't fix this. Lucas says he didn't put their kids in this feud, she did. Sami says if she was with EJ she could have still been there for them. Lucas says she'd be no freer than he is now. Sami says they'll never find out now. 

At the pub, Shawn is dressed up to start the academy. Hope has a camera and is recording this. She tells him to give Claire a message for the memory box. Bo and Shawn then leave to grab a donut. Meanwhile, Crystal is waiting around to meet Marlena. She makes a call saying they need to pick up. Hope continues filming Shawn, who has returned. Bo gives Shawn a gift, it's a St. Michael medal, he's the patron saint of cops. Bo says grandma got him and Roman one when they joined up. Shawn thanks them and says he never would have gotten this far if it weren't for them. Shawn gives them hugs before leaving. Hope tells Shawn that she's sorry she didn't tell him about Belle, she just wanted to make things perfect for him. He says it's a new year and heads out. 


Bo and Hope sit around and talk about Shawn, how he'll make a great cop. Bo says he will be a great cop. Hope wants him to find a woman who will fight for him. Bo says maybe he already has, it ain't over till it's over. Bo asks if Shawn can forgive her, can Hope? Hope says she would be their biggest supporter. Bo goes to get a beer. She hears Crystal on the phone talking about how Marlena didn't show up so she has to go. Hope confronts her, she knows her, she's Crystal isn't she. Hope asks why she told her that John's alive. Crystal says give Marlena a message, she's in danger. 


Belle is at the station with Claire. Phillip shows up, Belle called him. She says her mom went to meet that woman, she and Roman are going to go find her. Belle asks Phillip to watch Claire. She says Shawn has orientation today, she needs to find her mom. Belle then heads off. Phillip says this feels like old times, maybe they can help mommy remember what she's missing. Chloe soon shows up, she asks why they are meeting here? Phillip says the only other choice was Marlena's, he didn't think she wanted to run into her. Phillip tells Chloe that she must have heard about Shawn and Belle by now. He says this doesn't change their arrangement. He is afraid Shawn might forgive Belle, he wants Chloe to give him a reason not to take her back.


In the alley, Marlena has a gun on a mystery man, who is approaching her with a knife. Her phone is ringing, she becomes frightened and gets in her car. The man only clears her windshield. Roman shows up with Belle, the man runs away. Marlena tells them both that she's okay. Marlena says this strange thing happened. She says a man with a ski mask showed up, he had a knife. However he didn't hurt her, he helped her by fixing her car wipers. Marlena says she's late to meet Crystal. Roman says he'll give her a ride. 

Later Stefano and Rolf are in the alley. Rolf says he was here, the man should be in a passive state from the drugs. Stefano says he's reckless, he needs a servent who will do his bidding. Stefano says if this man is useless to him, what good is Rolf to him? Rolf says certain factors are beyond his control, he's a person not a machine. Suddenly the guest grabs Rolf from behind and chokes him! Stefano orders the man to let Rolf go, which he does.


Back at the pub, after Crystal leaves, Hope talks with Bo about Crystal and her message. Bo then gets a call from Abe. Abe tells Bo about the incident in Lucas' cell, Stefano sent a hitman it seems. Abe says believe it or not, EJ was there and saved Lucas. Bo says he's on his way there. Bo relays the message to Hope about Lucas. Bo leaves and Roman, Belle and Marlena show up. They learn about Lucas' attack. Roman plans to head to the station and Marlena insists she go too. She says she won't be the victim any longer.


At the station, Marlena talks with Lucas. Lucas says he saved EJ in there, for the record. He says Sami was there, but she thinks this whole thing was his fault. Meanwhile EJ tells Bo that he had himself thrown in jail to save Lucas, but he has no proof that Stefano arranged it. He says he's done a lot to hurt his family and he's sorry, but he's drawn a line with his father. Sami says she is afraid for Lucas. Bo says they are trying to cut a deal and have Lucas released. EJ can't believe this, they are letting him go? Bo says they are trying to keep him alive, and if Stefano sends someone after Lucas again, they'll send someone after him. EJ tells Sami this is just great. He says does she have any idea how betrayed Stefano is going to feel about what he's done today? Marlena walks in and knows how Stefano feels.

Belle shows up and talks to Sami. Sami says mom is talking to EJ, she wasn't going to argue with her. Sami tells Belle that at least Shawn isn't in jail to help her with Claire. Belle says Lucas is a great father too, and he loves her. Sami just doesn't know how Lucas could keep  this from her. She says after years of him lecturing her about honesty and secrets, how is she supposed to forgive him for this? Roman walks out and says why not, he's forgiven her so many times. He remembers their wedding and how Lucas stood by her. Sami says that was different. Roman says why, because she says so? Roman says cut Lucas a break. Roman tells them to go across the street to the diner, catch up and talk. Roman says if anything happens they'll be in touch.

Roman, Abe and Bo talk, the DA is on her way for a meeting. he DA finally shows up to meet with them. Roman thanks her for coming down. Bo wants to pleade down the charges against Lucas. They explain how Lucas was under extreme stress, they talk about how EJ was after his wife, he shot Sami's step father, he was in a organ theft heist. They of course don't have proof of any of this. The DA says it's still illegal to run around trying to kill people, no matter what others do to you. They say Lucas is in danger, Stefano sent a hit man after him tonight, but EJ saved him. However EJ won't testify against his father, so they still have no proof it was a DiMera hit. The DA says a private cell, tighter security and minimum visitors. Bo says Lucas is a good guy. She says save their character witnesses for court, Lucas will need all the help he can get. She is betting Lucas will be in jail for a long time. The DA says Kate and Marlena are already on the street because of deals they worked out. She says she's getting heat, people are saying the Bradys are using this department to protect their family. She says sorry, no deal with Lucas. She then leaves.


Marlena has a talk with EJ, she wonders if he's here to impress Sami? EJ says he's not carrying on Stefano's legacy, he won't let his son be afraid of him the way he is of Stefano. Marlena says prove it, give Roman something that will help them put Stefano away for good. 

Belle and Sami return from the diner with some food for their mom, but she says she's not hungry. She says EJ tried to persuade her that he was a new man, but she believes Lucas is a good man and good father. Marlena says Lucas loves her, he put himself at risk to keep her from being a DiMera. Marlena says Lucas is a member of their family and they will do all they can to help him. Marlena and the girls then confront Roman, Bo and Abe. They want to know what they are going to do to keep her family safe.


Back at the pub, Shawn returns from orientation. Chloe is waiting there for him. She says there is something about a guy in uniform. Chloe says he came by to give him a message from Phillip, Belle had to leave Claire with him and he can pick her up from Marlena's. 

Outside, Crystal is on the phone. She says people are getting suspicious, they are running out of time. She says they'll have to take Belle and Claire by force! 



January 8, 2008

In Roman's office, Marlena confronts Roman, Abe and Bo as Sami and Belle stand by her. She demands to know what they will do about Stefano, when they will arrest him. Roman says they have some leads. Marlena wants more than leads. She says John is dead, Brady is missing, someone tried to kidnap Belle and Claire. She demands Stefano be brought in, if they won't do it then she will. Abe says she doesn't mean she's going to become a vigilante. She says she would like to do it their way, but they aren't getting results. She says they don't get the depth of her grief over John. She's afraid every time the phone rings it's the call saying someone else she loves is gone. They tell her they are doing everything they can right now and urge her to go home and get some rest. Belle and Sami say they are right and she should go home, so she leaves. 

Abe tells Roman and Bo that Marlena is right, Stefano should have been taken down years ago.  Abe fears if they don't take him down, Marlena might take him out, or vice versa.  Roman says they've all made careers trying to bust him, and they do have some promising leads. Abe tells them to stick on them. Roman and Bo search for leads on Crystal and come up with nothing. Roman gets an idea and looks into her shop. He finds the shop is owned by a DiMera, but not Stefano. He says they have a new player. Bo reads the deed, it's for CB DiMera. He wonders who that is?

At Marlena's, Shawn and Chloe arrive to get Claire. Shawn confronts Phillip, saying he may have taken Belle, but he won't take his daughter. He says this is the last time he'll see her like this, he hope he enjoyed it. As Shawn goes to get her things, Phillip tells Chloe to hang out with Shawn and badmouth him. He wants Shawn to see her as an ally. He also wants Belle to see how Shawn blew up, thinking it will make her see who she needs. Chloe says she doesn't know  him anymore, calling him the bad guy here. He throws Brady in her face, but she won't talk about Brady with him.

Later Marlena and Belle show up. Belle learns from Phillip that Shawn picked up Claire for the night, he wasn't happy that she left her with him. Belle says she thought he would appreciate that she didn't bother him during orientation. Phillip says he was pretty angry. Marlena says he should have been, what was Belle thinking? Phillip quickly leaves as Marlena lectures Belle, saying instead of calling Maggie or Hope to baby-sit she once again went to Phillip! Belle doesn't know why she did. Later the two end up having ice cream and movie night. Belle tells her mom how she really scared her the was she was talking today. Marlena says Stefano is a threat to their family and she won't stop until he's been dealt with. 

At the pub, Shawn puts Claire down to bed. He then has a beer with Chloe. She tells him he's such a great dad. Shawn asks her about Brady. Chloe says it's hard, and she misses Brady so much. He says so she's not going to get back with Phillip? She says no, he was right, Phillip has changed. Shawn is glad she sees. Chloe invites him to the Cheatin' Heart to shoot some pool. He accepts and they leave laughing about which one will win.

Back at the station, Kate meets with Billie. She asks Billie to convince Lucas to see her. Billie doesn't think her mom should push. Kate explains Lucas is in danger, telling her about the attempt on his life and how EJ saved him. Billie says she'll see what she can do. She goes in to see Lucas, but he still won't allow Kate to see him. Billie continues to tell her mom to just give him time. Later Kate calls Phillip to the station. She wants Lucas out, but Phillip says he hasn't been given bail. Kate thinks they should break him out. Phillip can't do that, all he can do is post a guard for him. He is sure that Lucas will be fine.

At the mansion, EJ arrives to see his father, but Rolf says he's busy and EJ must leave. EJ hears noises and Stefano yelling for Rolf. EJ guesses their house guest? He wonders what they are doing to this man. Rolf can't tell him and asks him to go. EJ leaves, but later breaks in and sneaks down to the lab. There he finds the patient on a table hooked up to machines. He rips off the tarp over him and sees it is John! Stefano walks in saying he is his best soldier. EJ can't believe this, how is this possible? He says what is he doing to this poor man? Stefano asks what has happened to his son? This isn't him. EJ won't be a part of this, he's done enough to John. Stefano says this is what John was bread for. EJ goes to make a call, but Stefano stops him. He warns him if he turns on him, all EJ has wanted will be gone. EJ says if he doesn't he'll lose Samantha for sure. Stefano says do him a favor, if he plans to turn on him, give him fair warning. EJ leaves.

Later Stefano gives John a file, saying this is his mission, study it. He says he must find this woman, the woman who can keep secrets. He says she can destroy everything his father worked for. He says when they find where she is, he must be ready. He says this is his destiny!

At Sami's, Sami is on phone with Eric when EJ shows up. She sees he's upset. EJ says he stood up to his father, he's afraid. He says he's realized his father is a psychopath. Sami says hello, he's just now figuring this out? EJ is truly worried, Stefano may come after her or Johnny. She says then do something, turn him in. EJ says then what, they live their life in fear or retaliation? She says she lives that way now. He says he may have something, it's big, but as of yet he's not sure what his father is planning.


January 9, 2008
Reminder! I'm on vacation for the rest of this week and next week. The rest of this week my summaries will not be up until late in the evenings, possibly the next day. For now I'm using the official NBC recap. This will be updated as soon as I'm able to see the show.

update: I've added some addition comments of my own after seeing the show to add a few further details. I literally have 3 more hours of soaps to do, so these aren't as detailed as my usual summaries obviously.

Belle dreads having to pick up Claire from Hope. She and Marlena have a talk about this at Marlena's new townhouse. Belle thinks Hope hates her, but Marlena says Hope is just looking out for Shawn, who is her son. After Belle leaves, Marlena puts a gun in her purse and leaves.

At the pub, Hope and Kayla talk. Kayla tells Hope about how Steve and her have appointments with fertility specialists to get checked out. She's worried that Steve is only doing this for her, that he might not want another kid. Hope says she should just ask him. Meanwhile Roman and Bo bring Steve up to speed on CB DiMera owning Crystal's shop. They tried to get a warrant to search it, but the judge said they had no probable cause. Steve offers to do some unofficial reconnaissance. Kayla stops him and reminds him they have an appointment, so he can't. Bo and Roman head out and Kayla asks Steve if he wants this baby, or is doing it for her. He says he does want to make her happy, but he also wants this baby.

Later Belle arrives at the pub, Hope is cold at first, but the two reach an understanding about where Belle stands with Shawn and her marriage. Belle wants to make it work and Hope says she supports this. After Belle leaves, Hope confesses to Kayla that she's not sure if she wants Belle and Shawn to get back together. 

Stefano is stunned when Marlena shows up at the mansion and aims a gun at him. She sees Rolf and makes a comment that she thought he was dead. She tells him to stay back or she'll shoot stefano. She asks Stefano about Crystal and if he sent her to torment her, but Stefano says the only psychic he knows is Celeste. She demands to know where Brady is. Stefano insists he has no idea, but Marlena doesn't believe him. John, who is under Stefano's control, eavesdrops. He remembers Marlena's voice, he was the man who helped her with her wipers. Marlena fires off six shots as a warning to Stefano. She vows that next time, she'll kill him. She storms off, leaving Stefano stunned… and in awe. 

Later, Stefano tells John that he must memorize the file, he must be ready when he's needed. He asks John why he's not focused? John says he wants to go out! Stefano says he cannot, and tells him that he is a wanted fugitive and if he is seen he will be arrested.

Bo and Roman go to Crystal's building and find Rob, who claims to be renovating the place. They ask him about the DiMera who owns the building. He denies knowing the owner, C.B. DiMera, only saying the name DiMera sounds familiar, hasn't it been in the news? Roman and Bo ask to look around, but Rob won't let them in without a warrant. Bo decides to stake out the place, hoping Crystal will come back. He invites Hope along with him. 

At the sorority house, Stephanie wakes from a nightmare about Ford, and Max convinces her to see the therapist her mother recommended. He takes her to the appointment. To Stephanie's horror, they run into Steve, who is there for a fertility appointment. Steve finds the doctor giving Stephanie a prescription. he asks if she's okay? Stephanie claims she's been having issues sleeping and stress, mom told her to come see a therapist to help work some of the things in her head out.  Steve  surprises his daughter when he doesn't ask questions.  Stephanie thanks Max for talking her into seeing the therapist

Back at the pub, Steve mentions to Kayla that he saw Stephanie at the hospital, she went to see some doctor she recommended. Kayla is glad to hear this, but doesn't tell Steve anything else and he doesn't seem to ask any more questions.


January 10, 2008
Again I'm on vacation, so am a bit behind (I'm still making my way through Wednesday's show). This is the official NBC summary until I can see Thursday's show and add my own. Because of my schedule this week, I may not be completely caught up with all the episodes until Saturday.

update: I've added some addition comments of my own after seeing the show to add a few further details. I literally have 3 more hours of soaps to do, so these aren't as detailed as my usual summaries obviously.

Marlena is home looking at some old photos of John when Roman shows up to check on her. He knows she misses him. Marlena keeps thinking about what Crystal said to her. Roman tries to talk Marlena out of her belief that John might still be alive. He says John is gone and he would want her to move on with life.

Later, Marlena summons Nick to her place and asks him  for help. She lets him know that she's having some issues with John's death and needs to be sure he's dead. She had John exhumed and cremated to keep the DiMeras from using his death or his body in some way against her, to play tricks. She wants Nick to run tests to see if they are John. Nick says it's difficult to do DNA on ashes, but he can at least start with a test to see if they are human.

Roman returns as Nick leaves with John's urn. He wonders what is going on, why did Nick leave with an urn. Marlena finally confesses what is going on to Roman. He tells her Crystal is toying with her, and he feels they should go get some answers about this once and for all.

Disguised as homeless people, Bo and Hope stake out Crystal's store, hoping to find out more about the mysterious psychic. They see Rob enter the building and Hope takes cell phone photos of him to see if they can find information on who he is. Later Crystal arrives. Bo confronts her and says they need to question her. She thinks she's done nothing wrong, but Hope says she said Marlena was in danger, that can be taken as a threat.

Bo and Hope take Crystal to the station to question her. They want to know why she's telling Marlena she's in danger, along with Brady and Belle. Crystal says she's a psychic. Bo says her store is owned by CB DiMera, but she says she just leased it through an agent. She says unless they are arresting her, she's leaving. Roman shows up with Marlena, who begs Crystal for answers. She wants to know if John is alive.

At the mansion, Stefano tries to get John to understand his mission but his "soldier" just wants to be freed. Stefano says he explained why he can't go out there. John is suspicious, wondering if anyone here knows him, what Stefano is afraid of. Stefano is afraid of nothing. Later Stefano questions Rolf about John. Rolf says he could give him more drugs, but then he wouldn't understand his mission. Rolf suspects John is restless because he's looking for something… or someone. Stefano says he thought Rolf assured him there would be no memories. Stefano says he is his soldier!

Kate and Philip visit Lucas in jail and try to convince him to plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. They want Sami to testify in court that what she put him through caused him to snap and shoot EJ in the back. Lucas resists and doesn't want to do this. Kate encourages him to write Sami a letter, explaining that he needs her to testify on his behalf to help him come across sympathetic in court. 

At Sami's, EJ and Sami have a talk. She's having issues with contacting Will still and tells EJ her troubles. Later  Kate arrives to see Sami. EJ leaves and finds movers taking his furniture away, by order of his father. EJ had everything put in Stefano's name when Mythic was in trouble, it was to protect his assets. He has to deal with this and leaves. Kate meanwhile talks to Sami, saying Lucas needs her, she is the only one who can help him now. They trade jabs, and Kate comments about how she has really become Mrs. DiMera. She gives him a letter from Lucas and leaves. Sami reads it and cries. Lucas tells her he is sorry for what he did, and knows he ruined things. He says he is still her partner and to trust him here. He says together they can get through this, he can be back with her, but he needs her help. He asks her to talk to Phillip.

EJ goes back to the mansion and  confronts Stefano, who calmly reminds him that EJ put everything he owns in his father's name to protect his assets. EJ demands his father return everything to him. Stefano in turn threatens to take everything from him. EJ asks everything or everyone? Stefano says both.  EJ threatens to reveal the identity of Stefano and Rolf's "guest" if Stefano doesn't return all his stuff. 

 Sami meets with Phillip and Lucas's attorney, Cameron Reese. They explain they want Lucas to plead temporary insanity, and for Sami to testify that her actions pushed Lucas to this. She says so she is supposed to be the scapegoat? She says she's worked so hard to show people she has changed, but they want her to admit to being the same old Sami, the one that destroys peoples lives? She says no, they can go to hell and so can Lucas!


January 11 , 2007
Once again I'm using the official summaries while I'm away. I'm making my way through Wednesday-Friday's episodes tonight and am doing my best to update the summaries further.

update: I've added some addition comments of my own after seeing the show to add a few further details. I had 3 hours of soaps to do, so these aren't as detailed as my usual summaries obviously.

At the jail, Sami tells Philip she won't take testify that she's the one who drove Lucas insane. Phillip thinks Sami doesn't love him at all, but she says she does. She says this is Lucas' life on the line here. She has been to court, she's been on the stand, the lawyers will twist her words. She admits Lucas didn't trust her to handle EJ and went off and did this, the lawyers could get that out and it would be over for Lucas. She tells Phillip that he'll just have to find another way to help him. She storms off.

At the mansion , EJ continues  to tell Stefano he wants his money, cars and of course furniture back. He says otherwise he'll tell the Brady Boys about who he has in the lab. Stefano says if he walks out the door, he won't come back, but he'll always be his son. EJ says and he'll always be his father, but he won't control him ever again. Stefano says they have an understanding then, he'll return his things . . . . but never threaten him again.

Back at Sami's apartment, Sami won't talk about Lucas with EJ. He tells Sami that he stood up to Stefano and is worried, he would like Sami to stand by him. She tells EJ she understands what he's going through, but he has to understand what Stefano has done to her and her family for years. EJ says he does. She says she doesn't trust him, but she will fight Stefano with him. 

At the station, Marlena begs Crystal to tell her if John is alive. Crystal says she hasn't seen him, but heard things. She says John is alive, Stefano has him. Crystal's lawyer mysteriously appears out of no where and won't let her say another word and takes her off. Marlena wants a search warrant, but Roman says they can't get one on this. He still thinks John is dead. Marlena sees they think she's losing it. Nick soon shows up, he has the results on the ashes and she won't like it. He doesn't know what they are, but they aren't John as they are three years old. Marlens feels this is more proof. Roman still isn't convinced, but Hope begins to believe.

Marlena, Bo and Hope arrive at Sami's place where EJ is. Marlena has news, John is alive and Stefano has him. Sami says they have to do something. Marlena says Roman is working on a search warrant, but she was hoping EJ could help them. He says he can't, sorry. Marlena says he wants to prove he is not like Stefano, that he's changed, so help them. Sami says if EJ says he can't then they should believe him. EJ says you shouldn't, Marlena is right, John is alive.

Shawn, Claire and Chloe are at the pub having cake to celebrate Shawn's first day as a cadet. Shawn  leaves Claire with Chloe while he changes, which is when Belle shows up and is furious. She thinks Shawn is doing this as payback. She doesn't trust Chloe and  accuses Chloe of being involved with her brother's disappearance. She's shocked when Chloe reveals Philip arranged for her legal counsel and bail, he believed in her. Shawn is a bit shocked too. 

Later ,Belle finds Phillip and wonders what games he's playing with her. She confronts him about helping Chloe. He admits he did, he believes she had nothing to do with Brady going missing. Belle says he should have told her, after everything they've been through . . . She says she can't trust him, and that without trust they have nothing.

Back at the pub, Shawn questions Chloe about receiving Philip's help, wondering why she turned to him.  She says she didn't want to, but he had the money and power to help her. He asks her about Brady and her suspicious behavior. She says the people who took Brady threatened her, she was afraid what they might do to her as well. Shawn says he believes her. They play darts and she says even though she and Brady had issues and were talking about divorce, she still loves him. She says even through bad times, when you love someone those feelings don't go away. Shawn says he knows.


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