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3rd  Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


January 14, 2008
I was on a cruise ship this week, and unfortunately I didn't have NBC! Therefore I had to use the official NBC recaps.

EJ divulges to everyone that Stefano has John at his mansion and signs an affidavit so Bo and Roman can secure a search warrant. Sami is impressed with EJ's courage, though he worries he just signed his own death warrant. He confides he betrayed his father so he can be a better man for his son. Sami assures EJ he did the right thing. 

Bo and Roman barge into the DiMera Mansion with the search warrant. Stefano insists he has nothing to hide. In the meantime, Hope and Marlena sneak into Stefano's lab through the tunnels. The women stumble upon John, who is strapped to a chair and being fed information through a headset. Marlena is overcome with emotion as she comes face-to-face with the man she loves! 

Belle blasts Philip for secretly helping Chloe. He tries to explain, but Belle storms out with Claire. As Belle's police guard drives her home, Philip calls to apologize. While they're on the phone, Crystal and Rob trap the vehicle and shoot the guard. Belle screams for help as the two kidnap her and Claire. Philip hears this over the phone and rushes to the scene, but they are gone by the time he arrives. 

To Chelsea's dismay, Nick refuses to promise he'll keep quiet about Ford's death. He thinks it's wrong. However, when a suspicious Billie confronts Chelsea and Nick about what they know regarding Ford's disappearance, Nick stays mum. After Billie leaves, Nick warns Chelsea that she needs to convince the sorority to come clean, or he'll walk away from her for good! 


January 15, 2008
Marlena is overjoyed to have found John, but he doesn't recognize her; all his memories have been erased. He also doesn't express much emotion. Undeterred, Marlena assures him she's there to help. With Bo and Hope by her side, she takes him upstairs where Roman is waiting with Stefano. Stefano taunts Marlena that the John she loved no longer exists; his "soldier" doesn't remember her or care about her. An angry John attacks him with a surprising amount of strength. Dr. Rolf knocks him out with an injection. Bo and Roman arrest Stefano and Dr. Rolf for kidnapping and illegal imprisonment. 

At the sorority house, Max and Stephanie come in from a snowball fight and accidentally kiss. Max apologizes, and Stephanie thanks him for being a good friend. He leaves as Chelsea arrives. She tells Stephanie that her mother is on to them and Nick is pressuring her to tell the truth. Stephanie argues that Chelsea has to keep quiet; all their friends are counting on them. 

Crawford Decker, Ford's father, storms into the sorority house after hearing the police found his son's contact lens in the basement. He vows to make all the girls pay if they hurt his son. Stephanie blurts out that his son is the one who hurts people. Ford raped her! Crawford dismisses her accusation and leaves. A stunned Chelsea consoles Stephanie, who explains what happened. Chelsea asks what she can do to help, and Stephanie tells her to keep the secret. However, Chelsea thinks they have to confess before the cops prove they did it. She calls the other girls, asking them to return to school from their winter break as soon as possible.

Sami meets Philip in the alley where Belle and Claire were abducted by Crystal and Rob. She's grateful Philip didn't call Marlena; she has enough to deal with at the moment. But she scolds him for not calling Shawn. At the pub, Shawn and Chloe have just returned from ice-skating when Philip finally calls and informs them that Belle and Claire have been kidnapped. They rush over to the scene, where Shawn blames Philip for what happened. Hope arrives in time to break up the argument. The cops tell the group that Crystal's van was spotted heading for the docks. Shawn takes off and agrees to let Philip go with him. 

Meanwhile, a frightened Belle and Claire ride in the back of the van as Rob drives. Crystal insists they are trying to protect them from Stefano. She won't tell Belle who they work for, just that she should know she's safe; she's with family. 


January 16, 2008
At the hospital, John protests being handcuffed to a hospital bed for his own protection. Marlena assures him they just want to help him recover, but he wants to be set free. He listens, half-bored, as Marlena declares her love for him. John tells her to back up her words with action -- help him get out of this place. Marlena knows John doesn't remember his old life, but tries to entice him into being curious about it. She shows him pictures of Belle, Brady and Claire, saying she'd like John to meet his family. John says he will, if Marlena helps him escape. Marlena refuses and John gets agitated. A nurse comes in to sedate him, and Marlena comes to his defense, saying he's been drugged enough thanks to Stefano. Marlena overrules the doctor's orders and takes over John's case. John is impressed. 

The police stake out the docks to rescue Belle and Claire. While waiting, Shawn and Philip argue about the best way to save them. Shawn insists they follow Bo's orders and sit tight while Philip wants to take action. Rob arrives at the pier and meets with a ship's officer, unaware that he's under surveillance. When the captain leaves, Bo steps forward with a gun. 

Meanwhile, Crystal watches over Belle and Claire in the van. Belle throws hot coffee in Crystal's face and bolts with her daughter. She runs to the pier, interrupting Bo's standoff with Rob. Rob grabs Claire, and Bo can't shoot without endangering his granddaughter. As Rob takes off, he accidentally knocks Belle into the freezing water. Shawn rushes after Rob as Philip dives in to save Belle. Philip fishes her out of the water, but Belle suffers cardiac arrest. The paramedics stabilize her. A bruised and battered Shawn returns to the pier and sadly informs Bo and Philip that he caught up with the van, which had stalled. He tried to break through the window, but Rob managed to get the vehicle started, and he and Crystal took off with Claire.


January 17, 2008
Shawn visits an unconscious Belle at the hospital and vows to find their daughter. Philip eavesdrops and wonders if Shawn is ready to reconcile with his wife. He asks Chloe to support Shawn during this crisis. Once Chloe and Shawn leave, Philip slips into Belle's room. As she continues to sleep, Philip proclaims his love for her, but admits he'll let go if that's what she wants. Later, Belle awakens, and Philip grimly informs her that Crystal got away with Claire. 

Roman and Hope are surprised when Bo shares his theory that Stefano isn't involved in Claire's kidnapping. The job was too sloppy. Bo and Hope learn the van was found, but there was no sign of Claire. They give the sobering news to Shawn. While going over the events of the night with Chloe, Shawn suddenly remembers seeing a tattoo on Rob's arm! He describes the tattoo to Bo and Roman, and Roman realizes it's the same Celtic design as the medallion worn by John's mother in the photo. Shawn and Chloe rush off to research the design in hopes it will lead them to Claire. 

John tells Marlena he has no use for her if she won't get him released from the hospital. Marlena persists in trying to get through to him and trigger his feelings for her. John thinks his condition is irreversible, but she refuses to give up hope. Roman pulls Marlena aside and questions her decision to stop sedating John, who seems quite aggressive. Later, Bo and Hope stop by and inform Marlena about Claire's kidnapping and Belle's injury. Marlena tells John she wants him to visit their daughter.


January 18, 2008
Hope is wary when she learns how much time Sami has been spending with EJ. Sami defends herself, saying EJ has been there for her and the babies, unlike Lucas, who got himself put behind bars. He's even been staying overnight at the apartment to help watch the kids. Hope warns her not to trust EJ. 

Bo questions EJ about C.B. DiMera, but he claims to have no knowledge of this alleged family member. Meanwhile, Lucas is taken aback to meet his new cellmate… Stefano DiMera! Stefano is confident he'll soon be set free; after all, he saved John's life and reunited him with his family. Lucas steams when Stefano is brought a gourmet meal. Lucas leaves the cell for a workout, and Stefano cuts into his meal to reveal a cell phone. He calls EJ, who is chilled to hear from his father. Stefano insists all is forgiven and tells his son he sent a chauffer to bring him to the jail so they can talk. EJ notes the hulky chauffer emerging from the fog, and getting a bad feeling, runs off into the night. He rushes over to see Sami at the pub, worried that Stefano is planning to make a move on Johnny. He relates the story about the chauffer and admits he feels like if he got in that car, he would've never returned. EJ insists he and Sami take the twins and run. 

Bo learns a prescription medicine bottle for Claire was discovered in the abandoned van. He and Hope realize that the abduction had been planned for weeks, and that the kidnappers intended to take good care of Claire. At the same time, Belle is devastated when Philip breaks the news that Crystal got away with Claire. Knowing Belle could use some good news, Marlena brings John to see her. Per Marlena's request, John pretends he still remembers his daughter, and Belle is overwhelmed with joy to see her father alive. She notices John's cold behavior, but Marlena covers and ushers him out of the room... but not before John manages to discreetly lift a pair of scissors.


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