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4th  Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


January 21, 2008
At the pub, EJ tells Sami that he's not taking any risks with their family, they have to get out of town with the twins. He says when Stefano is in jail permanently or deported, then they will be safe. Sami asks EJ if he's insane? EJ says they need to go into hiding, but Sami thinks he will find them. EJ knows how to stay a step ahead of Stefano. Sami wants to be with her family, but EJ says look what happened to Claire. Sami says her dad doesn't think Stefano was involved. EJ says but she can't be sure. He again tells her about this muscle man who showed up with a car to pick him up, he feels it was a warning that he failed Stefano. EJ is sure Stefano wants Johnny to be Giovanni and the next heir. He says that is why they must take him away. Sami says she won't let Stefano take her son. She also won't run with him, she will stay with her family. EJ asks if she trusts him? She says trust is earned and he hasn't done that. She says she'll trust her father to keep them safe. EJ says Roman is busy looking for Claire. Sami says then he has men he can trust. EJ warns her that Stefano has men on the force too. She says she supposedly has EJ to help her too, unless he runs and hides from his father. 


Meanwhile, Steve is helping Caroline move some boxes and stuff around the pub. Caroline is trying to keep her mind off Claire. Steve assures her that they will find Claire. Caroline changes the subject to him and Kayla, she's never seen Kayla looking so happy. Kayla soon shows up. Steve says she looks beautiful, she has his blood pumping. She says perfect as she needs his body. Steve says they should get out of here, but she says patience. He says not fair, she's giving mixed signals. She says she checked her ovulation chart, the chart says today is her day conceive. She says they have to wait until she's in the peak zone for the best chance. She tells him to finish here, she'll call him when the time is right. He doesn't know if he can wait, but she says it's only a few hours. She says she will go home and take this test will tell her the optimal time to conceive down to the hour. Steve asks if he's at least allowed to ask what she's wearing under the dress? Kayla heads home. Caroline returns as she thought she heard Kayla here. She wanted to fix Steve and Kayla a meal. Steve says they'll take a rain check. He also says he has something to do. He says he has to run and leaves. 


At the hotel, Kayla sees it is time. She calls Steve and asks when he can get here? He says he's still at the pub, but she needs him here now. He says he can't leave, that would be rude. There is a knock at the door. Kayla says it's her window, it's time. She answers the door, it's Steve holding a bunch of flowers. She pulls him in and they begin kissing. She wonders how he knew it was the right time as she just took the test. He says he just knew. As they go at it, Caroline shows up banging on their door! They try and pull their clothes together and Kayla answers the door. Caroline says Steve ran out of the pub so fast that he forgot his wallet. She also brought over some chowder for two. Kayla thanks her mom and says they'll enjoy this after they have time to relax and have . . . Caroline says after what? Steve says a glass of wine. Kayla thanks her mom from coming by and basically pushes her out the door. She knows it was rude, but Steve doesn't care. Kayla then rips his shirt off! Of course then Kayla is paged, she has to check on it as it could be a patient. She checks the hospital and basically tells them to handle it. 


Sami heads home with the twins. EJ follows her and helps her in with the twins. EJ says he wasn't trying to run from his father, he's not afraid of him. However they do need to be concerned about the babies. They head into Sami's place. EJ asks if this is it? Is this their battle station until he convinces her to leave? She says Salem is her home. EJ knows what she's done to try and keep her family safe so far. He says he knows she wants to take care of her family, but don't underestimate this danger. Suddenly they hear something at the door.  EJ pulls out a gun and checks to see what is going on. There is a box left for them. He opens it and then takes it inside. EJ says it's a gift from his father, he obviously wants the baby and is trying to rattle them. Inside is a blue rattle. Sami is worried, what if she ends up having to defend the twins by herself. He says careful, she sounds like she cares about him. Sami eventually agrees they have to go. EJ picks up the phone and makes a call. 

Later Sami asks who he called. He says he made some arrangements. Sami wants the truth, she is in this too and just won't follow him blindly. There is a knock at the door, EJ goes to check on it, it's Abe. EJ called Abe for help, as he knew Sami would trust Abe. Abe says he's called the FBI, they have a location for her and the babies. Abe says they'll make sure they will never be found. Sami thanks Abe for doing this, she knows her's busy. Abe says they are family. He says he'll make sure she's safe, even if she's hiding with a DIMera. Sami says she has to believe they don't have to worry about that. Sami leaves to check on the twins. Abe gives EJ a look, saying he's still a DiMera. EJ says he's trying to change and not be a DiMera, and if he was a DiMera then he wouldn't have called him for help. Abe says he's been around too long to drop his guard around a DiMera. Abe says the ISA is going to be keeping an eye on Sami and the twins, and will be crawling up his jock strap. He says don't mess with Sami and those babies. EJ says he loves his son. Abe then leaves. 


At the hospital, Marlena has a flashback. She remembers being with Belle and telling her how sorry she is she hasn't been here. She says she has some news for her, and brings in John to see Belle. BElle is in shock, she doesn't understand how this is happening. She hugs him, but he shows almost no response. She doesn't understand, she was there and watched her dad die. Bo and Hope show up and snap Mrlena out of her flashback. Marlena says Belle saw her father, that helped pick her up. She says he is back in bed now and was very well behaved. Bo asks if he's back in his restraints. Marlena says yes. She hates that he's in them, but knows they have no choice until they know what Stefano did to him. Marlena says Belle did sense something was wrong with John, but they persuaded her it was okay. Marlena says John pretended to remember her. Hope asks why? Marlena says because he has no friends, and she thinks he's starting to trust him. Marlena is optimistic that John will come back to them. She says when he was with Belle, there was a glint in his eye for a moment, something there, like the man he was. She says they have to work to get that back.


In John's room, Roman has John tied back to his bed. Roman knows that was just an act he put on for Marlena and Belle. He's not buying it. He says he was held hostage by Stefano too, hew knows what Stefano is capable off. Roman says he can't trust John. John asks what he thinks he's going to do? Roman says whatever Stefano put in that brain of his, which he won't let happen. Roman leaves and John pulls out the scissors he stole. He uses the to pick the lock on his cuffs. 

Back in the hall, Roman and Bo end up going off to check with the station. Hope talks to MArlena and telsl her to be careful, that isn't John in there. Marlena knows, but he is alive. Marlena says she didn't know how she'd survive without him, but he's back and there is hope. She knows the extent of the damage Stefano did, but she feels it can be undone. She says John is a fighter, she knows he will fight Stefano's mind games. She believes one day John will recognize her and return the love she feels for him. Hope says she hopes so. Mrlena also believes that Bo and Roman will find Claire. Marlena says if John can come back to her, then anything and everything can happen.


Back in his room, John continues to work to pick the lock on his cuffs. However he begins having memories of Stefano brainwashing him in the lab.  He gets one hand free, but begins shaking as he remembers the brainwashing Stefano did to delete his memories. John eventually cuts through the straps holding him down. Marlena and Hope walk in, John grabs Marlena and orders Hope inside the room and to close the door, or the doctor dies. Marlena tells John to stop this, she doesn't believe he would hurt her. He says he will kill her. She says he is wrong. John has more flashes of the brainwashing. He lets her go and is shaking. The cops burst in with guns and tells John to put his hands behind his head. 


John is cuffed to the bed again. He keeps mumbling he has to go, he has to be let out. Marlena asks why? He is shaking and not making much sense. Marlena tells John to trust her, tell her what she has to do. Roman and Bo return, they say John will be given a 24 hour watch. A doctor comes in to sedate John, but she won't let this happen. The doctor says it's only a mild sedative. John says no more drugs! They give him the sedative anyway. Bo and Roman leave, as does the doctor. Marlena tell John that he didn't hurt her because he couldn't hurt her, it isn't possible. She says he loves her, one day he'll remember that. John looks at her and soon falls asleep from the sedative.

Marlena goes into the hall. Hope, Bo and Roman all say he can't be trusted, John is trying to get her to lower her defenses. Marlena says she knows he can't be trusted yet, and it breaks her heart. Back in John's room, John has more dreams about being brainwashed. 


January 22, 2008
In jail, Lucas is pacing and says he can't stay in the cell much longer. Stefano is reading and says he needs to relax, make a peanut butter sandwich until Phillip and his lawyers post his bail. Lucas wonders why Stefano isn't spending money to get himself out. Stefano says lawyers are a funny breed. He says his lawyers could get Lucas out of here in 24 hours. Lucas says if he took him up on his offer, he'd obviously be indebted to him. He asks what he'd want in return? Stefano says his proposal is simple. Suddenly a cop comes to get Stefano and take him to his lawyers. Stefano says they'll finish this discussion later. When Stefano is gone, Lucas begins looking through his things. he soon finds Stefano's cell phone. 


At Sami's, she's packing up things to go to the safe house. She's packing a lot. EJ asks if she needs it all? She asks if he can assure her they won't be hiding for long? She wants another suitcase, but EJ says this is hiding and not a holiday. Sami wants the twins to at least see their doctor before they leave. She also tells EJ they need to establish some ground rules, when he's not helping her with the twin then stay as far away from her as possible. EJ asks if she wants to do this on her own? Sami says she's just trying to avoid an uncomfortable situation. EJ says they'll be in a house surrounded by her father's men, it's going to be uncomfortable. The babies cry, so EJ goes to take care of them.

Later, Sami gets a call from Lucas! Lucas tells Sami not to hang up. She asks what he wants. He wants to know why she's not returning his lawyer's calls. She says she's busy dealing with her own mess now. Lucas knows he made a mistake, he'd take it back if he could but he can't. Lucas asks how Ali is? Sami says she's doing great. Lucas says he misses them both. Lucas asks if she can at least bring Ali to visit him. Sami says she can't, she and the twins are going someplace safe. Sami says she doesn't know where she's going. Sami says her dad will get him all the information he can. Lucas asks if she's doing this to get even with her? He says Stefano can't hurt anyone, he's locked up with him. She is confused, is Stefano there now? Lucas says no, he's with his attorneys and he's in the cell calling on a cell phone Stefano must have smuggled in. Sami is afraid of Stefano. She says Abe is going to take them someplace safe. EJ shows up asking for some powder, Johnny has a rash. Lucas hears EJ and asks if her loving husband is there? He can't believe she is going off to hide with EJ and the twins, doesn't she remember who EJ is? Sami says she can't talk about this now and hangs up. Sami then tells EJ that Lucas' new cell mate happens to be Stefano. EJ hopes Stefano didn't overheard their conversation. Sami says Stefano wasn't in the cell. She's afraid for Lucas, his life was threatened once and now he's bunking with Stefano. EJ says if Lucas is in the same cell with Stefano than that is the safest place he can be, Stefano doesn't get his own hands dirty.


Back in the cell, Lucas hides Stefano's phone as he hears him returning. Lucas says he wasn't gone long. Stefano asks if he missed him? Lucas says they were talking about getting him out. Stefano says the proposal is simple and he thinks Lucas will be agreeable to it. Stefano wants help getting Johnny away form his parents.  Lucas says he wants him to kidnap Sami's son? Stefano think it sounds reasonable. Lucas doesn't think so. Stefano says if Johnny is away from Sami then so is EJ. Lucas says getting rid of EJ is one thing, but he won't kidnap Sami's son. The cop then comes to take Lucas to stretch his legs. After Lucas leaves, Stefano gets his phone to see if Lucas made a call. He sees he did.  Stefano calls Sami back. She thinks it is Lucas, and telsl him to stop calling her as who knows what Stefano has done to his phone. Stefano laughs when she calsl her a son of a bitch. Sami drops the phone. EJ picks it up and says it will be all right. 


At the hospital, Belle wakes up from a dream about Claire. Phillip is there. He says she was dreaming. Belle asks if her dad was a dream too? Phillip says no, he's alive. She asks if they've found Claire? Phillip says no. Belle says she had a nightmare about Claire, she was screaming for her and she couldn't get to her. Phillip says Claire will be back in her arms before she knows it. Belle says she needs to go find her. Phillip says she is sick and won't do Claire or anyone any good until she's better. He says Shawn is trying to find her now. Phillip wants her to sleep, he wants to call a nurse to give her something. She doesn't want drugs, she wants to be awake if they find her or if her dad comes back. Belle begins coughing, Phillip gets her some water. He says she looks exhausted. She says he does too and his work is probably piling up, he should go. He says work can wait, this is where he wants to be unless she doesn't want him here. She tells him to stop being so brave, it's making her feel worse. Belle feels like she didn't do enough to save Claire. Phillip says she did everything she could, she was a victim too. He says she can't change things that happened, but she can work to get better for Claire. He wants her to sleep, take drugs if she has to. Belle says she doesn't want it! Phillip says he's upset her so he'll go, but she asks him not to go. He stays, and she thanks him. Phillip says she knows this is where he wants to be. She says she doesn't know what he'd do without him, he's the only one who has been here for her. She says Shawn is trying to find Claire and her mom is taking care of her dad. Belle says every time she opens her eyes, she sees him. She says it's nice to see his face. Phillip says he wants nothing more than to be the first face she sees when she wakes up. He says he shouldn't have said that. Belle asks Phillip to hold her hand until she falls asleep, which he does. Meanwhile, Crystal is in some hotel somewhere with Claire, who is in bed sobbing.  Crystal hums to her to get her to sleep. 

Back at the hospital, Hope brings Marlena some coffee. Hope says Bo and Roman are following some leads on Claire, Roman will check in on John later. Marlena is on edge. She says she knows she should back away and keep distance from John. However she knows a lot about the human brain and she has been held captive by Stefano too. She knows what John is going through and can forgive John for whatever he says or does. She knows that man isn't John in there. She says she thought this would be easy, until he tried to break out. She says they are in this for the long haul, but she won't stop fighting for him.

In his room, John is asleep and dreaming of the brain washing. On the screen are memories of Marlena being washed away. In his sleep, John calls out "Doc!" Marlena goes in to see John and asks if he is okay. He says he had a dream about her. Marlena asks about the dream. John isn't sure about what was happening, it is these drugs, they are interfering with him. She says she'll see if they'll lower the dosage. She says while she's gone, try to remember the dream.


Marlena goes to the hall and tells Hope that John says he had a dream about her. She knows he could be lying, or he could be having a break through. She says she'll find out. Back in his room, John remembers more of the brainwashing and Stefano being there with him. Stefano says the process seems to be working. He says they are removing memories, personality and cognitive thought from him. Stefano says he would be a clean slate. On the monitor in front of John we see the word "Deleted!" Later the deletion has finished, and John isn't responding to anything Stefano says to him. Stefano says this is marvelous. He says if John had a headache he wouldn't even be able to recognize it. He says Rolf has created a wondrous system. Stefano holds up a disk and says everything John knew and remembered and was extracted and put on this little disk. Stefano then took the disk away.  


John wakes up from his dream crying out "Don't take it!" Marlena and Hope run into the room. Marlena asks for the doctor to be paged. John says he still can't remember anything while the doctor is giving him drugs to mess with his memory. The doctor shows up asking what is going on. John says he wants the doctor to listen to Marlena. Marlena and Dr. Carrington go to the hall. She says she doesn't know what those monsters did to John's mind, but they can undo it and have to do it quickly. She wants John's medications lowered. She says John thinks it will help him remember his dreams, and she thinks it is possible. The doctor offers to think about it and walks off. Roman shows up and asks Marlena what is going on? Roman feels Marlena is too close to John to be involved in his treatment. He says she is too close to John to be objective. Roman says from now on Dr. Carrington is the only one allowed to treat John. Marlena says they are treating her like some fool who will let John go. She says she  only wants to help John find himself. Roman does too, but she was in charge when John freed himself.


Hope is in the room with John. She asks John if he closes his eyes if anything comes to mind. John tells Hope that he doesn't like her or trust her. John closes his eyes and Marlena and Roman show up to check on John. Roman says Dr. Carrington will probably listen to her opinion. However they don't know who John is or what he's capable of. John says he is sedated, not absent. He asks Marlena if she talked to the doctor. Marlena says yes, and he won't lower his medications. Marlena asks for a moment alone with John. Hope and Roman leave, but the guard stays. Marlena tells John she's so sorry. John says he's sure she is. Marlena says no matter what, she will love him and fight for him. She asks John why won't he look at her? John says she's been taken off his case, she can't stop the drugs, she is of no further use to him. Marlena says he may think that, but he doesn't believe it. John won't look at her at all. Marlena leaves the room.  Back in the hall, Marlena tells Roman and Hope she needs to be alone and leaves. Roman tells Hope whatever Stefano did to John ran pretty deep. Hope wonders if they'll ever reach the real John. Meanwhile Dr. Carrington orders John's dosage upped and given to him 24 hours a day. Marlena spies and says she knows John was close to a breakthrough, if she has to take matters into her own hands to make it happen then she will.


January 23, 2008
At the pub, Billie meets with Nick. Nick says Chelsea isn't here, but Billie says she's here to see him. She needs to know what happened at the Theta house with Ford. Nick claims he has nothing to say. She says tell me what happened. Nick says he doesn't know what she means. Billie says she has Crawford Decker and the Dean breathing down her neck. She says Chelsea already has a criminal record. Billie says she knows he thinks he's protecting her, but he's not. Billie says she is Chelsea's mother and she'd do anything she can to help her. She tells Nick to tell her what happened to Ford! The Dean and Crawford Decker walk in, they want to know that too. Crawford asks where his boy is. Dean tells Crawford to let the authorities take care of this, he needs to take care of his wife. The Dean tells Billie that Detective Sullivan will come by the house today, he hopes they will come forward. Billie says if a crime was committed. Crawford lays into Billie, saying Chelsea assassinated Ford's character and Billie is using her position to cover this up. He knows Chelsea ran over her own brother, he calls her a great parent. Billie says this conversation isn't' helping anyone. The Dean tells Billie and Nick that if there was some kind of cover-up here, they'll both be fired and criminal charges will be pressed. The Dean and Crawford leave. Billie tells Nick whatever hell Ford is in, he's going to drag them down with him. Nick says all he knows is what Chelsea told him, that Ford slept off a night of drunkenness. Nick wishes he could help her, but he can't.


At Steve and Kayla's, Max shows up with breakfast for Stephanie. They decide to eat. As they are talking, Stephanie doesn't see Chelsea is trying to call her. Stephanie says he's been great these past few days, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. He says he's not going anywhere. He just wants her to get better, that is all that matters. Stephanie says she doesn't expect him to put his life on hold for her. He says it's not on hold, he's living his life. He tells her that she should get some rest. He offers to pick up her books. She says when she thinks what could happen between them, if she wasn't so screwed up. Max says don't think about that. Stephanie says boys have always been interested in her, but nowadays she can't think about boys or dating at all. Max offers to take her back to the Theta house, but she says no way. Max asks why she doesn't want to go there? Stephanie says Chelsea arranged an emergency meeting, they are going to vote on whether to keep Ford's death a secret. Max says she needs to be there, her and Cordy's vote should be the loudest. He knows she is strong and brave, they used to race. Stephanie says Chelsea wants to go to the police thinking it will be okay, but she knows it won't be. Max says with the right lawyer they might be able to get off telling the truth. Stephanie says the one person who might not get off so easily is him, he knew what he was doing that night. She says she cares too much about him to let that happen. Max says this isn't about him, it never was. She doesn't want him to sacrifice himself for them. She says even if Chelsea gets off with a slap on the wrist, they'll have to go to trial and she and Cordy will have to relive everything. She says she just can't go to the police. Max thinks Stephanie needs to stand up and get the girls on her side. Max says they'll get through this together. Max asks her to let her take her back to the sorority. He says Ford took away her choice, don't let Chelsea and Morgan to that do. 


Chelsea arrives at the sorority house. She leaves a message for Stephanie saying they have to talk about whether to go to the police or not. Chelsea heads in and says they need to talk about something important. Chelsea says Ford's dad searched the house, they found Ford's contact in the house. Chelsea explains how they had to bury the body in the house, but later moved it. She says they thought it would be over, but it's not. Carmen says she promised to end this. Cordy asks how she managed to leave evidence behind. Chelsea says they didn't want to deal with this, she had to make a decision on her own. Another girl says she joined a sorority, not the mafia. Chelsea says they have to figure out what to tell. Carmen says the creep is dead, so what story do they tell. Chelsea says the truth. Morgan says which truth? She says they can't go back in time and change things. The girls refuse to tell the truth about Ford's death. They say what they got was justice, and it was Chelsea's idea. Morgan says Chelsea doesn't get to go and change her mind now. Chelsea says she knows Ford was sick and twisted, but his family deserves closure and he deserves a burial. Morgan says it was an accident, they need to stick to their story and move on with their lives. Chelsea says she knows she got them into this mess, so she shouldn't start lecturing. However she's trying to look at this realistically. She says the cops are suspicious and they know this is the last place he was. She says they found the lense, they might find other evidence. Chelsea says they made a decision in the heat of the moment, they aren't master criminals. She says the police will keep pressuring them until they crack. Carmen thinks she's making sense. Chelsea says they should take a vote on what to do. Morgan says hell no, this isn't a reality show. They go ahead with the vote. They all draw playing cards and decide to place them face up or face down depending on how they vote. Chelsea and Morgan both vote to tell the truth, as does Cordy. 


Max brings Stephanie to the house. She goes in and arrives during the middle of the vote. She tells everyone that if they tell the truth that Ford will become the victim. Chelsea says they have voted and made up their mind, they will tell the truth. Stephanie says it's not fair for her and Cordy to go through a trial and be painted the campus sluts. Stephanie admits to them all that she was raped too. She says if they tell the cops then they will ruin her and Cordy's life, they don't have the right to do that. The girls all turn their playing cards over to keep quiet. Morgan says they will stick to their story and tell no one. Chelsea says this is a bad idea. Chelsea says she's made a ton of mistakes in her life, but Stephanie is making a bigger one now. She says she is the one with the most to lose, she was with him when he fell. The doorbell rings, the detective with the Salem PD shows up to investigate things. He says they are going to have to interview each of them in regards to their relationship with Ford. 

Bo meets Hope at the hospital. Hope is worried not only about John and Marlena, but about Claire. Bo says they'll get through this. Hope says together, which is why she wants back in the game. He asks what game? She says the game Stefano is playing with them all. She says she loves being a mother, but she wants to make this world a better place for her daughter. She says she wants to return to being a cop. She says she was a good cop too, he knows it. Bo says she was. Bo thinks with all these Brady's on the case, they will find Claire. Hope then starts wondering who her new partner will be. This gets to Bo, and Hope teases him that he's jealous. Bo says he likes having her around to see how her head works, but it will be a big change seeing her head in synch with someone else's and working on different cases. He says he'll just have to get used to it.


Billie shows up to see Bo. She says she's sorry to interrupt, this is important and his phone was off. Hope leaves to check on Marlena. Billie tells Bo that it is Chelsea, she thinks she's in really big trouble. She tells him what she knows about Ford, and how she thinks Chelsea is right in the middle of this. Bo agrees. He remembers how paranoid she was acting during Christmas. They both agree Chelsea is deeply involved in this. Billie says she's sorry she has to drag him into this. He says his plate is never too full for family. Billie thanks him, she's glad she doesn't have to do this parenting thing alone. 

Marlena goes to visit John. He asks why she's back? She says she doesn't give up so easily. He says suit yourself. She says she's stubborn enough to think she can break through that wall built around his brain. She says Dr. Carrington thinks he may be able to treat him and get him his memory back. The doctor comes in with drugs, which Marlena doesn't like. The doctor says John is his patient and he's only letting her stay because he thinks she may be useful. John asks what is in it? It's truth serum, and he injects John. John keeps saying "No more drugs!"  John is given the drugs, the doctor asks what his name is. He says he's told it is John, but it doesn't feel right. Marlena says that isn't the name he was born with. John says he has to go, he's on a mission. Marlena asks what mission? What is the purpose of the mission? He won't talk. Marlena asks John to concentrate, is this a mission from Stefano? John begins seizing. Marlena says he's fine, Stefano isn't coming in here. She wonders what Stefano did to make him so afraid of his name.


Later Marlena talks with the doctor. She feels that John's memory has been wiped clean by Stefano, that isn't the John she knows. She thinks John can access those memories if he is off the medications. Dr. Carrington says he'll consider it, when he feels John won't be violent. He also has another idea, but he doesn't think Marlena will like it. Dr. Carrington says John needs more intensive therapy then they can provide. He wants to move John to the psych ward. Marlena does hate this. Dr. Carrington says John almost escaped once, and they don't have the tools available for his treatment. Dr. Carrington will have him moved right away. He wants her to consult on the case, but others will have to take over. Dr. Carrington walks off and Marlena says "like hell they will . . . . "


Marlena goes back to John, who is sedated. She knows he's in there and says they'll fight this together. Hope shows up to check on them. She asks if there is anything she can do? Marlena says no, they are moving him to the psych ward. Hope says well then she can treat him. Marlena says no, the doctor won't allow it. Hope sees a look on Marlena's face, what is she going to do? Marlena doesn't know yet. She says she is going to get to John, she doesn't care what anyone else says or does. Hope says just be careful. Marlena says she will. Once Hope leaves, Marlena tells John  to wake up! She tells him to talk to her, what was he saying to her before. He says his mission. She asks him to talk to her about it, but he just keeps falling asleep. She says she will snap him out of this and no one will stand in her way. 


January 24, 2008
At the sorority house, Chelsea continues to think about Nick telling her they wouldn't have a future together unless she came clean. There is a knock at the door, it is Nick. She lets him in so they can talk. Nick asks what happened in the meeting. She says she tried to get the girls to come forward. She says at first they were going to tell the police, but then Stephanie convinced them not to because it would backfire. Nick says big mistake. Chelsea says Stephanie feels she will be put on trial instead of Ford. Nick says if Stephanie came forward at first then Ford would have been arrested. Chelsea says and none of this would have happened. Nick says the police won't stop looking into this. Nick tells Chelsea that he loves her and will stick by her through this. Chelsea says so he's not breaking up with her? Nick says no and they kiss. He does however think he needs to tell the police what happened. Chelsea says she can't betray them like that, she promised to abide by the vote. She says it wasn't like they murdered him. Nick says by keeping it quiet the police will think they murdered him. Chelsea says they are scared, so is she. He says he'll be there with her. She says she promised to accept how they voted. Nick says the Dean and Crawford Decker are accusing her mom of covering this up, her reputation and job are on the line. Nick says he has to go.


Bo meets Detective Dom to talk about the Ford Decker investigation. Dom fills Bo in on what he knows so far and what the girls are claiming, which he thinks is a lie. Bo asks why he thinks they are lying? Dom says their stories are too alike, like they were memorized. He says Decker wants him to arrest them all, he thinks they killed his son and Chelsea was behind it. Bo asks why he suspects Chelsea? Dom explains about the fliers Chelsea posted, and he's also accusing Billie of looking the other way. Dom says everything Crawford says makes a lot of sense. Bo asks to see the files, so Dom agrees to put them on his desk. 


Later Bo shows up at the sorority house to talk to Chelsea. She says this is a surprise and lets him in. She asks if there is any word on Claire. Bo says they will find her. Bo says he's here as a cop, not her father. He says he needs to know everything she knows about Ford's disappearance. Chelsea says she told the detective all she knows, they all did. Bo says he knows when she's not being completely honest. He says this isn't a game, a boy is missing and could be dead. He asks her to tell him what he knows. He says doing what is right isn't always the easiest thing. He says he is sure she's being loyal to her new friends, but that isn't as important as the truth. He says Ford's parents are going crazy with worry not knowing, and Billie could be in trouble too. Chelsea says Nick told her that Billie could lose her job. Bo says her mom wants to do the right thing no matter what cost. He hopes she would do that too. Chelsea continues to claim she doesn't know anything and has nothing to tell him. Bo says then he's out of here. He says he expected more of her, he had hoped that she had learned something from Zack's death. Chelsea says she has. Bo says she hasn't, she's putting Billie at risk yet again, as well as herself and her friends. Bo says she lied about Zack and he was willing to believe her because he loves her. Bo says it nearly destroyed his marriage and family, he won't let that happen again and was hoping she wouldn't either. Chelsea says she is doing what she thinks is right. Bo says they are the choices they make. He knows she made bad ones in the past, he thought she had grown up. Chelsea says she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Bo says it's not too late. Chelsea thanks him for coming by. Bo gives her a hug before leaving and says he loves her.  

At the hospital, Belle gets out of bed. She goes to get dressed when a nurse shows up telling her to please get back into bed. Phillip comes in just as she is about to faint. He catches her and carries her back to bed. Belle wants to help find Claire, but Phillip says she needs to concentrate on getting well. The nurse agrees, she is not to get out of that bed. Phillip tells her that she needs to recover and recuperate. Belle wants to see her dad, she knows he would be able to give her hope. Phillip says then she should go see him. Belle says she's not allowed to get out of bed. Phillip says actually the nurse said her feet can't touch the floor. He unhooks her from her oxygen and grabs her IV. He then carries her to a wheel chair and hangs her IV bag on it. Belle asks where they are going? He says she'll like it.


John is still handcuffed to his bed in his room. He sees Marlena come in to see him. She explains he's in the psychiatric ward and has been heavily sedated. John says she was going to help him get out, but now he's more drugged than ever. He says she lied to him. Marlena says it wasn't her call, and he did this to himself. John asks how this is his fault? She says he was holding her by the throat when he tried to escape. John says he is the victim here, they are treating him like a criminal. Marlena says he's acting like one, and they don't know what Stefano wants him to do. She says when he was under he mentioned a mission, and when she mentioned Stefano's name he lost it and had to be sedated. Marlena tells him that Stefano dry cleaned his brain and it is imperative that he remember what Stefano wants him to do. John says Stefano wants him to knit afghans. Marlena tells John this isn't him. She says he can fight all he wants, but she won't give up on him and won't let him give up on himself. She says she'll keep fighting until he is well and they are a family again.

Later Marlena returns. She heard he wanted some food. She is here to feed him. He says he doesn't need to be fed. She says he does, his hands are bound and they won't let him near anything resembling a weapon. She also has news, the doctor wants to move him. John says to a nuthouse? Marlena says they'll need her signature, seeing she's his wife. He says she can't let them do that. Marlena says they should make a deal. She says she won't sign the paper work if he lets her help him remember his mission. She doesn't know if he knows and won't talk, or if the memory is buried deep in his subconscious. John says he doesn't remember what his mission was. Marlena says then they should recover his memories with hypnosis. He says no. She says if he really wanted to remember then he'd say yes. John says if she wanted to help then she would get him out of this hospital. Marlena thinks this could be part of his programming, refusing to help in order not to expose Stefano.


Suddenly Phillip wheels Belle in. They had a hard time finding him. Belle asks why he's in the psych ward and why is he handcuffed to the bed? Marlena asks Phillip to excuse them, so he leaves. John tells Belle that they are just trying to make him better. Belle says by chaining him up? She wants answers. Marlena suggests they talk outside. John asks what she doesn't want him to hear? Marlena wheels Belle out. Marlena tells Belle that John is being restrained so he doesn't hurt himself, he's having violent dreams. Belle asks because of Stefano? What does he remember? Marlena says he doesn't remember anything, his memory has been wiped clean. Belle says but he called her tink. Marlena says she told him to, he was pretending because she didn't want her worrying about her dad and Claire at the same time. Marlena says they got him away from Stefano, they can get him well now. Belle asks if that can happen? Marlena says they are doing all they can to get her daddy well, but they don't know what was done to him. Marlena says one problem is that she's not his doctor now. She says she's involved, but Dr. Carrington is in charge for now. Dr. Carrington then shows up. Marlena introduces him to Belle. Belle asks what he's doing to her dad? He says everything they can to help him. He decides to go check on him and leaves. Belle tells her mom she won't quit until she brings dad back right? Marlena says she promises. Belle says she needs him back. Phillip returns, he thinks it was a mistake to bring her up here. He thought it would do her good, he didn't know it was this bad. Marlena is sorry she found out like this. Belle says it's better she knows, and he is still alive. She says she can only pray for her little girl. Marlena assures Belle that Claire will be found and will come back to them. She says Claire will need all her love and strength. Phillip says that is why it's important she gets well and gets out of here. Marlena insists she go back to her room and rest. Belle asks her mom to tell dad that she loves him.


Phillip takes Belle back to her room. They talk about John. Phillip says maybe they are just being careful with him, to make sure he's not a danger to himself or anyone else. Phillip says right now she has to concentrate on getting better. She thanks him, saying he's done enough. He says he'd do anything for her. She appreciates all he's done. He says he wants Claire back as much as she does. Phillip says part of him will always think of her as his daughter. He knows they'll find her. 

Back in John's room, Dr. Carrington gives John more drugs as Marlena walks in. John begs Marlena not to let him do this to him. The doctor says this is for the best, and says if he won't allow himself to be fed then they'll have to give him something in an IV. Marlena tells John, who is out, that Belle loves him and wants him well. Marlena then knows how to help him, he showed her how to get the answers she needs. Dr. Carrington tries to warn Marlena that John is working her, taking advantage of her feelings for him. She says he doesn't remember them or their love. The doctor asks what she meant when she said John showed her the way to get the answers. He says he wants to help John, this is no time to be keeping secrets. Marlena says this isn't about the treatment, it's about the mission. Dr. Carrington says he doesn't remember his mission. Marlena says someone else does, they can tell her what she needs to know. 

At the pub, Chloe and Shawn are on the PC researching the tattoo Shawn saw on Rob's arm, which is the same design from the necklace in John's mother's photo. They find out it is the knot of a Celtic warrior woman. They try and find out what the symbol is associated with, perhaps a group or a family. Shawn says this research could take weeks. Shawn thinks they have to find out more about Crystal and this guy.  Shawn wants to go back to the store and search it, there could be something there tied to that symbol. Chloe says if he gets caught he could get thrown out of the academy. He doesn't care, nothing is more important than Claire. Chloe says she's going with him then, threatening to call his dad if he doesn't let her go. He relents. 


Chloe and Shawn arrive at the store. Shawn plans to break in and Chloe to be the lookout, but they are forced to hide when they hear a sound and realize someone is in there. Chloe thinks they need to call his dad, but Shawn says whoever is in there could have Claire and run with her by time the cops get here. Chloe asks what he'll do, knock on the door and ask if he can come in? Shawn says no, he thinks he has a key. She says the first sign he's in trouble, she's calling the police. Shawn actually knocks on the door saying he knows someone is in there, he's not leaving till they open up. A man opens the door and Shawn says he is here to pick something up. He flashes the symbol to them to act like he is part of their organization.


January 25 , 2007
Outside the pub, Chelsea talks with Nick. Nick wants Chelsea to talk to Stephanie and make her go to the police. Chelsea thinks if the truth comes out the girls will all hate her and blame her for it. Nick says telling the truth is the only way out of this for them all, but Chelsea doesn't think Stephanie will see it that way. When Chelsea sees Crawford show up, she runs off. Nick drags her back. Crawford is in the pub. Nick says he may not been the best parent in the world, but his son is dead and he doesn't know. Nick says no parent deserves that. 

Stephanie shows up at the pub and finds her parents all kissey face. She says they shouldn't be doing that in public. Steve thinks they need to tell Stephanie. Kayla isn't sure it is the right time. Steve tells her that by this time next year she could be a big sister. Stephanie is shocked. Steve asks her what is wrong? Is she having boy trouble? He doubts that, she's so beautiful that she has to fight them off. This makes her cry. Steve says he's sorry, he didn't mean to make her cry. He asks what is wrong? Kayla tells Stephanie they need to tell him. Stephanie doesn't think she can. Kayla says something happened. Steve asks Stephanie to tell him what happened. She is sobbing, Kayla finally says she was raped. Stephanie breaks down and Steve hugs them both. They sit down and Steve asks who did this to her? Stephanie says Ford Decker, he drugged her. Steve is furious. He says this is the kid who disappeared, so this must have happened a long time ago. She says three months ago. Steve says he better be dead, because if he's not . . . . Steve asks Kayla if she knew about this? Stephanie says she asked mom not to say anything, she knew how he'd react. Steve tells Kayla that she can't keep thighs like this from him, they are a family. Kayla says she's sorry, but he says don't be. Steve asks Stephanie if she's getting help. Stephanie says yes. He says the time he saw her at the hospital . . . Stephanie says she was seeing a counselor. Steve says this isn't her fault and she shouldn't be ashamed. Stephanie says she didn't want her dad to think she was ruined. Steve says she could never be ruined. He says she's his baby girl. He says it's a sick world and he wanted to protect her, but he couldn't. They hug as Steve says he's so sorry. Steve tells her this wasn't her fault and it doesn't change who she is. 


Crawford shows up at the pub and finds Steve and Kayla with Stephanie. Steve confronts Crawford over what his son did, but Crawford refuses to believe his son did anything. Crawford says his son has been missing for weeks, but Steve says that is not his problem. Crawford begs Stephanie to tell him what they know. Steve asks what is going on here? Stephanie says the same story about Ford coming over drunk and passing out, then he left. Crawford says not knowing what happened to their boy is killing his wife. Stephanie says she's sorry but she doesn't feel pain for his son. Stephanie says his son raped her, she hates him. Crawford says whatever he did or didn't do, it's irrelevant. He begs her to tell him where his son is. Stephanie says she doesn't know. Chelsea walks in and says she knows, she's sorry but Ford is dead. 


At the psychic shop, Shawn claims he's here to pick something up and flashes a medallion symbol. He's let in and frisked. Shawn says he's here to pick up a little girl, that is it. The man asks who sent him. Shawn says Stefano. The man attacks him, and Chloe then knocks the man out from behind with a board. Shawn thought she was going to stand out and be the lookout. She says she was, but she sensed trouble. She asks what happened, Shawn fills her in. Chloe asks if they aren't dealing with Stefano then who? Rob comes out from the back and says "Stefano's enemies!" Shawn recognizes Rob and tells Chloe to call 911. He then grabs Rob and demands to know where his daughter is.  Rob pulls a gun on Shawn, he tells him he messed up his plans. He says they would have had Belle and Claire to safety, but they ruined things for them. Rob threatens to shoot Shawn, but Shawn doubts they'd shoot Claire's father if they were looking out for her best interest. Shawn says tell him where Claire is or he'll beat the crap out of him! Rob again reminds him that he's on the wrong end of the gun. The cops soon show up and Rob tries to run. Shawn grabs him and begins beating him as promised. The cops show up and grab both Shawn and Rob. Rob tries to convince them Shawn attacked him, but Shawn says he kidnapped his daughter. Chloe runs in saying she called 911 and Rob is the kidnapper here. Rob is taken to the station and Shawn finds something hidden on a shelf. It's a package of photos of all the Bradys! 


At the hospital, John is on a laptop looking at various images on a screen. John finds it completely boring, but the doctor tells him to continue with the images. John asks if the pretty little assistant can come over and help him, maybe push his buttons. She refuses, John says she's missing so much fun. John keeps trying to entice her to join him, to be on his team as the doctor is so boring. Dr. Carrington decides the nurse is becoming a distraction and asks her to leave. John asks the doctor what his little test tells him about him? The doctor says just continue.


In the hall, Sami asks the nurse how John is. The nurse says ask the doctor when they are finished.  Later the nurse tells Sami she's allowed to go in and see John. She says hello to him, and knows he doesn't remember her. She says she's going away for awhile and wanted to come say goodbye. John says wait, he think he does remember her. He tells Sami to come closer. He says he wishes he could remember more, but he recognizes her face. Sami says she was a pain in his but for a lot of years. He doesn't believe that, not with her smile. Sami says they missed him so much. She also says they said she shouldn't get to close, but she'd like  to give him a hug. He says go for it. Sami hugs him, and he grabs her by the throat and begins choking her! Later we see Sami dead on the bed. A nurse comes in and screams! Of course this is all in John's mind. Sami asks John if it would be okay if she gave him a hug. She gives him a hug and he resists choking her. Sami tells John it is so awesome to see him. She says he was like a second dad to her, and she was a jerk to him. He says that doesn't matter anymore. He says he'd love to be able to hug her back. Sami says she knows he'll get out of here soon. She says she has to go, but the next time she sees him that she knows he'll remember everything. Sami leaves and John remembers Stefano giving him his mission to find "the woman." He keeps remembering how he recognized Sami's face and says "the mission!"


At the station, Roman is on the phone yelling at someone to get them what he needs to bring Claire home, the case can't go cold. Marlena shows up and finds him yelling. Marlena asks Roman to see one of the prisoners. Roman guesses Stefano, and he wonders why she brought her medical bag? She says she is the Salem PD psychiatric consultant, she is a doctor and has access to the prisoners. Marlena says she has medicines in her bag, just in case something happens to Stefano. Roman thinks what, Stefano might get bit by a bee and need an injection? Marlena says she wants Stefano aware of his surroundings, and if he doesn't want to talk, she might have something that might help him talk. Roman says she may be able to help after all, but at least try and do it by the book. Roman goes to get her clearance. Marlena then calls Dr. Carrington to learn about the test results. Dr. Carrington says John has no emotions whatsoever. Marlena says this is not good. She says they have to find out what has been done to him, and she's working on that now. He asks if this has to do with this meeting she was talking? What is it about? Marlena then pretends they get cut off and hangs up.


Roman confronts Stefano in the questioning area. He says they had to fire two guards today, how much did he pay them to bring in cell phone and gourmet meals. Stefano says maybe they did it out of the goodness of their hearts? Roman lets Marlena in and says he'll be close by. Stefano says behind the mirror he assumes. Stefano tells Marlena he's delighted to see her. She says he won't be! Stefano asks what he's going to do, torture him? He didn't think she liked that sort of thing. She says she's going to give him what they gave John, and then some more. Stefano asks what John got? She says sodium pentathol. He says and she thinks he'll break like a cheap toy? Stefano says he is immune to truth agents the same as John is. Abe meanwhile joins Roman in the observation room. Abe realizes what is going on, he says they can't be doing this. Roman says he'll do whatever it takes to get Claire back. Abe realizes he's right, they have to get him to talk. Marlena gives him the truth serum, and he seems to be out of it. Roman begins recording. Marlena asks Stefano what his name is, he responds. Marlena asks if he knows John Black and for how long. Stefano says many years. Marlena asks if he likes John Black. Stefano says no. Marlena asks why John was at his mansion? Stefano won't answer. Marlena says he gave John a mission, what was it. Stefano doesn't answer. He just starts mumbling. He eventually says seek, destroy, revenge. Marlena asks who he is meant to destroy. Stefano says he will not stop until he finds the target and eliminates them. Marlena asks who the target is. Stefano's head begins to hurt. She asks if he has a headache. He says yes. Marlena gets out some aspirin. She pours a cup of water and gives him the aspirin. Abe and Roman soon show up to take Stefano to solitary. Roman asks MArlena what she thinks? She doesn't think they can get anymore out of him. Abe says if they don't charge him soon, he'll walk. Roman says even if they do charge him he'll walk. Abe says Stefano will be in the back of his limo laughing at them soon enough. Marlena mumbles something to herself about not to count on it. 


Later Marlena goes to visit Stefano in his cell. Stefano is still out of it. MArlena asks to be left alone with him, so she is. Marlena sits by Stefano and hopes he's sleeping well. She says aspirin? No that wasn't aspirin. She says they were sleeping pills! She then calls him and evil pompous ass! She says for what he did to her, her husband, the people she loves. She says they'll call it even after this.  Meanwhile, Rob is brought in to the station. Shawn lets Roman know this is one of Claire's kidnappers. Rob is all bloody. Rob wants Shawn charged for attacking him, but Chloe says the man had a gun and said he'd shoot Shawn. Roman demands to know where Claire is, but Rob won't speak.  


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