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5th  Week of January 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


January 28, 2008

In the jail cell, Marlena sits by an unconscious Stefano, telling him that in the future he should never accept medicine from someone who hates them, even if they do say it's aspirin. She pulls out a syringe and vial and says on second thought, he won't need that advice. She yells at Stefano to wake up, she doesn't want him to miss the party. Stefano doesn't wake up, so she breaks out some smelling salts. This wakes him up, but he's unable to move and can barely speak. Marlena says she gave him muscle relaxer, he won't be able to move and he won't be able to speak loud enough to call for help. She then tells him she's mixed up a cocktail for him, it will make him appear catatonic, a vegetable. However she says he won't be, he'll be in there and conscious of everything going on around him. She says it's untraceable, everyone will think he had a stroke. He doesn't believe there is medicine that can do that. He also doesn't believe she'd do this to him, she is not a monster. She says she's not, and she gets no joy from this. She says that is what makes her better than him. She says she's only doing this for John, she realizes she'll never get him back as long as Stefano is around. She needs him out of the way so she can get John back and keep her family safe. He says he is the one who scrambled John's brain, only he can unscramble it. Marlena doesn't believe him. Stefano says he can prove it. She allows him one last chance, what is John's mission? Stefano says she will not know until the mission is over, it is the only way John will be freed. She knows he's sending John to kill someone, she won't let it happen. Stefano says she can't stop him. Stefano laughs that John is lost to her forever. Marlena thinks she can get John back and then injects Stefano with the drug! She says this is for Roman, herself, her twins, Shawn, Caroline, Bo, Hope and lastly for John. With his last bit of speech, Stefano curses her and the Bradys. Marlena then tells the guard that Stefano seems to have suffered a stroke. Later the guards come to take him away. Stefano is screaming in his head to look at his eyes, calling the guards jackasses for not seeing he's in his body. Stefano however is motionless.

In the interrogation room, Bo and Hope arrive and meet up with Abe and Roman. On the other side of the glass is Rob. Abe and Roman explain Shawn beat the tar out of him, he is one of Claire's kidnappers. They ask what will happen to Shawn, will this keep him from being a cop? Abe says it should, but they will look the other way as they'd all do the same if it was their child kidnapped. Roman says someone needs to talk to Shawn though. Hope says she will, but Roman says he meant an officer. Hope says she will! Abe asks if this means she's coming back? Hope says she never really left. Abe says he'll go draw up the paper work. Later Abe and Roman question Rob, as Bo and Hope watch on the other side of the glass window. Rob isn't offering up any answers, and even gloats to Roman that he'll jump bail and flee when he's released. Bo doesn't think Rob will talk, but Hope isn't so sure. Later for some reason Rob has decided to talk. Rob informs them that he and Crystal were hired to take the kid. He doesn't know by who or why, and Crystal was the one taking her out of the country. He says they were ordered to stay away from Stefano, Crystal for some reason hates the guy and is afraid of him. He tells them that Crystal had used an alias, Desiree Wilson, that might help them. Later Roman and Abe track Crystal on a plane to Ireland. Bo and Hope make arrangements to follow.

At the hospital, John is screaming for blondie as he remembers. Nurse Judy shows up with drugs, saying she was instructed to give these to him if he caused any more problems. John flirts with her, saying he just wanted to get her attention as he's so alone in here. He asks her her name so he has something to call out in his fantasies! She eventually says if he is good then she won't give him the drugs. She then leaves. John begins remembering more about his mission. Stefano told him he had to find this woman, their enemy, she was somewhere in Europe. Stefano says he's tracked her for years, but she always stays one step ahead of him. He then gave John a name, which we don't hear. Later we see John researching that name. John wakes up from his flashbacks when Marlena shows up. Marlena tells John that Stefano won't bother him anymore. John asks what she did? She says she took care of him. She says to everyone, it will look like he's a vegetable. However they know otherwise. John says good. John also says he has remembered his mission. Marlena says he won't be back to himself until he completes the mission, but she knows he is being sent to kill someone, which she can't allow. John says Stefano have him a word, Abban. He says Abban is a priest in Ireland, that is where he must go. He says he never told Stefano that he tracked this person to Ireland though. She knows he is going to kill someone. HE says he won't, but he must follow through this quest. He asks her to help him. She says this might be the dumbest things she's done, but she will help him.

In Belle's room, Phillip, Shawn and Chloe are with Belle. Belle is finally going to be released. Bo and Hope arrive. They inform them that Crystal took a little girl to Ireland, probably Claire. Bo and Hope are flying there tonight. Belle and Shawn want to go, but they say no. They say Interpol has taken over, but fortunately they are allowing them to be a part of this. Bo says they'll contact them when they know more. The minute Bo and Hope leave, Phillip says he'll make arrangements to have his plane ready to go within the hour! He then leaves too.

At the pub, Chelsea tells Crawford that Ford is dead. Stephanie tells Chelsea she doesn't know what she's saying, but Chelsea says she does. Crawford says you killed my son? Chelsea says no, it was an accident. Crawford gets riled up, so Steve gets in his face to settle him down. Stephanie starts crying that they won't believe them. Kayla says she knows Stephanie, she will believe her. Chelsea explains that they went to the police, to the dean, nobody did anything about Ford. She says they decided they would teach him a lesson. She says they only wanted to scare him. Cue the flashbacks of what happened that night as Chelsea explains about the drugged drink, Ford chasing her up the steps and then falling. Chelsea says he was dead, they tried to save him but he was dead. She says they were scared, they buried him in the basement for a little while. Crawford says a man left wearing Ford's clothes, who helped them, was it Nick? Chelsea says no. Chelsea says she doesn't know who it was, but someone moved Ford's body and they don't know where he is. Crawford is furious and says anyone who had anything to do with this or stands in his way will pay! He storms off. Stephanie is in tears, so Steve calls Max over to help support Stephanie. However Steve and Kayla are stunned when Max admits he's the one who helped them, only he knows where Ford is and he won't tell. He says it's the only way to protect the girls. Nick thinks Max might be right. Nick and Chelsea leave as Max, Steve, Kayla and Stephanie try and deal with things. Kayla and Steve say they need to let the dust settle and figure out how to handle this. 


January 29, 2008

At the station, Bo and Hope are talking with Abe about their trip to Ireland. Hope is hopeful they will find Claire. Bo wonders though what else they'll find there. Abe tells Hope before she can be accepted back onto the force, she needs a physical. He says luckily he talked to Kayla, she can fit her in. He also tells Bo that he's do for his annual physical as well. Bo and Hope head off to the hospital.

At the hospital, Steve visits Kayla, he's still upset over what happened with Stephanie and how he was unable to stop it. She tries to comfort him, but is paged and has to leave. After she leaves, Steve runs into Ford's father. They begin arguing with one another. Ford wants to know where his son's body is and what his daughter did with him. Steve defends Stephanie, saying Ford raped her and so many others. He says the girls went to the dean, but Crawford stepped in and protected his son in spite of what he did. Steve says maybe he didn't think his son did it, or maybe he knew he did and just didn't care. Steve puts the fault on Crawford for what happened. Crawford says no matter what his son may have done, he didn't deserve to die. Steve says oh yes he did. Crawford says just as he may have thought his son wasn't capable of the claims against him, Steve needs to consider the possibility that his daughter might not be so innocent either. Steve says he knows his daughter, she is innocent. He talks about how growing up he had a terrible father, he drank and hit them. He says his mother gave them up for adoption as it was the only way she could think to protect them from him. Steve thinks Crawford didn't care about his son at all, if he did he wouldn't have let him get away with what he did. Steve says because Crawford got Ford off the hook, Ford thought he could just keep doing it. Crawford says all he and his his wife want is to mourn and burry their son. Steve says and to make everyone involved with his death pay! Crawford storms off.

Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital for their physicals. Kayla has openings, but Bo refuses to be examined by his sister. She tells Bo that she doesn't relish the thought of giving him a physical either. Lexie shows up and offers to examine Bo. He says that's only slightly better than his sister, but because they need to make this flight okay. Bo goes off with Lexie for his test. Bo says he's glad she was reinstated, and the board understood what Sami did in blackmailing her. Lexie tells Bo a secret, her name has been put in for Chief of Staff. She will know by the end of the day if she got it. She hasn't told Abe yet, she doesn't want to jinx it. Bo congratulates her, saying she deserves this. They carry on with the physical. Meanwhile Kayla gives Hope her physical. Kayla hopes Hope will find and bring home Claire. Hope can see Kayla is troubled. Kayla admits to Hope that Stephanie was raped by Ford, she's been holding it in for months. She says she's getting counseling, but she's worried for both her and Steve. She says Steve is taking this hard. Hope knows Kayla will get them both through this.

In an exam room, doctors and nurses are looking over Stefano. Roman shows up and learns Stefano appears to have had a stroke and was found by Marlena. Roman asks where Marlena is now? He goes off to find her. Meanwhile the doctor in charge orders blood work on Stefano. He wants to know how this happened. Stefano's voice says Marlena did this to him, they must find out the truth! 

In John's room, Marlena continues talking to John. She agrees to help him with his mission, but she knows it is to kill someone. She understands he'll never break Stefano's hold unless he completes this mission, but she won't allow him to kill anyone. He says he told her that he wouldn't kill anyone. Marlena says he says that, but he can't be trusted. She says he is a liar, he has lied to her before. Roman interrupts to talk with Marlena, so they leave. John tells himself that Marlena is smart, too smart. He says sorry but he will kill his target, and if Marlena gets in the way he'll take her out too.

In the hall, Roman questions Marlena about Stefano's stroke, how she was the one to find him. Marlena dodges his questions and claims she doesn't know how it happened. Roman lets her know that there won't be any accusations or inquisitions made, he trusts her. She thanks him. Later though Marlena overhears the doctor ordering blood tests, how he hopes to find answers in them. Roman hears this too. Marlena quickly heads to the records room to change Stefano's tests. She says Sami always got caught doing this because she wasn't a doctor and didn't know how to properly do it. She won't be caught! She then knows she can't trust John, if he betrays her, she'll have to take him down. She gets some medicines and says if it comes to that, these drugs will keep him under her control.

Marlena returns to John's room, with the key to his cuffs. He asks where she got that? She says that is her secret. She says he might not recall, but he has a private jet, he's very wealthy. She has already booked it to take them to Ireland, minus one passenger on the flight plan. She says once they are in the air they'll file a new flight plan. As for getting him out of the hospital, she says they will walk right out. She hands him some scrubs to put on, which he does. They then walk out of the room together!

Meanwhile, Steve returns to Kayla, who sees his hand is messed up. He says he had to hit something. Bo and Hope are there, as are Lexie and Abe. Abe says pending the blood work, it seems they've both passed their physicals and are cleared. He says the paperwork for Hope has been processed, she is back on the force. He wishes them luck in Ireland. Later Lexie is off somewhere when she gets the news, she is the new chief of staff! She wants to tell Abe, but before she can, a nurse informs her about Stefano being brought in. Lexie goes to check on him and talks with the doctor in charge. Roman is there as they look over Stefano's blood tests. The doctor says they are clean, there is no indication as to why Stefano had this stroke.

At the pub, Anna and Tony are back from their cruise. Tony has a surprise for Anna and she can't wait for it. Caroline interrupts and welcomes them both home. They ask if they've missed much? She doesn't know where to start. She tells them about Claire's kidnapping. Tony asks if Stefano was involved? Caroline says it doesn't appear so, but Tony plans to put out feelers to make sure. Tony and Anna get back to their discussion and Tony's surprise. He has decided to stay in Salem, to put down roots. Anna is excited, but Tony reveals he's bought an ad agency! He says he wants to show people he's honest, distance himself from his father. This isn't what Anna expected. He asks what she thought it was? She says if she has to tell him then it defeats the purpose. She storms out and he follows her. He doesn't understand why she's upset. He thinks it is because he did this without consulting her. She asks if he doesn't think about the future and changing things? Tony says they are so good together, if it isn't broke then why fix it. Anna lets Tony know that it is broke, and he broke it! She returns to the pub. Meanwhile a man shows up, he's Tony's new employee. They go over various aspects of the business. Back in the pub, Anna talks to Caroline about how Tony went off and bought a business! Caroline tells Anna how the other day there were two ad execs in here talking about how they had to find a new executive. She thinks it would be funny if Anna got that job and gave Tony some competition. Anna likes the idea, so Caroline gives her the name of the company they were discussing. Tony comes back to try and talk to Anna. She says they are over with, she'll show him that she's not a woman to be triffiled with!


January 30, 2008


At the station, Billie is talking to Chelsea and Stephanie. She wishes they had come to her with this when it first happened. Chelsea says they were scared, nobody would believe them about Ford. She says suddenly he showed up and then ended up dead. Chelsea asks how that would look? Billie says a lot worse if they didn't bury the body. Morgan and Cordy and there too, Morgan says the body isn't buried in the basement anymore. Billie says good point, and without the body they can't prove what they did. Stephanie says but Chelsea told Mr. Decker everything. The girls say they can say he is lying. Chelsea says no, she wants to tell the truth, she wants this over. Stephanie calls Max to tell him what is going on, but Max says again he'll never tell where the body is. The girls don't won't go to jail for killing Ford, not after he raped them. Billie says Roman will come in and ask them questions, none of which they have to answer. Roman shows up, as does Crawford. Roman says he's sorry, Chelsea is going to be charged with Ford's murder, the DA signed the warrant. Chelsea is stunned. Crawford tells Billie she should be so proud. Billie says she is proud, and Chelsea is no murder. Crawford says that is up to the court. Stephanie says Ford's death was an accident, he was trying to make Chelsea his next victim. Crawford calls Stephanie a little slut and says he doesn't want to hear any more out of her! The girls have to hold Stephanie back, Billie screams how dare you!  Roman grabs Crawford and tells him he is walking a fine line be careful. Stephanie screams Ford came from him, he probably learned it from him, how many people has he raped! Roman again warns Crawford to be careful, he can find charges and put him away. Chelsea says she didn't murder him, but Crawford thinks Chelsea pushed him. Chelsea says she didn't push him, and Stephanie says he was going to rape her. Crawford tells her to stay out of this, but Cordy says she has every right to speak as his son raped them. Crawford says that is their defense? Billie says that is enough. Chelsea says she did not push his son, but would have if she had to. Roman says that is enough Chelsea, saying she needs a lawyer. Crawford thinks he is protecting them! Roman said if he hadn't protected Ford then none of this would have happened. Crawford says protected him from what? Morgan asks if he is not paying attention? They all say that Ford raped women, he drugged them and raped them. Billie then suddenly gets an idea. Crawford has an idea too, Chelsea pleads guilty and tells him where his body is. Stephanie says they don't know where he is. Roman wants to hear what Billie has to say. Billie thinks they can work something out. Crawford will only accept a guilty plea and the body. Billie says first Chelsea will not plead guilty, he has no evidence or no proof. Billie says they can make their lives miserable, but they can't win. Billie says if he and the DA drops all charges then they will produce Ford's body. Stephanie says no! Billie tells Mr. Decker that his son is dead and she's sorry, but sacrificing Chelsea won't bring Ford back. Crawford says no it won't, but someone has to pay. Roman makes some calls and the DA will agree to the deal if Crawford will. Crawford says no deal. Crawford says he knows many people, even judges, so he doesn't need a deal. He tells Chelsea she'll go to jail. Stephanie tells Crawford that she was a victim, but she won't be his victim or let him victimize Chelsea. Stephanie says she wants this over, she doesn't want to think about it, him or Ford anymore. She says take them to trial, but she will get on that stand and she will tell them all how Ford raped her. She says that is what they'll whisper about at his Eulogy, they might as well put "Ford Decker Rapist" on his gravestone. Cordy says she'll testify too, Morgan as well. Morgan says the newspapers will be all over this. Morgan asks if this is how he wants his son remembered? Crawford doesn't want it to come to this. Crawford just wants his son's body. Crawford says he will agree to the deal. He begs them to tell him where Ford is. Stephanie says they don't know. Crawford asks who does? Max walks in and says he does. Max says he took Ford away.


On Phillip's plane, Shawn is upset as they are late getting off the ground because of some hydraulic issues. Phillip says he's sorry, they do have to do preflight checks, otherwise they'd be called post flight checks. Chloe and Belle both tell them to stop, this isn't about them, it's about Claire. Chloe asks Shawn if they'll find Brady there too? Shawn doesn't know. Chloe hopes so. We see flashbacks of Chloe explaining what really happened to Brady. Later Belle asks Shawn why he keeps looking at her. Shawn says he doesn't know. Phillip says they should be down in 30 minutes. Shawn says good, less time he has to be on this plane with him. Belle again tells them to stop, she thought they settled things. Shawn says just because they are working together? He calls her naive, saying things won't be settled that easily. Belle asks Chloe to give he a moment with Shawn. She sits by him and asks what she can do to settle this. She says Phillip has been their friend forever, she cares about him. Shawn says he doesn't sleep with everyone he cares about. Belle says she knows she screwed up. Shawn says weakness isn't a good excuse, he's sorry if he has a problem being one of the men she loves. Belle says she doesn't love Phillip, she has left over feelings for him and memories, which is one of the reasons she probably slept with him. She says she loves Shawn and only Shawn. She wants to be with him, have more kids with him. Chloe looks at Phillip as Belle is saying this. Chloe asks Phil to talk and takes him off, leaving Belle and Shawn in private.


In the service area of the plane, Chloe tells Phillip she didn't think he'd want to listen to that. He says it's a talk they should have by themselves anyways. Later Chloe goes out and sits with Belle and Shawn leaves. Chloe tells Belle that she's jerking them both around. Chloe asks Belle why she's so mad at her? Belle says Brady is her brother. Chloe says and he is her husband, she loves him. Belle asks if she does? Chloe tells Belle that Shawn is her husband. She says she and Shawn are just friends, but Belle and Phillip . . .  Belle says she knows, and she's trying to take responsibility for it. Chloe asks if Shawn will divorce her. Belle doesn't know, will she help him get over her? Chloe says he never will get over her, he belongs with her. Belle wants Shawn back, and Chloe says she wants her husband back. Belle says then they should pray that they find them.


Meanwhile, Shawn tells Phillip that he's tired of this. Phillip says of hating him? Shawn says he doesn't hate him. He says he might be ticked off, but he doesn't hate him. Phillip can handle ticked off. Shawn says they were best friends and family. Shawn says they are a lot of like. Phillip says they have the same taste in women.  Phillip says she's his wife though. Phillip says he wants his friend back, he knows Belle belongs with her. Shawn says that is up to Belle. Phillip knows what decision Belle will make. They end up shaking hands and saying they are good.

Shawn and Belle continue their talk. Shawn says he loves her, but he can't just believe what she's saying. He asks how he's supposed to trust her, trust is something precious. He says it's something that takes a long time to build. He says when it is lost then it takes a lot of honesty to get it back. Belle says she loves him and only him, she knew that when she was married to Phillip. Shawn says she made the decision to marry Phillip, divorce Phillip and then marry him. He says she then decided to sleep with Phillip again. Shawn knows if Claire was Phillip's daughter, they'd probably still be together. Belle says but she's not. Shawn says Phillip still remains an issue, because he made her one. 


In Ireland, Bo and Hope are driving in a car and trying to figure out where they are. They had gotten lost, but it seems they are back on the right track now. Hope's phone rings, she answers it. She learns Crystal is in a town called Newross. Hope says Crystal has Claire as well. Hope looks at a map to try and find how to get them to Newross. Hope tell Bo they are getting closer. Bo knows, but he's worried about Chelsea. Hope says she'll be okay, there are no grounds for anything. Hope says Chelsea will call if she needs them, right now they have to focus on Claire. Hope asks where they are, Bo says R700. Hope asks how they ended up here? He says he was following her directions. They argue over whether Hope said right or left at some turn aways back. Hope says they are going the wrong way. Hope tries to redirect themselves. Soon Hope is driving and Bo is directing. Bo says she had the map upside down! Bo gets a call and takes it. He says they are on their way, keep them posted. The Newross police lost Crystal. Later Bo tells Hope how much he loves her, and begins remembering back when they first met in the 80s. Classic flashback time! We see when Bo gave Hope a lift home on his motorcycle.  We also see other flashbacks, like them in England and their wedding. They end up at Newross and learn a woman carried a little girl into a bed and breakfast in town.  


Also in Ireland, John and Marlena arrive at an abandoned bed and breakfast in Newross. It's the Abban Bed and Breakfast. John says the target is here, he can feel it. John asks if anyone is here? Marlena says maybe they are out back? He says stay here, he'll look. She says no, he won't get out of her sight. She remembers bringing mace and drugs to take John down if she had to. Soon two men show up and ask if they can help them? Marlena asks for a place to stay tonight. They say they are full and tell them to get out of here. John wonders if they have something to hide. Marlena tells John that they have to go. John tells the men their Irish hospitality warms his heart. Marlena and John head out.  Back inside, the men watch as John and Marlena leave. They then go back to some back room. John and Marlena don't leave though, they sneak back in and head upstairs. John goes into almost a trance as he walks in search of something. They come to a room and Marlena looks inside, it's empty. They come to another room. Marlena tells John to look into her eyes, which he does. She says he's not going to kill someone is he? He says no. Se asks if he has a weapon. He says no. He even lets her search him. Marlena does. They then enter the room. Marlena misses John grab a knife off a food tray in the hall! In the room we see a woman sitting in a rocking chair by a fire knitting. Marlena and John walk in on her and look around. They confront the woman and look at her. 


Back downstairs, Bo and Hope arrive at the inn. Bo gets a call from Shawn, who has just landed. Bo gives the phone to Hope. Shawn calls to check in and find out how things are going. Hope thinks they are getting close, a local recognized her. Shawn finds out the name of the town and passes it on to the others. Hope even tells him the bed and breakfast they are at. Bo talks to Shawn, Shawn asks if Claire seemed okay? He says they said she looked fine. Shawn asks them to keep him posted. Meanwhile the two guys at the inn show up and ask Bo and Hope if they can help them? Bo says they may, they are looking for a woman named Crystal. Crystal walks out and says they can look around, but they are too late! 



January 31, 2008
In the safe house, Sami and EJ are taking care of the babies. Sami gets a call and says she understands. It's the DA's office, they are notifying her of the trial date for Lucas and they expect her to testify, saying they can and will subpoena her if necessary. EJ says he's sorry, he knows this is upsetting for her. She tells him not to say anything. EJ says he knows she's upset about Lucas going to prison. Sami says he was trying to protect her from him and his father. EJ knows, he probably would have done the same thing if he was in his shoes. Sami just hates what this is doing to Allie and Johnny. Sami says she is alone without the man she loves and stuck with him. EJ knows this isn't the ideal place to play happy family. He knows he's disappointed her in the past, but he swears he is not going to leave her. EJ asks if there is anything he can do to make this easier? She says make his father disappear? Roman suddenly calls EJ and says Lexie wants him at the hospital, he's sending a man for him. EJ isn't told what it is about. 


In the hospital, Lexie is with Stefano. She wants him to talk to her, she feels like he can hear her. Roman shows up, he feels like Lexie needs a break. Lexie says she gets the feeling he wants to talk to her. She says she knows what a horrible man Stefano is, but he's still her father and she wants to help him if she can. Roman knows and says she needs a break. They leave and Stefano yells "No Alexandra, don't leave me!"


Steve meets Roman and Lexie in the hall. Steve and Kayla just brought Stephanie in for her counseling session. Steve asks Roman about the case, but of course Roman can't talk about it. He says now that the body is being recovered, Ford's father feels like he's getting justice. Steve feels justice was served when that rapist died. Roman again says they shouldn't talk about the Decker case. Steve asks about Stefano. Lexie says it seems like he had a stroke, but the tests don't support that. Adrienne then calls Steve, she needs to talk to him and asks to meet him at the pub. He says he'll be right there. Lexie returns to Stefano. Lexie is sure Stefano didn't have a stroke, something else caused this. She is going to run more tests. Stefano hears this and says "yes please, help me my daughter!"

At the pub, Tony arrives and finds Anna sitting there. She says she is busy. He asks doing what? She says preparing for a job interview. Tony chuckles. Anna says she knew he wouldn't take her seriously. He says he does, but she says he doesn't. She says no worries, he will! Tony still doesn't know why she's upset. Anna says let's recap, you bought a company without consulting me, she dumped him and decided to get a life of her own. Tony says it's business, not shopping, he didn't think she'd care. Anna reminds him that she ran a very successful business. Tony says they both know she was not the talents or brains behind it. She says so now she's stupid and untalented? He says that came out the wrong way. Tony then gets a call from Lexie, saying their father is in the ICU.


Later Anna makes a call to a company about scheduling an interview for the job of the ad executive. Caroline later joins Anna to talk to her. Anna is so angry with Tony, time and time again he doesn't appreciate her or give her the recognition she deserves. Anna says she has an interview with that advertising company, and they are in competition with Tony's company. She says he'll regret underestimating her.


Steve shows up at the pub and gets a big hug from Adrienne. He asks what is going on? She says it's more like what's moving on. She says she, Justin and the boys are moving out of Salem. He asks why? She says when she first came back it was to help him. She says then she stuck around to get in touch with her blue collar roots, and Justin indulged her. Steve says so why is she leaving. She says Justin is miserable here, and Justin just got a great job offer in Dubai. Steve doesn't know where that even is. She says just halfway around the world. He says she's serious about this. She says this is goodbye.  Steve thinks this is all of the sudden. Adrienne says she and Justin have been discussing this for awhile. Steve asks if she will sell the Cheatin Heart? She says she was going to have Max run it till she figured out what to do with it. Steve says he's going to miss her. Adrienne is in tears and says she'll miss him more than he knows. Steve asks what clothes she should bring when they come visit? She says she'll write and let him know. Neither one is good at goodbyes. They say they'll see you and simply hug. She says she has to go and walks out of the pub. 

Back at the hospital, Lexie is given test results. Roman says Stefano? She says no, these are test results for someone else, someone kind and wonderful who might be sick. Roman asks if he can help? She says he might be able to. She says it's not good, she won't know more until they come in for more tests. EJ and Tony both show up, they have already heard about Stefano. Lexie says Stefano is in a vegetative state, it's not good. She asked them here to help decide what do do about heir father. She says they are all that is left of Stefano's family. She believes something happened to cause this condition in him. She says she could run more tests and check for brain activity, but something has kept her from doing that. EJ asks what is that? Lexie doesn't know if she should. She says maybe someone did this to him, or maybe it is fate. She says this way he can't hurt anyone. She says she hates what he did to so many people, herself included. As her brothers she wants them to help decide. Tony finds it ironic that Stefano's fate lies in the people he hurt the most. EJ says he claimed what he did for his family. Tony says he told them a lot of things, most lies. Stefano's voice says "he did love them, he wants them to show him that they love him too." Lexie tells them they have to decide what to do. Tony thinks Stefano never loved him, but Stefano's voice says "he did." Tony feels he was discarded like an unwanted bastard. Tony says to look on him lying here so helplessly. He says he doesn't feel pity, compassion, hate, anger or even love . . . he feels nothing. EJ looks at his father, Stefano thinks he will not turn his back on him. EJ thinks about the evil his father has done, and the hell he put him through to perpetuate it. Stefano thinks there is nothing more important than the family, the legacy. EJ says he turned what he had with Sami into something cold and heartless, he forced himself on Sami because of Stefano. EJ says the woman he loves will never love or trust him because of Stefano. EJ says it was all so Stefano could have his heir. Lexie tells Stefano that he nearly cost her her marriage and every friend she had with the baby switch. She thanks God she didn't grow up knowing he was her father. She says unlike her brothers, she didn't have to fight so hard to escape his influence. She says she has Abe and a wonderful son who doesn't know what a monster his grandfather is. Lexie knows she took an oath as a doctor, and if she keeps digging she could find a way to help him. Stefano's voice says "you must!" Lexie turns to Tony and EJ and asks if they try and help him, or do they send him to an institution and leave him like this forever, helpless and unable to harm anyone. Stefano's voice keeps saying they must help him, get him Rolf, he will know what to do. EJ says this is their father, but Tony says he is also a man who has caused harm to many people. Tony says the world will be better without him, they may be better people without him. Lexie agrees, the world would be better without him. EJ says maybe without him he could know unconditional and unselfish love. Tony gives Stefano a kiss and tells him to rot in hell. Stefano says "you son of a bitch!" Lexie says they are agreed then. EJ says yes. Tony says absolutely. They all then walk out of Stefano's room! Stefano screams "Nooooo!" 


Steve returns to the hospital and tells Roman about how Adrienne, Justin and the kids are leaving town. He asks how Stefano is doing? Roman says no change, and Lexie, EJ and Tony are trying to decide what to do. Steve wonders what there is to decide. Roman has to talk to Kayla, Lexie has some test results for another patient and he and Kayla need to know about it. Roman fills Steve in, we don't hear. Steve says he and Kayla will help, they'll catch the next flight to Ireland. 


In Ireland, Belle, Shawn, Phillip and Chloe arrive at the bed and breakfast. The two thugs ask what they want. Shawn says they are looking for Crystal. The men say everyone is looking for Crystal tonight. Belle says she has their daughter and they aren't leaving without her. The men say they don't know where she is. They say other people were looking for her, they sent them off. A fight almost breaks out between them men. Suddenly Crystal shows up and says that is enough. Belle says you, where is my daughter. Crystal says she's safe. Phillip threatens to call the police. Crystal says don't if do that, not if they intend to to see her again. Shawn wants her to take them to Claire, but Crystal says she can't. Crystal says she doesn't believe Claire will be safe with them. Phillip asks who she is working for, Stefano? Crystal says she hates that man. They say they'll search till they find her. The men take issue, but Crystal says let them go and tells them to go upstairs.  Meanwhile, Bo and Hope are upstairs looking around for Crystal. Hope finds a locked door, so she picks it.  Bo looks around elsewhere but finds nothing. Hope enters the locked room, while Bo picks another lock. 


In another room, John has a knife in his hand. Marlena stands in front of an old woman and says this is impossible! Marlena says you are supposed to be dead. The woman says clearly she is not. The woman says she will answer all their questions, and when she does, all the mysteries of the past will be solved.  Marlena asks if this is a trick? She says no it is her still alive. Suddenly Bo and Hope walk in, stunned to see Marlena and John here. They say they are here to find Claire, who is this? Hope sees the face and can't believe it. Marlena says that was her reaction to. Bo says it's not possible! Bo and Hope ask why Marlena broke John out? Marlena says he had to follow through with this mission, and John was only in protective custody, he hadn't been charged with any crimes. Bo asks John what he knows about her? John says Stefano wanted him to find her. Bo asks why? Hope tells the woman she is here to find her granddaughter, she thinks she has the answers. The woman does and was about to tell the others the truth when they barged in. Bo says nobody is stopping her, start talking. Colleen says she and Stefano have been playing a game of cat and mouse for over a year now. She says every time he got close to finding her, she got away. She says she hired many people to help her keep track of what Stefano was doing. Hope says so Rob and Crystal worked for her? She was behind Claire's kidnapping? Colleen says she was. Suddenly the others burst in. Belle asks where her daughter is? The woman says she is safe, they have her word. Bo wonders how they can even believe her. Marlena says the proof that this is possible is in front of them. Chloe wonders if she knows about Brady to. Phillip says they should see if she has Claire first. Bo asks if she can prove who she is. The woman says John can prove it's true. She says Stefano searched for her since learning she was still alive about a year ago, but she always outsmarted him and his soldiers. The woman says Claire is safe, but Phillip asks why they should believe her. Marlena says if this woman is who they think, she would never hurt a Brady child. She says she'd never hurt a Brady. The woman says she is Colleen Brady. 



February 1 , 2008


In Ireland, everyone is in shock that Colleen is alive. Bo says so she faked her death? The kids think it can't be her, but she says she is Colleen as any fool can see. Bo doesn't believe it. Hope says she does look like her, but she can't be her. Colleen asks why not, they've seen her photos. Marlena says those photos were taken so long ago. Colleen says look in her eyes, they don't change. She says they are the same eyes of when she was young and in love. She also heard about Samantha being the spitting image of her, which makes her proud. Bo wonders what her game is. Marlena says they read the letters between her and Santo. Colleen says she held on them for a long time. She wanted his arms around her, but all she had was his words. She says their love was deep and strong, it kept her safe and tore her apart at the same time. They say they read about how she died. Colleen says to kill herself would be a mortal sin, she only let people think she died. She says she was a disgrace to the church and to God, she left her habit on the cliff and ran and hid. She says Santo went back to his wife and son, so she moved on. She says she wanted to be with him, but he lied to her and was married. She says her future with him was dashed, as was his future with her after that day at the cliffs. She says she heard Santo never smiled again and Stefano blamed her for the anger of his father. Colleen says Santo's love was a memory to her, but one that bound her to never love again. Marlena says Santo was a broken man after he lost her, which is why Stefano hated her and the Bradys. Marlena says he thinks Colleen destroyed Santo's life. Colleen says she left Santo to honor his vows to his wife. Bo isn't believing this, but Belle does. Chloe does too. Phillip says it wouldn't be to hard to find this out and lie about it. Colleen tells Bo she is Colleen Brady, she was born with the name and it's the name she'll carry to his last breath. Hope asks where she went after faking her death? Colleen says she moved to another part of Ireland, changed her name and got a job as a seamstress. She says she eventually went to South America. Belle asks if she got married? Colleen says no, Santo was her one true love. She says to fill the void she worked days and night. She says she made clothes for the children of the town she lived in, then the women, finally men were asking her to make them clothes. She says she was overwhelmed and overworked. She says she ended up building up a business. She says she made money too, and used it to look into her family. She only recently found out about her relatives in Salem and Stefano's vendetta. She says she takes responsibility for that. Marlena says Stefano is to blame for the man he became. Colleen thinks if she hadn't broke Santo's heart then Stefano could have become a good young man. Bo doubts that, he is evil. Colleen says she is sorry for what she did and asks them for forgiveness. Bo asks what she did? Colleen says she took something of theirs, which is why most of them are here. 


Colleen calls for Crystal, who brings in Claire. Claire runs to Shawn and Belle, everyone gathers and hugs her. John however is distant and just keeps looking at Colleen. As Belle and Shawn are hugging Claire, Chloe stays with Phillip. John meanwhile pulls out a knife and eyes Colleen. Marlena goes to John to say that is his granddaughter. John slips the knife into his jacket sleeve and says how nice. Marlena wants John to see her and drags him over there. Bo meanwhile tells Colleen she has explaining to do. How could she have an innocent girl and her mother kidnapped? He says what she did was a horrible thing to do. Colleen says she had seen how dangerous Stefano had become. Hope says it's not up to her to deal with it. Colleen says she did it out of love, she was only helping. Bo says they will press charges, but Colleen says that isn't up to him. Colleen says she is protecting her relations and all who come from Salem. She says she tried to protect Brady Black too. Chloe asks what she knows about Brady? Where her people in Austria? Colleen says Crystal and Rob were there, but they don't have Brady. She says they were going to bring him here, but he disappeared before they got him. Colleen asks Chloe if she has any idea where Brady is? Chloe says no. Colleen says she can only pray that no evil befell him. Marlena tells John that Brady is his son. John says okay. Marlena says he was in Austria before going missing. John says that is too bad. Bo and Hope ask Colleen why she went after Claire and Brady. Colleen says for safekeeping, and that is all she'll say for now. She ends up going to sleep in her chair. Chloe meanwhile is in tears. Phillip tries to comfort her, but she runs off to be alone. MArlena meanwhile keeps an eye on John, who stays near Colleen. 


At the pub, Chelsea and Stephanie thank Max for coming forward. Nick is with them all. Max says if he didn't do it then the DA would bring charges against her. Max feels bad for Ford's dad, but he doesn't feel bad for his son. Stephanie doesn't either, but it was his own fault he died. Chelsea tells Max again she's sorry he's so involved now. Chelsea is worried that Max might get charged with something. Max says all Decker wants is to bury someone. Nick says he wants to blame someone. Chelsea says and that is her. Chelsea is worried, all they have is their word that Ford fell and she didn't push him. Nick says Mr. Decker knows all the girls' testimony is sound. Stephanie wishes her parents were here, but she told them to go to Ireland and do what she had to. They wonder if Decker will keep his word. Suddenly he shows up. He just came from the morgue, Ford's body . . . it was sickening! He says he's had a change of heart. Stephanie says they made a deal. Max says he said the police could do their job and decide if there was enough evidence to prosecute Chelsea. Stephanie says which there isn't. Crawford says he can nonetheless make Chelsea's life miserable. He says she doesn't know what it's like to see someone you love dead, or wait maybe she does. Max tells him to stop now. Crawford says he and his wife have been with Ford for hours. He says he's so alone and cold, his body is broken and defiled. Max asks Crawford if he has taken into account the girls who Ford broke and defiled? Crawford says there is no proof Ford did those things, but there is proof Ford is dead. He says Ford had a life ahead of him full of possibilities. Max says and full of more victims. Crawford says they make themselves sound like these poor little innocents who had a horrible injustice thrown on them. Stephanie says that is a lie and he knows it. Stephanie says they didn't want to kill Ford, they wanted him to stop hurting people. Crawford says they set him up, coming to their house would have been the last thing he would have done. He says they lured him over there, one more piece of evidence against them. Chelsea says Ford came over because the thought he could do anything he wanted without suffering the consequences, he didn't think he could be touched. Crawford says she touched him, touched him so hard she broke his neck. Crawford says he's going to have the DA press charges against her, may she rot in hell for what she did. Crawford then leaves. 


Nick tells Chelsea that he has nothing and he knows it. Billie and Kate show up, Billie tells Chelsea that it will be okay. Billie says they all know she didn't do it, and deep down Crawford knows it too. Kate tells Chelsea that Crawford needs to be afraid, she knows how to handle this. Kate and Billie take Chelsea with them. Stephanie thanks Max for sticking up for them. Nick heads off. Stephanie continues to tell Max how he really handled Mr. Decker. Stephanie is also worried Max might get into trouble for what he did. Max feels it was the right thing to do. Stephanie says he's awesome, he's always there when they . . . when she needs him. She says not many other guys would have helped them with Ford. 

Kate and Billie take Chelsea to see Victor, who has returned from a trip. Victor is sorry he was unable to find Brady. Chelsea knows he will find him. Kate says he can do anything, which is why they are here. Kate fills Victor in on the Ford Decker situation. Victor says he'll take care of this matter. Chelsea says just like that? Victor says just like that. Victor makes some calls and has it all taken care of. Chelsea just can't believe all he had to do was pick up a phone. Victor says never do more than you need to. Kate and Billie both thank Victor for this. Chelsea asks for one more favor, she says Max sorta helped her move the body. Victor doesn't have many friends at the police department, but if Max is charged he probably won't get any more than a slap on the wrist.

Billie and Chelsea return to the club, Billie tells Max and Stephanie that Victor made one call and it's dealt with. However Victor couldn't get Max out of trouble, he'll still have to talk to the police. Back at Victor's, Crawford shows up and Victor tells him they need to talk, there has been a misunderstanding about Chelsea. 

At the safe house, Sami worries as Allie is sick. She thinks it's probably just a cold, but hopes it isn't the flu. Sami then gets a call from Lucas in prison. Lucas hears the baby crying, he asks if it is Allie or Johnny? Sami says Allie, she's crying cause she is sick. Lucas asks what is wrong. Sami says it doesn't matter as he can't help her, he can't be there for his children. She says he can't be here because of something stupid he did for her. She tells Lucas it makes her feel like hating him. EJ shows back up as Sami is yelling at him. She says if he hadn't done what he did then she wouldn't have to deal with a life without the man she loves. He says so you still love me? She says yes, but she wants to kill him. Lucas says if he pleads guilty then he won't be in jail forever. He says when he gets out . . . She says when you get out? Sami then sees EJ has shown up. She says she can't talk anymore. She says she has to take care of their family. Sami hangs up and asks EJ how long he's been eavesdropping? He says he wanted her to finish her conversation without interrupting. EJ tells Sami their living situation has changed dramatically. Sami asks what he means? EJ asks why they are here? Sami asks if this is a trick question? EJ says they are here to be safe from his father, but he's no longer a threat. Sami says he'd be a threat if he were dead. EJ says he's not dead, he's in a coma. He says nobody knows how it happened, he's in a vegetative state. EJ says they thought it was a stroke, but that was ruled out. He says Lexie says she could do more tests. EJ says he, Tony and Lexie . . . they decided to just let Stefano rest. Sami says in an inexplicable coma. EJ says it's not pleasant to see him like that, but they think of the things he's capable of doing. Sami says not just capable, he'll do them. EJ says not anymore. EJ says he'll be sent to a sanitarium, where he'll be till he meets his maker. Sami can't imagine that meeting. The baby cries so EJ checks on her. EJ tells Sami he regrets following in his father's footsteps. Sami says you can't change the past. He says no, but he can be a better man for her and her children. Sami asks if this means they can go home? EJ says yes. 


At the station, Lucas is brought to see Roman and Abe. Lucas says he wants to confess to shooting EJ. Abe asks if he knows what he's saying? Lucas does, he doesn't want a trial, he just wants his time served. Abe says he's doing the right thing. Lucas gives his confession, which is to be typed up and Lucas can sign. Abe asks Lucas why he's doing this, he's curious. Lucas says he confessed because he's guilty. Abe says a lot of people come in here and are guilty, but don't plead guilty without a lawyer cutting a slick deal. Lucas says he committed a crime, he should pay. Abe says there is something more. Lucas says he loves Sami a lot, she knows he's guilty so there is no use fighting this. Roman says not a lot of people on his side of the bars wouldn't agree. Lucas says Sami was right, he didn't trust her and now he's paying for it. Lucas says he won't get a life sentence. Roman says it's not going to be a picnic either. Lucas says maybe the judge will be lenient, maybe he'll get off early with good behavior.

Lucas calls Sami back yet again. He asks her to talk, but she says she can't right now. He wants her to come visit him and bring Allie. She asks why? He says to say goodbye.  


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