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1st Week of July 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 30, 2008
You're Weird

Bo arrives at the station, relieved to get away from his little tiff with Hope over Chelsea. He tells Roman that his daughter is dating Dr. Jonas. "Isn't he a bit old for her?" Roman asks, baffled. But she's a grown woman so he should try to stay out of it, he adds. "At least the guy's not a DiMera," he jokes. He informs Bo that Paul has gone missing and Chloe claimed that she saw him on the pier and he smelled like gasoline. They know he booked a plane but he never boarded. If Paul has gone missing, John will be a suspect in more than just drug trafficking. They leave to search Paul's apartment for evidence but soon return without having any luck. Morgan arrives and asks if they have any leads. She spots her father's suitcase and demands an answer. "Ya'll still don't believe that what Chloe said is true?" she asks, insisting that John must be behind this. Roman tells her to go home and sleep. "Please find my father," she sadly says as she walks out. Roman has the feeling her dad isn't who she thinks he is. As they search Paul's luggage, they discover a letter addressed to Morgan.

At Bo and Hope's, Stephanie grumbles to Chelsea about Max. Steph suddenly remembers to ask her friend about her date with Daniel. "I'm really, really excited for you," she gushes. Chelsea tells her how sweet and funny and smart Daniel is. "Most hot guys know when they're hot but he's totally oblivious," Chelsea says. Stephanie probes for more details and tells her when the cut off for asking for a second date is. She begins teasing her about becoming Mrs. Chelsea Jonas. "You're weird," Chelsea says before asking what's going on with Max. "It's a train wreck," Stephanie admits, explaining that Max's biological dad is in town. The Dean is his dad, she says. Stephanie hopes that Bo and Hope can help sort out this mess. Morgan arrives as Stephanie leaves. Morgan explains that things with her father aren't looking good. "If anyone can find him, it's my father," Chelsea says perkily. "That's what I'm afraid of," Morgan sadly admits.

Trent comes knocking on the pub door. It's closed. Max opens up anyway, angrily asking why his father didn't show up earlier like he was supposed to. Trent is dismissive and then tries to be friendly, but Max snipes at him. "I'd like to make amends," the Dean offers. Max mops the floor. Trent insists he isn't a bad guy. The reason he came back to Salem before was because he wanted him. When he saw him with his dad, Shawn, it was obvious that he was happy like that and he couldn't give him that kind of happiness. When he asks his son why he gave up racing, Max snaps and tells him that this job was good enough for Shawn and it's good enough for him. After Max repeats that he doesn't want to be anything like his real father, Trent says, "Then you shouldn't mind keeping our relationship a secret." That's what Max wants but it's too late; he's already told people. The Dean accuses him of doing this to retaliate. Max continues to attack his father, accusing him of never knowing what true happiness was. He pulls out the picture of Shawn and tells him how happy he was. The Dean decides that being reasonable with Max wasn't a good idea. Max threatens to blackmail him with dirt from his past. He accuses him of being abusive. Trent insists he never hurt anyone and warns him about threatening him. Max says that he won't say anything because he always takes the high road, just like Shawn. Pulling out the photo, he asks again who the woman is. Trent won't answer. As he walks out, he walks by Stephanie, telling her that she could do much better than Max. She rushes to him and he tells her that things aren't over with his father.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ walks in on John and Ava while they plot. John asks his nephew how long he is going to keep up the charade with his wife, or ex-wife. He knows that he's been lying to Samantha for weeks about the marriage. "What? Is that true EJ?" Sami asks as she walks in. She demands an answer. EJ stays silent. John tells her that Nicole told him this. Sami stares at EJ and can tell it's true.  She's furious. John and Ava walk out. "I'm curious to see how you will handle this," he says to his nephew as he goes. Sami asks EJ how long he was going to drag this out. "As long as I could," he says. He just wants their son to have a healthy childhood and keep the family together, he insists. She tells him they have to be in love to be a family; they were only ever pretending. "You don't even mean that," he says. She insists that he's blackmailed her all along and the Immigration thing was probably just part of his scheme. "As a matter of fact it was," he admits, but he only did it because he wanted them to be together. "You bastard," she curses. She will never forgive him for this. "That's quite a double standard," he says, reminding her of how ludicrous her behavior is. She's already forgiven him for plenty, she says, and Lucas has taught her that the most important thing in a relationship is honesty. "No matter what you say, you are the same evil manipulative jerk you have always been," she states. He begins apologizing, but she doesn't believe him and can never trust him again. "I guess you know how Lucas feels," he says. She takes off her wedding ring and thrusts it at him. He begs her not to do this. "You know there's a part of you that wishes we were still married," he says, accusing her of lying to him and to herself. She repeats that it's over, but can't deny that she has feelings for him. "You know I do," she admits, almost kissing him before she starts to hyperventilate and runs away.

Ava and John walk into the lab in the basement. He turns the lights on. She giggles about how sci-fi it looks. John is nervous. As he searches, he has flashes to his time there. He takes out the disc. "Lets put this in and see what happens," he says. "Don't!" she cries out. He sticks it in the machine while she warns him this could be dangerous. John leaps into the chair and starts to twitch as he remembers things. He's ready to start the disc up. Ava stops him, reminding him that it might turn him into the John he doesn't want to be or fry his brain. He feels like he has to do it. She tells him they should destroy the disc. "Only then are you going to be free," she says. Is Marlena the reason he wants to see what's on the disc? That may be part of it, he admits. She really likes the John she's come to know, doesn't he? "He's all I've ever known," he says. He's happy. "There's your answer. Leave the past in the past," she says, looking forward to getting to know him. A tear streams down his cheek as he pulls the disc out of the machine and locks it in a cabinet. "No looking back?" she asks. "Not tonight," he says, kissing her.

July 1, 2008
Ungrounded and Carefree

At the pub, Chelsea is begging her grandmother for a taste of the food they're bringing to the BBQ. Caroline tells her she'll have to wait until they get to Bo and Hope's. Sadly, she remembers Shawn and how much he loved the holiday. She announces that she will be going to the cemetery to plant a flag on his grave. After she walks off, Morgan walks in, still worrying about her dad. She thanks Chelsea for letting her stay over and sadly remarks on how she used to celebrate the holiday with her parents. A perky Chelsea invites her to celebrate with her and her family. Morgan happily accepts. She sniffs at the pies and asks Chelsea about her date with Daniel. Chelsea gushes a little. Morgan wishes someone would sweep her off her feet too. At that moment, Philip and Chloe walk in. Morgan glances at him before she returns to worrying about her father disappearing. Chelsea insists that there is a logical explanation. "He could just be gone for good," Morgan says. She decides to go and see her mother. Caroline returns, eager to get the pies on their way. Chelsea follows her grandmother into the kitchen to help her while Morgan slumps at a table.

Sitting down, Philip tells Chloe that he wishes she hadn't gone to the cops with what she knows about Paul. She was only trying to help. "You've only made things worse," he says. She asks him about his plans for the day. He's going to spend some time with his mother but suggests that they get together later. She'd like that. After she excuses herself, he spots Morgan and wanders over to her table. He asks her about her father. She begins to cry. Sitting by her side, he tries to comfort her. She cries into his shoulder. He tells her that he has people looking for her father. "What's the reason?" she asks before telling him that her father checked his bags but never got on the plane. He suggests Chloe may have been right and her father went on the run after setting the fire. He offers her any help she needs and holds her close as Chloe returns, unimpressed by the sight of them together. Chloe stomps out, nearly knocking Chelsea over on the way.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas and EJ are sniping at each other. Lucas tells him that he doesn't belong at the BBQ. EJ reminds him that he is family. Lucas reminds him that he wasn't invited and warns that it will only make Sami angry. In that case, EJ offers to stay and spend the day with he, Rolf and John. Lucas gruffly slouches off. The doorbell rings and Nicole arrives with a smile and a gift. She starts making herself a drink and admits that she wasn't invited but thought she could be his date. EJ opens the gift: It's a half-empty bottle of vodka. They start drinking and he smiles deviously. "Something good happened...but you're probably the last person I want to tell about it," he grins. She prods him and he finally agrees to tell her, but not until he's ready for the party. He goes upstairs to dress and Lucas walks in. They begin bickering about their "thankfully short marriage". She reminds him that Sami is the one who drove him to drink. Why does he keep going back to her anyway? He insists that he loves Sami. She hopes it works out then. "I don't want your help," he says. She tells them they're a lot like: Romantics who want to be loved. "But if you do give Sami your heart, there's a good chance she'll stomp on it," she warns. He says there's no way that will happen. He walks out and she starts leafing through John's things until Rolf interrupts. Since no one else is around, she orders him to get the food. EJ walks in wearing a suit and even more facial hair. As he pours some champagne, he breaks the news that Sami found out that they are no longer married. Nicole doesn't understand why he's so happy then. He explains that the ensuing fight with Sami forced her to admit that she has feelings for him. He toasts in thanks. Nicole is less thrilled. Lucas eavesdrops. "Oh God Sami! How could you?" he shakes his head.

Bo and Hope are in their kitchen at home preparing for the BBQ. He tells her about the letter to Morgan that he and Roman found. They begin bickering and he lifts her up to make out with her on the table. Doug and Julie interrupt before they can get too far. They just leaped off a cruise ship and got there fresh from walking in a parade. They're still wearing their Founder's Day costumes. Bo and Hope instantly start explaining all of their green plans for the house. Hope and Julie get to work in the other room while Doug tells Bo that he gave them an awful scare with his illness. Bo wants some advice about the "situation" with Chelsea. They go outside and Bo explains that Chelsea is dating a guy who is much older than her (they don't even know how much). Doug reminds him that Bo didn't have his act together when he started dating Hope... and the mullet didn't help either. Things worked out though, so what is Bo so concerned about? "He's ungrounded and carefree," Bo says. "That's exactly what people were saying about Julie and me way back when," Doug smiles. Bo eventually concedes that Daniel could probably make Chelsea happy, but she's young and he's "experienced". Whatever happens, Doug explains, it won't be up to Bo. Interfering will only make things worse.

Julie and Hope are catching up. Julie talks about the way that Doug never thought that Bo and Hope would last. Hope realizes that all of the things that Bo has issues with when it comes to Daniel, are the same things that Doug had a problem with It may have taken awhile, but Doug came around. Fathers always get suspicious when they see some of themselves in the men their daughters date. Julie assures her that worse things can happen than a little heartbreak. As Julie talks about how important true love is, Hope bursts out laughing. She just can't take Julie seriously while she seems to be wearing a tea cosy on her head. They look out the window to see if Bo and Doug are having the same "corny" conversation.

Roman arrives at the pub and reminisces with Caroline about Shawn. She laughs and he wishes that Lucas could come to the BBQ. Caroline just hopes that Sami doesn't bring EJ. Later, Roman arrives at the BBQ and challenges Bo to see who can cook the most popular burgers. As he strides off, Hope reassures Bo that his are the best. As night falls, Julie and Doug stand in the yard and watch as the practice fireworks go off. They talk about their conversations with Bo and Hope and she teases him about their past. She reminds him that Bo turned out to be the right man for their daughter. He hopes Chelsea has as much luck. Meanwhile, Bo continues to insist that Daniel isn't right for his daughter. Hope tells him that if she'd let her father interfere with her love life, they wouldn't be together now.

July 2, 2008
Change in all Things is Sweet.

It's the Fourth of July at the DiMera mansion and everyone is bored. EJ decides he wants an old-fashioned BBQ for the holiday and requests some "weenies". The women in the room cringe. Rolf cringes too. EJ asks Rolf to get some Bratwurst for him. The lights flicker thanks to the heat wave and EJ drifts out of the room when his cell phone rings. Ava asks Nicole what's wrong. Nicole worries that EJ actually does seem to have a chance with Sami now. Ava is sure that Nicole is "hot" and "amazing" enough to make EJ forget all about Sami. She tells her to cheer up and then starts to search the mansion for John. Meanwhile, EJ tries calling Sami in the hall. Lucas eavesdrops and then sneaks off and grimaces.

At the pub, Chloe calls her parents and then sighs sadly, alone for the holiday. Lucas calls her from the mansion; he needs a friend right now. She doesn't think she should come over since John hates her. Lucas offers to come to her then; he has nothing to lose anymore. After hanging up, he deactivates his anklet.

Back at the mansion, EJ returns and tries to get the party going. Nicole isn't in a partying mood for once. EJ makes excuses for his feelings for Sami. She reminds him that she's the one who turned him down the other night. She knows that his heart belongs to Sami and sarcastically wishes him luck. Smugly, he says that he doesn't need any luck. She thinks Sami leaving Lucas is highly unlikely. "She would never dump her Lucas and take up with the likes of you," she explains; that would mean Sami admitting she was wrong and she never will. EJ will concede this, but is sure she will give in because, deep down, she really wants him.

John strides down the stairs and opens the door for Marlena. She announces that she's there to see if he's come to his senses. He grins. "We've been through this Blondie," he says. She apologizes for letting her anger get the better of her, but doesn't understand why he doesn't want his old life back. The devil that he knows is better than the one that he doesn't. He's thought this over: What's on the disc could be him or someone else... it doesn't matter anymore. "The man that you know is dead," he states. Ava listens around the corner as Marlena lists all of the things that could be on the disc. She wants him back and wants him to be at peace. She asks for the disc so she can hold onto it for safe keeping. He turns her down. Ava promptly hurries down to the basement and grabs the disc.

John returns to his guests and asks where Ava is. Rolf rushes in and tells him that someone has just entered the lab. "Security has been breached!" he worries. John goes down and catches Ava there. As the power fails, they get locked in. Before he bothers trying to get them out, he'd like some answers. She says she overheard his argument with Marlena. She doesn't want to lose him and thinks the disc should be destroyed. As she encourages him to do what they both know is right, Marlena eavesdrops and starts shouting at him not to do it. "Change in all things is sweet," he says before snapping the disc and trashing the room.

Sami creeps around the house and spots Nicole. She decides to call EJ from the shadows, claiming that she needs to clarify something for him: "We cannot be together. We do not have a future together," she insists. She doesn't know how to get it through his head, so she keeps repeating that she doesn't want to be with him, only Lucas. EJ puts down the phone. Nicole guesses that Sami just told him she didn't want him... again. He seems crushed. Nicole urges him to stop doing this to himself and let her go. "Good point. I've had enough," he says, refusing to be an idiot any longer. He's ready to leave. She asks him to her place and grabs some champagne.

Lucas has snuck over to Chloe's hotel. He calls up to tell her he's coming and ducks out of the way as a cop walks by patrolling. He hides out until Chloe steps out of the elevator looking for him. He rushes it and they go up. The power soon blacks out and they're trapped in the elevator. Claustrophobic Chloe starts to freak out. He tries to get her to relax. She can't think of anything else. He suggests she think about her problems with Philip. Things are over between them, she says. Lucas complains about Sami and her feelings for EJ. She calms down and they start to kiss.

Nicole and EJ arrive at her hotel. The power is going out so he thinks they should walk up but she insists on taking the elevator. When they get in, the power blows and they're trapped. She whips out the champagne and complains about how hot it is. He shakes the bottle and starts spraying her to cool her off. They sit down and play poker. He tells her that she has been a breath of fresh air for him and he's grateful for all of her advice. He decides to actually take some of it and they begin making out.

Chelsea pulls Daniel into Bo and Hope's house. Before she brings him out to see her family, he wants a kiss for luck. In the backyard, Victor arrives at the BBQ. Caroline is happy to see him. He thought that she could use a friend today. "More than you'd ever know," she smiles. Bo greets him and asks if anyone's seen Chelsea. Caroline wonders why Bo looks so worried. Chelsea and Daniel walk out back flirting. Victor greets them and Chelsea tells Victor that Daniel is her date for the night. He immediately asks for a word alone with the doctor. As they walk off, Bo tells his daughter that Daniel is too old for her and will end up hurting her. She storms off and he follows. Doug and the others watch, remembering how things were when Hope and Bo began dating.

Victor wishes that Daniel had done him the courtesy of saying that he was interested in his granddaughter. Daniel tries to downplay things but Victor isn't impressed. The doctor insists that he would never intentionally hurt Chelsea. "I don't think you're good relationship material for my granddaughter," Victor says. Daniel doesn't think he's a good person to be giving this type of advice. Victor may not have had much luck but he knows trouble when he sees it. Daniel reminds him that this is only his second date with Chelsea... but it won't be the last. Meanwhile, inside the house, Bo apologizes to his daughter for coming on too strong. She explains that she cares about Daniel. He knows; that's why he's worried. She reminds him that everyone said the same things about he and Hope as they are about she and Daniel. He smiles: "When did you become so grown up and wise?" She's made a lot of mistakes, but this feels right. He offers to step back and hugs her, telling her she's not a little girl anymore. The lights go out. Hope comes in looking for him and they rush off to fix things. Daniel comes in and Chelsea asks him how things went with Victor. Daniel's not worried. They kiss as the fireworks go off.  Outside, Bo promises Hope that as long as Daniel doesn't hurt his daughter, he won't hurt him. Suddenly, all the lights come back on and they spot Daniel kissing Chelsea. Hope puts her hands over Bo's eyes to shield him from the sight.

Thursday & Friday
July 3-4, 2008
- preempted -

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