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2nd Week of July 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

July 7, 2008
DiMera Era

In the lab at the mansion, John is trying to impress Marlena with his memory for clever quotations. She's not impressed. She wants to know what he's been up to. He reveals that he's trashed the room and his memory disc. She shakes her head and sighs. He blows out his lighter. "Don't cry Blondie. I'm insured. But I'm sure as hell not going to rebuild this place," he says. She's furious that he's destroyed the disc and destroyed his past in the process. She even swats him for it. "I didn't do this on a whim," he insists. She thinks he'll suffer the most for this. He was a kind man once, but now that's gone forever. She storms out. He shrugs. "She didn't take that very well did she?" he says to Ava. He didn't mean to hurt her. Ava says it's okay: He did what was right for him.

Upstairs, Sami wanders around the house calling for Lucas. "I hope you haven't done something stupid!" she says as she searches for his ankle monitor. A miserable Marlena trudges in. Sami asks her what John has done now. "I've lost him. This time it's for good," she whimpers. Sami suggests that maybe a clean start could be a good thing, "I don't want a clean start. I want hope," she says. Sami runs over to confront John when he comes in. He tells her this is none of her business. "She loved you and you broke her heart, because you are a coward!" she accuses. John's tired of Marlena playing the victim. Sami and her mother start attacking Ava. John stops the battle. "It's just memories Blondie. Worn magnetic tape, anecdotes, photographs... all obsolete," he tells her. She can't imagine he's fine carrying on without a memory. He finds it liberating. "I feel sorry for you," she says, saying that what he's done to himself is worse than what the people who stole his memory did. He announces that he and Ava are going upstairs. They walk away. Marlena stops Sami from throwing a tantrum. She turns to the topic of EJ and Lucas. Sami doesn't want to talk about it so she proceeds to explain her feelings for Lucas and how she wants a future with him. She just wants to get out of there. Marlena suggests she go to the Inn and take the twins, but she'll be staying behind. After her daughter leaves, Marlena returns to the lab and discovers the fragments of the disc. "I am not giving up on you. You may be through with your past but I am not," she vows. Upstairs, John and Ava are enjoying the blackout. They sip champagne and toast to ushering in a new era: "The era of John Black DiMera."

Lucas and Chloe are kissing while trapped in the elevator. They break apart and he says the power should come back on. She feels bad for getting him out of the house. She didn't make him do anything, he insists. He's just glad to be of service. They start making out. She stops and asks him if they're crazy to be doing this. "I know I am," he says. Spending time in the mansion is driving him crazy. He can see that Sami lusts after EJ. But Chloe is different. "You get me," he says. They kiss passionately. She breaks away. He tells her this feels right. It feels right to her too, but she feels guilty, like she's betraying Phillip. "Hasn't he been betraying you with Morgan?" he asks. Yes, she answers. So maybe she should lose the guilt, he suggests, putting his arms around her. He's uncomfortable though; they both have people in their lives. "So what are we doing right now? Using each other?" he asks. Maybe for now, but that can change, she explains. He doesn't know if he can jump from one person to another that quickly. "Let me see if I can help," she offers, kissing him. They stop again to double check that they're sure. They are. He pulls their clothes off. Afterwards, they get dressed and he wonders if he'll be going back to prison. He suggests that they go on the run. She reminds him that he couldn't leave his daughter behind. He knows, but he still wonders.

In the next elevator, Nicole and EJ are ripping each other's clothes off as they make out. He spoils the mood by calling out Samantha's name as his face is nestled in Nicole's leopard skin bra. She steps back. He begins apologizing. She won't play second fiddle to anyone. He apologizes again for being so stupid; he didn't mean to hurt her. She says it's okay and they start making out again. They get some more clothes off and he says she's beautiful. She tells him what a classy and considerate guy he is. He asks her to consider kissing him some more. She thinks that's a fab idea and they go back at it. After they have sex, she gets dressed and he asks her what just happened. She explains they had revenge sex. He doesn't know how she can leap from being needy to glib. "I'm a complex person," she explains. "You seem to think so little of yourself," he says. She deserves someone amazing, he insists before they start making out again. Exhausted, they lay in the corner and she mimics his accent. They giggle and wonder when they will be rescued. "There's a part of me that wishes we never are," she admits. Meanwhile, Sami arrives in the lobby of the hotel. The night watchman informs her that there are people trapped in the elevator.

At Bo and Hope's picnic, Daniel tends to Kate after she collapses. Victor doesn't think she needed to witness something like Chelsea kissing Daniel. Everyone crowds around and worries. Abe and Lexi leave to get orange juice. Lexi looks back, disappointed to see that Daniel has gotten involved with Chelsea. Kate comes to and says she's just feeling lightheaded. As she's helped up, she tells her granddaughter to come inside with her. "We need to talk," she says. They go inside and Kate tells her that Daniel is inappropriate. She admits that this has nothing to do with age: It's because Daniel will hurt her. She orders her to break things off. Meanwhile, outside, Daniel is arguing with Lexi about the same topic. She begs him to think this through. He admits that this may look like a train wreck, but it feels right. Later, as the fireworks go off, Chelsea and Daniel exchange longing but frustrated glances.

At the pub, Stephanie is trying to distract Max when Nick walks in. Max tells him that Trent has information he wants and he needs his help to get it. He explains that he needs to know who the woman in the picture is. Max plays devil's advocate and suggests that maybe it's none of his business, he does agree to help though. He even has an idea of how he can do so. Soon, Trent arrives and Nick asks him for a ride over to the campus. He bumps into him, pocketing the Dean's cell phone and leaving it behind for Max. Later, Nick returns to check in. Max tells him that he's sorted through the numbers on the phone and found one that Trent calls a lot. He dials. "Dad?" the voice answers.

July 8, 2008
I've Been in Prison

Max uses Trent's cell phone to call the number most used. "Daddy? It's so early for you to call?" the female voice answers. Max's mouth hangs open. He asks her who she is. She asks him why he has her father's phone and hangs up. He and Stephanie wonder if this is his sister. Stephanie suggests that Trent could have kids all over the place. "I wish you hadn't said that," Max grits his teeth. She suggests he try to find this girl first. He looks through the phone records some more until Roman arrives, wanting some help from his little brother. They talk about how dangerous this power outage and the heat wave can be. Max offers to keep the pub open all night as a shelter. Roman warns him that heat and fear can make people crazy. Roman leaves and Steph apologizes again for bringing up the possibility that he has many other siblings. He admits that he's excited by the thought of having a sister, but he still worries. He writes down the number, deciding to trace it so he can track her down. Max thinks back to Trent telling him how he came to see him while he was still a child and yet left him alone with the Brady's. Then he remembers how Trent tried to buy his silence. Snapping out of it, he starts cursing his father to Stephanie. He can't get over the way his father deserted him twice; he can't believe that he abandoned him a second time just because he thought he was better off with the Bradys. She tells him he doesn't know the whole story and shouldn't give into his hatred. He continues to rant, thankful that he wasn't raised by his father. He assumes that Trent was just too selfish to take care of him. They go around in circles. He wonders how this girl, his possible sister, can seem to love Trent. Did Trent abandon him for her? Steph hates seeing him in pain. "I'll try keeping it to myself," he says. That's not what she meant. She tells him how hard it was when her father vanished. She suggests that he go to Bo for advice. Max doesn't think their paternal issues are comparable: He's tried to live his life like a real Brady, but now he's stuck starting all over again. She encourages him to use this as an opportunity to discover things. He becomes enthusiastic about finding his sister, and if he gets hurt in the process, he has Steph to make him feel better. "What do I do now?" he asks. She reminds him that he's the genius and hands him the number.

Sami arrives at the Salem Inn looking for some air conditioning. They're having problems too, so she calls her dad to complain. Roman explains that she can go to the pub or Bo's. Now that they're green, they have power even when everyone else doesn't. She gets off the phone and asks the cop how much longer the people are going to be stuck in the elevator. She tries calling Lucas but only gets voice mail. She remembers how she has been catching him slipping away without his ankle bracelet.

EJ and Nicole continue to go at it in the elevator of the Salem Inn while Sami sits in the lobby outside. During a break in the interlude, Nicole fantasizes about marrying EJ. Sami runs in crying, claiming that EJ is hers. He thanks Sami for turning him down so he could marry the love of his life. The newlyweds duck into the elevator while Sami is covered in silly string. Back in reality, the pair relax. They've run out of champagne and Nicole has gone quiet. He wonders if something is wrong. She says that this is perfect but becomes uncomfortable. He tells her that she shouldn't be. "You've reminded me of how special making love is," she says. He thanks her. They share a gentle caress when the elevator suddenly shakes. It opens and they start pulling on their clothes.

Sami runs over, spotting EJ. As she looks in, she sees Nicole is with him and realizes what's been going on: "Oh my God! In an elevator?" She rants at him for being a hypocrite and turning around to do Nicole the first chance he got. He tells her that this is her fault; he was just taking her advice and moving on. "There is no 'us'," he says. She's glad, or so she claims, saying that, "Lucas would never be caught dead doing some tramp in an elevator." She accuses Nicole of just seducing EJ to get back at her. "This never would have happened if you weren't so stupid," Nicole points out. Sami repeats that she doesn't want EJ: She wants Lucas. She storms away, bumping into her father in the doorway. Meanwhile, EJ thanks Nicole for defending him. He tells her that he's glad that they waited to be together. "Some things are worth waiting for," he smiles.

Lucas and Chloe are going at it in the other elevator. He didn't know being trapped in an elevator could feel so good. She imagines he is only with her because he's mad at Sami. He's through with Sami, he insists. Although he's said this many times before, he means it this time. They do it again. She tells him it was great. "It better be. I've been in prison," he says. She feels guilty though and wonders if things are really over between he and Sami. He repeats that they are: He's made a choice to be with Chloe. She worries that he'll be caught. He's nonchalant. He puts his disguise hat and sunglasses back on as the rescue workers call in. They start to panic. He tries getting out the top but it's locked. She has an idea: She will throw a fit when the doors open and he can run off in the confusion. They kiss and the elevator starts to move. She kisses him good luck and starts to go into panic mode. As the doors open, she screams and hyperventilates.

Lucas slips by the rescue workers and bumps straight into Sami. They hurry out together. Before she can usher him out the door, Nicole spots him and calls out his name. The cop runs over and arrests him. "Why is the concept of house arrest so hard for you to understand?" Roman asks. Sami begs them not to arrest him, but Roman is furious. "This gets you in prison for the remainder of your sentence," he says. Lucas is dragged away. Sami weeps.


July 9, 2008
Everything you do is my Business.

Max is handing out water at the pub. Steve and Kayla walk in and say that baby Joe is doing great. To Steph's surprise, they tell her that Max asked them to stop by. Max needs their help finding his sister. Steve's eye boggles at this last detail. Kayla didn't even know that he had a sister. Neither did he. They sit down and he explains the situation. Steve agrees to help. Kayla wishes he'd come to them sooner, but he better tell their mother all the details. He leaves to do that. Stephanie sits down with her parents and thanks them for going easy on him. Max's dad is a creep, she adds. "I want you to stay away from him," Steve orders. She refuses, saying that Trent isn't dangerous. Steve backs off. Steph hands him the number that Max called. He guesses it's in Europe and leaves to try and track it down. She tells her mother how relieved she is that things are finally out in the open. "Max is pretty curious about his sister," Steph says. "That's what worries me," Kayla says.

Max and Caroline sit down together. He tells her that Trent is his father. "Oh my God! That's why he looks so familiar!" she blurts out. She met him soon after they adopted him. He used to hang around and then vanished. Max has more news: "I think I may have a sister and I'm afraid I have to go find her." She's glad that he's telling her these things. "You need to know your sister," she says. "Ma, you're my family. I'm so lucky to have you!" he hugs her.

EJ bumps into Nicole outside the pub. He's excited to talk about what happened last night. "It was just sex. No big deal," she says. She's ready to walk away but he stops her, insisting that they both know it was more than sex. She agrees. He knows this is scary for her because it's scary for him too, but it was very special for him. "It was special for me too," she says. "Hello Nicole," Trent says, interrupting the moment. He introduces himself to EJ and says that Nicole is an old friend. She stands by uncomfortably. EJ tells him that he's a lawyer and hands him his card. He asks how they know each other. Trent and Nicole are elusive. She offers to catch up with him now. EJ takes the hint and goes inside. Trent probes her about her relationship with EJ. She says it's none of his business. "Everything you do is my business," he growls. He wants to reconnect. She says that won't happen. He tells her to end her relationship with EJ immediately. "Please Trent, don't make me do this," she begs. If she doesn't, she won't like the consequences, he threatens.

In the pub, EJ sits with Steve. They watch Nicole with Trent. "Do you know him?" EJ asks. "Not yet," Steve says. Steve walks back over to Kayla and the rest when he gets a call from his contact. Everyone at the table nervously peer out the window at Trent. Steve tells Max that the number is for someone called "Melanie Layton". Steve asks Max to keep Stephanie out of any trouble that may ensue. Nicole walks into the pub, obviously shaken. EJ asks her to sit down and talk about it. She tells him that last night was special, but it can never happen again. "Do you want to tell me what this is really about?" he asks. She says he still loves Sami and she needs more than sex. He insists that what's between them is more than that. She walks away. Trent waits outside to make sure it's settled. She angrily walks by without a word. He looks inside as Max stares out at him. Caroline comes out and hands Trent his phone. She tells him that if he hurts Max, he will have to answer to her.

Morgan arrives at the police station. Roman, Bo and Abe tell her that they haven't found her father but they have found a letter from him for her. She's puzzled. Philip eavesdrops in the doorway. They question her, especially about her relationship with Philip. She insists that he has nothing to do with this. Philip walks through the door and asks what's going on. Bo tells him to wait outside. He doesn't think Morgan should be left alone. She insists that she's okay. He walks out and quickly bumps into Chloe. In the office, Morgan opens the letter. In it, her father confesses that he did some things he's not proud of. He made a lot of enemies and had to leave. His only wish is that she is happy and lives her life to its fullest. He tells her that he is going to give her something very important... She holds back her tears. She flashes back to meeting her father on the docks and saying goodbye. She feels like something horrible must have happened to him. The cops asks her what he gave her; it sounds like it could be incriminating evidence. She thinks back but comes up with nothing.

"Did Lucas call you?" Chloe asks Philip before spotting Morgan in the office. He takes her aside and explains that his relationship with Morgan is complicated. She's tired of him treating that relationship like it's more important than theirs. He says they're different. Chloe snaps and blurts out that she's already found someone better. Before she can explain, he gets a call that his meeting with Mickey has been postponed. She worries about Lucas. Philip wants to help, but he wonders why he is brother violated his house arrest. She starts to snipe at him for the way he looks at Morgan. He repeats that she's got it all wrong. "I've already moved on," she says, explaining that she is seeing someone else. He demands a name. On cue, Lucas is led in. Philip asks him what happened. Lucas doesn't want to get into it. He's taken away. Chloe demands that Philip help him. He's surprised she cares so much. Lucas came to see her last night because he cares about her. Morgan walks out and Chloe tells her not to get involved with Philip. He asks again who this new man is. "It's Lucas alright! And, yes: I slept with him!" she shouts.

Lexi arrives at the station and Theo runs off. She gets him back and Abe hurries out. He tells the child to listen to his mother when he calls her. The boy stares blankly. Lexi explains that she just came to take him to lunch, but he seems busy. He says Bo and Roman can handle business; nothing is more important than time with his wife and son. She wants to schedule another appointment with the therapist. Before they can leave for lunch, the mayor calls. Abe is willing to let it go, but Lexi tells him to get back to work. She takes her son over to the pub. When Caroline asks him what he'd like to eat, he starts to count. When she brings them food, he swats it away.


July 10, 2008
End of a Grim Fairytale.

Outside of the pub, Nicole tells EJ she wants to end this depressing chapter of her life. "Does that include our relationship?" he queries. She ignores the question. He needs to talk about what's happened between them. "You're a lawyer I had sex with. That's it!" she barks, telling him to accept it.

Caroline serves Victor some apple pie inside the pub. He didn't order it but she thought he needed a treat following his divorce. Victor turns on the smooth talk until he notices something seems to be wrong with Caroline. She fills him in on the Max situation. Victor is sure that Max can meet any adversity. Caroline still worries. They join hands and he tells her that Max will be grateful for her help just as he is. They talk about how relieved he will be to get Nicole out of his life. He asks Caroline to go and see "Citizen Kane" with him. Nicole interrupts and orders some champagne before they sit down with Victor. He agrees to get this over with without his lawyer. Nicole can hardly believe their marriage is about to end. She flashes back to having sex with Victor in a car and the rest of the marriage flashes by in a few seconds. Victor smiles while he thinks about choking her. The champagne comes. EJ pops the cork and Nicole toasts to happy endings and good health. With that, Victor's vision blurs and his breath seems constricted. They ask if they should call a doctor but he says it's just the heat. Nicole thinks he must be overexcited to be rid of her.

Across the pub, Max tells Stephanie that Lucas just got busted and is going back to prison. They both wonder how he could have been so stupid. The conversation turns to him telling his mother about his sister. He stares over at Trent and down at the photo he's been carrying. He walks over and asks if he can sit. Trent's surprised that he invited him there. Max has been thinking about what he wants: He's tired of hating him and he needs them to come to some sort of understanding. "I think we should call a truce and go our separate ways," he offers, giving Trent the picture back. Trent won't leave Salem. Max doesn't expect him to; he just wants them each to act like the other doesn't exist. Trent says that won't be a problem. When Max stands, his father asks him if he will ever forgive him. "No. But at least I don't hate you anymore," he says, walking away. Trent stares over at Nicole. She promptly walks over and asks him if he is spying. He asks about EJ. She says that EJ is just her lawyer. He accuses her of hiding things. She points out that he is the one hiding things and tells him to stay out of her life. After she stomps off, Caroline comes over. Trent promises to stay away from her son and leaves.

Stephanie tells Caroline how nice it would be if she and Victor went out on a date once and awhile. Caroline says he's just a friend. Steph doesn't want her to be alone. She's not alone. "Can you imagine what my kids would say if I started to date?" she asks. Steph can imagine. They worry about Max and hope his sister is nothing like his father. Caroline tells her how impressed she was that Steph never turned her back on Max even when he was so angry. "Don't let him push you away," she advises.

Max tells Stephanie how things went. She offers to help him find his sister. He says no. "I've changed my mind. I don't want to go find my sister," he explains. He wants to move past things with Trent and meeting his sister would only keep them connected. As a far as he's concerned, his family is the Bradys... and Stephanie too. They hug. If he changes his mind, she will be there to help, she offers. He won't. As soon as she's gone, he takes out a picture of his sister. "Sorry Steph. I have to do this on my own," he says.

Nicole and Victor finalize their paperwork. Victor says goodbye to the grim fairytale they shared and walks off. EJ wonders why she doesn't seem happier. He asks her out but she refuses. She walks out on him. Meanwhile, Victor sits at the bar. Caroline checks in on him and agrees to go on a date. He suddenly blacks out and collapses.

At the station, Bo and Hope are questioning Lucas about why he was at the Salem Inn. He refuses to say anything. He knows that no one can keep him from going back to jail. Hope suggests that if he had a good reason to be at the Inn, they could get him off. Lucas didn't have a good reason. Bo is furious that Lucas didn't take his family into consideration.

"You slept with Lucas?" Philip asks Chloe in the waiting room. Yes she did. Morgan makes faces in the background. Sami misses this detail as she walks in and tells Chloe that she has no chance with Lucas and she should leave. Chloe puts up her hand and walks out. Sami spots Bo coming out of his office and starts begging to talk to Lucas. He turns her down flat. She plays the love card and he gives in, telling her to wait and stay out of trouble. Philip clears his throat. Bo agrees to let him see him as well. Philip asks about Morgan's case. Bo can't talk about it. He wonders when Philip and Paul's daughter suddenly became friends. "I hope you didn't have anything to do with his disappearance," Bo says. Philip acts insulted. Bo brings up John's accusations. Philip insists he had nothing to do with Paul disappearing.

Back in the office, Hope asks Lucas again what was so important that he had to break house arrest. He flashes back to talking to Chloe, going to see her and going at it in the elevator. Lucas flashes out of it and crosses his legs. Hope asks him if he is protecting someone: "Who did you go and meet?" He keeps his mouth shut. She brings him out and Sami jumps in his arms while Philip angrily stares at his brother. Sami cries and asks Lucas why he left the mansion. Philip would like to know that as well; what could have made him risk never seeing his daughter again? Sami tells him to back off. Philip demands and answer. He refuses.  Bo and Hope stand aside and gossip about who Lucas could have been seeing. They wonder if Philip has been lying. They break up Lucas and the others and take him away for processing.

Morgan follows Chloe to the Salem Inn to confront her. Chloe insists that she isn't lying about Paul. Morgan refuses to believe it. "You're just saying these things about my father because you are jealous of my relationship with Philip," she accuses. Chloe tells her to get over herself and doesn't want to listen to this. "You're not going to get away with this Chloe!" Morgan vows.


July 11, 2008
I Don't Understand you two

Outside of the pub, Chloe bumps into Kate who quickly tells her that she should stay away from the Kiriakis men: She's hurt Philip enough already. Chloe informs her that she and Philip are finished. Kate is smug. Chloe tells her not to get too excited: "You wouldn't be so happy if you knew the rest of the story." She tells Kate that her little boy is no saint. Kate tells her to spit out the rest of her story. Before she can, Kate peers in through the pub window and can see that Caroline and Max are trying to keep Victor alive while he lies on the pub floor. Kate runs in and they pool around him. The paramedics arrive and pick him up, suggesting this may be a stroke. Caroline grabs her bag to follow. Max promises her that he will look after things. She tells him Pete will be coming in and taking over so that he can do what he needs to do. He argues, but she snaps: She doesn't need to fight about this now. He apologizes and she runs off.

At the station, Hope asks Philip what he and Lucas were fighting about. Philip isn't helpful. "I don't think there's much either one of us can do to help him now is there?" he says flippantly. She wonders why he isn't more upset. He says Lucas has made his own bed. Bo comes in and starts to ask the same questions. Philip refuses to answer and says that what happened is just between he and his brother. Morgan calls him and tells him his father has collapsed. "Please tell me he's still alive!" he panics. She can't tell him any more. He thanks her and turns to Bo, explaining that their father is in trouble. The two men rush to the hospital.

Chelsea chases down Dr. Dan at the hospital. She perkily tells him how much she likes working there. She finally feels like she's doing something worthwhile and is glad he set it up. It's like he knew what she needed before she did. He's happy to see her so happy. He asks her out to grab something to eat. Before they can set it up, a nurse hurries in and tells him that Victor is being rushed in and the family wanted him notified. Dan orders radiology and neurology to get ready in case he needs test. Chelsea starts to worry that this could be another stroke but he tells her not to go there and promises that he will do his best.

Back at the pub, Steph hopes that Max will take his mom's advice and take some time off. She wonders if he's really given up searching for his sister. He's defensive and says that it's wrong. She remembers that it's Chelsea first day at work and leaves to check on her. He grabs her before she leaves and reminds her that he loves her. After a long kiss, she gives him a quizzical look and walks out. As soon as she's gone, he runs upstairs and packs for Europe. After Max hands things off to Pete, the barkeep says it seems like he's running away from home. "It's kinda the opposite really," Max says. He writes a goodbye letter and hands it to Pete, thanking him for being a good friend. Pete wishes him luck. Max picks up the picture of Shawn and remembers visiting his grave, wondering why he couldn't mourn properly.

Victor arrives at the hospital and Daniel checks him out. The family gathers around as Daniel asks questions. Victor can't talk and his left side is weak. As the family continues to arrive, Daniel explains that Victor seems to have suffered a stroke and rushes him off for tests. Kate and Philip worry together. She insists that everything will be fine. "Not everything mom," he says. He hates to tell her this now, but Lucas is back in jail. Kate can't understand. Philip explains that he broke house arrest to see Chloe. He gets her some tea. She needs something stronger. They're both shocked by what Lucas has done. "I don't understand you two," she shakes her head. Philip says Lucas can have Chloe; they're finished. Morgan arrives as he says this. He steps aside to talk with her. He thanks her for calling him about his father. He urges her not to give up hope for her father. "If someone hurt him I will make sure they pay," she says.

Bo tries to comfort his mother and daughter. Caroline reminds Chelsea how serious this is; it's not the first time Victor's had a stroke. They talk of how important family is to Victor and how important he is to each of them. "He's made mistakes...but inside he's got a good heart," Caroline says. Stephanie arrives to check on her friend. Caroline tells her that she needs to be with Max right now; her mother's intuition tells her he's headed for trouble. Stephanie is sure he'll be fine. They try to stay positive. Steph admits to Chelsea that she thinks Max is up to something.

Daniel tells Victor that he will pull through this just as he has in the past. He medicates Victor and then checks through the test results before walking out and telling the family that it was a stroke but he's treated it and is optimistic. He gave him a drug which can be dangerous, but can have dramatic results. Victor has asked to see both of the mothers of his children. They hurry in. Victor tells them that he is leaving behind his sons, both of whom he is proud of. Meanwhile, Daniel explains the situation to Bo and Chelsea. Bo needs to know if his father will really make it. The women come out and announce that Victor wants to see his sons. The men go in and Chelsea eavesdrops in the door as Kate tells Daniel that she's glad that Chelsea has him to lean on right now. He doubts her sincerity. "I just want her to be happy. She can never find out what happened between us because it would kill her," Kate implores.

Back at the station, Hope asks Lucas what he was thinking. He was just reacting, he explains. "You're breaking Sami's heart," she says. He thinks it will be worse if she found out what really happened. Meanwhile, Chloe sits outside the pub and remembers her time in the elevator with Lucas and blames herself for landing him back in jail. She calls her mother to talk. Stephanie walks by as she returns to the pub right after Max leaves. Pete hands her the letter that he left behind. She bites her lip and pouts.


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