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3rd Week of July 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!

July 14, 2008
Good Things Never Last Forever

Outside the pub, Chloe is on her phone with her mother. She explains what happened with Lucas and Nicole overhears and quickly sticks her head in. Chloe hurries into the pub to get away. "Do you call your mother every time you have sex?" Nicole teases, following her. As they bicker, Sami overhears. She leaps up and says that Chloe must be making up stories. "No, it's true. Lucas and I had sex last night," Chloe says. Sami becomes furious. "Lucas is a horn dog," Nicole snipes. Chloe reminds Sami that she's been two-timing Lucas ever since he got out of prison. Lucas needed a friend and he came to her. "I hope you're happy because Lucas is on his way back to prison and his daughter is going to grow up without a father!" Sami bellows. Chloe feels bad about it but thinks it's really Sami's fault. She's been treating Lucas and EJ like puppets and they've finally gotten out of her control. Sami explodes and hurls food at her. Chloe starts throwing rolls in defense and Nicole soon joins in. Pete tries to break them up until another man leaps in and holds them apart. "You're insane! No wonder Lucas moved on!" Chloe screeches to Sami. Sami repeats that she ruined Brady's life and accuses her of trying to destroy Lucas. Chloe reminds her that she drove Lucas away because of her feelings for EJ. Sami whines that she has no feelings for EJ. Both women chime in: Of course you do! Sami is outraged and throws a cream pie at them. They duck and it flies through the air and straight into EJ's face. He demands to know which of them started this but quickly guesses it had to be Sami. He sits her down and tells her that Caroline doesn't need her and her girl friends starting a riot. She informs him that Chloe and Lucas had sex and she's sure that she forced him into it. EJ finds that hard to believe and points out that Lucas took off his bracelet and slipped away all on his own. "Lucas slept with her because of you," Sami states, using what's become an all-purpose excuse. She announces that she will be taking the twins and moving out tonight. She leaves with a slam of the door.

Nicole walks over to EJ and asks him if he is going to run after "the woman of his dreams". He sadly walks out. "What EJ sees in that mindless, manipulative, twit I'll never know," Nicole comments. She and Chloe decide to have a drink. They talk about Nicole's drinking and Nicole recalls a time when they were "kind of friendly". The topic soon turns to Philip and his southern sorority girl. Chloe is fed up in general. "Men who needs them!" she toasts. "I hope that's rhetorical," Nicole grimaces.

At the hospital, Philip and Bo sit at their father's side. They hope he will be okay. Philip tells his father that they've had troubles lately, but they were all his fault and he still has a lot to learn from his father: "I need you Dad. Please don't leave me." Bo tries to offer some words of support. "I let him down," Philip confesses to his brother. Bo tells him that their dad is proud of him. Philip doubts it. Victor's eyes open. He tells them he is proud. Daniel walks in and asks him how he's feeling. "Like hell," Victor says. The doctor asks them to step out so he can examine him.

Morgan finds Philip standing in the corridor. He gives her an update on his father. He asks for one on hers. "Apparently he knew who was after him and he left proof," she explains. He probes for more information. She's scared. He embraces her. She asks him to help her go through her dad's stuff. They leave together and head over to the pub. As they sit outside and talk, Chloe walks out. Philip asks Morgan to step inside so he can have a word with her alone. Chloe says she feels bad about Victor. "You slept with my brother. Do you hate me that much?" Philip blurts out. No, but he hurt her and Lucas was there for her, she explains. The "friends with benefits thing" can be fine, but things didn't work out, she says. Inside the pub, Morgan catches up with a sorority girl. She shows her a letter that got put her in mail slot by mistake. Morgan looks down at it. "Oh my God!" Morgan gasps. It's a parcel slip. She hurries out and pulls Philip away so they can get the parcel. He tells Chloe that they can talk later. "There's nothing more to say," she says to herself.

Chelsea asks Kate and Daniel what's happening to her grandfather. He explains that there is a clot in the arteries blocking the blood flow to his brain. He gave him some clot busting drugs which are risky but he can't speculate anymore; hell just have to keep them posted. He walks off. Kate tells Chelsea that Daniel will move heaven and earth to save Victor. Then why wouldn't she let Daniel operate on her? Chelsea asks. Kate reaches for excuses but Chelsea is unconvinced and wants to know the truth.

Bo goes back to his father's side. Victor tells him that he needs his help with Philip. "Watch out for him," he asks. Bo gives his word. Chelsea comes in next. She thanks her grandfather for taking care of her in the past. She wants to return the favor. He smiles. Meanwhile, Bo walks through the corridor. He gets a call: They may have a break in the Hollingsworth case. "Dammit Philip!" he groans as he hangs up.

In the corridor, Kate takes Daniel aside. "We have to talk about us," she says. She doesn't regret what happened between them but she can't live with Chelsea finding out. He doesn't want her to feel awkward. That's not it: She cares about him and doesn't usually sleep around. He flashes back to drinking at the pub. He spots her and invites her over. He quickly opens up to her and she listens before they leave together. She helped him through a difficult time and he'll always be grateful for that. She says it probably never should have started between them. He needs her to put it in the past: Chelsea is his now and maybe his future. Kate understands. "You are one classy lady Miss Roberts," he says. "Good things never last forever," she says.

Sami runs back to the mansion. She calls Rolf and announces that he needs to help her pack up because she and the twins are moving out. EJ walks in. "I'm not sleeping under the same roof as you for another night," she says. He asks her to reconsider. Her life's a train wreck because of him, she says. "You brought this upon yourself," he states. The life she wants is never coming back. She ruined things with Lucas and he's not coming back. She ruined things with him so he turned to Nicole. Sami repeats that she just wants Lucas; she is going to take her children and there is nothing he can do. "You sure about that?" the lawyer asks. He takes out a court document forbidding her from taking the children until they have a custody hearing.  

July 15, 2008
Do you Ever get Tired of Playing the Victim?

Bo and Hope return to the office after crawling through a dumpster. They haven't found anything that Paul has left behind except for a package receipt. They look it up but the server goes down. Bo hates computers. Hope takes over and fixes it up. Before he can get back to work, he notices she seems to be thinking about something. She's worried about Morgan. He discovers the package is still at the post office. They decide to track down Morgan and get her to pick up the package and open it for them. Bo calls a judge for a warrant. Hope's phone rings and she has to run off to get Ciara.

Philip and Morgan go to the post office. They wait in line to pick up the package her father sent. She feels like she could fall apart. "I won't let that happen," he says. She worries there may be something she doesn't want to know in that package. He holds her in his arms, promising to help any way he can. He tells her that her father would be proud of her. She gets jumpy, wondering if they've been followed by the people who went after her father. Philip tells her no one has followed them. He tells her that her father could have sent her anything and it might have nothing to do with his disappearance. She thanks him again but wonders if he wouldn't rather be with his father right now. He wants to be with her and is anxious to find out what's in the package. She admits that her father always warned her to stay away from him. Her turn comes up. When she hands in the slip, the clerk tells her that she's out of luck: The package isn't there and has been sent back to the sender. Philip tells her that this is urgent and begs her to have a look in the back. She groans and goes to look. Soon, the clerk returns with the package. Morgan decides she doesn't want to open it in there so they leave.

At the mansion, Sami tells EJ that she won't let him get away with this. She doesn't have much choice, he reminds her. If she takes his son out of the house, she may be forfeiting her parental rights. "You are the son your father could be proud of," she snipes. EJ is proud to be like his father. Sami rants and insults him. EJ doesn't care about her insults but he'll be damned if he lets her leave the house with his son. She refuses to believe a judge would take a child from their mother. He reminds her that he is a lawyer. She accuses him of blackmailing the judge and threatens to expose him. "Do you ever get tired of playing the victim?" he asks. She's amazed how quickly they've jumped from him professing his love for her to this. He insists he isn't the fickle one; she was in bed with him and jumped into Lucas' arms a few moments later. She told both of them that she had feelings for them. This is all because of her behavior. She can leave, but she is not taking his son. "I just want a family. A real one," she says, accusing him of turning her life upside down for his own benefit. She just wants Lucas, the love of her life. "He's also in prison. It's fantasy, a complete fantasy," he says and she is in serious need of a reality check. His new attitude doesn't make any sense to her. He's tired of listening to her tell him about a future with Lucas. It's become almost impossible for him to be civil with her after the way she's treated him. She accuses him of pulling an act and refuses to give up, reminding him of who he is dealing with. EJ wonders if that means she'll make up more stories and tell a judge that he hits his son too. "I will do whatever I have to to protect my children," she threatens.

Back at the mansion, the battle continues. "Your recent behavior has been disconcerting to say the least," EJ explains. Sami has been irrational and has created an environment that is inappropriate for the mental health of children. She's creating a life he doesn't want for his son. He knows how much she loves her children, but he also knows how much she hates him and how that will turn to resentment towards their son. She repeats that she loves her son and nothing will ever undermine that. They both love their son, they agree and then start bickering again, mostly about Lucas and it seems as though Sami is unwilling to make any sacrifice for anything. "You have some serious problems," he says. She acts without any sense of responsibility and acts with blind and vicious anger: Hardly a good person to be a mother. She throws Nicole in his face. He points out that she is irrelevant. Sami rants. He accuses her of being too dramatic and defends Nicole, saying that she is nurturing and would be happy to see her looking after Gianni. Sami guffaws bitterly. EJ admits that Nicole blew him off. Sami's amazed she has standards. "I may not end up with Nicole, but I will be with someone and they will be in Gianni's life," he says. She doesn't envy whoever it is who he ends up with and sarcastically hopes his ego will keep him company. He repeats that their son will get another mother. She gets angry. He was happy before he came to Salem and before he met her. She suggests that he go back to that life then. "You might just get your wish," he says. He's called his mother and will be flying off, taking his son with him. "EJ DiMera, you are not taking my son anywhere!" she bites. "Taking my son away from you is about the sanest thing I can do!" he shouts. She threatens him but he refuses to talk anymore. "It's sad that you hardly even let this begin," he says. It's all over now though, he announces, walking up the stairs.

Philip and Morgan go to the pub. Caroline greets them and promises to go and visit Victor soon. They order coffee and sit down. He holds her hand as she stares at the package. "Open it when you're ready," he says. She's too afraid and asks him to do it for her. Meanwhile, Bo hurries to the post office in search of the package, only to discover it has already been picked up. He calls Hope, who hasn't had any luck tracking Morgan down. She asks him to come to the pub for dinner and when she arrives, she spots Morgan. Bo walks in and she points out Morgan. They leave Ciara with Caroline and walk over to the table. Bo stops Philip from opening the package, saying that it is now part of a police investigation. Philip stands up for Morgan. Bo and Hope tell him to leave and ask Morgan down to the station.  She still worries that there will be something in there that she doesn't want to know about. When they get to the station, she opens it and finds money and a letter saying that the money should give her freedom from her mother. She starts to cry and Bo tells Hope to bring her home. After they leave, Bo searches through the package and discovers a tape recorder. He turns it on and hears Philip's voice: "Dammit Paul! Do what I say or I will kill you!" Meanwhile, Philip goes to the hospital. He sits at his father's side and confesses that he's done something that could destroy them and the family.

July 16, 2008
As if you Didn't Already Know

Steve and Kayla hurry into the pub to see their crying daughter. "Max lied to me... he's gone," she bleats. She feels stupid and gullible. She shows her parents the sappy letter Max left behind. Steve tells her to be fair and explains that he told Max not to take her along. Steph cries. Steve tells her that if she went he would be stuck sitting here worrying. Kayla is sure that there are actually good reasons for her not going along. Steph is outraged that her father is making her decisions for her. Kayla asks if Caroline knows. Steve says she can't know. Kayla is torn about this. Steph continues to lash out at her father for interfering and says that she is going to go anyway. Kayla backs her up. Steve realizes that he has no practice with this aspect of fathering; if he's overprotective, it's because he has no practice letting go. She loves him for caring, but he's going to have to stop being so overprotective. Stephanie leaves. Kayla apologizes to Steve for siding with their daughter. He says that's okay; she was right. He stares off into space and admits that he wishes he was going along with his daughter. Kayla knows he means well but he needs to let go. Steph just wants to be with Max. "I can relate. Wherever you are is where I want to be," he tells her.

Max is on the train travelling across France. As he sits down, a man starts snapping his picture. Max catches him and asks what he's doing. The photographer says his name is Remy, he's a paparazzo and Max is a star race car driver. Max just gets annoyed and demands that all the pictures be deleted. Remy runs. Max sits back down and reads a text message from Stephanie. Meanwhile, Remy calls his contact and tells them that Max is headed for Marseilles.

At home, Hope is reading Ciara "The Wizard of Oz" when Bo interrupts. He hasn't been sleeping well and it shows. Hope leaves to get him some coffee. He listens to the audio tape Paul left behind again. It clearly has Philip threatening Paul's life on it. Abe comes to the door with Theo. They try to get the children to play. Theo starts counting. Hope takes him away to show him some action figures. The men talk about the Hollingsworth case. Abe thinks it's strange that Paul just left some cash and a generic letter. It seems like something is missing... Bo downplays it and leaves to check on Victor.

At the hospital, Victor's heart machine goes off. A sleeping Philip leaps up as Lexi rushes in. Kate follows. They leave so Lexi can work. Kate messes with her son's hair. He's still exhausted. She wonders what could have made Victor so agitated. Philip confesses that he confided in his father, maybe when he shouldn't have. If he's in trouble, he better tell her how, she insists. Philip says that his father was always a genius of getting out of things and making his own way. When that legacy was passed onto him, he blew it and let his father down. Bo interrupts before she can pry any information out of him.

Philip slips away as Bo goes in to see his father. Lexi tells him that something has upset Victor but he seems okay now. She leaves them alone. Victor wakes. Bo asks him what's wrong. "As if you didn't already know," Victor grumbles. He's sure that Bo has the goods on Philip. "This is your brother Bo... you promised to protect him," Victor reminds him. Bo reminds him that he is also a cop and has to uphold the law. He admits that Philip's guilt is only inferred, not outright proven by the evidence. Victor tells him to hold off. Bo hesitates on an answer. His father's life support starts to beep. Lexi runs in and chases him out. Soon. She comes out and asks him what happened. He says he doesn't know. Kate and Philip return. Lexi tells them all not to give Victor any more stress. She leaves and Kate stares at Bo. He tells her to talk to her son and walks away. Kate demands some answers. Philip wants to go home. She repeats that she needs an answer so she can help.

Bo returns to his father's side. He apologizes but he can't do what he's asked. It's opposed to his moral position, he claims. Victor doubts that betraying his brother is any more moral and asks him to find a way to prove his innocence. He requests that Bo leave the evidence with him and walk away. His machine starts to beep again so Bo hands the tape over.

Back at Bo and Hope's, Abe tells Hope that he may be overreacting, but he still suspects there is more to the Hollingsworth case. They discuss his problems with Lexi and Hope offers him her support. He repeats that Theo needs to be the priority and he and Lexi need to learn to see things the same way. Ciara runs in. "Theo's mean!" she cries. They break up the fight and calm the children. Abe admits that he has a hard time with Theo as well. Autism is difficult and can be unpredictable. He was in denial about it and couldn't be objective, but Lexi was on it from the beginning. He wishes he had been right alongside her instead of shutting down and letting her down in the process. Since Lexi had her affair, things just haven't been the same. They're in therapy, but they only talk during the sessions. Hope tells him how important communication is. Lexi arrives to pick up Theo. Hope hurries off to get the kids. Lexi is surprised that Abe stayed there. He admits that Theo and Ciara had to play separately. She sighs. Abe tells her how proud he is of her and her strength. "I've learned a lot of important things from you," he says. They embrace and he promises that they can work through this.

July 17, 2008
Am I Making you Uncomfortable?

Max sits on the train traveling across France and sends Steph a text message. Back at the pub, Stephanie reads the message. Caroline asks her where Max is. "He's in France," she blurts out. Caroline grimaces and then reads the note Max left behind for her. She sadly walks behind the bar as Chelsea comes in to see her friend. Steph quickly informs her on the Max situation. She's planning to track him down and help him find his sister. Chelsea thinks that's crazy so she calls Morgan for help as Steph goes back to her grandmother's side. They're both upset. Steph gives her a hug and Caroline leaves to visit Victor.

Outside the pub, EJ runs into Trent and tries to do some small talk. Trent isn't friendly, even if he is still "very close" to Nicole, who just happens to pop up. Trent announces that they have a lunch date. EJ asks Nicole to step aside for a moment. He tells her that he doesn't like the way Trent treats her. Trent steps in and the three bicker until Caroline stomps out of the pub. "This is all your fault!" she bellows at Trent before striding off. EJ leaves next, telling Trent he will be keeping an eye on him. Trent doesn't trust EJ. "I think the feeling is mutual," she says, trying to get away. Trent stops her: He has some detective work for her to do.

Morgan arrives at the station. Abe has the money Paul left for her. She doesn't want it and tells him to hold onto it until her father gets back. As she leaves, Marlena arrives and goes to see Roman in his office. He tells her there is another Sami related problem. Not only is Sami threatening to sue for custody, she caught EJ and Nicole "generating their own electricity" in the Salem Inn elevator. Marlena shrugs, assuming that Sami can just turn to Lucas now. Roman tells her that Lucas was busy with Chloe the whole time that EJ was with Nicole. Marlena's not surprised; Sami has been playing the men against each other for so long she was doomed to lose them. She blames herself for this. Roman blames EJ and then Sami. Abe interrupts and Marlena walks out. Abe explains that Morgan refuses to take the money. Roman doubts they are ever going to find Paul, or solve the case.

Inside the pub, Morgan and Chelsea surprise Stephanie with some gifts for her trip to France. They drop a beret on her head and tell her they'll miss her. Nicole crashes the goodbye party to ask where Max is. Steph says he'll be gone for a few weeks. Nicole promptly walks out and tells Trent Max has left town. He orders her back inside to find out more. She refuses. He grabs her and threatens her, accusing her of falling for EJ. "You stay away form me," she says, running off. Trent calls Max and tells him he's offended that he went on a trip without telling him. "Want something else offensive?" Max asks, abruptly hanging up.

Abe runs into Marlena at the station. She starts to ask about his situation with Theo and tells him about a support group he can join. He plans on it. She asks how things are with Lexi. They have a long way to go but they've been talking, he says. Roman calls her back in. She hurries inside. They talk about Lucas. In spite of everything, Sami still seems to want him to be a father to her children, Roman says. And EJ? she asks. "I think she'd be better off without either one of them," Roman groans. She asks him to try bending the rules for Lucas again. Roman thinks Lucas needs to learn his lesson and refuses to do any more. She tells him to do it for his family. He gives in, but won't make any promises.

At the hospital, Victor asks Bo to give him whatever he has on Philip. As his machine beeps, Bo hands the incriminating tape over and walks out. He tells Kate that he needs to talk to his brother alone. They walk off, leaving Kate to argue with Daniel. He tells her she can't see Victor right now. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" she asks. "It's fine. We're fine," he says. She adds that they shouldn't talk about what happened between them. "That's fine," he says. She thinks Chelsea's a lucky girl, but she doesn't believe in luck. He stares into her eyes and lets her in to see Victor.

Philip and Bo go over to Bo's house. The cop confronts his brother about his threats against Paul and tells him about the tape recording. "A threat isn't a confession," Philip says. Bo tells him that Victor has the tape now but demands to know if his bother killed Paul. Philip insists that he's innocent. He's glad that Bo is keeping this off the record but wonders why. Bo is doing it for their father. Philip thanks him. "This goes against everything I've lived for, everything I believe in," Bo says bitterly. He admits that he feels bad for his father, in spite of everything. He kicks himself for letting his emotions get in the way of his judgment. "Believe this: I am not a killer," Philip states before he walks out. Bo calls Abe to confess, but Abe is busy so he doesn't get the chance.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava and John are toasting to their future and starting over. "And to the beautiful woman that made it all happen," he smiles. As they drink, EJ returns and isn't thrilled to see them lounging. John teases him. Ava tells EJ that he needs to loosen up and wear some boots or something. She goes into the kitchen to get treats. EJ tells John that his wardrobe will be staying the same but he will be making other changes in his life. He'll no longer be a "nice guy"; he has to be strong and independent. "I have a proposal for you," he tells Uncle John. After passing him some compliments, he asks to be involved in the business, whatever it involves. John sips his wine and tells him he prefers to work alone. EJ reminds him that he has legal expertise and a detailed understanding of his father's business. John shrugs, but he's family so he agrees to give him a shot working for him. EJ's enthusiastic but John needs proof that he can trust him.

Back at the hospital, Kate sits with Victor and asks him if he knows why his sons are acting so strangely. She takes the tape from his hands and plays it. They listen to Philip threaten Paul. She gasps. Daniel comes in and she pockets the tape. Victor's heart rate has been going up again and this annoys Daniel. Caroline arrives and Kate tells her she can take her place. "Is he alright?" Carline asks Daniel. "He's got a tough road ahead of him," he says. She sits down and tells Victor how concerned everyone is. He says that Bo is a good man: "Tell him I said thank you." After Caroline walks out, Kate sneaks back in with the tape in her hands. Meanwhile, Daniel walks over to the pub and bumps into Chelsea. He tells her that Victor is doing fine but wonders about all of the tension in the family.

July 18, 2008
One Less Mouth to Feed

In France, Max talks to the train conductor but has no idea what he's saying. After he sits down, Steph bursts into his cabin, spurting French and leaping into his lap. He worries that Steve will kill him. Steve's okay with everything, she says. She can help him; she's actually been to France.  He wants to send her home. She chews him out for leaving without telling her or his mother. She has been with him through everything and she will continue to stay by his side. Seeing that he still wants her to go, she decides to leave. He asks her to stay and they kiss.

At the pub, Nicole is ordering some apparel for her pooch when she waves Ava over. She asks for the dish on John. Nothing happened, Ava groans. They've been keeping everything "PG-13". Nicole is shocked; if she were a guy, she would want to jump her right away. Ava is sure that John appreciates her not wanting to change him, but he doesn't seem to be over Marlena yet. She's not giving up though. Ava rants about Marlena and Sami and then asks Nicole how things are going with her man. Nicole blushes and then spills about her Independence Day elevator romp. Sadly, Nicole says that she's screwed up and pushed EJ away. She's not sure that EJ really likes her. Ava says she just saw him and he was upset about a woman so he obviously does like her. She advises her to try taking it slow. Nicole wishes she could, but Trent Robbins is in the way. After she tells her friend the "huge" truth about the devilish Dean, Ava promises to keep it a secret.

Rolf sneaks into the pub disguised as "an extra from The Sopranos" and sits in a booth with Marlena. She needs his cooperation and won't take no for an answer. He wants to run. John calls. Rolf answers with his "American accent" while John orders some booze and tells him they need to have a little talk when he gets home. He hangs up and Marlena pulls out the fragments of John's memory disc, requesting Rolf put them back together. Rolf worries about the prison cell old John would send him to if he got him back. Marlena offers to get him immunity. She knows he's not happy as he is, but she can get his old life back if he does this for her. Rolf shakes his head: He can't trust her. She threatens to get John's memory back without him. Then, he will end up behind bars anyway.

At the station, Roman informs Lucas that he won't be going back to the same prison: He'll be going someplace much worse. They agree to keep the details between themselves, until Lucas starts talking about them and Sami overhears. When she discovers he is on the way to a maximum security prison, Sami throws a fit. Roman apologizes but she's out of luck. Lucas says it's not forever. Sami cries: "How could you do this?" Roman leaves them alone. Lucas apologizes again. He's even told Will. She brings up the fact that he's missing his daughter's life. He knows. "I wish you'd been thinking about your daughter when you decided to have sex with Chloe!" she yells. He was angry at her for sleeping with EJ. Sami wishes he'd come to her instead. She offers to shut EJ out her life for good. He reminds her that she has a child with him. They run around in circles about EJ and Chloe until Roman interrupts. Lucas promises that he will find a way out. "I am fighting for a way to come back to Allie. I don't know about anything else," he says. He's taken away. Sami cries to her father. He assures her that Lucas will be fine. She worries about Lucas being locked up with gangs. She feels like he will never come home and will miss Allie growing up. Roman advises her to take it one day at a time. She hands her father a recent photo of Allie to give to Lucas. As she leaves, he asks her to have dinner with him later. Later, Roman hands Lucas the picture of Allie. "Just remember Lucas, you're doing this for her," he says.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ assures John that his new plan will restore his role in the community. John is doubtful. Moments later, EJ meets with Judge Karen Fitzpatrick. She remembers John but it's not mutual. After John drifts off, Karen wonders how hard it must be for him. He was once a generous pillar of the community, she recalls. EJ says those days aren't over and hands her a donation to her campaign. "I can't accept this," she jumps. He brings up her competition and suggests that she might be on the way out if she doesn't take this money. She takes it and rises to leave, thanking John when he returns. EJ walks her out and returns. John compliments him on his move; he was watching it all on closed circuit television. While the Judge may help clean up John's new reputation, he still doesn't trust EJ. "One good deed does not erase the fact that you shot me and then relieved me of one of my kidneys," John says. EJ only did that for Stefano, and that only proves that he is loyal to family. If he is as loyal to him as he was to Stefano, perhaps they can do business, John says. He has something in mind for him already, but he has to deal with Sami first. EJ's confused. John is sure that EJ still loves her and wants another roll in the hay with her. "She despises you and yet you're unwilling to let her go," John smirks, lighting a cigar. He reminds EJ of his devious court order, suggesting that he was only acting in his own interests, not his son's. EJ suspects that this is about scoring points with Blondie. John says he and Blondie are over. EJ tells him to admit that he still has feelings for her. "Don't worry about me and Marlena. I think you've got enough to deal with," John says. Sami runs in shouting for Rolf. She tells EJ that Lucas is being sent back to prison. "One less mouth to feed," John quips. EJ tells Sami she should move on. "With who? You?" she asks. He smirks: There's no way it will be with him. She's a mess and even Lucas has turned to another woman. She is sure that she and Lucas can overcome mistakes like Chloe and him. Sami storms off. John tells EJ he's being cruel to his step-daughter, but he understands the importance of playing hardball. He makes it clear that he wouldn't be working with him, he'd be working for him. EJ is sure he can prove himself and pats John's back. John isn't receptive and takes a chess piece off the board.

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