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4th Week of July 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

July 21, 2008
It's Not too Late to Change Your Mind

Lucas is handcuffed at the police station and waiting for transport to maximum security when Roman whispers, "It's not too late to change your mind." Lucas says, "No, we made a deal," so Roman instructs an officer take him to prison. Chloe enters the station and tells Lucas she feels like it's her fault he's being sent back, but Lucas assures her it isn't. He doesn't regret what happened at the Salem Inn. He calls it amazing and says he will always remember it. He's sorry she'll have to deal with the fall out, i.e. Sami, but Chloe says she can handle it. Roman comes out of his office and says transport is waiting outside. The cop takes Lucas away and Chloe stays behind, looking worried.

At Steve and Kayla's, Caroline and Maggie prepare a welcome home for baby Joe as the nurse sets up an apnea monitor to check for heartbeat and breathing, which is a standard precaution for preemie babies. Steve and Kayla walk up to their door and see balloons. They discuss how happy they are to finally be bringing their son home and Caroline and Maggie open the door to welcome them. Steve and Kayla get instructions on the apnea monitor and Steve notices that Kayla is upset, but Kayla insists she's just tired. Steve assures her that everything will be alright and Kayla weakly says she knows. Caroline and Maggie get ready to leave, but Steve asks Maggie for instructions on how to heat up the casserole she left for them first. Caroline asks her daughter how she's doing and Kayla admits she's a nervous wreck. Caroline assures Kayla that Joe will be fine, but Kayla isn't so sure. Kayla can't help but worry and Caroline tells her that she's a mother, so it's part of her DNA. She says the difficult part is over, because Joe made it and he's alive. Once alone, Kayla and Steve fawn over Joe and Kayla urges Steve to get some rest so he can be fresh when it's his shift to watch the baby. He tells Kayla Joe will be fine, but Kayla points out how close they came to losing him.

Ava sits at the Brady Pub and talks on her phone. She makes plans to see an apartment, but when they hear her last name they hang up on her. Pete the bartender comes over and asks if she's had any luck finding a place to live. Ava tells him she hasn't and Pete asks about her family's estate, but she says it's under investigation and she can't buy because of her impending murder trial. Pete thinks she'll find something, but Ava isn't so sure.

Sami runs in to her mother at John's and tells her that Lucas is being sent to maximum security. Marlena is shocked, stating it doesn't make any sense and assures her daughter she will talk to Roman about it. Sami also tells her mother that the guy who was subletting her apartment is leaving and Marlena suggests she move back in. Sami says she can't and Marlena asks why. John comes up behind her and says, "Because she will lose custody of Johnny if she does." Sami fills Marlena in on the court order and Marlena asks if John knows something about it. He says no and tells her there's nothing he can do about it either. John thinks Sami is being unreasonable because EJ just wants to be in his son's life. Sami thinks John is clearly on EJ's side, but John insists he sees both sides to the story. Sami goes back to talking about her apartment issues and John says Ava needs a place to live. Sami refuses to sublet to Ava, so John asks Marlena to let them talk alone. Marlena obliges and leaves to see Roman. Sami tells John she doesn't want to rent to the woman responsible for her grandfather's death and doesn't want to hurt her mother's feelings, but John tells her not to get her hopes up about him and Marlena getting back together. John says he'll just let Ava live in his house then and picks up the phone. Sami gives in and agrees to show Ava the apartment. John says, "Excellent."

Sami meets Ava at her old apartment and Ava thanks her for agreeing to show it to her. Sami lets her in the door, but not before looking over at Steve and Kayla's door across the hall. Ava likes the apartment, but Sami tells her she needs to talk to her landlord about it first. She steps aside and calls John. She says she's happy with the apartment and would love to cook for him sometime as a thank you. She asks him to come over saying she'd love to see him and he gets a devilish grin on his face.

Sami goes across the hall to see Kayla and Steve to tell them about Ava moving in, but they see her before Sami can get the words out. Kayla is furious and Sami tries to explain. Steve asks what Ava is up to, but Ava says she didn't know they lived there. Kayla says it would be better if Ava found another place to live. Ava agrees and leaves. Sami tries to apologize and explain, but Kayla doesn't want to hear it. She goes inside and Steve follows, asking if she's okay. Kayla says, "Do you really have to ask?" and walks away. Kayla flashes back to seeing Steve and Ava in bed together and tells Steve she doesn't want Ava there and has run out of patience with her. She blames her for all their problems over the last year and Steve agrees, but says they can't let Ava dictate their future. Kayla admits she can't get the picture of him and Ava in bed out of her head. Steve rehashes what happened and tells Kayla that he made it clear to Ava that Kayla is the only person he has ever loved. Kayla thought there would be no lies or deceit between them, but then she saw him naked with another woman and she feels betrayed. Steve gets emotional and says without her and their family his life would have meant nothing. He apologizes and embraces a crying Kayla.

Marlena meets Roman in his office and asks about Lucas. Roman says she'll have to talk to the suits about him going to maximum security because he's done everything he can. His hands are tied, but he thinks Lucas is a tough kid and will do just fine. Roman changes the subject by asking what he can do for her. Marlena thinks she's found a way to get John's memory back and she needs his help. She gives him the broken disc, but says she can't tell him who gave it to her. Roman won't help her if she doesn't give him a name, but Marlena begs him to help her help John. Roman agrees to do his best and Marlena asks Roman to offer Rolf immunity from prosecution in exchange for his help in repairing the disc. Roman isn't sure he can make that happen, but wonders if this disc will even help John remember his past, saying it could kill him instead. Roman wants to send it to the ISA to check out to make sure it won't harm John first. Marlena thinks that's a wonderful idea and Roman is happy they won't have to cut any deals with Rolf. Roman asks how she's doing and Marlena tries to make it seem like she's happy and keeping busy, but Roman sees right through her. He insists she tell him what's really going on and Marlena talks to Roman about the man John has become. He thinks it might be time to let him go, but Marlena won't give up on John, but Roman says there is a good chance she might not have a choice. Marlena says she knows.

Sami goes to the pub and sees Chloe sitting at a table. She tells her that Lucas is being transported to prison and says, "I hope you're happy with yourself." Chloe isn't in the mood to argue and Sami tells her to stay away from Lucas. Chloe says that won't be a problem, because he's going back to prison. Sami says it's Chloe's fault, but Chloe insists it's Sami's and says that even Lucas knows that.

John meets Ava and tells her that Sami called her about what happened. Ava says she's had nothing but bad luck since she came to this town and John tells her not to feel sorry for herself. John says she's the only person who really understands him and he wants her to stick around. Ava tells him she might if he lets her move in with him. John rejects the idea saying not while he's still legally married to Marlena, but he still wants to see her at her own place where they can get to know each other. They agree that as long as his marriage is just a legality it doesn't bother either one of them. Ava says she really likes him and they kiss. Ava likes the man John is and doesn't understand why everyone wants to change him. John thinks because he was a nicer guy before and Ava tries to convince him to let her live with him. John says it's not a good idea right now and Ava gets upset and starts to leave. John stops her by kissing her and they start to get hot and steamy.

July 22, 2008
That's What Family is For

Daniel and Chelsea meet at the Brady Pub and talk about her new job. She's obviously thrilled with it calling the kids she works with amazing. She then asks about her father and grandfather. Daniel says Bo is fine and Victor is improving, but there could be some setbacks because of his prior strokes. Daniel needs Bo and Philip to clam down, because whenever they go into Victor's room, he becomes very agitated. Chelsea thinks that's interesting and says she will talk to her dad about that. She needs to head home for dinner and asks Daniel to join her at Bo's house. Daniel reluctantly agrees to dinner with the folks and says at the very least he can talk to Bo. Chelsea coyly asks, "As a doctor or as my boyfriend?" Daniel responds, "A little bit of both."

Philip and Kate talk over dinner at the Kiriakis mansion about the tape recording implicating him in Paul's disappearance. Philip notes that Bo risked his career and reputation for him and Kate say that's what family is for. Kate thinks he should be relived, but Philip says, "I'm sorry mom, but I can't make this all about me right now." Kate thinks Bo is just protecting someone who's innocent, but Philip says she has no idea what he's capable of. Kate knows what he's not capable of and that's murder. Philip tells his mother he's done things she wouldn't be proud of and Kate demands he tell her what those things are. Philip says she will find out soon enough, but he can't get into specifics right now. However, whatever he did, he did for their family. Kate says that's what their family does, but Philip doesn't know if he can live with Bo risking his reputation for him. Kate says no one will find out what Bo did.

Bo, Caroline and Ciara eat dinner, while Hope's at work. Caroline sends the little girl out to the living room to play and asks Bo about Victor. Bo says his condition is improving but Caroline notes that something is upsetting her son. She asks, "Did something happen between you and Victor?" Bo just says he's concerned about Victor because he had another stroke and the thought of burying another father is too much to deal with right now. Caroline feels bad for pushing and assures him that Victor will pull through. She leaves to give Ciara some ice cream, but not before telling Bo it's good to let his feelings out.

Lexi comes to see Abe at work with a list of therapies and doctors for Theo. Abe is all for trying them out, but is worried about the expense. Lexi says the school district can help, but they will have to pay for some of it out of their own pocket. She thinks they can get creative and suggests dipping into Theo's college fund. Abe asks, "Are you saying Theo won't be able to go to college?" Lexi says what's most important right now is to start therapy and Abe says they will do whatever they have to in order to make it happen. Abe gets a call and says they just got a break in the Paul Hollingsworth case.

Morgan comes over to see Philip and Kate looks less than pleased. Kate makes pleasantries and excuses herself. Morgan and Philip talk about their fathers and Philip asks if there is any news on Paul. There isn't, but Philip assures her the authorities will find out something soon. Morgan is worried because she doesn't know what could have happened to him. Morgan gets a call from Abe who asks her to come down to the station. She asks Philip to go with her and they leave.

Daniel and Chelsea come over to Bo's and Chelsea chats with Ciara while Daniel looks a little uncomfortable. Clearly unhappy to see Daniel, Bo tells them that they missed dinner, but Caroline offers to heat it up for them. Both Chelsea and Daniel try to break the tension with small talk and Bo asks after his father. Daniel says Victor is stable and then Bo excuses himself to make a phone call. Daniel excuses himself as well and follows Bo out to talk. He tells Bo that he won't let Bo and Victor undo the work he and the hospital have done to save their lives by letting them destroy each other. He says they need to handle their family business or else he will put Bo back in the hospital with a do not disturb sign on him. Bo says he's doing fine, but Daniel tells him he needs to take it easy. Daniel's phone rings and Chelsea comes out. She asks her dad what's going on while Dan's on the phone. Bo says Daniel is just being overly concerned. Daniel says Victor's readouts have been analyzed and it shows that every time Bo and Philip go into the room, his blood pressure goes sky high. Daniel says they are now locking down Victor's room so he can no longer accept visitors. Caroline, Chelsea, Bo and Daniel settle in the living room and discuss Chelsea's new job. Bo and Caroline are happy she has found "her calling." Bo gets some digs in about Daniel being an overly protective doctor and Daniel says he's off to look at an apartment. He asks Chelsea to come along to give her opinion and Bo looks worried. Chelsea says she will meet up with him later and Daniels awkwardly shakes Bo's hand and leaves.

Bo goes upstairs to check on Ciara and Chelsea asks her grandma what's wrong with her dad. Caroline chocks it up to Victor and they talk about Daniel sticking around Salem. Chelsea thinks he doesn't want to leave Victor and the hospital right now, but Caroline thinks she's part of the reason he's staying. Chelsea hopes so and says things are going well, but she wishes Bo were a little more supportive. She hopes that over time Bo will see how much Daniel cares about her and he'll accept it. Caroline says Bo's just being protective especially with everything going on. Chelsea wants to know what exactly is going on and Caroline says whatever it is Bo loves her with all his heart and she does too. Chelsea leaves and Bo comes back downstairs. Caroline tells her son to give Daniel a chance and Bo just shrugs. He gets a call from Abe telling him there's news on the Hollingsworth case.

Philip and Morgan head to the police station where Abe tells a teary eyed Morgan they found Paul's jacket and ID floating in the river.

Max and Stephanie sleep in bed on the train and Max quietly wakes up, gets dressed and leaves. Stephanie wakes up with a stranger in her bed and freaks out, flashing back to the night she was raped. She yells out for Max, but the man tells her that Max moved from the train. He makes chit chat with her about France while he subtly goes through her purse. Stephanie grabs her purse and pulls out her mace, ordering the man out of her cabin. Max returns with breakfast and Stephanie tells him about the man trying to steal her purse. Max is upset he left her alone, but notes she can obviously take care of herself. Max tells Stephanie she looks beautiful and they kiss.  

Daniel meets up with Kate on the roof of the apartment building and asks her what she thinks, because she has good taste. She retorts, "And bad timing." He thinks it's an amazing view and that Chelsea will like it. Kate says it's pretty perfect and Daniel says, "Perfectly twisted." Kate says he's a good man and he will make the right decision. Daniel disagrees saying if he were a good man he wouldn't be in this position. Kate asks if they've been wasting their time and Daniel says, "It was a hell of a time." Kate demands that he not hurt her granddaughter and Daniel assures her he would rather die.


July 23, 2008
The Ultimate American Housewife

John rubs Ava's feet in his living room while she tells him making love to him was magical and she would love a repeat performance. John would too, but not there. She wonders if he's afraid someone will barge in, just as EJ walks in. He tells Ava he just met with the D.A. and instructs her not to make any long-term plans. John leaves to give Ava and EJ some privacy so he can't testify about anything he's heard. EJ tells Ava that the D.A. is extremely confident with the case against her and thinks they hold all the cards. EJ says he will do everything he can, but it doesn't look good. Ava says if she could, she would change everything that happened and later notes that she has made one mistake after another that have hurt a lot of people. EJ tells her she needs to be strong, but he doesn't know of a lawyer in this country who could acquit her. He says there is no evidence tying her to the sabotage of the plane, but whoever  she got to do it is going to testify against her in exchange for immunity. The Irish government also wants to try the case in Ireland. EJ say it's complicated, but they have an opportunity to play all the people involved against each other. That might be able to buy a few years, but first they need to focus on her not getting extradited to Ireland. He also tells her to start thinking about making a deal and advises her to do it as quickly as possible. Ava is rattled and says her father would know how to fix this. EJ says she knows a lot of powerful people, so whoever she needs to talk to, talk to them and he'll do the same. Ava says she'll wait for him to come back to her with some positive news and then asks to be alone to process everything. EJ leaves and Ava starts to cry.

At the Brady Pub, Kate and Tony toast to her Hearth and Home line taking off. Roman comes in and Kate tells him how well it's doing. Tony says Kate will soon become the ultimate American housewife and Roman chuckles saying, "That I've got to see." Roman gets a  call and steps away to take it. He comes back and tells Kate and Tony that they have new information that Paul Hollingsworth may have met with foul play. Kate asks if Paul is dead, but Roman says he can't give out specifics. Kate looks worried and flashes back to destroying the tape that implicates Philip.

Roman leaves and Tony tells her he knows she's trying to hide something. Kate says she's just upset over the violence close to her family, citing Morgan and Philip's friendship. Kate gets up to call Philip and Tony flashes back to John asking him to spin Paul's wrongdoings. He wonders if "Dear Uncle John had anything to do with this."

Kate calls Philip and asks him what's going on. He says he's at the station and he will call her later. Tony comes up behind Kate and tells her he needs to go to another meeting. Kate thanks him for all her success and walks away. Tony calls Anna and leaves a message saying he has to meet with John and he'll meet her at the pub later.

Hope comes home and notices that Bo seems upset. He tells his wife that they found Paul's jacket in the river and tries to call Philip. When he can't get a hold of him he gets agitated and Hope wants to know what he knows about Paul's disappearance. Bo says he doesn't know anything, but Hope knows better. Bo tries to deflect, but Hope wants to discuss the case so they can find some answers. Bo doesn't want her involved in the case and they argue over it for a bit. Bo asks her to trust him and  leaves to track some things down. Hope says to herself, "No I don't trust you. I can't."

At the police station, Abe asks Philip to wait outside his office while he talks to Morgan about her father. Philip leaves and Abe says they found Paul's jacket in the river and while he doesn't know if Paul has drowned, they aren't ruling anything out. When she gets upset, Abe tells her not to jump to any conclusions.

Morgan tells Philip what Abe said and Philip tries to console her. She gets upset thinking her father could be dead and Philip tells her nothing is for sure yet. Morgan reminisces about what a good father Paul was and says he wouldn't just leave unless he was scared of something or someone. Philip guiltily hugs her as she hopes this is all just a big misunderstanding and Paul is trying to get back to her. When Morgan overhears Roman and Abe discussing dragging the river for Paul's body, she gets upset. They tell her they hope to find her father alive, but since they found the jacket in the river, it's logical they search there. Bo comes to the station and Morgan steps aside to call her mother. Roman updates Bo on what's happening and Roman says he thinks they'll find Paul's body in the river.

Anna comes to the pub and sees Kate. She asks after Tony and learns that he had a meeting. Anna checks her messages and thinks she should stay for a drink and wait for him. Kate begrudgingly invites her to sit with her and Anna obliges. They make uncomfortable chit chat and Anna tells her that Austin and Carrie are thinking about starting a family. Anna can't believe she could be a grandmother and hopes that Carrie turns out to be a better mom than she was.  Kate says she wasn't the best role model for her kids either and Anna says that's nonsense. Kate replies, "Is it?" They bond over their misguided parenting skills and Anna tells Kate to look on the bright side, "Only one of your kids is in prison!" Kate and Anna leave the pub and hear sirens. Kate asks what's going on and Anna tells her the police are dragging the river for Paul's body.

Tony goes to John's house and asks about Paul Hollingsworth and why he was so eager to help him. John felt sorry for the guy back then, but if that "double crossing scum" ever shows up again, he will rip his heart out and feed it to his dogs. Tony thinks that would be a good trick, considering the man is probably already dead.

Bo drags Philip into the office and angrily accuses him of killing Hollingsworth. Philip says he may be guilty of threatening Paul, but he didn't do it. Bo says he listened to the tape very carefully and he sounded like an icy, in-control Kiriakis. Philip tells Bo he knows how much it cost him to hand the tape over to Victor and notes that they have never been that close. He says what he did for him was amazing and he will never be able to repay him. Bo says, damn right, especially if he let him get away with murder! Bo says if he finds out Philip did kill Paul he will confess everything and turn both of them in. Bo opens the door instructing Philip to get the hell out and finds Morgan standing there.


July 24, 2008
Best Intentions

On their way to Marseille, Max and Stephanie grow listless on the train. Max stops the conductor and finds out the train has been delayed. Stephanie goes to investigate and says there's something stuck on the tracks and they are about 30 miles out of Marseille. They go over the info they have on Melanie and Max says the street they have for her is 15 miles long, so it will be impossible to find her. Stephanie gets on the phone with an old friend who knows about the area and he tells her about an exclusive girls boarding school that Melanie could be at. Max playfully gets jealous about her "friend" and asks for details on him. Max makes a call to the school but can't get any information. Stephanie says his approach was all wrong because he's a clumsy and awkward guy. She grabs the phone and finds out that Melanie does in fact go to school there.

Daniel brings Chelsea up to the rooftop of the apartment building to show her the "sweetest perk" to his apartment. She is duly impressed with the view and seals her approval with a kiss. Chelsea says, "I guess you're committed to staying in Salem for awhile" and Daniel says, "For a variety of reasons." Chelsea wants to know what they are and Daniel says only one comes to mind, "You." Daniel and Chelsea lounge in a chair together and discuss her family. Chelsea says she wants to find out what caused Victor to get upset, but Daniel says it's not a good idea. Later, Daniel says the rooftop deck was one of the reasons he wanted the apartment and Chelsea thinks the short term lease had something to do with it as well. Daniel says he's not going anywhere and Chelsea asks if that's a promise. Daniel responds, "That's definitely an intention." Daniel puts on some music and they dance and make out.

Steve can't sleep at his apartment and opens up a book called, "Daddy, Don't Drop Me." He puts it down and Kayla comes out. She says Joe is sleeping and it'll be a couple of hours before his next feeding. She looks upset and Steve tells her how sorry he is about the whole Ava thing. He says he'll never forgive himself for her pop dying and thinks about him every day. She says it's not his fault, it's Ava's and the sooner she's behind bars the better.

Ava pours herself a drink and John comes in to join her. They discuss her case and John assures her that Elvis is resourceful and will come up with something for her. John says he's still facing charges himself and Ava suggests they skip bail and leave the country. John says he's not running because there's no reason for him to. Ava wonders if he can really beat his charges and John says he's innocent. Ava questions him about Paul and thinks if the police think Paul has been murdered, it's only a matter of time before they come knocking on his door. John says, "Fine. Let them come!" John says he won't run and Ava asks if Marlena is the reason he doesn't want to leave. John says Blondie has no say in his decision. Ava doesn't want to lose him and thinks Marlena will take over once she goes to prison. John doesn't like that she's already resigned herself to going to prison, but Ava says EJ doesn't have high hopes for her. John tries to bolster her spirits and Ava says she hasn't given up. John hasn't either and offers to make a phone call to see what he can do for her. She thanks him and he asks her to please stay there.

Bo opens the office door to Morgan and she asks what he and Philip are talking about it. Bo says it's private, but they are finished. Philip leaves the office and Bo looks super stressed out. Morgan tells Philip the police are searching for her father's body and wonders what happens if they never find him. Philip hugs her and Bo gets angry when he sees the two of them. Morgan complains some more about not knowing what's going on with her father and Philip says they just need to wait. He offers to take her home, but she doesn't want to be alone at the sorority house since it's empty for the summer. He says she can come home with him, as Bo overhears and looks agitated.

Marlena comes to Roman's office and Roman says he doesn't have any info from the ISA on the disk yet. She tells him she can't give him her notes on her session with Ava that the D.A. requested. Roman says the D.A. might subpoena her and then says he needs to talk to Steve and Kayla about the case as well. Marlena wants to talk to them too about Sami almost subletting her apartment to Ava.

Bo slams a file on his desk and Marlena comes out of Roman's office asking if he's okay.  He's says he's fine, just frustrated over a case. Marlena asks if he's referring to the Hollingsworth case and he says yes. She offers her assistance as the police psychiatrist, but he says if he needs to talk to someone it will be with someone else.

Marlena and Roman come over to Steve and Kayla's and the couple agrees to testify at Ava's trial. Kayla gets upset and walks away. Marlena goes to talk to her and Kayla talks about losing it over Ava wanting to sublet Sami's apartment. Meanwhile, Steve and Roman discuss Ava's case. Roman says the international charges will be tried first and one of Ava's men will be testifying against her. Roman tells Steve this is not his fault and Steve says, "That's what your sister keeps telling me." Marlena tries to smooth things over with Kayla regarding Sami's involvement in almost renting to Ava. Kayla just can't wait until Ava is out of their lives for good and Marlena aggress saying it's only a matter of time before she hurts someone else.  Marlena asks Kayla about Bo and mentions that he seems stressed out and she's concerned about him. Kayla doesn't know what it could be and offers to find out what it is.

As Philip and Morgan prepare to leave, Bo stops them and asks to talk to Philip alone. He reminds Philip that he is one of the prime suspects in Paul's possible murder and tells him that it's pretty stupid for him to be hanging out with the man's daughter. Philip doesn't care what it looks like, he needs to be there for Morgan. Bo retorts, "That's real knight in shining armor of you." He then warns his brother that he better not find out he and Victor are playing him and Philip assures him they aren't. Philip then leaves to take Morgan home.

Bo makes a call to have someone bring him everything they have on the Hollingsworth case and then goes through everything with latex gloves on.

Ava makes herself another drink and the doorbell rings. She answers it and finds Marlena standing there. Marlena says she can't testify against Ava or turn over her notes from their session because Ava came to her voluntarily. Ava is happy to hear it and Marlena asks if she found a place to live. John enters the room and informs Marlena that Ava will be staying with him for the time being. Marlena asks to speak to John alone and Ava leaves. John thinks Marlena wants to know if he had anything to do with Paul's disappearance. Marlena asks if he did and John just lights his cigar. Marlena asks if John killed Paul and Ava peeks her head out to eavesdrop.

Philip brings Morgan to his house and asks if there's anything he can do. She says she could use a hug and he obliges. 

Steve and Kayla discuss Ava's case and Steve says if she's convicted she will go away for a long time. He says she killed Kayla's pop and almost killed them and now she's messing with John and Marlena. He says, "Sick and drugged or sane and sober, Ava is dangerous." Stephanie calls and they discuss Joe and her and Max's trip. After they hang up Kayla asks Steve if he feels better. He says yes and then asks her if she wants to try and get some sleep with him. Kayla has a better idea a mission involving beer.

Max gets irritated that they have to wait so long to get to Marseilles and Stephanie says she knows of a way to pass the time. Max says he didn't bring his playing cards, but Stephanie has other ideas. Max locks the door and they get intimate on the couch.

After Steve calls Bo, they meet for a drink. Bo asks why he called so late to have a beer and Steve admits that Kayla asked him to find out what's bugging him. Bo tries to play it off saying it's work, but Steve knows better. Steve says he can help if he's in trouble and Bo says he's not in trouble yet. Steve keeps prying and Bo admits to covering up evidence in an ongoing investigation. Steve points out that it's not like him to do that and Bo says he did it to protect his brother.

July 25, 2008
A Busy Day at the Casa Black

Caroline comes to see Kayla and asks how the first night home with Joe went. Kayla says all is well and Caroline gives Kayla a present for the baby. Kayla mentions that Steve is out and Caroline is glad, because she wants to talk to her about Bo. They discuss how strange Bo has been acting lately and Caroline tells her daughter about Bo riling Victor up at the hospital. She gets upset because now Daniel won't let anyone see Victor including her. Caroline says there's some kind of tension between Bo and Victor and they wonder if it has something to do with the Hollingsworth case. Caroline says Hope is sure that Bo is in trouble and thinks maybe Steve would know. Kayla informs her mom that she sent Steve on a fact-finding mission, but they haven't had a chance to talk yet. They both pray that Bo comes to his senses and tells Hope what's going on.

Steve goes to Bo's house to talk, but Bo says he shouldn't have told him about destroying the evidence. Steve thinks Bo did the right thing, because Philip is probably innocent. Bo isn't so sure and is worried that he'll lose everything over this, including Hope. Steve urges Bo to tell her before she figures it out for herself. Bo says he can't let Hope get involved in this and Steve understands, but wonders if he really believes Philip killed Paul. Bo isn't sure and they talk the details of the case. Steve offers to help make Bo feel better by digging up info proving Philip is innocent. Bo isn't sure he'll ever feel good about what he did and wonders if he can go through with the surprise he planned for Hope. He wants to call it off, but Steve disagrees.

Steve returns home and Kayla and Caroline ask him about Bo. Steve plays dumb and tells them that Bo seems fine and they don't have anything to worry about. Caroline and Kayla leave to find Bo so they can get some real answers.

Over breakfast, Philip and Kate discuss what Bo did for him again. Philip says Bo thinks he killed Hollingsworth and Kate says, "He might not be the only one." Phillip thinks she's referring to herself, but Kate says she believes he did whatever he thought was necessary. Philip adamantly insists he didn't do anything and Henderson comes in with a note he found on the front door step. Philip opens the letter that says, "I know your secret." Philip thinks someone is tying to get to him and he does not like it! Philip thinks John is behind the letter and he leaves to put a stop to it.

At John's mansion, Ava talks about how fantastic last night was, but John is more interested in an article in the paper about the cops finding Paul's jacket in the river. The doorbell rings as Ava looks worried over Paul, but John says dragging the river is a waste of time. Marlena enters the living room and over Rolf's apologies, asks how he knows it's a waste of time. John tells Rolf it's okay that Marlena just barged in and Marlena "apologizes" for intruding on his private time. John and Marlena trade barbs about their so called marriage and Ava says she'll leave, but EJ runs in saying he needs to talk to her about her case. Ava says they should discuss her case elsewhere and leaves the room, but not before seductively thanking John for last night and this morning in front of Marlena.

Marlena questions John about Ava and John says it's nice to be with someone who appreciates who he is and doesn't want to change him. Marlena points out it is infidelity and John says it's grounds for divorce. Marlena asks if that's what he wants and he says maybe it's best, because he can't give her what she wants. Marlena thinks it's sad that they never even tried and leaves. When Marlena runs into Rolf in the corridor, she tells him she and Roman are trying to grant him immunity and asks him to work with the ISA to repair the disc. Rolf says there is nothing he can do and if John finds out he went behind his back, no one can protect him. Marlena is worried she won't ever be able to get her John back, because he's falling in love with someone else.

EJ tells John that it sounds like he needs a divorce lawyer and John thinks Marlena will be better off, because she needs to move on with her own life. EJ points out that John certainly did that and John says he didn't have much of a choice. EJ wonders that if John did have a choice, would he have taken it? John can't imagine being the old John and EJ says it's important to be true to yourself, because it doesn't pay to be someone you're not. John says it's not that easy to jump ships and EJ needs to prove his loyalty. EJ wants his life back and if working for John helps him achieve this, then so be it.

Judge Fitzpatrick comes by and thanks John for his generous donation. EJ takes the opportunity to ask about Ava. He tells her he wants the trial to be moved to the U.S. and even though she doesn't have anything to do with the case, she thinks it doesn't seem unreasonable. EJ is pleased and says he considers her a friend, and she says likewise. After the judge leaves, EJ thinks having the judge as a "friend," will help both Ava and John.

Marlena goes to the Brady Pub and runs into Ava. Ava starts to apologize, but Marlena tells her that she will fight for her husband. Ava says her husband doesn't exist, but Marlena won't accept that. She believes her husband is still in there, but Ava doesn't think so. Marlena tells her to enjoy it while it lasts, because when the real John comes back he will be through with her.

Kayla and Caroline go to Bo's house and Caroline goes upstairs to see Ciara so Kayla and Bo can talk. Kayla tells him everyone's worried about him. Bo says he's fine, but tells her that he's canceling his surprise for Hope. Kayla thinks the strength he and Hope have together will get them through anything. She tells him not to cancel the surprise and urges him to tell Hope whatever is going on. Kayla leaves and Caroline returns saying, "It's true Bo and the same goes for your mother." Caroline gets upset, telling Bo everyone is concerned about him. Bo plays it off, saying it's work and Caroline urges him to talk to Hope. Bo says he can't and she asks about the surprise. Bo says it's going on as planned.

Ava comes to see Steve and tells him how sorry she is for all the trouble she caused his family. She reassures him that she is a different person now and asks Steve to testify on her behalf. Steve says he won't lie for her, but Ava says he can testify that she was a different person before the drugs messed with her head. Steve curtly says he'll tell the court what he knows about the person she was and the person she became. She thanks him and Kayla walks in. Ava leaves and Steve tells Kayla what happened. Kayla tells Steve she trusts him and hopes they've learned from their mistakes. Steve is touched and embraces her.

Kate burns the letter Philip received and says, "If John or anyone else threatens my son, it'll be the last thing they do."

As EJ and John discuss Paul, Rolf interrupts with news that Morgan is there. Morgan barges in demanding to know what John did with her father. EJ tries to diffuse the situation, but Morgan goes off on John. Ava's henchman comes in and asks if everything is okay. He says Ava asked him to be there when she talked to EJ. Morgan continues to lash out and Ava's goon tries to get her to calm down. John says he didn't hurt her father, but she gets more riled up. The doorbell rings again and Philip enters. He tries to get Morgan to leave, but she says she won't leave until she does what she came here to do. She frantically reaches in her purse and Ava's goon pulls out his gun and shoots at her, but Philip dives in front of her, taking the bullet.


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