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5th Week of July 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks!

July 28, 2008
How Can I Ever Thank You?

After Philip is shot by Ava's goon, AKA her cousin Eddie, the paramedics come to take him to the hospital. Kate and Roman show up and Kate cries, as Morgan blames herself for what happened. Ava admonishes Eddie for shooting Philip, but he says he was just protecting Mr. Black. Bo and Hope rush to the scene and Bo urges his brother to hang in there. Bo leaves with the paramedics and Hope ushers a hysterical Morgan out.

Roman questions John about what happened and points out that John would benefit from Philip being out of the picture and says he could have set the whole thing up. John points out the absurdity of him orchestrating such a detailed plan that relied on Morgan freaking out and Eddie shooting at her just as Philip walked in. Roman continues to question John and EJ instructs his client not to answer his questions. After Roman and John trade veiled threats and barbs, Roman takes Eddie to the station to make sure his weapon permits are in order.

After Roman leaves, John makes himself and Ava a drink and EJ says if he's going to fight for him then he needs to know everything. John says he's innocent of all charges against him and Ava wishes there was a way to get Morgan to believe him. She says she's been where Morgan is, fearing for her father's safety and EJ tells her to worry about her own legal issues. EJ gets a call from the D.A.'s office and John leaves so they can talk. E.J tells Ava there's been a development in her case and they are sending over a fax. They receive the fax and John returns, stepping over the bloodstain on the carpet. They tell John that Ava's trial will be held in Salem because the extradition to Ireland has been denied. John wants to celebrate and thinks they can clean the blood up later. EJ says they have John to thank, considering judge Fitzpatrick will be presiding over the case. John admits they go way back, but tells EJ not to assume anything. EJ leaves and Ava and John toast. Ava thinks she knows what's going on with the judge, but John says the less she knows the better. Ava drops it, but says she still wants to thank him and seductively kisses him.

At the hospital, Daniel drags Chelsea out of Victor's room berating her for doing what he implicitly instructed her not to, but Chelsea says she was just talking to her grandpa to find out what's going on with him and her father. Daniel says it's none of her business and it's putting Victor at risk for another stroke. He also doesn't want her involved because Morgan's father has gone missing and there's a lot of tension between Vic, Philip and John over the docks and he wants to keep her safe. Chelsea asks if he's forbidding her from seeing Victor and he says yes. Chelsea doesn't like him telling her what to do, but Daniel doesn't like her not listening to him. Daniel gets a page and tells Chelsea to stay away from Victor and runs off.

At the police station, Hope and Bo talk to Morgan. She says she just wanted to find out what happened to her father and they discuss what could have happened to Paul. Morgan thinks John is responsible, but Hope suggests maybe Paul set up his own disappearance. Morgan can't believe that and thinks that Paul is dead and that John killed him. Hope tells Morgan there's no proof, so there could be other suspects. Hope asks if there was anyone besides John who Paul felt threatened by and Morgan tells them that Paul warned her against hanging out with Philip.

Kate and Chelsea wait for word on Philip and Chelsea asks what happened. Kate tells her what she knows, which isn't much and Daniel comes to them saying Philip is in recovery. Kate is relieved and Daniel says the wound was clean, but he lost a lot of blood. Philip's blood is rare and the blood bank is out of it. Kate offers herself up, but Daniel says she's not compatible. Victor is too weak and is on drugs at the moment so he's not a viable donor either. Kate is upset and Daniel asks Chelsea to get Kate some water. Chelsea leaves and Kate says it's all too much for her right now with Lucas in jail, Victor's stroke and now Philip. Daniel tries to comfort her and compassionately hugs her.

Back at the station, Bo gets off the phone and tells Morgan that Philip is weak, but the prognosis is good. Morgan wants to see him, but Bo says he can't have visitors right now. Hope wants Morgan to give her statement and answer more questions.  She wonders why Paul wanted her to stay away from Philip and Morgan just thinks it's because Philip has a reputation. Morgan says her father was wrong about Philip because clearly he is a good man as evidenced by him taking a bullet for her. Morgan wants to give her statement and goes to calls Chelsea for a ride to the hospital. After she hangs up, Hope instructs Morgan to write down everything that happened at John's house.

Hope tells Bo either he tells her what's going on or she will go to Abe and tell him that he's withholding information. Bo wants Hope to stop pushing and believe that he knows what he's doing. Bo gets angry and leaves the room.

Kate watches Victor through the glass window and tells Daniel that she wants to sit with Victor because she really needs to be with her son's father. He reluctantly agrees and goes to check on Philip. Kate cries and tells Victor that Philip was shot. Victor's monitors go off and Kate runs out in the hallway for help. Daniel and a nurse come in with a crash cart and instruct Kate to get out! Daniel stabilizes Victor and demands to know what Kate said to make him upset. She doesn't tell him and Daniel gets angry. He adamantly tells her that she can't go in to see Victor until he says it's okay. She agrees and asks about Philip. Daniel tells her a blood donor from the city hospital should be there shortly. He promises he won't lose either Victor or her son.

Daniel checks on Victor and Bo comes to his room. Daniel says there's no way he's getting in to see him. Bo asks about Philip and Daniel updates him. Bo wants to see Philip as soon as he can to question him and Kate and Chelsea walk up. Kate says John is the one Bo should be talking to. Chelsea asks after Philip and Victor, and Daniel says they are in for a long ride. Kate and Chelsea both agree to stay all night.

Hope comes to the hospital and apologizes to Bo for pushing too hard. She says she's always on his side and she just wants to help. Bo appreciates that, but he has to do this on his own.

Ava and John talk about the judge and John says she goes way back with the DiMeras and she knows how to thank people for generous contributions. Ava still wants to thank him for his help saying she can be very appreciative. John knows she can and they go at it on the couch. While Ava and John are enjoying each other, John stops. Ava asks what's wrong and John says Morgan lost control and if she had a weapon she would have tried to kill him. John is bothered because if she could do that without knowing anything, think what she would do if she really knew what happened to her father.

Bo goes to Philip's room and apologizes to his comatose brother for not believing him and for being so rough on him the last few days. Bo urges his brother to hang in there and get his strength back. Bo promises to take care of everything. Morgan enters and Bo leaves. Morgan tells Philip he saved her life and marvels that he didn't even think twice before jumping in front of the gun. She thanks him, but thinks that's not enough. She wants to make it up to him when he gets better and show how much he means to her. She says, "You saved my life Philip and I love you for that."

July 29, 2008
Very Much Married

Nicole walks into the Java Cafe while concealing her dog. Evan comes over and tells her she can't bring dogs in. She insists her dog is at the salon and orders a latte. As she sits in the corner, Marlena chats with Evan at the counter. Trent cuts in line behind her and orders his usual. Marlena jumps at him, pointing out that he cut in line. She and Trent bicker. He doesn't know who died and made her the etiquette police. She accuses him of polluting the coffee house environment by speaking on his cell phone and ignoring everyone. She strolls over to Evan and asks all about Trent. "He certainly has an inflated ego doesn't he?" she remarks, staring at him. Trent is about to walk over to Nicole when Nick walks in and interrupts him. They sit in the corner and go over some formulas. "There's more to life than nuclear physics," Trent tells his young colleague.  He tells him that he is planning a going away party for another professor and asks how he could rent the pub. Maybe Nick could put in a good word with Max? Nick says he'll have to talk to Caroline.

EJ walks in and asks Nicole if he can join her. She turns him down before quickly changing her mind and asking him to sit down. They catch up and he repeats that he and Sami are through. She doubts he can just turn his feelings off. "You mean, like you turned off your feelings for me?" he asks. Asking about her feelings seems to make her uncomfortable. She says it's Trent who's making her uncomfortable. She wants to be clear about her feelings for EJ: She likes him but can't continue to... He stops her. What happened between them was more than sex and he knows they have real feelings for each other. He wants her to give them a chance. She refuses to do so as long as Sami is around. EJ says he doesn't normally have to pursue women but he can't take his eyes off her. He asks her to dinner. She stares at Trent and turns EJ down. "Maybe if the situation was different, we could make it work," she suggests. Trent strolls over. EJ takes the hint and makes himself scarce. Trent reminds Nicole that he told her to stay away from EJ. "It's such a shame he can't have you," he sneers. "Go to Hell Trent!" she says. She isn't afraid of him; she's been used and abused her whole life but not anymore. He tells her that she brings it all on herself; she always has and always will. "You don't want your little secret to get out do you?" he threatens. She tells him that he is just as bad as her father and walks away.

Trent walks past Nick and notices him looking at a blog entry about Max in France. As Nick flips through, he seems to recognize someone else. Trent corners Nicole outside and threatens her. He asks for a "favor". He needs her to find out what Max is doing in France. Trent suggests she talk to Caroline. If she doesn't get what he needs, he is going to tell everyone that they are still "very much married".

EJ wanders over to the cafe bar. Marlena marches up to him and tells him that they have a problem. "How dare you threaten to take my daughter's son!" she says. She can't believe that she's defended him in the past. He is still Stefano's son. EJ reminds her that her daughter has done worse than bribe a judge and influence Immigration agents. If she was in his position, she would be doing more. Marlena snipes at him again for manipulating Sami. She tells him that she's called Immigration on him and Mr. Burke will soon be out of a job. She doesn't like people playing games with her and her family. "This isn't over EJ," she threatens. She only hopes that Sami never forgives him. He says his days with Sami are numbered. Marlena still worries; he's a DiMera and they don't give up what they want. Does he still love Sami? He will always love her as the mother of his child. Marlena might have believed that a month ago, but not now. Whatever feelings he has for Sami, he explains, they aren't reciprocated, so he's moving on.

In Marseille, France, Stephanie and Max haven't had any luck tracking down his sister at the school so they check the local bistro. He has all sorts of questions for his sister. They wonder how well she gets along with her father. Stephanie decides to call home and check in with her parents. She hands Max a phrase book and sends him into the bistro. He orders a drink in bad French and then sits down. A woman stares at him from across the room before walking over. "Max Brady? I thought that was you!" she exclaims, pulling him into a kiss. Steph spots the scene and rushes in. Max hurries over to her. He explains that the woman is an old friend, Daphne, and he thinks she can help them. He asks her to try talking to the bartender while he returns to his old friend. He and Daphne recall their old bedroom romp and she snipes at him for treating her like another notch on his proverbial bed post. He tells her that he is searching for someone and she offers to help. She's a journalist, so he gives her all of the details he has about his sister and she strolls off to look into it.

Stephanie orders a coffee from the bartender. He flirts with her and is friendly, suggesting places she can go for entertainment. She makes up a story about Melanie and he points to Georges, explaining that he knows her. When she approaches Georges and asks him about Melanie, he blurts out that they are through. He fills her in on Melanie's exorbitant tastes. He squandered all of his money on her and then she dumped him with nothing but his rock collection. He points to Max and suggests that he is the kind of man who Melanie would normally go for. She walks to the bar and orders a coffee for Georges before she and Max compare notes. The bartender gets on the phone and tells someone that someone is searching for Mel. Then Daphne returns and tells Max what she's discovered about Melanie: She's a popular club goer and has a lot of men. He grimaces and walks her outside. Meanwhile, Stephanie continues to get information out of Georges and the bartender calls to tell his contact that the man looking for Melanie is now outside. Max kisses Daphne goodbye outside of the bistro and a man walks out of the shadows.

July 30, 2008
We're Still Trying to Figure that out.

At the hospital, Bo tries to visit Victor in his room. Daniel snaps at him, reminding him that he doesn't want anyone in there. "I need you to get out of here now," he orders. Victor mumbles, begging to see his son. Daniel says "no" but Bo suggests that will only cause more stress. Daniel gives up and leaves them alone. Bo fills him in on Philip and tells him he's on the mend. Victor says he can get his hands on as much of Philip's blood type as they need. Bo offers to pick it up. Victor can't tell him where it is but will have one of his men see to it. He thanks him for what he's done. Bo worries that he could lose everything for what he's done.

Daniel drifts out to Kate in the waiting room. He demands to know what she said to Victor that put him into cardiac arrest. He doesn't care what her intentions were, he says before he rants at her. Chelsea gets in the way and tells him he's being too harsh. Kate argues that Victor had the right to know that Philip is in the hospital. "I will be the one who decides what my patient needs to know!" he barks at them. Chelsea tells him to apologize for talking to Kate like that. Kate doesn't want an apology, or anything else, from Daniel. She walks away and Chelsea continues to argue with the doctor. He keeps repeating that his patients are his priority. She can't understand why he can't show compassion to anyone else.

Daniel returns to Victor's room and cuts the interview with Bo short. Bo leaves and Daniel is relieved that Victor hasn't had another heart attack. He tells him that he and Bo have to knock it off so that he can get better. Victor requests to see his son. Daniel refuses.

Ava is dismayed that John seems to be "doom and gloom" when they are supposed to be celebrating her good news. He can't get the situation with Paul off his mind. "Philip taking a bullet wasn't part of the design," he says. She tells him not to feel guilty. As soon as Philip is better, they need to find a way to pin everything on him. He doesn't think she should worry; he still has an ace up his sleeve. He wants to get Rolf in to clean up all the blood and then he'll show her something that will take away all her fears. John takes Ava down to the basement and hands her a key. She unlocks a door and he reveals that he has been keeping Paul in captivity. He imagined that he would be more useful this way than he could be dead. She's shocked that John never told her about this. He never trusted her enough before. Paul just wants out to see his daughter. John says it's out of the question. He's been waiting for the tape of Philip threatening him to surface but it still hasn't. They can't figure it out. Ava tells them it's obvious: Bo made the evidence disappear. John accepts this. Paul wants out. John reminds him that he can't frame Philip for his death if he is still breathing. Paul rants and John tells him that Philip and Morgan are in love. He even took a bullet for her. Paul is shocked. John sends Ava out and explains what happened. Paul is outraged that Eddie took a shot at his daughter, "Is he stupid or crazy as well?" "We're still trying to figure that out," John smirks. Paul wants to get out and set his daughter straight about Philip. John is sure that when the game is done, his daughter will have nothing to do with Philip. He tells him that he will be staying there and should be grateful that he's given him a second shot at life.

Morgan is at Philip's hospital bedside. She wishes she could trade places with him. "I have never felt this way before about somebody... I think I'm falling in love with you," she says. Chloe clears her throat. She apologizes for crashing the moment. Before they can start to fight, Hope interrupts and asks Morgan to come out and speak with her. Chloe sits by Philip and apologizes for the way things turned out between them. They'll always be friends and she wishes she wasn't hurt or jealous but... she kisses his hand.

Hope and Morgan sit down to go over the evidence again. Morgan repeats that someone was threatening her father's life and he left a letter and proof behind. They go over the story again but can't figure out what this "proof" could have been. Hope calls the station to double check on the evidence. Nothing new comes up. Morgan returns to Philip's room, expecting Chloe to blame her for everything. Chloe doesn't. She just wants Philip to be happy and if Morgan can do that, then it's all okay. Morgan doesn't know if she is what's right for Philip. "Don't hurt him," Chloe says. Morgan promises not to. Chloe leaves. Morgan plays with Philip's hair and fantasizes about dancing with him.

Ava makes her way to the Java Cafe and sets up her laptop. Meanwhile, Hope and Bo return to the station. She tells him that she questioned Morgan again but found nothing. There is a gap in the chain of evidence and she can't shake the suspicion that he found something else in the package. As she suggests this, she can tell from the look on his face that he did. A cop comes in with a note that was just sent in, suggesting that there has been a coverup in the Hollingsworth case. 

Chelsea and Kate go out for coffee at the Java Cafe. She can't understand why her grandmother isn't more upset. Daniel was rude and clearly didn't care about her feelings. Daniel tracks them down and interrupts, asking to speak to Kate alone. Chelsea refuses to leave until Kate asks her to. After Chelsea walks out, Daniel sits down and apologizes. He promises to fight to save Victor and her son. She knows he's doing his best and is under a lot of strain because of their relationship. "You're a passionate man with a kind heart, which is what drew me to you in the first place and which is..." she trails off.

Chelsea returns to Victor's hospital room. He's off getting a MRI and only Daniel is there. He apologizes for losing it and says that Kate understands. Chelsea knows that everyone is stressed and it's a hard time, but she is sure that she and her grandfather are lucky to have him in their lives. As they kiss, Kate walks in.

Chloe and Nicole meet in the hospital waiting room. They are civil for Philip's sake. Chloe fills her in on Philip and Morgan. They realize how precious he is to both of them. Chloe knows that she and he were never meant to be. They spot a nurse and ask for an update. She doesn't know anything - she's been assigned to look after his brother, Lucas. Both women are shocked.

July 31, 2008

In Marseilles, an Englishman confronts Max in the alley. "I understand you've been looking for Mel?" he asks. Max doesn't want trouble. The Englishman motions to his goons to circle around and demands that Max tell him where Melanie is right now. Max doesn't know. "I'll stop looking for Mel, but only if you pay what she owes me," he threatens. Max doesn't like to be threatened and tells him he doesn't have a lot of money. Besides, Melanie isn't his girlfriend. The man introduces himself as Les and tells him that Melanie really needs his help, a thousand Euros worth of it.

At the Java Cafe, Trent is trying to get in touch with his daughter. Nick sits nearby, watching a woman's video blog on the internet, unable to shake the feeling that he knows her. Trent sits with him and asks him if he's seen "his bartender friend" around. Nick isn't helpful but Trent keeps probing. Nick wonders why he's so curious. "Max is my son," Trent admits, but he asks him to keep it to himself. Trent drifts off and Nick continues watching the video blog called "Premiere Party Girl". She gushes about her nights out partying at clubs and he starts to realize that this could be Melanie. He calls Stephanie and tells her that Trent has been looking for Max and that he may have found Melanie.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ is playing with the children. Sami walks in looking for her phone. EJ and the children are too busy destroying "Ejville" to help. Sami gets on her knees to play. She takes Allie away to build their own town across the carpet. After awhile, they switch kids and she tells him how hard things are; nothing has worked out the way she wanted and she's been hard to deal with. She points out that he's partly to blame: Threatening to take her son pushed her over the edge. He doesn't know what he would do if they weren't a part of his life. She wants to find a way to be friends for the children's sake. "You know what the problem is: Lucas," he states. She's not following. He reminds her how well things were going before Lucas returned. He turned them both into unlikable people; he becomes jealous and she becomes highly strung. She says he won't be part of the equation anymore. Roman calls and informs her that Lucas is in the hospital and she needs to come down there. She tells EJ to kiss the children for her and runs off.

At the hospital, Chloe tells Nicole that Lucas was in a maximum security prison before being rushed over there. "Thank God he's still alive!" Nicole says. That doesn't make Chloe feel better. Meanwhile, Roman asks the battered Lucas what happened. "I did what you asked and they almost killed me for it," he groans. He explains that his cover was broken. He got close to Manny Ortega and discovered that he was still dealing drugs. He found out who his source was but, the next day, he got jumped. "I don't have to go back to prison right? I'm a free man?" he asks Roman. Chloe and Nicole walk in at this. "You are?" Chloe asks, shocked. Roman gives them some privacy and Lucas explains his release to the women. He made a deal with the Feds to have his sentence commuted. "I don't care what people say, you are a really great guy," Nicole comments before she leaves. Lucas and Chloe wonder if Nicole has grown a heart. She leaves and Roman returns. He tells Lucas he'll be in there for a few more days and then he can go home. Lucas loves Sami but doesn't think he has a home with her anymore. "Do you want to be with Sami?" Roman asks.

Chloe checks in with Nicole in the corridor. They update each other about Lucas and Philip. Nicole wants to talk to Chloe about Lucas. Chloe doesn't want to talk to his ex-wife about him. Nicole warns that she will never be happy with him as long as Sami is in the picture. Her phone barks and she steps aside to take it. It's Trent asking if she's found anything out. She hasn't. He tells her to work harder.

Nicole goes to see EJ at the mansion for some legal advice. "I thought we were through," he says. "We're through having sex but not working together," she explains. He sighs. She realizes he must know that Lucas is free... but back to her: "How do I protect myself from a blackmailer?" she asks. He asks her what Trent has on her. She explains that she and Trent were married while he was working on his PHD. He was educated, from a good family and treated her like a lady. She doesn't get into "the gory details" but things changed and most of who she is now is because of him. In the end, she walked out. EJ tells her that no one will look down on her for once being married to him. "Trent and I are still married," she confesses. They both realize this makes her divorce with Victor null and void. He asks her what Trent wants from her. "Small favors," she explains. "He forced me to stay away from you," she sadly says.

Sami runs to Lucas' hospital bedside. He tells her that he will be released soon. She cries as he explains the deal he made. He didn't want to tell her about it; he couldn't confide in her after what happened with Chloe. Sami wants to forget about everything and move on. He can't forget or get rid of his feelings. She's sure he can forgive her and they can start over. He grumbles and shakes; things are never easy for them and he's realized that there are actually things other than them. "Lots of couple have problems," she says. There are too many downs in their relationship, he insists. He's tired of this; he no longer has the energy for their relationship. "Maybe I should be alone for awhile," he suggests. She cries more. He thinks she needs to figure out what she really wants. "I want you," she repeats. He begs her to leave him alone. She walks out weeping.

August 1, 2008
Whatever it is, it Would Help us, but Where is it?

Chloe arrives in Lucas' hospital room. She's brought him a copy of Redbook so he can read up on relationships and cooking and then dumps two pounds of pistachios on his lap before fluffing his pillows. He thinks she must be feeling guilty so he assures her that his beating had nothing to do with her. She promises to be there for him. "Sami might have something to say about that!" Maggie declares as she walks in. Lucas explains that Sami knows Chloe is here. Maggie acts civil and gives Lucas a painful hug and donuts. Chloe leaves them alone. Lucas tells Maggie that he and Sami are taking a break; their love isn't enough. Maggie isn't following. He tells her how exhausting Sami is; she's moody and it's draining. She doubts Chloe is the cure and brings up his elevator sex romp. Lucas is annoyed to be the subject of gossip, but he's glad about what happened with Chloe. It made him realize what kind of relationship he actually wants. Chloe makes him realize what loving someone is really about. She offers him the keys to the Horton cabin so he can go and recuperate. They discuss prison and she assures him that he'll be alright now. She only worries that he seems to be rushing into things and asks him to think about his relationship with Sami. He promises to do that. Chloe eavesdrops before interrupting. Maggie leaves. Lucas explains that he'll be going to the cabin to think.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells EJ that she doesn't want anything to do with Trent anymore; he's malicious and dangerous. If Victor finds out that she is still married to him, she could lose everything. He kisses her head and tells her how much it means to him that she can tell him the truth. However, he can't help but wonder where they would be if Trent wasn't getting between them. She tells him that dating is too dangerous. He asks her if she knows of any skeletons in Trent's closet. "Max Brady is Trent's biological son," she says. Neither Max nor Trent want their relationship made public. If she wants Trent off her back, they need information to get leverage, he explains. Obviously, there is more to this than meets the eye. He will dig into this for her as her friend, not her lawyer. Once they take care of Trent, they can do whatever their hearts desire. She calls her friend at the pub to find out what Max has been doing. When she tells EJ that Stephanie has followed Max to France, he eagerly says that gives him an in. He used to race with her and can call her up. Nicole thinks this is all too good to be true; no one has ever tried to help her before. He tells her to get used to it and gives her a hug.

At the station, Roman is looking at the anonymous email they received and quizzing Hope about the missing evidence. Neither of them have a clue. "Whatever it is, it would help us, but where is it?" he ponders. They talk to their tech guy as he tracks down where the email came from. He can see that it was sent from the Java Cafe and disguised to be from the Kiriakis mansion. Roman and Hope guess there is a set up. He imagines John must be involved and is in this way over his head. "He's not the only one," she grumbles.

Hope goes to the Java Cafe and tries to track down who sent the email. Evan, the manager, offers to get her the surveillance DVDs. Doug arrives and sits down with Hope. She asks him if he'd break the law to protect a family member. He laughs and says it would depend. He reminds her of how many times he broke the law; he's not proud of it and he didn't do it to protect anyone. No matter what she does, she is still his little girl. She won't explain anything. Evan motions her over. They watch the DVD on his laptop. After checking it out, she calls Roman and tells him that she sees Ava on the surveillance sending the email. They assume John must be behind it and decide to have Ava followed.

Bo visits his brother in the hospital. Philip is awake and feeling like a lab rat from all the tests. He's sure that getting gunned down hasn't been good for his father's stress. Bo sits down and tells him about the anonymous tip sent in. Philip tells him that he got a note too. "This smells like a set up," Bo says. Someone knows their secret and is after them. Philip assumes it's John. Bo says it helps to know that he is innocent since he broke the law for him. Philip reminds his brother that he's a Kiriakis. Bo has always had trouble accepting that. He loves his mom and pop, but Victor... "He's not an easy man to love," Philip says. He wishes they were closer and more of a family. So does Bo, but he has another family and he's put them at risk. "I will never forget what you did for me. I'm so sorry," Philip offers. Bo tells him to rest and get his strength back. They agree to watch each other's backs. There is more Bo wants to say, but he has to leave.

Morgan goes to visit Philip. He's in pain, but he'll live. She feels terrible. He asks her what she could have been thinking when confronting John. She thought she could get the truth but really doesn't know what she's doing. "Will you ever forgive me?" she asks. He says there is nothing to forgive and promises to find out what happened to her father. Taking her hand, he tells her that he heard everything she said while he was in a coma. She blushes and has to leave while he gets a bandage change. Embarrassed, she comes back. He tells her that what she said is wonderful. They've had a rocky start, but when he first woke up, the first thing on his mind was her. He pulls her close and whispers to her. She kisses him.

Bo takes Ciara home to Hope. She hands him a card from Shawn and Belle. Bo wishes he was in Fiji with them. He tells her that he just saw his brother and had a nice long talk. "That should make Victor very happy," she says before telling him what she discovered today. Suddenly, she confronts him about his strange behavior and everything that has been going on. What does he know about the missing evidence? "Fancy Face, I wanted to keep you out of this... but I tampered with evidence," he confesses.

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