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1st Week of June 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

June 2, 2008
She's Gone. She Left me.

At the mansion, Lucas is playing with Allie while Sami complains about Johnny teething. He offers to help but she insists that the only person who can help is EJ. She explains that EJ sings a song that is the only thing that makes Johnny feel better. Lucas is sure he can sing as well as EJ. Sami is sure that only EJ can do it. Lucas starts to try and even tries each of his million silly faces but none of them work. Finally, he begins singing to the child with an English accent. Johnny is soon quiet. Sami laughs in relief and shock. "We don't need Elvis," he says, doing an Elvis impression. The phone rings and Sami answers. It's Maggie telling her that EJ is making a scene with Nicole at Chez Rouge. "He's not my husband anymore and it's not my problem," Sami barks. When she hangs up, however, she instantly grabs her purse and rushes away.

At Chez Rouge, EJ dances Nicole around the floor. He talks about dumping his "ball and chain" and almost kisses Nicole while people gawk at them. He pulls away, lurching off to order food. "I could really fall for you," she says to herself. They sit down at a table and continue to drink as they start to eat. She gets him to do shots and suck on her lime. "You seem happier since Sami signed the annulment papers," she comments. He begins to mumble before explaining that he won't be filing the papers properly and, when the time is right, will tell Sami that the annulment is void and they're still married. He's sure that she'll be happy when she finds out. "But the annulment is valid?" she asks. Yes, but that's "the secret", he says, laughing. They keep drinking and sucking limes out of each other's mouths. They go over his plot again. She thinks it might backfire. He insists that won't happen because they're the only people who know; he wouldn't even be telling her if they weren't drunk. If she tells anyone, "It would be bad and I would have to do bad things," he warns. Nicole tells him that all of his secrets are safe with her. But if things don't work out with Sami, there are other women... He feels he and Samantha are meant to be: They're a family. "Don't you think Lucas feels likewise," she points out. "He's a snivelling little boy," EJ sneers. She reminds him that the sniveller put a bullet in him. "In the back, like a coward," EJ says; he's not forgetting that. He's a DiMera. "Do you seriously think you can plot your way into real love?" she asks. "You did," he says. Look where that's gotten her, she points out.

Sami suddenly runs in to drag EJ away. He reminds her that he's single now. She says that she cares about Johnny and doesn't want his father embarrassing himself. "You hate the fact that he is here with me!" Nicole shouts. Sami says that EJ can do what he wants as long as he doesn't do it in public. Nicole stares as Sami drags EJ out. "Dammit Sami! Now who is going to pay for all this?" Nicole worries as she stares at the table.

In another corner of Chez Rouge, Bo and Hope slow dance. They're both still healing from their wounds, but that doesn't stop Bo from wanting to get physical. "You gotta make the most of every moment 'cause you never know what's going to happen," he says. She tells him to stop talking like that. They continue to dance but when salsa music begins to play, Bo draws the line. He's not up to the "hip gyration" stuff. Hope teases him about this and he soon gives in. He dances her around the floor until she's breathless. She tells him he's amazing and they decide it's time to go. Before they can leave, they spot Paul Hollingsworth across the room.

At the police station, Abe tells John that he doesn't think it's wise for him to be questioned without his lawyer. John insists that he doesn't need him because he is innocent. He repeats his accusations about Phillip. Roman arrives and he and Abe check through a file before dropping it on the table. They tell John it contains, "A real good reason for you to plead guilty at your arraignment." They show him the manifest from one of his ships and explain where the drugs were on board and how he must have been expecting Paul to clear them. With Paul being relieved of his duties, it was easy to catch the shipment. John says the document was doctored. They'd like to believe him but can't. He insists that he's too honest for his own good. He could have passed himself off as the ultra-moral John from the beginning but he didn't so they should believe what he says now. John's finished talking. They call a cop in to take John off to be arraigned. When he's gone, neither Abe nor Bo believe him. John soon returns after entering his plea. He's ready to pay his bail but they explain that Marlena already did it. John is surprised and runs off to find her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe wanders into Phillip's room and wonders about EJ and Nicole. She's sure that Nicole really wants Phillip. He's not paying attention to her; he's busy thinking about Morgan. When she asks him what he's thinking about, he tells her she doesn't want to know and starts to undress. She's about to leave, but he asks her to stay; he's not ready to go to sleep. She's divorced and they were in love once, he reminds her. "Now we're not," she points out. He promises her some more no-strings fun. After they have sex, she tells him they can't keep doing this forever. "Did anyone ever tell you you talk too much," he says. She wonders what will happen when Victor returns. As she pulls on a shirt, she knocks over some papers. As she leans over to pick them up, she finds the disc containing John's memory. "Leave it," Phillip demands. He grabs it and locks it up. Chloe is disturbed. He insists it's only information for a business deal and tells her to forget about it. After kissing her, he leaves to get something to eat and places a call. He returns to his room and she returns, telling him that he seems to have a lot of secrets. Is he involved in something that could get out of hand? He gives her a peck and smiles deviously, telling her not to worry.

At her parent's house, Steph calls Morgan to explain that she and Max had to leave the party at Chez Rouge. Stephanie says Max was just uncomfortable so they left. When she gets off the phone, Steph tells Max that she feels bad for lying to her friend. Max shrugs. He's not a mega-genius; he's just good at numbers "in a Rain Man kinda way". He's just the simple son of an Irish fisherman and wants to make her happy. Is that enough for her? "I love you for who you are and whatever you are," she explains, but she still needs him to come clean with her.

At Chez Rouge, Morgan's father arrives. Paul seems happy; he's sure that the grand jury will be letting him off and he'll be free and clear to return to work. Morgan wonders why he isn't more concerned about the drug bust at the pier. "That's got nothing to do with me," he insists. She's heard rumors. Before they can get into it, Bo and Hope interrupt. Bo asks Paul about what happened today. Paul's phone rings: It's Phillip. Paul tells him they'll have to get into it later and hangs up. Turning back to Bo and Hope, he tells them that he knows nothing about the drug bust but will look into it when he gets reinstated. Bo and Hope walk off, though they suspect he knows more than he's letting on.

John returns home. "Hey kids! Daddy's home!" he shouts. He runs into Lucas but he doesn't know where anyone is. John grunts as he searches around the mansion for Marlena. John leaves Lucas in the hall as he runs off. Sami and the drunken EJ return. They explain that he was drinking with Nicole. Lucas accuses her of acting like a jealous wife again. EJ collapses on the floor laughing. John slowly walks down the stairs. He just found a note from Marlena. "She's gone. She left me," he says, shocked.



June 3, 2008
That's What Makes him Dangerous

Kayla sits in her new house flashing back to seeing baby Joe in the hospital. Stephanie sits down to keep her company while Steve is fetching breakfast. He arrives with a brown bag full of food. The phone soon rings: "I'm afraid our baby boy has taken a turn for the worse," Steve explains when he gets off the line.

EJ drifts into the pub with a hangover. Caroline offers him some coffee and Nicole swoops in to order him a honey banana smoothie. Caroline doesn't know how to make it so Nicole gets behind the bar and starts playing with the blender. She recalls her time working in the Java Cafe and then how fun he was last night. "Your secrets are safe with me," she smiles. After he drinks down her concoction, he wonders what he could have said last night. They go outside and he gives her a peck goodbye.

Sami wanders around the mansion while listening to Lucas talk on the antique phone. He's telling Uncle Mickey to get him out of there. She wishes he'd reconsider; the place is big enough that he doesn't actually need to see her. Besides, there are lots of things in the house he could take advantage of... He repeats they can't be together after she's slept with EJ. "I made a mistake. You have to forgive me for it!" she orders. Lucas is sarcastic, Sami repeats herself. John interrupts when he walks in. She asks him why her mother's portrait on the wall was replaced. He doesn't want to talk about it. Sami talked to her mom and knows why she left. She explains that her brother Eric was in an accident and Marlena had to rush off to see him. He only has some cracked ribs and he'll be fine. John thinks this is just an excuse for Blondie to escape. "I was finally beginning to think she was behind me," he says, walking out. Sami hopes he doesn't do anything stupid. Lucas wonders what that could involve and isn't sure why she cares so much. Sami argues that she's not a "heartless bitch". "I beg to differ," Kate snipes as she walks in. She embraces her son. He doesn't feel any better being there than in prison, he says. She offers to call Roman and move him somewhere more "appropriate". Sami informs her that her marriage to EJ has been annulled. Kate tries to call Roman but Lucas hangs up her phone. "This is my family and I still have hope for us," he insists. EJ stands in the doorway watching. It seems like Lucas is going from one prison to another; doesn't he remember who Sami is? Kate asks. Sami hugs Lucas and tells him she's sure this will work. "I don't think it is going to work," EJ announces before informing her that they're still married. Kate smirks. Sami is baffled: Why was the annulment not approved? They were intimate, EJ explains. Kate laughs. EJ reminds Sami that they have a child. "Oh that," she remembers. That and "the dog and pony show" they did for Immigration killed the annulment. Kate tells Lucas to get out of this mess while he still can. Sami says she loves him. "You loved EJ too," Kate whips. She thinks this is a sign that they don't belong together. Lucas tells her to back out and asks Sami to get a quickie divorce. They talk about what they have between each other. Kate gags and decides it's time to go. As the divorced couple bicker, Nicole calls EJ to ask him if he's dropped his bombshell on Sami. He's shocked that she knew his plan. She reminds him that he told her while drunk. He hangs up and tells Lucas to get away from his wife. They start to bicker until Sami walks out.

At the pub, Bo and Hope go through their green plans with Chelsea and Max. Hope says that Bo is a better looking version of the Jolly Green Giant. Bo starts talking about gardening and recycling and how people can band together to make a difference. He gets people down to work and goes through the list of green initiatives with Caroline. Chelsea tells them they have a problem. The new energy efficient cooler can't hold the old barrel of green beer that Shawn made before dying. They decide that since the pub is going green, it would be appropriate to put it on tap. They immediately start to imbibe when Kayla and Stephanie simultaneously call to say that Joe isn't doing well. They want Caroline to pray. Hope says they all will and then fills Caroline in. Max runs off to check on Stephanie.

Steve and the family meet with a doctor at the hospital. She tells them that the baby has fluid in the lungs and there isn't a lot they can do; they just have to hope the medications will work. Steve leaves to scrub up. Max arrives and hugs Steph. "I don't think he's going to make it," she cries. She explains how bad things are. He asks her to go down to the chapel to pray. It makes her feel better, even though she's not very spiritual. Losing her father alienated her from God, but now she doesn't blame Him. Meanwhile, Kayla stands by her baby and talks to him. Steve walks in. They join hands and pray. Chelsea watches through the glass and feels her belly. She turns and walks over to Max and Steph, hugging her friend. They continue to watch through the glass. The baby's heart rate and blood pressure go up. After a panic, Kayla explains to Steve that the baby is responding to the medication. He thinks their love is the best medication in the world.

Philly is meeting with Yvonne at Chez Rouge. They have some small talk before getting down to business. Chloe watches from a distance before striding over. She pointedly tells Phillip that she has a breakfast engagement of her own and walks off to join another man. Philly follows and interrupts her meeting with a real estate agent. Taking her aside, he reminds her that she is staying with him. She worries that Victor will throw her out when he comes back and it's just not right; she needs her own place. He tells her to wait so they can talk about it after his meeting. She returns to the agent and asks him to find her a place to live. Meanwhile, Phillip hands the John memory disc over to Yvonne. "It's imperative I know what's on that disc," he says. She's never known a code she couldn't crack.

John runs into Nicole outside the pub. She starts to complain about catching Phillip and Chloe in bed. John chuckles slightly. She's not sure what's so funny. "I find it useful," he growls before pushing past her and into the pub. He orders a coffee. Caroline pours it and grimaces at him. Hope approaches. She didn't know he was out on bail. He vows to clear his name. After he walks out, Bo asks her what he had to say. Hope can't read the new John. "That's what makes him dangerous," Bo says. Outside, John calls Phillip. "I think it's time you and I met," John says, setting up a meeting. John turns to go when Nicole pops up and asks him where he's going. He's not helpful. As he trudges away, she follows. Meanwhile, Phillip is on the phone: "I'm meeting with John Black. He's heading for a big surprise," he smirks. As he leaves, Chloe tries to talk to him but he runs off and she trails after him.

June 4, 2008
Over my Dead Body!

At the mansion, Sami is packing up the twins' stuff for a day out. Lucas hands her a toy and reminds her that she can leave the kids with him if she has to run errands. "Uh... I don't know," she grumbles, suggesting that dealing with them can be overwhelming. He asks her to leave the kids with him. "Over my dead body!" EJ says as he strides in. Sami gets between them while EJ refuses to have a felon look after his children. Sami says that Lucas can look after his daughter and she will look after their son. EJ leaves for work and Sami leaves on her errands. Left alone, Lucas tries to cope with Allie but soon has to call Sami about her missing doll. She tells him to look in the nursery. After she hangs up, he runs off to find the doll and the little girl runs off. He has to chase her outside, beyond the perimeter. His ankle bracelet goes off and the police soon arrive to arrest him and take him into custody for violating the conditions of his house arrest. He is taken down to the station and Allie is given to a social worker. The entire time he argues with the two cops who continue repeating that he violated the conditions of his house arrest and insist that the child will be fine.

Nicole tries following John down to the docks, but runs into Chloe instead. Nicole wants to know Chloe's intentions toward her stepson. Chloe finds that hard to believe and asks her why she is looking for John in the first place. They bicker and Nicole tells her that she won't let her hurt Philly the ways she destroyed Brady. As the two women walk off, Paul comes out of the shadows. As soon as he does, Morgan chases him down. He tells her that this is no place for his daughter.

Meanwhile, at the Java Cafe, Sami tends to her son. EJ rushes over to check on his son and tells Sami that it's lovely to see her... without Lucas. She says it will be better for everyone when they get a divorce. He's about to leave for an appointment. "Is it with Nicole?" she asks. No, he has other clients. He will always make sure that the twins are provided for, he promises. They hang out for awhile and he tells her how nice it is to do so. He walks off to work when Roman arrives. He asks her about the quizzical look on her face when Nicole walks in and starts sniping at her nemesis. "Your marriage to EJ isn't exactly what you think it is," she informs her. Sami furrows her brow. Lucas calls before she can hear the big revelation. He explains that he found the doll but he's in jail again. She rushes over with Roman and the baby. Lucas tells her the kid was too quick for him. She demands her daughter and a social worker promptly brings her in and places her in Sami's arms. Meanwhile, EJ meets with Mr. Burke, the Immigration agent. They have a chat and then shake hands. Discretion is important, EJ mysteriously impresses on him as he walks off.

At the hospital, Daniel pulls Lexi into an examining room at the trauma center. He tells her that she needs a break and he would do anything for her. He unveils the breakfast he got her and hands her some coffee. "We've been having fun haven't we?" she asks. She's going to hate it when he goes, personally and professionally. As she eats, she gets some cream cheese on her nose so he wipes it off and licks his finger. A phone call interrupts and she has to back away. Down the hall, Abe drifts into the hospital. When he spots Daniel, he asks him where Lexi is. Daniel tells him that Lexi is a very special boss and wonders how she can juggle everything in her life. He must be busy himself, Daniel suggests. "I always make time for my wife," Abe insists. As Lexi walks by, he asks her out for coffee. She tells him that Daniel beat him to it. Daniel rushes away and Abe starts to ask her what Theo's teacher wants to talk to them about; he knows the kid has problems but is sure they'll work themselves out. They agree to meet up later.

At the pub, Nick is meeting with Dean Robbins. "Your formula is light years ahead of its time," the Dean gushes. Across the room, Chelsea is sitting with Morgan. She talks about her bad grades, though she blames most of them on her surgery. Morgan's grades have been good; she doesn't have any distractions after all. Stephanie sticks her head in and chirps before Morgan walks off. As Steph sits down, she asks Pete if he's seen Max around. Max promptly walks in. He stares at Nick and the Dean until Steph interrupts his intense expression. He sits down and Pete walks over to hand his shift over to him. Max asks him to fill in for him. Pete can't. Max freaks out. Steph asks him what's wrong. He storms out. Nick and the Dean come over to ask what's going on. No one understands.

John arrives at the mansion to see Phillip. "I thought I'd save you the trouble and come to the source of all of mine," he quips. He quickly levels his allegations and threatens the young Kiriakis: "You set me up and now you have to pay." He vows to hunt down whoever sold Phillip the drugs and get him to turn against him. "You're still wet behind the ears," he comments. Phillip starts to kick back, reminding him of how he was tortured by Stefano. "You made a bad move starting this turf war!" Phillip shouts. John takes that as an admission of guilt. "Do you sleep with your eyes open?" John asks before walking away. Chloe walks in and wonders what's going on. John is out to destroy him, Phillip explains. She's sure he won't let that happen. Victor suddenly walks in and orders Chloe, "the witch", out of his house. He's been putting up with her since Phillip was in high school but not anymore. She ruined Brady, she's not ruining Phillip as well. Phillip tells him they have other things to worry about. "Don't worry about John. I'll take care of him as well," Victor bites. Phillip thought that he was handling the shipping business now. Not anymore; Victor tells him he's already gotten his hands dirty and he's finished.

Max goes down to the docks and starts to argue with his supervisor. "I own you punk," the guy tells Max before Max finally snaps and beats him into the ground. A shocked Morgan rushes over and asks him what he's doing. The guy gets up, threatening Max as Nick and Steph run over. Nick offers him credit for his work if this is what he's angry about. Max insists it isn't. He doesn't seem to be acting like himself, they suggest. Max storms off, leaving them worried. As Max walks along the docks, he runs into John. He knows that Phillip has a shipment coming in and he wants to see it. Max is defensive; he won't get involved in a turf war. John pushes him and Max pushes back.

Daniel goes down to the Java Cafe and calls Chelsea. "I need to see you," he says. Moments later, she arrives. He sits her down and tells her it's time he was finally honest with her. There are things that he's kept from her. There's a woman in Salem he has been hooking up with. She doesn't believe it. He insists it's true but the woman is not available to him. "So she's married?" she asks. He won't say anything more and walks away. Meanwhile, Lexi goes to the pub to meet with Abe. She wishes that he seemed more concerned about Theo. He doesn't want to over-analyse things before they talk to the kids' teacher.

Morgan goes back to the pub to meet her father. She asks him again for answers about what's going on. They sit in the corner and he repeats that nothing is going on. He just wants her to be safe and stay away. Meanwhile, Nick and Stephanie do the dishes and try to figure out what is wrong with Max. When he has to leave for class, she sighs.


June 5, 2008
More or Less

Nicole barges into the mansion and shoos Rolf away so she can talk to her lawyer. EJ reminds her that she can't dissolve a marriage overnight. "You did," she shoots back. Sami and Lucas walk in with a police escort. Sami doesn't feel like explaining. The baby starts crying and EJ tends to her. She stops crying right away. Lucas doesn't want him near his daughter. Nicole thinks a man with a baby is sexy. "Lucas, you must feel like a total loser," she smirks. EJ asks again what's going on. Lucas chews through a flashback of recent events and grunts. Sami translates by explaining what happened: The baby wandered off and Lucas went after her. His monitor went off and he was arrested. EJ is livid and thinks that Lucas should be back in jail. Sami says that Roman pulled some strings and has kept him out. Lucas repeats that he doesn't want EJ around his daughter. EJ insists that he's done a good job with the twins. Nicole keeps sticking her nose in until Sami starts to erupt. EJ gets his client to leave and tells Sami not to leave Lucas alone with the children. As he walks out, Lucas breathes deep. "You gonna do what he tells you?" he asks his ex-wife. "I think right now it would be best if you weren't alone with the twins," she states. They argue. He accuses her of siding with EJ. She tries to make the case that this is actually in his best interest. EJ walks back in, telling her that he will come back to take care of the kids if she needs him to. He leaves and Lucas tells Sami to go so he can watch the kids. She refuses. "This whole situation is insane!" he repeats.

At the pier, Max is ready to fist fight with John. As Mr. Black draws back into some sort of martial arts position, Stephanie runs between them, asking Max what's wrong with him. He says that John is scum and was trying to smuggle drugs onto the streets. She drags him away. John starts to flash back. As he shakes in memories of Stefano, Ava drifts out of the shadows. "I know what you're going through," she says, offering some sympathy. He recognizes her as Vitali's daughter, "the hostage taker". She recognizes him as "John Black: Salem's resident drug dealer". She offers him her company. He doesn't like to talk. She says that he's not well; she's been through something similar and he could use her help. He laughs: "You are the only person in this town who could." He doesn't like to talk about himself, especially with strangers. She offers to tell him all about herself and talks about her psychiatrist. He empathizes: "A doctor had a hand in making me a different person too." John talks about being a new man and how uncomfortable that makes people from his past, but that's their problem. Ava smiles. He thanks her for trying to help and starts walking away. She stops him. He tells her he feels less uncomfortable talking to her. They giggle. Abe interrupts the moment and starts accusing Ava of helping John score the cocaine. They fob him off. Abe reminds him his bail can be revoked and stalks off. John and Ava walk along the pier. He asks her out for dinner. She reminds him he's married. "More or less," he admits. She doesn't date married men and tells him to take care of himself. She walks away and he smiles.

At the hospital, Lexi offers Daniel a position in her hospital again. He smiles and prepares to walk off. She asks for a private chat. When they're alone on a bench in the admitting room, she tells him about Theo's troubles. She can't steer her mind away from expecting the worst. He hugs her as Chelsea walks in. Daniel notices her and Lexi leaves on her rounds. "I had no idea that you guys were so close," Chelsea says. Daniel thinks that's cool. She still thinks he's lying about having a girlfriend. He wasn't laying but he's not seeing her anymore because she's not available. Chelsea doesn't understand. He says that he's drawn to women he can't commit to but he's decided to make a major change. He explains that he doesn't have much furniture, but sometimes he meets someone who inspires him... like her. The way she treats her family is amazing and a little insane. He's been careless with her affections; he's attracted to her but he has issues he needs to deal with on his own. She understands and won't throw herself at him anymore. "Take care," she says, walking away. Meanwhile, Lexi continues to worry about Theo. Abe walks in. "There's something I need to tell you," he announces. She's right about Theo and the boy should be examined. She hugs him, relieved, but now she has something to tell him...

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe has packed her bags and is ready to go. Phillip tells her she can stay. Victor doesn't agree. She won't stay to watch them argue. Victor forbids his son to see the "harlot" again. Phillip refuses to obey. Victor can't see why he would choose trash over his family. Phillip apologizes to Chloe and lets her go. When he turns to his father, Victor suggests that Chloe won't stay with him anyway once she discovers that he spent half a million dollars on the drugs he planted on John's ship. All Phillip did in the process was leave them open for attack, Victor says. His son doesn't see why he's so upset by his actions; he even bought the drugs from one of his father's old friends. Victor grew up under different conditions, he argues. They had to deal with John, he agrees, but it should have been done differently. Phillip asks his father to trust him and asks him not to interfere. Victor sighs.

Stephanie brings Max back to the pub. She lists his recent freak outs and asks him what's wrong. He's not helpful. He gets her a drink. She doesn't know what to do with him. Max knows he's been a jerk, but he's just in a bad mood. Steph is sure there is more to it and doubts that he knows what love is because if he did, he wouldn't shut her out. She flashes back over his recent behavior and then secretly calls Nick to worry about what's going on.

Chloe meets Phillip at the Java Cafe. She wonders if their little arrangement is now over with. They're still on, he smiles. He tells her that his father is having a hard time letting go of control. She spots Sami walking in and excuses herself. Sami doesn't want to talk to her. Chloe doesn't want her to be mad at her; life's too short. She reminds Sami that Brady is a grown man and no one forced him to do anything. Sami storms off. Chloe wonders what Lucas sees in her. Phillip comes back, he wishes he could talk to Lucas more but it's too awkward with everything going on with John. Chloe suddenly hurries away.

Outside the pub, EJ runs into Nicole. She wants to have a chat about the secret that came out. He stares. She talks about his plots around Sami's marriage and the annulment. "What are you planning to do about it?" he asks. Smiling deviously, she calls Lucas and begs him not to hang up.

June 6, 2008
So I'm Your Lab Rat?

On the phone, Lucas demands to know what Nicole is calling him about. After she tells him to shut up and listen, EJ grabs her phone away, tossing it up and throwing it back at her. He threatens to break her into a million pieces. She puts her phone away. He still doesn't trust her and wonders what it will take to keep her quiet. She knows what she wants from him but it wouldn't keep her quiet. He doesn't need the lewd suggestion. She threatens to reveal his secrets if he doesn't start being "generous" with her. She tries to cut the tension by claiming to be his friend. He accuses her of being insecure and suggests that she is just hiding her emotions behind booze and blackmail. "I can be caring and sensitive and sweet," she asserts. He doesn't doubt it, but she's the only one stopping herself from being those things. She walks off and he follows. When they get home, they start kissing.

John is down at the docks getting outraged. A dockworker has just informed him that he no longer has access to his ships. John begins to mutter profanities when Bo and Hope arrive. They don't seem to know what's going on, at least not according to John. He urges them to start building a case against Phillip. Bo suggests that insisting that he has been set up just makes him look guilty. John imagines that Bo's just trying to protect his-half brother. He leaves to do some investigating of his own. Hope wonders if he could actually be on to something. Bo doesn't know, he just hopes Victor isn't dealing drugs again. They promptly go over to Victor's mansion. He's drinking when they arrive. They're there to talk about John. "I heard he was in trouble. What a shame," Victor offers, mourning the decline of John's honorable behavior. They remind Victor that he has history of drug trafficking and John has been accusing he and Phillip of setting him up. Victor says that John got greedy and wanted the docks; now they all know why - to smuggle drugs. He insists that he had nothing to do with this and has nothing to hide. Bo vows to find out the truth. Victor asks him to stick around and catch up but Bo has work to do.

At the mansion, Lucas instructs Rolf that if Nicole calls again to take a message. She's a lunatic and he doesn't want to talk to her. Her lunacy is no news to Rolf. The doorbell rings. Lucas mumbles to himself while he googles. Rolf announces that Chloe is there. Lucas is surprised to see her. She's worried about him, she says. He's cynical about her after what she did to Brady. She didn't do anything; he did it to himself. Lucas knows; he was an alcoholic thanks to his "wife troubles". Chloe says that men drive women to misbehave with their despicable behavior. They bicker, but she insists she is just there to do "a nice thing". "You sure about that Chloe?" Phillip asks as he suddenly appears in the doorway. His mood changes and he gives his brother a hug. His father calls, interrupting the fraternal moment. He informs his son that Bo and Hope were questioning him. They argue. John walks in. "What the hell are you doing in my house?" he demands. Philly gets off the phone. John starts to lash out at Lucas for filling his house with unsavory characters. He suggests that he kick Phillip and Chloe out before he sends him back to jail where someone is no doubt waiting to see him. Making light of John's legal situation, Lucas suggests it could be him. He defends his half-brother coming to visit him and reminds John that he's taken legal responsibility for him and he doesn't need anymore of a legal mess on his hands. John starts bickering with him. It quickly degenerates into an argument about Sami. Lucas insists that he's only there to get custody of his daughter. Phillip decides it's time to go. Chloe trails after him. "I don't want them back here. They're not welcome in my home!" John barks at Lucas.

At the pub, Caroline is explaining to Ciara that they are making the pub eco-friendly. Across the room, Max starts dropping things as Nick walks in to sit with Steph. Chelsea walks in next, spotting her friend and her former boyfriend. She asks to talk to him alone and sits down at his table to put things out in the open. "I wanted to apologize to you. Things got crazy and I never meant to hurt you," she starts. She thought she was in love with someone else... actually, she was, but it didn't work out. She loved Daniel and trashed a good relationship, ending up with nothing. "I hurt you and that was something I never wanted to do," she weeps. He knows and he still loves her. "You're a special guy Nick," she smiles, asking him if they could stay friends. He doubts she'd be there at all if things had worked out with Daniel. She doesn't think he's being fair. He can't be her friend; he's moving on and so should she. He gets up and walks over to Steph. They nervously watch Max pace around making faces at Ciara. Steph keeps getting more worried.

At the hospital, Kayla clings to Steve and worries about Joe. They spot the nurse. She has news: The baby is being taken off the ventilator and will be able to breathe on his own. They sigh in relief.

At the pub, Hope and Bo give Ciara some juice. Chelsea asks to talk to her father alone. Before she can say anything, Caroline comes out and announces that the pub has gone green. She calls Max up and there is much clapping. Max takes the floor and says that his father's generosity and compassion knew no limits and the dream of being eco-friendly began years ago with him. He's overwhelmed and can't say anymore so he passes it over to Bo. They toast to "pop" while Max disappears. Bo holds Ciara and talks about saving the environment. Caroline flashes her green certificate and they cut the ribbon to officially open the pub as a green establishment. Steph notices her parents are there. They tell her that Joe is doing well. She starts to worry where Max has vanishes to. Nick runs off to search for him.

Chelsea pouts to Hope in a corner about ruining her life. Hope isn't sure what she's talking about so she hugs her. Chelsea thinks that she's gone back to her selfish ways. Hope reminds her that she did a brave and selfless thing by saving her father. Chelsea knows, but she hurt Nick and acted like she didn't care. Hope says that everyone makes mistakes in love. Chelsea has her whole life ahead of her; she still has plenty of chances to find a love that works. Meanwhile, Nick tracks Max down at the pier. Max feel bad that he just walked out of the ceremony. Nick offers his help; he's willing to listen to anything he has to say. Max just has trouble talking about his pop, he explains. They head back to the pub. When they get back, Max apologizes and kisses Steph. Steve taps on his glass and announces that the baby is getting better and will be breathing on his own. He thanks everyone for their support and prayers. Nick walks outside and runs into Dean Robbins. The Dean invites him to a book signing at the Java Cafe.

Chloe returns to the mansion to see Lucas. She wants to be his friend. He doesn't need any. She does, or allies at least. She's not having an easy time in Salem. If anyone knows what it feels like... "To be hated? Misunderstood. Yeah I know what that's like," he says. She likes him and thinks he's funny and charming in his own unique way. He says it will take him time to get used to being her friend. She just wants to prove to everyone that she's a good person. "So I'm your lab rat?" he asks. No, he's more like a guinea pig. He makes her promise not to hurt Phillip. "I just hope he doesn't hurt me," she says.

At his mansion, Victor is calling his people and ordering double security at all of his ports. Phillip walks in and his father snaps at him, ordering him to stay away from John while he handles things. Phillip insists that he will be seeing this thing through until the end and walks out. He gets on the phone to Paul, ordering him to keep his mouth shut and stop worrying. Meanwhile, John returns to the pier. He offers money to a longshoreman for information. He quickly discovers that Paul has been seen hanging out with Phillip. John drops him some more cash and smiles.

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