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3rd Week of June 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

June 16, 2008

Deals With the Devil.

EJ walks into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor isn't happy to see him. EJ repeats his offer for a quick divorce settlement. Victor tells EJ that he's just as rude and thoughtless now as yesterday. EJ apologizes, acts concerned about Kate and asks to be heard. "I don't make deals with the devil," Victor states. EJ threatens to drag him through the mud and have him charged with fraud. He points out that the only witness Victor has against Nicole is Jan Speers and she's in a coma. Victor refuses to be blackmailed. EJ starts bringing up all of Victor's past wives and threatening to have full disclosure of his assets published. Victor sits down and ignores EJ before he thumps a request on the table. "Did he take the deal?" Nicole queries as she walks in. "Hell no!" Victor barks. She could buy a small country with what she's asking for, he says, and she isn't worth it. Henderson comes in and she begins ordering things for a big party. He stands with his mouth open as the list expands. Victor tells him to go. Nicole wants an ice sculpture in the likeness of pookie. Victor offers to settle things now... if they cut her offer in half, they have a deal. EJ tries to argue, but Nicole jumps at it. EJ's disturbed, but she just wants this over with. She accepts it, which makes Victor relatively happy. EJ leaves to start the paperwork. When she offers to make peace with her soon-to-be ex, Victor suggests that she's just getting set to run off to her new victim.

Abe and Roman are walking by the docks. Abe seems absent-minded. He tells Roman that work is the only thing keeping him sane right now, but he doesn't want to talk about it. They chat about Marlena instead. Roman's sure she'll be better off living on her own, though Sami might not be. As they analyse the situation, Chloe eavesdrops. They wonder if Lucas is stupid enough to run. Abe leaves to check the warehouse and Eric calls to check in with his father.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas is reading the TV listings in the paper when a sweaty Sami comes in. She's been jogging and they chat about how hot it is. She suggests they go to the lake and uses this to segue into discussing how he could get his ankle monitor off. He shifts the conversation, telling her that living there isn't working for them: She should go live with her mother, he suggests. She refuses. "Then let EJ go," he suggests. The doorbell rings: It's Chloe. Sami isn't welcoming but Lucas is. She asks to talk to him alone. Sami tries to stick around by pretending to look for her sunglasses. They're on her head, he points out, closing the door on her. Sami continues to eavesdrop. Lucas kicks the door and tells her to give him some privacy. He tends to the twins before returning to Chloe. She asks him why he risked everything by going down to the pier. He continues to deny it. She doesn't believe him and soon tricks him into admitting it. He explains that he just needed to get away and clear his head. Nobody knows he can slip out though and he wants to keep it that way.

Roman arrives at the pub to see his daughter. She updates him about Kayla and the baby. She wants to talk about Lucas. Roman needs some coffee first. Sami doesn't order any food because she still has baby bulge. She jumps into exasperated mode and worries about the Lucas and EJ situation; no matter what happens it will upset the twins. It sounds to Roman like she doesn't want EJ to leave. She doesn't. As she repeats that she is only interested in him as a father to her child, Nicole and EJ walk in. Sami bites. Across the room, EJ agrees to settling things as long as she's happy. She tells him they should celebrate some other time, when Sami isn't around to get upset by the sight. She's sorry that this is all ending; she's really enjoyed getting to know him. He's enjoyed getting to know her too. After giving him a hug, she walks out, glancing inside through the window. As she stands there, Dean Robbins comes up to her. "Nicole Walker. So nice to see you," he smiles. She's as beautiful as the day he met her. She's clearly disturbed to run into him. He tells her they've got lots of catching up to do. "We both know you can never say "no" to me," he says. Back inside, EJ sits with Sami and tells her about Nicole's settlement. He invites her out to dinner. She can't do that: How would it look? He reminds her that she was in bed with him before Lucas returned and she started running after him again. She doesn't have any answers. That's why they need to talk, he says. They need to have a conversation about something else first, she says. Lucas says that one of them has to move out and it won't be her.

Max is in his bed with Stephanie. He remembers his fight with Dean Robbins, wakes up and pulls on his pants. Soon, Stephanie wakes up and notices him gone. She hurries downstairs and searches for him without luck. She calls Nick and asks for help. Meanwhile, Max stalks across town to Dean Robbins' room at the Salem Inn. He breaks in. He tears the room apart searching for something. Without luck, he stops and breathes deep. Looking down, he finds a photo. He can hear the Dean in the hall and ducks into the bedroom.

At the hospital, Steve and Kayla worry about their daughter. "Max is going through a lot of things right now that you're not really aware of," she informs him. After she tells him about Max's veritable double life and how he's alienating all of his friends, Steve wonders why he's so tweaked. As Steve worries about his daughter, their new son is wheeled out by the nurse. They get into their hospital gear and cuddle with the quiet baby. Stephanie and Nick arrive, watching them through the glass. They go in and tell them how happy they are to see the baby getting better. Kayla leaves to start making arrangements for the nursery. Nick leaves to search for Max. Steve asks Stephanie to tell him about what's going on.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Kate still refuses to let Daniel perform the surgery on her. He is more than a family friend and she demands a different doctor. This doesn't make sense to Chelsea and Daniel objects. Kate insists that this is her decision. After having Chelsea leave, Daniel asserts: "I know exactly what this is about." She repeats her decision. Leaning in close to her, he tells her that she is the one who will have to explain this to Chelsea. He walks out and finds Phillip in the corridor waiting for an update. He tells him the situation and Phillip offers to talk some sense into his mother. Going in, he tries, but has no luck. A nurse comes in to prep her. She breathes deep as she says goodbye to her son and granddaughter.

Later, Victor arrives and is baffled to see that Daniel isn't performing the operation. The doctor offers to go and see how things are going. Victor wonders what's going on with Kate. He and Phillip discuss the divorce settlement. "We better count the silverware before she moves out," Phillip jokes. Victor apologizes to his son for what he said last night; he's already ahead of where he was at his age and he trusts him with the business. Daniel returns and tells them that the surgery went well and Kate will soon be back to her normal self. Daniel then takes Chelsea aside and asks her out to dinner. Victor watches and grimaces.

June 17, 2008
Long Overdue

Bo and Hope are hungry from "crime busting" so they go to the pub. Bo wishes they actually got more "busting" done. John sticks his head in, interrupting them and flatly accusing Bo of protecting his little brother. "Why hasn't he been arrested for torching my goods?" he demands before going into a paranoid rant. Bo reminds him that drugs were found on John's ship and he assaulted a police officer. John is unconvinced and continues to pressure them, repeating his accusations. Bo gets tired and refuses to argue. Hope promises that Phillip is not getting preferential treatment. Bo repeats that they can't make an arrest without proof. John's sure they won't get any sitting around so he leaves to find some himself. After he stomps off, they sit around the table and discuss John's accusations. Bo hopes that Philip wouldn't be stupid enough to be involved in all of this. Phillip promptly arrives to answer their questions. He adamantly refuses that he had anything to do with the fire or the drugs. Hope leaves to check on Paul's alibi. Bo's questioning gets interrupted by a call. Before he can run off, Phillip repeats that he's telling the truth. "I hope so," Bo says.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas wants Chloe to keep his little venture out for fresh air a secret. Since he's reached out to be her friend when no one else was offering, she's happy not to turn him in. He thanks her for not saying anything. They talk about the Sami and EJ situation. She wonders if they will take his ultimatum seriously and one of them will actually move out. If they don't, he'll know he has no future with Sami. Chloe thinks she'd be a fool to give Lucas up. He says that Phillip would be a fool to give her up. She talks about her problems with his brother until John walks in, jumping into the conversation and laying into Phillip. Chloe takes the cue to leave. Lucas and John argue until Lucas decides to find something else to do. John wants some peace and quiet... or something else and gets on the phone to Ava. "I've decided to take you up on your offer," he says as he gets her on the line.

Ava quickly arrives at the mansion to lend John her expertise. He makes it clear that he's not trying to put out a hit on anyone. She offers to help get the truth out of Paul. If the cops won't go after him and Phillip, she will. Picking up her phone, she calls Angelo and orders him to pick up Paul and bring him over. This impresses John, who sprouts a big smile. They begin discussing his war with the Kiriakis' and the way he's bribed Paul in the past before he betrayed him. Betrayal is frowned upon in her family. "We'll make him pay," she promises. She can even make Paul "squeal like a pig". They wonder what she is capable of now that she isn't on drugs or under her father's thumb. John reminds her that they are both the inheritors of substantial "business interests" and should be respectful and stay out of each other's territory. Blondie thinks he should do good with his new power. Ava thinks they should combine their powers. "Interesting," he says. Before he can think it over, Angelo drags Paul in. Paul isn't happy to be there. John offers to forgive his betrayal if he'll tell him the truth about the warehouse fire. Angelo and his goon threaten Paul and John repeats his accusations while Paul protests. Angelo begins slapping Paul while he pleads his innocence. Angelo takes out his gun. Paul still refuses to admit to something he didn't do. John stops Angelo from shooting and tells them to throw him out on the street. "You mean alive?" a baffled Angelo asks. John says they'll leave him to think things over. They drag Paul out. Lucas looms around the hall, recognizing Paul from the docks as they bring him out.

Phillip returns to his mansion. His thoughts are interrupted when Nicole runs in searching for Victor. They bicker, but he assures her she won't get any more money out of his father. She doesn't want money - she wants protection, even if she has to knock some cash off her settlement. He makes light of this, but she really needs help. She's reluctant to explain who she needs protection from and asks him to forget it. Distraught, she runs out, bumping into Chloe on the way. They wonder what Nicole's problem is, she actually seems scared. "The only thing I've ever known her to be afraid of is running out of vodka," she quips. Phillip gets a call tipping him off that the Vitalis have picked up Paul and brought him to John. He gets off the phone and tells Chloe that everything is going to be fine. They start making out but she stops, worried that Victor could walk in. Besides, she's upset about being such an outcast in town. Phillip smiles and hopes that she considers him a friend. They start making out again.

At the hospital, Steve explains to his daughter that fights with no reason are not okay. Maybe she should give Max some space while he's going through something heavy? She defends herself, insisting that she needs to be there for him. Kayla walks in and the argument heats up. Steve doesn't like the way Max is keeping things from his daughter and treating her wrong.  She kicks back, reminding Patch that he's put them all in danger himself and has no right to tell her what to do. She walks off. Patch admits she's right. Kayla says she has no right to advise her either; Stephanie is a grown up now and Max is a good kid, even if he has issues. The nurse comes out and tells them they can see their baby. Kayla tells Steve that they have lots to be thankful for and he should just be happy. He agrees to back off, but doubts they even know half of what's going on with Max.

"Why are you living in a hotel room? So you can get a quick getaway?" Nicole asks as she and Dean Trent Robbins slip down the hall of the Salem Inn to his room. He laughs with a crude smile. He's preparing to buy a house and looking forward to "reconnecting" with her. She doesn't seem nearly so eager. When they walk into the room, he discovers that it is in disarray. He assumes he's been broken into and calls security before he begins searching around. Nicole slips off while his back is turned. He calls after her but she's gone. As he searches the room, Max hides in the shadows behind the bedroom door. Trent hears something and goes searching in the bedroom. The room is trashed but empty and the balcony door is open. Bo soon arrives and checks out the scene. There's not much he can do. Trent is upset. Bo asks him if he has any enemies. He has no idea. After Bo leaves, Trent calls Nicole and asks her why she ran out. He still needs to see her again; they have some catching up which is "long overdue".

Nick tries calling around for Max without any luck. He goes into the pub and asks Hope if she's seen him anywhere. She hasn't. He tells her about Steph's worries and she suddenly arrives. As she worries, Max pops up. She tells him she's worried sick. Hope wanders off and Nick asks where he vanished to. Max claims he just went for a run; he's not a little kid or crazy so he can take care of himself. Meanwhile, Bo returns with news that the Dean's room was broken into. Nick overhears and asks about it. Bo asks if he knows anyone who would do something like this. He has no idea and they quickly shift to talking about Steph's little brother. Max slips into a corner and stares at his photo.

June 18, 2008
Sorry Blondie

Phillip meets with Paul at the docks. Paul is still livid about John having goons pick him up. Phillip coldly tells him that he already knows about the threats. Paul realizes that Phillip has been keeping an eye on him and would readily leave him to die. Paul is desperate for help, "We're in a mess here!" he says. Philly slaps him, accusing Paul's creativeness of ruining everything. As Phillip pushes Paul around, Hollingsworth explodes. He was so sick of John acting high and mighty and pushing him around, he needed to bring him down and make him feel like dirt. Phillip tells him he's been stupid. "You made a mistake Paul and now you are going to have to suffer the consequences on your own," he states. Paul begs for a chance to fix things. He even gets down on his knees. The fire he set burnt all of Philly's good will; he advises him to leave town immediately and strides off.

At the DiMera mansion, John hands Ava a scotch. He doesn't like the mess he's in with Hollingsworth. They toast to their friendship. The moment is interrupted when EJ storms in shouting for Lucas. John asks for some privacy. EJ thuds around, pouring a drink and shouting. He informs them that Lucas is in and he is out; Sami has asked him to move away. "I'm only her husband... I don't have any rights I suppose," he complains before droning about how he has the right to live with his own uncle and Sami is so infuriating he wants to "ring her bloody neck". Lucas walks in at that point. He knows exactly how EJ feels. EJ doubts that and tells Lucas that he'll be the one moving out, not him. "EJ stays... if he wants to," John says. Nicole hurries in asking to speak with Ava alone. Ava agrees, telling John she'll call him later to hook up. The women run off and John excuses himself, telling the boys that if they break anything, they're paying for it and they better not wake up the babies.

Alone together, EJ wonders why he got Lucas out of prison in the first place. So does Lucas. He begins analysing EJ and admits that he can't get over some of the things Sami's done and he can't get her the life she wants. He tells Elvis that Sami is confused about her feelings for him. EJ wonders why he would be telling him this. Lucas throws some platitude in his face. EJ warns him that he isn't going anywhere. As he walks away, Lucas smirks.

Marlena and Hope meet up at the pub. Hope fills her friend in on John's problems, but more significantly, she thinks that John seems to have become more accessible than he was. Maybe now would be a good time for Marlena to try and get through to him? Marlena doesn't think he wants her in his life. "He's lost... he needs you now more than ever," Hope says. Marlena is skeptical. Hope wonders if she thinks John is guilty or not. Marlena doesn't know. Hope worries about the war between the DiMera and the Kiriakis families heating up. Ava and Nicole walk in. Ava spots John's two former flames. She isn't crazy about shrinks or cops but decides to say hello. Hope isn't happy to see her. Marlena is friendlier, at least superficially since she knows that Ava is dating John. "You know nothing about what we have together," Marlena breaks after some forced pleasantries. She asks her to stay and drone but Ava thinks making nice is a mistake. Hope accuses Vitali of just baiting them. Ava walks off. Marlena goes back to talking about John to her friend. Hope repeats her urge to reach out to John again. Marlena agrees to try a final time. John walks in at that moment. Hope excuses herself.

Sitting down with Nicole across the room, Ava asks her what the problem is. "My past, once again, has come back to haunt me," Nicole quivers. When she was young and stupid, she made a huge mistake with someone and now he's back. "Did he hurt you?" Ava asks, concerned. Nicole feels like she's the only woman who has ever been victimized by a man. Nicole cuts it short and wants to go home. Ava offers her the use of her extensive resources if she needs them. "We're friends right?" she says. They are, Nicole agrees, promising to call her later and hurrying away.

Marlena walks over to the bar and stands by John. "Sorry Blondie my dance card's full," he says. She asks him to supper. A week ago he would have jumped on the invitation, but he's tired of grovelling and being compared to someone who doesn't exist. She offers to stop doing that. He doubts she's capable of that. She understands his frustration, "I'm not frustrated anymore. I moved on. Do the same," he advises, walking away and taking Ava's arm. Marlena watches as they leave.

Morgan goes down to the docks to meet with her father. The place creeps her out. He comes out of the shadows and explains that they couldn't meet in public. "I don't have a lot of time but I wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye," he explains. She's shocked. He can't stay, he says. She whimpers and hugs him. After he leaves, Phillip arrives. She cries and tells him that her father has left town. He puts his arms around her to comfort her. She cries on his shoulder. He tells her not to cry for a man like her father. She jumps back, defending him and his stupid choices. She cries again and puts her arms around him, begging him to protect her and her father. "I can't make any promises," he says. She's sure that he has a good heart and cares about her; he's the only person she trusts. "I need you," she cries, kissing him.

Steph tracks Max down in his room. She doesn't know why he's being so defensive. He defends his defensiveness. She has some questions about Dean Robbins: "Are you and the Dean enemies?"  She needs the truth unless he doesn't love her enough to trust her with it. It's not about trust, he insists. She continues to prod and he explodes, refusing to have a meltdown so she can comfort him, refusing to break down and explain. He apologizes a moment later. She chokes on her tears: She just wants to be part of his life. She's the most important part of his life, he explains before suddenly admitting that he broke into the Dean's room. He can't say any more. She tries to empathize, but he's ready to leave: He still has business with the Dean. She wants to help. He rejects her offer.

Max goes to see Dean Trent Robbins in his room at the Salem Inn. The Dean he doesn't want to get into a debate with "a wannabe science geek". Max plows in. Robbins threatens to call security and suggests that if Max wants to trash him and his theories, he can start a blog. Max tells him that he's going down and drops a photo on the Dean's table while his back is turned. Robbins repeats that he should leave. Max picks up the picture and asks him who the girl is. The Dean blows up and yells at him to get out. Stephanie arrives outside and begins thumping on the door, calling Max's name. Robbins tells Max to open the door and let her in. "Did you say his last name was Brady?" Robbins asks her as she comes in. She did. He tells them to leave and threatens to call the cops. Max doesn't think Trent will call, not when he knows what Max knows. Robbins plays dumb. Max refuses to leave until the truth comes out. "How did you know?" Trent asks. Max has been following his tracks for some time and demands that he come clean and tell Stephanie who he really is.

Nicole returns to the Kiriakis mansion and orders some champagne. EJ walks in to see her and it's not about business. The suspense is killing her. He wants someone to talk to. Samantha has kicked him out. She's sorry to hear that, she says. He doubts that since she's grinning from ear to ear. She admits it; the whole situation was "a tall glass of wrong". He tells her that Uncle John wants him to stay so he's sticking around the mansion. Nicole's confused and guesses that Sami has hurt EJ's feelings. He must have come to her for a little distraction. She could use some of that herself. They have the house to themselves for the night, she explains, "I wonder what we can do..." he smiles. They start to make out.

June 19, 2008
You're a Sick Little Puppy

Nicole tells EJ that they're all alone in the mansion. He'd like to take advantage of that. They kiss. She gets inspired and wants to do it in Victor's room just to spite him. "You're a sick little puppy aren't you?" he sighs. He can't afford to waste energy going up the stairs and wants to do it on the couch. After she gets his shirt off, she stops him. He wants to move it upstairs, but she's having second thoughts. He starts to stutter and flutter his eyelids. She explains that they aren't having sex. He can't understand. She doesn't seem interested in just being distracted. He accuses her of acting hostile. She asks him to go home to Sami. "I'm not going there," he says. She reminds him that he still loves Sami and she doesn't appreciate being treated like a tramp. After he leaves, she's left alone to ruminate on her relationships. Victor arrives, surprised that she's just sitting there instead of robbing the house. She asks about Kate. Victor tells her that his other ex is improving and then says he's happy that their nightmare marriage is finally over. He offers to toast their mutual liberation. Looking around the room to the numerous glasses, he begins accusing "the woman that I loathe" of being rejected by EJ. He asks her why she self-destructively goes after married men: Does she want to suffer? They bark at each other. She tells him that she just wants cold hard cash, but that's not really what she wants, "Not at all," she admits.

EJ goes to the pub and orders a malt. Tony walks in and pats him on the back and begins beaming about his wedding as he orders a martini. He talks about how lucky he feels with Anna. Tony toasts to EJ finding happiness... soon, despite his gloomy demeanor. Tony doesn't know how his fabulous little brother can be such a "flop" when it comes to love. EJ says that he would fight for Sami but she doesn't know what she wants. Tony reminds him that his involvement with Sami and his having a child with her is really about his relationship with his father. Giving Sami up would be desecrating Stefano's memory. Is he ready to do that? Tony finds it bizarre, but EJ can see what he's saying. He's sure there isn't much logic in his love for Samantha. It's not the logic that Tony worries about, it's the need that fuels it.

Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion to collect the rest of her things. He asks her to stay and hear him out. "My behavior at the pub was wrong," he apologizes. She shouldn't have asked him out, she says. He turned her down because she had hurt him and he wanted to hurt her back; it was childish. Was Ava part of this plan? She probes. Ava's a friend, he clarifies, and he doesn't have many. Marlena never meant to hurt him. John understands and admits that he's been callous to her. She's stunned but accepts his apology; it's touching. He insists on making it up to her. She's not sure; she thought he was moving on. He's not and there's nothing between he and Ava he repeats. She doubts it and warns him to be careful with Ava. "You don't want someone who is obsessed with you," she advises. He asks Blondie for dinner, whatever she wants: French, Italian or Inuit. "Surprise me," she says. His phone rings and he walks out to take it. He's informed that Hollingsworth is leaving town. "Oh Paul... you're not going anywhere," John says. Marlena approaches as he gets off the phone. She asks him about the call, he fobs it off as business and toasts with her to new beginnings. She tells him how kind his apology was. He's become comfortable with her and she looks beautiful tonight. She giggles. They toast to second chances. He slips away and calls his people, telling them to find Paul and "handle it".

Phillip and Morgan are kissing on the pier. He tries to stop, saying that it isn't right. Chloe arrives and spots them from a distance. She hurries over to start laying into them. Philly tells her not to make a scene. "This isn't a scene. This is a prologue. I'm just warming up!" she threatens. Phillip doesn't think this is the time to talk about this. Morgan says the kiss was unplanned. "Do you think I'm stupid?" Chloe asks, rather rhetorically, accusing Morgan of being after Philly since she first laid eyes on him. Morgan excuses herself but Chloe won't let her leave without warning her about Phillip's involvement with her father. Morgan defends Philly and thanks him before walking away. Chloe knows that she and Phillip weren't supposed to have feelings for each other, but she's developed them. He cares about her too, he admits. She doesn't think the feelings are exactly mutual though. "You're the only one I want," he swears. She thinks he's just telling her what she wants to hear. As he leans in to kiss her, a phone call interrupts. He steps aside. "Just make sure he keeps his mouth shut. Do not let him talk," he growls into the phone. He turns back to Chloe and suggests that they go back to her place to talk. Chloe doubts he just wants to talk but agrees anyway.

Morgan meets her father in the night. She cries as he says goodbye. He makes her promise to stay away from Phillip. After he hugs her and leaves, she walks over to the pub and runs into Tony. He catches up with her and asks her to come back and intern with him again. She thanks him and he walks away. Meanwhile, we see Paul's limp body rolled off the pier and into the water.

In Dean Robbins room at the Salem Inn, Max won't back down. He wants the Dean to admit the truth: He's his father. Steph asks if it can be true. The Dean confirms and asks them to leave so he can "process this information". Max needs to process too and he needs his father's help. Robbins admits that he came to see him when he was little and learned that he had been adopted. He watched to see what kind of life the Brady's were giving him. Max thinks he abandoned him without caring. Robbins says no. Max continues to lash out at him for abandoning him. Robbins reminds him that he's had a good life with the Brady's and he doesn't have to justify himself to Max. "The hell you don't!" Max barks. "The past is just the past," the Dean says. Max threatens to reveal his past to the university. He accuses him of being abusive to his mother and demands to know what happened to her. Max doesn't feel any love for his father, in fact, seeing him, he only feels hate. Robbins asks him how much it will take to keep him quiet. Max is startled and offended by the offer of a bribe. This is making Steph sick. The Dean offers to help him out financially if this is kept out of the public record. Stephanie starts telling him how brilliant Max is, but Max doesn't care: He doesn't want to be anything like his biological father because his father, Shawn, was great man. He offers to work something out with Robbins. If he'll tell him about the girl in the picture, he'll consider his offer. "I'm completely lost," Robbins says. Max accuses him of lying. He demands to know if the girl is his sister. "You have no idea who you're dealing with," Robbins sneers. "Actually I do," Max claims. The Dean doesn't see how he can move forward if he keeps looking at the past. He suggests that Max calm down and they talk tomorrow. Max and Steph leave.

June 20, 2008
Girls Mature Faster Than Guys

John walks into the pub and orders some "grilled liver smothered in assorted fruits". He sits down with Marlena and tells her he wishes she'd stayed the night. Maybe she can even move back in, he offers, claiming that he's had Rolf protect her old room behind a velvet rope. Marlena's not ready. She wants to talk about Ava. Before she "goes shrink" on him, he wants to talk about Phillip. "The kid thinks he can win but he's in for a big surprise," he intones.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip wakes up beside Chloe. She rolls over. "So much for just talking last night," she smiles. He ran out of things to say. They start back at it again. Afterwards, she falls asleep and he slips from bed to dress. She opens her eyes and asks for an encore. He offers breakfast in bed. He's interrupted when John calls and demands to meet him at the Brady Pub. Phillip turns and tells Chloe they're going to the pub for breakfast. She rolls her eyes.

At the pub, Stephanie can't believe what a jerk Max's father Trent is. He knows. She tells him he's been a jerk as well and then reminds him that she loves him and will be there for him. Max admits that he found out Trent was his father years ago but he's glad that he abandoned him or he would never have met mom and pop. Steph encourages him to tell his mom about this. He's reluctant, but she's sure Caroline will be supportive. As she walks off, Caroline walks in and asks her son what's on his mind. He avoids it, but she's sick of him moping around and needs an answer. Nick interrupts, handing Max a CD. He's about to leave when Caroline asks him to stay and talk some sense into her son. Max goes up to his room and talks to himself until Nick interrupts. He encourages him to register for summer school. Max isn't interested; the only skill he wants is pouring beer. Nick reminds him that Max used to be "the man" but he's lost whatever confidence he once had.

At the gym, Chelsea is ranting about magazine models to Morgan. The two women start mocking the women who wear lipstick to the gym. Morgan spots Crystal, her state sorority rep. They rush over and chat about the breast cancer awareness walk. After Crystal walks away, Morgan grimaces and asks her friend if she wants to help distract her tonight. Chelsea has a date. Morgan asks who the lucky hottie is. "It's Daniel!" Chelsea squeaks before gushing about what the date could be like. Morgan asks her if she would "you know" on the first date. Chelsea thinks Dr. Dan is too much of a gent, but she feels such a connection to him... Morgan reminds her of how he's treated her in the past. Chelsea gets angry and stomps away. Morgan follows her and they sit down to a drink. Morgan worries and tells her to be careful, bringing up the age thing. "Girls mature faster than guys," Chelsea argues. Morgan reminds her that this isn't high school and Daniel is old enough to be her... Chelsea is defiant and wants to talk about her wardrobe. Stephanie arrives and sadly slumps down. At first, she refuses to say anything and then proceeds to tell them about Max and his secrets. Daniel calls Chelsea and doesn't leave a message. Chelsea starts to wonder if she should call back. Stephanie dials the phone for her. He instantly picks up and asks her if they're still on, or is she having second thoughts? She's not. They end the call and Chelsea perkily sits down. Steph asks her what she'll wear. Morgan starts to fret again. The girls go back to working out and wonder what their fathers would say about them dating older men. Morgan is upset; her father just walked out on her. She's sure he'll be back though...

Phillip and Chloe arrive at the pub. He asks John what this is all about. John says their dispute has gotten out of hand but he has a fast and easy solution: "Step down. Accept defeat." Phillip laughs at this and is ready to walk away. John tells him he has until the end of the day. Phillip won't accept any ultimatums. "What world are you living in John. You're the criminal," he growls. He tells Chloe to get some breakfast while he heads to the gym to work off some steam. Marlena asks John why Phillip didn't accept the offer. "Because he's a fool," John says.

At the hospital, Daniel calls Maggie to reserve a table at Chez Rouge before going in to check on Kate. She tells him to get out. He doesn't. Meanwhile, Lexi is pulling Theo around the corridors. She tries chatting but he has a grim expression. She sends him off with Lindsay but he soon runs back and jumps into Abe's arms. Abe takes the kid to the cafeteria while Lindsay tells Lexi that she has the perfect family. "Thanks," she sighs. Suddenly, she can hear Kate shouting at Daniel. She runs in to see what's happening. Jonas backs out. "Is there something you wanna tell me?" Lexi asks Kate. She's not going to get much of an answer though: Kate's uncomfortable with Daniel - end of story. Theo rushes in with Abe behind. The kid starts shaking Kate's hand until Abe takes him back out to the hall. Lexi's distracted. Kate asks what's wrong. Theo is getting some tests today; they hope it's nothing serious.

John and Marlena go back to the mansion. She realizes that they never finished their conversation about Ava. Marlena decides to lay things out: He doesn't want to be the old John and she's not sure she can accept the new one so, maybe, they should file for divorce. She doesn't want a divorce, but she's giving him permission to see other women. John's startled at the thought. She tells him to try things out and see how it works. If he comes back to her, that's fine and if he doesn't, they can end it.

Phillip runs into Daniel at the gym. Daniel starts complaining about how difficult Kate is. Women are too complicated for him; they ruin everything like some "mind-altering drug". It's scary for him and he can't figure out when it's just the thrill of something new or the real deal. Phillip flashes to thoughts of Morgan. He wishes he knew when it was real. They make various lewd remarks about the women in the gym and Phillip tells him to go for treadmill Tina. Daniel already has a crazy thing for someone else. He feels cautions about it, worried that he'll wipe out", though that's not normally his style. Phillip knows he's talking about Chelsea and tells him to go for it. They worry about what Kate will say to them and try telling themselves it doesn't matter.

Trent calls Nicole, guessing that she is on her way to the pub for a drink. "What the hell do you want from me?" she barks. She turns around and he suddenly appears, telling her that their reunion is fate. "I let you go once. I'm not going to make that mistake again," he says, taking her head in his hands. She begs him not to do this. There's nothing for them to go back to, she insists while wondering how he could finagle a university job. He's worried that someone in town knows him more than he'd like. He lies and tells her it's just one of his grad students and he's been threatening him. "Sounds like my kind of guy," she says.

The sorority sisters go over to the pub. Morgan complains about her cramps. Stephanie gives her some Midol and Morgan pops some before she spots Chloe. "I can't believe that harlot is here!" she grumps. Stephanie starts looking around for Max. When she finds him, she encourages him once again to tell his mother the truth. He walks over to Caroline and flatly tells her that he found out who his biological father is. She gives him a hug and thanks him for telling her. Meanwhile, Chloe strides over to Morgan and offers to buy her a cup of coffee. She warns her that Phillip has a pattern of seducing young girls to boost his ego. "You must really feel threatened by me and, you know what? You should," Morgan shoots at her before walking away.

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