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4th Week of June 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

June 23, 2008

You Can't Always get What you Want.

At his mansion, John is livid on the phone, ordering that it's time for Kiriakis' to pay. As he storms off, Lucas pops up and Sami strolls in. She asks him if there are any big boxes around: EJ is moving out, she announces. "The hell I am!" EJ proclaims as he walks in. She points out that he can afford his own place now. He reminds her that this is John's house and Uncle John wants him to stay. He takes a drink and tells her that this isn't her house to kick him out of. Lucas shrugs and says that he would leave this nuthouse if he could and then drifts away. Sami tells EJ that he's completely unreasonable. He accuses her of being unfair: She can't ignore what happened between them. "It was a mistake," she says. He points out how bad his moving out would look to Immigration and threatens to take his son if she forces him to move out.

Daniel is releasing his endorphins at the gym. He tells Phillip that exercise clears the head and he's sure that Phillip could use that right now. Phillip looks down at the local scandal paper and sees himself and John pasted on the cover. Phillip insists that he had nothing to do with the drugs. Daniel doesn't doubt him, but it must be rough to have his name pulled through the mud. They start talking about Chloe and Brady's marriage. Daniel clues in that Chloe is one of the women Phillip is seeing. He and Chloe have a past, he explains: They're comfortable but he wants something else. He's not sure what he wants, but he knows that Chloe won't be thrilled if it isn't her. They get some fruit drinks and talk about how everything in town is going green. Kate calls to ask her son to pick her up at the hospital. When he tells her he's with Daniel, she seems annoyed. He tells her he wants her to recuperate at the mansion. She refuses, thinking it would bother Victor. "If he can put up with Nicole, he can put up with you," he says, assuring her it will be fine. After he threatens to hire her a nurse, she agrees. When he gets off the phone, Daniel assumes that Kate was annoyed that they are spending time together. Phillip can't deny it.

"No. Paul Hollingsworth won't say a word," John says into his phone while he stands outside the pub. Meanwhile, inside the pub, Chloe stares at Morgan while she chats on her cell phone. She stomps past her rival. Morgan asks her what her problem is. She doesn't get an answer. Morgan rolls her eyes. A few feet away, Hope and Chelsea sit down at a table. Chelsea asks if she can borrow some of her earrings. Hope is happy to hear that she has a date. "Can we not tell Dad?" Chelsea asks. After some prodding about the date, Chelsea gives in and admits it's with Daniel. Hope is very concerned about the age difference; he's "very, much" older than her. Chelsea argues that if she could trust him with Bo's life, she can trust him with her. Hope probes for more details about the relationship. She finally agrees to keep this from Bo until it goes to a second date.

Caroline sits down and talks to Bo about Max and his problems, but she can't really talk about them so she stops herself. She just hopes he'll be alright. They talk about how happy he is that Hope and Chelsea are getting along. He wonders what they are talking about and then asks her for help with a surprise he wants to give Hope. If he wasn't swamped with work he would do it himself, he explains. "I have a way to lighten your load," John offers as he interrupts. Caroline excuses herself. John sits down and repeats his accusations against Phillip. Just then, Phillip walks through the door. Morgan leaps up and starts lashing out at John, accusing him of corrupting her father. He claims he is only there for a sticky bun, not a trial. Bo tells her to calm down. John tells her to cut the caffeine and repeats his accusations against Phillip. Bo and Hope announce that they will have to bring Paul in. "Good look finding him," Morgan says. He left town and she has no idea where he went. Phillip asks John what he did to him. John shoots back and walks out with Phillip barking at him that he's finished. He promises Morgan that John will get what's coming to him. Turning to Chelsea, he tells her that her grandmother is ready to be released. She promptly leaves to see her.

Hope explains to Bo that Chelsea is going on a date with someone new. "Who is it?" he grimaces. Hope keeps her mouth shut and changes the subject back to Paul. They hope they can find him. Across the room, Phillip tries to calm Morgan's fears. She tells him that she had a "tiff" with Chloe. He smiles and tells her that he'll call her later before he leaves.

Back at the mansion, Sami explains to EJ that she can't fix things with Lucas if he's still hanging around. He doubts actually it's fixable. Even Lucas can see that the insecurity in their relationship can't be fixed. He repeats that what happened between them was not a mistake: She can't have sex with someone without having feelings for them. If she throws him out, it won't fix anything. "Whether you like to admit it or not, you can't stop thinking about me," he smirks. She calls him a pompous, arrogant, conceited jerk. Lucas is the only man she will ever love; if EJ wants her to be happy, he should leave. She knows that he can be a good guy and a great father but he can do those things while not living there. She stares in his face. He rejects her request. John returns and asks why there are boxes everywhere. EJ explains that Sami wants her to move out. Sami asks John to make him move out. John won't: EJ's blood and she's not. This is his home and his rules. "You better be careful or you'll be the one who is out," he threatens.

At the hospital, Kate orders the nurse to get her whatever doctor is signing her release papers so she can get out of there. The nurse gets starry-eyed about Dr. Jonas, the gifted surgeon. "Gifted surgeon? Right..." Kate comments sarcastically. She calls Lucas. He's mysteriously whispering and tells her he has to go. She thinks he sounds anxious. He is. Lucas has slipped off his ankle bracelet and snuck out of the house. He goes over to Chloe's and tells her that he's overheard John and he's sure that he's going after Phillip. "I know who set that fire and I'm not going to let my brother burn for it," he says. He explains that it must have been Paul. She brings up his daughter. If it's Morgan's dad who's involved, this could be interesting... He tells her what he knows and she suggests that they go to the police. He can't do that; it would be admitting that he broke the conditions of his release. He asks Chloe to go to the police for him. He'll coach her and tell her all he knows. This should put Phillip in the clear. "I'm in," she says. He thanks her and gives her a hug.

Kate waits for her son to come and pick her up at the hospital. Daniel comes in. She doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants to take a final look at her. "You can't always get what you want," she says. He starts to wave her release papers in her face; he won't let her go until she grants him a favor. "I would like for us to at least try to get along," he sheepishly suggests. She avoids him. He becomes agitated and she explains that Chelsea has nothing to do with how she feels about him. "Chelsea is not going to understand that," he says. Chelsea steps in and asks what he means. Kate covers and says she's just excited to get out. Daniel lets her sign the papers and then ducks out. Chelsea tells her grandma how lucky they are that Daniel is staying in Salem. Kate is sarcastic at this and just wants a girls night. Chelsea has to take a rain check: She has a date.

June 24, 2008

I Would be Suspicious of you if you Weren't Suspicious of me

At the DiMera mansion, Sami walks in on Lucas as he meets with Chloe. She accuses Chloe of not always acting in the interests of others and demands to know why she's there with Lucas. Chloe reminds her that she isn't married to Lucas anymore. Sami and Chloe start shouting about Brady until John comes in and breaks it up. He can't understand why two people can't be in a room in his house without arguing. He can understand why Sami and Lucas are there, but Chloe? Is she there to spy for Phillip? Chloe has something to tell him. Lucas stops her before she can. John says that everyone involved with Phillip is not welcome in his home. Sami points out that EJ is Phillip's lawyer. But he's family, John says. He threatens to kick Lucas out and Sami becomes outraged. He orders her to be nice or he'll throw her out too. "Now that that's settled, would you like to grab a snack?" he smiles at her. She's baffled but follows him out. Chloe turns to Lucas and asks him why he didn't tell them why she's really there. He's having second thoughts about asking her to commit perjury. She reminds him that they have no choice.

Ava and Nicole are at the health club complaining about the lack of man candy. They spot EJ and Nicole makes eyes at her former lawyer. She admits to Ava that she made out with EJ and, even if he's hot, she wouldn't sleep with him; she wants more than sex: She wants love. "Good for you," Ava says. Nicole is sure that EJ will run as soon as he gets the money she owes him. EJ stares at them. They watch as John and Sami arrive. Nicole rolls her eyes at Sami and Ava walks over to ask John to join her. He tells her that he's just having a bite with his soon-to-be ex-daughter-in-law. Sami is shocked at this. He informs her that it was Marlena's idea. "Do you want to get divorced?" she asks. "Maybe," he smiles. She runs away and John joins Ava.

Sami chases EJ down in the gym and tells him he's being selfish for not moving out. He's not sympathetic. He reminds her that he and Lucas hate each other and it will never change. So why does he want to live with him? She asks. He won't move out. After he leaves, she hangs out at the gym until she spots Nicole. She asks her to convince EJ to move out. Nicole refuses; she may like EJ, but she doesn't like Sami. After a few jabs at her rival, she admits that she would help but EJ is ignoring her since they almost... Sami's jaw drops at the implication. Nicole goes back into the health club and sits down with Ava. She confesses that she knows something that would throw everything in Sami's life into chaos, but she's having a hard time keeping it to herself. Ava suggests she tell John and pulls her across the room to him. "What do you want?" he asks. Ava thinks her friend could use his advice. He congratulates her on her recent success at "gold digging". She tells him that EJ has been lying to Sami: Their annulment is valid. He smiles at the thought of the problems this could cause.

In Max's room, Caroline needs some more information from him about his father. He explains that he's just moved back to Salem. He shrugs at saying more but she insists that his return has nothing to do with their relationship. "Everything about you matters to me," she says. She can see that things are not okay with him and she and Shawn didn't raise him to keep secrets. He tells her that his biological father was surprised that he knew who he was... he's also a jerk. He made it clear that he doesn't want anyone to know that Max is his child. Caroline tells him, it would be a mistake to never want anything to do with his father. They stare out the window together and she tells him he needs to accept and embrace his father so he can embrace himself. God gave him gifts and it would be a shame to waste them. He hates everything he's learned about this father. She knows that he had a traumatic life before he came to live with her; maybe if he talked about it, it would help. Max explains that his father abandoned his mother and she died because of him. She was ill and died while he was in Europe. After returning, he just stood by and watched Max get dragged into foster care.

Phillip is meeting with his computer expert from Tokyo in a hotel room. She explains that she hasn't been able to crack into the information on the disc. It seems to contain brain waves which have been carefully encrypted. He thanks her and takes the disc. After she leaves, he calls Marlena: "I think I have some information you may be interested in... it's about John." She soon arrives in Phillip's room. She makes no secret of being suspicious of him. "I'd be suspicious of you if you weren't," he says. He explains that he's found a disc containing what appears to be brain wave patterns that may belong to John. He won't say where he got it from, but he wants her to have it. He thought John would be more receptive to this if she gave him the disc. "I know you miss the old John and want him back," he says. She tries calling Roman to report that Phillip has the disc that was stolen. He threatens not to let her have it if she calls. "What kind of game are you playing?" she asks. Like her, he just wants the old John back. "I think we have entirely different motives," she points out. Her phone rings and she has to go. Phillip tells her she won't get the disc unless she keeps this secret. Reluctantly, she agrees. He places it in her hands and she walks out.

EJ returns home with a sandwich. Lucas gabs about it and asks him if he's moving out. He's not, much to Sami's chagrin. The last time he saw Sami this unhappy was when he took Nicole on as a client. "The woman is nothing if not possessive," EJ comments. Sami always wants what she can't have, Lucas explains. He goes through Sami's history of lies and deception. "So Samantha hasn't changed?" EJ asks. Lucas doesn't think so. EJ summarizes: Everything is Samantha's fault. As they discuss how confused Sami is, she listens in before barging into the room. She angrily asks EJ how he could have almost had sex with Nicole. He reminds her that she said nothing would happen between them. He and Lucas decide to turn their backs on her and go into the kitchen to talk together.

At home, Abe tells Lexi that talking about their situation is too painful. It's not a situation - it's their little boy! She blurts out. Theo's play patterns are not appropriate, she explains; he has serious problems and they scare her to death. As she worries, Marlena arrives. She had a call from Theo's doctor and she suggested that they might need a friend right now. Abe says they're fine. Lexi says they're not and neither is Theo. Marlena wouldn't dream of prying so she does it for real. Lexi tells her that Theo has been undergoing tests and the doctor just informed them that the child is autistic. Marlena embraces her weeping friend.

June 25, 2008
The Key to Unlocking the Past!

Chez Rouge is a busy spot as Bo and Hope arrive for dinner together. He has brought Hope there to celebrate something - but won't yet tell her what it is. As they sit in the bar area, Daniel comes in. As Bo questions him about whether he is meeting a hot babe, Daniel starts to sweat. He tries to get Chelsea on the telephone and warn her that her father is at the restaurant, but she doesn't answer!

Hope and Bo arrive at their table and are surprised to notice Nicole dining nearby with Trent Robbins! Nicole tells Trent that Bo and Hope are police. They begin discussing Max, and Nicole says she is concerned that Trent will play with Max's self-esteem and steal his ideas. She contends that she knows how Robbins works! As an admiring student approaches the table and Trent introduces him to Nicole, she shrewdly points out that Dean Robbins is enjoying this notoriety! She reminds him that once upon a time he was too embarrassed to even be seen with her, and tells him that she would like to leave! Trent smoothly assures her that things are different now, and reminding her that he is holding a secret over her head, drags her onto the dance floor!

Back at Bo and Hope's table, she presses him to reveal the reason they are celebrating, and he playfully will only tell her that he has a new outlook on life since he has his near-death experience!

At the Pub, Caroline and Stephanie are discussing Max's situation when Chelsea comes in frantic for help in preparing for her date with Dr. Jonas. Soon, Max arrives and Stephanie worries that he shouldn't be going to meet with his father. Max assures her that he can look after himself, and that this is something he has to face on his own. Chelsea scurries out ready for her date, as Stephanie continues to plead with Max not to go to see Trent!

At Abe and Lexi's place, Marlena tells them how sorry she is that Theo is Autistic. Abe is still in disbelief about the diagnosis, but Lexi insists that it makes sense. "He only has thirty words in his vocabulary!" Marlena wants to help, and warns that a situation like this can tear a marriage apart. Lexi thanks her, but says they'll work through this on their own. Marlena embraces her again and leaves. Lexi sobs.

After a roll in the hay with Phillip, Chloe quickly gets up and dresses. She tells Phillip that she has something that she needs to do - and it concerns him! When she mentions having to track down Roman, Phillip says he'll come with her. Chloe makes a call to Lucas, who thanks her for doing this. She explains that she doesn't want Phillip taking the blame for something he didn't do!

At the DiMera Mansion, Lucas is overheard by John as he talks on the phone with Chloe. Just as John is questioning him as to the nature of the call, the doorbell rings. John orders Rolf to get the door - it's Marlena. She tells Rolf that he'll want to stick around. Lucas leaves the room, and Marlena declares that she has come about the matter of her getting her husband back! She says everything will become clear when they learn what is on the disc, or as she likes to think of it, the key to unlocking the past!

Chelsea shows up at Chez Rouge and knocks Daniel's socks off! He tells her how great she looks and she compliments him in return. She notices her father and Hope sitting nearby and after a bit of worrying, the pair decide to go over and say hello! Bo is taken off guard and struggles with the idea that his daughter is on a date with Dr. Jonas! He wonders why Daniel didn't tell him earlier that he was meeting Chelsea, but Hope says she rushed him away before Daniel had a chance! Bo is relatively blunt about his feelings, saying that Daniel is too old for Chelsea. After they leave, Hope calls Bo on his rudeness. Bo says sulkily that Daniel should not be with Chelsea - he should be with someone else - such as a globetrotting, bohemian, commitment-phobic surfer!

As Chelsea and Daniel gaze into one another's eyes, nearby, Trent admits to Nicole that he has a son - and it's none other than Max Brady!

Steve, Kayla and Roman visit the pub and sit discussing the John Black situation. Stephanie and Max appear and Steve drags Max off for a one-on-one chat. As Stephanie sits with Roman and Kayla, Morgan rushes in and tells Roman that she want to report her father missing! She explains that he isn't returning her calls, and that he knew his life was in danger. Roman cautions her that they must wait 24 hours. Phillip and Chloe come in just then, and Chloe spills the story about seeing Paul Hollister on the pier the night of the fire - and he smelled like gasoline!

Steve confronts Max about keeping secrets from his daughter. Max admits that the secrets had to do with his father - he's back in town! Steve reminds Max that his father was no prize either, and the two men bond over the realization that they have this in common. Max says he regrets lying to Stephanie and Steve tells him that he has nothing to lose by opening up. Max accepts Steve's offer of help if he ever needs it!

June 26, 2008
Loving That Hospital Food!

Chelsea and Daniel have an awkward moment trying to make conversation over dinner at Chez Rouge. He reminds her that he is on call and then tells her he is happy that she's there with him. Daniel asks if Chelsea was nervous when her dad was there. She says she hopes Daniel didn't get the wrong impression, but admits that she is glad that they're gone! Daniel notes that her father won't be the only one to have issues with them. He says she has a great family, and Chelsea agrees, although she notes her Grandma Kate can be a little over protective! They discuss their 'courtship' next and Chelsea clarifies, "So, we're trying to see if eventually there can be an 'us'!" Suddenly, Daniel is called to the hospital. He suggests that she come with him so their date doesn't have to end!

At the next table, Trent warns Nicole not to get too drunk. She says he used to love it when she drank too much. Venomously, she reminds him that he once used her as a sex toy! She tells him she has a life in Salem now and doesn't want him in it! Nicole asks why he is trying to romance her on one hand, then calling her a drunk on the other. She contends that he is just worried she'll get bombed and blurt out some secret from his dark, murky past! Nicole then asks what happened when Max confronted him about being his father. Trent contends that he cares about his son, and about her. "Nicole, meeting you is one of the best things that ever happened to me!" She says he ruined her life. He says her life was ruined before she met him - he took her in after her own father had drugged her and forced her to do porn! Trent says he took her in and nurtured her, but Nicole says he used her just like her father did! He says he cared for her, but she wonders why he dumped her like garbage the moment his career took off. She begins to cry, "I didn't care if I lived or died!" Trent clears his throat. He tells her he is disappointed in her- she's just a sniveling ingrate who loves feeling sorry for herself! She tells him he is ruthless, and the whole Mr. Niceguy routine is lost on her - she knows what he's really about! He smirks, "I am on top, and no one can bring me down!" Nicole spits, "Wanna bet?" He warns her to keep her mouth shut or her own little secret will come out - and she's got more to lose than he does!

At the pub, Morgan yells that Chloe isn't telling the truth - her father is innocent! Roman asks Morgan who Chloe would be covering for, and she admits that she doesn't know. Chloe says she is just reporting what she saw, which was Morgan's father on the pier on the night of the fire! Chloe says Paul Hollingsworth was not only acting suspicious, but smelled of gasoline. Roman takes her to a table to interrogate her further. Nearby, Max tells Stephanie he is definitely going to see his father. He says he plans to reveal the truth about Trent Robbins. Steve and Kayla approach and Steve says, "Maxwell, I think you had better calm down. That might be a big mistake!" Max angrily says to Steve that he thought he understood! Steve just warns him to get the truth about Trent Robbins before he tells everyone he's a monster! At Roman's table, Chloe continues to answer his questions. Morgan approaches again and says Chloe is only saying these things because she saw her kissing Phillip! Morgan suggests that Roman look at John Black - he's behind her father's disappearance! Roman turns back to Chloe, "What was Paul wearing the night that you saw him?" Chloe says it was dark - she's not sure she remembers. Roman goes to get Chloe a drink of water, and calls to put an APB out on Paul Hollingsworth. At the table, Chloe frets and texts Lucas!

At the DiMera Mansion, Lucas listens in as Marlena tells Rolf and John that she has the key to John's past on the disc. "I know that you did this Rolf! Now I want you to undo it!" Rolf tells her it's preposterous, but Marlena claims that he and Stefano did this together! Lucas comes into the room and asks, "That disc contains a map of John's brain?" John tells him it's encrypted, but Marlena says that she knows what is on it - thanks to her reliable source. Lucas wonders if her source set her up, but she turns back to Rolf. "You know what's on this, don't you?" Rolf continues to deny everything. John asks how she got the disc. Marlena thinks back to her promise to Phillip. She tells them that she can't reveal her source. John is irritated - the person obviously compromised his home security system. He guesses that it was Phillip, but she won't confirm it. Rolf then says that Marlena is dreaming - it's impossible for John to regain his memories from a disc. Marlena challenges Rolf, but John interrupts. "Nobody is doing anything with that disc until you reveal your source!" Marlena says she gave her word - she won't go back on that! John says he's mildly interested in what's on the disc, and tells the protesting Rolf, that even if he could do what Marlena is asking - he's not sure he'd want him to! Lucas gets a text just then from Chloe. Leaving the room he reads his phone. "What was he wearing? I don't look at what guys are wearing!" He struggles to remember. Back in the living room, John says the disc could be a trick and he'll wind up even more screwed up than she already thinks he is! He declares that he won't do it. Out in the hallway, Lucas waits tensely for word from Chloe. Back in the living room, John and Marlena go head-to-head over who her source is! She turns on Rolf again, but he continues to deny her accusations.

At the hospital, Daniel takes Chelsea to Kate's recently vacated room and tells her he will be back before long. As he leaves for emergency he asks how she likes dating a doctor. She smiles, "It's not dull!" Chelsea is soon surprised when dinner arrives! Daniel returns and says, "Dinner, courtesy of Chez Rouge!" Chelsea is stunned as he places a lei around her neck and explains that he has to stay until Mrs. Goldberg is out of surgery. They kiss and he thanks her for being her.

Back at the pub, Roman returns to the table and again asks Chloe what Paul was wearing. She replies that it was a dress shirt. Just then her phone rings. Nearby, Max rails about what a monster Trent Robbins is - he won't be convinced otherwise! Roman tells Chloe that she'll need to come down to the station and give a statement. She tells Roman she'll be glad to, and that she now remembers what Hollingsworth was wearing - a gray suit and a dress shirt with no tie! She also tells Roman that she thinks that both John and Phillip are innocent! Nearby, Max informs everyone angrily that he will handle this thing with his father his own way. "I'm out of here!" In another part of the pub, Morgan talks to Phillip about her father being missing. He says if John is behind it, he'll pay!


June 27, 2008
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

Tony and Anna dine at Chez Rouge, where she notes that he is behaving as if they are still on their honeymoon! He says that he always will! He offers a toast to "Forever being newlyweds"! She says she is glad that they made their relationship work and are so happy again. He tells her there is only one thing that would make their happiness more complete - if she were to quit her job and come and work for him! Anna asks if she heard him right, and then says, "No, no and no!" She says she loves her job and doesn't want to give it up! Tony excuses himself and asks her to think about it and answer when he gets back. A strange man approaches Anna and says it's time they finally met - it's her boss! He sits down across from her and says he has some bad news that needed to be delivered in person! He tells her that he has been forced to close the agency - he's bankrupt! Anna is shocked! Tony returns to the table and is pleased that Anna accepts his offer of a job. She says there is a condition, however, she'll work with him - not for him! Tony says it's great news, but asks why she changed her mind. She says he convinced her, and they're going to make a great team! He beams as she excuses herself to go to the ladies' room. Suddenly, Anna's boss approaches Tony and tells him he knows that his wife will land on her feet! Tony learns of the bankruptcy and wishes the man well. Anna returns to the table and he says they need to have a chat about her sudden decision to come and work for him! He then changes tack and says he is so lucky to have her working by his side - no matter how it came about!

Phillip meets with Victor and tells him that everything is under control, but Victor isn't so sure! He warns Phillip that he wants the evidence contained immediately! Morgan appears and gives Phillip a look that is not lost on Victor. He goes ballistic! "Are you sleeping with Paul Hollingsworth's daughter?!" Phillip says he's just making nice with Morgan so that he can be the first to know if Paul resurfaces. Morgan approaches and introduces herself to Victor. She asks why Phillip wanted to see her. Victor excuses himself. Phillip tells her it wasn't a romantic gesture. She replies, "So it's business?" She asks why he kissed her the other night. He says he is attracted to her. She asks if it's because he wants to find her father. Phillip says he wants to be her friend, but she says she is being played. He sighs, and admits that he does want to find Paul, but he also doesn't like to see her upset. He offers her a ride home.

Chelsea and Daniel sit across the table from one another at their makeshift dinner table. He gets up and dims the lights. He then confides that he usually only thinks about work, but tonight he'd rather...He whispers in her ear. Suddenly, she begins kissing him passionately. Daniel backs off a little and tells her that the whole dating thing is kind of strange to him. He gets paged again and tells Chelsea he'll come back as soon as he can. When he returns, Chelsea says she has a surprise for him. She makes him close his eyes, then presents him with a hospital jell-o! He says he doesn’t need that type of dessert, and they return to kissing. Daniel asks her if she feels like dancing. He puts on his MP3 and they begin to slow dance.

At the DiMera Mansion, Marlena calls out for Rolf and John tells her to let the guy get some sleep! Just then the doorbell goes and John lets Ava in. Marlena hears her say, "Hello handsome." When Ava spots Marlena, she prepares to leave, but John says he wants her to stay and Marlena to go! Marlena tells John that they were in the middle of a discussion. He says Ava can hear about it, but Marlena angrily says she won't have him trivialize this by involving a complete stranger. Ava again offers to leave, but John stops her. Marlena warns him not to mess with his life, and Ava notes that this sounds heavy - she says she'll go. John doesn't want her to, and irritates Marlena by blurting, "Amazing how one little disc can cause all of this trouble!" He explains to Ava that theoretically, this disc is the key to his past. She asks why he doesn't do what Marlena is asking then? John smirks. "That's the question, isn't it?" He tells them that he's not all that interested! Marlena says that she hopes he comes to his senses, then leaves. John admits to Ava that he's sick of hearing about the man he used to be. Ava tells him in a sexy voice that she's not so sure she wants Marlena to find the old John! He says he knows who he is now - and knows what he wants. Ava and John begin to kiss deeply! Suddenly John stops and she asks what is bothering him. He admits he can't get his mind off of that disc! Ava says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?" She urges him to destroy the disc! John hesitates, saying that if you face your fears it makes you stronger. As he prepares to take the disc and investigate what is on it, Ava says she will come with him!

At home, Abe tells Lexi that he just finished reading to Theo. Lexi notes that the boy was really wound up that night - but now they know why! Abe asks Lexi to please talk to him. She says, "What more is there to say? Our little boy is Autistic and we have to learn to live with it!" Abe says, "So we can never talk about this - is that what you're saying?" Lexi admits that she doesn't see what good it would do. She tells Abe she is going to make some calls about therapy and so on. Abe says it breaks his heart to know that Theo is going to have to struggle, but he's still our son. "He still has the potential to change and grow and have a great future!" Lexi replies that she wants to believe that. They embrace and Abe assures her that they'll get through this together. Tearfully, Lexi says Theo will have to fight for everything the rest of them take for granted.

Marlena turns up at Chez Rouge and is approached by Victor. She tells him she is not in the mood for company, but he persists. "Is this about John?" Marlena says there is nothing Victor can do to help her, but there may be something his son can do!




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