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1st  Week of March 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


March 3, 2008

At the Brady Pub, Nick is telling Stephanie about the grant he's proposing for, it's all about the science of going green and how it's easier than people think. Chelsea shows up looking terrible. It's her dad, she's stressed out and sleep deprived. Stephanie says if she wants to talk she's here, he's her uncle after all. Chelsea says he's sick, it's his pancreas. She says they don't think it is cancer, but it's shutting down, they don't know why and can't stop it. Stephanie asks what the worse case scenario is? Chelsea says he could die and will die if they don't do something about it quick. Chelsea claims she's trying to be strong, but she's really not. Nick says there must be something they can do, like chemo or something. Chelsea says they haven't really diagnosed him yet, so they don't know what to do. Nick says it doesn't mean they can't do something.

Max soon shows up. Max had his hearing today. Stephanie feels bad, she forgot all about it. Max says he wishes he forgot too. He says he was a jerk to the judge and used some language in explaining why he hid Ford's body. Max says his lawyer told him to sit down and shut up, then he explained what happened with his pop and how it was a hard time for him. Max says he was given community service. Stephanie says that's not bad. Max doesn't care about his sentence, he just misses his pop. Stephanie asks if he wants to talk about his pop? He says no, let's change the subject. Stephanie says she and Chelsea were going to apply for internships, but with everything going on it's been hard to concentrate. Nick thinks Chelsea needs to take a week off. She says that won't go over well with her professors. 


Morgan then runs in saying she applied for the coolest internship. She asks if they did too? It might take their mind of everything. Chelsea tells Morgan that her dad is in intensive care, he could die. Morgan didn't know. She'll do whatever she can to help her. Max says right now there isn't much anyone can do to help. Morgan asks Nick if he got is grant yet? Nick says no, he has to do some research and another presentation. She says well do it. He says it's complicated, there is stuff going on with Chelsea and that affects him. Morgan says well he needs to not let it get in his way. Chelsea says Morgan is right, Nick needs to do what he needs to. Morgan tells Chelsea they will all get through this, and she is stronger than she knows. Morgan steals Nick away for a second. She says she appreciates how concerned he is about Chelsea. Morgan isn't telling him to abandon Chelsea, but if he blows this it won't help him or Chelsea in the end. He knows and she's right. Morgan says she's always right! 

Max seems a bit upset and interrupts Morgan and Nick. Morgan says they were just talking about Nick's grant. Max talks with Morgan alone and tells her not to go pulling this. Morgan asks what he's talking about? Max says Chelsea is going through a difficult time, don't take Nick away from her when she needs him most. Morgan says she's not after Nick, she just wants Nick to get his grant. Max says he wants that too. Meanwhile Stephanie wonders what the two of them are talking about. Chelsea doesn't know or care, she decides to go see her dad. Morgan gives her a hug before Chelsea leaves. Morgan then decides to go say high to an old boyfriend at the bar.

Max sits down with Stephanie. She asks what that was about. He says nothing important. He says they were talking about Nick and his grant. Stephanie asks if he's sure he doesn't want to date her again? Max says hell no. Stephanie goes to get something and says she'll be back. Max then snoops into Nick's grant write up. Morgan watches him from afar and sees him rip out a page and take it. Stephanie returns and asks what he's doing with Nick's binder? She asks him if he's jealous of Nick? He says no. She says he's special too, her night in shining armor. He mumbles she might not always think of him that way. She asks why not? He says never mind. He has to get back to work behind the bar. Stephanie takes Nick's notebooks over to him and then leaves to do something. Morgan then tells Nick she has to tell him something about his friend Max. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe wakes up and finds Phillip reading the paper in the living room. She tells him she likes it here, it's so comfortable. She has a favor to ask, she doesn't even know how to ask him given what he's done for her. She says she needs another favor. He asks what his lawyers again? She says no. Chloe knows Victor doesn't like her and thinks she  had something to do with Brady's disappearance. Phillip however does believe in her and her innocence. He asks what this favor is, it can't be any bigger than what he's already done for her. She says it is bigger. She says she's running out of money. He says she needs a loan? She says no, she can't stay here forever and she can't keep paying money for a hotel. Phillip says his father's patience is running out with her, but agrees to let her stay here a little longer. She hugs him. He however thinks this might be the biggest mistake he's ever made. However he thinks there must be something more to this request of hers, he thinks she can scrape up money for the Salem Inn. He doesn't think she's being completely honest. She says she is, and for him to just be her friend. He says he always is. She then goes outside and gets a bunch of her luggage that she had sent over. He can't believe how much stuff she has. She says she just brought the basics. He says for what a trip around the world? He says no wonder she drove Brady crazy. She says her baggage had nothing to do with it. He asks what the problem was then? Was Brady tired of her, or her of him? She gets defensive and says stop pushing her about it!


Later Phillip spies on Chloe as she's on the phone talking to someone in German. He confronts her after she's done. She just claims she was having more stuff from Vienna sent over. She then leaves to take care of her bags. Phillip then makes a call to someone. He asks them to come over, he needs their help. Later a man arrives to see Phillip. It turns out that it's a German man to translate what Chloe said. She says she was talking to her agent, reminding him that she made him a lot of money. He also says she asked him to keep his mouth shut about what he heard, that when she said she could kill Brady it was just an expression. As he's explaining, Chloe shows up and asks what is going on here?

At their hotel, Steve is pacing around and looking after Kayla. She wishes he would just sit down and relax. She doesn't need him waiting on her like this. She says some women pick tomatoes up until they give birth. Steve says they weren't given warnings to take it easy. She eventually gets him to sit down. There is a knock at the door, he jumps up and says he'll get it. She wonders why he's so jumpy. He says he's not. He goes and looks out the door, claiming it's just pizza. He goes into the hall and talks to Abe.


Steve asks Abe if he could find anything. Abe says locally no, but when he searched the state and federal banks, she has a pretty long record. Steve asks for a copy. Abe asks why? Steve asks Abe to keep this between them. Steve says this is about when Stefano held him captive. He says he didn't know who or what he was. He says he did escape for a year and he hooked up with this woman. Kayla peaks her head out and asks if Abe is making a few extra dollars as a pizza delivery man? Kayla asks what they are up to? Steve says just talking about the plane accident, confidential stuff. He asks her if she could lay down in the bedroom so he and Abe could come in and talk. She says okay nice seeing you. Kayla heads into her bedroom so Steve and Abe can come in to talk. 

Steve continues his story. He didn't know who he was, they called him Patch though. He says he fell in with Ava and her family, they were into drugs, guns and extortion. Abe asks how deep was he involved? Steve says he barely scratched the surface. Steve says Ava wanted to marry him. He says at the time he knew he didn't want to marry her, he just didn't know why. He says maybe it was his subconscious. He knew someone else was out there for him. Abe asks why he's dredging this up. Steve says he didn't, Ava did. He says Ava is here. He says the girl is obsessed, but this Ava isn't the same one he knew. Steve says he doesn't know what happened to her, but she has some mental problems. Steve says her father used to keep her on a short leash, wouldn't let her out of the house. He also says Ava is resourceful, resourceful enough to sabotage John's plane. Steve says she admitted it to him. Abe says he has to report this. Steve says he can't do that. Abe can't let this go. Steve says he's going to do something, but there is no proof right now. Abe says they can't let her get away with this. Steve says he won't. Abe asks to let someone help him. Steve says he's the one she wants, he can get her. Steve says Ava is too smart to fall into any trap they might set up. He also says Ava is threatening Kayla. Abe offers to do what he can to help. Steve says they need to find where Ava is. Abe says if she's after him, why would she try and kill everyone on that plane. Steve says because she's crazy. Abe asks how she found him. Steve doesn't know, but somehow she found out that Patch was Steve. Abe asks why she wouldn't try and talk to him first? Steve doesn't know. Abe asks if he wants police protection for Kayla. Steve says no, he doesn't want her to have anymore stress right now.  Steve talks about how Ava's father never trusted him. He also says Ava for some reason really pushed him to marry her. He says it was weird, she wanted it too badly. Abe asks if her father's men came looking for him. Steve says no, he thought she'd move on, his mistake. Steve doesn't think the father cared that he left, he never liked him. Ave asks Steve why didn't Ava just kill him? Steve says Ava told him that she suffered since he left her, now she wants to see him suffer too. Abe says he'll do what he can to help. He then takes off.


Later Steve brings Kayla some popcorn. Apparently she doesn't like his mix of salt, popcorn and parmesan cheese. He says he should have made it her way. She says all she does is put it in the microwave for three and a half minutes. She wonders how he ever survived without her. He says he doesn't know. She makes him come sit down next to her. She asks why he's being so good to her? He says he loves her. She says that isn't an answer. He says she's supposed to be relaxing remember. Kayla says he hardly takes his eyes off of her. He says because he doesn't want to. She asks if this has something to do with what Abe came over for? Steve says he just loves being close to her. They hug.

At her place, Ava is still looking at all the photos of the Bradys she has. She just keeps going through them over and over and starts throwing them around the room.


March 4, 2008
EJ shows up at Sami's, where she's looking less than fresh. Sami says it's her twins are vampires and never sleep look. He has something that might perk her up. He has the annulment papers. She says that was fast. He says his law degree finally came in good for something. He says all she has to do is sign them. She reads it over and plans to have Mickey do it as well. EJ says she still doesn't trust him? She won't fall for anymore DiMera tricks. HE says but he's not one, he's been disowned and thrown out. Sami says he's breaking her heart, what will he do. EJ says he doesn't know, get a job? This makes Sami smile. She can't wait to hear him say "Do you want fries with that?" EJ doesn't think it's funny, he has a family to support. Sami says she's not going to ask him for alimony. He says he is going to do this because it's important to him. She says what is important to her is to get out of this marriage. As he's trying to get her to sign the letter, he drops a registered letter. She wonders why he hasn't opened it. He thinks it's just something from his father lawyer. She makes him open it and read it. He does, it's not good news. His Visa has expired and he's about to be kicked out. He says he's married, he has a family, this is ridiculous. Sami is shocked. EJ thought she'd be delighted to get rid of him. Sami says they'll find a way to figure this out. She says this sucks. EJ says  more than sucks. Sami then says she has an idea. She says he's a DiMera, use his tricks, his law degree and his marriage to her and his son to get a Visa. She says for once he can use his skills for good.  EJ says he'll let her know when he gets it all worked out. EJ asks if she wants to hold onto the papers or should he take them? She says he can keep them. EJ tells Sami she has the opportunity to get him out of her life, why is she helping him. She says she'll sign the papers as soon as he gets the Visa sorted out. 

Chelsea is in the park feeding some squirrels. She's doing this in honor of Grandpa Shawn, who used to do this. Chelsea ends up crying. A man shows up and bumps into her. She was standing up as he ran into her, so she smacks her face on his leg. He asks if she just wiped her nose on his leg? She says sorry, she'll buy him new pants or something. He says no harm done. She says she's having a hard day, her grandpa passed away and her dad is now sick. He tells her to let it out, he has a whole other pant leg. She thanks him, saying he's made her feel a little better. He leaves her thanks to a handkerchief and has to run as he gets a call.

Kayla and Steve talk a walk on the docks. She loves finally being outside, but Steve wants to go back home. She wonders why he's acting so strange. Steve says who says he's acting. She asks why doesn't he want her outside? He claims he's just worried about her exerting herself. She says she should have exercise. She says she and the baby are fine, he'll see that tomorrow when they go to hear the heartbeat. Steve keeps looking around, he then points out to Kayla the spot they first got married out on the boat. We see flashbacks of their wedding. Kayla talks about the day he died, how she didn't think she could go on. She says she had her family to help her, while he had no one. Steve begins remember thinking back to his times with Ava. Ava was keeping him in the dark about the business deals they were getting mixed up in. She did think if he married her then he would gain daddy's trust. Kayla sees a look on his face, did she bother him bringing that up? He says no, it's behind them, they shouldn't dwell on the past. He says they've had a walk on the pier, a walk down memory lane, they should head home. Kayla wants to go to the park, but Steve says it's too much. She says it will be fine and drags him off.

They soon end up in the park. Steve makes her sit down, he looks around to make sure nobody is watching them. They end up feeding the squirrels.  Steve tells Kayla how she makes him so happy, how he wants to just hold onto this moment. Kayla says she loves him, Steve says he loves her too. He then thinks about Ava threatening him. Later when Steve hears rustling in the bushes, it makes Steve jumpy. Kayla again asks why he's been acting so jumpy and weird. Steve says maybe he's just squirrelly. He asks if they can go home now. She says yes. 

In her room, Ava is looking at photos of Hope and Steve. She thinks she's Steve's wife. She wants to find out her name. She bangs on her door screaming at her dad to open up and let her out now! She says she knows he'll give in like he always does and let her out. She then says Eddie or George, or whoever it is out there to let her out. There is still no response. She wonders if anyone is even out there. She returns to looking at photos. She decides to learn everything she can about the wife. Later she's throwing a fit and screaming. She asks the person on the other side of the door to slip her a list of the names of the women on the plane. She knows they have it, she'll shut up if they give it to her.  A note is slipped under the door. She reads Kayla's name, but still thinks Hope is Kayla! 

At the hospital, Hope and Shawn are visiting Bo and bringing him magazines. He wants Hope to stop worrying about him. She asks if he's had anything to eat? He shows them jello cups and says kill him now. Shawn says if he can complain then he is getting better. Bo thinks about how he wishes he was on the Fancy Face sailing around the world again. Shawn talks about how it was the best childhood any kid could have. Hope wants them to stop it, they are talking like it's over and it's not. She says they have a lot of happy times ahead of them. Victor walks in and says they do, he can guarantee it. Victor says he found an expert, one who specializes in this area. Bo says and he's having the doctor flown here at great expense. He says no, he's here in town. Victor says the doctor happens to just be in town, he is going to stay and take on the case. Lexie walks in and asks who is taking over her case? Chelsea then walks in, asking if she's interrupting something? Victor tells Lexie the man is only going to help. He says this doctor is a specialist on the pancreas and a special diagnostician. LExie agrees whatever help she can get is good. The doctor then walks in, Victor introduces them to Dr. Daniel Jonas. It's of course the man Chelsea met in the park. Victor introduces him to Bo, Hope, Shawn and of course Chelsea. He also introduces him to Lexie. Hope asks how they know each other? Victor says Daniel's father is an old friend, he's Daniel's godfather. Hope jokes she always thought of him as the godfather type. Victor brags about him and his skills. Daniel says he's no miracle worker. Daniel says he will do his damnest to make sure Bo is around for a long long time.  Daniel asked to be brought up to speed. Lexie tells him what little they know, she believes it's a combination of family history with the pancreas and physical trauma from a recent motorcycle accident. Dr. Daniel asks for his charts, possibly some retesting, but for now he needs some one on one time with Bo. They all leave him.

In the hall, Lexie tells Victor that she appreciates this, but she needs to check this man's credentials. Victor says of course. She wants to make sure Bo is in the best hands and this guy seems unconventional. However if he's as good as Victor says, she'll welcome him. Hope later thanks Victor, even though he doesn't seem like your typical doctor. Victor assures her that he is a genius. Later Daniel goes to talk to Chelsea. She ends up spilling her coffee on his pants. He wonders what she has against his pants. She says she's sorry. She says she has nothing against his pants. He suggests they start over. He says he's Daniel and a doctor. She says she's Chelsea and an idiot. He says no, just a little clumsy. He says he is sorry about her dad. She asks if he's going to be able to make her dad well? She asks him to be honest. Dr. Daniel says he can promise to do his best. He says his best is pretty damn good too. Back in Bo's room, Bo and Hope talk about Dr. Daniel. Bo thinks he's a smart guy, between him and Lexie they have things covered. Bo says things are looking up.


March 5, 2008
Max shows up to meet Nick at the Java Cafe. Max asks what he wants to see him about. Nick says his grant project. He wants to know why Max is trying to screw it up. Max has no idea what he's talking about. Nick says he really wants this grant as it could mean a lot to a lot of people, as well as his career. He wants the support of his friends, especially who he thought was his best friend. Max says he has it. Nick says Morgan told him that he ripped a page out of his notebook . . . why? Max says he needed a piece of paper to write down some numbers on. He says it was just a page with a few scribbles. Nick says it's his main hypothesis and formula. Max says well it's still here, he has it. He gives it to Nick and asks if he talked to his advisor about this yet. Nick says he couldn't without it. Nick asks why he is interested in this. Max claims he's not and says he has things to do and leaves.


Nick later meets with his advisor to go over his grant proposal. The man says it looks good, but one thing seems off. There is a miscalculation, it just happens to be on the page Max took. The advisor tells him not to worry about it, just check and recheck, these things happen. The advisor leaves. Max is lurking in the background. Nick calls Max up. Max answers. Nick again asks why he tore the page out of his notebook. Max claims he just needed a piece of paper, that was all. Nick says he has to go. Nick thinks it must be a coincidence. 

Chelsea is out for a run with Morgan and Stephanie. Chelsea thinks she should be at the hospital. They say she needs to stay healthy herself. Chelsea thanks them for being good friends. Stephanie says they are more than friends, they are sisters. Morgan worries that in a few days they may be at each other's throats. Morgan says they are all going after the same things. Suddenly all their phones ring at ones. They all answer. Stephanie thinks they all got the same calls. Chelsea now sees what she meant that they were all going after the same thing. Chelsea forgot all about this stuff, she's been so caught up with her dad. Chelsea is thinking of not going through with this, she has to focus on her dad now. She tells them good luck, she'll finish her run and go see her dad. Morgan and Stephanie talk to each other about all their interviews they have lined up. They think they are probably both seeing the same companies about jobs as they both like advertising.


Tony shows up to see Anna at her company. She lets him know that she doesn't have time for him, another powwow with John or to go see Stefano. Anna then gets a call, she apparently scored a client. Tony ends up gloating to Anna he knows who that was, they actually called him first about the same account.  She says he couldn't possibly know who she was talking to. He does and describes the account in detail. Tony thinks they could both win if she would leave and come work with him. She says he means work for him. He says no not at all. Anna says then they would be equals, they'd split everything? He says well he does own the firm. She says no thank you then. He says he's crazy about her. She says but she doesn't want to be the window dressing he drags along to meetings. She wants to succeed in her own way on her own terms. He says good luck and leaves. 


Tony returns to work and ends up interviewing Morgan for a job. Morgan is interested in advertising, she hopes to own her own agency one day. Tony likes that Morgan really wants this job. She says she has five other job interviews, she'd cancel them to intern here. He says okay, on the condition she passes a test. He quizzes her on coming up with a slogan for a retail chain and she passes. Tony gives her the job.

Stephanie shows up to interview for an internship at Anna's business. Anna tells Stephanie the truth, this company is barely surviving so she doesn't want to intern here. Anna says unless she can turn this company around then it will probably go under. Anna admits this is more than business, it's personal. She's trying to prove to Tony she can do this. Stephanie asks why she cares what Tony thinks? Anna realizes she's right, she shouldn't be doing this to prove herself to him but to herself. Stephanie asks what she can do to help? Anna likes her enthusiasm, but she doesn't know if she or anyone can help. Anna explains she needs to come up with a ad campaign. Together she and Stephanie come up with a campaign using celebrity look-a-likes. Stephanie really wants the job, so Anna hires her. 


Morgan talks with Chelsea later on the docks. Chelsea is lingering around. Chelsea asks about her interviews. Morgan says she got the job she wanted. She remembers to make a call. She calls Anna up to cancel her interview. Anna says she was about to call her, she gave the job to someone else. Stephanie then shows up, she gets a call from Tony about the position being filled. She says it's okay, she has a job lined up. Tony wishes her luck. Morgan and Stephanie both realize they have jobs with rival firms with Tony and Anna. Chelsea says that means they will be rivals as well.

Anna pays a visit to see Tony. Tony's assistant gives him a run down of his schedule today, which is very busy. Anna tells Tony she just wanted to say she has been establishing her staff, things are going well. Tony tells Anna he loves her and he wants for her to succeed. He says if she wants the new product line account, she can have it. Anna tells Tony she doesn't want or need his charity! She then storms out. 

Marlena shows up at the mansion and finds John still going through Stefano's things. She wish he didn't care so much about Stefano's money. The doorbell rings. John asks Marlena to get it for him. She seems stunned he'd asked, but answers the door. Standing there is Rolf! Marlena doesn't know why Rolf isn't in prison. John says without his testimony there was no case against him. Marlena asks how he could do this after all he's done to him. Marlena says this man can't go free. John says he can't win with her, he thought she'd be happy he did something nice. She asks if John values her opinion at all? He says yes. She asks then why he keeps ignoring her advice. John says listening to her and doing what she says are two different things. MArlena feels Rolf is a danger, but Rolf claims he's not and he doesn't work for Stefano anymore. John asks Marlena why she is here? She says to invite him to a family dinner, her, Belle and Claire. He says he has a lot on his plate and will let her know. Marlena says you do that and storms off. 


John asks Rolf what he makes of Marlena's invitation. Rolf says she loves him. John wonders if he she can even cook. Rolf laughs and says she can't from what he's heard. John wonders how he would know that. Rolf talks about how he tended to John after his hit and run, he mumbled a lot of things while he was out of it. John says things he no longer remembers now. Rolf says it might have been memories or hallucinations. John asks what he'd wear if he went to this shindig? Rolf doesn't know, he's a scientist not a butler. John says wrong! He says Rolf has no job, no where to go, and no opportunities. He's giving him a job as his butler. Rolf has no other job and has to take it. John says he'll have to lose that accent though, it's bugging him. Later Rolf watches as John goes through Stefano's things. He sees the disk containing all John's memories just laying about. Rolf asks what his duties are? John says whatever he wants him to do so he doesn't go back to jail. He realizes Marlena is right, the old John would have left him rotting in jail. Rolf says the old John was a bit of a goody two shoes. John says his thoughts exactly. Rolf however is worried what would happen to him if the old John came back. He says Marlena was right, he'd never see daylight again. John says consider himself lucky that he's not coming back. Rolf says he will take the job. John says good. He tells him to go to the lab and shut it down and lock it up. Rolf says it's his life work. John says shut it down, bring him the key or go back to jail. Rolf says he'll do it. John leaves to go eat and exercise some. Once he's gone, Rolf gets into Stefano's safe and gets some things out. Rolf thinks for his sake, the old John better remain gone. (I think he puts the CD into the safe, not sure).

At the pub, Caroline is clearing and setting things up. A person walks in, Caroline says they aren't open yet. It's Victor, he was hoping she'd sell him a cup of coffee. She thinks that she can do. Victor and Caroline are both worried about Bo. Caroline asks him what really brought him here so early? He needs someone to talk to and he thought of her. Victor thinks he shouldn't be bothering her with this now. Caroline says sometime the best way to get over your own troubles is to talk to someone about them. Victor says lately he's been short tempered and snapping with everyone. He says he's been reminded about Isabella, he misses her and can't bear losing his son the same way he lost her.


Marlena heads to the pub and checks on Caroline. She asks if there is any word on Bo? Caroline says no change. Caroline asks Marlena what she can get her? Marlena says just some tea. Caroline asks about John. Marlena says he's not himself at all, it's frustrating. Caroline says she is going to concentrate on her work to keep her mind off her troubles, maybe Marlena should do the same. Marlena says she's been thinking about that. She even would like to take on new patients. Victor is still there, Caroline seems to get an idea.  Marlena goes over to to talk with Victor, who is still thinking about Isabella.  Marlena says given what he's going through with Bo, it's understandable. Victor says he never came to terms with Isabella's death. Marlena says they call it closure. She offers to help him. She says come see her for one session. She says if it's not helpful then they'll stop. Victor says he just may do that. 



March 6, 2008

Lexie brings Bo back to his room. Lexie thinks Bo is in pretty good spirits after being poked and prodded. He says most patients don't get a limo ride back by the Chief of Staff. She says well he's special. Lexie says Hope and Chelsea will be back soon. Lexie knows Bo is being upbeat for Hope and Chelsea, he can drop that act with her. He admits his stomach hurts a lot and all the time. Lexie wants to keep him off the pain meds if he can stand it, but she'll prescribe something if it gets too bad. Bo tells Lexie that everyone got excited over the doctor. Bo tells Lexie that he couldn't make it through this without her. Lexie thanks him and says that means the world to him. Bo says they've been through a lot together, but this is the toughest jam he's ever been in. Lexie says she won't lie, this won't be easy. She also says Dr. Jonas is a big asset. Bo says he'd feel better if she kept an eye on him. She says she will.


Hope runs into Chelsea on the pier. Hope asks how she's doing? Is she okay? Chelsea says she's just down here thinking. Chelsea says she misses Grandpa. She says about dad, she doesn't know what she'll do if he doesn't make it. Hope says he will make it, they won't lose him. Chelsea says she's right, dad will pull through this. Chelsea knows she hurt both her dad and Hope with all the stupid things she did, and she's sorry. Hope says that is in the past. Chelsea wishes she had told Grandpa she loved him more. Hope says he knew. Chelsea says if dad makes it through this then she won't let that opportunity be missed. Hope says her father is a fighter. Chelsea says Dr. Jonas seems confident. Hope wishes she knew more about him, he is a stranger.  Dr. Jonas just happens to show up. He says they met the other day, now they are meeting again. He says technically they aren't strangers.  Dr. Jonas promises he will do his best to save Hope's husband. She thanks him. She tells him that Victor and Bo haven't had the best past and Victor hasn't always been honorable. Daniel knows, but Victor does want Bo to get well. He tells them to just trust him. Chelsea says she does, she trusts him completely.


Hope and Chelsea return to see Bo at the hospital. Meanwhile Daniel talks with Lexie about Bo's latest tests. Bo asks Lexie if Abe can come visit him, maybe bring him some paper work. He says he has to do something to feel useful. Lexie says all he has to do is get well. Bo won't let this go, if LExie doesn't call then he will. Later Abe shows up and brings Bo some work. He brings him cold cases to look over. Victor shows up and finds Bo reading work. Victor thinks he shouldn't be working. Bo says it's just paperwork. Bo gets pains, so Lexie tells everyone to go out. She says he just needs rest and it will be okay. Everyone watches through a window and Daniel and Lexie look him over. Victor assures Hope and Chelsea that Dr. Jonas is the best. Chelsea knows, but she won't let the opportunity to tell her family how she feels slip by. She tells Victor she loves him. He says he loves her too and they hug. 

Meanwhile the latest tests aren't good. His pancreas is still shutting down, if they can't stop it . . . Lexie tells Daniel they have to stop it. Lexie tells Hope that Bo is resting right now. Victor meanwhile thanks Daniel for what he's doing. Victor has to attend to business but will be back. Victor leaves. Chelsea tells Daniel that he's not used to showing this much emotion. Chelsea asks Daniel how her dad is doing? He says he just got a little worn out. Chelsea asks if he'll die? Daniel says not on his watch. Meanwhile Lexie tells Hope that they can't let him get that over worked again. Hope asks Lexie to be honest, what are his chances. Lexie says it doesn't look good. 


Later Abe asks Lexie if she's okay? She says she gave Hope difficult news. Abe feels she's too close to the case. Lexie promised Bo she'd be here for him.  Hope goes in and sits with Bo, who is asleep. She tells him that he can beat this, she knows he can. She says he's a fighter so fight. She says she loves him. Chelsea watches from outside as Daniel reads a report. Chelsea says they are so in love after all these years. She hopes she gets to experience that one day. 

At the pub, EJ and Sami show up with the twins to see Caroline. She even dressed them in the outfits she got them. Caroline says Johnny's getting so big. She wishes Shawn could see them. Johnny begins crying, Sami says he needs his bottle. Caroline decides to feed the twins. EJ and Sami sit down to order. Sami tells EJ they have to talk about his problem with the US government. EJ says he thinks he has the situation pretty much in hand. Sami says if he doesn't have a way to figure this out then the government will deport him. The food comes and EJ starts teasing her. She doesn't like tomatoes, but she does like ketchup. He says that is illogical, but that is Sami. EJ puts vinegar on his fries, which Sami thinks is disgusting. She tells him that they still need to talk about the government. Suddenly a man from immigration shows up to see EJ. He says it's been hard to find him. EJ says he was in a safe house, he put a criminal behind bars, his father. EJ doesn't seem to hit it off with the agent, who lets EJ know his charm is just rolling right off his back. The man asks to speak with EJ alone. Sami says no, but he tells her to go away. Sami says well fine, and she wishes EJ good luck.


EJ and the man sit down to talk. The man asks if EJ is employed. He says no, not now, but he is married to Sami and that is a job. EJ thinks that he's married to Sami, that must help him stay. The man says that sometimes those marriages are in name only. EJ says but they share a child, so that shows it's not a marriage in name only. He thinks problems over. The man says actually no, they are just beginning. HE says the government is clearing out undesirables, including DiMeras. EJ says he's been disowned, but the man says that is just what EJ may want them to believe. Sami walks out and says it's true. The man says he still doesn't believe them, and as far as the government is concerned, the sooner the DiMeras leave the better. 


The man soon decides to interview Sami, and he wants EJ to leave. EJ however hangs around in the back. The man asks Sami if she married for love? She says what kind of question is that? Why do people get married. He says lots of reasons, many illegal. The man knows she was married to Lucas Horton when she got pregnant with twins. He says there is also a scandal that Mr. DiMera forced her into having sex and then into this marriage. He asks if that is true? She asks what he's accusing her of, as it sounds like he's accusing her of being a slut. He says that he is saying he thinks she and Mr. DiMera didn't marry for love. Sami goes off on a rampage on the man, wondering if he's ever been in love. As she's yelling at him that he's probably never been in love, everyone in the bar turns to look at Sami! Sami says if he's lucky that someday someone will love him half as much as EJ loves her. She tells him this is her families' establishment so get out. The man says he will, but he'll come back with an order for her husband to leave the country. After he leaves, EJ returns and tells Sami she was brilliant. Sami tell him though this is far from over.  Ej promises Sami that he'll do everything he can to stay in the country. He says he'll get a job and prove his past as a DiMera is in the past. He asks Sami if he has her help?


Steve arrives at the station to see Abe. Abe is expecting a fax about Ava any moment. He also says the FAA report came in on the crash, there is no way to link it to anyone. Abe says they need solid evidence against Ava. Steve says they have to find her. Suddenly Kayla shows up. She was seeing Bo at the hospital and came to talk to him. Steve thought she was staying home and resting. She says yeah she can't, she wants to help Bo. She is a doctor, so she wants to go back to work. Steve says no, she has to stay home. He doesn't want her to get tired or stressed, it's not good for the baby. Kayla says she'll watch out for herself. She asks Steve why he's so insistent she stay home . . .what is really going on? She asks why he wants her to stay home? He says he's just worried about her and the baby. She says well trust her that she's getting rest and taking all her vitamins. He tells Kayla they are expecting a fax here, so he leaves to check on it. Kayla, once alone, makes a call to someone, saying she has everything all lined up. When Steve returns, Kayla confronts him. She knows he's keeping something from her and she doesn't like it. He tells her to just trust him. She says she does, but he doesn't trust her. Kayla tells Steve she just called the hospital, she's going back to work and there is nothing he can do about it. Steve says okay, just promise him that she'll be careful. They hug. Kayla then leaves for the hospital. Steve then makes a call to someone to have a guard put on his wife! 


Ava is still locked in her room looking at the photo of Hope. A man brings her food. She asks to leave, to go to a restaurant. The man says her father won't let that happen, and if she would stop running away then maybe he'd trust her. He says her father doesn't trust her after Ireland. She says that isn't her fault, they botched the job. Ava asks the man, Eddie, if he won't let her out to sneak her a computer. He says no way. She says he just wants to find out more about Patch. She says she just needs to check him out. Eddie says no more sneaking out. Eddie then leaves. Ava yells they can't keep her in here forever! Ava wonders what Kayla/Hope has that she doesn't. She remembers a day at the beach with Steve long ago. Ava never thought she could be this happy and she didn't know what she'd do without him. Ave returns to her photos. She's stabbing the one of Hope, saying if she was let out then she could take care of everything. Eddie returns and asks if she's done with her meal? She says  yes and begins crying about how she's so lonely. Eddie says her dad loves her, he'd do anything for her. Eddie says she has him and George too, so there is no reason be lonely. Ava says people let caged animals out once in a while and even take dogs for walks. She begs Eddie to help her out. He says if it means that much, he may have found a way. She hugs him and says he's her only friend.


March 7 , 2008

Steph runs into Max on the docks. He's doing his community service for the hiding Ford's body fiasco. She wants to tell him her news, but he's down about what is going on with his pop, so she doesn't. Later she goes to the pub where she runs into Caroline. Caroline thinks Stephanie should have told Max what was going on, not to be afraid to share her happy news. Stephanie says she will tell him, and she thought he'd be here. Caroline says he makes a stop every day before he comes in to work.

Max has stopped at the cemetery to see Shawn's grave. He talks about how Shawn adopted him when he was little, how his birth father was not a nice man at all. He says he always got into trouble as a kid and pop was always there for him. He says recently he got himself into a little more trouble, but he thinks pop would be proud of how he handled things. Max says he did it for love, he'd do anything for this girl. He soon talks about how he hates the fact that he doesn't have the Brady blood in him, that he has this other guy's blood. Stephanie has shown up and tells Max that his dad loved him, he was his son in every way. She says he was proud of him, and Max should be proud of the joy he brought him. Max has some old Irish coin Shawn used to do the normal coin tricks with to impress him. When he got to old for them, Shawn gave it to him. Max keeps it in his pocket and will until he has someone to pass it on to. Max walks off. Stephanie says she is really falling in love with Max and she should probably tell him soon.

Phillip meets Chloe at the pub. He confronts her on her phone call, which he taped and translated. HE knows she threatened to kill Brady. He wants to know if she really did it? She says no and it was just a figure of speech. She says he's probably said things similar to Shawn but didn't mean it. She loves Brady and wants to find him to work things out, or at least have the chance to. He also wants her to find Brady, because maybe if she gets some closure she can move on. She says well if he is thinking she'll move on to him then forget it, she knows it will only be about sex as he's still in love with Belle. He claims he's not, he's moved on, he wants her to as well. She says he's so arrogant, one thing about Brady was he never played into that Kiriakis gene. Phillip lets Chloe know he is like his dad, and he is the boss, so she needs to behave. He says if she makes more calls, he will find out. He calls her a brat and says he might have to spank her! She tells him to go to hell and storms off. Phillip says he thinks he'll stay here and watch her life implode. She returns, only because she forgot her jacket. He tells her that he's sorry, but she does need to be honest with him from here on out. He reminds her that he's really the only friend she has. He then leaves. She says if he knew what happened before Brady disappeared, he wouldn't be her friend.

At Chez Rouge, Kate has a meeting with a businessman, it apparently goes well. Chelsea shows up later and Kate is glowing, she feels she's holding the world in her hand. She's apparently starting up a new company. Later Dr. Daniel Jonas arrives, Chelsea introduces him to Kate. He sits down for a bit. Chelsea apparently has learned a lot about him and tells this all to Kate, how he loves surfing and stuff. She asks if he'll stay in Salem after the stuff with her dad is over? He doubts it, he'll probably move on. However you never know. He says it was nice seeing her and meeting Kate. He heads to his own table. Kate thinks Chelsea is a bit taken with the doctor. Chelsea says no, she is with Nick. She then switches the topic to Kate's new company. Kate needs a campaign to announce it, she's thinking of using either Tony or Anna to help. Chelsea says both her best friends work there, so she's afraid a rivalry might form. Later Daniel sends drinks over. Kate again can't help but think he might like Chelsea too. Chelsea says again she's with Nick, and she doesn't even know if Daniel is married. Kate says only one way to find out! She gets up and goes over to Daniel. She thanks him for the drinks, but what might his wife think? He says she wouldn't like it, but fortunately he's not married. She says good to know and returns to Chelsea, who is mortified. Again Chelsea says it doesn't matter, she's with Nick. Kate says well in case something happens with Nick . . . . Kate tells her there is nothing wrong with going after a guy who has both money and promise!

Shawn meets BElle at the pub. He has a surprise and asks her to come with him. He takes her to the park where he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him again. She of course says yes. He says he wants to do it right here and now. He recites his vows again and pledges his love for her. She does the same. Shawn says this is a new start for them. With Dr. Jonas on his dad's case, he's optimistic about the future. He later tells her how he's been thinking about his mom and dad sailing around the world when he was young, how it was such an amazing time for him. BElle really wants Claire to respect them the way Shawn does his parents. She suggests they should do the boat thing to. Shawn loves the idea. He says as soon as they know his dad is better they'll do it.


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