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2nd  Week of March 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


March 10-
At the DiMera mansion, Rolf tells John how he has wine cooling as well as juice for the cute little one. Dinner is also ready. John just wants this over with, so when they show up get the hors'd'ouerves out. The doorbell rings and Rolf shows Marlena, Shawn, Belle and Claire in. John tells them right on time, he's been looking forward to this. Rolf takes the guests coats to hang them up. Belle just can't get used to him living here. Shawn says it's as if Stefano might wander out and arrest them for trespassing. John says Stefano is in permanent hibernation and this estate and everything here is his now. Shawn says he's really making himself comfortable here. John thanks them for switching family dinner night to his place, he thinks they'll be more comfortable. Marlena says they are glad to see him, and they brought a gift. It's a photo album of the family. John says nice, but no thank you. She asks why he won't look at them? He says they don't mean anything to them. Belle says if he doesn't look then he might not remember, doesn't he want to remember? John says not really. Shawn gets him to look at it by saying there are photos of Claire in it. John says he fights dirty! John looks through the book and makes comments like adorable, fantastic. In one picture form the 80s he asks about his hair, what was wrong with it. Belle says it was the 80s, he had bad hair. He comes to a photo of him and Marlena. He seems touched, but says he doesn't remember and that is why he knew this would be a waste. He then storms out of the room.


Belle goes out to get her dad. He says he is not who they want him to be. She says she knows, and she's sorry. He says but the keep pushing him. She says he doesn't understand, they thought he was dead. She says now they have him back, but only physically. He says that isn't his problem. She says this isn't the real him. He says it is, she's living in a fantasy world if she thinks that will change. Belle says fine be the new John, but he'll find out he's a pretty lonely guy. Claire runs out to be with Popop, which John says is okay. Belle then leaves them.

Belle returns to Shawn and her mom. Marlena had hoped Belle would get through to John. Shawn says it's not her fault he wants to be who he wants to be. Marlena thinks maybe it is. . . . She says they have to ease up on dad, he has to know they love him, but stop pushing. Belle doesn't think he cares that they love him, but Marlena thinks he does. Belle hates Stefano for what he did to her dad. They all find Rolf looking. Shawn and Belle wonder if he can get the old John back. Rolf says he can't, the procedure is irreversible. Shawn doesn't believe him and thinks if they strap him down he'll remember. Rolf thinks dinner is burning and runs off.


John sits with Claire. He wishes Marlena would be more like Claire, accepting him for who he is now. He thinks they are all talking about him and tries to get Claire to go spy for him. She doesn't seem to understand that concept. 


John soon returns with Claire. He says the appetizers will be in soon. Marlena says so dinner is back on? He says Claire is hungry and he's sorry for leaving. Rolf shows up and finds Belle playing with the chess set. Rolf says that belongs to Stefano! John says actually it's his, as is everything else in this house. Rolf leaves. Belle tells Shawn he is creepy. John says yes, he is strange. Marlena smiles when he says this. Belle and Shawn play chess, Marlena likes seeing them enjoy each other. They say it's a new beginning and they are making plans for the future. Marlena asks about it? Belle says they are going to wait until Bo is a bit better to tell all. Marlena can't wait to hear. Marlena tells them that she's going back to work and adding some more patients, she wants to focus on others problems for a change. Shawn asks John about his plans for the future? John says he has plans. Belle asks what they are? John says as Claire would say, for him to know and you to find out. Claire runs over to give John a hug. Marlena asks John what he's talking about? JOhn says he's found out he understands a lot of the family business while going through Stefano's papers. He says lately Stefano let the business slide, he was probably too busy messing with people's minds. He wants to rebuild the business, starting with the shipping lines. Rolf announces that dinner is ready. They all head into the dinning room. Belle tells Shawn that she wants her dad back! Later Shawn gets a call from his mom, telling him to get to the hospital. 

In some alleyway, Steve meets with a man named Parker, who apparently is looking for Ava for him. Parker however isn't laying his life on the line for Steve, he won't mess with Ava's dad. Steve reminds Parker that he owes him.  Stephanie soon shows up, she saw his car parked out on the road. She wonders what her dad is doing here. Parker decides to go, but says he'll be in touch. Stephanie asks who that was? Steve tries to lie that he's working an undercover case, but Stephanie knows he's lying as that guy called him Patch. She asks if he's on drugs? Was that a dealer? Steve asks how she can say that. She says he's been acting strange. Stephanie knows something is going on here. She realizes her dad is hiding something to protect mom and the baby, but she is fine so tell her what is going on. Steve and Stephanie sit down. He explains that man is someone he knew years ago. He says he has information on a person they both knew. He explains that when he escaped from Stefano, he got involved with a crime family. Not only that, he got involved with the daughter of the head guy. Stephanie says the mafia bosses daughter! Steve says he eventually left her, and she wasn't happy. He says she's tracked him down and wants revenge or him back. Steve says he has a guard on her mama, he wants one on her too. Stephanie says they have to tell mom about this and right now.  Steve doesn't want to. Stephanie can't believe he was with another woman. Steve says he didn't have any memory of mom at the time and he didn't love this woman Ava. He says it happened a long time ago, before he thought he was Nick Stockton.  Stephanie says mom will be so upset. She tells her dad if he doesn't tell mom then she will. Steve says they can't tell her now, she has a high risk pregnancy. He asks Stephanie to just give him time to get it all under control. He tells her that he'll protect their family, let him handle it. Stephanie asks how he could get involved with these people. He says he didn't know who he was, he was lost. He says he's back where he belongs and nothing means more to him than her, her mom and the baby. Steve apologizes for getting them into this mess.  She forgives him. She also asks if he has feelings for her? Steve says no, his heart belongs to her mom. Stephanie doesn't like lying to mom, but this could put the baby at risk. Steve would like her to leave town for awhile, but she won't. She has a lot going on, plus she wants to stay help watch mom. Steve says he'll still have a guard put on her. Later Steve gets a call from Kayla telling him to get to the hospital.


At the hospital, Kayla tells Lexie they should do some research of their own and find a way to help Bo. Daniel is off on his own, he prefers to work that way. Kayla decides to call a specialist in Zurich she knows, he may have more insight for them. Kayla makes the call, the doctor suggests she check out a new website. Kayla does and finds a radical procedure that involves transplanting a pancreas using a living donor. It's only been performed a few times, and as it turns out Daniel was the first to ever perform it. 


Bo is still in pain. Hope is with him. Bo tells Hope they have to accept that his pancreas is failing and they may not be able to fix it. Bo remembers how Isabella died way too young. Hope says she had cancer, he doesn't. Bo says the end result might be the same. Bo tells Hope they have to prepare themselves for the possibility. Hope tells him not to give up on her. He says he will fight with all he's got, but he doesn't know how much time he has left. Hope and Bo talk about their past, how they both grew up a lot together. Hope has been doing a lot of time thinking about sailing around the world in the fancy face. We see flashbacks of them sailing off together years ago. Bo remembers how she felt in his arms, she took his breath away and still does. Hope says they were great times and they'll have more. Bo isn't so sure.  Hope won't let him talk like this. Bo says if he doesn't make it then he doesn't want her to be alone. They continue to argue about this until Bo ends up flatlining! 


Lexie and Kayla rush in to save Bo. Kayla takes Hope out of the room while Lexie uses the paddles on Bo. Lexie soon saves him, he's back and breathing. Lexie comes out and tells Hope that he's not stable, but he's back. Hope goes in to see him. Kayla tells Lexie they are running out of time, they have to consider the surgery. Lexie agrees. Kayla goes to get Hope and tells her that they need to talk. Kayla tells Hope that she and Lexie found an operation that might save Bo. She says it's pretty radical, but they don't have many options at this point. Kayla says it might be Bo's only shot. Kayla explains Dr. Jonas has done the surgery before, not many have. Kayla says they also have to find a donor. Hope wants to hear more about it. Kayla says she'll page Dr. Jonas. Later Lexie tells Hope she should call the family, this might be their last chance to say goodbye. Hope says okay. Lexie gives her a hug. The show ends with Hope laying next to Bo. 


March 11, 2008
John and Marlena arrive at the hospital. John doesn't know why he's here. Marlena says he was a close friend of Bo's and his cousin. John forgot about the Brady part. She says maybe because he's focused on becoming all DiMera. John says it bothers her that he has control of the money doesn't it. Marlena says it bothers her that he's excited about it. She asks if he'll come to see Bo? He says in a bit. He says he doesn't like hospitals, he's going to get some air.

Steve and Stephanie arrive to see Bo. He sends Stephanie to Bo's room as he sees someone sipping coffee. He goes over and asks why he's not protecting his wife? Stephanie eavesdrops as Steve tells him that he's not being paid to drink coffee, go watch his wife. He leaves and Stephanie asks her dad if he's the one watching mom or her? Steve says it's her mom's guy. Steve says this is just a precaution. Stephanie asks where the guy watching her is? Steve says he's a professional, she's not supposed to see him. However if she is in trouble, he'll be there.


Lexie, Kayla and Dr. Jonas all talk in the hall about Bo. Kayla wants to know why Dr. Jonas didn't mention this procedure before. He says he's lost as many patients as he's saved, and it is risky for the patient and the donor. Kayla says it may be the only thing to save him. Victor walks up and says then he has to do it. Shawn and Chelsea show up, as does Phillip. They all want to know about this operation. Dr. Jonas explains that this is a radical procedure, it may not be doable. Victor wants to try it. Jonas suggests they talk privately about this. Shawn just wants the truth. Jonas says he understands they are desperate to save Bo, but he's not about to do something that makes things worse. He walks off.


Shawn and Chelsea ask Victor if Dr. Jonas is as good as he says? Victor says he is. Phillip says what is important here is that Bo get well. Shawn and Chelsea go to see Bo. Phillip talks to his dad, he has some things to run by him. It might take his mind off things. Victor tells Phillip to handle it, nothing will take his mind off this.

Kayla, Lexie and Jonas talk about the procedure. Daniel Jonas explains that this is a huge risk, two people could die. Lexie and Kayla both feel they need to do the operation. Dr. Jonas says he's not on staff, so they can't make him do it. Kayla asks how he can just let her brother die. Daniel won't, but he needs them to know the downside. He says Bo isn't the only one at risk, the donor is too. Kayla thinks anyone who loves Bo would do this. Daniel says there are a number of compatibility and matching criteria that must be matched. Kayla says then they should draw blood and look. Daniel says if Bo and Hope agree then he'll do it. 

Max goes to the chapel to light a candle and say a prayer. Caroline is there praying. Max joins her in saying the rosary.  Max says they need to go check on things. Caroline breaks down saying they can't lose him too. Stephanie shows up, she says they found a new procedure they might try. Max suggests they all go see if they can find anything. Stephanie stays behind though to say a prayer of her own. She says one for Bo and for her mom and dad. 

Hope tells Bo that Lexie and Kayla may have found a way to help him. She tells him to drink some water and try and relax. Shawn and Chelsea go in to see Bo. He knows he's fighting to stay alive, having his family here means a lot to him. Belle walks in with Ciara saying another member of his family wants to see him. Bo begins to cry when he sees Ciara, who he calls his little princess. Belle decides to take her back to Alice's. Bo is once again in pain. Phillip shows up asking for a minute or two with Bo. Hope doesn't want to leave, but Bo says it's okay and tells Hope to stretch her legs.


Bo asks Phillip if he has something he wants to say to him. Phillip says he does, pull threw this, fight like hell. Bo says so they are going to start acting like brothers now? Phillip says he knows they grew up differently with different sets of parents. Bo says and whole different set of values. Phillip says that is because of who their fathers were. Phillip says Shawn was a great man and so is Bo. Bo says he's saying this because he thinks he's dying. Phillip says he won't die. Bo says if he is, money and power won't stop it. Phillip is realizing money and power aren't the most important thing, family is. Bo says he doesn't act that way. Phillip says he knows that trying to take Belle from Shawn was wrong, but he did love her. However he's backed off, he respects Shawn and he respects Bo. Phillip tells Bo to get well, if he does he can tell him whenever he thinks he's acting like a jerk.

In the hall, Hope tells Marlena that Bo is getting weaker by the minute. He's trying to be strong for her, but she might lose him. Hope returns to Bo's room and Phillip heads out. Before he goes, Bo thanks him. Bo thought Hope was going to get food. Hope says they are getting her tea. Bo says she needs food. Hope says they'll eat when he gets out of this place. Bo asks what is up with those doctors?

Phillip later talks with Chelsea and Shawn. He says he's sorry for what they are going through. Belle shows up, she says Maggie and Alice both want to come by and see Bo later. Caroline, Max and Stephanie soon show up. Caroline asks what is going on, Stephanie says they had a new idea that could help Bo. They others say they don't know anything yet. Max and Caroline go in to see Bo.


Caroline tells Bo to hang in there, the doctors have something to help him. Max offers to get anyone anything. He says he's helping out at the pub and he'll offer to do anything for anyone else. He says he can even do laundry for them. He jokes he learned how to do it trying to pick up girls at the laundromat. Caroline asks if Bo is in pain? He says only a little when he laughs. Max says he'll shut up then and heads out.

Victor finds John outside smoking a Cuban cigar. He offers one to Victor, but Victor says no thanks. John says he's sorry about what he's going through, it's a tough break. Victor asks if he means that? John says he means everything he says. He says he's running Stefano's business holdings. He knows that Stefano and Victor had an arrangement, but it's all about to change. Victor says his son may be dying, this isn't the time or place to discuss business. John says nothing lasts forever, including his arrangement with Stefano involving the shipping docks. John says Stefano didn't care about what went in and out of the port, he does. Victor realizes John is threatening to play hardball regarding his shipping empire, why is he giving him this heads up? John says he's not manipulative like his half-brother, he lays it out for the world to see. Victor says he and Stefano had a deal. He tells John that he knows what Stefano did to him, that he turned him into this Robot that his Isabella never would have loved. He says so he wants to be a hot shot mogul? John says he's a quick learner. Victor says not quick enough and walks off.


Marlena shows up, she thinks he upset Victor. He claims he was trying to take his mind off things. Marlena is glad John is still here. She explains about the procedure. John says he's already been through this when Stefano stole his kidney. She wants him to come with her. He says whatever. John however wants to finish his cigar, he doesn't want to waste it. She grabs it, snuffs it out and says light it again later!

Kayla talks to Steve and tells him about the procedure. Steve says he loves Bo like a brother, but she's pregnant, she can't be the donor. Kayla knows, she won't be tested. However she will help with the testing. Steve asks how soon before they know if there is a match? Kayla says it's not that easy. She says she just needs to get everything set up for the testing. 

Phillip talks with his dad, he sees Victor is stressed. Victor tells Phillip that John Black is going to be trouble. He can't deal with this now, but as soon as Bo is well, they need to form a strategy.

Lexie and Daniel talk with Victor, Shawn, Chelsea and Phillip. Daniel asks Shawn to get Hope, he needs to talk to her about this alone.  He goes into his dad's room to get his mom. Bo asks what is going on? Shawn says they need mom to sign something. Hope goes out to the hall with him. Everyone has now gathered. Daniel explains the transplant. He says unlike the liver, the pancreases won't regenerate. He says a person can live with half of one though. He wants to transplant a partial pancreases to Bo. In many cases it jumpstarts the recipient. Hope asks what about the donor? He says they can live a normal life or suffer serious issues. This is why it's serious and they have to know what they are getting into. He says if the operation fails then Bo will die, the donor might too. Hope asks how many patients have survived? Dr. Daniel says each case is unique, he won't compare them. Everyone offers to be tested. Dr. Daniel also lets them know that certain things will rule them out, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. John and Marlena show up. John tells them they should go for this. Victor asks why he cares? John says he doesn't really care, that makes him objective. John says the doctor is the best and there is no alternative. Marlena tells him to be a little sensitive! Lexie says the only alternative is to continue to find out why his pancreases is shutting down and find an alternative method of treatement. John says the chips are on the table, they have to go for broke. Victor agrees. Shawn does too, so Hope says start the testing.


Hope goes in to tell Bo what is going on, how they might save him. Bo says no way though, he won't let anyone put their life at risk for him. Hope says it's not up to him. Bo says this is too dangerous. Hope says everyone know has offered to be tested knows the risks. They are doing it for him. Caroline tells Bo not to give up, his father died to save him. She says she can't lose another member of this family.

All of Bo's family heads back to the chapel to pray for him. Even John shows up at the chapel. Meanwhile in the lab the doctors are going over the blood samples from the donors trying to find a match.  Back in Bo's room, Hope stays with Bo. 


March 12, 2008
At the hospital, Kayla is in with Bo and Hope. Chelsea visits briefly to see how Bo is doing and then heads to class. Bo tells Hope he's glad he was able to spend time with everyone and say goodbye. Hope won't hear this kind of talk, neither will Kayla. Bo still doesn't want to let the donor put their life at risk for him. Again Hope and Kayla explain that everyone who volunteered knows the risks and what they are doing. Kayla tells Bo that all his tests say no change, which in this case is a good thing. She decides to go check on Lexie and Daniel. She gives Bo a kiss, he says you know it's bad when your sister kisses you like that! Later Bo tells Hope that he knows she doesn't want to hear it, but he doesn't have much time, he can feel it. She doesn't want to hear it. He says whatever happens remember how much he loves her. She says he will get better, she doesn't know what she'd do without him. He hopes she never has to find out.  Later when he's asleep, Hope tells Bo he can't leave her, she won't let him.


In the hallway, Stephanie shows up and tells her dad she ditched her guard. The guard calls up, apparently to tell Steve he lost his daughter. He knows, she's right here. HE says he's fired! Stephanie says her dad didn't have to do that, but Steve says obviously he's a lousy guard. Stephanie tells her dad that she doesn't need a guard. She just wants him to take care of mom and the baby. He says he will. Steve asks about Max. Stephanie says things are going good and she was just about to go see him.


In the lab, Lexie and Daniel are still looking for a match. Lexie is furious with Daniel for not telling them about the procedure earlier, it could have bought them the time they needed to find a match. Daniel again points out it's experimental. Also that if Bo's pancreas doesn't kill him, the operation could. Lexie knows both Bo and the donor are at risk. She loses it and breaks down. Daniel asks if she and Bo are good friends? She says yes, and she can't imagine her life, Abe's any of their lives without him. Abe shows up so Daniel leaves. Abe feels Lexie needs a break from this, at least for a second. H suggests they go pick up Theo from school, he asked why she didn't come home last night. She says that's fighting dirty. He knows. Lexie says she can't take a break until the work is done and they find a donor. Abe says that is what he used to say to her when she told him he worked to hard. She feels she has to do this, to make up for the years of pain her father caused the Bradys. Abe says they don't blame her for that. He decides he'll bring Theo here after school to see her. She thanks him.

Steve runs into Kayla in the hallway. He decides she looks tired, he wants her to take the day off. She says she can't do that, Bo needs her. Daniel shows up and Steve asks him if his pregnant wife can have the day off to rest. Daniel says he and Lexie have the lab work under control, she should go, they'll call if they need her. Steve says good and drags Kayla off with him.


Steve takes Kayla home where he has a lunch prepared as well as herb tea for her and the baby. She really says she needs to get back to hospital. Steve however wants her to rest and take care of herself and this baby. Kayla calls this baby their miracle, though him coming back was a miracle too. She says they've had so many, she just hopes Bo and Hope get their miracle.

Down on the docks, Max is working and Nick shows up. Nick confronts him again about his grant. Max again says that he just needed a piece of paper to write something on, that was it. Nick feels like Max might be out to ruin his career. Max says why, because Nick has everything going for him and he has nothing? Nick says it sounds like Max is jealous of him, which he doesn't understand. Nick says he's Max Brady, girls love him, he was a famous race car driver. Max says the operative word is was. Max talks about getting involved with Jeremy, how it cost him everything, how he looks to the future and realizes he has no plans. Nick didn't know he was feeling this way. He says one good thing came out of the whole airplane fiasco, he reconnected with Stephanie. Max tells Nick if he has to go to go, he doesn't have to hang around and cheer him up.


Chelsea and Stephanie soon show up. Stephanie brought max some chowder from the pub. He thanks her, but doesn't think she needs to be doing this. He says she's in college, in a sorority, she's got a great internship and is probably looking to get a great job. He thinks she's as busy as he is. She asks if he's breaking up with her? He thinks she can do better. She says he is amazing and not to talk like this. She says she won't let him break up with her. Max asks about Bo, she says there is no news. HE was hoping someone would cut his family a break. She says her parents could use good news too. He asks why? Is something wrong? Stephanie says it's just her mom is pregnant, it's a high risk pregnancy. She also admits something else is going on, but she can't talk about it, it's her dad's thing. Chelsea plans to go for coffee, but Stephanie says she'll do it and takes off.

Nick talks with Chelsea, some of her homework is wrong. Chelsea isn't focused, she's thinking about her dad. She hopes she can be the one to help him, that she's the match. Nick says her dad will get better and he is here for her. Meanwhile Max sneaks a look at Nick's grant again and starts erasing things and changing them. Stephanie returns asking Max what is going on? 


Marlena is talking with Miles, the doctor from the hospital who was John's doctor (Kayle Brown from Another Wolrd). They are working on a hospital fundraiser. John shows up with another man. Miles can't believe it, it's really true. Marlena and Miles go to see John. John introduces Paul Hollingsworth. Marlena knows of him and his reputation. Miles is just in shock. Marlena explains Miles was his doctor, and she tells Miles that Stefano somehow brought John back from the dead. Miles can't believe this, he double checked, he followed all proper procedures. Marlena tells Miles that nobody blames him. John says speak for yourself! Miles has to go but tells John it's good seeing him. He holds out his hand, which John refuses to shake. Marlena asks John what he's up to? John asks her to join them for breakfast and find out.


Marlena, John and Paul sit down. John asks Paul, who is a customs worker, how the shipping schedule at the docks work. He asks about delays, if things get delayed . . . possibly on purpose. He wonders if Paul has ever delayed something? Paul says no, and he has to cut this meeting short. He heads out. Marlena tells John that she knows what he's doing, he wants to bribe that man to delay Victor's shipments and let John's go through. She asks why he'd do that to  Victor? The man was his father-in-law, he loved his daughter, they named Belle after her. John says some of the many things he's forgotten. He just wants to expand his shipping enterprises, that is all. Marlena says her John was a savvy businessman who didn't have to undermine a competitor. John says that isn't what he's doing, he wouldn't know how to do that. She says he's more savvy than he lets on. She says he wants people to think he's a robot whose mind and soul has been sucked out. However she knows he's smart, that she doesn't know him anymore and his behavior frightens her. He says well he doesn't know her  either and she scares the hell out of him. Marlena smiles at that. She says he doesn't know her because he won't try. John says this is the new John, she should pretend the old one did die. She can't do that, which he doesn't understand. She hopes he'll try to understand and rethink what he's doing.

Marlena leaves and makes a call to Phillip. She says they need to meet and talk, she has to warn him about something at the docks.


John goes to meet with Paul down at the docks, but apparently Marlena has followed him. She confronts him as she knows what he's here for. She says giving bribes is against the law, that is why he's here. She tells him not to do it. He says if he does? She says she'll turn him over to the authorities! John says knock herself out. She tells him this is crossing a line he won't come back from. He asks what he has to come back to? She says her, all of her. She pulls him into a kiss! He seems unaffected and still plans to go in. However he doesn't and walks off. She sighs in relief. 


March 13, 2008
At Ava's place, she's looking at a photo of Hope with Patch. Eddie tells her that they've been looking into this, the woman in that photo is someone else. Ava however is sure this is the bitch who stole Patch from her. Eddie says he and George checked it out, but Ava says they wouldn't know love if it bit them in the butt. She can see the body language between the people in the photo. She is convinced by the way Patch is holding Hope that this is her. Ava says Patch used to hold her this way, and soon he will be again. Eddie later returns and claims his research shows this isn't the right woman. Ava still won't believe that. Eddie tells her the blond is his wife. She doesn't listen. Ava asks Eddie about Ireland and how he screwed up the job. Eddie says they did their job, however the crew must not have checked things out enough before taking off, that is why the plane didn't break until it started flying. Ava says the plane wasn't supposed to take off at all, she was then supposed to be able to get to Patch and talk to him. She also tells Eddie not to tell her who is and isn't Patch's wife. She saw Patch with this woman, she's more like her than the others. Eddie still thinks it's the blond. Ava says he doesn't know anything, he's an idiot. Eddie says he doesn't need this and goes to leave. She says he works for her. He says no he works for her father. He says he cares for her, he took care of her growing up, he hated seeing the way Patch treated her. He says ever since she's been messed up in the head he's felt sorry for her, but not anymore. She yells she's not messed up! Eddie leaves and Ava screams.  Later another man shows up and asks what is up with Eddie, he just walked past him and said he quit. Ava says it was a misunderstanding and she's sorry Eddie quit. She asks him for a favor, but he says no way. He says he works for her father and is taking his orders from him. HE then leaves. Later the other man, George, returns. Ava tells George she didn't mean to hurt Eddie's feelings. She says she's glad George is still here so they can get to work. George says he's only here to tell her that it's time for her therapy session. George leaves to get the therapist. George returns with the therapist and leaves them. Ava sits there ignoring him. He asks if it's going to be another one of those sessions? He says if she doesn't want to talk it's okay. Ava says she'd rather talk then listen to him blab on and on about her. He asks how she's feeling. She says wonderful, she doesn't need him anymore. He says too bad he's getting paid for this session, so he'll stay. He asks if she's been dreaming lately? Ava says she doesn't dream. He says not even when she's awake? HE asks what happened today? She says why, nobody believes her. He says he does. She says sure he does, that's why he tells her she can't differentiate between reality and fantasy. She tells him to take his theories and go straight to hell.


Steve and Kayla have finished having a little afternoon delight. She thinks did this the trick, but she has to get back to the hospital. He says next time she needs a break, don't fight him. They get dressed and out of bed. The both plan to go back to the hospital. Steve hates to see Bo down and not being able to do something. He says Kayla is doing something though, she will save his life.

Lexie and Daniel continue looking over the blood samples. Daniel thinks Lexie is working too slow. Lexie lashes out at him saying Bo is her friend, what is he to him, a check mark in his lives saved column? Daniel says if that was what he was he'd walk away, the odds are against them on this one. They both apologize for snapping at each other and get back to work.  Lexie finds something, it seems they have found a match.  Kayla later shows up, she learns they have found a possible match. Daniel and Lexie are still bickering and at each other's throats over numbers and comparisons. With Kayla's help they get closer and closer to making sure the match is a good one. They eventually approve of the match. Daniel says they have to get him prepped and into surgery. Daniel then realizes there could be a problem, is there donor still here? Lexie thinks she's probably in the waiting room. Daniel says if she's not, find her. Daniel starts talking all sorts of medical jargon about how things will go. Daniel wants to make sure all their bases are covered and they aren't caught off guard once they start. Lexie thinks this is it, but Daniel still isn't very optimistic about Bo's chances.


Hope remains by Bo's side at the hospital, begging him to hang in there. She asks God not to take him from her. Bo wakes up, the pain is getting worse for him. Hope tells him not to talk, save his energy. Shawn and Belle show up to see Bo. Shawn gives his dad a hug and tells him he has to get well. Bo says he's doing his damndest. Belle gives him a kiss on the head. Bo asks Belle to do something for him, no matter what, be there for his son. Belle says she'll be there for him and so will he. Hope says he will be. Hope says she has lots of plans for them. 

Steve shows up to see Bo. Bo asks to talk to Steve alone for a minute. Hope tells Steve not to let this guy make him think he's leaving them. Steve asks Bo what is on his mind? Bo says if he doesn't pull through . . . Steve tells him not to talk that garbage. Bo says they've been friends a long time and have been through a lot together. He asks Steve to be there for Hope, this will test her limits. He needs to talk man to man. He says this operation isn't a sure thing. He says Dr. Jonas knows what he's doing, but there is a chance that he won't make it. Steve says he may be a good doctor, but he doesn't know Bo. Bo says he knows this procedure is iffy at best. Bo says he's asking him to watch after Hope and the kids if he doesn't make it. Steve says he'll do whatever he asks. Bo says Hope can take care of herself, she'll get through it. He says she'll be strong for the kids and family, but she's going to need a shoulder. Steve says his is there for anyone is his family, but he still thinks Bo is jumping the gun. 


Hope talks with Belle and Shawn. Hope says he's in such pain and the doctors aren't saying much. Belle says he will pull through. Later Steve shows up and says he just wanted him to be here for her. Steve then sends Shawn in to see Bo. Hope wonders what is going on. Belle gets the feeling that Bo doesn't think he's going to make it. Hope asks Steve what they were really talking about? Belle decides to go get tea and let them talk. Hope tells Steve they both know what Bo is talking to Shawn about. Steve says it's between a father and a son.

Shawn goes in to see Bo. Bo says the women of this family are tough, his mom doesn't take anything and Chelsea very well could be Hope's daughter, though she's not. He also says Claire will be a handful, she has the Brady spirit. He thinks Ciara will be a spitfire too. Bo tells Shawn never to underestimate them. Shawn asks why he's telling him this? Bo says it's important to be strong for even the strongest of women, he has to be that strong when he becomes the man of the family. Bo wants Shawn to be there for his mom if it comes to it.  Shawn tells his dad he won't promise to be the man of the family because his dad isn't going to die. Shawn says he's way too strong to give up on his family. Shawn tells Bo how he and Belle want to go on a sailing trip like they did when he was little. He says they can't do that if he's not here. Bo says so he's going to guilt him into not dying? Shawn says whatever it takes! Bo says so he wants him to pull through so he can go sailing? Shawn tells his dad that telling him to step up and be the man of the family is selfish of him. Shawn tells his dad to think about mom, Chelsea, Claire and Ciara. He says think about him too, all the people who love you. Think about how Grandma will handle this. Bo says he doesn't want to die. Shawn says then don't, fight. Bo says he's sorry, but there are some fights you can't win. Shawn says he'll win this one. Bo says we'll see. Shawn says no there is no we'll see. He says for him to just roll over, that's not the man he knows. Bo tells Shawn that he's tired, physically, emotionally, mentally. Bo says he's sorry, he has no more fight left in him. Bo says it's taken every ounce of strength to tell him this. Shawn says then don't tell him anymore. He says save his strength and get some rest. He says Lexie, Kayla and Dr. Jonas will help him if he can hold on. Bo says he's trying. 


Shawn leaves and Hope questions Shawn about what Bo talked about. Steve says Shawn doesn't want to talk about it, and neither does he. Steve tells Hope that he will tell her that Bo wanted to make arrangements. Hope says what, for when he dies? Shawn says dad is sick, he's trying to get all his bases covered. Steve says Hope knows how stubborn Bo is. Shawn says he even tried to make it about him, to tell him how selfish he was being. Shawn says it didn't work, Bo wants to make preparations. Hope says Shawn is a good son, but his father needs straightening out. Hope goes back in and tells Bo she doesn't want him making arrangements.  She says he's alive and will stay that way. She says this is a fight and she wants him to fight. She says so many people are praying for him, the rest is up to him. Bo says she's right, he'll beat this, he feels better already. Bo later sleeps as Hope watches him.



Back in the hall, Steve tells Shawn that Bo thinks he's going to die and is trying to put things in order. Shawn won't give up on his dad and he doesn't want his dad to give up. Belle thinks they need to find a way to give him hope. Shawn tried, nothing seems to be working so far. Shawn says there must be something else they can do. Steve goes in to see Bo. Hope is with him.  Meanwhile Kayla shows up and asks Shawn where her mom is? Shawn says in with his dad. Kayla says they've found a donor. Shawn asks who?


March 14 , 2008

Victor runs into Caroline in the park. He says she shouldn't be out here alone. Caroline says she was on the way to the way to the hospital and had to stop, the thought of losing Bo was too much. Victor says he knows Daniel, this procedure is risky and experimental, but Daniel will do his best. Caroline says but his best might not be enough. Caroline says even if the operation is a success, Bo could still die. Caroline thinks about the odds and everyone who is being tested. Even Kim is being tested in LA. Victor says he won't be considered because of his age, but he'd gladly give his life for Bo's. Caroline says no, Bo wouldn't want to live knowing both his father's died for him. Caroline says whomever Bo's donor is, they will put themselves at an enormous risk. Victor suggests they get to the hospital and see if there is news. 

Chelsea is at the Cheatin' Heart drinking away when Kate shows up and finds her. Kate says she's been looking for her everywhere. Chelsea says maybe she doesn't want to be found. Kate tells Chelsea she understands how upset she is about her dad. Chelsea says her dad is dying, he needs a donor and they can't find one. Chelsea says she called the hospital every half an hour, no news, no donor, no chance. Kate asks how getting drunk will help? She says it numbs the pain. Kate says she's acting like Bo is gone, he's not dead yet. Chelsea says he will be thanks to her. She says she is Chelsea Benson Brady, otherwise known as the kiss of death. Kate tells her that she's being a ridiculous. She says she's not, everyone she loves and touches dies. She goes down the list, so Kate takes her drink from her. Chelsea tells Kate that if she died maybe the curse would be broken. Kate says she's taking her home to sober her up and then take her to see her dad. Chelsea asks why? Kate says because she loves her. Chelsea says be careful, loving her too much isn't good for her overall health.  Kate orders some strong black coffee for Chelsea. Chelsea says Kate can't cut her off! The bartender says he can, she's at her limit. Chelsea thinks if she drinks herself to death that she'll save countless lives. Kate tells her to drink the coffee and get sober, Bo shouldn't see her like this. The bartender brings her coffee. She throws a fit and says she doesn't want that, she doesn't need grandma hovering over her 24/7. She tells Kate she's no great advise giver, her life is as much of a mess as anyone she knows. Chelsea ends up rushing off, Kate is delayed as Chelsea has a bar bill to pay. Later Kate calls Nick for help with Chelsea. Kate tell the bartender if the girl comes back, keep her here and call her. She gives him her card. 

At the hospital, Hope and Steve are still sitting with Bo. Hope knows he's getting weaker by the moment, he might not last much longer. Steve says he'll last, Bo won't give up, she shouldn't either. Hope says but he and Shawn said he was making preparations. Steve says he was just getting his bases covered and they both told him not to be so negative, she shouldn't either. She says she's not. He says right now Bo is alive and is fighting. He says hold onto that. He says he is here for her and so is Bo. Hope wonders why there has been no news lately. Steve says they are working, they aren't standing around letting him die. He says Lexie and Kayla wouldn't let him happen. Steve says Kayla told him this surgery was very experimental, they had to check and recheck. Steve tells Hope that she wouldn't let Bo give up, he won't let her give up. She says she's not giving up, she's just very scared. Later Bo wakes up and asks Hope if she's an angel. Hope says very funny, always the comedian.

In the hall, Kayla asks Shawn to come to the lab with her. She tells him they have a donor, but she doesn't tell him who. She wants to speak to Shawn alone first. In the lab, Lexie and Daniel are still talking medical jargon. Blood types other stuff that needs to all be perfect for a successful surgery. Later Lexie thinks everything is set, now they need the donor. Shawn is brought in, he asks what the secrecy is, who is this donor? Shawn thinks it is him. LExie says it's not him, and they don't want to reveal the name until the donor themselves is informed. Daniel says they have every right to still change their mind. Shawn asks why they don't call them? Kayla says they aren't answering their cell phone, but they are sure they'll find them. Shawn asks why he is here? Kayla says to tell him they've found a donor, but she doesn't want to upset the family with the news that they can't find them. Shawn says find the donor, he'll keep them from asking too many questions. Shawn leaves, and Daniel becomes more frustrated that the donor can't be found.

Victor and Caroline arrive, Steve and Belle talk with them. They all wonder if Shawn is the donor. Shawn returns and says it isn't him. Shawn says they have found the donor but they can't release the name until forms are signed.  Kayla soon shows up. She says the ORs are ready, the donor found, but they don't know where the donor is. Steve asks if he can do anything to help. Kayla says right now she needs to go tell Bo and Hope this news.

Kayla goes in to tell Hope and Bo and tell them a donor has been found and the ORs prepped. Kayla says they are on top of everything. The rest of the family soon come in. Hope asks who the donor is. Caroline says Kayla hasn't told them yet. Kayla says the donor has not been told, they can't release the name until they are notified. Hope thinks if it is family it's not a problem. Bo wants to know who it is. Kayla says it's Chelsea. Bo won't let her do it, she could die, if she didn't she'd put herself at risk for health issues for life. Caroline says if he doesn't . . . Steve says he'll die. Bo thinks his family will be taken care of. Lexie and Daniel show up. Bo asks how great the risk is to Chelsea? Daniel says not as great of a risk to him. Caroline says Bo doesn't want Chelsea to risk her life. Daniel says it's not Bo's decision, Chelsea is of age and Bo has nothing to say. Bo says he does, he refuses to have the operation. Hope says he can't, but he says he just did. Daniel says they'll release the teams then. Hope says they can't do this. The family tells him that Chelsea wants to do this. Bo says the kid doesn't know what is best for her. Caroline says he's the perfect example of that right now. Caroline says he has to do it. Bo says pop gave up his life for him, he won't let his daughter to it too. Caroline says Shawn wouldn't give up his life for him to die so soon, as his mother she is telling him that he's doing this. Bo says he's not letting Chelsea do this, save their breaths. Shawn says he's called everyone, nobody knows where Chelsea is. Shawn was outside when the announcement was made, he doesn't know she's the donor, but soon figures it out. 

Out in the hall, Victor says he'll get his men on it and have them find her. Steve says he'll look through the whole hospital, maybe she didn't even leave. Shawn says he'll look places she hangs out. Kayla says the minute someone finds her please call. Everyone heads off. Steve asks Kayla how long Bo can last without the surgery. She says not too much longer. Meanwhile Daniel tells Bo that aside from his failing pancreases, he's in pretty good shape. Daniel tells Bo the odds are good, the match is better than he's ever seen. Bo still won't let her do it. Hope says Chelsea won't understand why he won't let her. Bo says he'll tell her. Later Bo thinks about Chelsea, how she was afraid she might lose him one day too. He refuses to let her put her life on the line for him.

Steve can't find Chelsea in the hospital. Victor and Caroline had no luck finding her either. Hope asks Kayla why they haven't prepped Bo for surgery? They tell Hope not to panic, but they can't find Chelsea. Hope decides to go be with Bo. Bo asks if Chelsea is on her way? Hope says she'll be here soon. He says he needs to talk to her and explain he can't let her do this. Bo soon notices Chelsea isn't here yet, what is up. Eventually Hope tells Bo that they can't find Chelsea. Bo thinks it's a sign from God that she shouldn't do this.

Chelsea soon ends up at the park drunk and stumbling around. She begins remembering her past with her dad, via flashbacks.  Chelsea lays down on a bench and sees she has a lot of voice mails. She thinks a donor must have been found. She then passes out as her phone buzzes yet again. Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle arrive at the Cheatin Heart. They learn from the bartender she was here and got smashed , she ran out. The bartender tells them that someone was looking for her, he gives them Kate's card.

Kate meanwhile shows up at the park, walking by Chelsea of course. Shawn calls Kate up and talks with Kate, saying if she finds Chelsea to call him, it's important. Shawn then calls Chelsea, whose phone is buzzing on the ground. Shawn knows her phone is on, it's ringing before going to voice mail. Back in the park, Kate finally finds Chelsea. She answers her cell, Shawn asks where she is? Kate says she's passed out in the park and she can't wake her up. Shawn says they are on their way. Shawn calls the hospital to alert Daniel that Chelsea has been found and they know where she is. He explains what is going on. Daniel decides to head there. Kate is with Chelsea, who she thinks had a lot more to drink than she thought. She says when Chelsea wakes up she'll be sorry she did this, very sorry. Shawn and Belle show up, Shawn is trying to wake her up, yelling at her to wake up. Kate asks what is wrong? Why is he acting like this? Shawn says Chelsea is the match! Daniel shows up and takes Chelsea in his arms and says call the hospital, tell them he's on his way with the donor.

Lexie goes to talk to the family back at the hospital, informing them of the issue at hand. Chelsea has been found, but she's been drinking. Steve asks why it matters? Kayla says with alcohol in her system they can't operate. Lexie says they will do a rush detox when she gets here and hope it is enough.


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