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3rd Week of March 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


March 17, 2008
Official NBC summary with some minor additions.

At the hospital, Kayla and Lexie begin prepping Bo for the transplant surgery. Lexie will do the surgery to remove part of Chelsea's pancreas and Daniel will do the transplant surgery on Bo. Bo asks if they've found Chelsea. Lexie tells him they're looking. 

Soon after, Hope, Kayla, and Lexie find out Chelsea's been found and are ecstatic until they learn that she's drunk. Kayla and Lexie know this means no surgery. Hope is beside herself. Everyone's worried Bo is running out of time. Bo learns about Chelsea's condition and believes it's for the best. He doesn't want his daughter to risk her life. Bo refuses to have the surgery. He asks a livid Hope to calm down, but she can't. Hope goes to look for Chelsea. Bo slips unconscious, Lexie drug him to calm him down. Later she lets Hope know that Bo never signed the papers, with him unconscious, she can allow the surgery to proceed. She knows it's against Bo's wishes, but agrees.

Daniel carries Chelsea into the trauma center. He's furious with her and orders an IV to help get the alcohol out of her system. They can't do the surgery with Chelsea drunk. Chelsea wakes up and learns she is a match for Bo. Daniel rips into her for getting drunk. He wants to know if she took drugs, but she says no. Chelsea feels terrible and blasts him back. She had no idea she was a match and could save her dad's life. 

Later Shawn explains a little of Chelsea's past to Daniel, about all the death she's dealt with in her life, and he explains he only yelled at Chelsea to get her blood flowing and expel the alcohol from her system. The faster her heart beats, the quicker it is to get out. 

Chelsea tells Kate she's so sorry for getting drunk. She would give up her life for her dad and prays she can save him in time. Hope has come to confront Chelsea at this point, but stops and listens to Chelsea's regrets. Hope backs off. Unfortunately, Chelsea's body is not purging the alcohol fast enough and Bo is slipping away. Daniel tells Hope it's time to say good-bye to her husband. Later thought Chelsea is deemed fully clear and able to have the surgery.

Down on the docks, John meets with  Paul the customs official to bribe him. Paul explains he wouldn't be working here if he didn't need the money. His exwife is from old southern money, has oodles of it, but still hits him up for child support.

At the same time Marlena meets with Philip to warn him about John's plans. She tells Philip that John is power hungry and wants total control of the shipping lines and docks. She's trying to prevent a war between the Kiriakis and the DiMera families. John finds her talking to the enemy. Philip suggests they abide by the old agreement, but John refuses. John wants to own Salem and will not stop until he does! John and Philip face off. Marlena's phone rings and they get the news about Bo. Marlena and Philip leave for the hospital.



March 18, 2008
Official NBC summary with some minor additions.

At the hospital, Hope refuses to give in and say goodbye to her husband. Daniel attempts to sustain Bo's life while they wait for Chelsea's body to rid itself of the alcohol, which it eventually does. Daniel, Kayla and Lexie think they've found a drug that could give Bo a few more hours. 

Kate is with Chelsea who's hooked up to monitoring equipment. They are trying to get the alcohol out of her system so they can go ahead with the transplant. Kate is worried for Chelsea, as this operation is dangerous for her too. She knows, she is scared, but she's going to do it. Chelsea asks Kate for water and slips out when Kate is gone. Max and Stephanie show up. They learn that Chelsea is the donor and are shocked. They go to talk to Chelsea and discover she's gone. Everyone freaks out and the hospital is put on alert as Chelsea is missing.

Chelsea makes her way to Bo's ICU room. He's still in a coma. She climbs into bed with her dad and pours her heart out. Chelsea tells him how sorry she is for all the trouble she caused him, and how much she loves him. She is going to do everything she can to save Bo's life, but she says he needs to hang in there and fight too. 

Daniel and Hope find Chelsea in Bo's room. They take Chelsea away for tests, while Bo receives the new drug. With Bo unconscious, Hope signs the surgical consent forms, despite Bo's concerns for his daughter. Later, Lexie comes in and tells them Chelsea's blood is clear. The surgery is a go! 

Marlena sees John in the hospital corridor and is surprised he's there. Marlena is pleased by John's concern for Bo, though he hides it. She asks John if he changed his mind about bribing the customs official. John lies to her, and Philip overhears. The stakes are raised between John and Philip. Roman arrives and moves everyone into the waiting area, the doctors ask him to clear the family out as things are pretty rough right now and are touch and go. They are all worried sick about Bo and wonder if Chelsea will come through before it's too late.



March 19, 2008
Official Summary with a few additions.

At the hospital, Bo and Chelsea are both being prepped for the experimental transplant surgery. Kayla will be assisting Daniel with Bo's transplant and Lexie will be doing the surgery on Chelsea. Hope has alone time with an unconscious Bo before the surgery, telling him not to leave her. Then the other family members file in to wish him well. 

The doctors scrub for the operation. They talk about the surgery and how it is still an experimental procedure. Bo's pancreatic condition makes him a perfect candidate. The O.R. is filled with tension as they all wish each other luck. 

Chelsea is with Kate when Daniel comes in and warns her of what lies ahead. She is risking her life. Chelsea is fine with that and ready to go. Chelsea says she'd gladly give up her life for her dad's. She wants to save her father's life. Daniel is impressed. He leaves. Alone with her grandmother, Chelsea reveals how scared she really is. Max, Stephanie and Nick come in to comfort her. Hope also visits and thanks Chelsea for doing this for Bo. 

The surgeries begin and the tension in the waiting area intensifies. Caroline and Victor bond over their shared concern for their son. Eventually everyone is told that Chelsea made it through her operation and she is okay. Now they have to begin the transplant to Bo and see if he survives.

John is in the waiting room wondering why everyone is hanging around. The surgery will take a long time. Marlena explains this is what families do when a loved one is in danger. John wants to leave. Marlena goes with him for a walk. They talk about what he remembers of his programming, which is mostly pain. He's had enough of hospitals and rubber gloves. John asks about his past. Marlena tells him what he wants to know. John gets a call from the customs official and is careful what he says in front of Marlena. He hangs up and she asks who it was. John lies and suggests they head back to the hospital. Marlena feels like she's making progress with John. She doesn't realize he's keeping secrets.


March 20, 2008
Official summary with a few additions

At the DiMera ad agency. Tony works with Ethan and Morgan on the day's agenda. They are making a bid for Kate's business. Anna waltzes in and she says she wants him. Tony thinks she means him, and reminds her now isn't the time. She says no she wants to hire Ethan to work for her, but his salary is too high. What about Morgan? Tony stops her. Anna has a sketch of her designs for Kate's new ad campaign and shows Tony. He in turn shows her the hi-tech mock-up they've done, she realizes she's out of her league. Anna is beside herself. She needs help. Later Tony and Anna play their games and end up making love on his desk. After their love-making, it's back to bickering. Tony wants her to admit she needs him, but she won't. She smashes a painting over his head and walks out.

At the hospital, Chelsea is out of surgery and back in her room. Kate is with her as she opens her eyes. She asks about her dad and tells Kate to go get some rest. Kate leaves. Daniel comes in and tells Chelsea her dad's surgery is over and he is on his way back to his room. Now they have to wait to see if Bo's body accepts the transplant. He praises her and they share a warm moment. He tells her that she too needs some rest and there is a bit of flirting going on. Stephanie shows up to see Chelsea. Daniel meets Stephanie on his way out. Stephanie is impressed with the hunky doctor, she asks Chelsea if he is single? Chelsea just wants her dad to recover but goes on to tell Stephanie that for the first time in her life she feels good about herself. 

Everyone is waking up after a long night in the waiting area. Steve goes to check on Bo. Hope and Caroline are with Bo, as Kayla and Lexie come in to check on him. Steve tries to pry Kayla and Caroline away just as Bo wakes up. They are all thrilled. Hope knew he'd come back to her. He is shocked, how is he alive without the operation? Caroline reunites with her son and goes to the chapel to thank God for not taking Bo. Steve and Kayla leave. Hope is now alone with her beloved husband, so grateful he's still alive. Bo needs to know why he's still alive. Hope tells him the truth, that he had the operation after all and everything seems to have gone fine.

All in the waiting room are told the surgery went well. Bo and Chelsea are awake. Everyone leaves, and Philip and Belle are left alone. They put closure on their relationship. Belle tells Philip about her plans to sail the world with Shawn and Claire. Phillip is shocked, realizing he really won't see her or Clair again for a long time. Philip however wishes her the best. 

Steve takes Kayla home to rest and we see she's not feeling well. She's having cramps and is worried about her baby. 


March 21 , 2008

At the docks, Paul gets a call from John advising him that a huge shipment of Kiriakis merchandise is due in, it would be terrible if something happened and it was delayed. Paul says he understands. He goes to talk to Max, saying he needs help reloading Kiriakis stuff back onto the ship as there is an issue with it. Max says that's not really his job. Paul knows why Max is here, and he talked with his parole officer. If Max does extra work for customs, he'll get his time reduced.

Later Phillip shows up on the docks to confront Paul about what is going on. Paul explains that there are things on that ship not listed on the manifest, or things too general like machine parts. He says in this day and age with heightened security risks, everything has to be listed. Phillip says his manifests show everything in detail. Paul says well his don't. Phillip asks how much it will cost to make this go away. Paul hopes he is not trying to bribe him here? Later Paul confronts Max, wondering how Phillip knew what was going on?

Victor arrives at Marlena's office for his session. He admits he doesn't feel comfortable doing this, he's mostly here to appease Caroline. Marlena understands that Bo's illness has hit him, brought up feelings about Isabella's death. She knows he never got closure over that. Victor says he didn't have much time with Isabella before she was gone. He says then there is John, he doesn't even act like John anymore, he doesn't remember her or Brady. He is worried about Brady too and what is going on with him. Suddenly Victor's phone rings, they are interrupted. It's Phillip calling about what is going on. Victor says he'll handle Paul, Phillip should deal with John. Marlena listens in and doesn't seem to happy with what she hears. 

Back at the docks, Morgan soon shows up with lunch for Paul. Max asks Morgan if she knows him? She says yes, he's her daddy. Morgan and Paul sit down to talk. Morgan hates that he and mom hate each other. He says they don't hate each other, but it is best they really don't talk or see each other. He is sorry this is hard for her, they tried to keep everything from her until she was older. Morgan says no matter what age you are, it hurts to know your parents don't love each other anymore.

Meanwhile Victor arrives and talks to Max. He thanks him for giving the heads up to Phillip, and asks how he'd like to do that on a more permanent basis? Max says you mean spy? We don't see Max's answer. Later Victor is talking to Paul. He knows he's fallen on hard times with his divorce and taking this job, but not to fall prey to John Black. Victor tells him whatever John is paying him, he'll double. Paul says like he told his son, he's not for sale. He warns Victor if he bribes him again, he'll have him charged.

At the DiMera mansion, Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive to say goodbye to John as they are leaving to sail around the world. He says well goodbye, he doesn't know what else to say. Belle was hoping for something more. He asks if they have plans, a boat? They says not yet, they are working on it. He says then let him but them a boat. Shawn refuses, but Belle accepts. he tells Shawn that she does think her dad is doing this because he loves her, whether he realizes that or not. Shawn agrees to accept the boat. John says goodbye to Claire, how he'll miss her the most as she's the only one who got him. They hug and he gets a tear in his eye he has to wipe away. John asks what they'll call the boat. Shawn says the Fancy Face 4. John simply says oh boy.

Later Phillip arrives at the mansion and confronts John. He knows he's bribed Paul and is trying to stop their shipping. John again reminds him he told him he was going to stop this and the deal between his family and Stefano is off until Stefano returns, for now he's in charge. Then Marlena comes in, John thinks Phillip brought in his conscious. Phillip says he did no such thing. MArlena is furious with John, is he so desperate to beat the Kiriakis family he's resorting to illegal measures such as bribery? John denies it, but she doesn't believe him. She leaves, and Phillip says this isn't over and leaves as well. John decides to call Paul up, as well as have some roses sent to Marlena.

Bo and Hope are at the hospital when Belle, Shawn and Claire come to visit. Bo is awake and doing better, even talking. Shawn says because he seems okay, they are going ahead with their plans. Bo and Hope are shocked, now? So soon? They say yes. They explain John bought them a boat, they want to do this. Hope gets teary eyed, saying how she'll miss them but knows they'll have an amazing trip. Bo says with computers and cell phones it's much easier to keep in touch than when they took their trip. Everyone says goodbye and Claire gives Bo a big hug.

Steve and Kayla return to the hospital when Kayla is paged, she promised Lexie she'd consult on something. Steve wants to tell Kayla something important, but she has to go before he can. Kayla's doctor arrives and talks to Steve, she's worried about Kayla and the baby, she should be resting. Kayla returns and Steve isn't happy, neither is her doctor apparently. Kayla swears she knows her body and she's okay. She asks Steve what he wanted to tell her? He says only that he will do everything to keep her and the baby safe.

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