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1st  Week of May 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

May 5, 2008

I've got Your Back.

Sami and EJ arrive at the police station. Roman explains that he's already vouched for them and the Immigration agent is waiting in the office. John and Marlena arrive. He's eager to get going. Nicole trails behind, much to everyone's chagrin. She doesn't understand why EJ doesn't have dual citizenship in the first place. He explains that he was registered as a UK citizen and his mother tried to pass him off as someone else's son. This is so confusing that Nicole needs a drink. The Immigration agent comes out and calls John in. "It's okay. I've got your back," he smiles to EJ. Sami worries and paces. Nicole eats donuts and mocks her while everyone tries to keep them calm. Marlena wishes she knew what John could be saying.

In the office, John explains that Sami and EJ are his family. He goes on to say that, because he lost his memory, he's been able to watch them with the objectivity of an outsider. He tells the agent that he doesn't even think the couple realize how in love they really are. When he walks out, Sami asks him if he told the real truth or their version of the truth. He doesn't know the difference. Meanwhile, EJ thanks Nicole for showing up. She tells "hot stuff" not to "get his boxers in a bunch". He tells her not to do anything to upset his chances at staying in the country. She rolls her eyes and walks away. Sami thanks him for sticking up for them, but doubts it will help. As Nicole goes in, Sami continues to pace and EJ tells her not to get an ulcer. Nicole soon walks out and the agent chuckles. She stops to joke that, at this rate, Sami's not going to have anyone left in the country. Sami grabs at her but her parents pry her off. The agent calls her in and EJ insists on going in with her. Sitting in the office, they claim that their love is the start of a new era for the DiMeras and the Bradys. EJ explains that his life completely changed when he met Samantha and this isn't about a visa, this is just about his family. "I need this one... please," he begs. The agent thanks them and wishes them a good day. After he walks out, they tell each other that they did great and file out to Marlena and John. Nicole tells Sami that she's her own worst enemy and walks out. Sami starts to cry and EJ comforts her.

At the pub, Philip talks to Max about his work schedule. He offers him a chance to make some extra cash while finishing his community service at the docks. Max's ears perk up. Philip asks him to keep an eye out and help him nail John Black. Max says no. Philip promises there will be no risk involved. Max still refuses and turns away. Morgan walks up to Philip and lays into him for his "dirty Kiriakis tricks". He offers to buy her a drink. She turns him down but wants to play darts. He grimaces but agrees and she calls Max for her special darts. As Philip takes the darts from the board, she throws one at his head. "I'm very intimidated," he smirks. "You should be," she shoots back.

Kate visits Chelsea at home. Chelsea admits that, while infertility is bad, it's not the worst part of what's happened. Daniel hurt her feelings, she explains. He gave up being her doctor and it made her feel like she'd done something to offend him. Kate assures her that this can't be the case. "You're hoping that you and Daniel can be more than just friends," she surmises. On cue, boyfriend Nick knocks on the door and Kate leaves them alone. He sits on the couch with her and tells her of his plans to take her off to the beach for a picnic. She's unenthusiastic. He gets the feeling that she doesn't want him around. She offers to call him when she feels better. After kissing her goodbye, he leaves and she calls Daniel.

At the hospital, Lexi thanks Daniel for everything. She has a question though: Is he really leaving because he wants to go surfing, or is it because of Chelsea? He insists that he isn't leaving because of her. Chelsea suddenly calls him but hangs up without saying anything. Lexi wishes he wasn't leaving; he's a good doctor. He likes it in Salem but there's no surf. She asks him again to stay.

Max is having drinks with Nick and Morgan at the pub when Daniel walks in. He sits in the distance and eavesdrops as Nick worries about Chelsea. Nick becomes upset and walks out with Morgan hurrying after him. He gets away and Philip catches up with her. "Are you always such a drama queen?" he asks. She purses her lips.

Stephanie goes to visit Chelsea. She worries about Nick and Stephanie asks her if they're going to break up. Chelsea can't make any decisions right now. She asks Stephanie if she and Max finally... Yes, they did and Stephanie thinks that "he's it". Chelsea used to feel that way about Nick until she met Daniel. That isn't going anywhere though... she doesn't think. Stephanie isn't so sure; she thinks that "incredibly hot" Daniel is totally into her and is sure that her friend will go after him. "I am in love with Daniel Jonas," Chelsea confesses with a smile and a cracking voice. She's still sure that he has no interest in her. Stephanie says that she talked to him and is sure that it will only be matter of time before Daniel realizes how special Chelsea is.

After Stephanie leaves, Daniel comes to the door for "one last house call." Chelsea's taken aback, but invites him in. She suggests that he rides in on his white horse and saves someone before leaving just so that he doesn't have to develop any roots or relationships. He won't stay. He walks to the door but instantly turns around and pulls her into a kiss before walking out again. Meanwhile, at the pub, Max begins looking through the work that Nick left on the table. He starts to work through it when Stephanie appears. She wonders what he's doing. He insists that he's just fixing it to help out his friend. She doubts he has any idea what he's doing.

Martino Vitali is at Ava's hospital bedside. He wishes he never had to see Steve again and asks Kayla if it's necessary to have his daughter tied down like this. She confronts him about the kidnapping and he tells her he doesn't like Kayla being his daughter's doctor. Kayla offers to give her diagnosis of Ava, but first she'd like to know why she was under the care of a doctor who seemed determined to make her worse than she was. Martino insists that he has no idea what she's talking. "Whoever gave her that medication wanted her to lose her mind," Kayla says. Ava wonders if this can be true. He sits by her side and promises to take care of her. If there is someone to blame in all of this, it's Patch, he insists. When he tells her he'll take her home and take care of her, she shrinks away from him in fear. Steve tells him it's time to go and Kayla echoes this. "We'll talk about this when we get home," he tells his daughter. She reminds him that she's under arrest. He'll get her home soon, he promises, kissing her head and walking out. Steve looks over at him as he makes a call. They share a long, deep stare.

Kate meets with Martino at the pub for a quick drink. She tells "Marty" that the years have been very good to him. He promises that they are just catching up as old friends and there are no strings attached. She relaxes a little. "What's going on with you? You okay?" he asks. She's not. She walked into a murder scene. That doesn't make any sense, he says. "That kinda thing gives me the creeps," he shivers. She forgot how squeamish he was. He remembers their time together and how good she made him feel. He then explains that he's almost accomplished what he came to Salem for and they walk out the door.

May 6, 2008
I Destroyed Your Life? It's Convenient.

It's the middle of the night and Sami drifts around the mansion. She finds John staring at the chessboard that Stefano used to treasure. He can barely sleep since his brain was scrambled, what's her excuse? She's worried. Sami says that Allie already lost her father, she doesn't want Johnny to lose his too. What would she do if EJ was deported? "You could always go with him," John suggests. He doesn't seem to understand the situation or be very empathetic, she says. No wonder Marlena wants him to get back to his old saintly self. She's not so sure that she wants the old him back, after all, she never got along that well with the self-righteous version of John. New John is tired of hearing about his old self and he's actually quite fond of the new one. She asks him if he's checked the disc of Stefano's that he found in the safe. His instincts tell him that it may contain something he doesn't want to know. He recalls seeing it in the lab where he was kept and this is not a beacon of pleasant memories. Besides, right now he just wants to get her objective opinion: He wants to know everything. She curls up and explains that Marlena fell in love with him because she thought he was her dad, but when she found out he wasn't, it was too late. They flash back to Marlena saying how much she cares about him and to Sami watching them in bed and then confronting her mother for cheating on her real father (Roman). John smiles when he hears this. "You destroyed the love between my mom and dad... seeing you and my mom together pretty much screwed everything up," Sami summarizes. "I destroyed your life? It's convenient," John says before Sami can explain how forgiving Roman has been ever since. John wonders why she isn't so forgiving to the people in her life.

Sami goes on to explain how much she hated John for taking her mom away from her dad. Then there was the time that he got amnesia and dumped Marlena on their honeymoon and ran away with Hope. John's ears perk up at that. Sami explains that Hope was having an identity crisis and believed that she was Princess Gina. He rescued her at sea and they ran off to a submarine together and became lovers. John thanks her for telling him these things, but it's a lot to absorb. He asks for more information about being her dad. She admits that everyone was sceptical that he was Roman. With his Phoenix tattoo, they even thought that he could have been Stefano with a new face. John says that the tattoo was Stefano's way of branding him as his possession, but he was truly marking him as a DiMera. She just wishes the past would stay in the past. "That's easy. Just forget about it," he advises. She would need a severe case of amnesia, she says. He reminds her that she faked it for awhile. She did, but she actually had it for awhile too and it was nice to be a blank slate. He doesn't like the past being all black, that's why he concentrates on the future. She thinks that's a good reason for him to see what's on the disc. He takes it from her hands and slips it in and a jumble of scrambled images come up. He's never seen anything like it; it must be encrypted. She suggests sending it to the ISA to be decoded. He doesn't want to deal with it now, but he's appreciated her brutal honesty. "You're not bad when you get past all your weird behavior," she admits. "I could say the same about you," he smiles.

They continue down memory lane. She recalls his early years as "The Pawn" when he was under Victor's protection. Then his time in the mission where he got his name. "This is unacceptable," John finally declares. He's been victimized for years and now, "My days of being a victim are over." She leaves to check on the kids and then comes back, telling him that he used to be good with "Tink" even when he didn't know she was his daughter. He's confused. She explains that she changed the paternity test results to break he and Marlena up. After Belle was born, Sami kidnapped her and tried to give her away. That didn't work out, of course. Sami begs him not to tell Marlena that he knows these things. He won't reveal his source, he grins, complimenting her on the kidnapping. That seems heartless to her. "You took matters into your own hands. Good for you," he says. This seems to be his dark side talking; sympathizing with your child's kidnapper is cold. "Maybe it's easier to be that way," he muses. "Maybe I just figured you out," she says before offering her analysis, suggesting that he always keeps people at arm's length. That's not much of an analysis. She asks him if he really loves Marlena. He doesn't know what love is, he states and then says good night. Allie starts to cry and she hurries off. Once the room is left empty, a masked figure in black sneaks in and takes the disc.

Nicole meets EJ in a back alley. She never took him for the back alley type. Apparently she doesn't know him very well, he says. He passes her some cash. She tells him that she would have gladly made Sami squirm for free. "I paid you to speak to Mr. Burke," he reminds her, not to torment Sami. She assures him that she shamelessly told the Immigration agent that he and Sami were madly in love. "We're a lot alike," she says, explaining that she used to do crazy things for people without being paid for it. She threatens that she would go after him if he wasn't so in love with Sami. He's not into it. She likes that he's not a very ethical person. He insists that they keep what they're up to a secret. He's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Sami loves him. Despite this, he gives her a tingly feeling and she'd like to check out some other sides of his body. He reminds her that they're both married. When he met her, however, he realized that there was something he could use her for. "That's smug," she says, but at least he's dropping the nice guy act. "No one uses me," she warns. He enjoys her sexy bad girl act. "Call it my coping mechanism," she says. Maybe some day the real Nicole will appear, but this one has some things to accomplish first. She reminds him that Sami is still in love with Lucas and she will always side with him. He shrugs. Lucas is in prison and he's not competing with him; he has a plan to knock his rival off of his pedestal. Nicole wishes him luck. "I don't need luck. Samantha is going to be mine," he says. What will she do after she wins her case against Victor? "Take his hot as hell son Philip," she smiles.

May 7, 2008
One I Can't Refuse?

At home, Bo brings Chelsea breakfast as she wakes up on the couch. He tells her to go back upstairs to bed. She has stuff she wants to do, like drink a caramel macchiato. He makes her promise to look after herself, but she insists that she's fine. He tells her that she talks in her sleep and seemed to be having a bad dream. She doesn't remember, nor does she understand why he's dressed and ready to go to work when he's in no better shape than she is. She promised Hope that he wouldn't be going anywhere. "Sit down. We'll bond," she orders. He asks her for the truth about her dream. Before she can answer, there's a knock at the door. It's Morgan with caramel macchiato and some scones. Bo abruptly runs off. Morgan wonders what's going on and suggests that Bo must just be going stir crazy. Chelsea suspects that her father is still blaming himself for her sterility. Morgan realizes that must be frustrating. Chelsea worries he won't be able to get over it and move on with his life. The sorority sisters eat sweets and commiserate about their troubled fathers. Amid the chatter, Chelsea flashes back to kissing Dr. Dan and wonders if her life will ever turn out the way she wants it to. Being sterile will impact all of her future relationships. Nick is okay with it, but what if she ends up with someone else? Morgan lists the other options and tells her to just wait and see what will happen. Chelsea still has other issues to deal with.

Stephanie walks into the pub and gives Max a kiss. He's been working on Nick's grant proposal all night and thinks he's finally fixed it. She's surprised. He shoves it in an envelope and tells her to mail it, but he doesn't want Nick to know anything about this. He tries to make her promise not to say anything when Nick walks in. "Promise what?" he asks. Max makes an excuse and passes her the envelope under the table. She walks out and Nick sits down to apologize for dumping his problems on Max last night. Max tells him not to worry about it. Nick asks him if he's seen his grant project around. "Uh..." Max groans as he kicks it under his chair. Stephanie returns and Nick asks he if she's seen his proposal. She plays dumb and he leaves to check on Chelsea. Stephanie says she mailed it and asks Max what's going on. They begin to bicker. He stops it. This is their first fight since they knew they were supposed to be together, he says, before remarking on how corny that statement was. She likes his corny side and gives him a kiss.

At the pub, Kate tells Martino that it's almost like old times, except he dresses better. "It's all because of you Kate... you made me wanna be a better man," he smiles. She doesn't believe it and reminds him that his wife probably had a bigger influence on him. Dr. Jonas walks in and is escorted over to their table by one of Martino's bodyguards. Martino offers him a muffin, but Dr. Dan is too annoyed because he was dragged there and missed his flight. "I want you to look into my daughter's case," Martino explains. Daniel has no idea what's going on or who he's talking to but he soon takes a guess. "So you plan on making me an offer? One I can't refuse?" Daniel asks. Martino laughs and says that he can refuse, but he's very worried about his daughter and she needs help. Daniel sits down and Martino explains that Ava has been unknowingly taking drugs that have had extreme side effects. He admits that he paid her psychiatrist to prescribe them, but now he wonders what the long term impact of this will be. Daniel explains that what Ava needs is a psychiatrist, not a doctor. Martino lets him go and Daniel walks out with Kate rushing after him.

Abe arrives at the hospital and Lexi tells him she's set up their meeting with a therapist. Roman wanders in and Lexi tells him that Ava's system is clean of drugs and she is free to go. She also declares that Ava is fit to face the consequences of her actions. After signing off on the release papers, Roman takes Ava into custody and down to the station for booking. Later, at the station, Roman is surprised when Abe tells him that Ava's lawyers are getting her out on bail by impugning Abe and Lexi's reputations. Abe doesn't want her out on a technicality and orders her booked right away. Roman walks out and orders Ava down to processing. Before she can go, Bo walks in. "Too bad for you it's only going to get worse and it's exactly what you deserve for killing my pop and putting a bullet in my wife!" he screeches, swatting at her and asking her why she isn't her usual chatty self. As he levels the insults, Roman and Abe ask him to step outside. Before he does, Ava speaks up. "I'm sorry and I deserve to be punished for what I did," she says. Everyone's shocked by this statement. It seems like a detoxed Ava isn't quite so crazy after all. After she's taken out, Bo's convinced that it was the drugs that made her crazy. "It's time I had a little talk with Martino Vitali," he declares. He wants an interrogation room and half an hour with the man. They can't allow that but they tell him he's having lunch with Kate. A cop walks in and announces that they just pulled Dr. Nussbaum out of the lake. Bo says that he'll be bringing Martino in. Roman thinks this is a bad move, but Abe lets him go. After he gets a call from the DA saying that Ava has been given bail, Abe turns to her and tells her that her doctor was murdered. She's not surprised and suggests that her father doesn't like loose ends, but that's all she's saying. Abe tells her she's free to go. She doesn't want to.

Kate catches up with Daniel outside and begs him to reconsider. She assures him that Martino really loves his daughter and wants what's best for her. Daniel reminds her that she doesn't need a physician, she needs a psychiatrist. He won't get mixed up with someone like Martino and won't let people he cares about, like her and Chelsea, get mixed up with him either. "You care about Chelsea, maybe more than you think you should? Is that the reason you're leaving Salem Doc?" she prods. He says no but she doesn't believe him; she thinks he's just scared of where things could lead. He tells her that he has a flight to catch and asks her to be careful. She turns and looks at Martino through the window. When she gets back inside, he says that he's already got a new psychiatrist for his daughter and asks her for dinner. "Just dinner?" she asks. "What do you think about you and me?" he responds. She says the past is the past and now she likes to get to know a man before she's intimate with him. She asks him about his daughter. Before he can say much, Bo interrupts and announces that they need to talk. Martino's confused until Bo tells him who he is and Martino apologizes for what his daughter has done. Bo tells him to have his guards step outside. After a nod from their boss, they walk out and Kate gets in the middle. Bo doesn't want to talk to her so she moves off. Bo promptly punches Martino in the face. "Good shot," Martino smiles as he licks the blood from his busted lip.

Nick arrives at Chelsea's just as Morgan leaves. Chelsea tells him that she's feeling better today. "Glad to hear it," Daniel says as he sticks his head through the door. Chelsea gets a bashful look on her face. She thought he was leaving town. He was, he explains, but he was asked to consult on another case. She makes an excuse to get rid of Nick and he walks out, leaving her alone with the troubled doctor. "Why did you really come here?" she asks. He tells her that he was asked to stay, but whether he will or not depends on her. Daniel explains what happened and admits that he was relieved when he didn't get on the plane. He didn't want to leave Salem and he didn't want to leave her... but what's happening between them is wrong. She tells him to stop pushing her away and pulls him into a kiss. Meanwhile, Nick returns to the pub, worried that Dr. Daniel is back and he suspects him of making a move on Chelsea. Max advises him to keep an eye on him.

May 8, 2008
Just About Everything you do is a Crime!

Daniel pulls away from a passionate kiss with Chelsea. He says it's wrong and he can't do it. She reminds him that he is staying in Salem for her. "I don't want to hurt you," he repeats. She tells him to go. Things seems too complicated to him. As he tries to leave, she pulls him into another kiss. They stop kissing and she starts to feel bad about Nick. He doesn't deserve what she is doing to him... Daniel tells her she's beautiful and kisses her again before repeating that he can't get involved with her, not now. She thinks it's just bad timing, but it's more than that. He says they can never be together and pulls the age card. "Are you married?" she asks. He needs to be alone; that's his life and that's the way it's going to stay. Chelsea doesn't understand and offers to help him with his problems. What's wrong with him can not be fixed, he insists. She tells him about Zach's death but he already knew the story. He's jaded, he admits, but hearing her talk about it is sad. They sit down and she says that that was the worst thing that ever happened to her; now she has let him in so, maybe, he could do the same? That's not going to happen. He tells her that she doesn't want to know him and gets up to leave. She won't beg him to stay so he walks out.

"Why does life have to be so hard?" Nicole pouts as she strides into the middle of Abe and Roman's interrogation of Ava. She starts to rant about Victor continually throwing her out of the house. Roman has to escort her outside while she moans. Abe tells Ava that she's free to go. She doesn't have anywhere to go. They tell her not to leave town. A call comes in: Bo just attacked Martino at the pub. Ava runs off and the cops follow behind.

EJ returns home after a meeting. Sami accuses him of seeing Nicole. He pretends not to be in the mood to be baited about this. He asks her what she's been doing while he's been gone. She fed the kids and then put them to sleep. When she brings up Nicole again, he explains that Mickey has thrown him a few more clients so, now, he can buy Sami something pretty. If he has money, they need to save it to move out of her parent's house, she insists. She explains her "strange encounter" with John last night and the way they bonded. Now she feels guilty about telling him certain things.

In the mansion's main room, Marlena looks out into the garden and then turns to see that Stefano's portrait has been replaced by one of her. "Well Blondie? What's the verdict?" John prods. She thinks it's a little much and she's embarrassed. When she asks him to take it down, he refuses and tells her it's a monument to their history, something he's learned a lot about lately. She's worried. He refuses to tell her who has been filling him in on the details. Sami walks in and confesses that it was her. "What were you thinking?" Marlena demands. John was curious and expected Sami to be more objective; at least she didn't worship the old him. Marlena wishes that she hadn't said anything. He smiles and says that what she said was very entertaining; he found out that he could be a real jerk when he put his mind to it... "And so could you," he adds. EJ and Sami want to run at this point and Marlena almost hyperventilates. John starts repeating the gory details of their sex life, like the time they had sex on the conference table. Marlena tells him not to say these things in "public". She's angry with her daughter but will deal with her later.

Marlena changes the subject to EJ and his Immigration problems. The fax suddenly rings. "Oh goody! Am I just in time?" Nicole asks as she sticks her head in. Sami grabs the fax away and accuses EJ of having a "devil's pact" with the skinny one. "Are you having sex with Nicole or what?" she demands. Nicole starts to tease her but EJ tells her to admit that they aren't actually having sex. She's just there to talk to her lawyer, she admits, is that a crime? "Just about everything you do is a crime!" Sami snipes. She continues to be difficult and refuses to give him the fax. He has to pry it away from her. "My visa's been renewed," he sighs as he reads it. Nicole is thrilled and Sami starts to lash out at her again. Sami continues her string of insults and paranoid suggestions until Nicole walks away after a devious nod from EJ. EJ smiles, amused by Sami's temper tantrum. He tells her that her jealousy is warming his heart. EJ wants champagne to celebrate. Sami only wants to celebrate getting closer to an annulment and stomps out. "She likes me... she really likes me," he laughs. Moments later, left alone, Marlena asks John about his sly little smile. "I was just thinking... about how hot we must have been together," he says before kissing her. The violins play. "So where's that conference table when you need one?" he says. She asks him why he went down memory lane with Sami. He explains what happened the other night and she asks to see the disk. When he looks for it, he realizes it's gone.

At the pub, Bo is punching Martino around but he's not staying down. Bo grabs the "scum sucking pig" by the collar and claims that, if it wasn't for him, his pop would still be alive. Martino's goons rush in and Max pulls out his shotgun. Martino stays calm and says that Bo has a right to question him. As Bo starts to cuff him, Ava walks in with some questions of her own. Bo shoves his gun in Martino's face and starts to read him his rights. Roman arrives and orders him to stop. Ava asks her father why he got her out of jail and why he paid the doctor to drug her for all these years. She can't take the guilt of what she's done and demands an answer. Bo starts to fly off again so Roman and Abe take him aside and remind him that they have nothing on the guy yet. They "calm" him and Bo instantly starts threatening Martino again. Roman tells him that this isn't the right way to deal with things. Abe uncuffs Martino and he quickly takes his daughter aside. She doesn't want to talk; she wants time away to figure out where her life has gone. "I'm finally starting to see you for who you are," she says before turning her back and walking away. Everyone empties out of the pub and Kate goes to Martino's side. She asks him if he's really a heartbroken father. He insists that he only did what he had to in order to protect his daughter. "Now let's finish breakfast," he suggests. She's lost her appetite and doesn't think that he should call her again. Alone, Martino and his goons wonder about their strategy. "They wanna mess with my family, they're gonna pay," he says. Patch will be first and Bo will follow.

Abe and Roman bring Bo back to the station. They try to figure out what to do next when Ava walks in. She needs to know what the truth is. If they help her learn what her father really did to her, maybe she can help them too. Later, Bo goes home with Roman. He looks for Chelsea but she's vanished. Roman urges him to calm down before he burns himself out. Bo will slow down when they get Vitali behind bars and suffering. Roman reminds him that his family needs him to stay healthy. Bo wonders how he can help his daughter deal with her new problems.

Chelsea arrives at the pub. Steph and Max greet her before she takes Nick aside and across the room. Stephanie suspects this can't be good and Nick will need some friends. "I think I can be a good friend to Nick," Max says rather strangely. Chelsea and Nick sit down but he already knows what she's going to say. She thinks it will be better this way for both of them. "Not for me. I can't deny the way I feel just because you feel differently," he explains, but he still wants her to be happy, with or without him. "Friends?" she asks. He walks out and Steph and Max walk over to her to pay their condolences.


May 9, 2008
She was Poisoned

At the mansion, Marlena and Sami are trying to imagine who would have stolen John's disc. They assume it's Rolf and their other suggestions aren't any more convincing to John. "It must have walked off on itself," he says. Sami gives him a few other opportunities for sarcastic remarks before Marlena notices that Rolf is actually standing nearby. The women start questioning Rolf, but he claims ignorance. John orders a vodka lemonade and some cookies. Rolf goes off to fetch them and John says that he doubts Rolf did; lots of people have been in and out of his house and it could have been any of them. "So now you think it was EJ?" Sami jumps. "No, it was your twins," he snipes. He admits to suspicions of EJ, Stefano's son and his own rival. Rolf returns and John offers them a cookie. Marlena admits that she doesn't trust John either. That admission puts her on the top of his suspect list. "You have no idea how I feel about you," she says, grabbing him. He guesses she has some strong feelings and whispers that they can discuss them in private. Sami interrupts the moment to try and get out with the twins. Marlena offers to carry her diaper bag around for the day but Sami thinks her mother should stop trying to avoid John. Before she leaves, she suggests they search Rolf's room for the disc. Rolf tells John to go ahead, but John repeats that he's sure he didn't do it. Marlena is baffled.

John gets on the phone to "raise a little hell". He calls the security company and demands a new system. Marlena thinks he's a little harsh but he insists that this is the only way to get things done. From looking around the crime scene, it's obvious that he was robbed by a professional or a "freeloading relative". Somehow, this all seems like a link to the old John, Marlena suggests. His eyes roll. She brings up "Stefano's secret project" and he snaps. "Don't ever call me that again!" John demands. His sudden burst makes Marelna's eyes bulge and she apologizes for hitting a nerve. When she probes, he gets annoyed and tells her to leave him alone. Before she leaves, she tells him that she's never thought of him as a patient; he means so much more to her. Later, John asks Rolf if he's seen his watch. He hasn't. John's list of stolen items is growing. Rolf asks him what he would have done if he'd caught the thief in the act. "Put a bullet in their head," he says. Rolf is uncomfortable. John tells him to take a smoke break. Rolf doesn't smoke. John throws him a Cuban cigar and Rolf asks him if he really trusts him. "I wouldn't go that far," John explains. If Rolf had stolen it, he would have replaced it with a phony, but whoever stole it wanted him to know it was stolen and that makes him very angry.

Lexi walks in on Daniel while he's deep in his exercising groove at the gym. She reminds him that blasting music is bad for his ears. She thinks they need to talk. He becomes worried that something's happened to Chelsea, but this is un-Chelsea-related, she explains. If that's the case, he's not interested. She thinks he's a great doctor and doesn't want to lose him. "Maybe you should know what happened the last time I got involved with a patient," he blurts out. He avoids her and settles his account with the gym. Lexi follows him. She asks him to talk about what happened. "She wasn't just one of my patients... she was my wife," he begins. He tells the story of meeting his wife. She was a beautiful cancer patient with a great smile and he fell in love with her. He thought that he could will her to get well, but she just suffered, though she never stopped smiling. He decided to marry her in the hospital and then she took a turn for the worst. Daniel wasn't prepared and she lost her smile. After wrapping her up, he took her to the beach so she could see the sunset before dying. "I lost objectivity... she lost her life," he says. He only knew her for a short time but it felt like his whole life. He vowed never to put himself in that situation again. She understands, but she takes his hands and tells him that he can't be afraid to fall in love again.

Chelsea pops in to see her grandfather at the pub. He suggests she move back in with him at the quiet and relaxing mansion. Suddenly, Nicole runs in. "There you are you monster!" she screeches. Plunking herself down, she begins to ramble about her dog. "She was poisoned," she pouts. Victor doesn't care; he wouldn't go near the mutt. "What did she ever do to you?" she asks. It's been doing things to his furniture and leaving him unwelcome gifts around the house, he claims. The phone rings and she runs off. Chelsea doesn't remember her being this crazy. Victor says that she's usually crazier. They start talking about Daniel and she informs him that the doctor is leaving town. Victor thinks that's a shame. Chelsea wishes he'd convince him to stay. He reminds her that Daniel was never meant to stick around. She blames herself for his leaving. It becomes obvious that Victor knows something and Chelsea wants to know what it is. She admits that she is falling in love with Daniel. Victor sighs and doesn't want to say anything but Chelsea gets it out of him. After he explains about Daniel and his late wife, Chelsea thanks him. "Whatever happens... it's for the best," he advises. Chelsea immediately goes down to the gym to find Daniel. She tracks him down in the steam room. When she walks in on him, she instantly tells him that she knows what happened with his wife.

Nicole runs into EJ outside. She tells him that Victor poisoned Pookie and now she's in intensive care. EJ's sure she'll pull through. Nicole pulls out her picture book and starts showing him snaps of her dog's Halloween costume and pedicure. She grieves, but EJ is sure that, if she is "half as tough as her mother", they will have many more birthdays together. She wonders why he doesn't think she's silly for caring so much about her dog. He doesn't think it's silly at all. "She's the only one I can really count on," she cries, falling into his arms. They talk about her dog. She's afraid she'll be all alone if her doggie dies. EJ assures her that she will still have him. "That's just because I pay you," she gripes. That sounds pathetic, he says, and she's not pathetic so she shouldn't talk like that. He gets close to her as Sami looms in the background. "Are you always this cozy with your clients EJ? They should pay you more," she quips. EJ turns around and explains about Nicole's dog. Sami bites at her, but Nicole can't exchange dogs like Sami does husbands. Sami accuses her of using her dog's suffering to get EJ into bed and pulls him into a kiss.

At the station, Roman and Abe tell Bo that he can't be involved in the Ava case. "C'mon guys!" he bellows. Abe smiles but it's a done deal. Bo asks who will be looking into the killing of Ava's shrink. "How about me?" Hope asks as she strolls in. Everyone smirks but she's serious. Abe actually thinks it makes sense. Bo is indignant but Roman reminds him that Det. Brady is as good as anyone else they have. While they have nothing on the old man, they have plenty on Ava. "He'll slip up eventually," Hope is sure. Bo is frustrated and Abe tosses him a bone, allowing him to help from the sidelines. They start going through their strategy and worry about what tricks Ava's lawyers could pull. Roman starts to wonder if they should bring Ava in to help them against her father. Abe abruptly ends the brainstorming session and orders Bo and Hope to go home and rest.

Bo and Hope go home. She wonders how they will nail Martino. Putting her arms around him, she says that he's good at all this cop stuff. "Are handcuffs involved?" he grins before they hurry upstairs. Meanwhile, Marlena goes to see Roman. "I wanna report a break-in," she says. She explains what was stolen. He can't do anything since she's not the victim. He wonders what could be on the disc and, seeing how important this is to her, offers to check it out off the record.


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