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2nd Week of May 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 

May 12, 2008

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

Outside the pub, Sami accuses Nicole of using her unfortunate dog to try and get EJ into bed. Refusing to stand by and let that happen, she yanks EJ into a kiss. Everyone has a shocked expression at this. "I have some breath spray and it's anti-bacterial," Nicole offers. Sami wonders what she was thinking. EJ thinks she was just reacting. "No no!" she screams before running away. She runs into the pub and begs her grandmother for some water or rubbing alcohol. Caroline laughs and wonders why she looks like she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. "I need to talk to Lucas," Sami panics, pulling out her phone. She makes the call but he refuses to talk to her and she starts to cry. Caroline suggests that he may just feel too guilty for ruining their lives. Sami thinks he needs to get over it so they can see each other and start moving on.

EJ thanks Nicole for helping him with Sami. She's livid; she was actually upset about her dog, Sami just happened along. EJ starts to probe her about Sami's reaction: Does she seem genuinely jealous? "The way she threw herself at me was wonderful!" he oozes. Nicole cringes. Sami's bad news, she thinks, and she'll do anything to get what she wants. At least Nicole doesn't pretend to be good. EJ still wants Sami. "If you're that stupid, maybe you shouldn't be my lawyer," she bites before lambasting his twisted relationship with Sami. Why does she care so much about it? EJ wonders. She cares about him... as his lawyer; she doesn't need him getting googly-eyed. He keeps his personal and business lives separate and suggests that she is jealous and doesn't want Sami happy. She doesn't, but she's more worried about Pookie right now. He begins analyzing her needy relationship with her dog and she calls his verdict on her emotional health "manure" before stomping away.

In the middle of the night, Philip drinks a glass of milk and paces around the mansion. Henderson comes in with a package and offers him something to eat. Philip's not hungry. He opens the package and remembers his confrontations with John over the docks. The package contains the stolen disc. He promptly puts it in his computer and discovers that the disc is encrypted and he can't read it. Immediately, he calls the computer department. Before things can get anywhere, Chloe announces her presence. He jumps up. "Where's Brady?" he asks. She looks uncomfortable at this. "I came back alone," she says, explaining that Brady is in rehab and making progress. He wasn't thrilled to see her though and still blames her for his addictions. Philip wonders why she came back; why didn't she stay to work things out? Brady wants a divorce, she says. "There's one person to blame for our marriage ending and you and I both know what that is," she states. He doesn't think she can blame Victor for everything. She rants about what Victor has done to her. Philly wonders what other reasons she's had for coming back. He suggests she's come back to get revenge on Victor by using him. What they had was a long time ago, she reminds him. He understands, but she's back and in the game. "I'm good at the game and love to play it," he smiles. She thinks he's conceited and insists that she just wants a friend. He nods his head and smiles deviously. He offers her a room in the mansion. Reluctantly, she agrees and tells him that he's right about the best way to get revenge on Victor. After ripping his shirt open, she starts kissing him. "I like being friends with you," he smirks. Before she can start rubbing his abs, they're interrupted by Nicole: "Oh please God! Let me be hallucinating!"

EJ walks into the pub and watches Sami crying to her grandmother about Lucas refusing to see her. None of what Samantha Jean says makes sense to her grandmother. Sami has no idea what's going on anymore. EJ creeps over and whispers: "How can I help?" Caroline starts telling EJ about her problems, much to Sami's consternation. "She's desperate to hold onto what she used to have," EJ smirks. She's not desperate; she still has true love with Lucas, she insists, something EJ will never know anything about. She stomps away. He explains to Caroline that Sami caught him comforting Nicole and flipped out. She reminds him that Sami still loves Lucas and he's only part of her life because Lucas can't be. "Tell me something I don't know," he admits grimly.

Sami goes back to the mansion and thanks Rolf for looking after the twins. He's exhausted and covered in baby vomit. He asks her for a drink and reminds her that rocking babies is not in his job description. Sami tells him that she's misjudged him; she used to think he was a creep. He had to be that way to work for Stefano, he explains before bringing up her worried expression. "What happened to freak you out?" he queries. She doesn't want to talk about it. "What do you think of EJ?" she asks. Rolf thinks he's finally becoming his own person, for good or bad. What does Sami think? "He's trying," she sighs. "Trying to be a better person or trying your patience?" he jokes. Rolf's tired and goes to bed, but before he can get away, she asks him if he thinks John and Marlena will get back together. Rolf thinks there's as much chance of them reuniting as there is of her forgetting about Lucas and falling in love with EJ. As he walks out, EJ walks in and Sami jumps. She tells him he can check on the twins and walks off.

Chelsea follows Daniel into the steam room to confront him about his wife. "Hands off, seriously," he warns. She assumes that they could have had something if he didn't have "the dark past thing" hanging over him. He tells her she'll have one too when she gets older. She accuses him of using his past to let her down gently. As she prods him, he tells her to bail. She insists there is something between them and he shouldn't resist. "You think what happened to your wife will happen to me," she explains to him. As she gets wet from the steam, he tells her he's uncomfortable and she should leave. They keep arguing and she taunts him for his fears. He refuses to make the same mistake twice. She starts lashing out at him, accusing him of being a coward. "I'm not going to change who I am," he says. He's not good boyfriend material, he suggests, before he starts to talk in circles. She begins kissing him and caressing his shoulders. He finally admits that he feels something; that's the problem.


May 13, 2008
Before I do Something Stupid

Stephanie hurries down to the docks. Max is clearly uncomfortable having her there. She needs to know what he really did to Nick's grant proposal. He tries avoiding this, but finally says that he was just fixing the financial accounting etc.. Stephanie doesn't believe him and doesn't understand why he won't trust her enough to tell her what he's really up to: None of this makes sense. He tries to change the subject and kiss her but she pushes him away. She wants the truth, not a distraction. He says he's given her the truth already. She doesn't believe him and walks away. Max sighs and remembers bringing beer to his father's grave and telling him that Nick makes mistakes and needs guidance. He told his father that he was cool with running the pub, but he still wants something else, something more.

At the pub, Nick is busy at work when a student, Alicia, starts badgering him with questions. Agitated, he brushes her off. Moments later, he walks over to her table and apologizes. He explains that he is just under a lot of pressure. They begin talking about his grant and how worried he is about his deadline. With a confused grimace, she explains that it was already delivered to the administration building. He's confused by this. She explains that she works in the Dean's office, sorting his mail, and Nick's stuff arrived already.

Steve walks into the pub for a meeting with EJ. He reminds Mr. Wells about their past and that it's not easily forgotten. EJ starts to ask about Steve's past "interesting couple of weeks" as Ava's prisoner, but Steve just wants to get down to business. After settling some details, EJ offers him a handshake but Steve still doesn't trust him. EJ promises him that he won't regret getting into business with him. Steve looks around nervously. When EJ offers to buy him breakfast, Steve ignores him and glares around strangely as a mysterious man looms outside the pub door. "Are you okay?" EJ asks. Stephanie walks in and asks her papa what he's doing there. They start talking about Kayla and the pregnancy.

Stephanie wanders over to Nick and asks him how he's doing. He says that he's okay, but he's clearly not. When she sits down, they talk about Chelsea; he still doesn't know why they broke up. When she inquires about his proposal, he explains how it suddenly appeared in the Dean's office. Before he can say anymore, Max arrives and jumps into the conversation. He plays dumb as Nick talks about what a disaster his work was and how he can't understand why someone would send it in rather than simply give it back to him. Stephanie tries to come clean but Max cuts her off, telling Nick that they looked, but couldn't find it. After he walks away, Stephanie burbles some condolences about Chelsea and walks away. Nick flashes back to his strained arguments with Max over the grant but he still can't understand his friend's behavior. Meanwhile, Stephanie corners Max and tells him that she can't lie to Nick anymore. Immediately, she hurries back to Nick's table and finally comes clean with him. "You and I need to talk," Nick announces to Max who promptly explains that he was only trying to help. Nick blows up at him and storms away, leaving Stephanie to demand some answers. When she doesn't get any, she leaves as well.

At the station, Roman hands Bo a new file when Sami rushes in panicking. She tells them that Lucas has refused to talk to her. That's nothing new, Roman points out. Sami insists that she needs to talk to him right away, "Before I do something stupid," she explains. She thinks of kissing EJ and tells Roman how worried she is about Lucas. He'll talk to Mr. Roberts/Horton, but can't promise anything; if Lucas still refuses to see her, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Later, after Roman has talked to Lucas, he tells Sami not to get her hopes up. Lucas still refuses to talk to her, but he may call. Sami gets her hopes up so Roman tries to dampen them. He thinks that she left a lot of things unsettled with Lucas and she easily owns up to this. A cop walks in with an email for her from Lucas. She's surprised at the quick and rather impersonal reply. The men leave her alone to read it. The note tells her to forget about him and move on with her life. She starts to cry.

At home, Hope serves Kayla some tea and offers to take her to her doctor's appointment today. Kayla is sure that Steve put her up to this, since he's still worried about the Vitali clan. Although Kayla insists that she can look after herself, Hope thinks she chould could still use someone watching her back. Even if Ava's behavior was all thanks to her being drugged, she is still a Vitali and dangerous. She encourages Kayla just to focus on her baby and they leave for her appointment.

At the hospital, Angelo tracks down Ava in the hallway to get an update on her health. She's doing well and wants to start living in the present again. She tells Angelo that Nussbaum must have been drugging her to keep her as his patient and bleed her father for all he was worth. Angelo shrugs. Hope and Kayla walk in. They have an awkward moment with their former captor before Ava thanks Kayla for figuring out that she was on the wrong medication. Hope and Kayla walk away. "You don't have to thank her," Angelo groans. He starts to blame everything on Patch and says that her father thinks he's to blame for everything too. "What else do you know Angelo?" she asks. He starts to stutter as she interrogates him but he continues to assert that her father is doing nothing against Patch and his family. They go over to the pub. She notices Stephanie and tells Angelo how pretty she is. "She's not as pretty as you twinkle toes," he smirks. They sit down and she asks him how he knew she had an appointment today. They dance around it until she demands to know why he's keeping tabs on her. He's reluctant and she threatens to walk away. Grabbing her hand, he tells her that she's right: Her father wanted him to keep her busy today because he didn't want to risk her getting in the way of what he had planned.

After her appointment, Kayla and Hope return to her place. Kayla's agitated and doesn't want to follow the doctor's orders to go back to bed. Hope tells her that her only job right now is to worry about her baby and take care of her. When Hope leaves to get some pie, Kayla starts to get a twinge. Meanwhile, Patch walks down to the docks while the man who has been following him all day clings to the shadows and prepares a sniper rifle. Patch starts to play harmonica and stays behind some barrels. Clearly aware of the threat, he slips out of sight and calls Bo with some news about his dangerous situation.

EJ goes home to the mansion to get caught up on some work. Sami stumbles in. "Are you alright?" he asks. She says she's fine. "It doesn't look that way," he suggests. She snipes at him and says she hasn't slept well. "Because of what happened between the two of us?" he asks. Nothing happened, she insists. He asks if he can help out. She asks him to drop Nicole. He won't. She seems very sad, he observes, but she refuses to talk about that as well. When he offers her a hug, she cringes. She swallows some booze and cries, avoiding him and trying to leave. As she runs to the door, his phone starts to ring. After a delay, he picks it up: It's Nicole. Sami stays in the doorway and listens in.

May 14, 2008
The Concept of us is Just not Happening.

Nicole arrives at the mansion but, when she sees Chloe and Philip eating dinner, she loses her appetite. She starts sniping at Chloe and her lackluster opera career. It doesn't take long before the 's' word starts coming out. Philip watches as Nicole lays into Chloe over Brady and lambastes him for jumping all over his nephew's lady, "Chloe Lame". He doesn't remember when she joined the morality police and brings up her various infidelities to Victor. She admits to these and doesn't see why she should even care about this when Pookie is in the hospital. She's just trying to help Philly. "Despite what you think, I really do care about you," she admits. He smirks. She still has feelings, she begins, but her phone starts barking (Pookie's bark is her ringtone) before she can finish. It's EJ setting up a meeting with her. She leaves "the kids" behind. He tells Chloe not to let Nicole get to her. She admits that Nicole is actually right and they shouldn't be fooling around. Chloe has trouble letting Brady go, even if she has Philly as a distraction. He reminds her of how much she wants to annoy his father and tells her to stop thinking so much. She still doesn't think it's right for them to hook up. They start kissing. He tells her to admit to what she wants: She really came back to Salem for him. "No," she says, moving away. "Call me what you want, but you can't deny what's between us," he says. She's lost her appetite and leaves the dining room. He shrugs and pulls out John's memory disc.

At the mansion, Sami finds EJ in his exercise outfit, leaving for the gym. After he walks out, Sami asks her mother to look after the twins while she trudges off to the gym. Marlena wanders into John's office while he continues to search for who broke into his home. She's put out some feelers herself. "I'm helping," she says perkily. He's not that impressed. Daniel walks in and John calls him the "Big Kahuna" and begins talking about his surfing career. John soon drifts out of the conversation and Daniel tells Marlena he needs some personal advice. Marlena asks John to step out. He refuses, reminding her that they were in the middle of something. "Please?" she asks. "Make it quick," he barks before leaving. Daniel sits down with Marlena and she begins to probe. He tells her how he's been traveling the world looking for an adrenaline rush to get over his loss and stay detached, but he doesn't know if he can avoid it anymore. "Are you saying that you're getting involved with patient?" she asks. He needs her to tell him how to fall out of love and move on. Marlena doesn't know how to help him. John eavesdrops as they talk. Daniel wants a guarantee, but Marlena doesn't think there are any. She tells him to imagine his wife. He closes his eyes but can't get the vibe. He tries again and imagines his wife telling him that he should allow himself to love someone. "That's very good advice," Marlena says. He doesn't want any more questions, just some more solid advice. His problem is that he doesn't know what he wants, she explains. He has intuition in the operating room, but he would rather surf than think about his personal problems. She thinks he knows what he wants, he's just afraid of the risk and needs someone to tell him it's okay to go ahead. "Damn... you're good," he smiles. She cautions him to go slowly so that he's comfortable and it feels right.

After Marlena walks Daniel out, John steps out of the shadows. She asks him why he was eavesdropping. It's his house, he'll do what he pleases, he asserts. They return to the topic of his missing disc. She says that she's gotten Roman involved in the search. He doesn't want her involved. "That's too bad because I love you very much," she says. He smokes his cigar.

Sami follows EJ to the gym and spies on him, knocking over protein supplements while he helps a woman exercise. As she starts to exercise, the man next to her, Chris, starts calling her a cutie before noticing EJ. "that tall drink of water", and the woman who seems to be into him. It's Nicole. She and EJ wander over and taunt her. "Instead of doing laps, let's work out a few kinks in the steam room," Nicole suggests. She takes him away and Sami asks Chris to follow them into the steam room to eavesdrop. He high fives her and jogs off. EJ and Nicole lock themselves in the steam room and start to make out as Chris runs down the hall. He listens at the door and gasps. He runs back out to Sami and tells her that he heard a lot of moans. "It sound like he was really good," he comments. Sami grumbles. She runs down the hall to the steam room but stops herself from barging in. Inside, EJ stops making out with Nicole. "You're a beautiful woman but I love Samantha," he reminds her. "Who said anything about love," she says, pulling him into more kisses.

Kate takes Chelsea out for dinner at the pub. Chelsea is feeling better now that people have stopped asking her how she feels. Kate wonders how she is doing emotionally. Chelsea wants some advice: How do I make a guy realize that he loves me? "I have a feeling that you're not talking about Nick," Kate assumes. Chelsea wants a relationship with Daniel: He's hot and smart and she's dumped Nick. Unfortunately, Daniel has problems and she explains what happened with his wife. Kate tells her that a relationship with Daniel isn't what she needs, she should actually get as far away from him as she can. That doesn't sound like good advice to Chelsea. Kate is sure that Chelsea would always take a backseat to his dead wife. Chelsea begins mocking Kate for her past and brings up Martino, who suddenly walks in. Kate assures her that Martino wasn't a hood when she was with him. "I have known enough men with issues that prevented them from being in a relationship," she explains. Daniel has to deal with what happened or he will never be ready to move on. Daniel drifts in and sits at the bar. Kate repeats that she'll never be happy running after Daniel. After she leaves, he sits down with Chelsea. He tells her that, "The concept of us is just not happening right now." That's what Kate told Chelsea too, but she thinks that she is wrong. She won't argue and play games though. "I hope you figure all your stuff out," she says. When he does, he can call her. She walks out.

Across the pub, Ava starts to demand some answers from Angelo. "Your father wanted you out of the way today so he and some of the fellows could take care of Patch," Angelo confesses. She wonders why he's admitted to this. He's sick of being treated like a puppet and he's sick of how her father has been treating her. "Daddy's days of controlling me are over," she says. Martino arrives and sits down. She asks him what he is going to do to Patch. He plays ignorant. "You better call it off daddy or you will be sorry," she threatens.

Hope and Kayla are drinking tea when Bo calls. He tells her that Steve is in trouble but she can't tell Kayla about it. Hope leaves her friend behind and rushes away. At the docks, Steve plays the harmonica while a sniper takes aim at his head. Before the sniper can take his shot, Bo interrupts him, levelling a gun at his head. As he reads the guy his rights, Hope searches him and finds something. They hurry over to the pub and arrest Martino for murder and attempted murder. Meanwhile, Kayla gets bored waiting around and decides to call Steve. When she stands up, she has a spasm before collapsing on the couch. "Oh God! This is it!" she screams, getting on the phone for an ambulance: She's gone into labor.

May 15, 2008
Pumph-pumph for Master Elvis?

Sami storms home ranting loudly about EJ "and the slut" when Rolf runs out and calms her, reminding her that the "kleine kinder" are sleeping. She flops on the couch, annoyed that she is stuck with an arrogant ass. "I assume you are referring to master Elvis?" Rolf asks. Yes, she is. She jumps up and starts to drink, claiming that EJ is not capable of changing, just of driving her insane. Rolf wonders if there is a "pumph-pumph" and a "pitter-patter" in her heart for EJ. She assures him no such sounds are going on. Rolf understands, he never had much use for emotions. The only useful one is fear; the only way to avoid a pitiable death. Sami decides to take his advice and cultivate her sense of fear. Rolf stops her and reminds her how inspirational love can be. She wishes she could see Lucas; he would be able to help. Rolf suggests that she may be seeing Lucas much sooner than she thinks. He explains that he overheard EJ on the phone to the warden trying to get Lucas out of prison. She's glad that Rolf is being so helpful. Being helpful is his calling, Rolf claims. He'd be glad to help more, but it all depends on what's in it for him. "I'll owe you one," she offers. He nods, promising to collect and ducks out. She whips out her phone and calls EJ.

EJ and Nicole are making out in the steam room at the gym. He breaks away from her. "I can't get over the feeling I'm cheating on Samantha," he admits. She feels humiliated, but she gets it: He and Sami have a child together. He insists that he really loves her. "You know that Sami will never care about you," she explains. When Lucas returns, he will vanish from the scene. EJ doubts that will be the case for long; he has a plan. Some prisoners are being allowed out early to take part in a sort of home prison program. The only way to stop Lucas from playing the poor hero, is to get him back out and under scrutiny. The sooner EJ can remind Sami that he is actually the victim here, the sooner he can win her over. Later, left alone, Nicole wanders around the health club talking to herself. "Time to cozy up to an old friend," she decides, unscrewing her flask and taking a swig.

When EJ arrives at the mansion, Sami glumly mumbles at the chessboard. EJ assures her that nothing is happening between he and Nicole; there would be nothing to gain. Maybe a disease, she suggests before bringing up his plot to get Lucas released. She wonders what his motive could be. He says it's only out of the goodness of his heart; he wants her to be happy. 'That's a nice sentiment. I wish you'd have thought of that the night Johnny was conceived," she shoots back, trying to leave the room. He stops her. She admits that she can't even look at their son without remembering the way he was conceived. "I'm not proud of what I did that night. I'm deeply ashamed," EJ admits. It was terrible, but he never meant to hurt her. He just thought that she loved him. "You are so egotistical!" she bursts. He wishes he could take it all back; it was the biggest mistake of his life. He's scarred her emotionally and she'll never get over it. He starts to apologize profusely. She reminds him of what a "sleaze" he was afterwards. EJ can't defend himself, though he continues to apologize, knowing that he can never apologize enough. Since that night, everything he has done has been an attempt to redeem himself and become a different person. In his heart he hopes that one day she can wipe the slate clean. If he wants to be a good father, he needs to become a role model and stop cavorting in steam rooms, she says. He tells her that nothing happened with Nicole because he told her that he loves her. "Fine," she agrees, he can have a clean slate. He's surprised, but she explains that this is about their son. As she starts to talk about how much he's changed, Nicole barges in. She tries to kiss EJ but Sami tells her to stay away. She threatens to call the police and Nicole tries to kiss EJ again. He resists and Sami drags Nicole out. EJ smirks; he enjoyed watching her turf Nicole out. She becomes threatening. "What are you going to do?" he taunts. She pulls him into a kiss. When she realizes what she's doing, she pushes him away. "Is there a problem?" he asks. "What is wrong with me?" she panics, running up the stairs.

Stephanie tracks Max down to the docks. He apologizes for all of the mess around Nick's grant. He wishes he'd told her the truth earlier. So does she, but now she realizes that he was just trying to help Nick and be a good friend. Max explains that this is not the first time that Nick has accused him of messing with his work and he worries that they can't work through it this time. What kills him the most about it is the look on Steph's face when she knows that he's lied to her. It scared her and that scared him. He swears that trust issues will never come between them again. She can't stay mad at him and throws her arms around him. He reminds her that couples fight, it's natural. "I hate that part," she says. He likes "this part" though and starts kissing her. She asks him to grab some junk food and drive out to Lookout Point with her. He has a better idea. They start a picnic on the pier, though it's hard to focus on eating when they'd rather make out. He tells her how lucky he feels to be with her. "I'm the lucky one. I'm the luckiest girl in the world," she says. After they make love on a pile of rope, she realizes that she should go home: She doesn't want her parents to worry.

At the pub, Bo and Hope arrest and cuff Vitali's men. Martino smirks and Bo wonders what's funny. Martino assures him that he has nothing on him. Bo shows him that they found Nussbaum's wallet on the sniper and he's sure that the bullets in the rifle will match those that killed the doctor. Martino is unimpressed and doubts they can prove the shooter worked for him. "No, but I can," Ava says. He tells her to shut her mouth. "You tried to kill the man that I love," she says. Angelo soon breaks down; he's seen too much. Watching Ava get screwed up on drugs all this time has been too much for him: The doctor was drugging her, but only on orders from her father, he explains. Martino insists that Angelo is lying, but Ava is sure it's true. This is all because of what she remembered: She remembered what he did to her mom. "You had my mother killed!" she breaks down, punching at his chest. Chaos erupts and Martino grabs a gun, pointing it at Bo who quickly takes a shot. In a flash, Martino is dead on the floor. Ava cries over his corpse, "How could you do this to me?" As the body is wheeled out, Bo says that he got off easy. Roman tells Ava that he's sorry, but reminds her that she's out on bail and can't leave town. She's not going anywhere and Angelo promises to look after her. He puts his arm around his cousin and walks her out while Roman turns and asks for a rundown from Bo and Hope.

"It's too soon!" Kayla bellows as Steve hurries into Bo and Hope's house. She twists on the floor while he tries to comfort her and asks her if she's called 9-1-1. The paramedics soon arrive and load her up. When they get to the hospital, he calls Bo and Hope to tell them what's happened.


16, 2008
You Don't cry all the Time

At the mansion, Sami thumps down the stairs and finds EJ sitting at the desk eating and typing. Neither of them can sleep. He expects she's come down to apologize for claiming that she didn't enjoy kissing him. She thinks he's crazy. "Only for you," he shoots back. This makes her hungry. He offers her a sandwich. She'd rather shoot bamboo shoots under her fingernails than kiss him again, she says; she still has no idea why she did it. He starts to ramble about his Latin lessons and murmurs that they will never talk about her kissing him. She starts eating his apple and he tries to go to bed. Before he can, she repeats her slanders against Nicole. He reminds her that they need money and tries to leave. She starts to talk extremely fast about plans for the twins preschool. "Maybe we should think about college too?" he jokes. She doesn't appreciate it. Statesville Prison suddenly calls. "You think it's about Lucas?" she asks. She's breathless as he talks on the phone. He shakes his head and solemnly tells her that Lucas didn't make the cut for the release program. She collapses in a chair and almost breaks into tears. He offers to try again. "I have to accept that he's not coming back," she weeps before thanking him. EJ tells her he would do anything to help her and pulls her into a hug. She cries into his chest as he fondles her hair. She hates girls who cry all the time. "You don't cry all the time... some of the time you're angry," he jokes. She's frustrated that she doesn't have control over her own life. He tells her that she does; she just doesn't control anyone else's. It's time for bed, he announces, he has tennis with Nicole in the morning. She asks him what he sees in Nicole. It's more what she sees in him: She thinks he's "all that". "What woman wouldn't?" she says. "You," he reminds her. She's confused. He tries to explain but he's tired and wants to go to bed, not play stupid word games. "I need to know how you feel," he states: Where do they go now? She tells him to go to bed. He demands a real answer; she keeps giving him mixed signals and he needs to know where he really stands. She can't say she doesn't care about him and be jealous of Nicole at the same time. If she doesn't want him to be with the other woman, he needs a reason. "You are my husband and there is no way I'm going to stand by and let that slut sink her claws into you," she slowly states. "What are you gonna do about it?" he whispers. She breathes in and kisses him.

Chloe is prowling the Kiriakis mansion looking for a drink when she runs into Victor in the dining room. "I'm family Victor," she tells him when he demands to know why she's there. She's the worst thing that's ever happened to the family, he spits at her. She thought that was Nicole... and her dog. Why is she forcing herself where she isn't wanted? He asks as they start to tear into each other over Brady and the mess with the Austrian police. Things are over between her and Brady so, "What monumental audacity brings you back?" he demands. Philip jumps in: "I invited her." Victor wants to talk to his son in private. Chloe just came down to get something to sleep, she insists. Victor tells her they don't have any drugs and tells her to get out.

"You had no right to keep the secret about Brady from me," Philip starts after Chloe leaves. Victor accuses him of keeping secrets of his own, "Like the B and E at John's place." Philip is surprised he knows about that and tells him about the disc they stole. He's been monitoring the conversations over there and he knows that there is something important on that disc. Someone is working on the encryption and Victor is eager to find out the contents. He tells his son that he admires the way he's handling things and wants to give him even more responsibility. Victor is getting exhausted and now knows that his son is willing to get his hands dirty. It makes him a little sad, he admits; he had hoped he could stay above that. Philip only did it for the good of the family. Victor knows and he's pleased, but he's going to be watching things from "a little further back" from now on. Philip will still want his advice. "Don't worry Dad, I won't let you down," he promises. Victor tells his son how frightened he was when he was away at war. He suggests that his son go into politics and tells him not to wait too long to start a family. "I'm keeping my options open," Philip says. Victor walks away for a moment while Philip looks out at the garden. When Victor returns, he hands his son a dossier. "This is your legacy and your future," he announces. Later, Philip sits alone when Chloe comes in. She wonders if she should have her bags packed. He tells her that she can stay and he's in charge of pretty much everything now. "Handsome, rich and powerful" she summarizes. He tells her she forget "ruthless" and smirks.

At the hospital, Steve worries about Kayla while her contractions speed up. "It's too soon! We can't lose our baby," she worries. Steve tells her to breathe and the doctor explains the tests that they're running. After spilling out a motley of medical terminology, which Steve can't follow, she offers Kayla a sedative. The doctor orders the neonatology team to get ready and Kayla starts to panic again, reminding the doctor that it's too soon. Steve keeps repeating that everything will be okay and tells the "peanut" to stay in a little longer. He takes Lexi aside and asks her if the baby can survive if it comes now. Kayla doesn't think the odds are good. Steve tells her to trust the doctors. The doctors look worried.

Hope and Bo arrive at the hospital and she gets out her phone. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Chelsea are watching TV when Hope calls to tell Steph that Kayla has gone into labor. Stephanie goes into instant panic. They hurry over to the hospital. Stephanie wanders in to see her mother and Chelsea stands with Bo and Hope. As Bo comforts his daughter, she remembers her dream about Zach, the way he used to hide from her and the way she blamed herself for his death. This situation is only bringing back that pain. Bo wonders if Kayla has gone into labor because of the Vitali mess. He and Hope tell Chelsea that Martino is dead. Back in her hospital room, Kayla starts to scream that the baby is coming. The doctors tell her to push. The baby starts to crown. A little boy comes out but he isn't crying. The boy is rushed to neonatal ICU. Kayla demands an answer. "

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