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3rd Week of May 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


May 19, 2008
Mmm or Ugh?

At the hospital, Kayla is desperate to get out of bed and see her baby, but the other doctors won't allow it. "Listen baby, this is what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna go down there and see our baby boy," Steve offers. Unfortunately Lexi informs him that he can't see the baby either. The baby needs to stay in a sterile environment while it undergoes tests, she explains. Kayla wants details but she's not going to get any. Kayla refuses to stay put so they threaten to sedate her. Lexi leaves to check and Dr. Elman announces that she has to look Kayla over alone. Reluctantly, Steve goes out.

In the corridor, Stephanie worries about her premature little brother. Max tells her that the doctors around here are great. Stephanie asks Chelsea if Daniel is still around, wondering if he can help. Chelsea reminds her that Dr. Dan isn't a pediatrician. As Chelsea leaves, Steph dissuades her from telling the family too much when she calls them. After Chelsea walks off, Max tries to reassure his girlfriend by telling her that the baby is a fighter. She cries. Her father comes out and she throws her arms around him. They cry together and he tells her what he knows. Dr. Elman comes out and tells him to focus on Kayla and let the staff focus on the baby. "We can do that," he promises. He and Stephanie walk in to see Kayla who is still quivering in bed in panic. They try to make her think of something positive, like baby names. Steph has a fun way to decide one. They begin taking names at random like "Cosmo" and "Sponge Bob". Kayla begins to cry again. Lexi walks in and informs them that the baby still isn't breathing on his own. Kayla doubts his odds are good.

Nick tracks Max down and demands to know what he did to his papers. Max is defensive and doesn't see the problem. Nick isn't sure that it was actually his work that he sent in. He checked out the work the Dean received and it didn't look familiar. "Think about what you're saying here, that I might be smart enough to mess with your work and make it look legit," he comments. Max hurries home and gets the originals before giving them over to Nick. Clutching them, Nick apologizes for being crazy lately. Max tells him that he's just afraid of success. Nick isn't sure he deserves it and warns Max that if he's playing him, he'll find out about it.

Daniel is in the hospital locker room chatting with Dr. Carrington about his plans for the future. Daniel asks him how he manages to stay in the same place. The doctor can't explain that, but Salem does have a lot to offer. Daniel remembers kissing Chelsea and says he has unfinished business. "What's her name?" Carrington jokes. Daniel won't talk about it. After Carrington walks away, Daniel goes into the shower. Chelsea walks in and paces until he walks out. He covers himself as she apologizes. He begins telling her that her new haircut is hot and she asks for a favor: She wants him to check in on Kayla's baby. That's not his area of expertise, he reminds her: Being born too early isn't a disease so there's not much he can do. What does she really want? He asks. She wants him to think about them. They don't have a chance, he repeats. She's great but they wouldn't be great together. As the older one, it's his responsibility to walk away from "what's not cool". She may be "mmm" but with him it's "ugh". After this exposition of his dating philosophy, she accuses him of playing games and lists all of the excuses he's offered her, suggesting that he's just afraid of his feelings. He needs to get over himself, she states. As she walks out, he grabs her arms and pulls her into a kiss.

EJ drifts around the mansion in his workout clothes. He stands outside Sami's door while, inside, she looks at her photo of Lucas and paces. They flash back to the kiss and Sami wipes her mouth while EJ resists knocking. He runs his fingers over the door while she stands on the other side. When she finally opens the door, she begins to stutter as he stands before her. He wants to talk about what happened. She tells him they were just being stupid. He needs to know why she is willing to wipe the slate clean all of a sudden. Sami tries to brush it off but he tells her the kiss was amazing and he doesn't want to mess this up. If she's willing to move forward that's the best news he's ever heard but he has to know why. "When you told me what you were thinking that night, it made me realize that I've been there myself," Sami confesses. He reminded her of Austin. "I guess you could say I forced myself on him," she admits, recalling how she drugged him and took advantage of him, sure that he would fall in love with her. Doing that almost ruined his life, but he eventually forgave her, so what kind of person would she be if she couldn't forgive EJ? She offers never to talk about "that night" again and move on. He 's happy to hear it, but he also needs her to give him a break about his relationship with Nicole. She asks him if he's been coming-on to Nicole to make her jealous. "If I have, would it have worked?" he asks. "Yeah," she admits. Nicole makes her insane. EJ assures her that he's wise to Nicole and her games. She still doesn't want him near her; she "worked her magic" on all her other men already. He accuses Sami of "playing" him and asks her where they stand: Did she mean the kiss or not? She kissed him because she wanted to; she thought it might be tolerable, but it turned out to be something else. She wanted it to happen again. "Whatever happens now is up to you," he says. They kiss again. "Are you sure that this is what you want to do?" he asks as he looks down at her. She asks him to promise not to ask her that again. They fall onto the bed.

Mickey goes to the prison to visit Lucas. "How'd you like to get out of Statesville and go home?" Uncle Mickey asks. Lucas is baffled so Mickey explains. There's overcrowding so some first time offenders are being approved for conditional release; he'd be on an ankle monitor and under house arrest. "Get me outta here!" Lucas says enthusiastically. He confessed and he doesn't pose a threat to society so he has a good shot, Mickey explains, "But there's one thing I'm worried about..." he begins. Before he can explain, Maggie bursts in with donuts. Lucas stuffs his face and then explains why he doesn't want Sami visiting. He doesn't want her or her daughter anywhere near a prison. "You're a damn fool," Maggie snipes. Lucas looks for more information on his release. There is no time frame but he could be out tonight, Mickey claims. Lucas gets excited and starts pacing. Not being with his family has been tearing him apart. Maggie says the baby is missing him. Mickey leaves to confer with a judge and soon returns to tell Lucas that he'll be going home tonight.

May 20, 2008
Another Wahinie

Daniel and Chelsea are making out in the locker room at the hospital. She pushes him away. He tells her it's wrong. She says he's right and they start making out again. Once he gets her down to her bra, they hear someone coming so he stuffs her into the nearest locker. "Dr. Jonas? Looks like I caught you at a good time," the woman says as she saunters in. The towelled doctor breathes deep as she introduces herself as Amber Cress. She begins talking about green technology as she undresses for a shower, telling him that she likes what she's already heard about him. She likes to conserve energy too, for some activities anyway. "It's too bad you already showered. If we'd showered together, just think of how much water you'd have saved?" she flirts. Chelsea cringes in the locker and Daniel tries to keep away. He stutters and laughs, telling Amber that he needs to get some clothes on. They begin talking about surfing and she tells him about how much she misses dawn patrol. He didn't know he was going to run into another "wahinie" today. Before they can continue to surf talk, she gets a call and has to go, but she'd still like to hook up. He tells her she's a cool chick but... "You're seeing someone right?" she assumes. He stutters a "yes" and she scribbles her number for him before leaving. Once she's gone, he opens the locker. "So you're seeing someone huh?" Chelsea smiles. He won't admit it. She assumes that she's the reason he's staying in Salem. He won't admit that either. He tells her they can never happen. She points out that he's always saying that but he keeps touching her anyway. He can't help it; she has signs of vitality. She urges him again to give them a chance, sure that he wants her. "You deserve a commitment and I can't give it to you," he insists. "We're not over," she promises, walking out.

At home, Abe is trying to teach Theo to stack blocks. The kid isn't keen. Lexi tells her husband to stop pressuring the boy and sits down. She encourages Theo to say "block" but he just turns his mohawked head away. Lexi starts calling the hospital to check on Kayla. She updates Abe, telling him how worried she is. They remember when she found out that she was pregnant for Theo. He's a blessing, though she worries about him since he hardly speaks. Abe thinks they hover too much and need to relax. Abe wishes the boy goodnight and she brings him up to bed. After she's put the child to bed, she returns downstairs and Abe pours her some wine. It's been a long time since they could sit and relax. He starts kissing her neck and he asks her to go upstairs. Before they can make it, Lexi's phone rings. After she gets off, Abe points out that they never agree on anything anymore. That's why they need a marriage counsellor, she suggests. They don't want to lose each other and embrace.

Nick goes to see Max at the pub. They talk about the "heavy scene" at the hospital and the topic quickly flips to Chelsea and Dr. Dan. Max thinks that Nick should be angry that the doctor is going after Chelsea, but Nick thinks it just happened. He thought he had the real deal with Chelsea, but apparently it wasn't real for her. Stephanie arrives and begins crying to Max about her brother, worried that he was born too prematurely. Now Kayla is a wreck and Steve can barely hold it together. Max tries to reassure her and then goes to the kitchen to get some food for her family. Nick walks over to her and tries to reassure her with some statistics about premature births. These seem to make her feel a little better. She asks him how he's doing. He says that the funding for his project was approved and asks her what Max did with his work. She insists that Max only cleaned it up and reminds him that he is, "The rockstar of the physics department." He's bashful but doesn't want the fame, just the success of the project. She hugs him and says she's always thought the world of him. They talk about her family and then Chelsea. He still loves her, but he can't be with her anymore. Max returns with some tea and asks what's going on. Nick tells him that he's just a "what you see, is what you get" person, like them. Max plays along, but Nick doubts him. He and Steph both suggest that there is more to Max than he lets on. Max becomes annoyed and claims that he gave Nick's work to Professor Simmons at the school so he could help clean it up. Nick leaves to call and check it out. Steph thinks that Max has been acting strange. He tells her to call the hospital and, once her back is turned, immediately gets on the phone to the professor. Nick is also trying to reach Simmons but can't get through. Steph returns and tells Max that one lie can lead to another; she knows what he's really done and it has to stop. He finally admits that he found Nick's mistakes and fixed them himself.

At the prison, Lucas is excited to be getting out. Mickey reminds him that if he messes up he'll be locked up again. "I can't wait to see the look on Sami's face when I walk through that door," Lucas beams. They sit down and Mickey begins explaining all of the conditions of his release including the ankle monitor. Lucas is sure that it will be no problem; he just worries about whether Sami will be able to put up with him around the apartment all day. A silence. Mickey explains that Sami is actually living in the DiMera mansion. Lucas flies off the handle and starts to huff and puff before Mickey and Maggie explain that Sami needed help with the twins and Marlena needed help with John. Lucas didn't know that things were so bad and blames himself. Mickey points out that, since he's a convict and can't get a job, Lucas will be able to help with the kids. Lucas asks if there's anything else he needs to know. They don't say. He signs the paper and Uncle Mickey hugs him. Lucas offers his donuts to the guard as he leaves to pack up. Once he's gone, Maggie and Mickey are relieved that they didn't have to tell Lucas about EJ and Sami.

At the mansion, Sami pulls off EJ's shirt and starts licking his belly before they fall into bed. "I've wanted you for such a long time," he groans. She tells him to shut up. As he starts pulling up her top, the babies begin crying. They go off and put the children back to sleep. When they return to her room, she claims to be too tired to continue. "I guess I have my work cut out for me," he says, kissing her and picking her up before tossing her back on the bed.



May 21, 2008
Girl's Gotta Have her fun?

In her hospital room, Kayla cradles her little boy in her arms, but it's only a dream. She wakes up and begins calling for Steve, demanding to see their baby. He tells her to stay in bed. She can hear the baby crying. "I'm sorry... our baby is gone," he says. She wakes up. That was a dream too. Patch stands in front of her and she demands to see the baby. He reminds her that isn't possible. He brings up the topic of names again, encouraging her to help him get busy naming the "peanut". She already has a perfect name and hands it to him on a piece of paper. He looks it over and they both tear up. He thinks it's great and says that a certain grandma will flip out too. They'll call the kid just plain old "Joe". Nurse Linda comes in. Kayla begs to see her son. The nurse would love to allow it, but she can't. They're still running tests and have to make the baby strong and well. After the nurse leaves, Steve puts his arms around Kayla. She just wants to hold her baby and begins to weep.

At the pub, Roman reminds Anna that Tony loves her. He may not like him, but it's obvious that Tony's been floating on air since he got involved with her again. She's annoyed that Tony is always running around with Kate. On cue, Tony arrives with Kate while Anna rolls her eyes. Roman tells Kate that her new ad campaign may never see the light of day, explaining that her investors would be less than impressed about her relationship with Martino Vitali. Anna and Tony give them some space. Roman orders Kate a drink and asks her how she got mixed up with "scum like Vitali". They sit down and she admits that Martino was a client while she was still a working girl but she didn't know much about what he was mixed up in. She had dinner with him recently, but it was only dinner. When she suggests she could have gotten information out of him for Roman, he reminds her she is way too important to him to put her in such a position.

Anna and Tony sit down at another table. He tells her how self-sufficient his friend Kate is. Anna is jealous; it seems like he has more fun with Kate than he does with her. He tells her to stop competing. She won't compete because she knows that she can't. Anna always feels excluded in their relationship. If she's unhappy, they should do something about it, he announces. When he stands up, she almost cries when she thinks he's breaking up with her again. "Oh shut up!" he barks before kneeling on the ground and pulling out a ring. The 80's are over and they're adults now, he explains, so will Anna Fredericks Brady Dimera Dimera marry him? She's never seen anything as beautiful as the ring he holds. He has - her. Why now? She wonders. The timing is right so he proposes again and slips the ring on her finger. They kiss and the pub bursts into applause. Roman and Kate walk over to congratulate them. Kate offers them champagne but Tony wants to get his past and future wife alone. When they run out, Kate wonders what that was. Roman says it was something wonderful and romantic. Kate doubts it. Roman jokes that he'll give them six months; three if Anna tries to cook. He offers Kate another drink and she happily accepts.

EJ and Sami are in her bed. She rolls over, unable to believe she just did this. Nicole upset her, she explains to justify it. EJ laughs, assuming she was just marking her territory. Sami finds another excuse: "Girl's gotta have her fun?" EJ thinks it was more than fun. "Sometimes sex is just sex," she says and it doesn't need to have a deep meaning. "Not for you, you're too romantic," he comments. The doorbell rings. He starts to snuggle up to her, telling her that he's already proved he's worth keeping around. She can't remember why. "Maybe I should refresh your memory," he whispers, kissing her again.

The prison guard takes Lucas to the Dimera mansion. Lucas is not happy to be there, but at least he'll be with his daughter and the woman he loves. He stops himself from saying more; Lucas doesn't want to become the topic of gossip, he insists before he continues talking all about his personal life. He anxiously rings the doorbell. Rolf opens it. "Shouldn't you be in jail?" Lucas asks as he pushes his way in, informing Rolf that he lives there now. Rolf is shocked, but Lucas gloats about how Stefano would feel knowing that he is in his house now. Rolf offers to summon Sami, but Lucas wants to surprise her himself.

When Lucas gets upstairs, he walks in on Sami and EJ in bed. She gasps. "I'm home," he announces. She leaps up, throwing on her bathrobe. She tries to explain. He's livid, and threatens to take his daughter and leave. As he storms away, Sami runs off and EJ throws a pillow. Lucas hurries down the stairs and demands to be allowed out but the guard refuses. Sami runs after him. He doesn't want an explanation; he knows they aren't married anymore and don't mean anything to each other. "That's not true!" she protests, but why is he out in the first place? The guard explains why Lucas is there. Sami pants. Lucas refuses to stay, but his guard repeats that he can't go anywhere tonight. Sami asks to speak to him alone. Everyone files out. EJ stands in the hall and eavesdrops as Sami cries and claims she would never have... "Slept with the man who destroyed both our lives?" Lucas guesses. She explains that she missed him and he kept pushing her away. "Did I ever say move on with EJ?" Lucas snaps, demanding his daughter immediately. She fetches the child and brings her down. He sits down, bouncing her on his knee, promising her that he will be taking her with him. After they give the little girl to Rolf, Lucas announces that they're finished. Sami refuses to accept that. Meanwhile, EJ paces around the house, going upstairs and staring at the bed where he was just with Sami.

At home, Abe and Lexi are meeting with Dr. Carrington. He asks Abe about how he is dealing with Lexi's new job. She accuses him of criticizing her; he accuses her of micro-managing. She's supported all of his long hours and he should be supporting her now. They move along to the issue of Theo. Lexi admits that she may hover over him but can't shake the feeling that something isn't right. They talk about his frequent acting out and Carrington suggests that the child may be suffering from a sense of "disconnect" from them. She wonders what to do. He tells her they'll have to ask each other. "I think I have an idea," Abe says. He apologizes to his wife, wishing he'd been more sensitive to her needs but he needs her to consider his job as well. She reminds him that there is nothing she wants more than being with him and their son, but she needs some wiggle room. Carrington thinks this is all good and gives them some homework: He wants them to take Theo out for some quality time. Then they can write notes about how it went. Abe walks Carrington out and Lexi says that this is a start.

At the station, Bo and Hope go over the report on the Vitali shooting. "You never get over it do you?" she asks. Vitali was a killer, he says, but he was also a father. Hope tells him he had no choice. They flirt a little and she walks off. He gets on the phone to set up something special for her. Later, they meet up at the pub with Ciara and Bo pours Hope some sparkling cider. Music comes on and Bo starts to dance with the little girl while Hope snaps pictures for Shawn.

May 22, 2008
Your Family is Even More Screwed up Than I am.

At the hospital, Kayla cradles her baby. "You're perfect. You're alive and well," she says. Ava walks in and takes the baby away from her. Kayla wakes up screaming; it was dream. Ava walks in with a bushel of flowers in her arms. "Hello Kayla," she says. Kayla isn't happy to see her. She tells her about the nightmare she just had. Ava understands, especially since she kept her captive, but that was a different Ava; she doesn't need to worry anymore. The new, sober Ava felt like she needed to come and offer whatever help she could. Kayla doubts Steve would be happy to see her. Ava tells her that she and Steve are really worried about the little boy and she wishes she could help. She blames herself for all of this, even though she can't remember much of anything that's happened. Ava starts thanking Kayla for everything she's done and how she's helped to get her life back. "I wish there was something I could do to repay the favor," she says, getting close and making Kayla more uncomfortable. Kayla reminds Ava that she'll be inheriting a lot of money; her father did horrible things to get it, maybe she can do good things with it. They begin talking about the baby again. Kayla admits that she'll get to see him tomorrow. Ava tells her to go to sleep and hurry tomorrow along. She leaves, but soon returns disguised as a nurse. Kayla's confused. Ava explains that she wanted her to see her little boy so she sneaked into neo-natal ICU and snapped a picture of the baby on her phone. She hands it to her. "It's beautiful!" Kayla cries.

Phillip comes knocking on the door of the pub. They've closed up early. Pete lets him in since he's Bo's half-brother. As Pete goes into the back, a man comes through the door to visit. "Can I trust you?" Phillip asks before they get down to business. For the money he's paying, he certainly can, the man assures him. They go through the details and Phillip sends him off, ordering him never to contact him again. When the guy walks out, Phillip jumps when he spots Chloe in the doorway. "Are you gonna tell me what that was all about?" she probes. "You go looking for trouble you're going to find it," he warns her. It turns her on when he's threatening. She wants to sort out where they stand. He thought that she wasn't available. She admits that there's about as much hope for her and Brady as there is for him and Belle. He asks her what she wants. "I want you to help me forget about Brady," she explains. He smiles. They can distract each other and she can get her ex out of her system. "As long as this isn't all about my dad. I don't like being used," he says. He thinks the "friends with benefits" thing is complicated. She offers to walk away. He stops her; she could be just the medicine he needs. "The best part of this medicine is that it goes down real easily," she says, getting close and kissing him.

At the mansion, Sami and Lucas continue to battle after he's caught her with EJ. Sami insists that it was the first time. "You really think I'm that stupid?" he asks. That's the truth. He's ready to walk away so she looks for excuses, reminding him of how he's pushed her away. He even sent her an email that told her to move on. Lucas can understand that she needed someone, but EJ? He's the reason their lives have been ruined. Sami explains that he's taken responsibility for everything; now Lucas needs to take responsibility for his part in destroying their relationship. He pushed her away and it broke her heart. He couldn't ask her to wait for him, but now he's back, though he never expected it. He had to set her free. "Why couldn't you tell me that you were coming home?" she asks, distraught. He wanted to surprise her. She insists that nothing would have happened between her and EJ if she knew he was coming back. Lucas is still doubtful. EJ meanders in and backs her up. They tell him he should go. He leaves.

"I'll never believe another word that comes out of your lying mouth!" Lucas shouts at his ex-wife. "Who are you? And why are you addressing her with such disrespect?" John asks as he walks in. Lucas reminds him of who he is. Sami tells him to stay out of it so Marlena promptly gets involved, surprised to see Lucas. She hugs him and tells him that this is wonderful. "Yeah," Sami groans. Lucas explains that John is taking responsibility for him. Sami asks why he didn't tell her about this. "It was a surprise to delight the two of you," he says, wondering now if that was a mistake. Marlena is confused. Lucas reminds her that EJ lives there and complicates things. Marlena still doesn't see what the problem is. John starts teasing the reunited former couple. Lucas finally says that he caught Sami in bed with EJ. Marlena gasps that she can't believe it. John smiles. After some prompting, Sami mumbles through an explanation. Marlena doesn't know what happened but is sure that Sami is telling the truth. She lives there, she knows what's going on, she claims. "Yeah I can see that," Lucas says. John stifles a laugh. "She's a lying cheating whore," Lucas glosses as he looks at his former wife. John reminds him that no one speaks to his step-daughter like that. Lucas asks him if he'd be upset if he caught Marlena is bed with another man. John looks at Marlena and smells a cigar. He shrugs, "Perhaps, but we're talking about you." Lucas still needs an explanation from Sami. EJ has been helping her with the twins and been there for them every night. He even agreed to move into this nuthouse with John, but she slept with him because she was lonely and vulnerable and upset about the email. John wants to leave but Sami insists they stay. She explains the contents of the email. "I can understand you needing to be with someone but not my mortal enemy!" Lucas shouts. Sami claims that she's never lied or been deceptive to him but he never told her about all of his schemes with Kate or his plans to shoot EJ. "Everything you did ruined our future together!" she shouts. He admits his plots may not have been great, but neither were hers with EJ. "He has been a helluva good husband to me lately which is more than I can say for you!" she blurts out. That cuts pretty deep and they continue to yell at each other while she explains how much EJ has changed. Marlena echoes her, telling Lucas that EJ is not the man he remembers. Sami asks John for his objective opinion on the situation. "Part of me sides with the convict here... the other part is relieved that Elvis finally did you because the sexual tension was becoming distracting," he says. "Your family is even more screwed up than I am," he adds to Marlena, blowing cigar smoke in her face. Sami tells Lucas that he's made her crazy. He points out that she's always been crazy. Marlena tells them to calm down and regroup later to talk rationally. Nobody thinks that's possible. Lucas storms out but his anklet starts going off.

EJ wanders in the dark until he runs into Nicole. She asks him for a nightcap. He doesn't want company. "I need you and, from the look on your face, you need me too," she says, touching his arm. He doesn't think she needs anymore booze. She reminds him that he should be thanking her for getting Sami so jealous. He admits she's right and tries to get away. Nicole's having a crises though: The vet won't let her have Pookie back until tomorrow. She needs EJ to get a warrant or something to get her baby back tonight. He'll help, but she has to tell him what's wrong with her first. She doesn't think that anything is wrong. He catalogues her problems and tells her that she's much better than all of this. She insists that there is nothing more to her than everyone sees. He advises her to get some self-confidence, "You're a really intelligent woman; you just hide it really well," he says. She's done that, but it never works out. He tells her she needs to find the right guy and she needs to start by looking in the right places. She thinks he's flirting but he reminds her that he's with Sami. He says that Sami admitted to caring about him and Lucas came back. He still thinks he has a good shot with her. Nicole doubts it; the only person who Sami has ever cared about other than herself is Lucas. It doesn't take long for her to figure out that EJ and Sami were doing the nasty horizontal mambo. "Holy mackerel!" she says, telling him that he's better off without Sami. He's not admitting defeat. She shakes her head and tells him it's over.

23, 2008
All That and a bag of Chips.

Daniel is exhausted after performing a lengthy surgery. He sits in the locker room. He misses getting his "zs" he says as Lexi walks in and sits beside him. She hasn't been sleeping well either. She wishes the rest of her life was as smooth as her work. Daniel tells her that she can let her problems fly; he's all ears and no judgement. She's having a rough time with "the husband", she says. She cleans out her wallet and talks about how frustrated she is with stubborn Abe; they even argue about Theo. She wonders if she's really being overly cautious about the little boy, but she's sure he's picking up on the tension in the house. Daniel's sure that Abe thinks "she's all that and a bag of chips" and that everything will turn out fine. That sounds simple to her. He's a simple guy. She asks him about his problems, like Chelsea, but he turns down her invitation to open up.


Abe arrives to check in on Lexi and asks her out for breakfast. She's too busy. He turns to go but she stops him. Frustrated, he tells her that he's trying to make time for her but it's not easy. She doesn't think he would do that if she showed up randomly at his work. They begin bickering and she agrees to have breakfast with him. Afterwards, he says how much he enjoyed it and that they should do this every week. Before she can bring something up, he gets a call. Daniel walks by and laughs, telling her she's looking better now. Abe returns with a suspicious look. Daniel leaves and Abe asks her what's going on with Dr. Jonas. He assumes she's been telling the doctor about their problems. She doesn't see the big deal but he's furious that she's been discussing their problems with some guy they hardly know. "This kind of pointless arguing is exactly why we're having problems," she says. He can't talk to her; he doesn't know who she is anymore. He walks out.

At the pub, Morgan is studying with Chelsea. She walks over to the bar and Philly tries to grab her for a chit chat. She's busy. Her dad calls. When she gets off the phone, Philip tells her that he's sorry for what's happening to her father but he needs to pay for his crimes. "It will not happen," John states as he breaks into the conversation. Philip tells him to butt out and Morgan tells John that he's a bad influence on her father and needs to stay away. John meanders away and Philip thanks Morgan for sticking up for him. She admits that she doesn't trust him either but he's the lesser of the two evils.

Morgan sits with Chelsea and tries to ignore Philip. They begin talking about volcanoes in Hawaii and Morgan teases Chelsea about Daniel. Chelsea admits that things are weird with the doctor and starts to explain when Philip interrupts. Chelsea excuses herself and he sits down, warning Morgan that John will use her father as his fall guy. He offers to talk to the DA and get her father a break if she can convince him to give him everything he's got on John. "Isn't this cozy?" Chloe says as she walks in and interrupts. Introducing herself and sitting down, she starts to mock them until Philip gets angry and drags her away. Chelsea returns and Morgan stares at Philly and Chloe.

At the mansion, Marlena brings Sami some garden grown strawberries and yogurt. Sami doesn't think that will solve her problems. She had sex with EJ and that was just about the worst thing she could have done. "I suppose you have some feelings for him," Marlena assumes. Sami wishes she could take it back. Marlena tells her she needs to take responsibility. Sami blames Lucas for coming back. Marlena points out that that doesn't make much sense. Lucas is in a fragile state... maybe in time he can forgive her, but she'll have to talk it out with him. Sami can't even look in his eyes. It'll be hard to avoid him when she lives in the same house with him and shares a child. Sami thinks it would have been easier if EJ was a bad father, but he's changed. "If you decide that your heart is with Lucas, you have to fight for him," Marlena advises.

EJ returns to the mansion in his muscle shirt and tries to make small talk with Lucas. The convict clings to his baby while EJ explains that none of them expected to be in this situation but they need to be civilized. Lucas doesn't think EJ is civilized at all, regardless of how he folds his pinkie when he drinks his tea. EJ tells him that behavior doesn't make you civilized, actions do. Lucas reminds EJ about some of his actions. EJ asks him how long he'll have the anklet on; he doesn't want his kid growing up in a three ring circus. Lucas announces that he has a solution to everyone's problems: "Why don't you move out?"

Sami and Marlena interrupt the EJ-Lucas chat. EJ smirks and Lucas is sarcastic. Marlena leaves with the baby and EJ offers a truce. Lucas doubts they can get along. He offers to move out instead. "Of course I'll take my daughter with me," he adds. Sami's eyes toggle back and forth. EJ warns him that he is heading for frustration. "I'm used to that. I was married to Sami," Lucas says. A gift comes from Nicole thanking EJ for last night. Sami instantly flies off the handle and begins ranting about the "slut". Lucas smirks now that he knows that his former "slut" is involved in their mess. He tries to walk out while Sami rants, blaming her sleeping with EJ on him. "We made love and Samantha wanted it just as much as I did," EJ insists. Sami starts giving contradictory answers before reminding Lucas that EJ has been there to help her. He suggests that she could of just got a nanny. EJ tells him to be more considerate. Lucas lashes out at her for sleeping with a DiMera and storms out.

Sami is in her room crying when Rolf comes up. He offers her some warm milk to calm her nerves. "Have you ever done anything so horrible that you regret it while you're doing it but can't admit it to yourself?" she asks. More times than he can count, but he can live with himself by remembering that, while you can't change the past, you can control the future. Lucas steps in. Rolf leaves them alone. Sami apologizes for everything and takes responsibility for screwing up and hurting him. In spite of everything, he can't stop thinking of kissing her. He does.

Back at the pub, Morgan and Chelsea continue to study. Daniel arrives to interrupt. He asks for a minute alone with Chelsea. Morgan excuses herself and he sits down. Daniel asks her if she has something to say. He apologizes for kissing her. She needs someone who isn't afraid to admit that he loves her, she explains. She had someone like that, Nick, but she gave him up for him. Daniel wishes she hadn't done that. She had to and now she needs him to be honest. Meanwhile, Chloe and Philip watch Morgan walk out. She teases him. He reminds her of their agreement to be "friends with benefits"; he's still free to do what he wants. She walks away, bumping into EJ on the way. They exchange pleasantries and he asks her to join him for a coffee. Philip watches and makes a phone call. "Is it done?" he asks. Moments later, sirens are heard. Chloe looks out and says it looks like the whole Salem PD is heading to the pier. Philip smirks.

Over at the mansion, Roman arrives at the front door just as Marlena is heading out. He tells her that he's there to check on the missing disc. He'll be checking the perimeter. After he checks around, he fills John and Marlena in. John isn't pleased to see him and asks him to leave, threatening to physically remove him. Marlena asks for a moment alone with John. "He is your ex-husband," John points out, and he has his own investigator anyway. She reminds him that she is doing this for him. They turn and see Roman staring at the painting of Marlena. "I bet you'd like one of those in your living room," John smiles. He'd give it to him but it's part of his private collection. Marlena tells Roman that John would be thrilled to have him continue the investigation. "She's paraphrasing," he smiles. Marlena and John continue to bicker until Roman gets a call. He informs them that there is a lot of activity down at the pier. "The problem involves your shipments John. You could be in trouble," Roman says.

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