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3rd Week of May 2008 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2008 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


May 26, 2008
When a dog is Smiling at you, she's Actually Baring her Teeth.

At the mansion, Roman informs John that drugs were found in one of his containers at the pier. John assumes Phillip is behind it. Roman says half a million dollars in cocaine was found. "How stupid would I have to be bringing cocaine into the port at Salem?" John asks, repeating his suspicions of the young Kiriakis. Marlena refuses to believe that Phillip is even capable of this; he doesn't play dirty like his father did. John continues to accuse Phillip and Roman grabs him to calm him. It only makes him angrier. "Promise me you didn't have anything to do with those drugs," she asks. John wants to go down to the docks but Roman won't allow it. Angry, John tells Marlena that this is a war and she's not Switzerland so she needs to pick a side. Roman threatens to arrest John as he becomes more livid. Marlena begins to ramble and tells John that she is on his side. He promptly heads for the door. Roman grabs him again and John punches him in the nose. "Big mistake John," Roman says before arresting him. John refuses to be taken in. "No one locks me up!" he shouts. As Roman waves his cuffs, John starts flashing back to his time being reprogrammed by Stefano. He continues threatening Roman who, eventually, backs down. He offers to talk this out but John is too angry. He's about to attack Roman when Marlena pokes him with a needle. He starts to collapse. "I was starting to trust you..." he gasps as he sprawls on the floor. She cradles him and apologizes.

At the pub, EJ wonders why Phillip doesn't seem more concerned about what's going on at the docks. Phillip takes a drink. Chloe runs in, saying that she heard that there has been a shootout down at the docks. Phillip takes another sip. Stephanie overhears and starts to worry about Max and runs off. Stephanie runs into Max outside the pub and hugs him, relieved that he's okay. He reveals that it was only customs opening a container and finding drugs; there was no shootout. Nicole spots them and resists the urge to vomit. The young couple don't notice her as she goes inside the pub. They continue to chat when a cop walks by. Max tries to get info out of him with no luck. He suddenly realizes he was supposed to be working right where the bust happened. She's glad he wasn't.

Back inside, EJ and Phillip continue to talk about the bust until Nicole sits down with them and starts oozing about her dog. "When a dog is smiling at you she's actually baring her teeth," Philip jokes. She offers to buy them drinks. Philly snorts that she doesn't have money. She suggests that he buy drinks then: She wants a dirty, dirty, dirty Martini, she says, ogling EJ. They start drinking and Nicole admits that she's hungover from partying with Pookie. Chloe looms, telling Nicole that she should be taking this more seriously. Nicole starts sniping at her for turning Brady into a cokehead. They begin rolling out the sarcasm and lewd suggestions while Phillip tries to stop them. Nicole gets behind the bar and starts to pour. Max sticks his head in and tells her to leave the money on the bar before he asks to talk to Phillip alone. "I'm not accusing anyone of anything," Max begins before reminding Phillip that he asked him to be a spy. He asks him about what happened today. Phillip shakes his head and tells him to watch himself, insisting that he had nothing to do with any of this. "Maybe, maybe not," Abe says as he walks in. He's got a few questions for Phillip himself. They step outside and Phillip plays stupid. Abe accuses him of setting John up but Phillip protests his innocence. "The more you protest, the harder it is for me to believe you," Abe growls. He gets a call and tells Philly not to leave town.

Nicole continues laying into Chloe after they watch Phillip walk off with Abe. EJ steps between them before they can give him a migraine with their bickering. He tells Nicole that she has to stop picking fights all over town if she wants to win her case. She asks him to come home with her. He turns her down. She's moon eyed. Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie wonder what's really going on. He points out that the drugs weren't on Phillip's ships, they were on John's.


In her room at the mansion, Sami and Lucas kiss. He's been waiting for this for a long time. She thought he didn't want her anymore. "You're the love of my life," he reminds her. She can't believe she's screwed up their lives like this over a bad assumption. They instantly begin rehashing the shooting but she can't offer a lot of sympathy to him for taking the fall. He asks her if she loves EJ. She gasps. "What are we? One big unhappy family now?" he prods. Why can't she answer his questions? She says they're offensive and he doesn't appreciate what she's been through. "You've been through worse," he reminds her. She just wanted EJ to help her. "We were thrown together Lucas, it wasn't my choice," she explains. They bonded while they were in the safe house. EJ was there for Allie daughter while her father was away thanks to his "insane acts". The three of them are very flawed adults but they need to find a way to make this work for the kids. Will he walk away or is he willing to come back into her life so they can start over? He wants to, but it will be hard to get the image of her and EJ out of his mind; that was a pretty big mistake. He points out that he never told her to have sex with EJ... either time. She doesn't appreciate this last suggestion and opens the door, telling him to go. He walks out and she breaks into tears.

After Sami's cried in bed for awhile, Lucas returns to apologize. She tells him to get out. He apologizes again: He was only trying to hurt her. He's been thinking about her constantly since he left and he wasn't ready for any of this. "What if it had been someone else? Not EJ?" she asks. It still would have hurt but EJ is the worst; he's, "A snake that worms his way into your heart." Not being with Lucas has been torture, she insists. He believes her but asks her if she has feeling for EJ. She admits she does; she doesn't have sex with people if she doesn't have feelings for them. He turns to walk out. She insists that she still loves him, even if she has feelings for EJ. She's seen that he has changed and has learned to forgive him. Lucas suspects it is only another DiMera trick. Sami rolls her eyes and the phone rings; it's Mickey and he confirms for her that Lucas would have never been released from prison without EJ's help. After she explains how he did this, Lucas assumes that he was just doing it to soften her up. She didn't need softening up: "I wanted him," she admits. He offers a few sarcastic remarks and wonders how she can be making him the jerk in all of this. He made her hit bottom and EJ was there being a compassionate rock, she explains. He doesn't want to hear about her "sweet, tender rock" and tries to walk out. She begs him to look at her. Her feelings with EJ will go away if they can start again; Lucas is the love of her life and she wants to prove that to him. She holds his hands and tells him that he melts her heart. He pushes her away, "I would believe you but you just told me you felt the same about EJ." The DiMera isn't the only one who has changed: So has she. Lucas doesn't think they can get back together after she slept with the enemy. He can never forgive her for that. He walks out. She cries.

May 27, 2008
Does Someone Need a Lawyer?

At the mansion, blurry Marlena comes into focus as John eases from of his drugged-out state. He realizes that he's cuffed and begs Blondie to have him released. Roman reminds him that he assaulted a police officer, resisted arrest and is suspected of drug trafficking. Sami walks in and asks what's going on. John is bristling with rage. Marlena tries to explain what's going on to no avail. "Does someone need a lawyer?" EJ asks as he enters the fray. "Damn right I do!" growls John. He offers to double the billing if EJ can get him out of this. Roman warns John again and EJ can't help John much after he's attacked a police officer. Roman brings John down to the station. Sami hopes EJ can help John; she doesn't think he's actually into drug smuggling.

Sami leafs through a magazine when Lucas interrupts. He's been spending time with his daughter. Seeing her smile almost makes this mess easier to deal with. Sami explains what just happened. Lucas wonders if the new John is capable of such things. They quickly leap back into the EJ problem. He accuses her of being in love with EJ. "I'm not in love with EJ!" she shouts. EJ is eavesdropping in the hallway. He listens as they bicker. Sami explains again that she has feelings for EJ and can see the good in him, but it has nothing to do with love. "That's good to know," EJ announces as he walks through to grab his briefcase. Before he can leave, she pulls out the annulment paperwork. His part is already signed he says, thumping a pen on the desk. "Have a nice life," he bites as he leaves. Lucas watches as Sami signs the papers.

At the police station, Ava is waiting for the release papers for her father's body. When she turns around, Chelsea is giving her a dirty look and calling her names. Ava has no idea who she is at first. Chelsea starts ranting at her, introducing herself along the way. Ava is tired of explaining herself. She can't leave town because of bail, so Chelsea will have to put up with her for awhile still. "Stay the hell away from my family," Chelsea warns. Abe interrupts the scene with the papers for Ava. She takes them and walks away, telling Chelsea she's sure they'll see each other again. Abe checks in on Chelsea and tells her that her father is at the pub. She walks away to find him just as Roman drags John in.

Dr. Jonas arrives at the pub after being beckoned by Bo. The doctor assumes this is about Chelsea. Nick and Bo are confused. Daniel stumbles through an explanation, but they explain it has nothing to do with her; they want to hear about his ideas to make things at the pub greener. The doctor smiles as they tell him all about their plans. He's sure that Nick knows plenty about this already. Nick asks him about his hydrogen car, but his tone makes Daniel uncomfortable. Chelsea walks in and asks what's going on. No one explains. Bo asks what's going on. No one explains anything again. Bo walks off as Hope calls and Nick quickly excuses himself, wishing them luck. Daniel tries to leave, but Chelsea stops him. She begins to probe him when a woman interrupts with her daughter. She reminds him that he operated on her daughter, Monica. He remembers and starts talking to the little girl who hugs him and thanks him. "He's an angel," the mother tells Chelsea before taking the child away. Chelsea smiles and tells Doctor Dan that he's like a rock star. He walks out and she follows him. She accuses him of thinking she's shallow, but her feelings for him have nothing to do with him being a doctor. His phone rings. "Not really a good time for me," he whispers into the phone before agreeing to meet someone, demanding it stay between them.

At the station, Marlena begs Abe not to confine John when he is suffering like this. John explains to Roman that his flashbacks make him lose control. Roman understands what's going on. Abe asks him about the drugs and John continues to protest his innocence. EJ walks in and threatens to have the department tied up for a year on coercion charges. As he lays out his threats, Ava listens in. "I think I found myself a lawyer," she smiles to herself. EJ demands that John be released but the cops refuse. EJ follows Abe as he brings John down to be processed.

Marlena takes Roman aside and reminds him that John is in a fragile state. He knows that and he knows what John has been through but he also knows what he's capable of. He can't make exceptions just because she is his ex-wife. He admired the old John Black, but the new one may very well be guilty. Changing track, she asks him to think of her and what she's going though. If new John is traumatized and locked up, what will happen to the other John inside? He might get lost forever. Abe returns with John. "We got to send you down to lock up," he announces. John starts begging Blondie not to let them do this. Meanwhile, Ava approaches EJ. He recognizes her from the papers. She asks him if he will take her case. He turns her down flat but she begs him to think about it. They look through the glass at John and the others. She tells him that she will pay him double what John does. He calls Mickey to check it out and gets permission. After he hands her his card, she tells him that he won't regret this. Once she walks off, he sits down and thinks of Sami signing the annulment papers. "Not giving up," he tells himself.

Back at the mansion, Lucas and Sami play with the twins and talk about their hair. He continues to worry about EJ's involvement with the kids. She reminds him that she is getting an annulment. He knows, but EJ will always be Johnny's father. Sami reminds him that she needs him to forgive her so they can move on together. He doesn't think he can get past his anger. Smiling at his daughter won't make him forget Sami slept with another man. He needs space and time to get over it. She needs to know that there is still hope. Lucas was full of hope for her when he was in prison. She insists that there will be no hope for her if she doesn't have him; he's the love of her life and she wants to prove it to him. They kiss. He breaks away and walks out.

Chloe goes to see Phillip at the mansion. He answers the door with his shirt open. She wants to know how he's handling all of the chaos at the pier. He can handle it; he likes to face the trials of leadership. She apologizes for being so jealous about Morgan but, "I came to say goodbye Phillip. I'm leaving Salem." He wonders for how long. Right now she's not planning to come back. He's not surprised. She wants to make a fresh start. He suggests she stay and turn the page in Salem; she still hasn't worn out her welcome with him. He takes her hand before she can leave and they begin to kiss. They make out and she stops, saying this isn't right; it feels alright to him. There's a knock at the door. Henderson has an express delivery for Chloe. Phillip hands it over and she quickly opens it. Her eyes go wide: It's her divorce papers. She can't believe Brady wanted to get rid of her so quickly. "He's a fool," Philly says, telling Chloe that they can get through it together. She doesn't know if she deserves better than Brady, but she's sick of thinking about this. He starts kissing her again and they undress before falling into bed. After sex, she gets dressed and says this was a mistake. It's his favorite kind of mistake and he wants to make some more. She sits on the bed and he wonders why she looks unhappy. She worries that this is a rebound thing. He can take care of himself, he insists, and they begin making out again

May 28, 2008
The Mob Princess and the Porn Princess

At the pub, Morgan is beating herself up about her lack of spelling skills as he re-reads her report. Max tries to get her to relax when her two videographers arrive to film her internship evaluation with Professor DeCario. Max mocks her worries and then they wonder where Stephanie is. The director starts rolling. When he realizes that Max is Max Brady the race car driver, he gets excited and starts asking him about his career. He's disappointed to find out that Max works in a pub. Max is annoyed and directs things back to Morgan who is obviously sick of being filmed. She starts to gush about Tony, who just got married and ran away on his honeymoon. Max doubts it will last long considering how high maintenance Anna is. When Morgan starts asking him if he believes in true love, Max heads for the door. He wants to get down to the docks to check on the situation. Morgan has already assumed that John is guilty. "Maybe your father is too," Max points out.

Stephanie is wheeling her mother around the hospital. They stop to look through the glass at the baby. Steve saunters over to tell her the car is ready. "I can't leave him," she cries. Steph tries to get her mother to think positively and Steve offers to take her in to see the baby up close. Steve tells the "little dude" that he's glad to have another man around to protect him from all the estrogen. Kayla touches the baby and trembles as she tells him to get better. They wonder about his future, with Steph joking that he could be a race car driver like her. The nurse interrupts to tell them that visiting hours are over. Kayla tells the baby that she loves him and wishes him sweet dreams.

EJ walks into the mansion, annoyed by how bad the traffic is. He's about to go up and see Sami when Marlena stops him, telling him that she's up with Lucas and the twins. She says that he seems rather pleased that Lucas walked in on he and Sami in bed; he must hope that was the last straw. He says that he wasn't happy at all. The problem is that Sami is now running around trying to make Lucas think she made a mistake when they know it wasn't. He insists that she wants to be with him. Marlena doubts it; if Sami had known Lucas was out she would never have slept with EJ - they always end up back together. EJ says that he can't give up on Samantha any more than she can give up on John. He would like Sami to choose him out of her own free will and doesn't plan to interfere between her and Lucas.

Steve and Stephanie blindfold Kayla and surprise her by taking her to their new home. They show her around. "We even have a kitchen," Kayla smiles. Steve starts telling her all about the bear skin rug he ordered. She gets worried but he's only joking. Stephanie gets a buzz, realizing that she needs to run over to the pub for her evaluation. After she runs off, Steve asks if Kayla's okay with the new place. "It's perfect," she says. He gives her a kiss and offers to make her an egg white omelette. She just wants to get back to the baby. Right now she needs to take it easy, he says, sitting her down to relax. She doesn't think this will ever be a home without their baby.

Marlena goes to see Roman at the station to plead for John again. "The John Black that you know is not coming back and I think it's time you accept that," Roman states. He tells her to stop wasting her life chasing a fantasy. She can't let go; this is not the time and she's sure that there is something on the discs that will give them what they need. The conversation turns to Sami. After she updates him on what she's been up to, she worries about what all of this will do to the twins. "She's messed up so badly with EJ and Lucas that she may lose both of them," Marlena worries.

Chloe and Phillip continue to go at it in his bed when Nicole walks in. "Ohh! That is not right!" she cringes. "I would of thought with your money you could have at least bought some time with someone attractive," Nicole quips. A naked Chloe tries to clobber her but Nicole jumps away, sneering at Chloe's body and giving Philly some step-motherly advice about women. He demands that she get out. She ogles Philly as he gets dressed. Chloe tries to throw the "porn princess" out and Nicole says Chloe is "all boobs and hair". As the women start swatting each other, Philly pushes princess Nicole out the door. "She can be a real bitch," Phillip comments. "That explains why her best friend is a dog," Chloe quips. She likes Philip defending her... it's too bad she's leaving town. He urges her again to stay and even gets down on his knee to beg. She laughs and they flop back into bed.

Back at the pub, DeCario meets with Morgan. He asks her and the videographers about their plans for the summer. Stephanie rushes in and apologizes for being late. Morgan notices Nick's picture on the front of the school paper. DeCario tells them that everyone is abuzz about him and he's really going somewhere. He adds that if they continue with the kind of work they've been doing in their internships, they'll be on the fast track to success. Steph notices Max gloomily looking on and introduces him to the professor before taking him aside. She asks him if he can come to the dinner for Nick tonight. He says he's too busy. "This dinner is just as much for you as it is for him," she points out, reminding him that his work was key to Nick's success.

Ava takes a vodka on the rocks at the pub. "Hello old friend," she smiles into the glass. She sits down to her WiFi and starts to research EJ, quickly discovering his criminal past. After she finishes her vodka, she orders a mojito. Nicole walks in and orders one too. She starts gabbing about who makes good mojitos. Realizing that Ava is the "mob princess" from the papers, she begins asking her all about how much money her father left her and showing her pictures of her dog before complaining about the lack of good shoes in town. She suggests they take a girl trip to Chicago to go shoe shopping. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," Nicole beams, toasting as the drinks come. Ava asks her if she's really married to Victor. "My soon-to-be ex," Nicole explains. Aside from the money and jewels, marriage is overrated, she says. They drink and Ava tells her the story of her life. She admits that she hasn't dated anyone since Patch. Nicole asks her about how she deals with her urges and suggests that she can actually find her a guy with two good eyes. She promises to find her a stud when the studly EJ walks in. She introduces him as her lawyer. "He's my lawyer too," Ava laughs. He stands between the two women and they tell him they go way back. As he sits down, Nicole tells him he's a lucky man to be drinking with Salem's most gorgeous women. Nicole leaves to get more dinks and EJ tells Ava that he set up a plea meeting for her. Phillip and Chloe walk in and the various women in his life (Nicole and Morgan) spot him in the doorway.

May 29, 2008
There's More to Life Than That Poisoned Dwarf

At home, Kayla is annoyed that she got kicked out of the hospital when she went back to see the baby. Steve reminds her that it's hospital policy and their baby needs care. He hugs her and promises her that he baby will be home soon. He sits her down and tries to get her to relax. When he gets an idea for something to do and goes into the bedroom, she runs out. He chases her down and brings her back, reminding her that they've already been kicked out of the hospital. He brings out stuff for Joe's nursery. He gives her the instructions to read while he puts things together. She thinks that he's doing too much. "I'd do anything for you and our new baby boy," he says, touching her arm. As he sits down to get to work, she tells him that the instructions are all in Swedish. She laughs while he struggles to put things together, but he gets it done. They talk about Joe and he kisses her before they continue assembling things. They start bickering and then he turns on the new swing. It falls apart. He re-builds it and then pulls out the giraffe he got for Joe and talks of the baby surveillance system he set up. "I think we have everything we need," he says. "Except a baby," she pouts. He hugs her. She worries that her baby will never get to use any of these things. Steve offers to get rid of it all. That won't be necessary; she just prays Joe will be there soon.

At Chez Rouge, Dr. Dan is giving Maggie "props" on turning the restaurant green. Lexi and Bo ask her all about it and she gushes about it until Hope arrives. Maggie then starts gushing about how proud she is of Nick. The doctor gets called away as Nick arrives. Maggie toasts to Nick and Bo gives him kudos. Meanwhile, Chelsea spots Daniel on his phone. He gets off and tells her he's there for a boy's night out. He starts throwing compliments at Nick when Hope and Lexi step in and start oozing about the green doctor. Lexi wishes she could keep him around. Chelsea wishes her good luck with that; Daniel's no good at commitment, she says acidly. Daniel ducks away. Hope wonders if Chelsea wants to talk but she hurries over to Nick to tell him how proud she is of him. He's not terribly excited to see her. Stephanie soon arrives and Nick tells her that Max should be there. "He had a lot to do with me getting my funding," he remarks. Steph insists that Max only did what he did to be a good friend. Nick knows, but he wishes he hadn't done it behind his back.

EJ sits at the bar with Nicole. He wonders why she dragged him to Chez Rouge. She couldn't stand the sight of Phillip and Chloe. He jokes that she just doesn't like to see someone else's hands on her next ex husband. She grouches that she's barely even wormed her way into Phillip's cold heart and Chloe is already doing the nasty with him. EJ advises her that she needs to push it into overdrive and change the way that Phillip sees the two women. They start discussing his plans to seduce Sami. Nicole's been impressed so far, but EJ thinks everything is blowing up in his face. He thought that getting Lucas out of prison would just make him look pathetic; instead, he's living in the same house. Now he's moving on to Plan B: Giving Sami an annulment. Nicole points out that if that happens, it will be all over. He whispers that she's already signed. Nicole is baffled. He explains that he will act happy to let it go through. From now on he will act like a perfect gentleman and, "She will end up in my bed and Lucas will be left outside." Although he won't tell her his plot, he will, "Prove to her that there's more to life than that poisoned dwarf." Sami and Lucas are all raw nerves and energy; they're still stuck in an adolescent mode while he will be smooth and cool and mature. Nicole orders him another drink. She knows how to make Sami jealous: "You wanna hear?" Maybe he should let Sami walk in on him and another woman, but it would have to be someone that Sami hated. EJ's flattered by the offer and starts caressing her cheeks. "If I were not in love with Samantha I would sleep with you in a heartbeat," he admits. She points out that Sami wouldn't have slept with him if she hadn't made her jealous. He resists kissing her and realizes that if Sami caught them, it would only send Sami back to Lucas so this isn't going to happen. She leaves for the little girl's room and he orders more drinks, saying that it will be a long night.

At a corner table, Lexi starts confessing to Hope that her marriage is in trouble. Lexi talks about her worries for Theo and how difficult Abe is being about everything. They've started seeing a therapist but she's not sure it will help, though their first session went surprisingly well. Meanwhile, Bo tells Nick that he's sorry that he and Chelsea broke up; he thought that he was actually good for her. Dean Robbins of the Salem University Physics Department arrives and Nick introduces him around. The Dean publicly presents Nick with his grant check and tells everyone that Nick's concepts are nothing short of genius. Nick is speechless. The Dean starts talking about how difficult Nick's calculations were. Even he doesn't understand some of them. "The truth is I had help and maybe I shouldn't be entitled to the funding," Nick confesses. The Dean continues to insist that Nick's work is exemplary and toasts to him. Bo toasts next, this time to Maggie and her green restaurant. As Maggie toasts to Nick, Steph spots Max in the doorway and rushes over to him. He stands with a bizarre stare on his face. Maggie hurries over to him. He mumbles and abruptly walks out.

Daniel is "chillin' with his compadres" at the bar. The other doctors spot Chelsea and start sizing her up. The youngest doctor walks off to try and pick her up, even if she only has part of her pancreas. "You don't know me but you should," he smiles, introducing himself. She quickly shoots him down and he shuffles back to the other doctors. Daniel tells him that he should be ashamed, "You're old enough to be her--" "Uncle," the doctor stops him. They suggest that she's been staring over there all night and start lewdly teasing Daniel about her. He gets a message and decides it's time to go.

May 30, 2008
They Seem to be in Heat

At Chez Rouge, Bo and Hope wonder why Chelsea ran off so quickly, though they guess it was because she broke up with Nick and was uncomfortable. What they don't understand is why Max ran off the way he did. Hope calls Kayla to check in on her and Steve. She worries about her and the baby. Bo wonders what they should do. They decide to stay at the restaurant. "Unless you're tired?" she asks suggestively. Roman and Kate walk in and Hope asks them to join them for dinner. Bo updates Roman about Kayla and the baby and they quickly start talking about Martino. Bo plays down Martino's death. This increasingly morbid conversation is cut short by a gasp from Anna across the room. The newlywed is flashing her ring and gushing to Maggie about her honeymoon with Tony.

Tony and Anna join Bo, Hope, Kate and Roman at a table. They talk about their honeymoon in Bora-Bora and how Tony spoiled her rotten. They catch up on Bo and Chelsea and the surgery before Anna starts to ask Roman if he's back with Kate. No, they're just having dinner, Roman insists. Bo starts talking about the restaurant going green and green plans he has for the house. Anna thinks she and Tony should think about that, if only they knew where they were going to live... Anna and Tony get up to dance and Hope and Bo follow. Kate wishes Tony and Anna would get a room, they seem to be "in heat". Roman laughs and asks her to dance. As they do, Anna watches them and both she and Tony suggest that Roman and Kate could do better. They start to bicker while the other couples watch them. Kate gives Tony and Anna two weeks. Bo agrees and everyone laughs. Roman hopes the marriage will last. Kate's mind wanders to Lucas living under house arrest. Roman wants to talk about her meddling. She says that Lucas is an adult and she'll leave him to make his own decisions from now on. Roman thinks that will be best, for everyone's sakes. Meanwhile, Anna starts asking Tony if he slept with Kate before they were married. He offers to take his new bride right there on the floor to prove that he's committed to her. She doesn't think that's necessary. The couples sit back down and Anna teases Bo on his dancing, calling him "twinkle toes".

John paces around the interview room at the police station when Abe comes in. He doesn't want to believe that his old friend is involved with drug trafficking but they have proof to the contrary. John tells him to go to hell and begins threatening the whole police department. "You go out there and you do your job!" John admonishes, suggesting that Phillip is covering his tracks as they speak. Abe leaves him alone and John continues to pace around the room, getting increasingly agitated.

At the mansion, Marlena remembers Roman's warnings about John. She wonders how she could give up on John when there is always a chance that the old John could come back. Her flashbacks are interrupted by a doorbell. Rolf doesn't answer so she does. "What are you doing here?" she squints as she opens the door. Ava is on the doorstep and Marlena isn't thrilled to see her. Ava explains that she is a client of EJ's, but she's come to see her. Marlena reluctantly lets her in. Ava tells her that EJ said that she is a great psychiatrist and she could really use someone to talk to. Marlena tells her to call her secretary in the morning. Ava apologizes, but she's desperate and needs to talk. Marlena allows her into the living room but warns her that she may not be the right person to help her; she was on the plane she tampered with and is friends with the people she abducted. Ava apologizes again and is ready to leave. Marlena stops her; she took an oath to help people and Ava clearly needs some help. When Ava sits down, she explains about the druggings she suffered. The doctor knows all of that, but finds it hard to believe. Ava admits she doesn't trust psychiatrists anymore but EJ said that she could trust her. "You can," Marlena offers, prompting her to continue. Ava wonders if she can really heal and get past this. Marlena says she can. "I need to be able to live with this horrible guilt that I'm feeling," Ava submits. Marlena tells her that she has to take responsibility. Ava has, so now what? Get counselling, Marlena advises but not from her. What Ava's father did to her was inexcusable, but now he is dead and she has to come to grips... if she can. Ava doesn't know how to start over. "I don't know who I am or what I want anymore... and that truly scares me," she admits. Now that she isn't on drugs, she doesn't think she actually loves Patch. The doctor tells her it's time to learn to move on, even if she goes to jail. Ava thanks her, telling her this has helped and walks out.

Stephanie chases Max down to the pub to ask him why he ran out of Chez Rouge while they were toasting Nick. He says that he was a mess and it's a classy place so he left. She's not convinced and suggests that he was angry from hearing all of the nice things the Dean was saying about Nick's work. She's sure that he's jealous of Nick. "It's like you're hiding from me who you are," she says, awkwardly. Why didn't he tell her he was a genius? He's not, he says; the changes he made were just lucky. She wonders if he is being a liar or modest. She needs to know why he refuses to show her this other side of him. He says there are some things they haven't shared yet, that's why they're dating. Suddenly, Ava walks in and Stephanie jumps at her: "You're not welcome here!" Ava asks her to tell her parents she's thinking about them. Stephanie orders her to get out. Max thinks that's harsh. She'll show him how harsh she can get if he doesn't tell her the truth now, she threatens. He seems to be better at physics than being a good boyfriend, she snipes. He isn't going to talk about this. He leaves to change his clothes, leaving her alone and frustrated.

Marlena goes to see John at the station. She explains that she only gave him a sedative because she was afraid that he would get hurt otherwise. He assumes that she is there to get a confession for Roman. "I thought you may have something to confess," she suggests. He insists that he didn't bring the drugs into the port and repeats that he's being set up. She doesn't think Phillip is capable of doing such a thing, even Victor has changed. John is livid. "Ever since you came back, you've been acting like a criminal," she states. He reminds her that there is no evidence against him, at least none anyone is willing to show him. She says she is there so he can prove that he's innocent to her. He thinks she is just looking for the old John again. She doesn't hold out much hope for that, but wonders if the new him is a drug trafficker. He asks her what her gut tells her. It tells her that he isn't. Time runs out and the guard asks her to leave. After a long silence, John thanks her. "I love you," she says. "I know," he stares.

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